Nigerian cities are becoming a safe heaven for ladies who are into late marriage, going away from the eyes and pressure that a typical Nigerian family will give a girl of ripe age and the one that have advanced and ripe for a marriage, major cities in Nigeria like Porthacourt, Lagos Abuja, kano etc has become and provide a good habitat for the young and older ladies who either need to compete for the lesser job available or for those ladies who need to run away from the pressure of their parents.

These are some of the few reasons why single city ladies turned husband snatcher

SHORTAGE OF SUITORS: there are great needs for us to understand that we have a crisis in our hands, that a shortage of single men who are serious and ready for marriage.

MORE LADIES : Looking around without official statistics one may tends to understand and concludes that the population of female outnumbered that of male. Conclusions can drawn in the number of female populations in places of worships, social gathering, public places etc

LADIES LOVE MARRIED MEN: unconfirmed reports have it that many young ladies of city dwellers love to date married men because it is believed that their need can be well taken care of by such men of married status than hustlers.

MARRIED MEN ARE MORE MATURE: Financial benefits aside, they consider married men more responsible, less nagging and more focused than single men. The reality is that women want focused and responsible men who are more mature to take care of them.

Meanwhile as all these are going on, it get into the minds of the lady involved and she forgot and failed to realized that this is someone else husband and romantic developed to intimacy and most time been so much faithful to the married man and she will be tagged HUSBAND SNATCHER.


Many City ladies in this shoes cite insufficient quality time, confrontation with the wife, emotional guilt because of being stigmatized by society and fear of being dumped as the reasons they should never have hooked up with a married man in the first place.

Others feel guilty for interrupting a marriage, breaking a family, the fact that he has children whose future they could be messing up with

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