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Episode 1
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Alex Ogbolu was the CEO of a multi billion naira company. Alex was a charming young man who has money, fame, and power. He was arrogant, he treated women like rags because he believed that they are all after his money.
Alex was also hardworking, he took work seriously. Work was his number one priority. Most of his friends called him workaholic.

One-morning Alex woke up late for the first time in his adult life, he had woke up with a hangover, his friends had forced him to the club the night before, where he had so much alcoholic drinks.
“Let’s go to the club and have some fun, who knows we might meet some interesting girls” His friends had told him, at first he had declined but his friends insisted and he agreed reluctantly.To Be Continued on
“James and Richard are going to pay for this, they know how I take my work seriously, still they dragged me to the club last night, I can’t believe I woke up at 11:35am” he said as he stared at the wall clock that was in his huge beautiful room.

Alex rushed to the bathroom to have his bath and to prepare for the day. Few minutes later, he came out looking refreshed. He picked out some clothes from his wardrobe. It was a newly bought black designer suit and he reached to his closet to get a pair of shoes, the shoe was also newly bought.
After dressing to perfection. He headed straight to his classic Lamborghini that was packed right inside his huge compound, his driver had been waiting all morning, the middle aged man greeted Alex softly and he responded by nodding his head. Immediately Alex got into the car, the driver started the engine, the security man pressed the gate’s remote to open the gate and once the gate was open, they drove off.

Getting to his company, Alex noticed that he was having a severe headache due to the hangover.
He got down from the car, and headed towards the company’s building, as he walked into the fine building, many greetings was directed to him but he walk past without uttering a word.
Being the CEO of a big company, many people who worked in the company always quiver in fear whenever he was around.
Alex was a ruthless and emotionless boss.

His grand father had started the company many years ago and handed over the management to Alex’s father who expanded and took the company into greater heights and then the company was handed over to Alex, who also expanded the company even more and made the company more greater.
Apart from work, Alex cared so much for his family, his grand dad, his parents and his only sister Princess, were the people that mattered most to him.

Meanwhile, Alex headed straight to the elevator and made it to the 6th floor where his office was located. Alex had gotten into his office when his phone rang. A sweet smile lightened up his face as he saw who was calling
“Dad, Good afternoon” Alex greeted and he sounded so polite.
“Alex my son, since morning I have been trying hard to reach you, I even called your PA, he told me you were not in the office, where have you been?” Alex’s father threw in.
Alex stammered as he didn’t want to annoy his father with the truth.
“Dad. …. I’m ..not feeling well” He managed to say.
“Really? Have you seen a doctor?” Alex’s father asked at once, one could how see how much he cared for his son.
“It’s nothing serious Dad, I just have headache, I will take some some pain killers and rest” Alex responded.
“Ok my son, if you can please come home today, I have something important to discuss with you” Alex’s father concluded and then he hanged up.

That day was a busy day for Alex as he had a lot of paperwork to take care of. But when he checked his time and saw that it was evening already, he stood up and took his suit jacket that he had removed earlier and walked to the elevator and down to his private car park, his driver walked closer to him but he dismissed him.
“Please go home, I’m going to drive myself, I may spend the night at my parents house” he told his driver and he got into his Lamborghini and drove off to his parent’s house. Which was two hours away from the company as he was driving he was in thought, he wondered why his father wants to have a conversation with him.

He was in a deep thought that he didn’t notice a motor bike at the front of his car, he almost ran into the bike, when he stopped the car, the motorbike almost fell to the ground but the rider somehow controlled the situation and parked the motor bike beside the road and Alex came out of his car and was surprised when he saw that the rider was a young lady.To Be Continued on
Before Alex would say a word, the beautiful lady entered “do you want to kill me? What’s your problem?” She said seriously and at the same time she was screaming so she could get the attention of the people that were passing bye.
“Stop being a drama queen, uou are safe and I’m safe too, why are you screaming?” Alex entered

The young lady stopped screaming and stared at Alex with a fierce look. There was so much anger in her beautiful eyes and that kept Alex captivated. “How could you say that I’m screaming, when I just escaped death and you are not even remorseful, do you know how scared I was, I had thought you lost control of your car brake or something”The beautiful stranger said still fuming in anger.
“This is a Lamborghini not a cheap car or a cheap motor bike, my car is just two weeks old, it’s perfectly fine” Alex said with a proud tone.
“Oh I see, rich monkey” the lady said at once

“Rich monkey?” Alex repeated and walked closer to her and she gave him a piece of her mind.
“Yes you are Rich monkey, a money miss road, a spoilt brat, this car doesn’t even belong to you, maybe it belongs to your daddy, idiot”
She emphasized the “idiot” with a smirk on her pretty face.
Alex couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful face.
“Why are you abusing me?” Alex managed to say.
“You are arrogant, you think you are special or too big to apologise just because you drive a Lamborghini, to hell with you” The lady said and walked to her motorbike and zoomed off.

Alex went back to his car and drove off.
“I must admit that she is pretty and cute but she so rude, even though she is different from every lady I have ever meet, no woman has ever dared to insult me even when I’m wrong, every woman I have ever met normally apologize to me, begging on my feet whenever they discovered that I have so much money but this girl insulted me so much like I’m a nobody, she called me names, I don’t understand what she meant when she called me “Rich monkey”Alex told himself as he drove towards his parent’s mansion, in few minutes he had gotten to his parent’s mansion and he horned at the gate.

It was so obvious that Alex won’t forget the feisty female rider neither can he resist the GREAT ATTRACTION 🤎 that was pulled between the two of them.
To Be Continued on
[7/13, 10:22 AM] ~GREAT ATTRACTION~

Episode 2

The security man saw Alex and he quickly opened the gate, and Alex drove into his father’s mansion, he couldn’t help but wondered yet again.
“What does my father wants to discuss with me so suddenly?” He wondered as he parked his Lamborghini in his father’s garage. The sight of beautiful and classic vehicles would make anyone smile and appreciate wealth.

Alex came down from his car and headed straight into the mansion. Alex was only 18 years old when he moved out from his parent’s house. First he had travelled abroad to study and when he returned he decided to live alone. As he entered the house, Alex saw his mother coming towards him, with the sweet smile on her face. “Mom” Alex called out and his mother hugged him so tightly. The woman patted her son’s back like he was a little boy.
“Alex dear I miss you alot, how are you my son” Alex’s mother said at once

“Mom, I’m doing great, I miss you a whole lot too” Alex responded as they disengaged from the warm embrace and then suddenly the woman looked at Alex with a sad expression on her face and said
“your father told me you were not feeling well, how are you feeling now my son?…. Oh you look so thin, have you been eating well?”
“Mom, don’t worry I’m fine, I feel better now, I also eat very well, you know I have a cook but the truth is I missed eating meals that are prepared by you” Alex entered and his mother smiled.
“My dear, I have prepared your favorite meal, let’s go in” Alex’s mother added

The mother and son walked in to the sitting room and down to the dinning room. Alex was done with the delicious meal when he remembered the reason for his visit.
“Where is Dad?” He threw in.
“He is in his study room with your grand pa” Alex’s mother responded
On hearing that his grand pa was around, Alex raced to the study room.
Alex went to his father’s study room and was elated to see his grand pa. He greeted his grand pa and father with utmost respect and his grand father blessed him.

Alex’s Father signaled him to sit down.
“Infact Alex my boy, your grand father was the one who had sent for you” Alex’s father threw in. Alex sat down with full concentration, Alex was waiting for his father or grand father to speak but they were both silent as they were both watching Alex sternly.
“My Child, you will be 27 years old by next month…. Your father married late and I don’t want you to get married late too, you are my only grand son just as your father is my only son, I want you to change this pattern, it will not be bad if I get to see my great grand children before I join my ancestors, I’m an old man, I am almost 90 years old and your dad is 59 years old, I was 31 years old, when I had your father, your father was 32 when he had you too, my dear boy, I want you to get married on time, you are the heir to Ogbolu dynasty, we are great men, I want you to get married before you clock 30, let me see my great grand children before I join my ancestors” Alex’s grand father finally said

“What? Grand pa, But I’m still young, what do I know about marriage and besides there’s no good woman apart from my mom and sister, the girls I have meet are only interested in my money”Alex entered at once.
“My son listen, we have already found a wife for you, she is a good girl, trust me” Alex’s father threw in.
“What? Who is this girl? And why do you think that I would want to marry her?”Alex asked angrily More stories on
“Son sit down let me explain” Alex’s father said calmly. Alex didn’t want to listen to anything his father wanted to say but when his grand father spoke he finally stayed calm and then Alex’s father continued.

“My son, I have watched this girl for more than five years and I can tell you that she’s a good girl, the reason why I want you to marry this girl is because it would make me feel better, please trust me my son, I have really thought about it, this union would make me feel better, for five years now I have lost my peace but I assure you that when you get married to this girl, I will feel better” Alex’s father threw in

Alex didn’t understand exactly where his father was driving at with the “feel better” talk but Alex didn’t bother to ask, he had felt that his father was only blackmailing him emotionally.
“Dad, i’m not ready for marriage, I’m not, don’t force me into doing what I don’t want, it’s not right” Alex concluded and then his father entered “then you would have to resign as the CEO of Ogbolu Industries”
Alex couldn’t believe his ears, “What?, Dad has it come to that? You just threatened me”Alex entered.
“My son it’s not a threat, I want to feel better, when you marry this girl, I would have peace, if not, making her the CEO of our company for 10 years would make me feel better” Alex’s father added. Alex was surprised that he begged his grand father to say something but the old man was in support of what his son had said.
“In our days, we don’t disobey our parents, I don’t know why this generation is stubborn, arrogant and domineering, I don’t want an outsider to be the CEO of the company I established, please my son, listen to your father, trust me he has a good reason” Alex’s grand father entered and Alex walked away with out saying a word.He didn’t spend the night at his parent’s house like he had planned, he went back to home.
All his mother’s effort to stop him from leaving failed. Alex drove off furiously.More stories on

On the other hand, The female rider also had gotten to her destination but her thoughts was on Alex and the ugly incident that gave her a big fright. She was a female dispatch rider, and that was the work she does for a living. Just like Alex she was a hardworker, she have always worked hard to fend for herself and her only sister.

The young female rider had lost her parents five years back in a car accident and no wonder she got scared when that ugly incident happened with Alex. Her late parent’s were returning from a wedding party when a vehicle from no where came and hit their car, they died on their way to the hospital. She was only 20 years old when her parents died, she had to take up the responsibility of taking care of her younger sister who was just 13 years at the time. Their relative had only planned the funeral and afterwards they left them with empty promises that was never fulfilled.

For these few years, she had worked as a cleaner, waitress and now she is 25 years old she became a dispatch rider and her little sister was 18 years old and in her final year in secondary School. Apart from her job as a dispatch rider, The young lady was also a fashion designer. She dreams of owning a big fashion company one-day.
She had arrived to her destination, she made her way into a public compound, and then she knocked on the door and a beautiful teenage girl came to the door and said “Sister Angela you are back, how was your day? You don’t look cheerful today, what’s wrong?”

“An arrogant idiot almost killed me today” the female rider whose name happened to be Angela said as she narrated everything that happened to her little sister.

To Be Continued
? More stories on
[7/13, 10:25 AM] ~GREAT ATTRACTION~
Episode 3
More stories on
Angela walked into her home as she narrated what had happened to her little sister, she locked the door behind her. It was just a two bedroom apartment with a small kitchen and built in bathrooms for both rooms. It was not a big house like Alex’s mansion but it was a safe neighborhood and they had been living there for a long time even before they had lost their parents.
The next day, Angela heard her sister call out her name but she refused to respond, as she wanted to sleep more because she couldn’t sleep last night, she had kept recalling what had happened and how she had insulted Alex.

“Sister Angela, it’s almost 8:30am, are you not going to work today?” Angela’s sister entered as soon as she walked in to the bed room.
“Oh my God, I’m late for work” Angela said, she stood up from the bed and headed straight to her closet.
“Esther why didn’t you wake me earlier” Angela said as she was going through her clothes.
“Sister Angela I did but you told me to leave you alone… You know what sis, go take your bath, let me pick out an outfit for you” Esther said and Angela obeyed as she walked in to the bathroom immediately while her younger sister began to search for a nice outfit for her.

Angela had never had a quickest bath in her life before. In no time she had rushed out of the bathroom with a towel drying herself. She saw the dress her younger sister had selected for her and smiled. It was a perfect selection.
Esther reminded her of their late mother, apart from the striking resemblance, Esther was also caring, thoughtful and loving like their late mother.
Angela quickly wore the dress and combed her hair, she applied a lip balm on her lip and powdered her face as there’s was no time to apply makeup. When Angela was done she made her way to the living room, Esther her little sister had prepared breakfast and she ate hurriedly but happily. “Esther is not little anymore”She had thought in smiles.

When she was done with the meal, she turned to Esther,
“Are you not going to school today?” Angela asked.
“No big sis, I don’t have exam today, Today’s paper is solely for Art students” Esther responded.
“I can’t believe my little sister is already writing her WEAC exams, the next exam would be JAMB and you will be off to the University” Angela said happily and Esther smiled.
“I need to work harder so I can meet up with the University bills” Angela added
Angela was ready to leave for work, she told her sister to take care of herself.
“Esther, lock the door, please don’t go anywhere, stay at home and read your book, I’m leaving, I will be home as soon as possible,” Angela finally said and she made her way out of the apartment. She was outside the compound when she saw Chief Bello, their Landlord, she greeted the old man politely.

Angela had so much regard for the old man, ever since their parents died, the man had not for once demanded for his rents, even when Angela reminded him, he told her
“my daughter, don’t worry. Your rents are paid in full”.
When Angela curiously asked who had paid the bills, he politely waved it off. Angela had been waiting for the day he would demand for his rents but that day did not come as the man would always be in smiles whenever he sees Angela or her younger sister.

“How are you doing today my daughter” Chief Bello had responded with a smile
“I’m okay sir”Angela had responded
“And how is Esther? Your little sister” The man added.
“She is alright sir, thank you sir” Angela replied hurriedly
“Sir, I have to run along, I am running late for work”Angela added and the man permitted her to leave.
“Have a great day my daughter” the man finally said and Angela headed to where she had packed her motorbike and zoomed off.

That same morning, Alex woke up angrily, he was calm but angry, he didn’t go to the company, he had decided to resign.
“I’m going to start my own company, I will resign, I don’t want to get married not now, and even worst my father wants me to marry a total stranger, that’s unacceptable, I have heard dreadful stories about marriage, I don’t want to get married” He thought
Alex was still in thought when his phone rang, he came out from his thoughts, as he picked up his phone he wished that the caller won’t be his father as he wasn’t in the mood to speak to his father not after everything that went down between them yesterday. Alex’s wish was fulfilled as the caller turned out to be his mother. He reluctantly took the call.
“How are you doing today my son” his mother asked at once.

“Mom, I’m not alright, Dad had asked me to resign and I just did” Alex responded
“Son, you can not do that, you have worked so hard for that company, that company had achieved alot just because of your Zealousness, I don’t want you to make hasty decisions that you would regret later”Alex’s mother advised.
After they hanged up, Alex decided to go to the company, there was alot of pending work that needed his attention.
“Mom is right, I can’t resign not now, if I do, we will not only lose contracts that I worked hard for, we will also lose Clients” Alex thought.

He got ready, headed to his garage, he wanted to take his Lamborghini but on a second thought, he got into his Gwagon instead and drove off. He was on his way to the company, when he sighted Angela on her motorbike, He smiled mischievously.
“She is going to pay for how she treated me yesterday, no one has ever dared to insult me like she did yesterday” Alex thought as he decided to follow her.
Few minutes later, Angela had gotten to the warehouse where she works, as a dispatch rider, she comes to the warehouse every morning to collect the goods she would be dispatching. She had no idea that the “Rich monkey” had trailed her to her work place.

She parked her motorbike and rushed inside the warehouse, she saw her boss, a older woman, who appeared to be strict, Angela greeted her softly and checked the time out of nervousness, she discovered she was two hours late.
And It was obvious that the woman was going to make a fuss about it.
“You are late, why are you late?” The woman entered at once.
“I’m so sorry ma, please forgive me ma, it will never happen again” Angela threw in.
“Forgive you? Did I just hear you say that it won’t happen again? This is the third time that you are coming late to work and I have to make you an example for others to learn, first time you came 15 minutes late, I deducted 30 percent from your salary, the second time you were 40 minutes late, I deducted 35 percent from your salary, today you are 2 hours late And you have to be punished severely” the strict woman entered.
“Please ma, pardon me, please” Angela pleaded.
“No way, infact you are fired, go home!” The woman entered at once.

Angela tried all she could to save her job but the woman appeared to be heartless. More stories on
“Young lady, Drop my key, where did you even park the motorbike? The woman entered.
Everyone present at the warehouse pleaded with the woman to spare Angela especially Angela’s colleagues but the woman became more furious.
“You all should stop begging me, let her go back home first, you can’t change my mind, if you like beg me till tomorrow, my mind is made up, Angela go home” The woman concluded as she collected the bike’s key from Angela.
Angela walked away in tears.

On the other hand, Alex was tired of waiting, he wanted to drive off when he sighted Angela coming out from the warehouse, she sat on the bare floor and Alex watched closely and then he observed that she was in tears.
He came out from his car and headed towards where Angela sat. The poor lady was thinking on how She was going to pay her bills and take care of her sister.
“Esther would be furthering her education, I have to start saving money for her University education, now I lost my job, how are we going to feed till I get another job?” she thought in tears. She glanced and was shocked to see “The Rich monkey” standing beside her

“What are you doing here?” Angela entered as she tried to dry her tears with her hands.
“What has made the feisty female rider sad” Alex responded.

To Be Continued
Episode 4~6
More stories on
Angela turned around so quickly, she was shocked when she turned and saw Alex, she recognized him at once, Alex saw the shock on her face and smiled
“I don’t know what is wrong with me, where is this smile coming from, I shouldn’t look happy but furious, this girl insulted me so much yesterday” Alex thought.

He moved closer to her, Alex couldn’t help but smiled at the shock expression on Angela’s face. She tried wiping her tears with her left hand, Her eyes were red due to the tears, Angela was freaking out, she wondered what Alex was doing there, why he came closer to her, It was so obvious that Alex’s sudden appearance made her uncomfortable but not speechless,
“Rich Monkey, What are you doing here?” Angela said at once.

Alex chuckled and said
“and why are you crying, iron lady?”
He asked with an amused look
They both had a nickname for themselves and thats very funny.
“None of your business, you better leave” Angela entered at once.
“By the way, my name is Alex and I wanted to take my revenge on you today but I see the universe, have done that on my behalf, It feels so good to see you in tears” Alex replied in smiles
Angela couldn’t believe her ears.
More stories on
“I can’t believe you just said that to me, you are happy that I’m in pain, what did I ever do to you? I don’t even know you, So you are happy that I’m crying?, for your information, I just lost my job and it’s not funny, how will I take care of my younger sister, who depends solely on me, I am all she got ever since we lost our parents, I knew you were arrogant and now I know you are wicked, just get out from here, I don’t want to know you, get out” Angela said in tears and instantly Alex felt bad.

“I’m so sorry” Alex said immediately in a serious tone. But Angela was furious that no apology could calm her down
“I don’t need your fake apology, I see that you are so full of your self, get out of here” Angela entered furiously.
“Come on calm down, why are you always burning with anger, see I can get you a better job, infact I’m a CEO of a billion naira company, I can fix you up somewhere, please calm down” Alex responded calmly but Angela wasn’t interested.
“I don’t need your help, you are arrogant and wicked, your wealth doesn’t move me, I’m not a lazy girl, just leave me alone, go away” Angela thundered.
Alex was forced to leave, he got in to his car and droved off.
“Because he has a Lamborghini and a Gwagon, he feels he could intimidate me, I don’t care if his father owns Central Bank, I don’t need his help, he is too arrogant and wicked” Angela thought in tears.

Few minutes later she stood up and headed home. When she got home, Chief Bello was surprised when he saw her, she had only been gone for few hours.
“My daughter, you are back home already?” The man asked but Angela came up with a lie
“I’m not feeling well, I just decided to return home and rest” Angela lied and the man smiled.

On the other hand, Alex had gotten to the company and he was angry with himself but he couldn’t understand why he was directing his anger to himself.
“I should be angry with that silly girl not myself, I did nothing wrong, this girl insulted me so much yesterday and she continued from where she stopped today, I shouldn’t have followed her, I don’t understand why I’m drawn to her, she is a stranger, I don’t understand what is happening anymore” Alex thought.
He came out of his car and headed in to the company’s building when he sighted his sister, Princess, walking towards his direction

“Hey bro” Alex’s sister said immediately and he smiled
“Hello Princess, Ada Daddy, I came to the house yesterday, I meet your absence” Alex revealed calmly and immediately his Sister noticed that he was not happy.
“Big bro, I was organizing my upcoming fashion show, mom told me that you and Dad had some disagreement, that’s why I’m here, I know that’s why you don’t look cheerful” Princess entered and Alex was silent, he didn’t know how to tell his Sister about the stranger who seemed to dislike him so much.

“Big bro, I will advise you to met the girl that Dad wants you to get married to, you might even strike a deal with her, please don’t ever think of quitting, you have done so much for this company, without you, I don’t know what would have been the fate of Ogbolu Industries, you are so good at what you do, ever since I started taking your advise, my little company, Princess Fashion world, has grown so much ” Princess said and Alex smiled, he seemed to like his sister’s advise.
“Yes, I can’t believe that I have never thought of this, yes I can make a deal with her, we can fake an engagement, Lil Sis you are too smart, I love you”Alex said as he hugged his sister and they smiled in each other’s arms.
More stories on
That same day after work, Alex told his father that he was ready to meet the girl he wants him to marry.
“I hope she is worth it” Alex entered and his father smiled happily.
“She is perfect, trust me” The old man said and he promised to introduce the girl to his son as soon as possible.
“She is beautiful, smart and hardworking” The old man added. Shared on whatsapp by Martino
“Is she your best friend’s daughter, I mean Chief Okocha’s daughter that lives abroad?Alex threw in
“No, she is not” the man entered
“Then who is she?, Dad, please Tell me her name” Alex requested
“Her name is Chidinma” Alex’s father replied
“Chidinma? she doesn’t have a… I mean English name”Alex asked at once
“She does but I prefer the native name, when you meet her you can find out about her English name” The old man added with a smile
“And who is her father?” Alex asked
“You will know soon enough” The old man responded still in smiles.

The next day, Angela was everywhere in search of a job and then she stumbled upon a flier that reads PRINCESS FASHION WORLD presents ROYAL FASHION SHOW”, she was so interested that she had to pick up the flier and read it slowly.
“Oh it’s a fashion competition, the best designer wins a car and a deal…. Oh my God and Five million naira as well” Angela read in smiles, she decided to enter the competition but when she remembered that she had not used her sewing machine for a while, she became afraid
“there’s a lot of talented designers around, what if I lose?, I don’t have time to waste, I need to go and look for a good paying job not some dumb competition” She thought but she reluctantly threw the flier into her hand bag.

That evening, When she got home and knocked on the door, her little Sister came to the door as usual, when the door was opened, Angela said with a serious tone
“Esther my sister, I have something important to ask you, please be sincere, you are not a child anymore and you know I am out of job and I don’t have time to play around because we need money to survive….I came across this flier, it’s a fashion show, I want to enter but I’m scared, what do you think?”
Angela handed the flier to her sister and she read quietly and then suddenly, Esther raised her head from the paper.
“Sis, really? You don’t need to ask me, you are so good, all the people that you had made clothes for, were thrilled, enter please, you will win, I think this is the time for you to shine, please enter don’t hesitate, you will win” Esther entered and Angela smiled.
That night she registered for the competition online without knowing that the organiser was “Rich monkey’s Sister”

Few days later, she got a call that she was among the shortlisted candidates.
“You need to give this your best, you are going to make three kinds of outfit, any outfit at all but be creative, you need to come down to our office, located at Lekki phase two to use the Machines and materials that is available for this competition, the full details of this show would be sent to your email, thank you and have a great day” The caller had said
“Thank you so much, so when should I come over to your company?”Angela asked nervously
“Tommorow by 9 am, please be punctual as other candidates would be coming as well” the caller said and finally ended the call.
After the phone call, Angela became so excited, her sister had assured her that she was going to win but she was a bit scared.

That same day, Angela and his sister were watching an interesting movie when they heard a knock at their door.
Angela went to the door and was surprised to see a man at the door.
Before Angela would utter a word the landlord walked in to the scene.
Who is this man?

To Be Continued

Episode 5

Chief Bello interrupted the stranger before the man got a chance to say a word.
“Angela my child please go in, this young man is here for me’ Chief Bello entered and Angela obeyed as she went back in immediately. Chief Bello dragged the man to his apartment. More stories on
“But Chief why did you do that? You know why I’m here, I don’t want to lose my job, chief let me speak to her, you have taken this too far” The man uttered but Chief Bello told him to go
“Don’t ever repeat this ever again,You know you always got a share from every money I received, we are business partners and if you still want to get more money, I suggest you keep quiet, and pretend as if you didn’t meet Angela today” Chief Bello said and the man left speechlessly.

The next day Angela and other shortlisted candidates arrived at Princess Fashion World as instructed, Alex’s sister welcomed everyone. Angela seemed to like Princess because of her politeness, but who would inform her that she was actually “Rich monkey’s” younger Sister.
The competition began that same day and Princess explained the terms and conditions of the competition to the candidates.
“We have beautiful models that would show off your design on the grand finale, that would be the last day of the competition and that day falls on Saturday, you would make three outfits every week for 4 weeks, making a total of 12 outfits at the end of the 4 weeks, please give this your best, I wish you all success, have a great time in this competition, I remain yours sincerely, Princess Ogbolu, the CEO of Princess Fashion world” Alex’s sister said and politely dismissed herself from the little crowd.
Angela and other candidates were given one industrial sewing machine each and Beautiful materials as well, materials like lace, chiffon, Ankara and many many more, to enable them complete their Task.

A month later, it was the grand finale of the fashion show, it was a sunny Saturday, Angela was so nervous, she had invited her younger sister to the show as everyone was permitted to come with their loved ones.
Before the show began, Esther had reassured Angela that she would do just fine.
“Don’t be nervous big sis, I have seen the outfits you made, they are lovely, trust me” Esther said in smiles.
“Are you sure?”Angela asked and Esther nodded. Angela hugged her.

The show finally began, Princess had invited her brother, her parents and her grand father but none had arrived yet.
All the judges was introduced to the audience and the show officially began, the beautiful models began to showcase the beautiful outfits made by the candidates, there were 40 candidates and Angela’s designs were called out last, twelve beautiful models had wore her clothes and when they were called upon, they came out, one after the other and when the judges called her name, Angela came to the stage wearing an Ankara outfit she had made.

And then the judges recollected that when other candidates were called upon, they were not wearing such outfit, some candidates even wore jeans trouser and a simple casual top.
After the cheering and clapping by the audience, there was a sudden silent.
“Young lady, can you please introduce yourself” one of the judges said.
“My name is Angela Wilson, I’m 25 years old… I have been making clothes since I turned 17, at the time I had learnt how to sow from my late mother” Angela said as she wiped two tears from her eyes.

The Judges noticed the tears, even the audience, as they began to clap and cheer for her.
“Miss Angela, you are wearing one of the outfit you made, right” one of the judges asked and Angela responded “yes”
“Why?” Another judge asked.
“I just want to showcase my design as well, because I believe in myself and in what I do, most of the dresses I have in my closet at home were made by me” Angela replied nervously. And every one clapped and cheered for her again.
“I love your confidence it will take you far in life, and your designs speaks of creativity…. beauty and originality. You didn’t only make beautiful outfits for your models, you also made one for yourself, well done Angela” Another judge praised her.

After the Judges Praised Angela, she happily left the stage with her models.
There was a musical break, the music artists they had invited to the show performed for almost an hour and afterwards Alex’s sister came to the stage with a golden envelope in her left hand as she held the microphone with the other hand.
“My name is Princess Ogbolu, the CEO of Princess Fashion world, I want to acknowledge all our sponsors and also everyone that has participated in this year fashion show, infact this year’s candidates are awesome, but there must always be a winner” Princess said as she open the golden envelope containing the name of the Winner and continued “and the winner of this year Fashion Show is……. and then a popular song that it’s lyrics says “Stand up…for the championship… For the champion”began to play, It was so obvious that someone had told the DJ to play the song, when the name of the winner would be announced.
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Every one stood up and then Princess continued again “and the winner of this year competition is…….. Angela……. Wilson, congratulations girl”
Angela heard her name and she rushed to the stage in tears.
“Oh my God” she said in tears. She also chanted “Thank you Lord God”
She couldn’t believe that she had won a deal with the fashion company, a car and a cheque for 5 million naira.
When she was given the mic, she thanked the organizer of the show and also she dedicated the victory to God and to her little sister who believed in her.

The show finally came to an end, Angela and her sister were given a VIP treatment as they waited for the prize that Angela had won. They had given the car key to her and she was only waiting for the contract agreement and the cheque for 5 million naira.
She was waiting patiently with her sister, when Alex and his sister walked in, Alex arrived when the show was over and Princess brought him into the VIP area to introduce the winner to him
“Big bro, that’s our winner” Princess said smiling.
One stare at each other, Angela was shocked.
“Angela, this is my big brother” Princess introduced innocently. Alex smiled within.
“So my tormentor has a name” he thought

Before Alex could react, Angela touched her sister and signaled her to leave with her.
“Angela where are you going? Please wait”on Princess said at once but she didn’t respond.
She left with her sister, leaving the car key behind. And then Alex was forced to open up as he told his sister everything.
“But she won this competition and she deserved to be rewarded, big bro what do you suggest we do?” Princess asked and Alex chuckled and said “I have an idea”

The next day, Angela was surprised when her Landlord congratulated her.
“Angela I saw you on television, you won the fashion show, I am so proud of you, but why didn’t you tell me about the competition?”Chief Bello said and Angela was speechless.
Everywhere she went people recognized her from the show and they would congratulate her.
In no time she somehow began a popular figure as everyone seems to recognize her from the fashion show, the part that got the people’s attention was when she said that she had learned how to sow from her late mother.
Alex was the one who gave out the recorded video of that fashion show to every media house in the country. But still Angela had refused to come for her prize.

Then one day Alex stormed Angela’s apartment with the prizes she had won, The cheque for 5 million, a two years contract agreement that needed Angela’s signature and a car key.
When Alex knocked on the door, Angela came to the door, she was shocked when she opened the door and saw “rich monkey”.
She almost shut the door but Alex came prepared, as he held the door so tightly.
“What’s your problem with me?, You don’t even know me?” Alex asked angrily.
But Angela couldn’t say a word.
“Okay I’m sorry, I apologise for everything I have done wrong, please you need to come outside, I brought your car, here is the cheque for 5 million, and I also came with the contract agreement that needs your signature, you won all these things” Alex added
“No I didn’t, I believe you might have given me all these out of pity, you know that i was out of job and you conspired with your sister to make me the winner, I don’t want your charity, I am not impressed, please go, I don’t want your charity” Angela said almost in tears

“I did not even know that you were participating in the contest in the first place, why are you so difficult? I am innocent, I didn’t plan anything, trust me you won this fair and square, why are you doing this to me? Ever since I meet you, I have wished that I will never see you ever again but some how I kept running back into you, I never planned for any of this to happen, you won yourself a prize, this is not a charity, I have never seen a girl like you, your ego is something else, what?” Alex thundered.
Their disagreement and noise alerted everyone in the compound including the Landlord

Would she believe Alex?
The Landlord is hiding something! What would that be?

To Be Continued
Episode 6

When the landlord walked in to the scene, Angela suddenly became calm.
“Angela my dear, what’s going on here?” Chief Bello asked.
Before Angela would respond, Alex narrated what had happened to the old man.
“Sir, I don’t know who you are but I believe you have the right to know what this egocentric girl has done, how can someone reject the prize she won in a competition?” Alex narrated as he told the man everything, including how he had met Angela crying because she had lost her job.
“Sir, she won these prizes for herself, it’s not charity” Alex added and chief Bello was shocked because he had no idea that Angela was out of job.on

When Alex was done talking, the old man walked closer to Angela.
“I had no idea that you had lost your job, no wonder you were always at home lately, please my child accept your prize, you won that competition fair and square, I watched that competition on television and your designs were the best, you were creative and you won the heart of the judges, the Audience and even the viewers, please accept your prize my child, I have never seen some one who rejects 5million naira in this economy, don’t be stubborn my girl, accept your prize right now”the old man said and Angela obeyed as she walked closer to Alex and collected the cheque and the car key.
Alex brought out a brown envelope containing the contract agreement and a pen and Angela signed the contract speechlessly. When she was done she said, almost like she was whispering
“Thank you” and Alex scoffed “hmmm” and immediately he walked away.

The next day, Princess visited Angela. Princess was surprised, when Angela politely invited her into her apartment.
“I am happy that you have finally accepted your prize, you deserve it because you won the competition fair and square, my brother did not know that you were participating in that competition in the first place, neither did I know that you have meet my brother before the competition, I don’t know what had happened between you and my brother but my brother is not as horrible as you think, he is disciplined, responsible and intelligent but I’m not here to sing my brother’s praise, according to the agreement you signed, you will be working with me for two years and I’m here to take you to the company” Princess said and Angela got ready and left with her.

From that day, Angela began to work at Princess Fashion world as a fashion designer, Princess was a lovely person as she had grown so close to Angela in a short while, she also taught her how to drive her new car.
Angela was a fast learner and Princess was impressed.
“You are a millionaire now, I suggest you change your apartment, it’s too old, or what do you think? I don’t mind supporting you financially” Princess had said.
“Ma, that won’t be necessary, I have enough money, thank you….I have thought about moving too but I don’t know how my Landlord would feel because he had accommodated us for more than five years for free” Angela replied.

“Really? That’s unbelievable but you will not remain in a crappy apartment because of that, you can even impress him with a cash gift as an appreciation and then you can tell him about your plans to change your apartment….Angela enough with that “Ma”, please come on, we are practically age mates call me Princess” Princess said and Angela nodded in smiles

When Angela told Chief Bello about her plans of moving, the man seemed to be happy. Just as Princess suggested, Angela came with a brown envelope containing about 2 hundred thousand naira, she had also appreciated the man for everything he had done, the man did not accept the money but he quickly gave his Blessings.
‘please do come bye sometimes to visit me” the man said happily and Angela wondered why Chief Bello seemed excited with the news and why he had refused the cash gift.

“Esther, when I told Chief Bello that we will be moving, he seemed so excited with the news, I thought he would object and you won’t believe it, he refused to accept the money” Angela complained.
“But he has no right to object, big sis don’t worry your head over that, maybe he just wants us to leave his house, but I don’t understand why he didn’t accept the money, that man loves money alot, well I’m not surprised, that man has always been mysterious too” Esther replied and Angela stared speechlessly and then she remembered when his late father was alive , he had some financial troubles in his business and for two years he couldn’t pay their rent, Angela also remembered how Chief Bello came and embarrassed their Father, even after he had pleaded for more time.
“I don’t joke with money, pay my rents or pack out” The Land lord had said, at the time he wasn’t a titled man, everyone would call him Baba Bello
“That same Man allowed us to live for free for years” Angela thought
Angela knew something strange was going on but she couldn’t point out what it was.

Few months later, Angela and her sister had moved to a bigger apartment in a fine Estate, the two sisters were grateful that life had suddenly became sweet and easy for them. They used to go to bed hungry with no hope for a decent meal but now they had more than enough to eat and enough money to sustain them for a long time.

Angela remembered when her former boss had called her phone.
“Angela, I saw you on television, I don’t even know that you are a seamstress, well congratulations, I hope the competition was worth it, if you want you can come back to work, I have forgiven you” The silly woman had said and then Angela gave her the piece of her mind.
“Thank you ma, I don’t need your job anymore, when I did you fired me without thinking twice, after you saw me on television, you should know that I would never be needing your job, I have a better job now, a job I love not some crappy job, good bye” Angela had responded and hanged up immediately.

On the other hand, Alex had tried his best to avoid Angela totally,
“my presence makes her uncomfortable and I don’t want her insults anymore” he had thought.
The young man had even avoided his sister’s work place to avoid running into Angela.on
“That girl is trouble, even though she has integrity, I don’t like her ego, I don’t understand what she thinks of herself” Alex had said as he tried his best to avoid Angela like a plague.
But the more he tried to avoid her, the more he always run into her.

One Saturday afternoon, Alex had visited her parents, he wanted to surprise his mother with his presence, he walked in to the house silently, he had packed his car outside but he almost lost his breath when he sighted Angela in his parent’s living room, she was sipping a glass of juice and was watching the television, it was obvious that she was waiting for Princess who seemed to have grown so fond of her. To avoid another drama, Alex had to use the back door and when he got into his parent’s house through the back door, he was disappointed that his parents were no where around the house.

When he went to his sister’s room, Princess almost jumped out of her skin. She was applying some make up.
“Bro, is you? You gave me a big fright, why are you sneaking into my room like a ghost?” Princess entered jokingly
“So you and that feisty girl are now close that you bring her home unannounced” Alex threw in ignoring his sister’s joke.
“Angela is a good girl trust me” Princess said in smiles.
“Spare me, I don’t want to know, I can’t believe I came in to my parent’s house through the back door” Alex said and his sister laughed out loud.

“Come on, stop laughing so loud, she might hear you and then she would come into know to know why you are laughing so much, by the way where is our parents?” Alex asked.on
“They went out, I don’t even when they left but I called them on the phone, you won’t believe what they told me, in quote ” Princess we are running some errands, we are together, we will be back home soon, don’t tell me you are missing us already, that’s why you need to bring a man home as soon as possible, you need a husband so you can let us enjoy ourselves without bothering us, by now you should be bothering your husband not us”Princess said imitating her parent’s tone.

“What?”Alex said laughing
“So my big brother when you stop laughing, please hook me up with one of your friends, I am officially in need of a husband, or I will leave this house like you did, maybe I will come live with you” Princess entered jokingly.
“No way, then you will bring that silly girl to my house unannounced, that girl is a tormentor, I don’t like her one bit, I don’t know what she thinks of herself” Alex entered and Princess smiled.
“Are you sure bro, because with the way you go on and on with same topic, one would think you have feelings for her”Princess said still smiling.
“God forbid” Alex entered and they both smiled again

Alex and Princess were still chatting away in the bedroom when thier parents arrived.
Immediately Angela saw the old couple walk in to the living room, she greeted them politely, she had been staring at their portrait the entire time she sat in the living room, no wonder she could easily recognize them.
One good stare at Angela, Alex’s father said “Chidinma?”
To Be Continued on
Episode 7

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Angela stared at the couple speechlessly.
“Chidinma, how are you?” Alex’s Father continued but Angela stared at the man confusingly.
“Oh dad, mom finally you are back home, where did you guys go?” Alex asked as he walked into the sitting room with Princess. Angela wondered when Alex got there as Princess had told her earlier that no one was home.
“Angela, meet my parents” Princess said in smiles.
And Angela nodded.
“Princess, so you have meet Chidinma already?” Alex’s Father threw in pointing at Angela and Alex listened speechlessly.
“No Dad, her name is Angela not Chidinma, you and mom did not attend the Fashion show, else you would had known her” Princess said confusingly.

“Princess……My name is also Chidinma, but I don’t understand, no one else knew that my name was also Chidinma apart from my late parents and younger sister, I didn’t even include Chidinma in my documents, and I haven’t met your father before now, so how did he know my other name?”Angela admitted and everyone was shocked except Alex’s father even Alex couldn’t believe his ears.

“So Angela is actually Chidinma, the girl my dad wants me to marry, I’m finished, oh my God” Alex thought.
“Sir, how did you know my name?” Angela asked curiously.
Hot tears rolled down from Alex’s father’s eyes,
“I met your late father, more than twenty years ago, my son Alex had lost his way home, your father saw him on the road alone and he took him to the police station to make a report, he didn’t stop there, he took Alex home with him and took good care of him till we found Alex” Alex Father said and Alex’s mother nodded in agreement.
While Alex and Princess listened speechlessly.
Alex couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he wondered why his father never cared to share this story before now.

“When Alex returned home, we were so happy, because we thought we had lost him, at the time he was only 7 years old, some weeks later, I went to visit your father to know what I will do to repay his kindness but he told me that I shouldn’t bother, he praised Alex instead, he told me that I was blessed to have a smart boy like Alex because he was the one who had saved himself, he said Alex had walked up to him when he was passing bye and in tears, he told your father that he was lost and needed his help to get home, your father was amazed that he put it upon himself to make sure Alex was safe, since your father didn’t accept any kind of repayment for his favour, I gave him my business card and told him to come to me, if he needs my help, he took the card reluctantly, he visited me twice in my work place, I thought he had changed his mind or maybe he needed my help but he told me smiling that he only needed my friendship”

Alex’s Father paused for a while and continued.
“Many years later, i was coming back from work, one Saturday evening, I had a lot of paperwork to take care of, I don’t usually work on Saturday but because I was expecting some new foriegn investors the coming Monday, I had to take care of all the pending work that weekend so I can have time to meet up with my new investors, i was heading home, when my driver Abiodun suddenly stopped the car and he told me that two cars ran into each other, I had wondered if they were casualties, my driver wanted to move but I told him to wait, we both got out of the car to find out if there’s a way, we could help the victims, ever since the incident happened with Alex, that a total stranger who happened to be your father, helped my son to get home safey, I became more kind and generous towards others especially strangers, I walked into the accident scene with my driver, I have alerted the police about the accident but they didn’t come early enough as I expected, but I was shocked to see your father inside one of the vehicle, with your mother, there was two cars in the scene, both were extremely damaged due to the accident, the windscreen and the side mirror were broken, infact your father was the one who had recognized me, immediately i looked into the damaged vehicle, I was shocked when he called my name, and then I recognized him immediately, I tried to get them out of the vehicle but the doors were damaged, I couldn’t open the door”

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Angela was already in tears, Alex’s mother walked closer to her and held her by her shoulder.
And Alex’s father continued ” my driver and i managed to get them out of the vehicle but it wasn’t easy, we rushed them into my car and we headed to the hospital, Chidinma, your father was thankful, he told me that I have repaid his kindness, I was a bit happy when he said that because I thought he would make it out alive, he was silent for while, then he told me his wife was not breathing, I was so frightened, i told Abiodun my driver to step on the car so we could reach the hospital quickly and on time, he obeyed, Abiodun has never speeded like he did that day, and then your father told me that he was not afraid of death because he lived well but was concerned about his children, I can remember vividly the last word he said “who will tell Chidinma my daughter that she should please take care of her little sister?”, your mom had been silent all through the drive to the hospital and when your father suddenly became calm as well, I was afraid but I was relieved that we have at least gotten to the hospital, your parents were rushed into the emergency ward, and then 30 minutes later, the doctor came out and pronounced them dead,
“they died more than 40 minutes ago, that means they both died on their way here” the doctor told me and I gave out a loud noise of pain”

Everyone in the room was in tears including Alex, Even Alex’s father wiped two tears from his eyes and added “you see Chidinma my dear, your father mentioned your name to me before he died”
“But sir why are we just meeting today? Sir I wished I knew this before now, I would have thank you for the effort you put in trying to save my late parents, I don’t even know all this happened” Chidinma entered in tears.

“I have meet you couple of times my dear, the first time was at your parent’s funeral and I can’t just walk up to you with this sad story, after the funeral, I lost my peace, I kept remembering your father’s last words which is “who will tell Chidinma my daughter to take care of her little sister” And then I put it upon myself to take care of your little sister and you as well..,…the second time, I saw you, you were standing at the main road, before Abiodun could park the car and I came running out of the car, you had left, i visited your apartment countlessly but I always meet your absence although your neighbours told me how hardworking you are and that’s why you were never at home, they told me that you are a good girl, most times i meet Chief Bello, the landlord, Mr Bello might have mentioned my name to you, because I told him that I was your late father’s friend” Alex’s father threw in.

“No he didn’t” Angela said at once.
“Really? Are you sure because Bello had called me more than thrice and he told me that you wanted to say hello, yes..Now I remember, we have spoken on the phone before, where you told me you needed 100 thousand naira to sort out your sister’s school bills” Alex’s father said
‘no that’s not true sir, I have never begged for anything in my life, I have always worked hard for everything”Angela said at once
“Really? I have always sent money to you and your younger sister through Chief Bello” Alex’s father revealed and Angela was shocked

“Come to think of it, the girl’s voice I heard on the phone is quite different from yours, that means chief Bello was playing me, apart from sending your monthly allowance through him, I also sent your school fees to him every now or then, he told me about your birthdays and always sent expensive gifts through him, I also paid the house rents and many more, Bello had been scamming me, I always sent Abiodun my driver to him…, Alex my boy, go and bring Abiodun here, so he would confirm what I’m saying” Alex’s father entered firmly and Alex obeyed
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“Sir the only favor, i and my sister ever received from Chief Bello was that he allowed us to live in his house for free and that’s was for five years”Angela said softly.
“I paid him his rents, infact I paid in arrears, he had collected 10 years rents from me” Alex’s father announced. You can get the remaining episodes on
“What?and here I was thinking he was doing us a favor” Angela entered

In no time, Alex returned with the driver Abiodun and one good stare at the man, Angela remembered him.
“some months ago, You once came to my old apartment but immediately Chief Bello walked in you were speechless, yes I remembered you were there to see Chief Bello and you knocked on the wrong apartment ”
“Oh I see but Abiodun, I thought you told me that you didn’t meet Angela at home that very day, I have sent you to bring Chidinma to the house because I had something important to discuss with her”Alex Father entered without revealing much. It was obvious that the important discussion, he wanted to have with Angela was about his plans to get her married to his son Alex.

Abiodun was so afraid, he was quivering and on a bended knee, hot tears and sweat rolled from his face.
“sir, I will confess” he said fearfully. Abiodun confessed to all his crimes and also to chief Bello’s crimes.
“Miss Angela, i have meet you at your parent’s funeral with my boss, even when he saw you at the main road, I was with him” The driver revealed.
“And so? I have told her already” Alex’s Father entered impatiently.

And then the driver continued
“Sir all I want to say is that i know her in person but Chief Bello thought that I don’t know her in person, so one-day, my boss has sent me to you Angela, he told me to give you 500 hundred thousand naira personally that I should not give the money to chief Bello as always, when I arrived Chief Bello brought a different girl, claiming she was you, and then I opened up and he was shocked when I described how you look and I threatened to expose him to my boss but the man pleaded and he told me, that we can become partners, the deal seemed tempting so I agreed, we shared that Money, I got 30 percent of that money and we also shared so much money apart from that five hundred thousand naira, please sir forgive me, it’s the devil’s work” Abiodun confessed and the next day Chief Bello and Abiodun were arrested by the Police and they would be doing a long time in jail.
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To Be Continued

[7/13, 7:21 AM] Story P: GREAT ATTRACTION 🚴‍♀️

Episode 8

Some weeks later, Angela stormed the prison to see Chief Bello’s awful face. When Chief Bello came out from his cell to meet Angela, he bowed his head in shame.
“For five years, I thought you were a God’s sent, I thought you were a good man, most times I prayed to God to bless you because I thought that you did us a favor, I never knew you were deceitful and a greedy fraudster” Angela entered furiously.
Chief Bello couldn’t say a word, he was too ashamed, he never knew that his sins would find him out.

“You stole from my sister and I, we were orphans, did you even stop to think about how we were coping with out our parents and God sent some one to help us, you became a stumbling block, many nights we went to bed hungry, I worked so hard because I knew if i don’t we will be hungry, where as you were living large, you even became a chief with the money that was meant for our upkeep, Now I see why you were so elated when we left your house, because you thought Chief Ogbolu would never find us and he would keep sending money to you, no wonder you didn’t accept the two hundred thousand naira I gave you as a gift, your conscience won’t let you or better still , two hundred thousand was peanuts compare to what you always received from our Benefactor, I know everything now, my God will judge you”Angela said and walked away, leaving Chief Bello in the state of regret and shame.

On the other hand, Ever since Alex got to know that Angela was Chidinma, he felt perplexed because he knew Angela was not the kind of girl that he would fake a relationship with, his father had also explained in details, why he wants him to marry Chidinma
“Chidinma’s late father always appeared in my dreams, he wants his daughter to be part of my family, and getting his daughter married to you is the best way to turn her to a family member, I am not shocked to see Chidinma’s late father in my dreams because when he was alive, I had given him my word, I had told him that he should come to me whenever he needed my help, so you see, marrying Chidinma would bring me peace, you once asked if she had an English name, now you know, it’s Angela”

“Dad, what are you saying, there’s no such thing as Ghost, it’s just what you have on your mind, you just want her to be part of our family and subconsciously you think her late father would be happy when she becomes a part of our family, it’s you.Dad… That’s what you want, yes I’m very grateful that the late man saved me when I was little boy but getting married to Angela to repay that favor, it’s uncalled for… Jeez I was only seven years old when her late father saved me” Alex entered.

“I’m not lying my son, you know your father is not liar but you are not totally wrong, I must admit I want this too, I want to make her part of our family, her father was such a nice man, he had integrity, he was some one you can trust and according to what I have heard, Chidinma is exactly like her father, Princess told me how she almost forfeit her Prize because she thought it was charity, she is not a free loader, money doesn’t move her, she is not greedy, she is hard working and self dependent as a wealthy young man, I believe you need such a woman by your side, who would love you for you not for what you have or represent” Alex’s father said and Alex fell into a deep thought instead.

All the women he had met wanted him because of what they stand to gain, only Angela doesn’t even care about what he represents, “I know Angela is different but there’s a limit to everything, she has ego and to me thats a big problem, how can I explain all this to Dad, That I can’t marry Angela, she always misunderstand my motives , We are not compatible, no I can’t spend my life with her, no, I don’t want to get married, not now and not to her” Alex thought.

But it was as if his father read his mind.
“Alex my son, you are right there’s no such thing as ghost, I guess it’s my subconsciousness like you said, my subconsciousness wants you to marry Angela because I believe it’s the right thing and it would make me feel better, I couldn’t do anything for her late father, if her father was still alive, her daughter’s marriage would mean a lot to him, when Angela’s father was alive he seemed like he was fond of you..and if you get married to his first daughter, he would have been happy if he was still alive…. but I just thought about everything, I can’t impose my feelings on you, no I can’t because you are a grown up man, but Alexander my son, can you do something for me?” Alex’s Father asked politely.
Alex knew that whenever his father pronounce his full name that he was about to give him a difficult task.

“What Dad?”Alex said immediately with a quick frown
“Would you at least get to know Chidinma first, if you don’t like her, then don’t marry her, I will adopt her and her younger sister as my god daughters but if you like her and you marry her like I suggested, then I will be the happiest man on earth” Alex’s father entered and Alex smiled, he seemed to like the strange plan.
“Okay Dad I accept” Alex replied in smiles.
“Don’t forget, you must try your best to know her, Your sister had told me how you avoid poor Chidinma like a plague, you don’t visit your sister at her work place anymore because you don’t want to run into Chidinma, you have to get close to Chidinma if you want to know her” Alex’s Father entered and Alex smiled “I never knew my sister is a gossip, but don’t worry Dad, I will try my best” Alex concluded.

For the first time in a while, Alex visited Princess Fashion World, Alex’s couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw how different every where looked. The building was repainted and Alex was stunned when he saw Angela’s picture boldly in place at the entrance of the building as the winner of the fashion show. In that picture Angela had strike a pose with her prize and she looked very beautiful.
Alex walked into the tall building, as always greetings were directed at him as he walked into her sister’s office. He nodded to some greetings and to some he waved.
Princess was always excited to see her brother and they both always acted like kids around each other.

“Dad, told me to supervise you while you are here!” Princess entered suddenly.
“What does that mean? Supervise?”Alex asked at once.
“Have you forgotten, you have to speak to Angela, try to know her and my job as a supervisor is to make sure it happens” Princess entered in smiles
“You and Dad is taking this too seriously, I don’t like her, it’s obvious but if that is what I have to do to be free from all madness then I am ready, by the way where is she?” Alex entered.
“At the workshop, please be nice” Princess entered and Alex left for the workshop.
He found Angela using the industrial sewing machine, she was working on a outfit.

Immediately she sighted Alex
“Good day Mr Alex” She greeted professionally for the first time ever and Alex smiled with in.
“Finally, he used my name, I was tired of hearing her call me “Rich monkey, I was beginning to feel guilty for being born with a silver spoon” Alex thought.
“Good day Miss Angela” Alex responded and Angela’s who has been feeling remorseful ever since the fashion show incident, walked closer to Alex
“I just want to apologise for everything, I know I misjudged you and I called you unprintable names, please would you forgive me?” Angela entered in a serious tone.
“Nice try but I can never like some like you,” Alex thought before he responded
“I forgive you” and Angela smiled.
“Thank you, I am so happy now” Angela replied
Still in smiles.
“But why?” Alex asked at once.
” I know we started off as enemies, please can We be friends now?” Angela said smiling.
Alex didn’t utter a word instead he walked away

Right there Angela knew that Alex was still hurt. That day she went straight to Princess.
“Princess, I just apologized to your brother but I feel he is still angry with me, he is your brother and you know him better, what can I do to make him forgive me wholeheartedly” Angela said and Princess smiled within. “This is the opportunity that I have been waiting for” she thought
“Don’t worry, my brother doesn’t even know how to keep a grudge for a long time, he would warm up to you soon but You can visit him at his office and tell him that you are deeply remorseful about everything” Princess entered at once.
“Really, are you sure this would work, I’m scared what if he walks me out of his office?” Angela asked
“Trust me it will work, my brother wouldn’t dare to walk you out” Princess said smiling
“Why do you think so?” Angela threw in curiously
“Because…. My father would… Sorry I mean he is my brother, I know him after all” Princess entered nervously, she almost opened up unknowingly but she smiled instantly to cover up
“It’s Okay, I will visit him at his office tomorrow at lunch time” Angela decided and Princess smiled.

The next day, at lunch time,
Alex was about to step out from his office, when his intercom rang, he quickly pressed the button when he heard the voice of his chief security officer “Sir, a lady is here to see you”
“And what’s her name?”Alex asked.
” Angela” and Alex’s heart skipped a beat.

To Be Continued
[7/13, 7:22 AM] Story P: ~GREAT ATTRACTION~

Episode 9 –

Semi – Episode

Alex was shocked and at the same time, he was some how bothered
“what does she want and how did she get here?…. Oh I see Princess or Dad would be behind this unexpected visit”
“You can let her in” Alex said with thought and dropped the intercom.
Angela was already in the company’s building, It was a giant magnificent building that speaks of luxury, The front of the building was boldly written: OGBOLU INDUSTRIES
When Angela was inside the building, she saw that the inside Was even more beautiful than the outside, everywhere was well decorated.
She saw that many people worked in the building.

Angela got into the elevator and pressed the 6th floor like she was directed, when she got to the sixth floor she came out of the elevator and then she walked in the hallway that led to Alex’s office, she meet Alex’s Secretary who inquired If she had an appointment with Alex and Angela smiled and said “not really but I want to see him”.
The beautiful female secretary had to confirm from her boss before she allowed Angela to go in. When Angela got closer to Alex’s office, she softly knocked at the office door and she heard “come in”.
She opened the door and walked in and she met Alex sitting on his chair.

When she walked in she managed to take Alex’s breath away, with her beautiful face and gorgeous dress, She wore a green dress she had made and Green had always been Alex’s favorite color.
But he comported himself like it was nothing. He stared at her intensely and Angela stared right back at him too, Alex was wearing a designer suit and he was looking so fine
“You are welcome Miss Angela, what brings you here, please sit” Alex said in a business tone as he pointed to the couch that was behind Angela.

Angela made her way to the couch and sat on it, and she watched him stare at her as his eyes flicked up and down.
And then Alex asked with so much scarcasm
“what can I offer you, do you want some cold drinks or I almost forgot you don’t want anything from me, I’m a rich monkey, I’m arrogant and wicked…… ” And Angela smiled half shyly
“I’m good thank you”she replied as Alex rolled his eyes and continued to glare at Angela.
“Are you sure because I don’t want some one to call me names, the weather is too hot, I’m only feeling cool because of this Air conditioner, please don’t warm up this office with your burning anger” Alex entered and Angela smiled again.
This time her smiles melt his heart.
“She looks more beautiful when She smiles”Alex thought.

And then there was a sudden silence and Angela broke the silence.
“I know that you are wondering why I am here” Angela said and Alex nodded.
“I came here to apologize officially for everything I did wrong, I don’t know why I took out all my bitterness on you, ever since i lost my parents, life became very tough, I worked very hard because that was the only way I know how to survive, I apologise for the times I insulted you, for the times I misjudged you, I apologise for the time I rejected your apology, I apologise for all the stress I put you through, please forgive me” Angela said softly
“I have forgiven you, trust me!”Alex replied
“Are you sure?” Angela asked
“Do you want me to prove it?” Alex asked in smiles
“Yes” Angela said softly as her face lightened up with smiles.
“I’m starving, please would you accompany me to a restaurant nearby” Alex threw in and Angela smiled.

Few minutes later, Alex and Angela were at the car park, Alex walked to his Lamborghini and held the door for Angela to get in. Angela got in to the car, and then she remembered the first time that they had meet, Alex also was thinking the same thing.
“I can’t believe the feisty girl is riding with me in my Lambo.” Alex thought and smiled and then they drove off to a nice restaurant.
After the meal, They got talking and they learnt one or two about each other.
“Angela alot of people thought that life is perfect for the Rich but no, wealthy people shed tears too, they get disappointed too, having money doesn’t mean you have Peace or happiness or especially love, as the CEO of a billion naira company, I have my own struggles too, I feel bitter too and experience setbacks most times” Alex said calmly and Angela was so touched with the speech that she had apologize again for calling him unprintable names like “Rich monkey and money miss road”

“It’s okay, trust me I have forgiven you, I am happy that you have realized that I’m not as terrible as you had thought, yes I might seem arrogant and domineering, but the truth is I have a good heart and my intentions are always pure, I’m not saying that I’m perfect but I am trying hard to be a good person, but most people that I have met both male and female wants to take advantage of me because they know I’m wealthy, while ~some other kind of people judge me before they get to know me, I wasn’t asked to be born rich, I didn’t have a perfect childhoo~ d like every one thought, yes my parents were wealthy, they gave me everything money can buy but they always fought all the time, I was glad when I got an admission to study abroad, they were the main reason why stayed alone but I’m grateful that now they seem to love each other’s company, so you see no one have a perfect life” Alex said calmly

They were still conversing when
Angela looked at his wrist watch and noticed that it was getting late, it was 4pm already. She had thought
“I’m sorry, Please I beg to take my leave,Your sister would be waiting for me at the office” Angela entered
“Okay, let me drop you off” He said with a big smile
“I came with my car remember and it’s still parked at your company’s car park” Angela announced
“Don’t worry it’s safe, I will send some one to bring your car to you, let me drop you off” Alex entered and Angela reluctantly agreed.
When they got to Princess Fashion World, They bid each other “goodbye” as Angela came out of the Lamborghini, she had already given Alex her car key.
“Please say hi to Princess on my behalf” Alex had said and he reassured Angela that her car was safe and that he would send some one with the car as soon as he gets to the office.

Before the close of work, Alex sent some one to deliver Angela’s car to her as he had promised and she was so impressed.
At the close of work, Angela got into her car and drove home after she had bid Princess”Goodbye.
Angela went to bed that night but couldn’t help but to think about what had happened earlier that day
The next day Alex woke up with a groan, he couldn’t get any sleep last night either,
Cause he kept thinking about Angela. He
wondered what was happening to him.
“Why I’m I feeling this way about Angela, have I fallen for her?” Alex thought
“No I’m not it’s obvious, Its not love but Respect, I respect Angela now because she had put her ego aside and she had admitted she made a mistake in misjudging me and she had apologized, respect is not love” Alex told him self

To Be Continued
[7/13, 7:22 AM] Story P: ~~GREAT ATTRACTION~

Episode 10-~

Final Episode

It was so obvious that Alex was in love with Angela but he doesn’t want to admit to it.
The arrow of love had been shot in to his heart and he doesn’t want to accept that he was wounded.
Ever since Alex and Angela had their first meal together at the restaurant, they had gradually grown into becoming friends.
Every night Alex would stay up thinking about Angela, there is this nagging feeling deep down in his hearts that always told him that his feelings for Angela was way more than respect
But he choose to bury that feelings deep in his heart to stop the feelings from coming alive .

But one-day something magical happened,
Alex had walked out of the elevator as he made his way towards his office with a sweet smile on his face, ever since he became friends with Angela, he always seemed to be in a good mood.
For the first ever he responded to all the greetings that was thrown at him by his workers, as he walked in to his office.

Half an hour later, He was seated in his office when his secretary, Ada walked into his office and then the Secretary entered seriously but there was a nervous smile on her face
“Sir I have something important to Discuss with you” and Alex responded “I’m all ears”
For weeks, Alex’s Secretary had been trying hard to seduce him, but Alex wasn’t even paying attention, and the young beautiful lady had decided to confess her feelings to Alex.

The secretary was quiet for a few seconds and then she said “Sir, I don’t know how to say this but I’m in love……… With you” and Alex smiled.
That was not the first time a girl had walked up to him to confess their feelings.
“Are you sure?” Alex entered
“Yes sir, I love you” Ada replied.
“But why? I am your boss and you are my Secretary, you don’t have the right to fall in love with me, you don’t, I’m giving you a last chance or else, you would had lost your job today, focus on your job not on me, besides I’m in love with some one else, I love Angela so much.” Alex admitted unknowingly

He was done with his statement when realized what he had said.
Ada dismissed herself immediately and Alex fell into a deep thought, a quick smile lightened up his face.
“So it’s love” he thought in smiles but then his smile quickly turned into a frown
“It would only be true love if Angela loves me right back” Alex added.
That day Alex couldn’t perform his daily routine at his office, they were a lot of paperwork on his desk that needed his attention but he was just overwhelmed with his feelings for Angela, Even his brain, wasn’t even working straight enough to do any work that day.

Few months later, It was Alex’s 28th birthday,
That morning he woke up to more than a hundred birthday messages on his phone, he got messages from his clients, friends and relatives. He had a sweet smile on his face as he read and responded to some of the messages.
That day, Alex received a lot of presents as well but he didn’t get the present that he cherished so much untill his sister, Princess arrived.
“Happy birthday my darling big brother, the sky is your limit, you have done well for yourself and I’m always proud of you, God will always bless you” Princess had said with smiles as she walked into Alex’s office with a brown paper bag.
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Alex thanked her and hugged her.
“Lil Sis, I have been expecting you all morning, how is my birthday party arrangements? I hope you contracted a good party planner, tonight party should be perfect” Alex said with smiles
“Trust me bro, I got this” Princess entered.
“Princess, Where is my present?” Alex said at once with a big smile.
“Oh I almost forgot” Princess entered as she digged into the brown paper bag, and brought out three wrapped presents.
“Here bro, this two presents are from me, and once again Happy Birthday, I love you” Princess added as she placed two presents on Alex’s office table.

Alex ignored the two presents as he glared at the other present.
“And this present is not from me, it’s from Angela, I hope you like it” Princess revealed as she placed the third present on the table with the other two presents.
Alex immediately opened the third present that was from Angela and he was surprised to see a black suit.
“A suit?”Alex entered
“Yes, Angela made it specially for you, I hope you like it, although I told her that you like designer suits like Armani and the rest but still Angela insisted on making a suit for you, if you don’t like it, you can give it to your PA” Princess said.
“What are you saying? Its my birthday present, I will be the one to decide what I will do with my present” Alex said calmly

That same day, it was 7pm, Alex had arrived at his birthday party venue, the party took place in a classic hotel and suites that was not too far away from his parent’s mansion, Alex was looking so handsome, Princess couldn’t believe her eyes when she noticed that Alex wore the suit Angela had made. She was in smiles as Alex walked up to her.
“Princess, where is Angela, I can’t find her anywhere, I hope you invited her specially to my birthday party, I just want to appreciate her for this present” Alex said calmly as he touched the suit that he wore
“I love this suit, it’s so comfortable, Angela is so talented”Alex added and Princess smiled
“That’s why she won the fashion show last year, she is way too talented, and by the way big bro you are looking very handsome” Princess entered and Alex smiled.
“Big brother, I spoke to Angela, few minutes ago, she is already on her way with her younger sister, they will be here soon” Princess added and Alex nodded and walked away to join his friends

Half an hour later, Angela stormed the party with her sister, Esther. Immediately they walked in to the party, Angela looked around, she was only looking for Princess, but instead she sighted Alex with his friends, she decided to wish him a happy birthday, as she walked closer to Alex, she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw that Alex was wearing the suit that she had made for him, a quick smile filled her face.
“I can’t believe Alex worn the suit” Angela thought.
Alex immediately saw her walking to his direction, he politely dismissed his friends and arranged his neck tie.
Angela flashed him a silly smirk as he walked closer.
“You look so good today birthday boy” Angela entered
“I have been searching for you, I just want to see the designer that made this suit that I’m wearing” Alex entered in smiles.
“I’m right here Alex, you can stop searching” Angela replied with smiles
Alex walked closer and gave her a hug.
“Thank you, I love the suit, I never knew you could make a lovely suit like this” Alex said as he disengaged from the hug.

Angela’s heart skipped beats but she comported herself.
“I’m glad you love it,….. this is my sister her name is Esther” Angela entered and Esther greeted Alex who responded so politely.
“You look so beautiful Esther like your sister, thank you for coming to my party”
And Esther smiled

Two hours later and the birthday party was finally over, Angela and her sister were ready to go when Alex walked up to them.
“I want to thank you once again for the present and for attending my party” Alex entered.
“Thank you for having us, my sister and I really had a great time” Angela responded and then Alex continued “Angela, can we talk for a moment, I promise I won’t take much of your time”
And Angela nodded in acceptance and she turned to her younger sister
“Esther, please wait for me in the car” and to Alex she said
“I’m all ears”

Alex was quiet for few seconds and when he finally spoke he said
“Angela I don’t know how you are going to react to what I have to say but I want you to to know that all I’m about to say is nothing but the truth”
And Angela stared at him to continue but instead he walked closer and kissed Angela.
Alex was expecting a slap but instead Angela kissed him back.
Alex was so excited, They kissed for a while and then Angela stopped the kiss abruptly.
“I love you” Alex managed to say.
And his joy knew no bound when Angela admitted that she loved him too.

From that day, A new relationship was born and in few months later, Angela and Alex got married in an elaborate wedding. Chief Ogbolu was so excited as he walked Angela down the aisle.
“You look so beautiful my daughter, you are not just my daughter in-law now, you are also my daughter, thank you for the opportunity to walk you down the altar, you would had walked alone if you wanted but you requested I walk you down the aisle, thank you my child” Chief Ogbolu said and Angela smiled.
When Alex’s Secretary heard about the wedding, she was upset that she vowed to tear them apart.
“Alex is mine” she had told herself.
Would she be able to tear them about?
Part 2

Love is simple. We make it hard with our trappings, expectations and demands. We place limits, restrictions and conditions on our loving and those we love. Love is simple. You simply give love for the sake of love, or you don’t!

Some People like Chief Bello just want to win your trust so they can ruin your life, just because they appear good doesn’t mean their intentions are. People pretend well

When God wants to bless you, He sends some one in your life. Pay attention.

Most times the people who seemed rude in behavior are the ones who cares the most

Don’t be impressed by money, cars or titles. Instead be impressed by Humility, kindness, integrity and Generosity.

You should never judge someone before you get to know them.

The End

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