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A baby Wasn’t part Of the plan

Genre:- Romance.

Tags:- Sex, betrayal, separation.



Female lead:- Hazel, a 22years old girl, comes from a small town in Texas.

Male lead:- Kurt, a 25years old man, lives in LA. He have a large chains of hotels and companies all over LA and different countries. He’s the youngest bachelor billionaire in all of LA.


Hazel is a girl of 5ft1, she’s beautiful but calls herself ugly. She’s got a strawberry blonde hair and a shade of blue eyes. She takes up a housekeeping job, just to help her best friend discover the dirty secret of Kurt Egan. What she didn’t expect is that, the man she had a crazy night with the night before, is actually Kurt Egan and her new boss. What will she do when she gets pregnant for him? How will she tell him that the baby growing in her womb is actually his?
Kurt Egan is a cold hearted bastard, he never cared for anyone that isn’t him. He’s 6ft2, he’s got jet black hair and a shade of grey color eyes. Sexy isn’t word enough to describe him. He never open up to any one other than his best friend, James. But all that changes when a shorty girl waltzes into his life, making him feel things that he never he will feel. What will he do when he discovers that the girl he is falling for is pregnant? What will he do when he gets to know that the girl he loves is actually with him only to uncover his secrets?…


A baby Wasn’t part Of the plan

Episode 1

Hazel’s POV

The I sit on a chair in the corner of the club, my mask covering my face. This is my first day in LA and the first club I entered requires their customers to all wear mask, something about protecting their customers reputation.

I take big gulps of my scotch. I mean this is LA, the city of sin and I plan to be a rebel for just tonight before I carry out my assignment. Promising your best friend something that might endanger your life is not an easy task, so I want to let loose tonight and get wasted. Maybe I might even find someone to give my damn virginity to.

I remember Miranda’s words to me before I left Texas.

*Flashback, two weeks ago*

“Hazel, this man is heartless. Do you know how many lives he has damage?” Miranda said.

I gasp dramatically.

” You know he’s heartless, and you’re still sending me to him?” I asked.

She rolls her eyes.

“Hazel, be serious. I can go myself but he knows I’m a journalist, I can’t go there undercover. I need an inside info about him” she said.

“An inside info?” I asked.

” Yes. And I know the perfect way to get it” I look at her, raising my eyebrows at her. “There’s an opening for a housekeeping position, and I happen to already applied for it”

” So what?” I asked.

“So, you will go in place of me”

“Why is that?” I asked.

She hesitate a bit.

“Because… I applied for it with your name”


“Please, Hazel. Do this for me, my career is on the line. You can’t sit back and watch your best friend’s career go down the drain, when you can do something about it right?”

She pouts and looks at me with her cute puppy eyes, but I’m not gonna fall for that.

“Don’t give me that look, cause it’s not gonna work this time” I said.

“Ok, think about the innocent lives that the man affect negatively, are you just going to watch them suffer?” She said.

Ok, now she is officially blackmailing me with innocent lives. She knows how soft hearted I am, and she knows I can’t say no to helping others.

“Fine. I’ll do it, but if anything goes wrong don’t blame it on me” I said.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you so much” she jumps and starts to type on her cell phone.

*End of flashback*

So here I am, sitting in this weird club, drinking all by myself. I’ve been in LA for two weeks, and tomorrow is the day I’ll start work.

Suddenly, a shadow towers over me. I raise my head and face with a mask, but I can see a piercing grey color eyes staring at me. I drop my bottle of scotch on the table and involuntarily bites my lower lip.

I said I wanna let loose and tonight is the only chance I’ll ever get.

“Why are you sitting in a corner all by yourself?” he asks.

“Cause I like it quiet” I answered.

“I like it quiet too. So do you mind if I join you?” He asks.

I look at him from head to toe. His shoes, wrist watch and tuxedo all look expensive, which means he is rich. I can let him sit here and get him to pay for all my drinks.

I smirk.

“Sure. But you’ll have to pay for my drinks” I said.

” Oh, I don’t mind that” he sits next to me.

I call for a passerby bartender.

” Get me five bottles of tequila, please” I said.

The bartender looks at me, unsure of what to do. He avert his gaze to the guy sitting next to me.

“You heard the lady, get on with it” the guy said.

The bartender nods and hurry off. The guy turn to me, a sly smile on his lips.

“That’s a lot of tequila you ordered there, is something troubling you?” He asks.

I pour the last drop of scotch in my mouth and gulp it down.

“Yeah. I’m about to do something bad, very bad. So I need to get myself drunk and know what it feels like to get wasted, how a carefree life is, because honestly, I might died in this mission” I rant.

The guy laugh briefly.

“You’re a funny one. But I think you are drunk already, are you sure you still need the tequila?”

” Yeah, I do”

Just then, the bartender comes back with the tequilas a put them on the table.

I grab one instantly and quickly open the cap and starts to drink with any care. I finish the whole bottle in one gulp, I drop the bottle. At that instant my favorite song turns up, I grab the guys hand and begin to pull him to the dance floor.

“Hey, I don’t dance” he said.

“Don’t worry about that. Just follow my lead!” I told him.

I begin to move my hips to “intentions” by Justin Bieber. But I didn’t dance for long, before I starts feeling dizzy.

No, no, not now. I still wanna have sex, maybe I can’t make it out of this mission alive. So I need to have a taste of it before I die. I turn to face the guy and wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him down to my level.

I crash my lips on his, he quickly understands what I want. He responded to the kiss quickly and take control of it. Tasting every inch of my mouth.

“Why don’t we take this upstairs?” He said.

“Huh? They have rooms here too?” I asked.

” Yes. So….are you coming or what?”

“Hell yeah!” I said.

He wraps his arm around my waist and leads me through the sea of people dancing on the dance floor. He leads me through the stairs, untill we arrived at a door. He brings out a key card from his pocket and slide it in. The door open and we step in.

He close the door behind him, he quickly takes my face in his hands and plants his lips on mine. He kisses me aggressively, greedily. Then he leaves my lips and run his tongue along my jawline teasingly, then begin to suck on my neck. I bite my lower lip to stop myself from moaning, but a moan still managed to escape my lips.

“Jump!” He said.

I jump and he wrap my legs around his waist. Then he continues attacking my neck with kisses, he walks slowly to the bed in the room.

He lays me on the bed and leave me neck.

“Should I pleasure you?” He asks.

Pleasure me? I don’t have time for that, I just want him to fuck me. That’s all.

I shake my head.

“No. Just fuck me, and fuck me hard!” I tell him.

He smirks.

” Your wish is my command” he said.

He pulls his pants down, as I did same. I gasp and my eyes grew wide when I see his dick. It’s so big, maybe 8inches. I don’t know if he can size my virgin pussy, but I don’t care. I said I want to taste and I shall.

With one thrust he enters my tight pussy. I gasp painfully.

“Fuck!! Why didn’t you tell me you are a virgin?” He asks.

” Cause you might not agree to do this” I answered.

He smirk at me with a tint of playfulness in his eyes.

” You are a bad girl and I like it” he said.

“Bad girl just for today” I whisper.

He begins to move his hips slowly, patiently waiting for me to adjust to him. After some painful thrusts, I adjusted to him. I nod at him to go faster.

He continues to move faster, faster and faster untill we both reach our peaks. I was too tired to tell him to pull away from me, I laid there as he release his hot sperm inside me.

He pulls away after Cumming in me, I wanted to get up, but then the drinks I’ve had kick in. My eyes become heavy and slowly my eyes closed.

I feel the guy fall on the bed, but I didn’t open my eyes. I allowed darkness swallowed me.


The next morning……

I wake up and my head feels like falling off of my neck. I winced as I struggle to get up, standing up I look down at myself and notice I’m naked.

I look around the room, I’m in a hotel room? I guess. I see my clothes in a corner, I quickly grab them and put them on. Then I notice the man sleeping so peacefully on the bed.

That’s when last night’s event comes rushing back to me. I gasp quietly, I just had sex with a total stranger. No, this isn’t me. What was I thinking?.

My eyes catches a mirror laying on a small table next to me, I picked it up and look at my face. I notice my mask is still on, I release a breath I didn’t know I was holding. I drop the mirror and look at the man again.

He’s no longer wearing his mask, I can see his face perfectly fine. He’s so handsome and have that innocent baby face when sleeping.

Thank God he didn’t get to see my face. I’ll leave and pretend that something like this never happened. And also I’ll never see this fela ever again.

I remove my mask and puts it next to his, I bend down and place a kiss on his cheek. Then I head towards the door and rush out.

I’ll go back to my normal life, that’s help Miranda uncover Kurt Egan’s secret.

God help me!!

To Be Continued.

A baby Wasn’t part Of the plan

Episode 2

Kurt’s POV

The sound of my ringtone blares in the air, waking me up from my sleep. I turn and a blinding ray of the sun flashes in my eyes.

I winced as pain strikes my head, I guess I’ve got a hangover from last night. I look at the other side of the bed, it’s empty. I guess that lady from last night is already gone. But I must say, I had an amazing time with her, that was the first time I had a virgin as a one night stand. Sadly, I didn’t get to see her face.

I glance at the clock, it’s 8:40am. Shoot, I’m late for the office already, but who’s gonna complain, I’m the boss. I pull my clothes on.

I angrily reach for my phone that won’t stop ringing.

“What!” I roar at whoever is on the phone.

“Is that any way to talk to your best, best friend in the whole world?” I hear my best friend, James, said.

I roll my eyes and head to the door.

“Why did you call?” I asked as I walk down the stairs.

Some of the workers greet me and I just nod at them.

“Is that a question you are asking me? Did you forget the housekeeper is coming in today? You’re supposed to tell her your rules!” He said.

I can already picture him throwing his hand in the air in frustration.

“You can do that” I told him.

“Why? Don’t tell me you bang some slut and you can’t make it”

I chuckled.

“Okay, I won’t say it” I said.

“Ugh! You’re impossible” he exclaims. I love getting on his nerves.

“I know. Right, stay at my place and wait for the housekeeper. Tell her the dos and don’ts” I told him.

“Why can’t you do it yourself?” He asked.

“I’m going to the office, make sure she’s someone I’ll like. Bye, I have to go”

” You…. ” I hang up before he could continue his ranting.

I step out of the club and head straight to the parking lot. I enter my red sport car and hit the road.

Almost at a bend corner, I see a girl run into the road carelessly, my car almost hitting her. I step on the brakes and bring out my head to yell at her. But my words got stuck in my mouth when I see her face.

She’s the definition of beauty, her strawberry blonde hair falls on her face. She puts a strand of her hair behind her ear and stretch her clothes while she’s still standing in the middle of the road. Just then, she seems to notice where she is. Then her face warm up from embarrassment.

She quickly walks to the other side of the road and look at me with her big blue eyes that added to her beauty.

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. It’s just.. I’m.. kinda late for an interview and… ”

” That’s ok” interupts her.

” Thank you” she said and quickly walk away.

I smack my head, I can’t think of her, I can’t afford to have a weakness. Thankfully, I won’t see her ever again.

I start my car and continue my journey.

Hazel’s POV

After that embarrassing moment at the road, I finally made it to the mansion where I’ll work as a housekeeper. I see a bell button at the gate, I press the button and wait for a while.

A security guard comes out and walk towards me.

“How may I help you, Miss?” He asks me.

“I have an interview with Mr Egan, this morning” I said.

He opens the gate and I enter the compound. And, sweet baby Jesus, the compound is darn big. The mansion itself is big enough to house hundreds of people. A small spring stands in the middle of the compound.

“This way, Miss” the security guard said.

I follow the guard towards the entrance of the mansion. We reach the door and he opens it.

“After you” he said.

I step into the mansion and I’m welcomed by a cool breeze and a nice fragrance. I close my eyes and take a deep breath, tasting the freshness of the house. I open my eyes and come face to face with a blonde hair guy, he has a smile on his lips.

“Are you alright, Miss?” He asks.

My cheeks warm up and I feel blush creeping up my face. I know I’m poor, but I don’t have to show it everywhere I go, right?. I turn around to see if the guard is still behind me, but he’s not. I turn back to this blonde hair guy and put on a fake smile.

“I’m fine, sir” I reply.

He nods.

“Call me James. You are Miss Hazel Evans, I presume?” He asks, well more like states.

” Yes, sir” he glares at me. “I mean James” I quickly correct myself.

“Good. So, come in” he ushers me to a sofa and gestures for me to sit down.

I sit down.

“So…. You already got the job. I just have some dos and don’ts for ya. I wrote them down on this paper that I’m gonna give to you, please study them to avoid any mistakes in the future” he said.

He hands me a sheet of paper. I glance through it quickly.

1: Always wake up by 5am to cook breakfast.
2: Never look into your bosses eyes.
3: Always replace your bosses bedsheets and blankets every morning after he wakes up.
4: Make sure dinner is ready before 6pm.
5: Never go to bed before your boss.
6: On raining days, always remember to turn on the house heaters.
7: Always remember to persuade your boss into taking his medicine every night.

I take in a deep breath after reading through the dos and don’ts. I raise my head and sees James looking at me curiously.

“Aren’t you gonna ask any questions?” He asks.

I shake my head.

“Nope. I’m fine with all of them, after all, with you as my boss I have nothing to worry about”

He laughs.

” Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I’m not your boss, we’re in no way similar. Your boss is very strict, he’s a perfectionist. So I’d advise you tread lightly and avoid any mistakes at all cost” he said.

I nod with a scared expression. So what Miranda told me is true, Kurt Egan is really heartless. Even this man that he’s acquainted with is still scared of him, God help me in this mission.

“I would have stay to show you around the house, but I’m running late for work because someone delayed her interview” he said giving me a knowing look.

I bend my head shyly. I hear him laugh briefly.

“Anyway, just know that your room is four rooms down the hall. And the kitchen is right there” he points towards the kitchen. “You can give yourself a tour some other time, but for now? I’d advise you stay in your room and unpack your luggage” he said.

He stands up and head to the door.

“Goodluck, I’ll come by sometime and visit to see how you are coping with Kurt” he said and head out.

I sigh and rest my head on my hands. This is gonna be a long and tiring journey for me.

I better locate my room and unpack now.

To Be Continued..

A babybaby wasn’t part Of the plan

Episode 3

Hazel’s POV

It took me three whole hours to finish arranging my room and unpack my luggage. I fall on my bed and close my eyes, taking in the freshness of the room and I sigh in contentment.

Just then my stomach growls, reminding me that I need food like right now.

I hurry downstairs to the kitchen to make something to eat. I open cabinets one after the other, but didn’t find any food stuffs. Does this Kurt never cook?. I decide to settle for some fruits instead, and maybe go to the grocery store later.

But I’m disappointed at what I saw, the fridge is totally empty. Who is this Kurt guy? Doesn’t he know that food is life? Hmm, well I’m here now. And since I don’t joke with food, I’ll stuck this place with lots of food.

I should head to the grocery store right now.

I hurried back to my room upstairs and grab my purse.

Then I head out.

I made it to the gate when I realized, I don’t know the way to the store from here. Luckily the security guard is patrolling, I called for him and signal him to come over.

“Do you need anything, Miss?”

“Hazel, my name is Hazel. Please call me that, this whole ‘Miss’ thing is too formal” I said.

He laughs a little bit.

“Ok, Hazel how you need my help?” He asked.

“Please I need your help with direction, I need to go to the grocery store” I said.

“Oh, it’s not hard to find. One’s just down the road, let’s say five poles from here. A cab can take you there”

I scoff. A cab? Really? People just waste money unnecessarily.

“I’ll walk, see you later!” I said.

“Hazel, you….”

I wave him off with a small smile and walk away.


It didn’t take that long before I arrive at the store. Now it’s time to get down to business, I pick a basket and begin to fill it with food stuffs.

I pick out some pasta, rice sachets, all purpose flour, tin skin tomatoes, milk, venegar, chilli powder, cheese, chicken and some stock fish, cabbage and potatoes. I turn around as if I’m forgetting something.

Then I lock gaze with it, my favorite recipe of all, Honey! And it’s the only one remaining, I reach out to get it. But someone beats me to it, my eyes follow the hand to its owner. And I’m met with a sexy smile from a handsome guy, I think we should be of the same age or he’ll can be older than me.

“That’s mine” I said.

“Well, hello to you too” he said and wink at me.

I furrow my brows and glare at him. I don’t joke with honey and this guy just took the last one here, he’s so going to suffer from my fist. I drop my basket and gets ready to snatch it from him. He seems to notice my stance, so he chuckled.

“Calm down, tigress! I reached for it first, but I’m a gentleman and since you want this so badly I’ll give it to you wholeheartedly” he said and hand the honey to me.

An instant smile spreads all over my face. I put it in my basket.

“Thank you, sir” I said.

He laughs.

“Sir? Oh, please. My name is Tyler, but you can call me Ty” he said.

“Alright, Ty. Thanks”

I carry my basket and head to the cashier. I hear Tyler’s footsteps behind me, I guess he’s following me.

“Emm.. I didn’t catch your name” he said.

“That’s because I didn’t tell you” I said. And smirk slyly.

“Oh, I can give you a name of my choice then” he said.

I stop walking and turn to him, looking at him curiously. He studies my face for a moment, and breaks into a smile.

“You have blue eyes, I’ll call you Crystal” he said.


” Yeah, you’ve got shinny blue eyes, so Crystal!”

I nod.

“That’s not a bad name. I like it!” I said.

He grins widely. We made it to the cashier, l bring out my purse and take out my credit card. I hand over to the cashier, but Tyler holds my hand and give his own credit card to the cashier. I look at him in confusion.

“I’ll pay” he said.

I remove my hand from his hold, and shake my head.

“No, thanks. I have money to cover it” I said.

“Please let me pay, you can pay me back in some other way”

“What other way? I don’t even know you, I only know your name”

“How about we get some coffee and get to know each other?” He suggests.

“No, I’m kinda busy today. Today’s my first day at work, I can’t get in trouble with my boss” I told him.

“I’m not talking about today, maybe tomorrow or next, or whenever you are free?”

“How will you know when I’m free. I can just leave and this can be the last you see me” I said.

He thinks about it for a while, then brings out his cell phone.

“Here. Put your number on it” he said.

I cross my arms across my chest.

” I don’t give my number to strangers”

“We’re past strangers, Crystal. We’re almost friends already, though I consider you my friend as it is now” he said.

Hmm. I can use his company sometimes when I’m bored at the mansion. And he can be my very first friend here in LA, I need someone to give me a tour too.

I take the phone from him and type my number in. He dialed the number and my phone starts to ring.

“That’s my number, save it” he said.

“Here’s your card, sir” the cashier lady said to him.

He takes back his card and carries our basket. I didn’t bother to stop him from carrying mine, cause honestly, it’s kinda heavy.

“So, are you taking a cab?” He asks the minute we step outside.

“Cab? What’s wrong with all of you guys living in LA? You guys depend on cab, a lot” I said.

“So that’s means you’re walking?”

” Yeah. It’s just a stone throw” I said.

“Ok, I’ll acommpany you”

Wait, what? No, I just start working there today, I can’t just show it to anyone.

“You don’t have to, I can walk there on my own” I told him.

“I insist. I need to make sure you arrive safe and sound”

” But I… ”

” No buts” he interupts me.

No, I have to say something. I can’t let him go with me.

“Ty, I was just joking about the cab thing. I’m taking a cab” I said.

He smile approvingly.

” Good girl. Now let’s get you in a cab”

He stops a cab and gestures for me to enter. I reluctantly enter, he gives my basket back to me.

“Call me when you get home” he said.

“Ok, I’ll” I replied.

I wave at him and tell the cab driver to drive. I watch Ty wave me good bye, untill the cab is out of sight.


Within the twinkling of an eye, the cab stop. I step out and pay the driver, leaving the change as a tip. When the security sees me with the basket, he rushes to me and help me carry it inside.

“Thank you… Jeff” I said reading his name from his badge.

“It’s no problem at all” he said and goes out.

I put all the stuff in places where they belong. I look at the time, it’s 4:43pm. I remember I’m supposed to make dinner before six.

I put my hair in a messy bun and gets down to business. I decide to prepare Mac and cheese, and some cornbread.

By the time I’m done, it’s already 5:50pm. I quickly dish the food and set them on the dinning table. Then I hurry to my room to take a shower, I can’t smell like cheese when I meet with the almighty Kurt Egan, right.

After taking my bath, I change into some clean clothes, a white shorts and big orange t-shirt. Just then my phone starts ringing, I picked it up, it’s Miranda calling.

“Hello, Miranda”

“Hey… Hazel. Are you at his house now? How is he treating you?” She asks.

I roll my eyes at her questions.

” I just resume work today, remember? And besides, I haven’t seen him yet. His friend brief me on what to do this morning, but I’m hoping to see him this evening” I answered.

” Good. Thank you once again for doing this. So have you seen any guy yet, I know the guys there are super hot” she said.

She’s right though, that stranger from last night is super hot! Wait, why am I thinking about him!. But I can say Ty is hot, even James is hot too.

“Yeah, you can say that”

“You should thank me for sending you over there, at least now you can get your virgin ass a boyfriend!” She said.

I tense when she mentioned the word ‘ virgin’ she thinks I’m still one, and I’ll leave it that way for now. Cause I honestly don’t know how to tell her that I gave my v-card to a total stranger, that I might never meet ever.

“Hazel, are you still with me?” She asks.


“Please don’t blow your cover, my career is depending on you” she said.

Just then I hear the front door open and close with a loud bang.

” Miranda, I got to go now. I guess my new boss is home, I better go attend to him”

” Alright, no problem. Good luck” she said.

I hang up and head downstairs. I guess is time to see the fearless Kurt Egan.

To Be Continued..

A baby Wasn’t part Of the plan

Episode 4

Kurt’s POV

“I’m telling you, Theresa is not efficient enough. Felix won that contract because of her carelessness!” I said angrily.

I step out of my car and head towards the entrance door of my mansion. James open the door and enter, I followed behind and close the door with a loud bang.

“Kurt, you have to calm down” James said.

I turn to him with anger filled eyes and he shut his mouth instantly.

“Calm down? I sent her over to Felix undercover with so much effort, and this is how she performs!” I said through gritt teeth.

” But Kurt, you know Felix is a hard nut to crack. This is just the beginning of her mission, let’s give her some time”

I close my eyes and open them, I’m sure my eyes are darkened in anger and hatred right now.

” Tell her I’ll let one mistake slip, next time if something like this happens, I’ll make her life a living hell. Felix Raine is going down!” I said and head upstairs to my room.

“Where are you going? Aren’t you gonna eat dinner?” James asked gesturing to the dinning table. I see food on the table already.

“I’ll be back in a few, I wanna freshen up” I said and continue my journey to my room.

I speed past a girl on the stairs, her face bow towards the ground. I can’t see her face clearly and I don’t even wish to. I guess she’s the housekeeper James hired.

Hazel’s POV

Heading downstairs, I hear my boss talking on top of his voice.

So Kurt Egan is really cold-hearted as everyone say he is, I can’t believe I was feeling regretful for agreeing to do this. How can he plan to take someone down? How many people is he going to damage their lives?.

He walks up the stairs, taking two steps at a time. I bow my head afraid of looking him in the eyes, I remember James specifically told me never to look Kurt in the eyes. He slows down a little when he gets to where I was, but he didn’t stop, he continues to his room.

I quickly walk towards James.

“Hey, Hazel. I see you’ve cook dinner already!”

“Yeah. Do you live here too?” I asked.

“I wish. I only acommpany Kurt home, to make sure he gets home fine” he answered and begin to walk towards the dinning table. I follow closely behind.

“So what did you make?”

“Mac and cheese, and some cornbread” I said.

” Wow! Kurt’s favorite! I know you two will get along” he said.

Me and that life destroyer get along? Ha. In his dreams. I’ll make sure I expose his secret to the whole world. It’s a pity someone as good as James is friends with that monster.

James makes himself comfortable in a chair. Just then Kurt comes in and sits at the head of the table.
I bow my head immediately.

“Hazel, serve the food!” James said.

“Yes, sir!” I said.

He grunts.

“Don’t start with the sir thing again, my name is James” he said.

” Yes, James”

” That’s more like it” James said.

I serve the food into their plates and stand aside while they begin to eat.

James puts a spoonful in his mouth and close his eyes, he moan at the sweetness of the food.

“Hazel, you put your foot on this one. It’s delicious!” James praised me.

I couldn’t help the giggle that left my mouth.
Just when I feeling good and proud of my kitchen skills, Kurt spits out the food he puts in his mouth.

He quickly reach for his glass of water and take large gulps. He put the glass down on the table and stand up.

“What the hell is this?!” Kurt roars.

“What is it, Kurt?” James asked.

“It’s so spicy!” He said.

I bow my head even more and close my eyes, afraid to look up at his expression. My whole body is shaking in fear right now.

I know I can’t make it out alive, but I didn’t expect my death to come so fast.

“I told you to tell her the dos and don’ts, why didn’t you tell her?”

“I did, but..”

“But what James? Why did she make the food so spicy?. Instead of telling her what to do, you were getting acquainted with her!” Kurt said.

“Kurt, calm down. I can ask her to make something else for you” James said trying to cool him down.

Kurt bangs his hand on the table, and I flinched back a little.

“Why the fuck is she bowing her head like that?” Kurt asked.

” You said she shouldn’t look you in the eyes, remember? She’s trying to avoid your eyes” James explain.

” Raise your fucking dumb head, I wanna see your face!” He said.

I slowly raise my head. And my eyes falls open when I see his face.

” You?!”

” You?!”

We both exclaimed.

Oh, no! This is bad, how can it be? My one night stand is actually my boss? I have my virginity to the almighty Kurt Egan?

Why do I always have the ugliest luck in life. What if he recognizes me, what will I do.

This is bad.

“It’s you” he said as if he couldn’t believe his eyes.

To Be Continued..

A babybaby wasn’t part Of the plan


Episode 5

Hazel’s POV

I can’t believe my one night stand is actually my boss. I gave my v-card to the almighty Kurt Egan. This is bad!.

“It’s you!” He said as a look of recognition flash in his eyes.

Please don’t tell me you saw my face last night. I can’t fail on this mission before actually even starting it.

I study his stance. His shoulders tensed, his eyes darken, his fist and jaw clenched as if he’s fighting with himself. I titted my head in confusion.

“You can’t work here. You’re fired!” He gritted out.

“Kurt, man. What the hell are you saying? You can’t just fire her because of this little mistake” James said.

” Yeah, it’s just a little mistake. I didn’t know you don’t like spicy food” I said.

He avert his gaze to me. When he look at me, his gaze softens a little but it was a flash, his eyes harden again and turn even darker.

“I have my reason for firing you! Go pack your things and leave my house” he commands.

“Hey, hey. It hasn’t come to that yet, let’s talk about this like adults” James said.

I cross my arms across my chest and scoffs. The rumors are true, all he’s good at is destroying people’s lives. Well, I don’t think I can complete this mission, now he’s offering me opportunity to leave. I better leave before he changes his mind and kill me.

“You want me to leave? I’ll leave!” I said and turn to go upstairs, but James runs in front of me.

He leans towards me and whisper in my ear.

“You can’t leave, you’re the only one who I think can put up with his mood swings. And besides, I didn’t take you to be a quitter”

I think about it for a moment. He’s right. I can’t just sit back and watch Miranda’s career go down the drain without doing anything. Even if I don’t make it out, I will make sure I help Miranda expose Kurt Egan’s secret.

I can manage to put up with his off and on mood swings.

A loud bang draws my attention back to Kurt. He’s glaring daggers at James, if looks could kill I’m sure James would already be six feet under.

“James? In my office!” Then he marches upstairs angrily.

“Is he always like this?” I asked.

“Yeah. Especially to new people, but you will like him when you get to know him”

“Hmm, yeah right”.

“I’ll be right back. Please don’t leave yet” he said and hurrys off.

James is easy going and easy to please too. I wish he was my boss.

James’s POV

I enter Kurt’s home office. I see Kurt standing by the window, looking at of the window. I bet he’s got the best view in his office, you can see the beautiful of LA from his window.

“Kurt, I…”

“I don’t wanna hear it, James. She can’t work here” he said. He turn around to face me.

“Ok, tell me why you don’t want her to work for you?”

He avert his gaze from me and begin to look anywhere but me. I see his face start to turn red, he’s blushing.

“Because she’ll become my weakness, I can’t let that happen” he said.

Become his weakness?

” How can she become your weakness? She’s just your housekeeper and the relationship between you two is just boss and employee relationship” I told him.

He release a long sigh and pulls on his hair.

” You won’t understand” he sits on his swivel chair and lays back his head.

I sit in front of him. I’ve never seen Kurt worked up like this, which makes me more curious as to why he wants Hazel gone and also why he said Hazel will become his weakness.

“What won’t I understand?” I asked.

“This is not the first time I’m seeing her. I’ve seen her before and…..” He cuts himself off.

“And what?” I asked.

“And I think…I..I think I like her. But I had hope I never see her again, now she’s right in front of me” he said.

I grin. This is the first time ever, Kurt have admitted to like someone. Someone who is not him or me.

“Kurt, it’s a good thing!” I told him.

His eyes snap open.

“No! It’s not a good thing. You know I don’t do feelings, James. It’ll affect my business” he said.

I stare at him in pity. I understand his pain, I know why he doesn’t want to have feelings for anyone. He’s been through a lot, so I really can’t blame him for trying to conceal his feelings. I’ve been with him since childhood and I witness exactly what happened to him.

But now that he’s found someone that he likes, I can’t watch him let this opportunity slip away. He needs to let go of his dark past and embrace the future.

Kurt might appear cold on the outside, but he’s a floffy bear inside. I’ll look for ways to make him accept Hazel and embrace his feelings. He really need someone in his life.

“Ok, Kurt. How about you let Hazel stay for three weeks, I’ll teach her everything. If you still don’t like her, then I’ll fire her myself” I suggest.

He thinks about it for some minutes, then he shakes his head.

“Two weeks!” He said.

Hmm. Two weeks is not bad, I can make him accept his feelings then.

“Deal” I said and stretch my hand out for a handshake.

Kurt just stare at my hand strangely.

“What are you doing?” He asks.

“We need to finalize our deal with a handshake!” I said.

“Your childish makes me hate you more and more” he said with a small smile.

“You know you love me, don’t worry I love you too” I told him, I lean forward and kisses his cheek.

He pushes me away and wipes his cheek with a cute frown.

“Eww! Gross!” He said.

I burst into a fits of laughter. I head towards the door.

“Hazel will come up with your meds” I told him.

“Don’t send her here” he yells after me.

“I will, and be nice to her”

I know exactly how to make Kurt accept his feelings for Hazel. I’ll make him so damn jealous, I’m so lucky I’m a flirt, I know it’ll come in handy one day.

Hazel’s POV

James comes back down with a wide grin on his face.

“So…. Am I fired?” I asked.

“Nope! Infact, you have to make him some noodles right now and take it to his room, together with his meds” James said.

“Are you sure he won’t kill me and bury me there?” I asked.

He laughs at my silly question.

“Quite the contrary. But I’ll tell you how he like his noodles”

I nod at him to continue.

“He likes it when his noodles are not overcooked, and please, please, please don’t make it spicy” he said.

“ok, I won’t” I reply.

He enters the kitchen and open a cabinet, he brings out a small box. He opens it and takes out some drugs.

“Always remember to give him this meds every night before he goes to bed, or else, I bet you won’t get a good night’s sleep yourself” James tells me.

Why the hell does he needs drugs to sleep? What is he, a vampire?! Oh no! I hope he’s not gonna suck my blood.

“Now I’ll leave you at it”

“Huh? Where are you going?” I asked.

“I’m going home. You don’t expect me to stay here with you guys, right?”

“So, your are leaving me here alone with him?”

” Don’t worry, darling. He won’t bite…. Hard” with that James takes off.

I guess I’ll have to do this on my own. I carry the Mac and cheese and cornbread, I put them in the trash and I start to prepare the noodles.

After some minutes I’m done. I carry it and head upstairs, I knock on Kurt’s door but no response. I open the door and step in the room.

Remember that paradise Adam and Eve lives in? Well, it can’t compare to this room. It’s spacious and twice the size of my entire house back in Texas. A big flat screen TV stood proudly on the wall, a big king size bed in the middle of the room. The walls painted with dark brown color and the curtains are of cream color.

The room is cool and smells fresh. Everywhere is so neat, I don’t think I’ll do much cleaning in this room.

“Mr Egan?” No answer.

“Mr Egan!” Still no answer.

I drop the tray I’m carrying on the table and begin to walk around. Then I see a door, maybe it leads to his home office or even a movie theater. Maybe he’s in there watching a movie.

Wait… I take that back. Kurt Egan is not the movie watching type of person. Maybe the door leads to his office, maybe he’s in there signing some papers.

Yeah. This sounds right!.

I open the door and excitedly step in and that was a very big mistake. I see what I least expected.

Standing before me, is Kurt Egan. He’s standing……. NAKED!!


To Be Continued.


A baby Wasn’t part Of the plan


Episode 6

Hazel’s POV

Kurt is standing in front of me….. NAKED!!

“Ahhhhhhh!!” I screamed and quickly cover my eyes.

“Get out!!” I hear Kurt’s loud voice commands.

I turn around and run out as if my pants is on fire. I close the door behind and released a long breath. My heart beating fast, and sweats forming in my forehead.

I stay in his room, waiting for him to come out of the bathroom. Now I know that I’m officially fired. I’ve seen Kurt’s naked body before, but that was totally different then we were wearing masks. We didn’t see each other’s face.

I smack my head. Why did I even think there will be an office inside his room. I’m so foolish sometimes.

I hear Kurt’s bathroom door open, I quickly bow my head, nervously biting my lower lip. I hear his footsteps coming towards me, I begin to take small steps back until my back meets with the wall.

I feel him tower over me.

“Raise up your head!” He said.

I shake my head. I can’t face him, right now. I feel blush taking over my face.

He puts his finger under my chin and raise my head up.

“Open your eyes” he said.

I slowly open my eyes. I see amusement in his eyes, but it quickly switch to anger.

“What are you doing in my room? And why did you come into my bathroom?” He asks, his arms crossed across his chest.

I bite my lower lip, thinking of what appropriate thing to say. His gaze lower to my lips, before he looked away.

“Stop bitting your lip and answer me!” He said.

“I… I… I.. ”

“I… I… I… What?!” He interupts me.

I points towards the tray of noodles and medicine I brought in with me, cause honestly I’m too scared to speak.

“Have you ever heard of knocking?” He asks.

I nod.

“Use words!!!”

“Ye… Yes” I stuttered.

He walks towards his bed and sits on it. He sighs and run hir fingers through his wet hair, I can see his muscles bulging out in his see through white T-shirt.

So yummy!! Wait… Where did that come from?. Focus Hazel, you’re about to loose your job.

“This is the second mistake you’ve made. Do you wanna know what I hate most of everything?” He pause and studies me.

He clears his throat, then continue.

“I hate when people make mistakes. Harry, right?” He asks.

Seriously? Harry? Didn’t he see all the feminine side of me?. I bet he sure did, cause last night he fuck my pussy. He must…

“Harry! Are you listening to me?!” He snap his fingers in my face.

I snap back to reality and blink my eyes rapidly. Giving him my cute puppy eyes.

“I so want to fire you right now. So If you want to keep your job, then you must know when and how to do things around here” he said.

“Yes, sir” I replied.

“You can leave now”

“But sir, your meds” I remind him.

He just glance at them and turn away.

“Leave them here, I’ll take them later” he said.

“But James said….. ”

“I’m your boss not James. Now. Get. Out. Of. My. Room!!” His voice thunders.

I stand up and quickly run out of his room.

“At least he didn’t fire me” I said to myself.

I rush to my room fall on my bed. I didn’t know how tired I am untill my back hits the bed, I set my alarm for 4O’clock before I close my eyes and sleep off.


The next morning….

I wake up to the ringing of my alarm clock, I enter my bathroom and carry on with my morning business there. After I’m done, I quickly head downstairs to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

After much thinking, I decided to make bacon, eggs and cheese sandwich. I think I might have to write out meal timetable.

By the time I’m done, it’s 5:10am. I see Kurt coming down towards the dinning room. I quickly set his food on the table and step aside.

He gets to the table and sits down. My face starts to heat up in embarrassment, as last night scene flash in my mind.

“Go..go… good morning, Mr Egan” I greeted him. He doesn’t answer me, he just sits still.

I wait for him to start eating, but he didn’t. He just sits there staring at the food.

Doesn’t he like the food? Is it the eggs? Or cheese? Ugh! This guy is so hard to please.

Just then, the main door open and James skides in. He take long strides to the dinning table.

“Wow! This place smells like heaven” James said, he walks towards me and wrap his arm around my shoulder. “Good morning, darling” he kiss my cheek.
“Good morning, James. I didn’t know you’d be coming over for breakfast” I said.

I’m surprised that he is here this early.

“I’m always here for breakfast, this dumb head can’t eat without someone’s company” James said and Kurt clears his throat warningly.

James laugh, his arm still around my shoulder. He look around the table and turn back to me.

“Darling, you remembered the rule about breakfast. Here, take another kiss for that” just when he was about to kiss my cheek, a loud bang pulls us apart.

Kurt turn to James and throws him a very harsh glare. In his eyes I saw something like…. Jealousy? No, I must be seeing things.

“Sit the fuck down!” He said, his gaze averted to my cheek where James kissed. “And don’t fucking kiss her again!!” He said through gritted teeth.

James laugh and winks at me before sitting down.

“Harry, serve the food” Kurt said.

He doesn’t even know my name.

“Her name is Hazel, man” James corrects him.

“Hazel” Kurt whispers as if tasting the sound of my name from his mouth.

My name sounds perfect when he whispered it, I never knew my name sounded musical untill now.

I see Kurt from my perherial view, smiling in contentment. This is the first time I’ve seen him smile since I came in yesterday. All I always see is him glaring or smirking.

After I serve the food, I step aside. I watch him put a spoonful in his mouth, praying that he won’t complain about this one. Fortunately, he didn’t complaine. He eats it silently.

As they’re eating, I quietly left to go upstairs to Kurt’s room. In the list of rules James gave me, I’m supposed to change his bedsheets and blankets now. I walk into his walk-in closet and take out clean bedsheets and blankets. I remove the old ones and put the clean ones on.

I carry the dirty bedsheets and blankets with one hand and his dirty plates from last night with the other hand. Then I head down. James sees me struggling with the things, so he rushes over and help me with the bed sheets and blankets.

Kurt just stands by the dinning table, looking at us. His eyes following James every move. We drop them in the kitchen and head back to the dinning.

“So…. Hazel you’ve done well so far. How about I take you out for lunch and teach you more?” James suggest.

I open my mouth to reply but Kurt beats me to it.

“Where are you taking her?” He ask James.

James’s POV

” Where are you taking her?” Kurt ask me.

“It’s none of your business” I reply.

I know Kurt, he’s trying to deny the fact that he likes Hazel . But as his best friend, I’m not gonna let him. I’ll provoke him to accept his feelings, and judging from what I’m seeing my plan is working.

He’s already getting jealous!!

Hazel’s POV

“It’s my business when she’s employee” Kurt said.

” Well, she’s just your employee and nothing more, right? So I have every right to ask her out for lunch”

” You can’t! ” Kurt said.

” I can and I will” James said.

Hellooo? I’m right here.

James turned to me and goes down on his knees, he takes my hand and place a kiss on it.

“Oh, my sweet Lady. Would you please have lunch with me this afternoon?” He asked me in a very funny British accent.

I giggled at his childish behavior and failed British accent.

“Oh my kind sir….” I begin in my own British accent, but Kurt marches towards us angrily.

He takes my hand from James and wipes the place James kiss.

“Sorry, James. She’ll be so busy and won’t have the time to have lunch with you” Kurt said.

I frown.

” Sir, I don’t have any chores later in the afternoon” I said.

“Yes, you do. You bring my lunch to my office” he said.

I turn to James, and mouths to him that bringing in his lunch wasn’t on the list. James just smile and wink at me.

I guess I can’t argue or I might lose my job.

“But sir, I don’t know where your office is”

He opens his palm in front of me.

“Give me your phone” he said.

I gave it to him. He begin to type on it. After typing he gives it back to me, I see his number on it, saved Kurt Egan.

“That’s my number, call me when the lunch is ready” he turns to James. “Let’s go” then he heads out.

James gives me thumbs up and rushes after Kurt.

Okay…. What just happened?

Anyway, I carry on with my morning chores

By the time I’m done with my morning chores, it’s already 11:50am. I grunt, I guess I won’t get any rest before I prepare Kurt’s lunch.

That Kurt guy deserve some spanking.

I get on with Kurt’s lunch, halfway through my phone beep. I pick it up from the counter and see it’s Tyler calling me. I press the answer button and bring the phone closer to my ear.

Me:- hey Ty, what’s up?

Tyler:- hey, Hazel. I was hoping you are free so that we can have that lunch we talked about last time.

Me:- Oh.

I think I can use some time away from this house, also I need a tour around LA. And Tyler can make an excellent tour guide.

Me:- ok, sure.

Tyler:- perfect. I’ll pick you up, send me your address.

Me:- sure!.

I hang up and text Tyler the address of this house.

I pack up the food in a flask and head to my room to take a bath. After bathing I changed into a blue crop top and a black jeans bumshort. I wear my sneakers and head out.

I didn’t wait long, before a car, a range rover sports stops in front of me. The door open and Tyler steps out.

“Woah! I didn’t take you to be a rich guy” I said.

“I try not to brag. Anyway, where are we going?” He asks.

” Well, first of, I don’t know anywhere here in LA. Second, I’m gonna drop this at my boss’s office first” I told him.

” Alright, I know the perfect spot to take you. Hop in let’s drop your boss’s lunch first” he leads me to the passenger side and open the door.

Hmmm. He’s such a gentleman, unlike that cold Kurt.
I enter and he close the door, he round the car and sits on the driver’s seat.

“I’mma have to call my boss to ask for direction” I told him.

” No problem”

I dialed Kurt’s number, he pick on the first ring. It’s almost as if he was waiting for the call.

“Hazel” he said.

I roll my eyes. He have a funny way of answering calls.

“Your lunch is ready, I need directions to your office, sir”

He stays silent for a moment.

“Tell the cab driver to bring to Egan’s enterprises Inc” he said.

” Yes, sir” I end the call and turn to Tyler.

“Please take me to Egan’s enterprises Inc”

” Alright” he starts the car and begin to drive. “So, Kurt Egan is your boss?”

“Yeah. Any problem?” I asked.

He hesitate a little.

” No” he answered.


The drive from the mansion to Egan’s enterprises was a short but silent one. Tyler didn’t say anything after learning that Kurt Egan is my boss.

Maybe Kurt has hurt his family too, but I guess he doesn’t want to talk about it. So I didn’t bother asking.

He parked his car in the parking lot, he step out and open my door for me. I step out and tells him a thank you.

“Are you coming inside with me?” I asked.

” No. I’ll wait for outside” he said with a frown.

” Oh, ok. I’ll be fast” I said and head inside the building.

I walk straight to the receptionist.

” Good afternoon” I greeted her.

She raise her head and flashes me a welcoming smile.

“Good afternoon. How may I be of service?” She asks.

” I’m Hazel Greene, and I’m here to drop Mr Kurt Egan’s lunch” I said.

“Ok, just wait a minute let me call him to confirm” she said.

” There will be no need for that. I can give it to you so that you can take it to him yourself, I have somewhere to be right now” I told her.

” I’m sorry ma’am, I can’t do that” she said.

” Pleaseeeee, help a sister” I said and give her my best puppy eyes.

She breaks into a smile.


“Thank you so much” I put the flask on her desk and turn to leave.

Suddenly, I hear a voice, well Kurt’s voice to be precised, on the speaker.

“I want Hazel Greene in my office right now!” His voice boomed in the speaker and all the workers begin to look around, looking for Hazel Greene, I guess.

But how did he know I’m here? How can he see me?.

The receptionist taps my shoulder and I turn to her.

“Mr Egan wants to see you, I advise you better go to his office now. You don’t wanna get on his bad side” she said.

Well, you don’t need to tell me. I’ve experienced his bad temper first class.

“Where’s his office?” I asked her.

“59th floor. You can take the elevator or do you prefer the stairs?” She tease.

” I’m good with the elevator, thanks” I said.

I head to the elevator, I enter and press the 59th floor button. The elevator ride took forever, finally I arrived at the floor. I step out of the elevator and met with a long passage, I follow it and arrived in front of a big oak door.

Kurt Egan! Boldly written on the frame.

His office is the only one in this floor. I knock on the door and hear a faint come in.

I open the door and step in. My mouth hung open at the sight, it’s marvelous. I look around in awe.

“Are you just gonna stand there or you are gonna come in?” I hear Kurt’s voice ask.

I wake up from my Dreamland and walk in. I look at Kurt sitting on his big swivel chair, he looks even more intimidating sitting on it.

I raise the flask up and plastered a very wide fake smile on my face.

“I brought your lunch, sir” I said.

“Put it on the table” he said.

I put it on the table and turn to leave, but his voice stop me from moving an inch.

“And where are you going?”

“I’m going back to the mansion” I answered.

He pause and studies me for a moment.

“Really?” I nod my head. “Then who is that guy waiting for you outside?”

To Be Continued..

Episode 7

Kurt’s POV

I keep glancing at my phone, waiting for Hazel’s call. I don’t know why I’m getting excited and impatiently waiting for her call. It’s almost twelve and she still hasn’t call me.

Suddenly My phone start ringing, I guess it’s Hazel.

She asks about directions and I gave her.

I stand up and walk towards the window in my office. I look at people walking up and down the road. Then I got tired of watching, I walk back to my chair and turn on the CCTV camera in my office.

That’s when I see Hazel coming out of a range rover sports, a man stands next to her, smiling as she speaks. An unknown feeling rushes over me, the feeling is pushing me to go over there and punch that punk.

I don’t understand this feeling, I didn’t also like this morning when James was being all touchy with her.

What is this feeling?

I watch her enter the building, talk to the receptionist and turns back to leave. I press the general intercom and said.

“I want Hazel Greene in my office now!”

She talks with the receptionist a little more and head towards the elevator. After some time, I hear a knock on my door and I know it’s her.

I tell her to come in. She opens the door and enter. She stands at the door admiring my office.

I take in her clothing. I clenched my jaw, how can she wear something like this outside?

Are you just gonna stand there or you’re gonna come in?” I asked her.

She walks in and raise the flask she’s holding.

“I brought your lunch, sir”

“Put it on the table” I told her.

She puts it on the table and turn to leave.

“And where are you going?” I asked.

“I’m going back to the mansion” she said.

My eyes move to the camera and I see that punk waiting impatiently. She thinks she can lie to me, ha. In her dreams, I’ll not let her go anywhere with that jerk.

“Really?” I asked and she nods “Then who’s that guy waiting for you outside?” I asked waiting for her to come up with another lie.

Hazel’s POV

I bite my lower lip, thinking of what to say.

“I asked you a question” he said.

I guess there’s no need to lie, it’ll be better if I just say the truth.

“Actually, I want to have lunch with him” I said.

I see his jaw clenched. He looks at me from head to toe, then shakes his head in disapproval.

” Well, you can’t have lunch with him” he said glaring at my expose stomach.

” Why? I’m free now!” I said.

” You’re not free. I just added a new rule, you must have lunch with me every day” he said.

My mouth hang open. I stare at him in disbelief. Is he for real?

“But sir…”

“No buts. Now come and sit down let’s eat”

I open my mouth and close it again, I really don’t know what to say. Why is working for him so hard?

“Then what about my friend outside?” I asked.

He looks into his laptop and back to me.

“I’ll tell someone to send him back” he said.

“No, no. I’ll tell him myself” I said.

He keeps quiet for a moment and think about it.

“You have only ten minutes”

“Ten minutes?” I asked. Doesn’t he know how slow the elevator ride is?

” Your time starts now!”

I quickly turn and rush out of the office. I made it back to Tyler in no time.

I approach Tyler with a nervous smile, and clear my throat.

“So, are we good to go?” Tyler asked me.

“About that… I think we’ll have to raincheck. I have an unfinished business here”

Tyler sigh and pinch the bridge of his nose. Then he nod.

“Tomorrow then?” He asked.

“I’m not sure, but I’ll call you when I’m free” I said.

“Ok. I’ll be expecting your call”

He enters his car and drives off. I turn back and enter the building. Just when I’m about to step in the elevator, I see James running towards me, making signs for me to hold the elevator door for him.

He enters the elevator with me and press 59th button.

“Hazel, you’re looking good” he said.

“I try” I reply.

“I guess you’re here to drop Kurt’s lunch”

“Yes. Right, do you know about the new rule?” I asked.

He furrows his brows at me.

” What new rule?” He asks back.

“The one that states I must have lunch with Kurt every day”.

He has a confused expression on, but recognition suddenly flash in his face. And he breaks into a grin.

“Yeah. I know about” he said.

Just then we arrive at Kurt’s floor. We step out and walk to Kurt’s office. We were getting close to Kurt’s office, when James wraps his arm around my waist. I look at him feeling confused as to why he suddenly wrap his arm around me.

He just laughs and say, “play along”

James’s POV

I’m so gonna irk Kurt today. I wanna see how long he’s gonna hold up, untill he accept his feelings.

I open the door and we step in, Kurt is going through some files when we step in, so he didn’t see us. Hi Admin on+2348022720459 to be added to Story platform. I clear my throat and he raises his head, his eyes zero on my arm wrapping around Hazel’s waist and his gaze harden.

“James, what are you doing here?” He asked through gritt teeth.

Yes, baby that’s it get angry and claim her quickly.

“I’m your PA and also your best, best most favorite friend in the whole world. Where else do you expect me to be?” I asked.

His eyes move to Hazel’s exposing body parts.

He stands up and remove his jacket, walks up to us and remove my arm from Hazel’s waist, throwing me a killer glare. He puts the jacket around Hazel’s shoulder, and I bit my tongue to stop myself from laughing.

The jacket is actually a dress for Hazel. She’s so short that the jacket could almost reach her knees. Kurt walk back to his chair.

“Kurt, if you wanna eat, you could have called me. Why bother adding a new rule and stop Hazel from going to her date. That guy was such a cute guy” I said.

I saw Hazel telling the guy who drove her here to leave, the guy was somehow heartbroken from what I saw.

I see Hazel from my perherial view, she’s looking at Kurt curiously, probably wondering what his response will be. Honestly, I am too.

“That wasn’t a date! And he wasn’t cute!” Kurt said, gripping his pen tightly, I can already see that Pen’s end.

He is clearly jealous. I don’t know why he still won’t accept his true feelings.

I turn to Hazel, and I couldn’t hold back my laughter so I burst out laughing.

Hazel’s POV

I wonder why James is laughing. I dare not laugh too even if I wanted to, I’m scared of what Kurt would do.

“Oh my gosh! You’re too short, the jacket look funny on you. Come on, take it off” he said.

I look down at it and he’s right. The jacket is a bit too long.

” I’m not short, you’re just too tall” I defend my height dignity.

“Yeah, right. Anyway, take the jacket off or people might laugh at you outside” he said.

I wanted to remove it, when I hear a loud bang on the table. I flinch back, and raise my head to face Kurt.

“If you don’t want people to laugh at you, you wouldn’t have wear that piece of cloth you call clothes!” He turns to James. “And you James, out of my office now!”

James laugh and mocks him, raising his hands in mock surrender.

“Fine, fine. I’m leaving” then he dash off.

Now it’s just me and the vampire, I pray he doesn’t suck my blood. And drain the life out of me.

Kurt’s harsh gaze focus on me, I begin to shift from one foot to the other. Nervously playing with my fingers.

He carries the flask and goes to a sofa in his office. Well he has a small area that looks like a sitting room. He sits on the sofa and gestures for me to come over.

I slowly and nervously walk towards him. He gestures for me to sit down and I did. Then he gives me a spoon, I look at him, confused.

“Let’s eat” he said.

My eyes grow wide. Eat with him? No way!

“No, sir. I’m full” I said.

He narrows his eyes at me.

“Eat!” He commands.

I scoff mentally, can’t he ask me nicely. I just pray I find his secret quickly and leave.

He looks at me, as if waiting for me to start eating. Immediately I start eating, he does too.

After we finish eating, I pack up the flask and stand up.

“Thanks, sir. But I think I should be going back now”

” No” he said.

” No? ”

” No, stay” he said.

What’s wrong with him. Why is he using short words?

“But sir, I have a lot of chores waiting for me”

“I said, stay. We’ll go home together” he said and walks to his chair.

He sits down and begin to type on his laptop…

“Then what am I supposed to be doing here?” I asked.

He pause and raise his head to look at me. He smirk and points towards my pocket.

“Play games on your phone” then he turn back to his laptop.

I sit back on the sofa, I bring out my phone and decide to watch some cat videos, since I don’t have games on my phone.


After watching the videos for three whole hours I become bored. I stand and decides to take a stroll round the building, I’m almost at the door when Kurt’s voice stop me.

“Going somewhere?”

“Nope. Just wanna stroll round the building” I said.

He looks at his watch and pack up his laptop. Then he stands up.

“Let’s go home” he said.

“Are you sure? Cause you still have a lot of work to do”

” Let’s. Go. Home” he said.

” Okay” I said.

I remove his jacket and hands it to me. He glares at me and I look at him confused, what have I done wrong.

“Put the damn jacket on. And next time don’t wear these pieces of cloth you call clothing!!” He said angrily.

Why is he getting angry now? His mood swings are really interesting.

I put on the jacket and I hear him whispers.


I pretend as if I didn’t hear him. I don’t want to provoke him more. He takes my hand and leads me out of the office.

Stepping out of the elevator, we saw James talking with the receptionist, actually flirting with her.

“Woah, boss. Going somewhere?” He asks Kurt.

“I’m heading home” Kurt reply.

James turn to me.

” I know this guy almost killed you with boredom, right” I nod. He smiles. “Then I know just how to save you. How about I take you to a nice place, where you’ll see other cool guys”

Kurt turns to James in a flash at the mention of guys, I think I heard his neck crack.

“Or other cool girls” James quickly say.

“James, we’re going home. I wanna see my office in a good shape tomorrow” Kurt said and without another word, he pulls me along with him.


The ride from his company back to the mansion, was a long, quiet and torturing one.

Finally, we made it to the mansion. I open his car door and step out. Then we head to the main door.

There at the door post, a bouquet of flowers lay on the ground. I pick it up and look at the card to know who the flowers are for. They might be for Kurt, you girls are crazy when it comes to who they love.

But the card has my name on it, I smile when I know the flowers are for me.

“At least someone appreciate my charms for once” I said.

I perceive it and breath in the fresh scent, then I smile in contentment.

Just then my phone starts ringing, I know it’s must be Tyler calling to ask about the flowers.

I get h out my phone and I was right with my guess.

Me:- hey Tyler, how are you doing?

Tyler:- I’m good. Do you like the flowers?

Me:- yes! I love them.

Tyler:- good. Then I know what to do more often. Tomorrow we’ll have dinner, ok?

Me:- yeah, no problem. Dinner sounds great.

Then I hang up, at that instant Kurt takes the flowers from me and throws them out the gate, across the street.

“Hey, does were mine!” I protest but it’s already too late.

“Well, not anymore. After all you don’t need them”

“Who said I don’t need them, they remind me that I at least have an admirer” I said.

“I said you don’t need them, and you already have an admirer!” He said.

A smile grows on my face when he said that, is it who I’m thinking?.

“I have? Who? Is it James?” I asked.

James is handsome and funny, I like him. Kurt growled lowly, and frowns at me.

“Not him!. New rule, don’t accept gifts from others. Especially guys!” He said and walks into the living room.

I follow behind.

“Wait…what? Is that even supposed to be a rule?” I asked.

“I just made it a rule” he look at his watch. “it’s already 4:50pm, just make me salad and bring it to my room” he said and marches upstairs to his room.

God this guy is so damn hard. And does he keeps adding new rules? Who does that?.
I sigh and start on with his salad.


Halfway through, I hear the doorbell rings. I wipe my hand and rush there.

I open the door expecting to see someone, but I saw a lot of rose bouquet outside, Jeff stands next to them. He hands me a card.

“Jeff, what are all this?” I asked.

“A hundred roses bouquets, it contains roses of different colors” he answered.

I jump happily and start to perceive as many as I can, taking in their fresh scent. This so much better than that bouquet of flowers I received earlier.

I guess this is from Tyler too. I check the card, and my mouth falls open.

How could this be? Him?

To Be Continued.


A baby Wasn’t part Of the plan

Episode 8

Hazel’s POV

How is this possible? How can it be him? My smile falters.

Just then the door open and Kurt walks out, his hands tuck in his pocket.

“Do you like them?” He asked.


“The roses, do you like them?” He asked.

“Y-yes” I answered.

He studies my face.

“But you’re not smiling like you did when you receive that bouquet of flowers” he said.

A grin spreads on my face. I can’t believe he would get me a bouquet of roses. I can’t imagine him ordering flowers, he’ll look cute.

“I’m smiling. Thank you, sir” I said.

He frown a little.

“New rule, don’t call me sir” he said.

“Oh, thanks Mr Egan”

” And that too” he said.

” Huh? What am I supposed to call you then?” I asked.

” Kurt”

” What?” I asked.

” Call me by my first name, Kurt!” He said.

” But aren’t you gonna fire me if I call you by your first name?. No you are looking for ways to fire me, right”

He laughs but quickly covers it with a cough.

“No, I’m not gonna fire you and I’m not looking for ways to. Just abide by any rules given by me or there might be….. Punishments!!” his eyes sparkle as he mentioned punishments.

I wonder what his punishments are gonna be like. Wait….I hope his punishments don’t involve torturing people to death.

I shudder at the thought.

But if I find out his punishments methods it can help Miranda, it might be one of his secrets. Yes! I must find out his punishments methods.

“What are you thinking?” He snaps his fingers in my face.

“N-nothing!” I said. “Thanks for the flowers. I like them”

“Come let’s eat. I’m starving” he said and goes back inside.

I head to the kitchen and serve the salad in a plate, and I carried it to his room. Standing by his door, I have a flashback of what happened last time I came into his room without knocking.

I don’t want a repeat of that. I knock on the door, until I hear a come in. I open the door and step in. I see Kurt sitting in a sofa in front of his flat screen TV, he’s watching…. Moana?

I couldn’t help the laugh that escape my mouth.

So the almighty Kurt Egan do watch cartoons. Unbelievable!
He turns around and furrows his brows at me, I shut up immediately. I walk towards him and place the salad on the table in front of him. I turn to leave but he holds my hand.

“Sit with me” he said.


“Don’t argue with me” he said.

I nod and sits at the other edge of the sofa. Kurt smiles and shake his head, then he reaches out and pull me closer to him.

“Are you hungry?” He asked me.

Why is he being sweet to me? Tabloids have it that he destroys lives without second thoughts, so why haven’t he destroy mine?.



“I asked if you’re hungry?” He asks again.

I shake my head.

“I’m not, I’m still full” I said.

Just then my stomach see it as the perfect opportunity to embarrass me, it growls loudly and Kurt smiles, raising his brows at me.

“Ok, maybe I’m a little hungry” I said.

He takes a spoonful of salad and brings it to my mouth.

“No, sir. I can feed myself” I said.

“I know. Just let me, please”

I nod and open my mouth. He puts the salad and I chew it, he watches me with… Pride? Pride if what?.

“Aren’t you gonna eat?” I asked.

“Yes. But after you are full” he said.

He continues to feed me, untill I couldn’t have any. Then he start to eat the leftover.

I watch him eat untill he finishes the salad. I pick the plates, but he stops me.

“Stay with me for a while” he said.

I nod and sits down. We continue to watch cartoons, different cartoons. Which makes me wonder, why does he like cartoons so much? Even his movie collection is weird, only cartoons and kiddies songs.


I think there’s more to Kurt Egan than the eyes meet, I’ll ask James about it tomorrow.

After watching three more cartoon, my eyes start to get heavy. I released a long yawn.

“Are you feeling sleepy?” Kurt ask.

“Yes, sir. I’ll…”

“I told you to stop calling me that” he said sounding annoyed.

“But sir… ”

” Damn it!”

Then he crashes his lips on mine, His lips move against mine. His kiss wasn’t soft at all, it’s aggressive, greedy and demanding. It’s almost like he’s pouring all his emotions into the kiss, the kiss is full of longing.

But longing for what?

I close my eyes and savour the moment, I let him take control of the kiss. I feel his hand go under my crop top, he cups my breast. Then he uses his other hand to carry me on his lap.

He moves from my lip to my neck, sucking on it greedily. I couldn’t help the moan that left my mouth.


He continues his attack on my neck, untill he hits my soft spot and I gasp for air. I choke on my moan.


His hand move to unclip my bra. That’s when I come to my senses, I made a mistake once, now I’m about to make it happen again. No I can’t, I shouldn’t.

I’m on a mission, I’m here to help my best friend not seek pleasure. I hold his hand and stand up from his lap quickly.

“I’m s-sorry” I said.

He furrows his brows.

“What happened? Was I too fast?” He asks.

I shake my head, tears forming up in my eyes.

“I can’t, so sorry” then I run out of his room.

I run straight to my room and lock the door against me. I fall on the ground and begin to cry.

What is wrong with me?. Why is my body craving for his touch? When I first had sex with him, I didn’t know he was the Kurt Egan. But now that I know who he is, I can’t bear to do this with him.

Thinking about the lives I’m helping Miranda take revenge for, I begin feeling guilty. I can’t be selfish, I will keep my distance and uncover his secrets as fast as I could.

Kurt’s POV

I honestly don’t know why I kissed Hazel. I was surprised at my action, I don’t understand myself anymore.

I know I like her, I can’t be with her. But why is it that I don’t like it when she talk to other guys? And why do I always want to have her around me?. I can’t be with her, I don’t do relationships. If I be with her I might hurt her.

But I really want her…. I’m so confused. I don’t know what to do. Should I just give in to this feelings? Everyone that is close to me always leave me behind, except James, what if she leaves me too?

I close my eyes and rest my head back on the sofa.

I’ll just give in let me see how far I can go. But I must protect my past, or she might leave if she finds out about it. I glance at the clock, it’s 9:00pm.

I guess it’s time for bed. I climb into my bed and close my eyes.

Hazel’s POV

I woke up to a loud bang and thud, I sit on my bed and hear Kurt’s voice screaming. Then it clicked in my head, I forgot to give him his meds!

How careless of me.

I quickly jump down from my bed and run to his room, I push the door open and enter without knocking.

I see Kurt kicking and banging his head on the headboard of his bed.

“No dad! I’m sorry, it’s my fault! Dad please!” He is chanting.

He is having a nightmare! And from what I’m seeing, this nightmare is what happened to him.

“Mom stay! Don’t go! Mom wake up! Wake up, I promise to be good! Mom! Dad, Mom, dad… Dad!” He continues shouting.

What should I do?

I climb into his bed and cradled him to my chest, gently patting his back. He grip my hand as if his life depended on it.

“Tiffany, Tiffany wake up! Mom, Tiffany. Mom!”

What can I do to help him wake up?

Now I know why he needs those meds every night, it’s because of his nightmares. I shake him to wake up, and whisper his name in his ear but he didn’t wake up.

How can I help him wake up?.

After much thought, I put my lips on his, and begin to move against his lip slowly. Soon he stops shouting and he slowly open his eyes.

He looks at me surprise, I guess he’s wondering what I’m doing in his room at this hour.

“I.. I.. you were having a nightmare. I’m sorry” I said.

I stand up to leave, but he quickly pull me back. He rest his head on my chest, my face warm up, because his head is resting on my breasts. But I quickly shake that thought from my head.

“Please stay with me. I need you” he said in a broken voice.

He sounds so vulnerable. His whole body is shaking as if he just saw the most scariest thing ever.

“Don’t go please. Stay by my side tonight?” He asks.

” Ok”

” You’ll sleep on this bed, by my side?”

“Yes, I will” I said.

I feel him smile.

I can’t just leave him alone, I think whatever he saw in that nightmare is what happened to him. Maybe this has something to do with his cold nature.

I must find out what it is…..

To Be Continued


A baby Wasn’t part Of the plan

Episode 9

Hazel’s POV

I wake up badly wanting to use the bathroom. I tried to get up, but I feel something pulling me back. I look down and see Kurt’s arm wrapped around my waist, his head still laying on my chest. I look around and noticed I’m still in his room.

I must have fall asleep last night and forgot to go back to my room.

I look at the small alarm clock on the nightstand next to Kurt’s bed, it’s 4:49am.

Shoot! My eyes grows wide. I’m so gonna get fired, why did I oversleep?.

I gently removed Kurt’s arm and rush downstairs, towards the kitchen. I forget about using the bathroom.

What can I cook to meet up the time?
After much thought, I decided to make buttermilk pancakes.

When I’m done, I set it on the table and head upstairs to wake Kurt up. I knock on the door and wait for him to answer. After some minutes, he opens his door, he’s already taken his bath, but not yet dressed for work. He’s just wearing a white T-shirt and his sweatpants.

“Breakfast is ready, sir”

He raised his brows at me with a frown, then I realized my mistake.

“Kurt! I mean, Kurt” I said.

“Good” he said and step out. “let’s go”

We head downstairs. Just when I’m about to serve the pancakes, James waltzes in.

He smiles when he sees me and whistles, accessing my nightie.

“Forget about the food, darling you look yummy!!” James said and lick his lip.

Kurt turn his head to my direction, his gaze harden when he sees my nightie.

My nightie is a short, red, see through, tight gown. It barely covers my butts, but I’m wearing a small, red tight underneath. With the two of them looking at me, I become aware of how inappropriate my nightie actually is.

Kurt stands up and smack James on his head.

“Ouch! What was that for?” James cries dramatically and rubs his head.

James is so childish sometimes, I couldn’t help the giggle that escape my mouth. Kurt flash me a harsh glare and I shut my mouth instantly.

“Go and change, Hazel!” He commands.

Well, you don’t have to tell me twice. I quickly run upstairs to change.

🌳 Kurt’s POV 🌳

I wait until Hazel is out of sight, then I turned to James and glare at him. I sit back in my chair and put my arms across my chest.

“James, can you stop flirting with hazel?”

He sits on the chair next to me, he smirk.

“And why should I?” He asks me looking at me expectantly, like he is waiting for me to say something he wants to hear.

I know James can see through me, he isn’t my best friend for nothing. Infact, we are no longer friends, we are brothers. So he knows what I’m thinking even without saying, but that bastard wants me to say.

I look at him with narrowed eyes.

“You want me to say it, right?” I asked.

“Bingo, Kurt Egan is the winner!” He exclaims with a smug Expression.

I clear my throat, and swallow nervously.

“I.. I.. I think…” I pause and look at him, he raises his eyebrows urging me to continue. “I think I’m in love with her”

“Oh my fucking dick!” He exclaims and jump up from his chair. “I knew it!” He sits back down. “So, are you gonna tell her?”

“Tell her what?” I asked.

He lowers his voice.

“About your past” he said.

I shake my head.


“But if you two become a couple, you’ll have to tell her sooner or later”

“It’ll be later. I need to be sure that she won’t leave me when she knows about it, I can’t afford to lose her. I need to make sure she can handle the truth about me” I said.

James thinks about it for some minutes, then he nods in agreement.

“So when are you gonna ask her out?” He asks.

“Do I need to rush in that?” I asked.

He opens his mouth and look at me in disbelief.

” Kurt, you need to rush the process. What if some other guy ask her out?. And let me remind you, Hazel is the finest of God’s creations” he pause and look behind if Hazel is coming.

When he’s sure she is not, he continues.

“She’s got all the curves in the right place, she’s got nice short legs, big ass, full breas…. ” I smack the back of his head.

” I said stop checking her out!” I growled at him.

I don’t like when guys check out Hazel. I’m selfish, I know.

“All I’m saying is that if I can see how sexy… I mean, how beautiful she is, then other guys can too. So don’t waste anymore time” he said.

He’s right though. And I’m the kind of person who takes what he wants, and Hazel is who I want.

“If I ask her out on dinner tonight, wouldn’t it be too forward of me?”

“No! Even the Bible says for the kingdom of God suffers violence and the vi… ”

” Okay, I get it James” I interupts him.

” Good, after breakfast I’ll wait for you in the car while you ask her. Don’t screw this up” he said.

I frown.

” Am I still your boss?”

He laughs nervously.

“Don’t temper with my paycheck, Kurt!” He said.

“It’s a good thing we still know our places”

“You are no fun” he said an huff, he cross his arms across his chest and starts to sulk.

I laugh at his childish behavior. This is just how our relationship work.

James’s POV

Finally my job is done, this dumb head has finally accept his feelings.

Hmm, I think I should be a matchmaker.

πŸ’ Hazel’s POV πŸ’

I changed into a tank top and my cute Dora the explorer sweatpants. I observe myself in front of my mirror and smiled satisfactory.

This will do for now.

I’m about to head out when my phone begin to ring. It’s Tyler calling.

Me:- Tyler! Good morning.

Tyler:- Good morning, Sunshine. I was hoping we could have dinner tonight? Please don’t say no, I really wanna get to know you better.

Our plan of having lunch was cancelled yesterday, so having dinner with him today can make up for it. After all, I also want to know him more.

Me:- Alright. Cool.

Tyler:- Yes! Be ready by 7pm. I’ll pick you up.

Me:- No problem.

I hang up and head downstairs. When I get there, they’ve already finish their pancakes. How long was I in there?

Kurt access my clothing and nod approvingly.

“Much better” Kurt said.

I turn to James, he’s looking at something on his phone.

“James, what do you think. Do you prefer this to my red nightie?”

Before James could answer, Kurt growled.

” You don’t need his opinion!” He said.

Hmm. What is wrong with him? Weirdo.

James stands up and whisper something into Kurt’s ear. Then he turn to me and send me a wink, then he hurrys out.

Kurt stands up and head upstairs to get dressed for work. I pack the plates and take them back to the kitchen. I begin to wash them, after washing and drying them. I turn to go to the living room, when my face meets with a hard wall.

No, sorry. It was Kurt’s chest.

“Ouch, Kurt. You almost broke my nose with your hard chest” I blunt out before I could stop myself.

” Sorry. But I wanna tell you something” he said.

“What?” I asked.

I see his neck and ears turn red, he scratched the back of his neck nervously.

This is the first time I’m seeing Kurt Egan getting nervous like this. Now I’m curious about what he wants to say.

“You..I..” he paused. “Can you have dinner with me, tonight?”

What? Oh no!
This can’t be happening now.

I open my mouth to say something, but he interupts me.

“You don’t have to answer me now, I’ll give you from now till 6O’clock to make up your mind” he said. “Please take care of yourself till then”

Without another word he left.

Kurt Egan is asking me to have dinner with him? This is huge! But I already agree to Tyler’s request, oh no.

What should I do now?

To be continued..:

A baby Wasn’t part Of the plan


Episode 10

Hazel’s POV

I sit the living and decide to call Miranda and ask of her opinion.
Cause, I’m honestly confused. I’ve already agreed to have dinner with Tyler, now Kurt is asking me out too.

I dialed Miranda’s number and wait for her to pick up.

“Hi, Hazel!. Finally you called me, I thought he might killed you. Phew! Thank God you are alive” she blabs.

I chuckled. Best friends are crazy, right?.

“So what did you find?” She asks me.

“I haven’t find anything yet, I only know that he doesn’t go to bed without his meds. And he gets nightmares, very frightening ones” I told her.

“Good, that’s a start. I need you to get closer to him, maybe you’ll find out more” she paused. “But how can we get you closer to him?”.

“I don’t know. Anyway let’s forget about that for now, I want your opinion on something”

“What’s that?” She asked.

I clear my throat.

“I have two dinner invitations. One is from a friend I made here, and the other is from Kurt Egan. I don’t kn…. ”

” Wait!” She interupts me. “Did you just say Kurt Egan?” She asks.

I nod, then I remember that she can’t see me.

” Yes” I said.

” You have to go with Kurt!”

” Why?”

” What do you mean why? It’s the perfect opportunity for you to get closer to him, it’ll make it much easier to find out his secrets!” She explained.

Thinking about it, I think what she suggests actually make much sense. If I want to know what his secrets are, then I need to become friends with him.

Why didn’t I think of this before? Hm. Maybe because I’m too dumb. Whatever!.

“Ok. Thank you, Miranda”

“No, thank you. You are the one risking your life for me, you are the one trying to save my career. So thank you” she said.

I smile. I’m just happy knowing I’ll be saving lives by doing this.

“I’ll talk to you later” I said and hang up.

I think about Tyler. This is the third time he’s asking me out, but I keep denying him, I can’t continue to do that all the time.

Maybe I should call him and reschedule our dinner, maybe change it to lunch, so that I can have lunch with him instead.

I dialed Tyler’s number. He picks up on the first ring.

Tyler:- Hazel, what’s up?.

Me:- erm, Tyler, I was hoping we could do lunch instead. I’ll be kinda busy later in the evening.

Tyler:- no problem. I’m totally fine with that.

Me:- Good. I’ll get ready before 12pm, be sure to pick me up in time. I don’t like being kept waiting.

Tyler:- You don’t have to worry. I’ll be there by 11.

Me:- see you later.

Tyler:- Yeah. And dress sexy.

I hang up. I look at the wall clock, it’s just 9:12am. I still have some time to sleep.

I head upstairs to my room, I set my alarm for 11:50am. At least, two hours sleep is enough. I fall on my bed with a soft thud, and close my eyes to sleep.

Kurt’s POV

I’m in my office looking through my laptop, looking at dresses. James and I sit on a sofa in the sitting area in my office.

James is busy scheduling appointments with our investors, while I busy myself finding a dress. Which I still haven’t found the perfect one.

“Kurt, you know you don’t have to order a dress for her. She can wear her old dress” James said.

“I have to. I want my woman to stand out, and besides, I don’t like those pieces of cloth she wears. They barely covers her body” I reply.

“You know, it’s not bad if she shows a little skin”

“It is!. I’m supposed to be the only one who’s permitted to see her skin”

Just then I saw the perfect dress, it’s a red gown. Though, it’s plain and simple, but it’s elegant. It makes me think of her nightie, seeing her in it this morning was torture to me.

This dress will look good on her. I show it to James.

“Look. This is the one” I said.

“Yeah, I can already picture her in it”

“Don’t!” I scold him. “Stop picturing her in your head”

“Yes, boss” he said.

“Good. Now order for this gown, it should be delivered to the mansion” I told him.

” Ok… ” Then he start to type on his laptop.

A smile appears in my face, as I picture Hazel in the red dress. She look perfect in my imagination.

Hazel’s POV

The sound of my alarm clock blaring angrily, wake me up from my sweet nap. I didn’t bother checking time, I quickly dash into my bathroom.

After taking my bath, I wrap my Dora the explorer towel around my chest. You know, I’m obsessed with Dora the explorer. I enter my closet and take out my white, off shoulder jumpsuit, and put it on. I take out my white sneakers and puts it on.

I love sneakers, cause as the name implies I can easily sneak up on people.

I apply a little lipgloss on my lips, and a little mascara to my eyelashe Then comb my hair, and leave it to fall back on my shoulders. I need to look good, who knows, I might caught someone’s eyes out there.

As soon as I’m done getting ready, my phone beeped. It’s a text from Tyler.

Tyler:- I’m at your gate, Sunshine. Looking forward to seeing ya.

I smile at the text. I grab my purse and head out.

I met Jeff outside, he’s trimming the flowers.

“Hey, Jeff. I’ll be out for a few” I told him.

“No problem. Ya looking good” he said.

“Thanks. I’ll be back soon”

“You take your time, enjoy” he winks at me.

I smile and wave bye at him, then I head towards the gate. I step out of the compound and see Tyler standing next to his car, patiently waiting for me.

“Wow! You look dazzling!” He said.

“Thanks. You don’t look bad yourself” I reply.

He spread his arms and I went in for a brief hug, then he kiss me on the cheeks. He opens the door for me.

“My lady!” He did a funny now and gestures his hand for me to enter.

” Thank you, my kind sir” I enter the car and he close the door.

He went round and enter the driver’s seat.

“So, where are we going, Tyler?” I asked.

“We are going to one of the best spots in LA!”

“Sweeeeet! Let’s go” I said excited.

He starts the car and drove off.


After driving for a few minutes, we arrive at a fancy restaurant.

*Golden Hour* boldly written on the gate.

Tyler drives in and park in the parking lot. He opens the door for me and I step out.

We enter the restaurant, Tyler leads me to a table close to a window. This restaurant is really fancy, thank God I’m dressed like this, or I’d totally be different and be the weirdo here.

“Tyler, this place is lite. I can never afford a bottle of water here, it’s a good thing I came with you. You have to pay for me today, then another day, I’ll take you to a restaurant I can afford and pay you back” I blab.

Tyler laughs.

” Does this mean we are doing this again?” He asked.

“Hmmm, maybe” I said.

“I’ll be looking forward to it” he reply.

He wave his hand and a waiter comes over.

“Welcome to Golden Hour sir, ma’am. How can we serve you today?” The waiter asked.

” We’ll like to have your best wine and my favorite dish” Tyler tells him.

” Alright sir, I’ll be back in a few minutes” then he left.

I guess Tyler do come here often.

This place isn’t name Golden Hour for nothing, it really implies its name. Tyler and I waited for more than twenty minutes, before the waiter finally showed up with our order.

He placed the wine in front of us, and set the dish in front of us. The food is placed in a big bowl and two pairs of chop sticks place next to it.

I look at Tyler questioningly.

“This is a Chinese dish. It’s called hot pot” he explained.

I nod in understanding. Tyler looks at my chop sticks and back to me.

“You do know how to use chop sticks, right?”

“Yeah I do” I reply.

Luckily for me, Miranda and I learned how to use this in high school. Now, I don’t have to embarrass myself.

“So, let’s dig in” he said.

Then we start to eat. I close my eyes to savour the taste of this hot pot, it’s sooo good.

Within the twinkling of an eye, we’ve finish everything in the bowl. Tyler open the wine and pours it into our glasses. I take a sip from my glass, and put it back on the table.

“I’m so full, Tyler. You might have to carry me out” I said.

“Oh, I’d love that” he replies.

We both laugh.

“So, who is Hazel?” He asked.

I take a deep breath.

“Well, I’m just me. I used to stay in Texas with my best friend, Miranda. And you’re so gonna love her, she’s the best best friend ever. Anyway, I moved here to work and save some money for some necessity” I said.

You know, I can’t possibly tell him that I’m here to uncover Kurt Egan’s secret.

“Hmm, that’s nice. How about you come work for me?” He asks.

“Nah. I’m good with my current job” I said.

We laughed.

” Tyler, it’s your turn. Who are you” I asked.

He clears his throat.

“Well, I’m Tyler Scott. I’m the CEO of Scott and sons. I’m 26, and I live on my own. And most importantly, I am looking for true love” he look in my eyes. “But maybe I’ve found it already” he said.

I smirk at him tryna flirt with me.

” Nice” I said.

Then it was silent for a moment, before I broke the silence.

“I wanna tour this city. Can you be my tour guide?” I asked.

“At your service” he said.

He stands up and offers me his hand. He places some money on the table and we head out.
We left the restaurant and Tyler starts to drive around LA.


We visited the sunset Boulevard, we also visited Griffith observatory and Griffith Park, the Getty center and Santa Monica pier and beach.

After getting enough touring for one day, I decide it’s time to head home. I check the time on my phone, it’s 6:31pm. I didn’t know I have spent this so much time, you know what they say, time fly by when you’re having fun.

Right now, we’re outside Kurt’s mansion gate.

“Tyler, I have a lot of fun today. Thanks for taking me out” I said.

“No need to thank me. I’ve been longing to take you out, maybe we can do this more often?”

” Yeah. You are going to be my best friend here in LA” I told him.

He stop smiling and look at me, his eyebrows furrowed.

“Best friend?”

“Yeah! Why?”

“I thought we could be more than that” he said, his demeanor change into a sad one.

I laugh.

” Let’s not rush into anything for now, buddy” I said.

“No problem, I can wait” he said.

I turn to him, he winks at me.
I shake my head.

“Anyway, I have lots of work to do, I’ll call you later” I said.

I can’t let him know I’m having dinner with Kurt, right?.

“Okay. I’ll wait to hear your voice later” he said.

I open the door and step out, I wave him good bye untill his car is out of sight.

I hurried inside the compound and head towards the main door. I can quickly get ready before Kurt gets back from the office.

I step into the living room and head upstairs, but a voice stops me.

“Did you have fun?” Kurt?.

I turn around slowly, like how it’s done in the movies. Lol.

I see Kurt standing with his hands tucked in his pockets, he’s glaring daggers at me, well my bare shoulder to be precise. Jeff is standing next to him, shaking in fear.

Jeff is holding a small box in his hands. Hmm. I wonder what’s inside the box.

I laugh nervously.

“Kurt you’re home early” I say.

He narrows his eyes.

“Where are you coming from?” He asked.

Uh-oh. I’m not sure he’s gonna let this go.

To Be Continued


A baby Wasn’t part Of the plan

Episode 11

Kurt’s POV

I’m so eager to see how Hazel will look in the dress I bought for her. That’s why I’m in my car driving home, even though it’s not yet time for me to leave the office.

I drive into my compound and park my Lamborghini in my garage. I open the door and step out.

I head towards the main door. Just when I step in the porch, I saw a familiar small box, laying by the doorstep. I carry it and see Hazel’s name written on it, which means this is the dress I ordered. But why is it laying out here?.

I take it inside and put it on the table in the living room. Then I head upstairs to Hazel’s room.

“Hazel?” I knock on her door. But I was met with silence.

“Hazel?” I called again. Still no response.

I turn the knob, but the door is locked. Where could she be?. I head to the kitchen, to check if she’s in there. But the kitchen is empty.

I went back to the living room, I press the security intercom.

“Jeff, come inside”.

I sit on a sofa waiting for him. The door open and Jeff walks in.

“Why’s this box laying outside?” I asked.

He carries the box, and smile nervously.

“A delivery guy brought it in. It’s for Miss Greene, sir”

” Then where is she?” I asked.

He keeps quiet, shifting foots and avoiding my eyes.

” I asked you a question, Jeff”

“S-she went out”

“Oh? Did she say where she is going?” I asked.

” No”

” She left alone?”

” No. She went with a guy”

A guy? What guy could that be? Maybe it’s that guy from last time. Now I know why James told me to rush the process.

Just then the door open and I see Hazel walk in, heading upstairs.

I stand up and tucks my hands in my pockets.

“Did you have fun?” I asked.

She stops dead on her tracks and turn around. She laughed nervously.

“Kurt, you’re home early” she said.

Yeah, I was home early to see you. I wanted to say.

” Where are you coming from?” I asked.

She hesitate, and bites her lips. My eyes flick to her lips and lingers there for a minute, I should be the one biting those lips.

I shake the thought from my head.

“I went out to have lunch” she said.

My eyes move to her bare shoulders, her tan skin glittering. Then I realized that other guys have been staring at her like I’m doing right now.

“You went out dressed like this?” I asked through gritt teeth.

Right from my childhood everything that I had were taken from me, so I made a vow to myself that I will never let that happen ever again. So I won’t give any guy chance to take Hazel.

Hazel’s POV

“I…. I…” I’m short of words.

I don’t know why I feel guilty every time I do something that Kurt doesn’t approve of. It’s always like I owe him explanations, why?.

He turn to Jeff and takes the box from him.

“Jeff, you can go” he said.

Jeff runs out as if his pants is on fire.

He walks towards me, he stops right in front of me, our chest touching.

He leans down and whisper in my ear.

“I’ll let this slide, but I don’t want to see you hanging out with other men” he said.

Is that it? Is he not gonna yell at me?

He stands straight and look at me waiting for my reply.

I nod my head stiffly.

“And also, no more revealing clothes. I want you to burn all your clothes”

” Why?” I blunt out.

” Because I don’t like them” he said.

“Then what am I gonna wear?”

“Don’t worry I’ll fill your wardrobe” he said.

He hands the box to me.

” So about what I asked you this morning, are you going with me?” He asks.

Miranda words replay in my mind. I have to get close to him and win his trust, before I can know what his secrets are.

“Yes. I’ll” I said.

He smiles.

“Good. I swear you’re not gonna regret this”

Well I hope so.

“Go and get changed into the dress in the box” he said.

My eyes grows wide.

“You bought me a new dress?”

He nod. He hands me a small bag, I open it and saw silver shoes.

“Thanks. Then I’ll go get changed now” I said and head upstairs.

I don’t think I’ll have time to bath, I just wash my face and change into the dress straight away.

I sit on my dresser and apply a little red lipstick on my lips. I make my eyebrows a little darker and apply mascara on my eyelashes. That’s all I know how to do.

I wore the silver pump. Then I look at myself up in the mirror.

I look wow! I could hardly recognize myself. Money is life, no wonder those models are always pretty.

I think it’s time to head downstairs. I’m kinda nervous, I don’t know if Kurt will find me pretty. I head downstairs, as I walk down the stairs, I see Kurt standing at the end of the rails waiting for me.

He’s already dressed in a tuxedo and he look so handsome. His hair is neatly comb and I can perceive his cologne from where I am. My heart starts to beat fast when I saw him.

Why is that?.

Kurt’s POV

She looks like an angel as she walk down the stairs. The dress hug her perfectly, all her curves in display. I think I’ll have a hard time protecting her from those men hungry eyes.

I’m starting to regret picking this dress.

Her smile compliments her beauty, she have that innocent aura around her. She stops in front of me and I take in a deep breath. I bring out the diamond earrings I kept in my pocket.

“Put this on” I told her.

She looks at me with her mouth wide open.

“Is this a real diamond?” She asked.

“Do I look like someone who buys fake?” I tease her.

“No. It’s just this is just a dinner and besides I’m not worth this. I can’t accept it” she said.

She thinks she’s not worth this? Fuck! She’s fucking priceless, why can’t she say something nice about herself?.

“You’re worth more than that” I told her.


“No buts” I interrupt her. I help her put the earrings on. “You’re priceless!”

I take a step back to look at her.

“Perfect” I said.

“Thanks” she thank me.

I just wave it off as nothing.

“Are you ready?” I asked her offering her my arm.

“Ready!” She said.

She takes my arm and we head out. I plan to tell her how I feel about her tonight.

Is that too forward of me?

To Be Continued.

A baby Wasn’t part Of the plan


Episode 12

Hazel’s POV

Kurt keeps driving untill he arrives at a… Carnival?. I love carnivals but I thought he’d take me to a fancy restaurant, I prefer this to those restaurants.

“Kurt, why didn’t you tell me you are bringing me to a carnival?”

“Y-you don’t like it?” He asks.

“No. I love it!” I exclaims and happily gives him a side hug.

I open the door and jump out of the car. Kurt steps out too and quickly comes to my side.

“Thank God you like it. I was worried you curse me for bringing you here”

I look at him as if he’s grown two heads.

“So Mr Egan, what should we do first?” I asked.

“I don’t know, I’ve never been to carnivals before” he said.

” Really?” I asked.

He nod.

” Not even when you were a kid?”

He nod again.

“Why? Kids love carnivals!” I said.

“That’s if their parents could afford it” he said, his tone sad.

“Don’t Tell me your parents are the world’s most poorest people, that they can’t even afford to take their kid to a carnival” I said expecting him to say something.

But Kurt didn’t say anything, he’s just looking at some kids playing on a swing. His expression sad and full of pain.

Just what exactly happened to this guy?

Well I’ll know that soon, since we are getting closer. I grab his hand and points at the ferris wheel.

“How about we ride on the ferris wheel?”

He looks at it and his eyes grows wide.

” That?” He asked. I nod smiling. “No. That is too high, what if we get stuck?” He said in a shaky voice.
Hmm. So the fearless Kurt Egan is not as fierce as people think he is. Now that I know he’s scared of heights, I’m so gonna torture him.

I pull him towards the ferris wheel.

“Come on, we’re not gonna get stuck” I said.

He didn’t say anything more, he just follow me silently. I can feel him staring at me as we go.

When get to the wheel, he stops and turn me to face him.

“I’m not going on that thing” he said. Then he points to a merry go round. “Why don’t we ride on that one instead”

I huff.

“That one is too childish. Please let go on the ferris wheel, pretty please with a cherry on top!” I said and give him my best puppy eyes, I pout.

He looks at me, then back to the ferris wheel. He sighs.

“You have to promise me, that you’ll say yes to whatever request I’ll make tonight. Then, only then, will I go on that thing with you” he said.

I think about it for a while, then I nod in agreement. His request can’t be that hard to offer. He leans forward and place a kiss on my forehead, I look at him in shock.

Why did he just decide to kiss me randomly? What a weirdo.

We got in the ferris wheel, and it starts to move. Kurt grip my arm very tight, I begin to laugh at him. Sometimes I’ll threaten him by putting half of my body out, he’ll pull me back quickly.

The wheel continues moving until it stuck. Kurt look down and turn to me with his eyes widened in fear.

“Don’t look down, Hazel” he said.

“Why?” I asked and look down. Kurt pulls me back almost immediately.

“I told you we’d get stuck” he said.

His breathing became rough, he’s breathing heavily and rapidly. He is having a panic attack.

Oh God! This is not good.

“Kurt look at me! Look at me! We’re fine, nothing is gonna happen”

“Tiffany! Ti…. Tiffany… ” He chants.

I think this just triggered something in his past. I shouldn’t have forced him to ride on the wheel.

“No! No! Get down! Tiffany!” He continues to chant.

I need to keep him calm until this thing start moving again.
I crash my lips on his, I begin to move my lips against his, rubbing his back as I kiss him. Slowly he start to calm down.

Fortunately, the wheel start moving again. I break the kiss, Kurt look at me with…. Pride?.

Finally we got out of the wheel.

“Thanks, Hazel for keeping me calm” he said.

“No don’t thank me. It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have forced you to ride on the wheel” I said.

I didn’t know it’s related to his past.

” Don’t blame yourself. I want to forget, and I need you to forget”

What does he mean?.

I take in a long, deep breath. Maybe I should just ask him straight, he might tell me if I ask.

“Kurt, what happened to you? Why do you always have nightmares if you skip taking your meds?”

I know I’m crossing a line here, but I just can’t keep it in anymore. I need to know.

He sighs.

“If you wanna know what happened to me, then you have to be mine” he said.

” Huh? Be yours?”

” Yes”. He paused then continue. “Honestly Hazel, I’ve always love you from the start. I thought if I continue to be cold towards you, then I can bury what I’m feeling. But the more I tried to be cold, the stronger my feelings become” he said.

” Kurt…. ”

” Let me finish. Do you know why I don’t let anyone get close to me?” I shake my head. “Because I’m scared that they’ll leave me at the end of the day. That’s why I didn’t want to get closer to you, but I can’t hold back anymore. I can’t let my fears get in the way of my future, and I think you’re my future. Hazel, please be Mine”

I just stare at him speechless. He’s pouring his heart out to me, but I’m not here to do relationship with him.

“I can’t promise you the whole world, Hazel. But I swear that my love for you is true, I’ve never felt this way before. Never. You’re the one making me feel this way, so please be Mine”

Him confessing to me just made me realize that I have also always love him from the very start, from the night I gave my v-card to him. But I thought I’d never see him again, I didn’t expect he’d be my boss.

I have also begin denying my feelings, Everytime I kiss him, I feel like I shouldn’t stop. But when I think of how many lives he’s destroyed, I can’t help but conceal my feelings.

Loving him would be a Betrayal to those innocent lives, he’s a bad man. I just need to say yes, so that I can know his secrets and leave.

Yes, I’m doing this for those poor lives.

“Hazel, please say yes. I promise I’ll treat you right” he said.

I close my eyes. Okay… Here we go, I’m doing this for good reasons.


“Please, Hazel I… Wait you said yes?” He asks.

I nod.

“Yes, but you have to open up to me. You have to trust me” I said.

“I’ll open up to you, but I’ll do it bit by bit”

I think about it for a moment, it’s a fair deal. Then I nod, he leans forward and crashes his lips on mine. Though the kiss is brief, but I got his message.

I’m tired and I need to go home right now, going on two dates in one day is kinda stressful.
“Kurt, can we go home now?” I asked. I yawn sleepily.

“Are you tired?”

I nod. He grabs my hand and leads me back to his car. He opens the door for me and I enter. He rounds the car and enter the driver’s seat, he turns to me with a smile.

Smiling suits him a lot, it makes him look younger.

“Kurt, who’s Tiffany?” I asked.

His grip on the steering wheel tighten, his knuckles turned white and his gaze harden.

Uh-oh. I guess I shouldn’t have ask him that question.

“I’m sorry, you don’t have answer. It’s just you always chant that name in your nightmares or when you’re having panic attacks” I said.

He looks at me and his gaze softens.

“I can tell you about her” he said.

I look at him eagerly.

“Tiffany, she was my little sister. She died when she was just 5years old” he said.

” I’m sorry, Kurt”

He laughs but it doesn’t reach his eyes.

“She fell off the ferris wheel. Actually, she was pushed off it, by one of those rich kids. Tiffany always love having fun, I mean kids love having fun, and Tiffany was no different. My parents couldn’t afford taking us to carnivals, and Tiffany wanted to come so badly. She would cry and plead with my parents to take her, but they didn’t. So I worked and saved some money, it was her birthday and I wanted to surprise her with what she’s always dreamed of. So I brought her to a carnival, she was so excited. But unfortunately, I didn’t have enough money, so she could only ride on the wheel. I was down waiting for her, so I don’t know what happened. But I saw my sister falling down from the top of the wheel. I couldn’t catch, nobody could. So she fell down and went unconscious. Luckily, she was alive, but her legs were crippled” he stop and take in deep breaths.

Oh my God! I feel so sorry for Tiffany. Maybe this is the reason he is cold.

“I’m sorry, Kurt” I said.

Then it was silent for a moment, none of us said anything.

“Is that why you are cold and shut everyone out?” I asked.

He shakes his head and clenched his jaw, grinding his teeth against each other.

I can see hatred in his eyes.

“What made me this way is far worse than that” he said. “But I don’t want to talk about it now”

I know I can’t push him further, or he might get suspicious. But at least, I have known half of his story. This can help Miranda for now.

“You don’t have to talk about it. Let’s go home” I said.

“Home!” He whispers, then turn to me. “I like the sound of that” he said and kissed my cheek.

I blush a little. He’s sweet but bad, I can’t love a bad man.

He starts the car and drove off.


After a few minutes drive, we arrive at the mansion. We step out of the car and head in, we head upstairs to our rooms.

I was heading to my room when Kurt stop me.

“Where are you going?”

“To my room” I answered and look at him feeling confused.

” Nah, you’ll sleep in my room tonight” he said.


“Because you’re my girlfriend, or are planning on going back on your word?. Besides, I need you next to me, what if my nightmares come again? How will I wake up?”

Hmm. He is blackmailing me.

” Then remember to take your meds” I said.

” No. It’s you I need not the meds” he said.

Kurt is clingy, I kinda understand why though.

” Fine. I should go get changed first” I said.

“Ok. Wear that red nightie, I like it”

I raise my brows at him.

“I thought you didn’t like it last time I wore it”

“That’s because James was here. I don’t like it when other men drool over you” he said.

I shake my head. This guy is impossible.

” Whatever. I’ll be back in a few” I said.

“I’ll be waiting”

I head to my room. I stripped off my clothes and rush into the bathroom. After taking a cold bath, I wore my nightie, then sit on my bed.

I take out my phone to FaceTime Miranda.

“Howdy girl” she said immediately her face pops up.

“I’m good” I reply.

“So what have you got for me?” She asks.

I tell her about Tiffany. I tell her everything just as Kurt has told me.

“Thanks babe, you’re a godsend. This will help me for now, but please be sure to get him to tell you the other half of the story. My boss is kinda coming down on me” she said.

” I’ll try. I…. ” I’m interrupted by a knock on my door.

That must be Kurt.

“Miranda, I have to go Kurt is here”

“Ok, we’ll talk tomorrow” she said.

I turn off my phone and head to open the door.

I open the door and Kurt stands by the frame. He’s already in his sweatpants and blue t-shirt.

“What kept you so long, Angel?”

“Angel?” I asked.

“Yes. I hear guys calling their girlfriends sweet names, so I decided to call this” he answered, I can see blush creeping up his face.

I laugh.

“You’re so cute” I said.

“I’m not cute, I’m hot and sexy” he said.

“Yeah, right” I mocked him.

” You don’t believe me?”

” I do, Kurt”

He laughs and pull me closer to his chest and peck my lips.

” Come on. I’m feeling sleepy” he said.


We head towards his room.

Now that I’ve agreed to be his girlfriend, I’ll do everything I can to get him to tell me the story about his past.

I’m not doing anything bad, right?

To Be Continued


A baby Wasn’t part Of the plan

Episode 13

Hazel’s POV

I feel someone caressing my hair, I open my eyes and see it’s Kurt. He smiles down at me, then he kisses my forehead.

“Good morning, beautiful” he said.

“Morning” I mumbled.

I glanced at the wall clock, it’s 5:15am. I quickly sit up and gets down from the bed. I’m supposed to make breakfast since 4O’clock, now it’s way past 4.

“What’s the rush?” Kurt ask me.

“I have to prepare breakfast” I said.

He laughs and lean forward, he pulls back onto the bed.

“You don’t have to wake up this early just to make breakfast, and besides today’s Saturday. I don’t go to the office today” he told me.

” I don’t have to wake up early to prepare breakfast?” He shakes his head. “But the rule states that I should make sure breakfast is ready before 5”

He smirked.

“I made that up to give any housekeeper that comes in here a hard time” he replied.

I growled lowly. I clenched my fist and punch him in his chest. Then I realized what I just did, I withdraw my hand instantly.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to….”

“Shhhh” he cuts me off. “You can hit me all you want, I won’t react. Infact, I love when you are being playful with me. So don’t hold back, I’m all yours” he said.

Awwwn. He’s so sweet. I lean in to give him a peck his lips. But Kurt Egan doesn’t settle for pecks, he deepen the kiss and it turns out into a full blown make out.

He pulls me into his lap so that I’m straddling him, then he breaks the kiss. He pulls my nightie over my head, and attack my lips again.

There’s something about his kisses. It’s intoxicating, and I simply can’t get enough of it. His tongue enters my mouth and move fiercely. He cups one of my breasts, he move his mouth from my lips.

He puts my aching breast in his mouth and begin sucking and bitting it teasingly. He looks me in the eyes as he continues sucking my breast. His eyes are darkened, all I see in them is desire.

“Kurt…” I moan his name.

Just when he was kissing his way down my waist, the door burst open. Kurt was very fast, he flips us and towers over me, covering me with his body.

“Damnit!” He cursed.

I raise my head a little to take a peek at the person who barge in, it’s James.

“Fuck! What the hell is going on here?” He asks with wide eyes.

“Get the fuck out, James!” Kurt roars at him.

“Fine, fine. I’m out” James said and rush out, locking the door as he left.

Kurt pecks my lips and lifts his body from mine. He picks his blue t-shirt and help me wear it.

“I’m sorry about James. He usually barge into my room like this, but I promise I won’t let him anymore” he apologized.

“I understand” I said.

I stand up.

“Where are you going?” He asks.

“Downstairs to prepare breakfast, I’m kinda hungry” I said.

He gets down from the bed.

“Let’s go together” he said.

He takes my hand and leads me towards the door.

When we got down, James stand up and begin to look at us questionly, wagging his brows.

” I wanted to come have breakfast with my best friend, what I didn’t expect is him having his breakfast already” James tease Kurt.

My cheeks warm up, I feel the blush rushing through my face. I look at Kurt expecting to see him smiling or smirking at James joke, but he just keeps a blank expression on.

I poke his rib and he winces a little.

“But honestly, I’m starving” James said.

“Yeah me too. I’ll be in the kitchen” I said and leave them alone.

The first time I made Kurt’s favorite, it was too spicy so he couldn’t eat it. Now I’ll make it again according to his taste, and also because I’m kinda craving for it.

I enter the kitchen and get on with the food.

Kurt’s POV

When Hazel is out of sight, James pull me to sit on a sofa.

“So, from what I just witnessed, she agreed. Correct?” He asks.

I nod.

“Congratulations, now I’m the only bachelor here” he paused and pretend as if he’s in deep thoughts. “I think I need a girlfriend too” he said.

James has always been the playful one among us, he’s always there to cheer me up. That is one of the reasons I like him.

He always say my happiness is his happiness..

“James, in the future don’t barge into my room like you did”

“I know, I know. I’m sorry… I didn’t know you guys are already a couple and already getting busy” he laughs. “It won’t happen again” he said.

I nod. Just then Hazel comes in with the food, I stand up and help her set it on the table. I help her sit down and I start to serve the food into our plates.

I perceive the food and smile.

“You know what I like, Angel” I said.

James spoon falls from his hand, I guess he’s shocked hearing me call Hazel a sweet name. I glare at him and he quickly start to eat.

I put a spoonful in my mouth and moan quietly at the sweetness. This time, she didn’t make this one as spicy as the first one she made when she got here.

“This is heaven. Try it” I said to Hazel.

She nods and put a spoonful in her mouth.

Hazel’s POV

I put the food in my mouth and swallow it after chewing.

“You’re right. It’s delicious” I said.

I take another spoon and bring it to my mouth, but immediately I perceive it. My stomach starts turning, and I feel something coming up my throat. I press my chest gently trying to swallow it back, but it’s not working.

“Are you alright, Angel?” I hear Kurt asked me.

I nod my head, I couldn’t talk. I quickly stand up and rush upstairs to my room. I entered my bathroom and begin vomiting.

I feel someone hold back my hair as I pour out my gut. After some minutes, the vomiting stop. I stand up and turn to face Kurt.

“Are you ok?” He asks me, worry in his eyes.

I look in his eyes and worry is not the only thing I see. I see fear in his eyes, fear of losing something.

“I’m fine. I think the food is not spicy enough” I said.

“Are you sure? We can call the doctor or go to the hospital” he said.

“I’m fine, Kurt. Trust me!” I assure him.

He nod. But I can clearly see that he’s still worried.

I take his hand and leads him downstairs, back to the dinning table. James is still waiting for us.

“Hazel, are you ok?” He asks me.

“I’m fine, James. I’ll just add some chili powder to my food” I said.

I went to the kitchen and came back with the chilli powder. I spread it on my food.

I think this is much better.

I take a spoonful and puts it in my mouth, but just like magic, my taste buds had changed. I didn’t like the taste of the food, so I put the spoon back down.

What is wrong with me?.

James and Kurt look at me questionly. I just shake my head and put on a smile.

“I’m fine. Please don’t mind me, continue eating” I told them. But they didn’t listen, they keep looking at me.

I yawn tiredly.

“Are you sure you are ok?” Kurt asked me.

“Yeah. I’ll be in my room, I need a warm bath” I said.

” Ok…. ” Kurt agreed.

I peck his cheek and head to upstairs. I enter my room, then I yawn again.

I haven’t been doing any hard work, so why am I getting tired this early in the morning?.

Maybe I’m not getting enough sleep, I should rest for a while. I fall on my bed and close my eyes. Sleep took me away instantly.

Kurt’s POV

After James left, I did the dishes and head towards Hazel’s room. I met her sleeping on her bed, I use my palm to feel her temperature. Her temperature is normal, she’s not hot.

So I decided not to wake her up, maybe she just need some rest.

Just when I’m about to step out of her room, my phone start ringing. I reach out for it and check the caller. It’s James calling.

Me:- Hey, man!

James:- Have you read today’s paper?

Me:- No.

James:- Come over to my place.

Then he hangs up. I turn to Hazel, she’s still sleeping.

I decide not to wake her, I don’t think I’ll spend much time there. I kiss her cheek, and head out.

Hazel’s POV

I don’t know how long I slept, but when I wake up and check the time, it’s already noon.

I lazily climb down from my bed and enter my bathroom. I’m still feeling kinda sleepy, but I don’t wanna continue sleeping or I might as well sleep all through the day.

I turn on the shower, keeping the water warm. I close my eyes as the water hits my skin. After spending enough time under the shower, I step out and change into one of my hoodies and black rip Jean.

I take out my flip flops and wore it. Then I head downstairs. I sit in the living room to watch TV, but I’m still feeling weak and sleepy.

Maybe I should just head to the pharmacy, I think I’ve caught the flu.

I rushed back to my room and take my credit card, then I head out. When I got outside, I saw Jeff patrolling.

“Good afternoon, Jeff” I greet him.

“Good afternoon, Hazel. Are you heading out?” He asks.


” Please come back in time, or Mr Egan would get angry at me” he said.

I nod and wave him bye, then I left.


I arrive at the pharmacy in no time, the pharmacist here is a young lady. She smiles warmly at me and I gave her a small smile in return.

“Hi. I’m here to get some drugs, I think I’ve got the flu” I said.

“Have you seen your doctor?” She asks.

I shake my head, then she laughs briefly.

” Then how can you sure that it’s just a flu?” She asks.

I shrugged.

“I don’t know” I replied..

“Come on, tell me how you are feeling” she said.

“Well, since this morning I’ve vomited twice, and I’m feeling weak and sleepy, so that’s why I said it’s the flu” I explained.

She smiles and shakes her head.

” If I’m correct, this has nothing to do with the flu” she said.

“Huh? Then what is wrong with me? Am I gonna die!” I shrinks.

She laughs.

” No, silly. I think you are pregnant” she said.

” What?” I asked, maybe I heard wrong.

” I mean, the symptoms you’re having are similar to that of a pregnant woman”

” No! It can’t be”

I mean, who gets pregnant after having sex just once? It’s not possible.

” I don’t know if I’m right though. But you can buy a pregnancy test and test it when you get home” she suggests.

I think I’ll go with the pregnancy test. It will be much easier for me if I test it privately first.

“Ok, give me four” I said.

I can’t be too sure. She packs four up and hands it to me.

“That will be 20 bucks” she said.

I give her my credit card, she debited the money and give it back to me.

I thank her and hurry home.


According to the instructions, I should wait for five minutes. So I’m waiting, but this five minutes feels like five years.

After five agonizing minutes, my phone beeped.

I close my eyes and take out the test, you m kinda scared to see what the result would be. Slowly I open my eyes and…. Oh no!

In the four sticks, the word pregnant, is shining on them.

No, no, no. This can’t be happening. What am I going to do now?.

Right on cue my phone starts ringing. I check the caller ID, it’s Miranda. Then an idea crosses my mind, I should talk to Miranda about my situation. She’s experience in stuffs like this.

I quickly FaceTime her. Her face pops up almost immediately.

“Hey girl! How’s the big city treating you?” She asks happily.

“Miranda, bad news. No, it’s a good news, but happened in a wrong time” I said.

Her smile fades away as she sees my sad expression.

” What happened?”

I take in a deep breath.

“Miranda, I’m pregnant” I said.

She looks at me with narrowed eyes, then burst out laughing.

“You got me there” she said still laughing, but she stopped when she sees my serious face.

” Wait…. Are you telling me the truth?” I nod. “How did that happen? I thought you were still a virgin?”

I sigh.

” Well, as you can see now I’m not. I had a crazy night on my first day in LA, I had a one night stand” I said.

She gasped.

” You mean, your gave your v-card to a stranger? How can you be this careless”

“I thought he was a stranger” I said.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

I stay silent for a moment, before I said.

“I…it’s…Kurt Egan is responsible”

“What?” She exclaims. “This is bad. You have to abort it ASAP”

” Why?” I asked. I can’t throw my baby away, my parents did similar thing to me I can’t do the same to my child.

“What do you mean why? How can you carry the child of a heartless monster? Think about all the things he’s done, he won’t even accept the baby. So why keep it?. Hazel, you have to abort it”

” But the child is innocent, I can’t take revenge on my child” I said.

” Hazel, that baby have Kurt’s blood flowing in his veins. Keeping it will make you feel guilty for giving Kurt what he deserves” she explained. “I know it’s not easy for you, Hazel. It’s your child too, but this is what you must do”

” I don’t know, Miranda”

She sighs.

” I’ll let you think about it. We’ll talk tomorrow, bye, and take care of yourself” she ends the FaceTime call.

This is bad.

Should I tell Kurt about this? But how will he believe that I’m pregnant with his baby?

But Miranda is right, even if I tell Kurt, he won’t believe me. So there’s no need for keeping this baby.

Abortion is the only way!

To Be Continues.

A baby
Wasn’t part
Of the plan


Episode 14

Kurt’s POV

I can’t believe this. I hold the paper in my hands, squeezing it with so much hatred.


That’s what is on the front page of the newspaper. How can they call me heartless, when they are the real monsters. They don’t know what happened, and they are already crucifying me.

I turned to James. And pull him up by his collar, I look in his eyes, anger clouded my vision.

“How the fuck did the media know about this?!” I roared.

“I don’t know, Kurt”

“You don’t know? Who deals with the media problems?”

“I do, but I swear I can never and will never leak out your secrets. We’re brothers, remember. Your secrets are my secrets, I can never betray you” he said.

He’s right though. I released him and begin to pace to and fro. I run my fingers through my hair in frustration.

I hate the media, they don’t say things as it happened. That’s why I decided not to let them know anything about my past.

If you James didn’t leak out this information, then who did?.

“It’s only two of you that know this info” I muttered angrily.

“Two of us? Who else knows about this?” James asked.


He looked at me shocked.

” You told Hazel?” He asks.

I nod.

“I didn’t tell her everything, I only told her about Tiffany”


“She’s my girlfriend, she have every right to know about my past” I said.

We both stays silent, none of us said anything. Then James grips my arm, I turned to him. He looks at me as if he just realized something.

“What if….” He trails off.

“What if what?”

“What if Hazel is the one that told the media about it” he said.

I step away from him. I can’t believe he’d say that.

“No! Hazel wouldn’t do that, maybe someone else who knows me did it. But Hazel wouldn’t”

“Kurt, it makes sense. You told her about Tiffany last night, and the news comes out this morning. Can’t you connect the dots?”

“James, there are no dots to connect. I trust Hazel” I told him.

“I’m just saying. What if she’s here undercover, we can’t be too sure. Kurt…. ”

” James, I don’t wanna hear it” I cut him off.

He sighs.

” Ok. How about we set her up and see what action she’ll take?” He suggests.

I think about it for a moment. I think he makes sense. I’ll do it, not that I don’t trust Hazel. But because I want to prove her innocence.

“Ok. I’ll do it” I said.

“Good. But I pray she doesn’t fall into the trap” he said.

“She won’t, because she will never betray me” I said.

I trust Hazel, she can never tell my secrets to anyone.

Hazel’s POV

I’m so conflicted. How can I kill my baby?. Even though this baby is Kurt’s, its also mine. It’s my flesh and blood.

I need to go somewhere quiet to clear my mind, I need some quietness to thinking clearly. I can’t act rashly.

I pick my phone and dialed Tyler’s number and wait for him to pick up. After waiting for some seconds, he finally picks.

Tyler:- hey, Hazel. So glad you called.

Me:- Tyler, can you pick me up?.

Tyler:- Sure, what time do you want me to pick you up?

Me:- Like, right now!.

Tyler:- Ok, I’ll be there in a few.

Me:- Thanks.

Then I hang up. I head outside to wait for him.

After waiting for about 1pminutes, I see Tyler’s car coming. He stops in front of me, I enter his car.

“So… Where are we going?” He asks smiling. But I’m in no mood for smiles, my mind is preoccupied.

“I don’t know. Take me anywhere that’s quiet”

He look at me and noticed my sad expression, then he nod.

” I know the perfect place” he said. And start to drive.


Tyler drives out of town and enter a rocky road. I watch the swaying trees as he drives by, the wind passing by my ears.

Finally he stopped the car and step out. He opens my side and I step out.

I look around and noticed we are in a cliff, and a waterfall is right opposite us, at the far end.
The view is beautiful.

“When things was rough for me, this is where I usually come to think” he said.

“Thanks for bringing me then” I told him.

We stayed quiet, as I watch the waterfall absentmindedly.

My mission here in LA was just to find out Kurt Egan’s secret, I haven’t even get started. But I’m pregnant already, not just pregnant. Pregnant for him, Kurt Egan!.

When I agreed to help Miranda, getting pregnant wasn’t part of our plan. Now that I’m pregnant, what should I do?

“is something bothering you, Hazel?”

I shake my head. I don’t know if I can tell him about something as huge as this.

“You know, you can tell me anything” he paused and stare at the waterfall. “I know I don’t have a chance with you, Hazel. But I hope you still want me to be your best friend and I will try to be there for you, as your best friend”

It’s true. Tyler doesn’t have any chance with me, I only see regard him as a friend. So, I can at least tell him about my condition, and hear his opinion on it.

“I’m pregnant” I told him.

He swing his head to face me.


I gulped.

“I’m pregnant, Ty” I repeated.

He stare at me, shocked, for some minutes. Then he recovers from it. His gaze switch to my stomach, then back to my face.

“Who’s responsible? Have you told him about it?” He asks.

“I haven’t told him yet, I’m thinking of aborting it”

” No! You can’t abort the baby. Who is the father? And why haven’t you told him yet?” He asks.

I take in a deep breath.

” You won’t believe me if I say it”

He turns me to face him.

“Hazel, tell me”

I look in his eyes and see that he’s sincerely concerned about me.

“It’s Kurt Egan” I said.

“Egan?” He asked.

I nod. Tyler didn’t say anything more, he just stared at me wordlessly. Then he finally speaks.

“I know I don’t like that Kurt guy, but it’s not only his child. This baby also have your blood running in his/ her veins. Do you really have the heart to throw it away?” He paused and observe my expression. “Hazel, please don’t abort the baby. Don’t be a heartless mother”

” But don’t know what the media say about Kurt? To the public he is a monster, I can’t carry a monster’s baby. And besides, if I decide to keep the baby, he won’t accept it” I said.

He looked at me in confusion.

“Why won’t he accept his own baby?”

“That’s because he doesn’t know that he had sex with me” I said.

” I don’t understand. Why won’t he?”

I told him everything that happened from the very beginning. Except the part where I’m on a mission.

“Oh, this is bad. But all the same you can’t abort the baby, talk to him first. Tell him about everything, if he still doesn’t accept the baby, then I promise you. I’ll be there for you” he said.

I smile weakly. I wish Kurt can be as open-minded as Tyler and this wouldn’t have been difficult for me.

But I feel so much better talking to Tyler. Surprisingly, he’s a better choice to give advice instead of Miranda.

“Thanks a lot, Tyler” I said.

“It’s nothing. We are best friends now, right?” He asks smiling.

I nod and gives him a small hug.

“Come on. You’ve done enough thinking for today, let me take you home” he said.

“Ok” I said. And we head towards his car.

He’s right. And I know what to do now.

To Be Continued…

A baby Wasn’t part Of the plan

Episode 15

Hazel’s POV

Back at the mansion….

Kurt isn’t home yet, so it’s just me and my baby. I sit in the living room, watching Dora the explorer. Like I said, I love Dora the explorer.

It’s the last episode playing, but Kurt still isn’t back yet. I’ve been trying his number, it’s not reachable. I continue watching my Dora, singing along.

Before I knew it, I feel my eyes getting heavier. I stand up and walk to the kitchen, I wash my face, to get rid of the sleep. Then I head back to the living room.

I glanced at the wall clock, it’s 10:20pm. I sit on a sofa and keep watching my cartoon, sometimes looking out the window.

As time goes by, I couldn’t keep myself awake anymore. So rest my head back on the headrest of the sofa, I close my eyes and allow sleep to take.


The next morning….

I turn and snuggle in my pillow, hmm, so soft. Wait…. Pillow?. I sit up immediately and look around, I notice I’m in Kurt’s room. But how I came up to his room is something I don’t know.

Just then Kurt step in the room, with nothing but a towel wrapped dangerously low around his waist. Water dripping from his body, he smiles at me when he sees I’m awake.

He walk towards me and leans forward and give me a soft kiss on my lips.

“Good morning, Angel”

“Morning. When did you get back?” I asked.

“Very late last night. I had to do something with James, I didn’t expect it would take much of my time”

I nod in understanding.

Then I furrows my eye brows. Today’s Sunday, which means Kurt isn’t going to the office today. But why did he take his bath so early?.

“Kurt, are you going somewhere?”

“Yeah. Actually, you’re coming with me” he said.


” Where are we going?” I asked.

He smiles simply and shakes his head.

” You’ll see. Just go get ready” he said.

I nod. Then I think about my situation. I don’t know if I should tell him right now, and most importantly, I don’t know how he’ll react.

But all the same, I need to tell him. It’s now or never.

“Erm. Kurt, I wanna tell you something”

He shake his head in refusal.

“You can tell when we gets back. This place I’m taking is very special to me, I don’t wanna be late. So please go to your room and get ready, we only have 20minutes left” he said.

I sigh. Maybe he’s right, we should probably get back first.

I climb down from the bed and head to my room. I head straight to my bathroom, and stripped off my clothes.

After taking my bath, I enter my closet. I pick out a white cardigan and pink palazzo trousers. I wear them, I put on my earrings and head out.

I meet Kurt downstairs. He’s patiently waiting for me.

“I’m ready” I told him.

He look at my clothes and smiles.

“I love what you’re wearing” he said.

“Of course you do”

“Let’s go” he said and we head out.


After driving for what seems like forever, Kurt stopped in front of a big building.


Boldly written on the gate. Kurt drives into the compound as the gate open. He parks in the parking lot and step out. He opens my door and offers me his hand, I take it and step out.

Just then, I saw some kids, at the range of 5 to 8 years running towards us.

Kurt opens his arms and they all struggle to get in first, Kurt laughs wholeheartedly as they struggle to get in his arms at a time.

“Guys… Calm down. There’s enough room for everyone, also I have a surprise for you all” he said.

“A surprise! Show us, show us!” A little girl chant happily.

She is the smallest of them all, she’ll be around 4 or 5 years old. Kurt carries her in his arms and kisses her forehead.

“If I show you now, it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore. So you have to wait for it patiently” he told her.

I watch in admiration as he interacts with the kids, laughing at their meaningless jokes. And the way he talks softly to them. He looked so carefree.

Seeing him being this way with kids makes me wonder why the media label him as a monster. This man I’m seeing right now, is the most lovable man ever.

Just then a lady walk towards us, a very wide smile on her face.

“Hey, Kurt. So you finally decide to show up, but didn’t think of checking on me?” She joked.

She seems to be in her forties, and she looks so beautiful. I think I can’t compare to her in any way.

“I wanted to come in, but kids wouldn’t let me” Kurt said with a smile.

She scoffed.

“Liar! You think you can fool me” she said.

Kurt puts the little girl he’s carrying down, and swats to her level.

“Callie, why don’t you and the others go play together. I’ll join you guys later” he said to her.

She nods. And runs off, while the others run after her.

” Natalie, I’m sorry. I was occupied this week, but…. I brought someone with me”

The woman turn to him, a very wide smile on her face. Then her gaze shifts towards me, I guess she’s just noticing me.

“Is she the one?” She asks, excitement in her voice.

“Yes. Natalie, meet Hazel” he turns to me. “Hazel, meet Natalie”

” Oh my! You’re so beautiful. I can’t believe I lived to see this” she said.

I look at Kurt in confusion, then mouths at me that he’ll explain later.

Natalie takes my hand and turn to Kurt.

“Can I borrow her for a moment?”

“Yeah, sure. I’ll be with the kids” Kurt said, he leans forward and kisses my cheek. “I’ll see you later” then he heads toward the kids.

Natalie leads me to a corner, where a table and chairs are. I sit down, while she sits next to me.

“So, Natalie. Where is this place?” I asked.

“Oh, this is an orphanage, dear” she replied.

An orphanage? Then why did Kurt bring me here? And he said this place is special to him.

“Does Kurt come here often?”

“Yes. He owns the orphanage”

My mouth hang open. Kurt owns this orphanage?

Natalie noticed my shocked expression, so she laughs.

“Don’t be surprised, dear. Kurt is a nice man, it’s just he’s been through a lot. He isn’t the monster people describe him to be, I don’t think anyone would be able to go through what happened to him. It’s very painful that the media don’t see the good things he’s done for the society” she paused.

” What happened to him?”

She sighs.

“That’s his story to tell. But I can tell that he’s serious with you, just give him some time he’ll open up to you” she said.

I think I’m kinda rethinking my decision.

“Hazel, this is the first time Kurt is getting in a relationship, please don’t break his heart. Don’t do what will cause him pain, he’s gone through a lot of pain already. I, myself, I don’t know the whole story, but from his cold demeanor I can tell it’s full of tragedy”

I nod, taking in all she’s saying.

Just then Kurt walks towards us.

“Can I have Hazel back?” He asks.

Natalie smile and wink at me.

“Yeah” she said.

Kurt takes my hand in his.

“Come sit with me by the pool. I have something to tell you” he said.

I nod. He leads me towards the playground, the kids are all jumping and playing happily.

We sit on a floor, putting our legs in the water.

Kurt released a long sigh.

“Do you know why I brought you here?”

I shake my head. He looks straight in my eyes.

” I want you to know me. The real me. I wanna tell you about my past” he said.

” Kurt…. ” I know I want to know about his past so bad, but I don’t want to force him.

“I’m ready to tell you” he paused and take a deep long breath.

Then he continues.

“I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. My parents, Tiffany and I, we used to live in an abandoned trailer, becaush my parents couldn’t afford to pay rent. My parents were so poor, that we had to beg for food. So after that accident Tiffany had, my parents decided to do something, so they came with the idea of being rice farmers. The business was going fine and we didn’t have to beg for food anymore, my parents could take us, well Tiffany, to fairs and carnivals to cheer her up. So one day, a rich man, Mr Felix Raine. He took the farm land from my parents, under the skies of building a hospital and promised to compensate us. But after taking the land, he didn’t compensate us. When my parents asked him why he didn’t fulfill his promise, he threatened to send them to prison. So my parents left, my dad started job hunting desperately, but he didn’t get any luck. One night, when my dad was out, our small wooden apartment suddenly caught fire. My mom, Tiffany and I, we were inside, my mom pushed me out and went inside me and Tiffany’s room, to carry Tiffany who was sleeping at the time. But it was too late, she and Tiffany was trapped inside and couldn’t make it out. I stood crying, begging passer bys to help, but they didn’t. I stood outside, hearing the death cries of my mom and sister. When my dad got back, he didn’t say anything or react in any way. He just left, then came back later in the evening drunk. He beat me that night, blaming me for my mom and sister’s death. But what could I have done then, I was only 11years old. My dad started the rumors, he was the one who used to call me all kinds of name. It continues like that for four years, I was 15 when he became sober. He wanted to make it up to me, to correct his wrong. So on my 15th birthday, he went out to get a present for me, that day he never came back. He was shot dead, by Felix Raine’s men. Thankfully, Felix didn’t know me, so I ran from the apartment we were living, that’s when I met James. He was a street boy, he watched everything happening to my family, so he felt sorry for me and took me into his shabby hut made out of bamboo” he turn to look at me.

“Kurt, I’m so sorry” I said.

How can people be so wicked? They destroyed his home, his family, yet they call him a monster. Kurt is a very strong man, I respect his courage.

But how did he managed to become rich?

He smiled.

“You must be wondering how I became this rich. I’ll tell you. One day I was wandering around, when I saw an old man running slowly for his life, blood following him as he run. I covered up the blood so that his chasers wouldn’t find him. So I hide him for a while, I wanted to take him to the hospital but he stopped me, he told me that it was too late. He brought out some papers and ask me to sign, I asked him what the papers are about, he didn’t give me a proper explanation. He only said that the person he wanted to sign the papers is not who he thinks he is, that the person is the one chasing him and that he doesn’t want the papers to fall into that person’s hands. I quickly signed the papers. Immediately I signed the papers, the old man died. I didn’t know anything about him then, so I buried him at the back of our bamboo hut. later when I checked the papers I signed, it was adoption papers and papers to claim his house and business, companies and hotels. I started going to school, cause I can’t run any business without education, right?. So after I ~graduate, I started taking back those things the rich took forcefully and begin to give them back to the poor through charity. With James help I was able to hide everything about my past. The rich dudes were surprised, asking w~ here I come from and they began to fear me, so they started spreading all kinds of rumors about me” he turns to me. “So tell me Hazel, is what I’m doing a bad thing?”

” No!” I answered.

I have misunderstood Kurt all these while, I thought he was a bad man, when infact he is a saint. I look at him in admiration, I can never be able to go through the kind of hardship he went through.

I can’t believe I betrayed him and told Miranda about Tiffany. I’ll call Miranda later and tell her that I can do this anymore.

I thought he was really bad, so I tried to hide my feelings and use him. But not anymore, I’ll open my heart and love him. I’ll love him unconditionally, because he deserves it.

I smiled at him.

“That’s why you are cold, right?” I asked.

He nods.

“I’m scared that if I get too close to anyone, that they’ll leave me behind. I’m scared of being alone, but infact, I’m lonely”

I take his hand in mine and caresses it gently.

” You have me now, and I promise I won’t have you” I said.

“Never ever?” He asked.

I nod.

“Never ever. I’ll stay with you till the very end” I told him.

He leans forward and kiss me on the lips. Just when he wanted to deepen the kiss, we hear someone clearing their throats. We pull apart, ok, I pull away, Kurt still wanted to continue.

A little boy stands behind us.

“Kurt, we wanna play with her too” he points to me.

Kurt laughs, he stands up and help me get up. Then he called for the other kids.

“Kids, I want you to meet my girlfriend, Hazel”

“Wow! She’s so pretty!”
” Is she a fairy?”
” Can you do magic”
” I want to be pretty like you”

I laugh and blush at their comments. Kurt turns to me.

“They are almost right, you know” he said.

I frown.


“Yeah. You’re not pretty, you’re gorgeous” he said.

I blush even more.

“I love it when you blush”

I poke his rib.

” Stop flirting with me”

“Why should I? You’re Mine”

He pecks my lips.

“Kurt? There are kids here” I scolds him.

He huffed.

” Oh, please. They’ll do it when they grow up”.

” Hazel, will you play with us?”

The kids all look at me, eagerly waiting for my response.
I can’t deny them some fun, and besides, I might need the exercise.

“Sure. Com’on let’s go!” I said.

They all begin to run towards the playground. And I follow behind, but not before sending Kurt a wink.

Kurt’s POV

I watch as Hazel play with the kids, it feels so natural. She laughs freely, talks calmly and listen to their plenty words at a time. She’s so beautiful.

Now that I have tell her the complete story about my past, I just pray she keeps it to herself.

Cause according to James’s plan, if the media knows about this then it means Hazel is the one leaking out the info.

God, I trust Hazel. Please don’t let her break my trust.

To Be Continued..


🀰A baby
Wasn’t part
Of the plan 🀱

Guys sorry for the missing episode 16

Episode 17

Hazel’s POV

I open my eyes and met with the familiar ceiling of my room. I quickly look around and noticed I’m back in my room, but how?. My last memory was me going to the orphanage with Kurt.

Just then it all rushed back to my head, how I was playing with the kids and started feeling dizzy, and how I fell down.

Kurt must have carried me back. Just when I turned my eyes, I see Kurt standing in my balcony, his back is facing me.

I put my legs down and wanted to walk towards him, but suddenly turned and rushes towards me instead. He help me back in bed.

“Be careful” then his eyes switch my stomach for a split second. “You should be extra careful now” he said.

“When did we get back?” I asked.

“Last night”

I gasped. Last night?. I search for the wall clock with my eyes. It’s 10:30am already.

“You slept for a whole day, I was scared you wouldn’t wake up” Kurt said, his eyes held genuine fear.

“I’m fine” I assured.

Just like magic, his gaze suddenly hardened and he look at me accusingly.

“Is there something you wanna tell me, Hazel?” His eyes glaring at my stomach.

Then I know what he’s talking about immediately, but how can I tell him. And make him believe that the baby is his.


“I… We..” I take in a deep breath. “I’m pregnant, Kurt”

He takes a step back. He stays silent for some minutes, his eyes turns red.

“You’re pregnant.. but we haven’t had sex. So how is it possible?!” He paused. “Wait… Were you having an affair?”

Is he serious? How can I have an affair when we just started dating recently.

“I wasn’t having an affair. It’s… ”

“Then is it your ex’s baby?” He interupts me.

” I don’t have an ex” I paused and look at his expression. I wanted to continue when he starts speaking.

” Then whose baby are you carrying, it’s not like you are a second Mary, right?”.

“Kurt, the… The b-baby is ours”

” Ours?” He asked unbelievably.

“Yes. Sit down let me tell you how it happened” I said.

But Kurt just laughed hesterically.

” So you wanna put this on me? You wanna put someone else’s responsibility on me?” He asked.

“It’s not someone else’s. It’s ours, I’m telling you the truth. Just hear me out”

” There’s nothing to hear out! The baby isn’t mine!” He raised his voice.

I sigh tiredly.

“You don’t remember it, just let me explain it to you”

“Ha. I don’t remember it. So you think I wouldn’t remember having sex with you” he said.

“Just sit down let me explain it, if you still won’t accept the baby, then I’ll leave” I told him.

He thinks about it for a moment, then he reluctantly sits down. He nod his head for me to start explaining.

It’s now or never, I’ll tell him everything. I just hope he doesn’t drive me away, I don’t want my baby to be separated from his father.

“Do you remember having a one night stand with a virgin?” I asked.

He nod his head, then furrow his brows.

“How do you know about that?”

“Cause I’m the virgin, well, was the virgin. The night after, I came here for a job interview” I said.

He stays silent and start to look at me, studying my expression, as if trying to find any flaws. Anything that would give me away as a liar.

“It makes sense” he whispers. “It’s fate, that’s why I liked you the moment I saw you”

🌳 Kurt’s POV 🌳

So it was her that night. No wonder I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. This is what people call fate.

Ever since I lost my family in that fire years ago, I’ve always wanted to build my own family. Now Hazel is offering me that opportunity, I can’t let it slip away. I can’t abandon my kid, I’ll take responsibility. After all Hazel is the woman I love, now that she’s carrying the symbol of our love I can’t neglect her.

Wait a sec… The baby was formed before our love, can I still refer to it as a symbol of our love?.

“Kurt… Say something” Hazel said.

A wide grin appears in my face. I pull her into my arms and crash my lips on hers.

“Don’t leave. You are taking my child no where, I’ll take care of you two” I said.

“Really? I thought you’d still deny it”

I shake my head.

“I trust you” I said and smiled at her. “So when can we go baby shopping?” I asked happily.

I always envy those guys who go baby shopping with their women, now I can also go with my own woman.

“Don’t you think it’s a little too early for that?”

“No! If it’s possible I wanna go now!” I said.

“Okay” she said then frown. “we don’t know the gender yet, how are going to buy things” she asked.

“How about we shop for unisex?” I suggest.

She smiled.

“You are a genius” she tells me.

“Alright, this genius should probably take a shower before going to the mall. I haven’t taken a shower since yesterday, I smell like garbage”.

” Eww! Gross. So it’s you smelling, I was wondering where that deadly smell was coming from” she said covering her nose.

I grin and send her a wink. I lean towards her stomach and kiss it.

“Daddy is coming back, Daddy needs to shower, ok?” I stand up and head towards the door.

Hazel’s POV

I laughed at Kurt’s cuteness. He looked so happy, I didn’t expect that he’ll take it so well. I thought he’d be angry and chase me out of his house.

I wanted to tell him about my mission and what I’ve done to him already, but seeing him this happy, I decided that it’s not time to tell him yet. I don’t want to tell him and ruin his happiness for now. I’ll let him enjoy the feeling of becoming a dad for now. Just then, my phone beeped.

I checked it and surprisingly, I had 26missed calls from Tyler. I quickly dialed his number.

Tyler:- Hazel, thank God you called. Are you okay? Did you tell him yet? What did he say? Did he chase you From his house? Tell me where you are so that I can come pick you up.

I laughed at his overprotective behavior.

Me:- Calm down, Tyler. I’m fine. Yes I told him, no he didn’t chase me, he accepted the baby and you don’t have to pick me up.

Tyler:- Phew! I’m relieved. I called your cell phone but you weren’t picking up, so I thought maybe he kicked you out.

Me:- Thanks for caring so much for me.

Tyler:- That’s what best friends do, right?.

Me:- Right.

Just then I heard, Kurt’s footsteps coming towards my room.

Me:- Ty, I have to go. We’ll talk later.

Tyler:- Ok, take care.

I hang up. Kurt enters the room.

“Angel, I thought you’d be ready by now”

“Don’t worry, I’m good to go” I said.

He offers me his hand, I take it and we head out.

To Be Continued…

A baby Wasn’t part Of the plan

Episode 18

Kurt’s POV

“James, how is it going ~with~ Theresa? Has she given any news about Felix Raine?” I asked.

Currently, we’re in my office. It’s been three weeks now since I know Hazel is pregnant, and it hasn’t been easy for me.

Sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night having weird craves. But I love that she stress me, it makes me feel useful for her.

“Theresa called me earlier this morning, she said Felix isn’t making any moves yet” James said.

“Why?” I banged my hand on my desk. “Why is it so hard to bring this guy down?”

“Kurt, we need to take it easy. Any little mistake from us, Felix will know who you are”

“Why do you say that?”

” Theresa told me that Felix has been searching for informations about you, and you know Tiffany’s accident came into public three weeks ago. Do we need to thread carefully”

I nod. That Felix is a snake. He’s the one causing children all over LA to become homeless, and orphans. And he knows how to cover his tracks, the media never find him involved.

“Tell Theresa to be very watchful, I need to know what his next move is”

“Yes, sir” James said and I glare at him.

” I’ve told you to stop calling me that”

“Sorry, boss” he smirked.

I think he finds pleasure in my pain. I pick up a file from my table, and smack him with it.

“Right, it’s been three weeks now, since I told Hazel about my past and it still hasn’t come to public yet. Which means, she isn’t the one that leak out the Tiffany thing” I told him.

” Yeah, it seems so. But who did it then?”

I sigh.

” I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter no more. All I want now more than anything else, is to bring Felix Raine down and get revenge for my deceased family” I said, clenching my jaw.

Just then my phone rings. I check it hoping it’s Hazel calling me, but it’s not her, a strange number.

I look at James in surprise. Nobody, apart from James and Hazel have my private number.

“Did you give my number to anyone?”

He shakes his head.

” No. I didn’t” he replies.

I knit my brows together. I press the answer button and bring the phone closer to my ear.


I waited for the person to speak but it was silent I received from the other end.

“Hello?” I tried again.

Still silent. Suddenly, the caller hangs up.

“Maybe it’s a prank call” James said.

“Prank call?” I asked.

” Yeah. Kids do it all the time, they just dial random numbers and call them” he explains.

I nod in understanding.

” Anyways, get Mr Rodriguez on the phone, tell him I’m ready to make a proposal with him”

” Yes, sir” he said and wink at me as he heads toward the door.

I pick my pen and throw it at him. I shake my head, sometimes I wonder if this guy is even older than me. He behaves like the younger one among us, well, I’m there to put him in order.

Hazel’s POV

I sit opposite Tyler in Golden Hour. These days I’ve been craving for hot pot, and the ones Kurt makes at home doesn’t taste as good as the one here.

I burb after eating, I pushed the bowl of hot pot toward Tyler.

“What? You told me to order two plates and you couldn’t even finish one?” He tease me.

I burb again, and try to stop the hiccup that’s fighting to come up. I take a sip of water and put the glass back on the table.

“But getting pregnant really suit you, Hazel. Look at you getting all round, very chubby” he said.

I look down at my stomach, then at my arms, then I look up at Tyler and frown.

“I’m not even showing yet. How can you call me fat and ugly”I said, my eyes already watering up. Since I became pregnant, I’ve been an emotional freak.

“What? I did say you are fat, I mean you are round an…..”

“You are still saying it” then I started crying.

” Hazel, please don’t cry. I…”

“I’ll be fat and ugly, and Kurt won’t like me anymore. He’ll chase me away” I continue to cry, even drawing attention towards our table.

Why can’t I stop crying.

“I didn’t mean that, Hazel. I meant to say you’re beautiful, the most beautiful girl ever” he said.

I stopped crying and look at him with my teary eyes.

“Are you serious? Am I really the most beautiful woman ever?”

He nods quickly with a smile and starts wiping my tears.

“Yes! I wish to marry a girl as beautiful as you” he said.

A grin appears on my face. Just then I locked gaze with a familiar pair of blue eyes.


What is she doing in LA? And why didn’t she call to inform me?. I turned back to Tyler.

“Ty, you don’t have to take me home. I have something to take care of before I go back home” I told him.

” I shouldn’t take you home? Then what am I supposed to tell your overprotective boyfriend?” He asks.

Oh! I forgot Kurt gave Tyler a strict warning to bring me back home safely.

“I promise I’ll get back before he comes back from the office” I said and flash him my cute puppy eyes, pouting my lips.

He sighed and hissed frustratingly. I blink my eyes waiting for his response.

“Fine. But if your boyfriend calls I won’t cover for you” he warns me.

I nod.

” And please take extra care of yourself” he reminds me.

I nod again. I pick up my purse and head out.

I see Miranda standing next to her car. I smile and rushes towards her, but she just gives me a cold shoulder.

I guess she’s not here for chit chat.

“Miranda, why are you here?” I asked her.

“Get in my car, I’m taking you somewhere quiet to talk” she said.

Ha. She thinks she can order me around?.

” No” I said.


I cross my arms across my chest.

“Say whatever you wanna say here” I said.

She scoffs.

“I have Kurt’s private number, I can just call him and tell him why you came to his house in the first place. So you better come with me quietly” she told me.

How did she manage to get Kurt’s private? That doesn’t matter.

I can’t risk her telling Kurt about this before I do, so I’ll just follow her for now and know what she’s up to.

“Fine! I’ll go with you” I said.

“Good girl. Now get in the car”

I enter her car and she put a blindfold on me and starts to drive immediately.

“Why are you putting blindfold on me?” I asked.

” For security reasons” she said.

I didn’t say anything more, I just let her concentrate on the road.


After driving for almost one hour, she finally stopped and remove the blindfold.

She step out of the car, and I did the same.

I look around me, we’re in a cementary. I unconsciously wrap my arms around my stomach, as if protecting my child.

“Why did you bring me to a cementary?” I asked her.

” Calm down, sister. I don’t wanna kill you” she said.

” Then what are we doing here?”

She points towards a grave. The grave is not concreted, grass has grown on it.

“That’s where our father buried your mother” she said.

I look at at her, shocked.

What the hell is she talking about?

“Our father?” I asked.

“Yes. Our father, Mr Felix Raine!”

Felix Raine? That’s the man that destroyed Kurt’s family. Felix Raine is the man that’s terrorizing LA.

How come he’s my father?

To Be Continued..

A baby Wasn’t part Of the plan

Episode 19

Hazel’s POV

Felix Raine is not my father, she must be lying.

“You’re lying” I said.

She scoff.

“Why should I lie to you? He is our father and we are sisters”

I’m confused. The nuns at the orphanage said I was abandoned outside the orphanage, how come I have a father now.

“Don’t be surprised sis. Your mother was a maid in our mansion, she seduced dad and got pregnant with you. When my mom found out, she was furious so dad had to send her away. Unfortunately, some gang found her and killed her. But she wasn’t foolish, she dropped you at the orphanage and begged one of the nuns to take care of you” she said.

So my mom didn’t abandoned me, she put me there with the intention of saving me.

No, she might be lying to gain my sympathy.

“I don’t believe you. If Felix Raine is my father why did he abandoned me all these years? Why didn’t he looked for me?” I asked.

“He looked for you, that’s how he knew you were in an orphanage. He left you there because he thought you’d be safe there, and besides when you turned eighteen and left the orphanage, he sent me to Texas to make friends with you. He warned me not to reveal myself as your sister, he didn’t want my mom to know that the child he had with the woman he had an affair with is still alive” Miranda explain.

“Even at that, he didn’t show himself to me. All this year’s I’ve been living on and believing that I don’t have parents, so he’s dead to me. I won’t help you reveal Kurt’s past. If you wanna know about his past you can do it yourself” I said.

I’m so damn furious. That Felix Raine is so evil, he couldn’t even save my mother. He drove her away and claimed my mother seduced him. Unbelievable!.

“Hazel, even if you try to deny it. You have Felix Raine blood running through your veins, and Kurt hates dad with so much passion, which I don’t know why. But do you think he’ll spear you when he gets to know that you are a Raine?”

” I don’t care! And if you know what Felix is doing, you’ll hate him too”

” Oh, you have to care sweetie. Kurt is hell bent on bringing dad down, so dad came up with the idea to find out about his secret, instead of concentrating on the mission, you are fooling around with Kurt. Listen, if dad goes down, we all are going with him”

Oh so she wants to threaten me, well joke’s on her.

” Dad? He’s not my dad and I’ll never go down with him. My last name is not Raine, it’s Greene, and I don’t have anything that proves I’m related to you guys” I told her.

” So you’d rather help an outsider than help your family?”

Wrong move, sister. Emotional blackmail doesn’t work on me.

“Yes. Now if you don’t mind taking me back”

She stays silent for a moment.

” I’ll give you one day to think this over, when I call you tomorrow, I hope you’d make up your mind then” she turns and head back to the car.

I follow behind, I enter the car and she puts the blindfold back on me.


I enter the mansion, it’s quiet but I can perceive the sweet aroma of mashed potatoes.

I quickly take long strides to the kitchen, I stand by the door enjoying the view that befalls me.

Kurt is standing with his shirtless back facing me, he tired an apron around his neck. His muscles flexing as he flips whatever he’s cooking.

“It smells like heaven in here, did angel Gabriel pass by?”

Kurt turns to me with smile.

” Thank God you’re back. I called Tyler but he said you weren’t with him” he said.

That bastard. So he really didn’t cover for me.

” Yeah, I wanted to have some alone time” I replied.

“Angel, I’ve told you. Always make sure there’s someone with you when you’re outside, your safety is the number one priority now”

I roll my eyes.

” Fine, I promise it won’t happen again”

He holds my face in his hands and kisses my forehead.

” That’s my good girl”

“I should probably go shower first before dinner” I said.

” Okay, but don’t take long”

I nod and head to my room.


After I finish showering, I changed into my PJs. I was about to head outside when my phone starts ringing.

I pressed the answer button without looking at the caller’s ID.


“Hazel, dad said I should call you and remind you that you should rethink your decision”

Oh God. Not her again.

“my decision will never change. I’m not gonna help you anymore” I said.

She laughed sarcastically then I heard some shuffling, like someone is moving.

Then what hear a male voice.

“Hazel, my daughter”

Felix Raine.

“You have to help me, please help your father. Do you have the heart to watch Kurt Egan destroying what I have suffered to build?” He said in a broken voice.

Ha. So now he’s my father. He is talking about heart when he doesn’t have one. Where was his heart when he was putting people’s houses on fire?

This heartless monster can not be my dad.

“Sorry Felix I can’t help you. I thought you are very powerful, why don’t you use your connections to find out about Kurt’s secrets?” I asked angrily.

I’ve made up my mind. I’ll tell Kurt why I was here and what I had done, then I’ll help him catch Felix Raine red-handed and expose his selfish and evil nature to the whole world.

“My daughter, you…..”

“I’m not your daughter!” I cut him off. “Stop trying to persuade me. I’m done helping you find out Kurt’s secrets, I regret ever telling you about Tiffany. If I tell you more about him, then you will know who he really is and it will be easy for you to get him out of the way, right. Well I’m not gonna help, not anymore cause I want him to expose you and bring justice to all the lives you have claimed”

” But li…. ”

” Don’t. Ever. Call. Me. Again. I’m done helping you find out about Kurt’s secrets. You can do it your…… ”

Just then the door burst open and Kurt steps in..

I quickly end the call. I hope he didn’t hear what I said just now.

To be continued.


A baby Wasn’t part Of the plan

Episode 20

Semi final……

Hazel’s POV

The door burst open and Kurt steps in. His stance like that of a predator, his eyes darken and his breath rapid.

If he were to be those cartoon characters, you could see smoke brimming out of his ears, literally.

He takes predatory steps towards me. He stopped right in front of me, he raised his hand to hit me but stop himself before his hand could get down.

“So it’s you…. James was right about you… I trusted you Hazel. I told you about Tiffany and you sold me out”

” Kurt, listen. I didn’t know the whole story then, Miranda lied to me. She made me believe you were the bad guy, but…. ”

“Shut up!” He roars at me. “Our first meeting at the club…. You getting pregnant for me… And coming to work in my house…. Was it all part of your plan?”

“No, Kurt. Don’t involve our innocent child in this, I… Please listen to me” I said.

He didn’t say anything more, he turned his back to me. His fist clenched. I take his silence as approval to explain.

“Kurt, my coming to LA, getting a job in your ~mansion as a housekeeper, it was all a plan to find out about your secrets. Miranda told me that you destroyed lives, she told me you’re a monster, so I thought I was doing the right thing. But after you to~ ld me the real story, I stopped working for Miranda” I paused and take in a deep breath. “I swear, our baby wasn’t part of the plan. Now I… I.. really, truly do love you. Please believe me”.

He turns to me and his gaze softens, he rushes towards me and wipe my tears. I didn’t even know I was crying. He takes my hand in his and look straight in my eyes.

“Do you truly love me?” He asked me.

I nod.

“Yes, I do” I answered.

He smiles and kisses my lips.

“This is the first time you admit you love me. So you’re gonna promise me that you will never leave me, never ever, cause honestly I won’t let you leave”

“Not even when you’re angry at me?”

He shakes his head.

” No. If I’m angry at you, we’ll talk it through and settle it instantly. Like we just did” he said.

I smiled.

” I promise I’ll never leave you, we’re in this together” I told him.

“So how do you plan on bringing Felix Raine down?” I asked him.

He frowns at the name.

” I’ll buy whatever he wants to take forcefully from the poor, and give it back to them” he said.

It’s a good idea but not good enough.

“Kurt, we need something to clear your name not make the public believe the rumors Felix has spread” I said.

” But how can we do that?”

” Hmm, how about we take some journalists and police officers there, where he’s taking the land, then we can catch him red-handed and it will be all over the media that Felix is infact the snake” I said.

” That’s an excellent plan. Give me five, let me tell James about the plan” he stands up and head out.

Phew, thank God Kurt believe me.

Felix Raine

I pace in my office. I’m so damn angry, my men are so incompetent. Up till now they still couldn’t find anything about that Kurt Egan. Something keeps telling me that Kurt Egan is my nemesis.

“Dad, we have to find another way, I don’t think Hazel is willing to cooperate with us” Miranda said.

” Tomorrow is the day I’m going to claim that farmland from Mr Fredrick, if we don’t find anything on Kurt, he’s gonna cause trouble for me” I said through gritt teeth.

Miranda clears her throat and said.

“Yesterday at Golden Hour, I saw Hazel with a man, they looked like they’ve known each other for long”

This caught my attention. I turn to her.

” What are you trying to say?”

“How about we kidnap the guy and use him as our leverage. I’m sure Hazel wouldn’t sit back and watch her friend died for nothing” she said.

I look at her unsure.

” Are you sure this is gonna work? Remember we tried emotional blackmail but it didn’t work”

Miranda smiled.

” I know Hazel best, she values friendship most in this life”

” Good. Get some men and track down that guy, you know what to do right?”

” Yes. I’ll take my leave” then she left.

Hmm. Kurt Egan I’ll finally know who you really are and get you out of my way once and for all.

LA is mine, I control everywhere in LA.

Kurt’s POV

At the office….

I watch as James talks on the phone. Hazel sits next to him.

James is talking with Theresa on the phone. After talking for some time, he hangs up and turned to me with a smile.

“Felix is moving tomorrow, he’s heading to the farm. But we need to be careful and act fast or those farmers live would be in danger. You know Felix wouldn’t mind killing them” James said.

I nod. He is right. I won’t allow Felix Raine do what he did to my family to other families.

Just then Hazel’s phone starts ringing. She checked the caller ID and turn to me with wide eyes.

“Miranda” she said.

“Answer it” I told her. “And put it on speaker phone”

She nods, and do as I told her.

“My good daughter” a male voice said.

I guess that must be Felix Raine. But why is he calling Hazel his daughter?. I look at her questionly.

“Don’t call me your daughter, I don’t have a father”

Felix laughed.

“If I were you I wouldn’t be sassy, wouldn’t want your friend to bear the consequences of your behavior”

Hazel furrows her eyebrows in confusion.

” What do you mean by that?” Hazel ask him.

“Would you like to say hi to your friend, Tyler?”

Hazel’s eyes grow wide and a small gasp leaves her mouth.

” I have Tyler with me, and I’m so sorry to tell you that he doesn’t have much time left”

“What did you do to him?” Hazel ask.

” What I did to him doesn’t matter. His pathetic life lies in your hands, you can save him if you wish to” Felix said.

” Felix if you… ”

” You should be calling me dad, you know” Felix paused “well, you can save him, the poison I gave him wouldn’t kill him yet and I have the antidote with me, but you have to tell me Kurt’s secrets in exchange for the antidote. So you have to choose wisely”

Hazel looked at me, I can see fear in her eyes. So I nod, telling her to agree.

“Ok, Felix, I agree with your terms but I’ll have to meet with you face to face, I have to be sure that Tyler is still alive before I give you the secrets”

Felix didn’t speak for some time, I guess he’s thinking about Hazel’s negotiation.

“Fine. I’ll text you the address, I wanna see you tomorrow and make sure you come alone, or you’ll watch your dear friend will die before your very eyes” then he hangs up.

” Kurt, we need to do something. I can’t let Tyler died, he’s been poisoned” Hazel told me.

I sigh.

It’s strange. How were they able to get Tyler, he is rich and have guards.

“Kurt?” Hazel called me.

“Don’t worry Hazel, James and I will not let him die. All you have to do is go to the location before us, I guess Felix will take you to the farm. The cops and journalists will come after a while” I told her. She nods.

I nod at James to make arrangements for the cops and journalists. Immediately he left, Hazel received the address. She forwarded it to my phone.

I clenched my fist. Finally I’m going to get revenge for my family.

To Be Continued


A baby Wasn’t part Of the plan

Episode 21


Hazel’s POV

The next morning….

Right now I’m going to the address Felix sent me. I remember my conversation with Kurt and James earlier this morning.


“Try not to provoke Felix too much, or he might hurt you. Remember you’re carrying a baby in you” Kurt told me.

I nod.

” I know” I replied.

Honestly, I’m scared. There are so many what ifs in our plan.

“You guys should make sure to come in time, I might run out of words” I said.

” Don’t worry, Hazel. We’ve got ya, also make sure to find where Tyler is” James said.

” I don’t trust Tyler” Kurt said.

” Why?” I asked him.

” Think about it. Tyler is rich, how did Felix get to him so easily?” Kurt asked.

James stands up.

” Yeah, how did he get caught that easy. Or else….. ”

” Or else what?” I asked.

” They are working together” James and Kurt said at once.

” No. They’re not, Tyler wouldn’t work with them. He’s a good person” I argued.

” Hazel, people are not always who they seem to be” James said.

“Anyway, Hazel, take care. Just stall Felix until we get there” Kurt said to me, I nod.

*End of flashback*

I arrived at the farm. I step out from the cab and paid the cab driver.

I see an advance man, whom I assume is Felix, standing in the middle of the farm. Miranda stands next to him, a man and a woman, they look like they are a couple, stand next to Miranda. And…. Tyler?

I walked towards them. Tyler is looking very healthy, he looks at me and smirked sinisterly.

“I see you came alone. That’s so wise of you” Felix said.

I hear whimpering and I turned to the sound, it’s coming from the couple. The woman is pointing to something behind Felix.

“Tyler, I thought you were poisoned” I said.

Felix laughed.

“No, he wasn’t. We just wanted to lure you out, Tyler is my adopted son. How can I poison my own son?” Felix laughed.

“Hazel, since you have come here alone, you have to cooperate with us and tell us everything you know about Kurt Egan or…. ” Miranda trails off and shows me a gun.

My heart skip a bit. I’ve never seen a real life gun before, seeing it now makes me feel like my end is near.

“How can you work with this people, Tyler. I thought you were a good guy and you wouldn’t…. ”

Tyler raised his hand and cut me off.

“How can I cold my hand and let Kurt destroyed my father” he said.

” I’m so glad I listened to Miranda’s advise. She guessed something like this would happen, that you wouldn’t complete the mission, so she suggests we bring Tyler closer to you. To make him friends with you and use him against you later” then he turned to Miranda and look at her with pride in his eyes. “I’m so proud of you Miranda, your plan really worked”.

I looked at them pitifully. They really put a lot of thought and work in this.

“Start talking now” Tyler said.

Just when I open my mouth to speak, Kurt’s voice interupts me.

“Felix Raine!”

Then Kurt and James stands in front of me. I see police officers round up Felix and his accomplise.

The couple who owns the farmland runs towards us and hide behind us.

Felix look around and see there’s no place for escape, he turns to Kurt and glare at Kurt with pure anger.

“I heard you are looking for information about my past” Kurt said. “Well, you don’t have to stress yourself. I’ll tell you who I am”

Journalists start bringing up their recorders and cameras.

“I’m here today to clear up the confusion and rumors Felix Raine has been spreading about me. My real name is Kurt Powers” the he turned to Felix. “Does that name sounds familiar, Mr Felix?”

I see Felix’s eyes grow wide and he staggered a little.

” How is this possible” I hear him whispers.

“This man you are seeing here today, he is the definition of evil. Years ago, he collected my parents farm and promised to compensate them. But instead of keeping his promise, he killed my family by setting our home on fire, I am the only surviver. He did it to other people before my family, and he’s still doing to other people. All I have ever done, is buy the properties before him and give it back to the poor. Those that Felix Raine has destroyed their families and cheated can testify to this” Kurt said.

” That’s not true. You are just trying to blaspheme me” Felix shouted.

Then the couple step forward and start to speak.

“It’s true what this young man said, Felix wanted to take our land forcefully, thankfully this beautiful lady came in time” the woman said.

” Mr Kurt Egan we are sorry for not investigating properly as journalists. We’ll have this published right away” one of the journalists said.

Immediately, they all start sending the story to their bosses. Some even going live o TV.

The police officers, puts handcuffs on Felix’s hands. He tries to protest.

“I’m not a criminal, don’t put cuffs on me”

“Really? Cause the confession from this couple just proves you are a criminal” one of the police men said.

The police takes Felix and his accomplise away.

“This isn’t over” Felix yells as they drag him away.

“Yeah, we’ll continue when you get out of prison” James yells back.

We turn to the couple.

” Thank you for coming to our rescue” the man said.

“That’s nothing. We are glad we could help” James said.

” If you need any help, contact us with this number” Kurt said and gave his private number to them.

They thanked us continuously, untill we are out of sight.


Three weeks later Felix Raine was sentenced life imprisonment with hard labour, Miranda was sentenced to 7years imprisonment and Tyler was sentenced 2years imprisonment as he didn’t break any law.

Kurt proposed to Hazel and they lived happily ever after…


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