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I am in this dilemma that I found myself.
It is weighing me down for past few weeks, I hate myself for it, its made me miserable, it may mar me for life if I can’t get a good way out.

Please use your platform for possible solution for me, let’s your mature people respond to me and I will be reading like any other members.
Thank you sir/ma

I am marry to my husband since 2005 and there was never a day that we cheat on ourselves, we live each others. Although are preserved couple but our love or romance and sex life are superb
Despite all these, I have never conceived for a day.
After visits to several Orthodox and traditional clinic for medications, there is no positive result and despite confirmation that both of us are medically okay from orthodox angle, some spiritual angle in some prophetic messages from churches confirmed that our stars are perfect match and our marriage is made from heaven but our challenge remained the same, the pregnancy, it couldn’t just come.

My in-laws were putting me on intense pressure and ridicule because my husband had a son even from another girl, an old school mate when at the university in 1993 before we met.
So, I am tagged the caused of the barrenness by my in-laws.

Despite all this odds that I am going through, my husband will keep on assuring me that he loves me and I love him too.

On Friday 10th of may, 2019, I was soaked from that Lagos rain while returning from office in Ikeja, the rain on that fateful day made traffic to Akoka our home a hectic one.
Everyone were waving for a lift car at the bus stop and while some ladies were lucky, I am a conservative person and I just ignored attempt by passer by cars that many rushed for a lift until a particular black Acura jeep stopped and refused to take anyone.

The people at the bus stop said he was waiting for me but I ignored them until it made a reversed.

Behold, the occupant was my ex of of about 25 years ago.

Fred refused to take anyone and I asked him why, he said he was too happy to see me and moreso, that we could gist more since its been long that we saw last

” I was on official assignment to Nigeria from my base in France where i lives and work.
In fact, I have less than 6hours left to leave for MM airport, I am returning today.
The car is from (rent a car) company in Ikeja.

In fact we were both happy to meet again after so many years of lost contact.
We both agreed to drive to his hotel and take his luggage, see him off to the airport so that we could spend time sharing some old memories.
I agreed with the arrangements because my husband would not be around for some days due to business trip to Delta state that will take him about 4days and after all, Fred that I used to know was a complete gentleman.

We gist from the car to his hotel in GRA Ikeja, sharing old memories of fun, some naughty old acts and what caused our breakup.

Fred left my school at year 3 because he was not given his choice of course after several premises by the HOD from year one.

“I have to leave the school and move to another in the North even if its means repeating the year, but I love you and will meet with you again”
That was his last word to me when he was leaving our school but because it was during exams period which he refused to write due to failed promised by the HoD, I could not arranged for proper departure and real contract sharing because I was busy with my papers and one of his relatives had promised him his choice course in the new university and he needed to traveled as soon as possible

His parents are from the far northeast while I am from the South.
It was not the time of GSM phone so we lost contact until that fateful Friday may 10th

I promised to spend 2 hours with him and when I reminded him of his short time, he said my being with him is good and any other thing can Wait.
I was lost in the past memories and that was the only thing I could remember until I was in the toilet cleaning up my body.
It was not as if i was rapped but I could not just explained it.
I regretted the moment and because their was no time for him again, everything was in a jiffy but we both apologized to ourselves for the act.

Now I missed my period for the month of June and July which I had not missed for the past 14 years.

My husband has not suspected anything apart from my early morning sickness.

I don’t know what to do with the pregnancy that I have not had since my marriage.
Fred is married with kids you know?

I don’t know what to so with my husband, I have been feigning malaria for the past 5 weeks

I am in a dilemma and big mess.
I have not told anyone except you and I want you to post this on your platform for people’s opinion and advice

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