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By Christabel Nwoko
Episode 1

Benita sat in the extreme corner of her bed room, snuggled up all in herself, feeling marooned, she wasn’t afraid, she wasn’t angry, she was just disappointed and sad, she wished she could stop the time from ticking.

She buried her head in her knees weeping uncontrollably but silently. Her sobs and griefs grew more wilder as she reminisced on her life and the event that had happened.
Benita’s Wedding was scheduled to happen the next day and one will wonder why she was in tears.

Benita has always been in love with a handsome young man named Uche and the two love birds had imagined a perfect Life they wanted to have. But the only stumbling block to their dreams was money. Uche was a poor young man and to make matter worst he also hailed from a poor home.

Stories had it that Uche’s late father was extremely poor And his grand father was also wretched. It was so obvious that Uche came from a wretched background and making it big in life will not be an easy task.

Such stories had discouraged Benita’s parents and they were determined to put an end to their love affair.
“That boy Uche is not right for you, how can you marry a boy who is wretched and miserable, how will he take care of you?, his grand parents died of poverty, his late father also died due to poverty, they couldn’t afford common one thousand five hundred naira, for malaria drug, that family is cursed and I won’t want you to be part of such wretched family, I don’t want to see Uche around you, if you know what is good for you, you better tell him to stay far from you” Benita’s Father had thundered.

“But Dad, I love him, please don’t say that” Benita said but her parents hushed her up.
“What do you know about love? For your information, Chief Justice’s son is back from Australia and he is asking for your hand in marriage, I and your mother had accepted the proposal on your behalf. And your traditional wedding will take place in six weeks time” Benita’s Father added and Benita almost had an heart attack.
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When Benita visited Uche that same day, she told him about the matter on ground, The Young helpless man almost lost his breath. Uche finally comported himself and promised to salvage the situation, he reassured her of his undying love and he promised to be with her forever . When Benita finally left, Uche quickly told his aged mother about the situation.
And his mother felt bad, Uche’s mother loved Benita so much and she had always wished to have her as her daughter in-law.

The aged woman was speechless for a while but when she finally spoke she said “my son every parents wants THE BEST for their children, including Benita’s parents, don’t blame them, I will advise you to go ask for Benita’s hands in marriage and make your intentions known to them, tell them how much you love their daughter and how you will work hard to take care of her needs forever.” Uche’s mother entered.

“Mom, I will have done that before now but you know how things has always been with us, mom I don’t have money on me, I need to buy at least a keg of palmwine and some kolanuts” Uche entered but Uche’s mother promised to borrow some money from the money lender.

“No mom, how are we going to pay back?, I don’t want to stress you, please don’t worry, I will go to uncle Madu and ask for his help as usual” Uche added
“My brother had done enough for us, I don’t want us to keep disturbing him” Uche’s mother entered.

Finally, Uche was able to convince his mother and they both headed to Uncle Madu’s house, the nice man was so happy to see them. He made sure that they were properly entertained and finally Uche disclosed his reason for the visit.

Uncle Madu was happy that Uche wants to get married but on second thought. “Uche my son, Marriage is a beautiful thing and I’m glad you’ve found someone you want to share your life with, but honestly speaking, I don’t think that you are ready for marriage, I am not saying that you are not old enough, all I am saying is that you are not financially ready for marriage, you need to get a job first” Uncle Madu advised.

“I know uncle, I have submitted my application everywhere, you know that I’m a Diploma holder but no show, but I’m still trying hard to get a good job… taking care of Benita will not be a problem, I love Benita so much and I will work hard everyday for her, I don’t want to lose her, that’s why I want to ask for her hand in marriage first before things go wrong, I heard that chief Justice’s son that just got back from Australia is interested in my Benita, please Uncle, help me” Uche explained and Uncle Madu smiled softly and he promised to help.

“I see you love that girl so much, don’t worry by tomorrow we will both head to Benita’s house and meet her parents” Uncle Madu said and Uche’s face lightened up in smiles.

All through that night Benita was still in tears as she kept reminiscing on everything that had happened. She cried for committing to Chief Justice’s son.
She cried for letting another person take her and she cried for Uche.

As Benita continued in her thought, a new Stream of salty water left her eyes and she shook her head, still not believing that she will be getting married to another man that’s not Uche, the love of her life.

Episode 2

Benita remembered the day, Uche had came to asked for her hand in marriage, with Uncle Madu, as expected Her parents didn’t hesitate to chase them away.
“Tell your nephew to go and make money like his mate, he can’t possibly take care of my only daughter” Benita’s Father thundered, the old man poured more unprintable insults on Uche and Uncle Madu and then he walked them out of their house. Benita tried to intervene but her father ordered her to stay out of it and to go back inside.

On their way home, Uche was heart broken, Uncle Madu had tried to console him.
“My son, your love affair with Benita, is not meant to be, I will advise you to forget about that girl, her father is terrible, rude and arrogant, I won’t want to be related to such awful man” Uncle Madu entered.

Uche and Uncle Madu had no idea that Benita had followed them,
And it broke her heart, when she heard Uncle Madu say those words to Uche.
“Uncle, I apologise for the insult you just received from my father” Benita said from their behind. Uche smiled softly, immediately he turned and sighted Benita while uncle Madu turned with a frown.
“what are you doing here? Didn’t you hear all your father had said? I want you to leave Uche Alone, can’t you see that this love affair can’t work? Uche is my nephew but he is more like a son to me, his mother is my younger sister, I remember warning my sister not to marry her late husband but she declined, now see, that simple decision has affected everyone” Uncle Madu entered furiously.

“Uncle, what are you saying?”Uche entered.
“My son, I have nothing against your late father, if I was in the village, when he needed money for malaria medication, I would had gladly intervened and help save his life… but I remember he was like you, so in love, full of dreams but he left everything and settled with my sister, I was not against their union, at the time, all I wanted was for your father to chase his dreams first before settling down, at the time a white man who came to our village for a missionary work wanted to take him overseas but because of my Sister, he turned down that offer, yes he loved my sister truly but if he had accepted that Offer, he would had brought out his family and lineage from the shackles of poverty, today Benita’s father didn’t only insult you but your lineage, he called you wretched and a never do well, I feel so broken, my son none in your lineage has ever defeated poverty, but I want you to rescue your lineage from poverty, for now forget about love and chase your dreams, love will not put food on your table, love will not take care of your family, it hurt me to admit that somehow Benita’s father is right, you can’t possibly take care of her daughter, my two sons are abroad and they are doing well for themselves, I am ready to sell my plots of land and send you abroad to meet your cousins, this insult must end, you must bring your lineage out from poverty, yes I know you love Benita but love is not enough and if God had destined both of you to be together then nothing will stop it, but for now my son follow your dreams and make a name for yourself, you must choose between settling down with Benita and your dreams” Uncle Madu added and Uche nodded in agreement.

“Uncle, i want to be successful, this insult is too much, I will be very grateful if you can send me abroad” Uche responded at once.

At that point, Benita knew their Love affair is over, she knew that there’s no turning back, She had to accept and digest the bitter reality. Uche had choose his dreams.
Out of blue, Uche entered calmly.
“Benita I love you so much, Please wait for me if you can but if you can’t, i will understand, please take care of yourself”

They were in tears as they hugged each other and that was the last time, Benita had set her eyes on Uche.
Rumour has it that his uncle had sent him overseas like he promised.
And Benita’s parents proceed with the wedding preparations.
To Benita’s parents, Justice’s son is THE BEST choice and with a husband like Justice’s son, Benita will live like a Queen forever.

Finally Benita snapped out of her thought
“Okay okay, I get it now, I will stop weeping at least ” Benita consoled herself.

Benita suddenly wiped off her tears. She had remembered that she had not eaten anything for the past two days. She almost jumped out of her skin when her mother Walked into her room with a plate of food and placed it on the stool beside the bed.
“You better eat your food, you need strength, I don’t know what is wrong with you, you have been crying for days, we are your parents and we mean well for you” Benita’s mother said calmly.

Benita was ready to express how she felt and see if her mother will be touched.
She told her mother how much she loved Uche.
“Please mom, I don’t want to get married to Chief justice’s son, it’s just yesterday that I knew that his name is Vincent, I barely know him, please talk to Dad tell him that I don’t want to get married” Benita said in tears
It was a pity that Benita’s mother was not moved one bit.

Benita’s mother was a gold digger, she wanted money, Chief justice had promised her a new house, a new car and a cash of 5 million naira.
Chief justice was a business man, a very wealthy one at that and the man wants his son to marry the most prettiest girl in the village, and Benita was the prettiest girl in the village, her skin was fair and her smile was charming.

“Please my daughter, you need to make up your mind, Vincent is the right one for you, our lives will change for the better, trust me, our lives will be filled with money and everyone in this village will begin to respect us, forget about that boy, Uche, and moreover where is he? He had left and I don’t think he is coming back soon, you need to move on with your life my child” Benita’s mother entered

Benita kept her head low,
She never know how long it will take for her to forget about Uche. It was so obvious that her parents were getting her married to Vincent for the wrong reasons but what will she do, the pressure was so much on her and even worst Uche left her when she needed him the worst, leaving her confused and perplexed.

The only people she trust was her parents and they were nudging and prompting her to marry Vincent and to forget about Uche.

Episode 3

Few minutes later, Benita’s father walked into her room too. The old man tried to make her daughter eat her food. But Benita took the opportunity to express her displeasure. But her father insisted that the wedding must happen the next day.

When Benita had realized that her Parents were bent on marrying her off to Vincent for their financial gain, she became really sad, she couldn’t sob anymore, she had ran out of tears.
She still tried all she could to change their minds.

“Mom, I don’t want to get married to Chief Justice’s son, please you and Dad should listen to me, don’t I have right to choose whom I want to marry?” Benita protested. But her parents told her that she lost the right to choose whom to marry, when she choose a wretched man like Uche.

“But I love Uche, we have loved each other since childhood” Benita added.
“Enough, this issue is finalized already, tomorrow is your wedding day, you have no choice but to prepare your mind, this matter is not up for debate, nothing will change the fact that you are getting married tomorrow, your mother will keep close eye on you, I don’t want things to go wrong, Chief Justice told me that he had invited important dignitaries to this wedding and I don’t want to be disgraced, you better make up your mind, don’t ruin the only chance we have of becoming wealthy and to associate with the high and mighty, otherwise I will curse you” Benita’s father entered furiously and walked away from Benita’s bedroom.

“Mom, you should understand me better, I don’t want to do this, I feel like I’m about to make the biggest mistake of my life, please mom, you and Dad should have a rethink, both of you, are so selfish and greedy, you two are interested in Chief Justice’s wealth, his connections and not my happiness” Benita told her mom
“Shut up your mouth” Benita’s mother entered and her right palm landed on Benita’s left cheek leaving a mark.

Benita held her cheek, the hot slap left her speechless and hot tears run down from her eyes to her cheek.
Benita’s mother cursed and abused her under her breathe and left her room.

That night Benita had hatched up the perfect plan.
“I will run away” she had told herself, she wrapped few clothes together and it was when she got to the entrance of her room that she discovered that the door was locked from the other side.
Sweet fear gripped her, hot tears rolled over her eyes and she wondered why this was happening to her.

All her life she was wholly committed to Uche, they had great plans together. He was her everything, every memory she loved was made by him. He was her first love and he was the one who made her understand the true meaning of love, friendship and relationship.

Uche gave her true love, true happiness and true friendship. A tear slide down from her swollen eyes reaching her pale chapped lips and she thought instantly.
“Why would my own parents hurt me this way? Why would Uche leave me at a time like this? My Parents and Uche choose wealth over me, this is so unfair, I feel so alone, God please help me, I need you to intervene, please Lord”

The next day, the door creaked open and Benita held her head up, she had fallen asleep after she prayed last night.
“Benita my child” Her mother said as she walked into the room.
“I can’t believe you locked me up in my own room, this is so unfair” Benita said.
“My child, I’m so sorry, it’s for your own good, please don’t take it to heart” Benita’s mother said trying her best to pacify her daughter.

“I can’t believe you didn’t touch your food last night, for two days you haven’t eaten anything, please my child you need to eat now, today will be a very busy day and you need your strength” Benita’s mother continued and Benita kept mute, she just kept staring at her mother, wondering how her own mother could hurt her.

Benita’s mother could see the hate in her daughter’s eyes and that scared her.
” Benita my child, I know you are not happy but trust me, money is way important than our emotions, money makes the world go round, when you will start enjoying so much money, you will thank me later, stop feeling sorry for yourself, I am sending you to a place where you will be treated like a queen forever”

An hour later, Benita managed to take a cup of tea and then some cookies before she reluctantly prepared for her wedding.
Soon the guest had arrived and Vincent and his family had arrived as well. At that point, the wedding ceremony began.

End Of Episode 3

By Christabel Nwoko
Episode 4

Finally, Benita and Vincent were married, every one present at the ceremony cheered and clapped for them as they were pronounced husband and wife. It was time for Vincent and his family to go, Benita’s mother walked her daughter to a classic car that was decorated with balloons and ribbons. Benita wept alot when she left with her new wedded husband.

The wedding was the talk of the town because of the important people that attended the ceremony. Even the state governor was in attendance.
Uche felt so bad when the news got to him.
He regretted leaving the way he did.
“I will have stayed and stop the wedding, I can’t believe that I lost my Benita forever, no I won’t allow that happen, Benita is mine, I know My Benita was forced into that marriage, my Benita is not happy” he thought.
That day was the worst day for Uche and Benita as they wept profusely in their respective new locations.

Being married to a Rich man like Vincent probably sounds nice. Because it’s means A life full of luxury, beautiful designer dresses and nice shoes but for Benita, there is nothing nice about being married to Vincent, even though she had not meet Vincent before their wedding day, she had always detest Chief Justice, the old wealthy man was corrupt and arrogant. Even his wife, was also a terrible woman , Benita had concluded in her heart that their son Vincent will be terrible as well.

Rumours had it that Vincent was born and bred in Australia although he sometimes visit the village with his parents. Vincent wanted to get married to a white lady but his parents especially his father was not in support and they demanded he returns home to pick a bride instead.
Although Vincent was not very much happy with his parent’s interference in his private life, but he did nothing about it.

Just like Benita, Vincent was in love with a white girl named Kimberly but he was forced to end that relationship when his Parents insisted that they want a black girl as a daughter inlaw. They ordered him to end the relationship and return home immediately. “Don’t you dare disobey me or else I will disown you, I want to see you in Nigeria in the next few days, I and your mother will look for a suitable girl for you in the village” Chief Justice had told his son over the phone, two months ago.
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Immediately Vincent and Benita left the wedding venue, Chief Justice’s thought were everywhere, his thought travelled back to the first day he had sighted Benita at the market junction, of course she was with Uche, the first thing that caught his attention was Benita’s smile as she conversed with Uche. The love birds at the time had no idea that Chief Justice was staring at them. After that day, Chief Justice carried out an investigation on Benita to found out about her parents, he also investigated Uche, when he found out that he was Benita’s boyfriend, he felt more at ease when he found out that he was from a wretched family.

After his findings, he quickly sent to a marriage proposal to Benita’s parents, at first, Benita’s father had declined because he knew that Chief Justice was a corrupt man but somehow Chief Justice managed to win over Benita’s mother when he promised her, heaven and earth. The greedy woman was quick to convince her husband.

A month after the wedding, Benita’s parents were still waiting patiently for Chief Justice to Fulfill his promises.
Benita’s mother decided to visit him under the pretense of visiting Benita, but she got the greatest shock of her life.
“You should be happy that your daughter is married to one of the wealthiest family in town, I have changed my mind, there’s no need to buy you a house or a car, you don’t even deserve the 5 million naira, as your in-law all I can do is to send some food items to your house because you people are hungry people, I saw how you and your husband worshipped me during the wedding ceremony, both of you almost licked my foot” Chief Justice said arrogantly.

“But chief this is not our agreement” Benita’s mother said almost like she was whispering. She had heard that Chief Justice was a dangerous man, she had no idea that he was cunning too.
“Madam, if you want, you can go with your daughter, after all, for the past one month all she does is cry and cry, I don’t understand what is wrong with her, all I wanted for my son was a happy and most beautiful wife but your daughter is becoming a pain in the ass, you better talk to her or go with her” Chief Justice added and walked out on Benita’s mother.

It was right there that the woman realized her mistake.
“Benita has been crying for a month? Oh what have I done to my daughter? I allowed greed to get the best of me, oh my poor daughter” Benita’s mother thought, to make the situation worst Benita also refused to see her.
“Tell her that I’m busy” Benita had told the domestic staff that came to inform her that her mother was around.

Benita’s mother returned home disappointedly.
When she got home she told her husband everything and like expected her husband blamed her.
“I shouldn’t have listened to you, now see, our daughter is not happy, money we didn’t receive, our life is still the same, why did I allow you to convince me into accepting that evil man’s proposal? Oh what have we done to our only daughter?”Benita’s father said, one could see regrets in his eyes.

“Only Uche can save our daughter right now” Benita’s mother chipped in.
“Which Uche? Is it the same Uche that I humiliated and insulted along side his Uncle, when he came to ask for our daughter’s hand in marriage?, is it the same Uche that left the village because of how I insulted him and his lineage?” Benita’s father asked, he was almost in tears.

“My husband we have no choice, one thing I know is that Uche loves our daughter so much, he won’t fold his arms if he hears that our daughter is in trouble” Benita’s mother said at once.
“But our daughter is not in trouble, she is not just happy” Benita’s father corrected.
“It’s the same thing, some one that is not happy is in trouble, I don’t want my daughter to kill herself, I know I am the cause of this problem but trust me I didn’t mean for all these to happen” Benita’s mother said in tears

“Don’t cry my wife, it’s also my fault, we are both guilty, we need to apologise to our daughter, I hope she forgives us, I don’t even understand what we are going to do to salvage the situation, I heard that Uche is in far away Texas in United States, I don’t know how to reach him and I can’t possibly go to his maternal uncle or to his mother, they will both curse me under their breath” Benita’s father said calmly.

“I caused everything, I will have to rectify my mistake, my husband I will pay Uche’s mother a visit tomorrow, I just hope she welcomes me into her house” Benita’s mother concluded.

End Of Episode 4

Episode 5

Vincent who was not as heartless as his parents, didn’t ignore Benita like they did, little by little he began to worry about Benita.
He felt guilty for her pain.
“If I had declined at the beginning, this innocent young girl won’t be here, I don’t know why I allowed my parents to control my life this way, I shouldn’t have given my consent to this arranged marriage, this is so absurb” Vincent thought.

One-day, Vincent knocked at Benita’s bedroom, ever since they got married, they barely spoke to each other. Benita had thought it was the domestic staffs, she thought they brought in her food as usual. But Benita was surprised when the door Creaked opened and she saw Vincent standing at the entrance of the room
“May I come in?” Vincent asked calmly.
Benita was speechless, she managed to nod her head in acceptance.

Vincent entered and closed the door behind him and walked to sit in front of the beautiful lady that happened to be his wife. Vincent sat on the floor.
“Have you eaten anything yet?” He asked fiddling his fingers nervously.
“No” Benita replied with a hoarse voice
“Why not? Please eat something, please” Vincent added. His tone was comforting and his diction was sweet and perfect.
“I don’t have appetite” Benita responded.
“Come on let’s eat together” Vincent said as he smiled nervously.
Benita reluctantly agreed to eat with Vincent, when he insisted so much.

Few minutes later, Vincent and Benita were sighted having a meal together.
Benita indeed lacked appetite but Vincent somehow compelled her to eat.
After the meal, Benita was about to take the dishes to the kitchen when Vincent stopped her.
“Come on, leave that. It’s not your job, I want to talk to you please, let’s go to the garden” Vincent said calmly. He held Benita in her hands and they walked down to the garden.

When they got to the garden, Vincent stared at Benita’s eyes for a while. She was so shy that she looked away.
“We are here to talk” Vincent broke the silence.
“What do you want us to discuss about?” Benita asked calmly.

“Look Benita, I know that you are not happy, I know you don’t want to be here, I know that this marriage was arranged but still you are my wife now, I feel obligated to take care of you…. I feel responsible for your pain” Vincent paused And continued after looking for the right words in his mind.
“Benita, you are my wife, and I feel like a loser each time I hear you cry, I don’t want to hear you cry, I want you to eat your food on time, talk to me sometimes, please I want to be your friend” Vincent stopped.

Benita just listened to every word that escaped his mouth with her head hanging low. She couldn’t believe her ears.
“So he is different, he is caring, so he has a heart, unlike his parents” She thought within her.
Benita kept quiet till Vincent finally left the room.

From that day Vincent and Benita gradually became friends. They seemed to like each other’s company.
One-day they were together in the garden conversing, when Vincent raised an uncomfortable topic.
“Benita you said you were in love with someone else but why did you agreed to marry me, you should have run away or something” he entered.

Benita was speechless for a while but when she spoke, she said “I tried to run away the night before our wedding but my parents locked me up in my room, the next day I lost the strength to argue with my parents, I got so tired of the situation, I got tired of everything, I decided to give in for the sake of peace”

Vincent began to laugh out loud. Benita wondered what was funny.
“Oh my goodness, I can’t believe this” Vincent entered smiling.
“What’s funny?” Benita asked, she was half shy.
Vincent responded in smiles
“I also thought of the same thing, I wanted to run back to Australia a day to our wedding day but something happened” Benita listened quietly.
” my father told me your name, and he gave me a photograph of you.” Vincent continued.

“Oh I see, but still I didn’t see how that changed your mind” Benita asked
“Has anyone told you that you are so beautiful, my parents told me how beautiful you are but I never believed it till I saw your picture”Vincent entered.

“Thank you” Benita manage to say
“For what?” Vincent asked.
“For everything, for the compliment and for being my friend, you are the only one that talks to me in this huge house, you are the only one that cares about me right now, my parents don’t care, they were more interested in your family’s wealth and connection, they didn’t bother to know if I was happy or not” Benita said calmly.

“You don’t care about my family’s wealth or connection?” Vincent asked at once
“Those things doesn’t move me one bit, all I want is to be genuinely happy” Benita responded.
Vincent was impressed, Benita won a place in his heart.

End Of Episode 5

Episode 6

Vincent held Benita’s left hand
“Benita you are a good person and you deserve the whole happiness in the world” Vincent finally said.
Benita curved her lips in a smile and Vincent smiled back. His heart was overwhelmed and then he hugged her and breathed in her scent.

Benita felt uncomfortable but she stayed in Vincent’s arms and hugged him back.
Soon Vincent’s care for Benita became very deep, but then he remembered that Benita was in love with someone else- Uche.
Vincent was confused. Deep down he wanted to earn Benita’s love but at the same time he thought it would be better if he let go of her.

On the other hand, words had gotten to Uche that Benita was not happy in her marriage and like expected, he promised to return soon.

One evening, Benita and Vincent went out for a long walk around the busy Village. And suddenly Benita heard a familiar voice calling out her name.
“Benita” she stopped as she heard her mother’s call.
The woman was returning from the farm.
“How are you my child?” Benita’s mother asked but Benita didn’t respond.

Vincent greeted Benita’s mother but she barely responded as well. She wondered why her daughter was with Vincent but she concluded in her heart that maybe they were going on an errand.
“Uche will return soon” the woman announced as she stared at her daughter in smiles. She had thought the news would bring smile on her daughter’s face

Benita heard her mother but still she didn’t say a word, she just gave a nod to her mother as an answer.
“Your dad and I are so sorry, please forgive us, for the past two months, we have been trying hard to talk to you but you have hid yourself from us” Benita’s mother continued but still she didn’t utter a word.

It was so obvious that she was still furious with her parents.
Without saying a word still, Benita walked away from her mother. Vincent calmly said goodbye to the woman and went after Benita.
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Benita didn’t wait for Vincent she walked hurriedly, her eyes were getting wet and she doesn’t want Vincent to see her crying.

When they got home, Benita walked straight to her room, as she stepped into her room, She lost control on her tears,
Vincent followed her immediately.
“Benita why are you crying? Why were so cold towards your mother?”Vincent asked calmly as he walked into the room.
“They separated me from Uche, because of money they ruined my happiness, now you see their life did not change as they expected, I warned them but they didn’t listen to me”Benita entered and fell to the ground with tears rolling down from her eyes.

“Benita, I’m also responsibility for your pain, my parents are also responsible for your pain, don’t just blame your parents, they are not the only people that caused you pain, but please forgive us, I’m ready to let you go if that will make you happy, your mom said that Uche would return soon, I promise to let you go as soon as he returns, please stop crying and be happy”Vincent responded and Benita ran into his arms.

“You will do that for me?”Benita asked and Vincent said yes.

Few months later, Uche was back, he was loaded, Rumours had it that he dabbled into some illegal businesses and he made it big.
Uche came home with lots of cash and he was ready to claim Benita.
He threw money every where. He gave Benita’s parents huge amount of money and he told them to refund the bride price that Chief Justice’s son paid on Benita’s head.

Benita’s parents were so excited that they immediately returned the Bride price to Chief justice and they requested that their daughter should return home to them. But to their greatest surprise, the almighty Chief Justice was pleading with them.

“I am ready to fulfill my promise, please give me one week, if by the end of one week, you didn’t get a new car, a new house and a cheque for 5million, then you should come and take your daughter home” chief Justice entered.

“Chief we are no longer interested in your car, or house or the 5 million naira, all we care about now is our daughter’s happiness, we don’t want to repeat the same mistake twice, Our daughter’s happiness is our priority now” Benita’s Father entered but still Chief Justice was pleading.

“Chief when did you suddenly became so fond of my daughter, last time I checked, you told me to go home with my daughter, why did you suddenly change your mind” Benita’s mother entered.

“My son Vincent has fallen in love with your daughter, he told me himself last week, I have told him to confess his feelings to his wife but he refused, he said that he couldn’t, he had promised Benita that he would let go of her whenever Uche returned and I don’t want Benita to go either. I and my wife had also grown so fond of Benita, what we like about her is her boldness and her sincerity, no one had dared to correct me whenever I am wrong, people feared me in this village but your daughter is very bold, many times she had corrected me and I am impressed. She is not afraid of me nor my wife, and we love people who are fearless and having a daughter in-law like her is a blessing please don’t take her away from us” Chief Justice confessed.

End Of Episode 6


Episode 7

Benita’s parents were so surprised when they learnt that Vincent was in love with their daughter and that almighty Chief Justice sang their daughter’s praise, right there they decided to let destiny take it’s cause.
“Right now, we will wait and see what happens but I will assure you that Benita will go for Uche because they love each other so much” Benita’s father had concluded

A week later, Benita got her first surprise gift ever, it was a brand new car, delivered to her matrimonial home with a personal message from no one else but Uche.
Benita was so surprised that she wondered how Uche made lots of money In just 12 months.

Benita was quick to inform Vincent about the car gift and she also handed the personal message that accompanied the car’s documents to him. As Vincent glanced through the white piece of paper, he raised his head and said “according to what is written here, you will be going on a date with Uche this Evening at Royal restaurant and lodge?” And Benita nodded
“That will be nice, it’s not too far away from here, go and have fun” Vincent concluded while Benita smiled sheepishly

Even though Vincent acted like he was cool with the Whole situation but deep down he was heart broken. For the past one week, his father had been pressurizing him, to confess his feelings to Benita but he wondered if that will help the situation.
“Benita loves Uche, Uche is her first love, she made it clear from the beginning” Vincent had thought.

Later that same day, Benita was set to go on the date with Uche. Vincent volunteered to drop her off. All through the drive to the restaurant, the couple didn’t say a word to each other, but when they finally arrived at the restaurant, Vincent said
“Benny, please be careful… Have fun” Benita smiled and waved him goodbye.
“I will be home soon, thank you” She said and walked into the restaurant.

Immediately Uche sighted Benita, he walked up to her with a smile.
“My love, how are you?” He entered and hugged her.
At first Benita felt uncomfortable but she told herself that Uche was not an outsider but her true love.
Uche and Benita sat down to a delicious meal and then they proceed to the bar. Uche and Benita conversed a little as they sipped their wine.

Uche has been staring at Benita’s eyes as they conversed, he wondered if Vincent and Benita had been intimate for the past one year.
When he couldn’t get that thought out of his mind. He entered at once
“Benita my love, I noticed that Vincent drove you down here” Benita nodded and Uche continued “you guys seem to be close..”

“Yes we are… Vincent is a good man, very understanding, down to earth and he is intelligent too” Benita entered
Uche noticed that Benita had sparkles in her eyes as she talked about Vincent
“She seems to like this Vincent a whole lot” Uche thought.

Half an hour later, Uche went on one knee and proposed to Benita with a diamond ring.
“I love you so much, will you marry me?” Uche said so lovingly. Benita was so shocked, she never expected that Uche would pop the question, she thought that was already decided.

“Uche you know that you are the love of my life, there’s no need for all these formalities, we have a history together and you know I want to be with you forever, I cried my eyes out when you left, please stand up, people are staring” Benita said calmly
“But I feel like something is off” Uche responded and stood up suddenly.
“Something is off? I don’t understand what you mean” Benita entered.

“Yes something is off, do you think I didn’t notice that you were uncomfortable when I hugged you, you have been avoiding my eyes all evening, what’s wrong? Did you sleep with him? Did you? Did you allow him to touch you? Please tell me, were you intimate with him?” Uche asked almost in tears.

“No, Vincent and I are just friends” Benita replied.
“But you changed, what happened?” Uche said.
“Do you expect that I will be the same after you left me when I needed you the most, you choose your dreams and left…. And you came back a year later with lots of cash, I’m not used to this Uche, you changed too, we usually meet up at the market junction but today you invited me to a classic restaurant in the outskirt of Town, the Uche I fell in love with, doesn’t show off, ever since I got here, you have been trying to show off your wealth, yes I get it, you are now wealthy, you can afford a diamond ring, you can afford a brand new car, but you of all people should know that money doesn’t move me, I love simple things, all I want is your heart not money” Benita said at once.

“Okay I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you, please forgive me” Uche pleaded and hugged Benita, who disengaged from the hug immediately.
“Uche I need to go” Benita said calmly.
“Go?Why? I thought you won’t be going back to Chief Justice’s house…. I’m back, please stay with me” Uche added.

“Uche I’m still married to Vincent and till our marriage is dissolved, I am his wife, he had proved to be a good man when he drove me down here himself and I promised him that I will be back soon” Benita replied.

“All evening all you did was sing his praise, but it’s all good, let me drop you off at least” Uche entered.
“Don’t worry, please don’t bother, I will take a cab” Benita responded.
“A cab? Come on, are you angry with me or something?, I bought you a car, you didn’t come with your car and you also refused to be dropped off ” Uche said.

“Uche I’m not angry with you, please believe me, I don’t know how to drive that’s why I didn’t come with the car, and moreover Vincent had promised to teach me how to drive” Benita replied
“Why him? I can as well teach you how to drive, I don’t understand why you are bent on returning to Vincent, I had thought you would stay with me, I missed you alot” Uche said.

“Trust me, I missed you alot too, I cried everyday but along the line, Vincent consoled me but you don’t have to worry everything will be fine, Vincent is not a threat, he is not in love with me, he is in love with someone else, Kimberly is her name, she is white, our marriage has no future, Vincent promised to let me go as soon as you return” Benita said.
“But are you sure you are not in love with him?” Uche asked and then Benita politely dismissed the question and then she left.

An hour later, Benita arrived home, Vincent calmly asked how her date had went.
“It went well” Benita managed to say as she remembered everything that happened. Vincent smiled softly
“Benita, i have something that I want to discuss with you” Vincent added.
“What is it? I hope there’s no problem” Benita said at once.

“No it’s nothing, I just want to inform you that I will return to Australia, immediately after we are done with our Divorce” Vincent entered.
That word “Divorce” almost gave her a heart attack.
Before Benita will say a word, Chief Justice who had overheard what his son had said walked into the scene.

“My son, don’t be a coward, Benita needs to know the truth” The old man said at once.

End Of Episode 7

Episode 8

Vincent’s heart skipped several beats.
“Dad please” He said and signaled his father to stop talking.
“You better allow me to speak or you will regret it for the rest of your life, tell Benita the truth, here is your chance” Chief Justice entered.

Benita stared at the father and son in confusion as she wondered what they were hiding from her.
“Vincent, what truth? Please don’t keep me in the dark” Benita said calmly.
Vincent suddenly became speechless. Chief justice was forced to speak up for his son.
“Benita my daughter, I know that I have done a lot of terrible things in my life but choosing you as my son’s wife is THE BEST thing that I have ever done, Benita… son is in love with you, please don’t leave him” Chief Justice entered.

Benita was surprised, she stared at Vincent Speechlessly.
Vincent who thought Benita would be offended, Walked closer to her.
“Benita I’m sorry, I don’t know how it happened, maybe I fell for your sincerity and for your good heart, believe me I tried to wave off the feeling but couldn’t…. Yes I love you so much but my feelings doesn’t matter, what matters is that Uche is back and like I promised you, I will let you to go, so you can be with him” Vincent entered calmly.

“Vincent your feelings matters to me, because I have feelings for you too… I have been trying hard to wave off the feeling but it’s still there… I love you too” Benita suddenly confessed.

Vincent and His father almost died of excitement and shock when Benita admitted that she was in love with Vincent too.
“Vincent you see, she loves you too, a closed mouth is always a closed destiny, both of you are meant for each other, both of you already have my blessings, nothing will dissolve this union, it will last forever” chief Justice said in excitement and walked away.

Vincent and Benita ran into each other’s arms and they kissed for the first time. It was so magical. As they kissed, Benita flew to the moon and back.
A year ago, if some body had told her that she would fall head over heels in love with Vincent, she would have probably scoffed at that person.
Benita felt a warm glow inside her as they kissed, and hot tears rolled over her cheek.

Vincent had to stop the kiss and enquired why she was in tears.
“My parents were right after all, I didn’t know that I would one-day fall in love with you,……loving you was so easy, you are so caring and loving, you have a good heart” Benita said in tears
“Same here, I had never imagined that I would fall in love with someone else other than Kimberly, I loved her a lot, I wasn’t scared that my parents would disown me if I had married her, infact I was ready to disown my own parents for her….but immediately she heard that my parents were against our union, she suddenly began to avoid me, she stopped taking my calls and didn’t respond to any of my messages, at first I thought she was hurting and needed some space to think and clear her thoughts but I was so surprised when I saw her post on Facebook, she had been clubbing, she had even replaced me, she took alot of pictures, and her new boyfriend was kissing her in those pictures, I was so heart broken, that’s why I was able to return to the village a year ago, it was so easy for her to move on, it was as if I never mattered to her, this was a lady I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, somehow…. Unknowingly my parents saved me because it was so obvious that she never truly loved me… I never thought that I will find love again, Benita thank you” Vincent entered as he wiped two tears from his eyes.
“I love you so much my husband” Benita said to cheer him up and Vincent smiled.
“Wow, I love the sound of that, please don’t call me by my name anymore, hence forth you have to call me your husband”Vincent entered jokingly and they both laughed so loud.

On the other hand, Chief Justice was on his way to Benita’s parent’s house. Few minutes later,
Benita’s parents were so surprised to see him in their house. But they had no choice but to invite him into their home
“My inlaw, please I am here to apologise” Chief Justice entered immediately he settled in a couch.
“Here is a cheque for 30 million naira, use it to buy the car, or the house as we previously agreed, please forgive me and thank you for raising a fine woman like Benita she had changed not only my life but the life of every member of my family, your daughter had taught me humility, at first I disliked her gut and boldness, no one had ever dare to change me not even my wife or my children…. gradually she didn’t only won my heart, my son fell head over heels in love with her” Chief Justice said thoughtfully

Benita’s mother’s eyes glowed as she heard “30 million naira”, she signaled her husband to collect the cheque before Chief Justice changes his mind but her husband did the opposite. Chief Justice was so shocked when Benita’s father rejected the cheque.
“Chief, please we don’t want the money, like I told you before I’m only interested in my daughter’s happiness, my daughter loves Uche and the young man is back” Benita’s father responded.

“No, your daughter loves my son now, you can ask her yourself” Chief Justice revealed
“What? Chief That’s not true, My daughter loves Uche and the young man is back to claim her bride, There’s no way my daughter could fall out of love for Uche, it’s impossible” Benita’s father said at once.

End Of Episode 8

Episode 9 -Second To Last Episode

Chief Justice who was too excited smiled helplessly as Benita’s Father doubt the fact that her daughter was in love with Vincent. Chief Justice listened to every word that came out of Benita’s father’s lip without arguing.
“My daughter had not spoken to us for the past one year, she had not even visited us because she is still furious with us…and you know why? Because we got her married to your son, how can she possibly fall in love with your son? I want to rectify my mistake, I have realized that money is not everything, love is a good thing and I marvelled at the kind of love that exist between Uche and Benita my daughter” Benita’s father continued.

“My inlaw I’m not here for argument, whatever you say it’s okay, but the truth is that your daughter is in love with my son, you can ask her if you want, there’s no need for a divorce, you better tell that young man that Benita is in love with her husband, before you raise his hopes up for nothing,” Chief Justice entered and politely dismissed himself and left.
Benita’s parents wondered if Chief Justice was actually telling the truth.

The next day, they stormed their daughter’s matrimonial home.
For the first time in twelve months, Benita warmed up to them and even apologize for her bad behavior.
“Is it true that you are now in love with Vincent?” Benita’s father asked immediately he got the chance and to his greatest shock Benita nodded yes.
“What about Uche?” Benita’s mother chipped in.

Benita was speechless, she suddenly fell into deep thoughts, she wondered what would happen with Uche. Right there Benita reminisced on the past, she remembered how they started and she wondered how she fell out of love with him.
“Uche will be heartbroken when he hears this and to make matter worst, we were the once who sent for him, i remember that it was not easy for me to convince his mother, ….I thought you claimed you love him, how could you do this to him now, he returned for you,” Benita’s mother added bringing Benita out from her deep thought.

“Mom, what do you mean? I did nothing wrong, remember you told me that Vincent is the best thing that can happen to me, mom I have found out that you are right, Vincent is a good man and he treats me like a Queen” Benita entered

Her parents were speechless, they blamed themselves all through their way back home.
“We shouldn’t have interfered in our daughter’s love life, now see every thing is complicated, but I wondered how Benita could fall out of love for Uche, this is unbelievable, I don’t trust Chief Justice, I hope he has not hypnotized our daughter” Benita’s father said as they walked back home.

Few days later, Benita’s parents sent for Uche and the young man gladly came. He was expecting good news but his mood changed immediately he heard what was going on.
“Uche my son, I want to apologise for everything that I have done wrong, if I didn’t interfere in your love affair with my daughter, I know by now both of you will be happily married, I’m so sorry… unfortunately, Benita has fallen in love with her husband Vincent and the divorce is not happening now or even later, I will suggest you move on, please forgive me and my family, here is the money you gave us the last time you visited, we didn’t spend a dime out of it” Benita’s father said calmly.

Uche couldn’t utter a word, and he didn’t take the money too, he was so shattered and broken. His eyes were getting wet,
He quietly stood up and walked away. Leaving Benita’s parents in the state of confusion and regret.

As Uche left he drove straight to Benita’s matrimonial home. Immediately he got to the gate, he screamed out Benita’s name and at the same time, he was banging the gate.
Vincent and Benita rushed to the gate at once. Uche broke down in tears when he saw Benita.
“Benita how could you do this to me? You assured me that we will be together, now you are going back on your word, Benita I love you, please don’t leave me, have you forgotten how we started?, we were kids when will fell in love, what will happen to our dreams and our plans? money was the only thing that was a challenge, your parents rejected my marriage proposal because I was wretched but now nothing is stopping us anymore, I have money… I mean alot of money and your parents have finally approved, they were even the once that sent for me, please come to me” Uche said in tears.

Vincent was so shocked, when
Benita walked closer to Uche and gave him a warm hug. He wondered if Benita would change her mind. Vincent was so scared but he prayed silently for God’s Will to be done.

End Of Episode 9

Episode 10- Final Episode

Vincent almost broke down in tears as he stared at Benita and Uche, they were weeping bitterly on each other’s shoulder.
And then suddenly Benita broke the silent. Vincent listen attentively as she spoke.
“Uche, I loved you so much, I never imagined that one-day we will be apart… I wished you never left, I wished you stayed and fight for our love because when you left, things got complicated, but trust me when I tell you that it’s for THE BEST, I have fallen for Vincent, he is a good man and to crown it all he is my husband and I want our marriage to work, please be happy for me, I assure you will find love again” Benita entered and immediately Uche pushed her away

“No, we belong to each other, please don’t say that, I want you and no one else, how dare you say that to me, I knew it, I saw it in your eyes that you were in love with Vincent but that doesn’t matter, I love you alot and I want you back in my life, end this madness you call marriage and return to me, please” Uche said at once.

For a moment Benita was scared, she hadn’t seen that violent side of Uche.
His tone was not loving and comforting, it was more like an obsession or something.
Benita didn’t know when she ran into Vincent’s arms.
Uche couldn’t bear to see Benita in Vincent’s arms, he ran into his car and drove off.

Two weeks had passed, and no one had heard a word from Uche, On the other hand Vincent was processing Benita’s travel documents, so he could return to Australia with her. Benita’s parents were happy and at the same sad when they heard of Vincent’s plan to return to Australia with Benita.
But Vincent assured them that they daughter will be fine and that they are free to visit her at Australia whenever they want.
“I will bear the cost, Australia is a beautiful country and trust me your daughter is in good hands” Vincent had said .

A month later, Benita and Vincent were heading to the airport to catch their flight to Australia when a car double crossed them and the next seconds they were held on gun point. They were five armed men with sophisticated guns. They came to abduct Benita but Vincent won’t back down without a fight. In the process he got shot and the armed men left with Benita.

Benita almost died of shock. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She kept reminiscing on how Vincent was shot in her presence and how he risked his life for her, hot tears kept rolling from her eyes.
“Who are you people? What do you want from me, please let me go, I need to take my husband to the hospital, please let me go” Benita said in tears.
But those heartless armed men didn’t utter a word.
Instead they blind folded her and tied her hands.

An hour later, When the kidnappers arrived at their destination, they moved Benita out of the car, and they walked her into a big house that looked more like an abadoned building, the voice Benita heard when they walked her into the building, made her heart skip several beats.
“How could you people, tie up my wife like this, remove the blind fold and untie her hands, accord her some respect she is the love of my life not some animal” the familiar voice entered.

Benita’s eyes were open and her hands were untied and one stare she couldn’t believe her eyes.
“Uche? You are behind this? Since when did you turn in to a monster? How could you do this? Vincent got shot in the process, I don’t know if he is still alive, I pray nothing happens to him” Benita said
“Vincent could die for all I care, all I care about is you” Uche responded and Benita was shocked. She stared at him in shock and wondered when Uche became evil

“How could you say that, Vincent is my husband and I don’t want him to die, please let me go, Uche please let me go” Benita pleaded and Uche walked closer to her.
“Benita how could go fall out of love for me? You fell in love with Vincent instead, how could you?” Uche entered
“Uche I tried not to, I didn’t know when I fell for him, he is a good man, he consoled me and cared for me even when I bluntly told him that my heart belongs to you, he was still kind and loving, Uche he doesn’t deserve to die, please let me go to him, I need to take him to the hospital, Vincent must not die, I’m pregnant for him, please…. Save him for me, please Uche” Benita said in tears.

Uche was perplexed by the news of Benita’s pregnancy. He was speechless for a while and when he finally spoke he said.
“Why? What does Vincent has that I don’t?…. Is it money? I have money now, I’m way richer than Vincent and his family put to together, why didn’t you wait for me? Why did you ruin our love, you must be punished, I swear, this is too much, I hate you as much as I love you, you need to die with the bastard you have in your womb…. How could you fall in love with someone else, how could you break my heart this way?” Uche entered in tears.

“Uche have you forgotten what you told me when your uncle asked you to choose between your dreams and your love for me, you choose your dreams and you told me to wait for you if I can but If i can’t that you will understand, why are you over reacting now, Vincent’s life is in danger, please let’s go to him, I promise I won’t report you to the police, please let me go, Vincent needs me, he risked his life for me, please” Benita entered.
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“I never meant a single word I said that day, I was not thinking straight, you should know that I can’t never choose anything over you, even if I have to choose between you and my mother, I will always choose you, you of all people should know that my heart beats for you, when I got to the United States I never stopped thinking about you, I was so desperate to make quick money, so I can return to you… I was introduced to drug business, I began to sell hard drugs and in just one month I worth over 10 million… I was ready to return to you…i had even booked a flight to Nigeria…but guess what? The news got to me that you had married Vincent, I felt so devastated, I was broken but I became so excited again when your mother told my mother that you are not happy in your marriage and that she feared that you will take your own life out of depression…. I came back for you… Only to find out that you are in love with your so called husband and even worst you are expecting a child for Vincent, Benita you are wicked” Uche revealed.

“Drugs? You sold hard drugs, I knew it…. Your money is dirty…. Oh my God” Benita responded in tears.
“Come on shut up, where you not there when your father insulted me and my lineage?, he called me wretched, I have no other option, I was not even properly educated, my paternal uncle sold his land for me and I needed to come back to you… That’s when I went in to drug business, I didn’t choose that path, it choose me… I needed to make so much money, and working 3 or 4 jobs in the United States, would never give me the money that I needed, I wanted to end the insult, the stigma… Most people in our village, didn’t know my name, they all called me wretched or they will describe me as the son of the man who died because he couldn’t afford malaria medication, you need to walk in my shoes to know how I felt and how I’m feeling now” Uche Entered in tears

“Even at that you shouldn’t have done desperate things because of a desperate situation but it’s okay, you can start afresh, it’s not too late, if not for anything but for the love, we once shared, please let me go” Benita replied. Uche walked closer to her, ignoring what she had said and placed his left hand on her stomach.

“This baby should have been mine… I will be the happiest man on earth if this pregnancy was mine…., I have nothing to live for…. You were the reason why I worked hard but it’s of no use, everything I have is useless, you even call my hard earned money, Dirty….. we will both die together, I will kill you and kill myself” Uche entered and he brought a gun from his back pocket and aimed it at Benita, she could see in his eyes that he meant every word he had said.

“I love you so much Benita” Uche added and he was ready to pull the trigger, Benita had closed her eyes in fear and the next thing she heard was a gunshot. “He has pulled the trigger, oh I’m dead” Benita had thought in fear. She was shocked when she opened her eyes and she saw Uche laying on the floor on his own pool of blood. Benita wondered how he got shot.

It was the police, they shot Uche and he died at the spot, they also arrested his goons.
Benita who almost lost her life was shivering in fear. The policemen assured her that the worst was over and that she was safe.
“How did you guys get here? You saved my life, God used all of you for me” Benita said in tears.

“Immediately they shot your husband and took you away, we drove to the scene, we saw your husband lying on the road, he was still conscious and when we interrogated him, he told us everything and even gave us the plate number of the vehicle that took you away, and we followed up, at first we lost the car, we have almost lost hope but lo and behold, we saw the car packed at a store, one of us went in to the store and saw that the kidnappers stopped to get a bottle of water, and that’s how we trailed the vehicle to this place and then we sent for backup… So you see your husband saved your life, if he didn’t remember the plate number, I don’t know what we will have done” one of the police man narratted.

“And how is my husband…. where is he? Please tell me” Benita asked at once..
The police man kept mute for a while and Benita imagined the worst.
“I need to see my husband, don’t tell me, he didn’t make it to the hospital, I can’t live without him…. He has no idea that I’m pregnant, I wanted to surprise him with the news at the airport but look now…. Oh my God” Benita added in tears.
“Madam, calm down, your husband is out of danger and you can still surprise him with the good news, he was rushed to the hospital immediately we saw him, don’t worry yourself, he is fine” The police man revealed and sweet smile lightened up Benita’s face.
“Oh thank you Lord” Benita chanted

Three weeks later, Vincent has been discharged from the hospital and he was so excited when he learnt that Benita was pregnant.
Will he ever return to Australia with Benita? That will be a story for another day.

There’s a thin line between love and hate.

Every decisions we make has its consequences

Money is the biggest threat to man and marriage

Love is like a baby, you have to nurture, feed and watch it GROW!!!

Caring for some one is easy, but to make some one care for you is difficult, so never lose the one who really cares for you….

Don’t let desperate situations make you do desperate things

Desperation doesn’t look good on anyone

The End

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