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My Taste, My Love
A story of a twin

Episode 1

Rosella’s POV

I woke up lazily and stretched while yawning away the pain I got from my eight hours sleep. I wasn’t surprised at all seeing my lazy sister still in bed, I always spare her but not today. I took the glass of water beside my bed and went close to her after which I spilled it on her cute lazy face, she jerked up Immediately

“What was that for?” She yelled angrily

” To get your damn ass of your fucking bed” I said sarcastically

” May God punish you ” she cursed

” But don’t blame me after noticing you have five minutes more to freshen up before you go and meet mom huh, you know the consequences of getting there late” I reminded her

” Oh shit! I overslept, I have to get there before those guests she was talking about gets there” she said standing up to head towards the bathroom

” Four minutes more” I said showing her four of my fingers

She immediately rushed into the bathroom and came out after two minutes

” Hey!! Did you really get your bath or you just washed your pubic parts” I asked mockingly

“Shut up! “She said and focused on dressing up

“Don’t blame me if the guests can’t breathe well after they get close to you” I said going inside the bathroom

“It’s better than mom scolding me!” I heard her yell

I did whatever I had to do and came back to dress up , she already left. I don’t know why I like troubling her. We are twenty years old but we still live in one room , not that we can’t get our separate rooms but because we can’t leave apart.

I went downstairs to have breakfast after which I decided to watch television.

Roselle’s POV

I went to the venue mom gave me and luckily for me I wasn’t late, which means Rosella tricked me. I met mom sitting alone at a table and I joined her.

” Hello my sweetheart” she called smiling

That’s what she calls us but doesn’t treat us as that

” Hello mom” I replied

” Mom what’s up?” I asked

” Just have patience, it’s a surprise” she answered still smiling

Just then Dad came in which two men one old one young, they all sat around the table and the waiter brought foods and drinks. We all started eating and Dad broke the silence.

” It’s been a long time we’ve been friends Samson but after some months our friendship will be more tight” Dad started

“Yes Derek” The man who is older said

“Roselle” Dad called out

“Yes dad” I replied lifting my head up

“This is Mr Samson Houston and his son Raphael Houston” Dad introduced

I stretched my hands for a handshake as they accepted it politely

” Mr Samson, this is my daughter Roselle, the one I was talking to you about” He added

“She’s more beautiful than how you explained her to be” Mr Houston complemented

” Florence I leave the rest to you” Dad said to Mom

” Roselle, Raphael here is a very good gentleman. We thought about it and your Dad and I have decided to get you married of to him” she blurted out

I suddenly choked on the food I was swallowing and I suffered for breath

” What’s wrong Roselle ” mom asked as she gave me water which I gulped down and became free.

“Mom, I know you and dad knows what’s good for me but don’t you think I’m not ready for this” I asked against the idea

” Sweetheart, you are absolutely ready for everything. Twenty years is enough for you to have your own family” mom assured

” Yes Roselle , you don’t have to waste anymore time” Dad added

I was surprised because Raphael didn’t raise up his head throughout the conversation and I guessed he is also being forced into this. I had no choice than to accept it. We concluded everything and mom suggested Raphael and I speak alone, I hated the idea but who I’m I to object it. They all left leaving Raphael and I only , there was silence for sometime before I summoned the courage to say something.

“Hi ” I simply said

“Hello” he replied calmly

” I can see you are not happy with this alliance”I said

He now raised his head and I noticed him well. He wasn’t bad but I wasn’t pleased.

” Yes but my Dad said I don’t have a choice” He replied
I guess we are in the process same situation” I said tucking my hair behind my ear

” Really?” He asked surprisingly

” Are you surprised?” I asked looking at him

” Yeah you know girls always wanted to be with me , you are actually the first girl I’ve met not drooling over me” he said proudly

I wondered why girls drool over him because I couldn’t find anything interesting about him.

” I’m surprised, I don’t mean you are not handsome but… I… You never mind” I replied

We had other boring chats until we both gave up and went to our separate homes.

I opened the door to our room and I saw Rosella reading a novel, I slumped on my bed and gave a loud yawn trying to gain her attention which I succeeded

“So what was it all about?” She asked still lost in the book

” Marriage” I blurted out

“Huh!” She exclaimed throwing the book on her bed

” I can’t believe it” she added

” Then believe it now” I said folding my arms

” Hahaha you are going to be a wife soon” she said mockingly

” Rosella this is not a joke” I cried

” You mean, you will now have to wake up early, prepare breakfast for your husband and Oh No you will have Kids” She continued mocking

” Stop it Rosella” I warned

” Oh you will soon leave this room for me, who will I talk to and prank,…… hahahaha” she continued

” Don’t worry because you are next to here the same shocking news I heard” I said lying on my bed

” Never” She said followed by a call immediately, she pick the call


Yes I’m fine

Okay mom, I’ll be there


” I told you” I mocked

” Don’t worry I’ll bring you the good news of my freedom” She said and headed outside

I then closed my eyes to let sleep take me.

Rosella’s POV

I went to the venue mom invited me to and I was surprised at the strangers I met with them, I dropped my mouth in shock after recognizing one of the guests.

To be continued…

My Taste, My Love

A story of a twin

Episode 2

Rosella’s POV

I ignored him and sat down, we started eating after the waiters served. Dad was about to talk but I cut him short.

” I know, you want me to get married to this man sitting here” I said gesturing to Fred my worst enemy in high school

” Yes Darling and we think you two will be a great match” mom said smiling

” What do I have to say? No matter what I say I will still have to marry him so there’s no need in creating a scene” I said making all of them look surprised, I know you are also surprised don’t be that’s how I am even though I have strict parents.

” Then I guess it’s time to leave you both” Mom said as they all excused us.

“So how is life after high school” Fred started a conversation

” It was good until a fucking shit like you came back” I answered

“Haha it’s good you never changed, after all it’s going to be interesting” He said not affected

” Let me tell you if you told my dad you want to marry me so you can trouble me you are making a big mistake” I warned

“Hahaha Me want to marry a whore like you, never. I’m even planning on something to break this alliance” he said

“You better do or else…”

“Else what! Rosella, look I’m not going to do anything because I now wish to marry you so I can punish you for the guts you have towards me” he said

” We gonna see about that” it replied angrily and stormed out of the restaurant

I got home and went straight to my room, I found Roselle sleeping so I spared her and also went to sleep.

After sometime I jerked up at the splash of water on my face, I rubbed my eyes and I saw Roselle standing with a glass in her hand

“Tit for tat” she yelled and ran downstairs

I followed her until we stopped meeting the dinning table covered with our lunch, we both sat down and had lunch.

” Sis how did it go” Roselle asked

” Worst” I simply replied

” Worst? I’m confused” she said

” You know Fred that guy in high school, the one I hated very much” I asked

She looked up probably recalling

” Yes!! I remember” she answered

“Wait is he your husband to be?”

I nodded in reply

“OMG this is indeed worst for you, how can you marry your enemy” she asked rhetorically

” I’m sorry for you” she said trying to suppress the laughter coming out.

I looked at her and chuckled which making her release the laughter

We finished our meal and we both went out to stroll around.

To be continued
My Taste, My Love

A story of a twin

Episode 3

💣 Rosella’s POV 💣

Today is a new day and we are supposed to go out with our betrothed, I dressed up not elegantly though but good with my jeans trousers and a pink blouse , I styled my hair into curls and waited for that fucking shit. Just then I heard the horn of a car outside, I checked and it was Raphael Roselle’s betrothed.

” Roselle, your husband to be is here” I called out to her while she was in the bathroom

“Oh shit!” She cursed

” Lazy fowl” I mocked

She immediately came out dressed up not satisfying and left without even a little makeup, I ignored her and continued my dress up. You know I’m a princess and I have to dress like one. I applied make up and put on a cap, just then I was informed that fucking shit has arrived. I went outside passed him and went to open his car , unfortunately it was locked.

“Unlock the car” I commanded more like the owner.

” Not until you treat me as your husband to be” he muttered plainly

“What!” I exclaimed

” You heard me right” he clarified

” Never! You can take your fucking car and leave, I can stay home happily after all” I hissed

” Stubborn cow” he said loudly and unlocked the car

I ignored him and sat at the back seat, I was surprised when he sat beside me .

” Huh won’t you drive?” I asked confusingly

” Can’t you see a driver seating at the front?” He asked to make me feel stupid

” This is the chance to trouble you” He added

” In your dreams crook” I yelled at him

The driver started the car and we zoomed off.

Roselle’s POV

Raphael took me to a boutique a fancy one well . I tried picking something but I couldn’t I was so bored that everything nice looked dull to me. I suggested he picks for me and I accepted everything he picked. After a long time buying clothes
we went to an ice cream vendor and we bought ice cream. I heard eating ice cream with someone is real fun but not this it was boring as history class . We also tried to go for movies, it was really one of my favorite movies but with Raphael it was very dull and I suddenly loosed interest in it. We tried our best to make it lively but to no avail until we both gave up. He dropped me home and went to his house .

Fred’s POV

I get to meet this bitch again but this time around I’m not going to let her win, she will surely loose to me. We went to a boutique and I didn’t even ask her to pick anything, I picked everything for her myself, things I know she hates .

“What is this? If you know you won’t buy anything for me here let’s go” she said

” Hey I brought you here so I give the time of departure, just shut up!”

” I’m tired of you already” she said and yawned

” Really, don’t be because this is just the beginning”

I pulled her out into the car as the driver drove us to a nearby restaurant

We went in and I ordered for food not minding what she prefers, after the waiter brought the food we started eating just then a thought came up my mind , I went to meet one of the waiters and payed him to execute the plan, he did everything and we ate silently and we stood up to leave, I smiled knowing my plan is about to work

To be continued
: My Taste, My Love

A story of a twin

Episode 4

Rosella’s POV

We stood up and as I was leaving, I felt something was holding me back ,I added a little force and to my surprise the plates, glasses and left over food were all scattered on the ground , I felt ashamed when I realized the table sheet has been tucked into my trouser . Everyone in the hall started laughing at my embarrassment , some even started taking pictures of me with the sheet tucked into my trouser. I removed the sheet and stormed out of the restaurant to cry my eyes out, I couldn’t stop crying. I stayed outside in a squat with my head bowed crying, when I felt a hand touch me, at first I thought it was Fred so I stood up to put him in his place but I freezed noticing the man standing in front of me . A real Greek god he looked like, perfect hair, small eyes and a pointed nose to match and oh that sexy lips which is tempting me to kiss this stranger right here, only God knows how I’m able to suppress my feelings.

” Roselle” he called snapping me out from my stupid thoughts

“I thought I dropped you home?” He added

“Sorry, I’m not…yes you dropped me but I had to come back for my phone” I lied, I could have told him I’m not Roselle but a thought came up my mind.

“But your hair, did you give it a cut” he asked . That is when I remembered the only difference between Roselle and I is our hair style, mine is short and hers is long.

“Yeah…yeah you know I wanted to have a new look” I continued lying

” And in just thirty minutes all this happened”

“Yes …. I…did it at home before coming here” I said scratching my head, something I usually do when lying

“And why are you crying”

“Yes…. I’m crying…Uhm… because…..yes Something fell on my eyes” I kept on lying

“Okay let me drop you home” he offered as he moved to his car and opened the door for me, I entered and he jumped into the drivers sit zooming of to my house.

Immediately we got home, I waited for him to open the car and he did it as well as I came out , pecked him on the cheek making him open both his eyes and mouth widely in awe.

“Bye” I said swaying my hips towards the house.

I went to my room and saw Roselle listening to music on her headset, I slumped into my bed and started smiling, I just couldn’t stop smiling, it’s like I met my prince charming and with this I was very sure he is my true love, it was time to carry out my plan.

“Roselle”I called

She couldn’t hear me , I called her for ten f*cking times but not a single respond

I then went close to her and slowly touched her shoulder

She freaked out and turned abruptly

“Rosella, you are back” she said putting the headset aside

“Tell me, what happened” I asked

“It was a boring date , I couldn’t enjoy my favorite movie because he was with me, could you believe I couldn’t choose any outfit at the boutique and what about you” she replied and asked back

” Hmmm worst, I had the great embarrassment of my life and I’m very sure Fred is responsible for that”

“What happened”

“I even feel ashamed talking about it”

I narrated everything she opened her mouth in shock

“Why would he do something awful like that to you”

“Roselle you know what, let’s just let it go, but I have a plan”

“A plan?” She asked


“Roselle you know I don’t like Fred and you don’t like Raphael as well?” I asked her making her confused

“Yes and so?”

” I met Raphael today and I think I like him” I blurted out

“You what!!”

” And what’s wrong with that, I thought you said you don’t like him” I asked

“Yeah I don’t like him but…… okay so what do you plan on doing?” She asked

” This is what you should ask, now listen I want us to……… switch places” I told her bowing down my head

” Huh!!! Did you listen to yourself”

” Roselle, why don’t you understand this, you don’t like him and I like him ” i tried to convince her

” But who said I like Fred, that arrogant brat” she replied jumping down from her bed

” I know you don’t like him but we will figure out a way to free you from him later” I assured

” And what if mom and dad finds out about this” she said looking terrified

“No they won’t find out until either of us tell them”


“Roselle won’t you do this for your sister” I pleaded

“Okay but I’m doing it because you insist” she said

“No problem”

“But there’s a little problem”I added

“And what is it” she asked

To be continued…
My Taste, My Love

A story of a twin

Episode 5

Rosella’s POV

“But there’s a little problem “I added

“And what is it”

“Your hair” I simply answered

” My hair, I don’t…..No don’t tell me you are going to get my hair cut” she said staggering backwards

“Roselle you have to do it so I’ll plan can work, if not he’s going to figure it out ” I explained

” No Rosella, you know I cherish my hair very much and not even trillions of billions can pay for my hair to be cut short”

” Roselle please do it for me ” I pleaded making the puppy face

“No not this time”

” Please, won’t you help your darling sister find her true love?”

“I would but not on the sacrifice of my hair”

” It’s okay, I guess you love your hair more than me”

“No it’s not that way” she said holding my shoulders to comfort me

” Okay I’ll do it , if that’s what will prove that I love you dearly” she said

I jumped up for joy and went to take my scissors, I sat her down and was ready to cut the her

“Wait!” She screamed

” Is something wrong?”

“Let me bid my precious hair farewell”

“Funny you”

” I’m very sorry my precious long hair, I’ve suffered hard enough to make you longer but you know circumstances do not always favor us, I have to sacrifice you for my sister’s happiness. Hi Admin on on+2348022720459 to read more of this story from our platform . Rest in peace my precious hair” she said shedding tears like a kid

“Like seriously, you are crying for this hair”

” Don’t make me change my mind” she warned

” This mouth of mine” I said hitting my mouth with my palm

I held her hair and zik zak zik zak I cut the hair short and styled it to look exactly like mine

“Check this out”

” Not bad as I thought” she said admiring the new hairstyle

” Ok so from now on you are Rosella and I am Roselle” I tutored

” You will start to dress like me and most importantly talk like me” I added

” Huh you know I can’t talk like you, I mean I can’t use those profane words you use”

” I’m gonna teach you a few so you can use them once in a while in other not to create any suspicion ”

I spent about an hour teaching her how to walk, dress, smile, eat and most importantly talk like me

We completed everything and it was time to carry out our plan . We went downstairs to have lunch with our parents. They looked confused when they saw us

” Which one of you two is Roselle” mom asked

” I’m Roselle and this is Rosella” I replied

We sat down and started eating our meal

” Roselle but why did you decide to cut the hair you always describe as precious short” Dad asked

” Dad, change is an aspect of human life and that’s what I have decided to do” I lied

“Rosella ” Mom called

” Why are you quiet today” mom asked

” Sorry mom….. I was just…uhm…I was lost in thoughts” she replied making me sigh in relief

We finished our meal and we all dashed of to our rooms.

To be continued

My Taste, My Love

A story of a twin

Episode 6

Roselle’s ( Fake Rosella’s) POV

I don’t know why God gave me such a crazy twin sister, How could she possibly want me to be her . I had to do all this because I love her but I didn’t even think of what Fred will do to me today. Oh God I wish it’s not too bad. I freshened up and dressed up waiting for the devil. Rosella oh noooo why do I keep making this mistake, she’s Roselle now I just hope I don’t mess things up. Back to what I was saying Rosella now Roselle was in the bathroom taking her bath , she came out after some minutes to dress up.

” Rosella” I called

” No Roselle” she corrected

” Ok Roselle, I don’t think this will work” I said

“Rosella don’t be a scared cat, just be bold and act Okay”

Just then a car horn blew outside, I peeped from the window and immediately my mood changed after noticing it was time for my trial. I picked up my bag and stood up to leave. It was very difficult trying to stay comfortable in that Jeans trouser but I tried to stay calm and went out to meet him. He was standing beside his car looking very proud. To be honest I started drooling immediately I met him . His handsomeness now is opposite to what he looked during school time. Perfect hair style , sexy eyes, aww his abs which fits his blue shirt perfectly I don’t know if he intentionally loosed two buttons instead of one so I could see it perfectly well and ohh that pink lips inviting my lips to come into contact with it.

“Rosella!!” He yelled jerking me out of my stupid thoughts


” I’ve been calling you for uncountable f*cking times, what’s wrong with you?” He asked

“I.. I..I ” I fumbled. No I have to talk like Rosella

” That’s not part of your business, now open the car for me I want to sit down” I ordered

” Not until you tell me what’s bothering you”

I couldn’t act again, I feel uncomfortable trying to be someone else, I decided to be myself even if he will suspect something, maybe I’ll tell him people change

” Okay I was lost in thoughts” I answered

” About what” he asked

” Personal matters”

” Okay what do I care” he said and opened the door of the car as we hopped into it and off we went.”

Fred’s POV

Rosella’s attitude today was very weird , I just couldn’t understand how someone can change in a ~day , Is she trying to tame me? This was the question ringing in my mind. If that’s the case I will not ~let her win. I took her to a spa and paid for her facial treatment. I called the beauty therapist and bribed her to mix plenty bleaching cream with~ the whole cream so it will cause damage to Rosella’s face.
I sat down as I watch her resting her head for the treatment. Wow what a beautiful face I saw , just like that of an angel. It was the first time I saw ~Rosella’s beauty, I had always classified her with Gorillas but today I saw the exact opposite of that. I started feeling guilty of what I was about to do, how can I damage that beautiful face . I watched as the beaut~ y therapist was about to use the cream on her face.

“Wait!!!” I yelled

” Rosella we have to go” I said

” Why ?” She asked

” I…I forgot my parents wanted to have lunch with us and the time is up” I managed to lie

” Oh, then I guess we should leave now” she said and stood up smiling

We went and sat in the car, I lied now I had to work on the lie, I sent a text to my parents

💬 Hello Mom And Dad Rosella is coming home with me to have lunch please come home if you are not home

We got to my parents house and I took her inside, my parents gave us a warm welcome and we went straight ahead to eat lunch. The maids served us with a mouth watering pasta.

” Dear , we heard you love pasta very much so we made that for you” my mom said

” Ye…yes ma’am” she answered

Roselle’s ( Fake Rosella’s) POV

This is too bad, I just hate pasta but Rosella ~loves pasta. She always mocked me saying I don’t know what is delicious and that I’m a goat chewing leaves, yes I love veggies like cabbage, lettuce, carrots and what have you but not this flour they call pas~ ta but after all I have to eat it. I was hesitating to start eating

” My daughter won’t you eat” Fred’s dad asked

” Yes …I mean no”

I took the fork and started eating, only God knows how I tried to gulp down three spoons of the food. My face clearly showed my disgust for pasta. I tried to eat until I felt like puking, What an embarrassing moment, I stood up and rushed upstairs without asking for where I could find the washroom, I entered the first room I saw and went to the washroom to do my thing. I flashed the puked food away and went back downstairs. The whole family was standing up looking worried, immediately Fred’s mom saw me she rushed to me

” Are you okay my daughter, you should have told us if you didn’t like pasta” she said

” It’s not like that, I’m not really well today and I’ve lost my appetite” I lied

“If that’s the case you can rest for a while here and go back home after you are okay” she suggested

” Oh no, I think I’ll be able to rest well when I get home” I protested

” But your house is too far from here, you need to rest now” she insisted

” I can manage”

“Okay if you don’t feel comfortable here, Fred’s apartment is nearby , you can go and rest there” she blurted out

I don’t know how that kind of joy crept into my heart after she said that but I had to act like a good child

” Ma’am, I think it’ll be better if I go home”

” No I insist you rest now, a long drive is not good for your health ”

” Okay if you insist”

” Darling take her to your apartment, please don’t trouble her” she said to Fred as he came to support me as we went into his car and off we went to his house.

Fred’s POV

Why do I have a feeling this is not the Rosella I know? Rosella will never want to be with me alone anywhere not talk of my house, I am completely confused. I could see she is lying about her not feeling well but why do I feel happy knowing I’m going to be stuck in the same cage with this devil.

To be continued…
My Taste, My Love

A story of a twin

Episode 7

Rosella’s ( fake Roselle’s) POV

Five minutes after Roselle now Rosella left, I heard the horn of a car and I rushed outside not peeping to check whether it’s Raphael or not. I nearly loosed my balance whiles climbing down the stairs but I managed to get hold of myself. I got outside and I met this damn God leaning on his car. I couldn’t stop drooling over this perfect body and handsome face.

“Roselle!” He yelled snapping me back into reality

” What’s wrong with you?” He asked in a rather low tone

” I’m sorry, I was lost in thoughts”

He went to the passengers door and opened it for me, I walked seductively, swinging my hips into the car. He also hopped into the car and off we went.

After a long drive he stopped at a place I wasn’t familiar with. He came down and opened the door for me , I came down and held his hand as we went into a building. The place looked like a conference Hall and there was an event commencing. We looked for an empty space and sat down.

” Where are we?” I asked looking at his face

” It’s an award event” he answered briefly

” Award? What kind of award?” I further asked

” Award for young entreprenuers”

” Wow”

” Ladies and Gentlemen, the time we’ve all been waiting for is due” the MC said drawing my attention

” The best Young Entreprenuer for this year 2019 is..” he said and paused to create tension

” Before that I want to thank the Manager of this program and everyone here, the award goes to…. Remember this event is sponsored by Safeway traveling agencies and the award goes to Mr Raphael Houston ” He blurted out as I gasped in shock. The whole crowd stood up and cheered to his victory as he went to mount the stage and collected his award.

He came close to the microphone

” I’m very grateful to everyone for this encouraging award given to me. I dedicate this award to my family, my friends and everyone who supported and motivated me to go on in life no matter the situation. And to the most important person in my Life Miss Roselle Hammond who will soon become Mrs Roselle Houston” he blurted out making the whole crowd cheer more loudly

” Miss Roselle please come up stage” the MC said

I was totally shocked because I didn’t know Raphael would ever introduce me oh not me Roselle in front of a crowd like this. I was still sitting in bewilderment when I heard the MC’S voice again” Where are you Miss Roselle” I stood up and went to mount the stage. Raphael pulled me close and hugged me sideways. Everyone in the hall gasped on noticing me, some started murmuring to themselves.

” Wow, I’m not surprised at all seeing the first top billionaire’s son and the second top billionaire’s daughter in love with each other, Congratulations to you” the MC voiced out

” Thank you all” I managed to say as we came down from the stage and after sometime everything was over.

Sitting in the car going with him to celebrate his victory, I asked a lot of questions

” Raphael you never told me you are an enterprenuer”

” Yes I didn’t tell you but now you know” he said focusing on his driving

” But I don’t understand, why would you want to work despite all the riches your Dad possess”

” You are right but you have to know something, the riches my Dad possess is not mine and can never be mine even if he wills them to me. All the businesses, houses and cars are results of his hard work, but what about mine. If I don’t work to get mine and someone asks me where is your own property? How would I answer” He explained still focusing on the road

” Wow, you are not just cute but intelligent as well” I blurted out

” Huh?” He said finally turning to look at me in the face

” I mean to say you are intelligent and a little bit cute”

He just shook his head and turned to focus on the road.

Raphael’s POV

This Roselle sitting beside me is a complete opposite of the Roselle I know, she’s too free with me and finds it easy to express herself, I don’t know why but I kind of have some feelings for this particular Roselle and that’s why I introduced her as my fiancee , I took her to my family house and my mom and dad welcomed us nicely.

We went to the dinning table and everything was set for the celebration of my victory, we sat down as the food was served.

Rosella’s ( fake Roselle’s) POV

“Yuk” I exclaimed inwardly after the food was served

” Sweetie, your parents said you love veggies a lot and that’s why we decided to surprise you” his mom said

” Yes yes I love it a lot but I wish to taste something different today” I managed to say

They started looking at their faces surprisingly

” I mean something like, pasta”

” But I thought you hated pasta” his dad asked

” Yes but you know change is part of human life, I want to explore other things” I lied

” Okay” he said as he ordered the maids to change my dish. They changed it and I licked my mouth on seeing the served pasta. It is something that gets out of my control immediately I see my favorite food.

I took the fork and started eating not waiting for them, I could see they were staring at me suspiciously so I stopped and paused.

” Oh you can eat” his mom said as they all started making me continue my mini party.

After sometime the lunch was over and Raphael dropped me home.

To be continued
My Taste, My Love

A story of a twin


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e.) It erodes trading base on emotions and panic

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Episode 8 &9

Rosella’s (fake Roselle’s) POV

I came home after everything and slumped into my bed, it was then I realized Roselle is still not home. I changed into something comfortable and went to sleep . After sometime of sound sleep I woke up and saw Roselle entering the room, I checked the time and it was 7:30 pm.

“Roselle!” I called as she flinched and turned to face me

” You scared me” she said sitting on her bed

” Did you do anything stupid”

” Huh!”

” Yes because I don’t get why you should be scared entering your own room” I said as she chuckled

” By the way, why are you coming home now?”

” Why do you want to know?”

” You know I hate it when you answer me with a question”

” Okay, I went to Fred’s house”

” Huh! What happened there….wait! Don’t tell me you did something stupid, you know Dad will kill you if something like that happened”

” Huh! What are you thinking, you know I’m not like that. In fact you are the one I should suspect in such things”

” Okay tell me what happened”

” You want to know? Okay listen”


Roselle’s (fake Rosella’s) POV

When we got to his house he took me to his room and made me rest on his bed. He went outside and came back with fresh juice.

” Take this” he said handing it over to me , I sat up ,took it and started drinking

” Rosella I know you lied on not feeling well” he said making me choke on the juice

” Are you okay” he said sitting beside me and collecting the juice

” I’m okay” I simply replied

” So tell me , why did you have to lie”

” I wasn’t lying, I’m not well”

” Just admit it that you wanted to come to my house” he said as I became relieved knowing he didn’t suspect anything

” Maybe, I don’t know why but I just wanted to spend a little time with you” I blurted out nearly covering my mouth after realizing what I just said.

” Rosella, I even don’t know what’s happening to me, I also wanted to spend sometime with you. Hi Admin on+2348022720459 to be added to our story platforms. .Don’t get it the wrong way . I don’t love you and I know I will never love you but I just don’t know what’s wrong with me” he said breaking my heart a little

” Fred, I’m also having the same feeling and I just don’t know how to suppress it” I replied

” But Fred think about this, what if it’s love” I asked cursing myself again for asking such a stupid question

” No it can never be love, it’s just impossible for us to fall in love, I mean we are enemies for crying out loud”

” Fred, imagine I’m not Rosella and I’m someone else who looks like her, will you not accept me because of Rosella” I asked again

” I will accept you but why are you asking such questions? ” He asked making my heart race faster.

” Erm I just wanted to know” I answered

” Okay I think you have to go home now”

” Yes”

On our way his car had a fault so we wasted time in reaching here .


” Wait!, Do you think Fred is already in love with you?” Rosella asked

” I’m very sure about that” I replied confidently

” Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

” I don’t know what you are thinking, but I wish it’s not something worse than what we are doing right now”

” Oh no, it’s something good this time. I think we should tell them the truth now”

” Huh”

” Yes Roselle, can you believe Raphael introduced me as his fiancee today in front of a massive crowd”

” But maybe he did it because he had no choice”

” I’m very sure he loves me, I can see it in his eyes”

” Hmm love expert , okay but how are we going to do this. Won’t they feel betrayed”

” Yes that’s one problem, but we will have to convince them , I have a plan”

“Okay” I sat down as she explained the whole plan to me.

The next day we prepared to carry out the plan but unfortunately our parents invited us to our Dad’s office at the same time we had to carry out the plan.

We had to cancel the plan and go meet them. We got to the company and we were taken to his office.

” My sweet angels are here” Dad said as he stood up to embrace us

We greeted them and we were offered sits.

” My daughters, we have a good news to share with you” Dad said as I glanced at Rosella

” We are all ears” Rosella replied for us both

” Your wedding date has been fixed!” He blurted out as I gasped in shock

” Roselle!! Rosella!!” Mom yelled snapping us back to reality

” What’s wrong with you both?” Dad asked

” Oh we were ….just shocked, I mean surprised” Rosella answered

” It’s next month so prepare yourself for the wedding “mom said

” Mom, Dad can we take our leave” Rosella said

” Yes you can go now” Dad replied as she pulled me outside.

” So what are we going to do now?” I asked

” I don’t know, I’m confused right now” she answered

” Rosella you got us into this, you have to find a way to get us out of it”

“Roselle, at this point I think we should just allow fate to take over”

“Huh!!, Don’t tell me you want us to keep faking our identity .”

” Yes that’s what I meant, maybe that’s what fate has in store for us”

” But this is very difficult”

” It’s gonna be okay after sometime”

” Okay” I replied sadly

To be continued…

My Taste, My Love

A story of a twin

Episode 9

Fred’s POV

Today I got the worst news of my life or should I say the best news, I’m confused as hell. Why do I feel like I’m happy about this marriage, this is unlike me. I just hate marriage talk of with my sworn enemy. But do I really hate her, I used to but why should the hatred fade away in just one day. I don’t really know what’s happening to my naughty mind, it keeps thinking about her always and I don’t like it. I can’t tell if my heart is right or my mind.

I picked up my cellphone and dialed Rosella’s number and placed it on my ear as it rang for sometime before she finally picked up the call.

📲 “Hello ” she called in a stammer

📲 Hello, I hope you heard the news

📲 Yeah

📲 Okay tell me, are you happy about it

📲 I don’t know, maybe I’m happy maybe not

📲 Same over here. See if you think this is not gonna work out I’m gonna suggest we try to convince them to break the alliance

📲 I don’t think it’s possible Fred

📲 Are you sure

📲 Yes Fred , I guess we should just allow fate to take over

📲 I don’t know, some part of me is happy about it but the other part is both angry and sad

📲 It’s okay, at least we don’t hate each other as much as we used to

📲 I think you are right , Okay then I’ll hang up

📲 Okay bye

📲 Bye

I hanged up and threw the phone unto my bed.

Raphael’s POV

I heard the best news of my life today, I know you are surprised when I say best news. Yes I’ve now realized I’m in love with Roselle. My heart always beats for her and I just can’t stop thinking about her. This is the first time I actually felt true love and not for anyone but for the lady I thought I would never look at twice. She wasn’t the type of lady I wanted but after time flew for a while I could see clearly the qualities of the lady I want in her and moreover I feel connected to her. I was emphasising on the news when I had a phone call, I checked the caller and it was my sweetheart 😍 . I picked it up and the first thing I heard was her magical voice which sent me to the ninth planet.

📲 Hello

📲 Hello Roselle

📲 Can we meet and talk

📲 Why not? just tell me the venue

She told me where to meet and I dressed up in my blue tuxedo which fitted me perfectly and brought my elegance out. I arrived at the venue and entered, it was actually a Cafe . I searched for her and sighted her sitting at the far corner of the cafe. I checked myself to verify if I was looking perfect and approached her.

” Hi” I greeted with a smile making her raise up her head as I met the most beautiful angel in the universe

” Hi” she replied, stood up and hugged me making me freeze for a while, I hugged her back and after a second we disengaged and sat down. We ordered for coffee and it was served

” So you called me” I said and sipped the coffee

” Yes I called you. I just wanted to know the truth” she replied

” Truth, What truth?”

” Raphael promise me you will tell me the truth”

” You are freaking me out Roselle, okay I promise to tell you the truth , what is it?”

” I don’t know if it’s appropriate to ask such a question but Raphael do you like me?” She asked making me open both my eyes and mouth in awe

After coming back to my senses I held both of her hands and looked into her eyes to answer her question

” Roselle, you are a very good and beautiful lady, to tell you the truth when I met you for the first time I thought you are not better than any other girl. I had no feeling for you then but from the past few days I don’t know how my heart changed to long for you . Roselle if I tell you I like you then it’s a lie …” I said and paused midway noticing the smile on her face fading away to form a sad face

” Do you want to know why?” I asked as she simply nodded

” Because I love you and I’m very sure about that” I blurted out as she gasped in shock

” Raphael” she called

” Roselle, I’m saying the truth and I don’t know if you also love me but I would be very happy if you would love me back”

” Why not, I loved you from the first day I met you” she said making me feel surprised

” I mean when I met your real self” she clarified

I stood up pulled her up and hugged her very tight as she also hugged me back. We disengaged and our eyes were locked to each other, I leaned in to do something crazy, she closed her eyes expecting the touch of my lips it was just a matter of a second and our lips were about to befriend themselves but we were interrupted by someone who cleared her throat. I drew back and turned to see an old lady sitting next to our table. This old people will never let us enjoy life I said in my mind .

” Can we go now” Roselle asked

” Yes, but you didn’t touch the coffee”

” It’s okay” she replied

I called the waiter and payed for the order after which I dropped her home and also went to my lovely house.

💭 Unknowns POV 💭

This little girls don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into.

I will surely ruin that family for what their head did to me . I’m sorry little girls but you will have to suffer for your father’s crime.

Hahaha, I laughed and collected the video my spy recorded for me as a means to destroy and defame my sworn enemy.

To be continued…

My Taste, My Love

A story of a twin

Episode 10

Unknown POV

Three weeks passed and it was drawing near, just in one week and the twins will have to live their entire life time with an exchanged identity.

Fred and his fake Rosella lived to become close friends and not lovers because Fred just couldn’t accept the love he had for Roselle the fake Rosella. They hanged out, had fun as friends without a fight.

Raphael and his fake Roselle on the other hand where something more then love birds. They couldn’t stay apart even for a day, they expressed their love for each other and had lots of fun. They may be love birds but it was strange they never did something more than a hug.

Raphael came to the Hammond’s mansion and invited Rosella (fake Roselle) to attend a party with him. She accepted and they went to the party. Rosella was very happy because it had been a long time she went to party like that. I mean a f*cking party with f*cking dudes who party without giving a damn to the law .

” What is this?!!” Raphael exclaimed as Rosella (fake Roselle) looked at him in shock

” How could Seth invite me to such a party. I’m sorry Roselle , let’s go to a different place” he said

” Oh Raphael don’t act like a kid, I’m not angry and in fact I’m very happy you brought me here” Roselle replied as he opened his eyes in shock but smiled inwardly because it has been his dream to find a woman who will teach him how to live badly

” Are you sure of what you are saying?” He asked not believing

” Yes I’m damn sure, I’ve been missing this for years now and it’s right back in front of me. How can I just live” she replied

” But…I..” he tried to say but she pulled him by the hand as they went inside. She started shouting and dancing to the naughty music ejecting from the loud speakers as Raphael watched her probably surprised. He walked to the counter and asked for whiskey, he was served and as he was taking it someone tapped his shoulder and it was his best friend Seth.

” Seth” he called out

” Raphael” he called back as they embraced and Seth sat opposite him.

” I thought you wouldn’t come” Seth said

” Why not but dude why should you invite me to such place , you know I’m not that type and I don’t understand why you are also here”

” Man it’s about time we change to look bad a little, a friend taught me how to be bad and it felt good so I wanted my best friend to also experience it” he replied

” Hmm but I think I also like the feeling”

” Sharon give him another glass of whiskey” Seth said to the hot lady at the counter and made a weird sign to her.

” Man it’s okay, I don’t want to get drunk you know. I came with my fiancee” Raphael protested as Seth frowned a little and faked a smile

” Hey stop being childish, two glasses can’t possibly get you drunk unless maybe you are a kid” he said with a small laugh as the lady served the whiskey and Raphael took it and gulped it down .

Rosella (fake Roselle ) on the other hand was having a great time partying as she got new friends who gave her more than enough to drink making her drunk.

Raphael started feeling dizzy and decided to go home, he looked for Roselle and found her dancing like a mad woman in the crowd. He pulled her and they went outside.

” Raphael I want to party” she said in a drunken state

” We have to go home Roselle, I’m feeling dizzy”

” Oh sorry, let’s go then I don’t want to be selfish. You know I love you.”


They hopped into the car as Raphael drove them both to his house because considering his situation he can’t take her back home.

They got to his room and the worst happened or should I say the best. Let’s decide that after he narrates that

Raphael’s POV

We got inside my room and I don’t know what happened to me but I started having immoral thoughts, thoughts of making out with Roselle. I tried to control myself because it wasn’t the right time but the force was too strong for me. I faced Roselle and leaned in to kiss her, our lips touched and it felt good having my first kiss with her but I felt bad about taking advantage of her but I just couldn’t stop it. I was just out of my mind. The force became worse when I realized she also wanted it probably under the influence of alcohol. Finally the force triumphed over my self control and I had s*x with her .

To be continued…
My Taste, My Love

A story about a twin

Episode 11

Raphael’s POV

Waking up from a restless sleep, I got down from the bed nearly falling down because of the severe headache I suffered, I noticed I was completely naked and I was surprised because I don’t normally sleep without my pyjamas. I looked on my bed and I gasped in shock when I saw Roselle lying like an angel with her bre*sts exposed to the daylight.
I immediately covered her with the duvet. But how did this happen? I tried my best to recall what happened but all I could remember was far from the picture before my very eyes. I immediately dressed up out of shame and sat on the mini couch in my room cursing myself for something I can’t remember I did.

Just then I heard a yawn which was followed by a gasp, I watched and the time for my trial was up. Roselle was awake and confused as well as to how she got into this mess.

” Raphael why did you do this to me?” She asked as I shone my eyes in surprise

” What do you mean I did this to you?” I also asked

” Oh you are trying to tell me you are not at fault here?”

” I don’t understand anything, in fact I don’t remember how this all happened”

” You took advantage of me!!!” she yelled almost making me dumb

” Huh, what do you mean I took advantage of you?”

” I was drunk and Raphael you didn’t even think about my dignity before doing such thing”

” Yes you were drunk and I brought you here because I was feeling dizzy but how is that related to this Roselle”

” Oh so you don’t remember, when you where unshamfully having sex with me because I was helpless.

” What are you talking about!!” I yelled at her

” Look I’m sorry but I can’t remember anything and I don’t know how it all happened” I added

” Raphael you are shameless, at least accept the fact that you took advantage of me so I can see if I would be able to forgive you but you are just denying it” she voiced out

” How can I accept it when I know I did nothing…..wait I now get the point, you are trying to frame me up here. I now know nothing happened but you pretended to be drunk so I’d bring you home just to frame me up” I blurted out

” Huh, are you putting the whole issue on my head? After all you did you want to blame me for it. I hate you Raphael ! I hate you!!!” She said as she came down from the bed , picked up her clothes and went to the bathroom, she came out all dressed up.

” Raphael I’m very sad I can’t do anything about our marriage but bare in mind that I hate you and I will always hate you for this” she said more like a warning and rushed out of the house.

I sat down regretting everything, what if I was just thinking too much. Roselle would never do such a thing but I can’t accept it’s my fault. It’s just not right. I stood up and started turning the whole room upside down as if it was going to give me peace.
” She hates me, she hates me now” I said as I slumped on to the floor and bursted into tears.

Rosella’s (fake Roselle’s) POV

I just can’t believe this, how could he? I trusted him more than everything in the world but what did I gain from this? I wished I had stayed with the devil I know than coming to this angel I know nothing about. I wish I could hate him but I don’t know why my stupid heart can’t accept the fact that he is a f*cking crook who only knows how to take advantage on girls and later put the blame on them. I stood outside and waited until I got a cab which took me home safely.

” Rosella! Where have you been?” Roselle asked immediately I got inside the room. I was very lucky my parents were not at home. I ignored her question and sat on my bed burying my face in my palms

” Answer me sis”

” Roselle, just spare me for today”

I went to the bathroom and freshened up.

” Rosella you are making me restless” Roselle complained whiles I was dressing up, I dressed up completely and sat beside her

” Roselle, I want you to do something for me ” I said

” What is it?” She asked

” Promise me you will do it” I said

” I promise but first tell me”

” I want us to switch back our places, I mean you’ll become Roselle back and I’ll become my old Rosella ” I blurted out as a trillion of shock was written all over her face and body as a whole

To be continued…
My Taste, My Love

A story of a twin

Episode 12

Roselle’s (Fake Rosella’s) POV

The statement pierced my heart like a sharp knife. I suddenly became shattered.

” Rosella…. what are you saying?” I asked

” Exactly what you heard…. Roselle please understand me, Raphael messed up with me and I don’t think I can look into his eyes again, I don’t want to have anything doing with him again please” she tried to convince but not today. She always wants things to be done her way and I’m tired of the way she dictates for the both of us.

” Stop it Rosella!!!” I yelled as she flinched and opened her eyes widely

” I’ve had enough of this, you always want me to live as how you want . Let me ask you this, who’s idea was is to switch places? Isn’t it you and who’s idea was it to reveal our secret which we couldn’t succeed ? Were you not the one what about letting fate decide our lives? It was the same you. The question is are you the only one affected here, I have to sacrifice many things for your happiness but you don’t even care to know what I want. It’s always what you want and right now I’m not going to fall for that” I blabbered

” Roselle please understand me, I don’t want to be with Raphael and it’s not like you like Fred?” She still convinced

” Enough!!” I yelled again

” Enough Rosella, I’m tired of this please, let me tell you something. I use to fear Fred but not anymore because I love him now please don’t let me say something I don’t want to say” I replied

” Roselle please just do this for me and I’m going to see what to do about it”

” No I can’t help you….why can’t you just say you are selfish” I blurted out not regretting as she gasped

” What did you say?” She asked not believing

” Yes Rosella, you are very selfish and I hate you!!!” I yelled at her and stormed out of the room

What a selfish sister the Almighty gave me. I’m I the only one to make sacrifices always? Why should she always think about her happiness and forget mine. What’s my offence? Is it for doing what she pleased ? Why should she try to take away my love and happiness?

Raphael’s POV

I was very angry at myself for everything that happened, I sat at a club and drank more than I could ever drink. Everything came flashing back in my mind, I mean the little argument I had with Roselle but why can’t I remember anything, what’s happening to me. I sat down as two s*xy ladies approached me.

” Hi handsome” the first lady greeted

” Hi ” I simply replied

” Don’t you mind having fun with the both of us” the second added

” I …… okay” I said after a second thought, maybe it’s gonna help me cool down my mind.

” They pulled me into a well furnished room which I never new existed in the bar.

The first lady pushed me unto the bed and climbed on top.

” We don’t do this for free but you are special and we need you like hell inside us” she whisphered romantically into my ears as she started kissing my ears down to my neck. I lied down like a statue as she did her job but started crying because I saw the face of my angel shedding tears and shaking her head signalling to me to stop it .

I immediately pushed the slut away from me and stood on my feet

” What’s wrong ?” The second lady asked holding my hand.

I ignored her and tried to leave but she held me back. I fiercely turned and gave her the sounding slap of her life. I held her by her neck and pinned her to the wall as she winced in pain.

” Get this into your mind, Never ever try to take what belongs to my angel” I said to her coldly as she nodded. I left her and stormed out of my room heading towards Roselle’s home.

Rosella’s( fake Roselle’s) POV

Yes I’m very selfish and I broke my sister’s heart because of my selfishness, I hate myself now. Cursing myself I started throwing everything in the room here and there turning the whole room upside down. I started feeling a sharp pain as I yelled loudly and fell to the floor becoming unconscious.

Roselle’s (fake Rosella’s) POV

I sat in the living room cursing my sister as I was jerked off from the sofa by a loud scream which sounded like Rosella’s voice. My heart started beating as I hurriedly raced into the room. I suddenly became weak seeing Rosella lying down unconsciously on the floor. I knelt before her motionless body as tears started flowing from my sad eyes. I took my cellphone and called the doctor who arrived after waiting for forever. He checked her and assured me she’s alright. I sat beside her on the bed after the doctor left and held her hand as I cried almost all of my tears out. I cursed myself for calling her selfish and yelling at her. I felt her hand move and I looked into her face as she slowly opened her eyes.

” Rosella” I called her passionately and pulled her into a hug as I cried my eyes out.

” I’m sorry Rosella, I’m very very sorry. Please forgive, you can even punish me or do anything you want with me but please don’t live me alone, please you know I will do what ever you said, I’ll take back my place but please…… please don’t leave me alone”. I said amidst my tears

” Are you sure you would do anything? ” Rosella asked looking into my eyes closely

” Yes” I said nodding my head

” Okay then listen….”

To be continued
My Taste, My Love

A story of a twin

Episode 13

Semi – Finale

” Are you sure you would do anything? ” Rosella asked looking into my eyes closely

” Yes” I said nodding my head

” Okay then listen, Roselle I don’t want you to end up like me so please stay with Fred and promise me you will love him with your heart” she blurted out as I gasped in shock

” But…”

” No Roselle, I want you to stay happy always”

” I love you sis!” I exclaimed and gave her a tight hug which she accepted.

Just then we heard a knock on the door

” Who’s there?” Rosella yelled

” It’s me Sarah” one of our maids exclaimed back

” Come in it’s not locked” I said as the door gave way

” Miss Rosella you have a guest, he said it’s urgent” she said

” Okay I’m coming” Rosella replied

” Yes ma’am” she said and bowed a little before leaving

” Won’t you mind if I take you along?” I inquired from Rosella

” It will be of great help cause I don’t think I’m healthy enough to climb down the stairs” She accepted

” Okay then”

I helped her up and walked with her until she stopped just two steps away from the living room, I looked the visitor and realized it was Raphael

” Let’s go back Roselle” she said

” No Rosella give him a chance to explain, even though I don’t know what happened but I know it’s just a misunderstanding” I assured her

” Okay but I’m going because you said so” she said as I nodded in assurance

After getting off the stairs I left her and went back to the room.

Rosella’s( fake Roselle’s) POV

I went and stood in front of him as he stood up to hug me but I stopped him with my hand.

” Just talk and leave” I said coldly

” Okay but sit down first” he replied

” Mr. I don’t have time just talk and leave”

” Okay, Roselle I know you are angry because I blamed you but I didn’t mean it, I was confused and I don’t know how it came out of my mouth. Please forgive me Roselle. You can even put the blame on me but please don’t leave me, I can’t live without you” he pleaded with tears in his eyes as he held my legs kneeling down. I helped him stand up and I could feel how he was shocked after I hugged him unexpectedly before he hugged me back

” I missed you Raphael, I love you and I can’t be angry with you. I was just frustrated and I couldn’t trust you , can you please forgive me” I also pleaded still hugging him while wetting his shirt with my tears. He disengaged from the hug and helped me as we sat down.

” Raphael I still don’t know but who will try to do something like that with us” I asked breaking the awkward silence which prevailed for sometime

” Roselle I think we should ignore that now, I have suspects but we have to shame them by loving each other the more” he said

” Yes my love” I replied

” I wished I could go out with you but I’m not feeling all that well” I added as he started checking my temperature

” But why didn’t you tell me?” He asked

” It was just a result of what happened” I answered

” Okay then I think I’m troubling you more, you have to go and rest” he said more like a caring fiance

” Okay then bye” I simply said

” Is that all?” He asked

” Yes, what else?”

” Okay but before I leave remember me with this” he said and pecked me on my lips as I wished I could have more but he stood up and left. I went back to the room and saw Roselle lying on her bed

” Tell ,me what happened?” She asked facing the ceiling

” It’s over between the two of us” I blurted out as she stood up abruptly and exclaimed

” What!!”

” Calm down Roselle, I mean our misunderstanding is over” I said as she sighed

” Rosella I wasn’t sure about this at first, I mean I didn’t know your plan will take us to those we truly love”

” Yes Roselle but I’m afraid one day we will have to face the consequence ”

” Huh! I don’t understand”

” Don’t worry you will understand it but I’ll not let that happen” I assured

” Okay sis , I think you should have some rest”

” Okay”

I climbed my bed and drifted off to sleep.

The Wedding Day

unknown pov

” Rosella!” Roselle yelled admiring her sister in her wedding gown

” Wow you look beautiful” she complimented

” Just the way you are” Rosella replied

” But I’m afraid won’t they suspect us , I mean we are dressed up in the same gown and I look like a photo copy of you” Roselle said looking disturbed

” Don’t worry you know we have this covered up”

In the church room it was announced the brides 👰👰 are in. A hymn was played as they walked towards the aisle with their dad until he handed them to their grooms🤵🤵🏻 who accepted them and took them to the aisle.

” Before we join our two couples together, is anyone here who has a problem with their union? If yes you better speak now or forever hold your peace” the old bald headed priest said as it blared from the speakers.

There was silence for sometime which indicated no one had a problem, the priest opened his mouth to say something but was cut short by a loud yell

” Stop!!!” A deep mascular voice echoed in the church room .

To be continued…

My Taste, My Love

A story of a twin

Episode 14


Unknown POV

They all turned to behold an unfamiliar person with his eyes covered with a dark shade , he was dressed in a black tuxedo as he walked to the couples.

” Hello everyone, I hope you are all eager to know why I stopped the wedding. This two ladies here are not themselves” he said as the audience glanced at themselves

” I just mean they’ve switched places” he blurted out as everyone gasped in shock

” This lady on my right you all think is Roselle is Rosella and the one on my left is Roselle. Why do you think Roselle will decide to cut her hair short? And if you still doubt me I have a video recording here” he continued and played a video on the church projector, I don’t know how he got to do that in a short time. The whole congregation started murmuring and gossiping as Mr Derek Hammond went close to his daughters and gave them both a sounding slap. He was about to give them a second one when both grooms stopped him as the whole congregation got confused.

” Father in law , we know this already and we didn’t say anything about it because we feared you may cancel the wedding” Fred explained as everyone payed attention


The day before the wedding, the two twins went to a little party their fiances organized for them. They had a lot of fun dancing and drinking soft drinks and juice because they feared there might be a De Javu ( history might repeat itself) . After the party it was left with the two couples.

They all sat down and cracked some jokes and talked about their funny moments.

” Fred , Raphael we both want to tell you something” Rosella (fake Roselle ) said as Roselle glared at her

” But before we say it we want you to promise us you won’t take any harsh decisions after hearing this” she added as they both nodded

” Raphael I’m not who you think I am and Fred Rosella is not who you think she is” she continued as they looked at her confused

” Don’t be confused , what I mean is…….we switched our places because we didn’t like our parent’s choice of fiances for us” she blurted out but got a surprise of laughter from them both

” What’s funny?” Roselle asked

” You both are funny, but who said we didn’t know, see Raphael and I are good friends and we always meet. We figured out the first day you switched places, see we are not such fools to believe a person can change overnight” Fred explained amidst his laughter

” Oh so we were rather the fools who always felt guilty” Roselle spilled and was about to attack Raphael as he stood up and fled with Rosella following him as Fred laughed his ass out

” Don’t laugh yet ” Roselle said and also chased Fred as the couples acted like cats and mice


” What!! But you could have told us” Mr Hammond exclaimed

” We just feared”

” See I wouldn’t have cancelled your wedding and I think your parents wouldn’t have done it as well but…” he said and paused

” I’m still going to let you get married” he blurted out as the strange man yelled

” No!! Never!! your daughter’s must suffer just the way my mom suffered ” he said and pulled out a gun and pointed it at Mr Hammond as everyone panicked

” No Dad !!” Roselle yelled

” Who are you and why are you doing this?” Rosella asked

” You don’t know me but I know you very well. Your father here killed my father in a run over just because of his carelessness and the worst part is he was freed , why? Because he is rich. I vowed to my mom that I will make him pay for it and make his family shed the same tears she shed and this is the time to fufill my promise” he explained.

” Gentleman, I don’t know you and I don’t know what happened but why do you look familiar?” Rosella asked

” Because you know me, you met me at the club right” he said and removed his shades

” Yes it’s you”

Raphael who was not having a clear view came closer and gasped in shock.

“Seth” he muttered

” Yes it’s me dude, have you forgotten how I helped you so you could f*ck your fiance hard and get her w*t” he blurted out as everyone gasped

” How could you Seth? I trusted you as a friend and this is how you pay me back?”

” Did you just say friend? Funny you I just used you to get what I wanted and I succeeded in breaking the principle of the Hammond’s to break their virginity only after marriage”

” OMG you are a complete jerk” Rosella yelled as Mr Hammond got shattered

” Enough of this drama, the police might be on their way, I have to complete my task before they come” he said and cocked his gun and boom!!💥💥 a gun shot was heard but it was a surprise Mr Hammond was still alive, they all turned to behold the police”

Seth was shot in the leg and was carried away. Rosella went to her father and pleaded for forgiveness for breaking their family’s principle which he accepted.

The wedding begun at fresh and the priest stood in front of the two couples

” Mr Raphael Houston do you take Miss Rosella Hammond as your lovely wedded wife to love and behold, trust and care for in good and in bad in sickness and in health till death do you part?” He asked

” Yes I do ” Raphael replied

” Miss Rosella Hammond do you take Mr Rapheal Houston as your lovely wedded husband to love and behold, trust and care for in good and in bad in sickness and in health till death do you part?” He asked

” Yes I do” Rosella replied

” Mr Fred Meyer do you take Miss Roselle Hammond as your lovely wedded wife to love and behold, trust and care for in good and in bad in sickness and in health till death do you part?” He asked

” Yes I do” Fred replied

” Miss Roselle Hammond do you take Mr Fred Meyer as your lovely wedded husband to love and behold, trust and care for in good and in bad in sickness and in health till death do you part?” He asked

” Yes I do” Roselle replied

They exchanged their rings and there was merry making and cheers in the room

The two couples lived happily ever after and had a great family of their own.


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