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I strolled into a boarding secondary school to do an outreach and to pray with them. During the ministration to the junior students, I mentioned some cases, prayed for them and then stayed back for counseling.

Many of the kids who came for counseling are victims of sexual exposures. Many of them started stealing the moment they got exposed to sex, they have done very terrible things. One of the girls who is 12 years told me she started having sex in nursery school. At age 12, she couldn’t count how many boys she has slept with. There were lots of such cases…

painful enough was the repeated complaints that their parents were not aware of their struggles because they fear of being disowned. The 12 years old girl said her mum still sees her as a virgin, but she has slept with countless boys including lesbian sex with her pastor’s daughter right in the church…..
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It grieves my heart to see how many parents brag about being parents when their kids can’t even confide in them, their kids prefer dying in silence than talk to parents…… It turned into a deliverance session because many of them had contacted satanic poisons. I led them to Christ and conducted deliverance on them.

The school authority is trying, they are doing all they can to engage the student and even inviting people like us to come and talk to their students, but when these children go home, they come back worse because their parents are not helping matters.
Invite parents to seminars, they will claim they are busy……get more on our blog below pls
ask them to join a whatsapp or Facebook group that can help them, they will tell you they know it all…..ask them to pay and join a group, they will tell you its a waste……

Some of the boys were confessing being introduced to sex by house helps, older siblings, cousins….
I have dealt with cases of father having sex with her daughter for 9 years, and having her pregnant 6 times. This girl has aborted for her dad 6 times and mum is not aware.
I have handled cases of siblings having sex and parents are not aware….yet these parents are educated, invite them to conferences, they will be speaking English for you and telling you how busy they are…..

Many of these kids got abandoned and exposed to sex due to parental neglects. One JSS 1 girl told me that as her parents are fighting each other at home, no one looks at her, so she took succour at school with a Jss 3 boy who started paying her attention and they started having sex right after school.
Many have been exposed to masturbation, lesbianism and homosexuality and parents are not aware….. Where are the parents?
My heart bleeds…..

I am shocked to see how some churches handles their Children and Teenager’s departments. Most of these children are exposed due to technology through television, social media and their schools but we have neglected them as if they don’t know anything.

We don’t even talk about sex with our children because we believe it’s not spiritual matter.

Let us not bury our head in the sand be aware parents guardians and grandparents.

Let’s wake up Satan is on the rampage and church children are his main target.
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