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Our new driver

Vivian’s POV

Josh drove out annoyingly. We landed at the airport and took our flight to Benin. The next day he was to go and inspect his oil company but it fell out to Sunday. I was so disturbed seeing Wilson in such situation. A Petrol chemical engineer… Damned this country. Several thought came across my mind and that night, I couldn’t sleep. Josh didn’t talk to me nor asked me about anything I was anticipating for difficult question but none came. He just ignored me and slept snoring wickedly. I hate his sleeping face. Very ugly. After some hours of restless thought, I gave in to sleep..

I groaned tiredly waking up from my slumber and yesterday thought flashed my mind… Gush, I don’t want to remember it again. I turned to Josh and he was still asleep… I stood up and went to use the restroom..
I got refreshed in a white pyjamas. I came out and met him sitting on the bed resting against the wall.
He stared at me and my mind skipped and my body shaken I don’t even know why I felt uncomfortable with him. We both loved each other from USA and decided to spend the summer time in 9ja. Why am I feeling disturbed and discomfort.

“Vivian are you now ready to explain what exactly happened yesterday between you and Wilson?” He asked grumpy..
Hmmmm!! I breath in relief. I know he hasn’t forgotten it..
“Will you answer me or ?” He yelled.
Is he threatening me? Besides I haven’t accepted him fully as my boyfriend now look at how he is behaving, so arogant and bad tempered.
“Josh is not how you understand it just calm down and get me right” I said in a pleading manner.
“Get you as how?. I asked a straight question so don’t pend the answer. Speak up, what connection did you had with Wilson that caused you to cry when you saw him.. ” He asked in anger.
I don’t know why he was angry. Jealousy is taking over him..
“Josh stop yelling at me. Wilson was my boyfriend years ago” I summoned courage to speak.
“Your boyfriend you said? How?”
“Well, he took over my life as a caring, kind and loving boyfriend in my secondary school days and after we graduated we luckily gained admission into the same university ‘UNILAG” I replied.

“I also attended the same university how came I didn’t know you then? ‘
“I only have a year there and my parents called me to USA. That was when I left Wilson.” I Said looking away from him..
“He was your boyfriend, okay but listen to me now I have you as mine. I don’t want you to think of him anymore take that” He cautioned.
Is he commanding me. My father, husband or what?
“Ok” I said in acceptance just to avoid problem but I must go back to Wilson. I love him more than anyone else. I wish to marry despite his poor State. I shall influence him with my money..

After he refreshed, we went cafeteria to have some yummy moles..
“I wish to go and pay him a visit but I don’t have any link to him.. Gush, anyway I won’t go back to New York with Josh. I will just stay here in Nigeria and look for Wilson no mater what happened.. I thought as I stopped sized eating and he stared at me..
“You have stopped eating what are you thinking about?
Wilson?” He asked as he looked directly at me bringing me out of a deep fracas thought..
“I just lost my appetite” I said and made to stand up but he held my hand and dragged me back.
“Have you gone stray? How dare you walk out on me. Seat down here eat this meal” He muttered.
“Sorry I lost my appetite already. Can I go? ” I asked loosing patients his grip on me is very hard, I felt pain and my wrist hurt….I pulled of his grip and walked to the bar to drink my thought away. He followed and distracted me.. Asking and yelling at me..

Wilson’s POV πŸŽ€πŸ§‘.
[In madam Felicia’s room]

“Madam I’m sorry for what happened but you have to understand that it was emotional.. ” I apologised.
“Did you also forgot I paid for a room to go have fun?” She asked in bad manners.
“I didn’t but I couldn’t control my emotional feelings that moment. I so much cherished Vivian. I’ve never fallen in love with anyone else except her with deeper emotions..” I explained.
“I see lover boy, Is that why you should turn me down because of that nonsense thing called love..” she smirked.
“Vivian’s love isn’t nonsense. It means a lot to me” I added.
” It is Ok lover boy. That is not the main reason you here in my room. You’re a good lover now show me the Love.” She said coming closer with her closed. She placed her hand and my chest and began to move it haphazardly… I got turned on immediately and my dick erected as her came across it.. the standing tower was trying to force it way to the earth to perform..

“Come on give it to me, you’re so hot” she whispered into my ear πŸ‘‚ as our lips met and we started kissing 😘. It lasted for some minutes and I pushed her to bed πŸ›οΈ gradually she fell on her back. She raised her legs up ‘Fresh lap’ I tossed. To my delightment she wasn’t putting on any pant. WOW! She’s wet already. Her Pinky pussy secret out it juice and it drools out freely. I gradually stripped off her clothes and her boobs bounced out wanting to get sucked… I romanced for a while and placed my mouth on it and started sucking it rolling my tongue against the nipples. ” Gush,,, you’re so good please fuck me” she pleaded..

I continued sucking and she quickly turned me over the bed and undid my belt. She brought out my large 7 inches erected dick. Pink cap with strong vain running across it.. pre-cum was forming already.
“You’re big down wow!!” She complimented. She inserted it into her mouth and began to thrust it in and out. She gave me the best deep throated oral fuck. She was very good in that. I guess she’s good porn watcher….

Our new driver

Vivian’s POV πŸŽ€πŸ§‘
Vivian a lady with a Blue heart..πŸ’™

“Josh please stop touching me I need to be left alone. Please I beg your pardon” I pleaded with Josh as he continue romancing me.. I need to think of how to meet Wilson.. Josh is just disturbing every minute of my life with romantic says.. its not that I don’t love him, I do but since I met Wilson heart has not been in order. Even if I am leaving him I have to talk to him and made him understand that I still love him..
“I should let you be because of Wilson? A nothing guy that I’m about to help?” Josh scoffed and that annoyed me. Why could he say such against an innocent guy hustling for life..

“Hey Josh,let Wilson out of this. I said I wanna be alone not because of Wilson or anybody else.. okay?” I said almost in annoyance.
He began to stare at me like rare gem.
“Are you trying to tell me you love Wilson more than I, the billionaire?” He bragged of himself.
“Hey billionaire if you don’t mind excuse me” I said and went downstairs from the sitting room..

Josh’s POV πŸ’ž

I can’t believe Vivian could walk out on me. She just hissed and left.. What is behind her sudden change. Since we met Wilson on Friday she hasn’t be herself. I tried to compose her but to no avail…
Does that mean she truly in love with Wilson.? That can’t be. I have found so much love in Vivian. She so beautiful,well mannered, blue eye color, long hairs, pointed nose πŸ‘ƒ, Soft skin, well structured shape, fair in complexity. Oh God I don’t know what to say of her again but She had all the characters need in a lady.. I must have all to myself. Not even the job will I over Wilson. Let him stay and suffer. I make him this promise if by any chance try to get close to Vivian I will personally pull is brain out… That’s me. The Mafia X Lord..

Vivian’s POV 🌹

I slammed into the couch thoughtful.
What do I do now? I don’t think leaving with Josh is a nice idea.. he’s crazy and rude at times.. He even smoke and take enough alcoholic drinks.. He doesn’t posses the characters I need.. I’ve never seen a guy such as Wilson. I must get to find him now and get done with this rascal.. i stood up went into the room and met him still on the bed the same way I left him… I went to my cloth kits, got a pink gown wore it, pack my hairs in a priddal style and quickly applied some makeup. I’m naturally beautiful without makeup. I complimented for myself as I looked at the big standing mirror. I looked behind and saw staring at me..
I made to exit and his question ran in to my head.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He asked grumpy.
“Mr Josh, just seat back there and watch as I made my way out.” I replied arrogantly.
He stood up from the bed and with all his strength he weighed my back..
“How dare you talk to me in such arrogant manner. Now listen carefully we are going back to USA tomorrow morning. I have the flight booked already. So don’t be stupid to think otherwise” He yelled.
“Flight back to USA? Or I see okay! Can you let me go now? ” I requested as I pulled away from his grip.
I just jeer and walked out. I don’t mind using is SUVs
Car brand…

I boarded a cab heading to no where in particular. Although I am new in Lagos. I’m familiar with all the Geo trench.. I decided to elite at one junction.. Maybe I will see him or run into someone that knows him… I walked round the street looking for him with eyes and same time asking people but know claim to know him..
Wilson! Wilson!! Wilson!!!
How can I get him now. God help me.. i made a sharp bend and decided to take a rest at a restaurant and there sat a guy staring me.. he kept his eyes Gest at as I ordered for a soft drink. I sipped off it breath in relief.
“What? Why is this guy staring at me. God I pray I don’t get into the hand of those bad boys in town.”
I continue sipping my drink when another guy passed by. He look very handsome. Good shaped beards. Afro hair cut, fair and very tall. I kept my eyes on him as he went to sat down not very far from me. He sat immediately and our eyes met and I quickly bent my face in pretence. Gush,,, He cut me staring at him. What will be his thought now.? Come over and toast me? Well he’s handsome anyway..
‘hey Vivian don’t tell me you are drooling over this guy. His he more handsome than your Wilson?’ my mind said and jerked me out of my silly thought..

Wilson’s POV πŸ’•
Madam Felicia continue sucking my dick as we both moaned.. I reached my apex and felt pressure on my lower abdomen. Boom!! I squirted in her mouth and over face. She smiled at me and swallowed it..
I positioned her facing her ass towards me to give her a sweet doggy..Then my phone rang..
“Oh God! Who is this one again” she said and I went for my phone. I looked at her and saw disappointment in her eyes.
‘Fredrick’ why is he calling now..
“Hello gee how far?” I asked.
“Bro, I’m fine. Please where ever you are now or What ever you doing just leave and Rush over here now. I’ve seen her again” he said on the top of his breath.
“Who is that again bro?” I asked furiously.
“Vivian…….” He called and I cut her short..
“Where…… where” I asked.
“2XB restaurant our usual joint” he said.
“Ok, I will be there just in five minutes. Please keep an eye on her..
I jerked up suddenly from the bed and made for my dresses.

“What is the meaning of that.? Leaving me in this mood? Never, come back here and complete what you have started.” She yelled angrily.
“No ma, just sometime I will come to you let me go and see her ” I pleaded and ran out like a baby..
“Are you done fucking an old ass instead of a young wet, fresh pussy?” A voice said from behind and I turned and saw marthina leaning over the Wall. Just with a bra and pant. I guess she has done some justice to her pussy by masturbation…
“I don’t think I have time to answer that question I will get back at you later” I said ran downstairs…
I boarded a cab and headed to 2XB restaurant..

Madam Felicia’s POV 🌟

How can I have this hot guy all to myself. I’ve tried using money but this Vivian of a girl is driving him naughty. I know exactly what to do. I gat to relate with my old friend maybe he can help in assassinating that Vivian or whatever..
Yes killing her is gonna be great..

Vivian’s POV πŸ’•.
Gush,,, this guy is staring too much at me. Let me get going before something bad happens..
Opps,!!! I felt a soft hand grip me from behind. I turned back and gasp at the person..

Our new driver


Wilson’s POV πŸ˜πŸŽ€

I rushed to the 2XB restaurant and from the entrance, I sighted her,. She was looking beautiful from behind with a Pinky gown..
Her hair..
“Wow, is that Vivian.?” I asked myself in excitement. I couldn’t believe I will finally set my eyes on her again…
I went to her and gently grabbed her from behind.. Her body was hot, fresh and soft..
Her body jezzed as she felt my hands.
She struggled to get off my grip but I couldn’t let her. She turned and our eyes met..
She stopped moving immediately and stared directly in to my eyes like she was looking for something scarce in them..
Without word she embraced me so tightly. She buried her face in my chest.. in tears..
I looked up and saw Frederick. He waved at me and I like thumbed him..
We held each for about 30 minutes with words before we disengaged..

Vivian’s POV πŸŽ€πŸ§‘

I gasped at seeing Wilson. He was sweaty but looking good in a white V-neck long sleeve. He already have me in his arm..
I quickly embraced but was afraid to kiss him because he might reject it..
I lacked words to say… I tried talking but don’t know what to say. All my body was shivering and I don’t know why..
“Vivian!” He called breaking the silent and my mind jumped immediately.
“Am I scared of him?” I asked myself.. I kept mute and pulled from the hug..
We stared at each other and I don’t know when our lips met.. right in that restaurant we kissed so passionately and roughly not minding anybody..
I stylishly look around and saw that the guy was still staring at us.. I was surprised when Wilson likethumbed him.

Does he know him? Well that should be a later question..
How does he know I was here? Another question pending..
“Viv!! Can we seat down?” He said again and I got jerked off my thought.
“Ye….ye….yes. ” I stammered..
We sat down facing each other with our hands locked into each other..
“How did you know I was here?” I managed to asked.
“God finally linked me to you after 3yrs of starving for you..” he said in his cool romantic tone.
“Hmm,, Thank God then.. how are you doing now?”

“I’m fine now that I with you” he replied.
“Likewise me..I have really missed you.” I said and tears gushed down my cheek. He used his thumb to clean it.
“I missed you more. I searched everywhere for you. I even asked your friend Olivia but she told she knew not where you went to.. Some told me you traveled to Ogun state your maternal home but I couldn’t reach you not even with your contact.” He lamented.
“Yeah,, well its a long sorrowful story for now I won’t like to go back to it. I felt bad the day I left without your notice. I knew if I told you, you won’t have let me go but I did that for the betterment of our life.. our future and for our children.”
“Wait,, I don’t get you. Do you still love me. You had a wealthy guy already” he said breaking into tears.
“Wilson I love you and nothing can make me to leave you.. As for Josh he’s nothing me not even his wealth moves me” I said grumpily.

“Why do you said that? He loves you and I’m sure you love him too” He looking away.
What is he trying to say? Is he in love with someone else?
“Wilson why are talking like that. I said I don’t love him” I said a bit annoyed.
“Well,, I don’t mean to upset you but how did you know him?” He asked looking straight at me.
“I just ran into him in a supermarket and the next day he saw me and apologised instead of me… We exchanged digit and we became friends at first mutual but he later involved romantic style. Well, i must say I fell for him and accepted him as my boyfriend.” I lamented.
“For how long now..?”
“6 month now. Why are you asking?” I asked.

“Just to know.. what do you think if he founds out you are here with me.?” He asked as if he was afraid.
“Huh? How? Is he my father? He can’t even let a word at me because I don’t belong to him.. I told him about you on our first date. Hey please can we leave here and find somewhere better to stay?” I asked cutting our conversation short.
“If you desire that.. where do you think we should go?” He asked.

“Your house isn’t that better?” I replied looking away from him.
“My house? Why?”
“Because I want to go there and rest and tired here and look that guy over there has been staring at us. Do you know him? You likethumbed him earlier!” I asked furiously.
“Hmm,, yes he is Frederick my one and only friend. We live together in same apartment. He knows everything about me. He’s like a brother to me..He even know you” he replied smiling..
“Wait a minute, he knows me? How come? I have never seen him not even for once” I asked pointing at myself.
“Yes he does.. I told him everything about you and showed him your pic severally.. he was the one that told me you were here.” He muttered.

“I exhaled and looked at the guy he is cute Looking back us..” I smiled and waved him. He waved back.
“Hey bro, come over” Wilson said to him..
He came to us smiling Widely.
After a brief introduction, we left to Wilson’s house..
I sat down and scrutinized the room, it a relatively big room with two seater sofa..
He offered me some soft drink and accepted with much fun.. past gist were refered to and so on we went to night fall..
Around 7:30pm Josh call entered and I snubbed it..
He asked me to answer it but I refused because I don’t know what to tell him..
Boom!! Call pooped into his own phone. He answered and told me it was his madam.
Madam? That Marveled me but I didn’t proceeded to ask him.
We were having fun when a knock banged at the door..

Felicia’s POV 🌟.
I am sure he is with that useless Vivian.. I will show her that I am venomous..
I have sent Briky the assassin already. He must terminate her tonight.. he can’t afford to loose Wilson to him he’s too sweet to be avoided….

Josh’s POV πŸ’•.

Shit!! That Bitch is not answering my call
I can’t believe she is bouncing my call.. almost 7 miss call now she’s not picking.. She most have found Wilson. I gat to trace her. I have Wilson’s address and I must terminate his life if I eventually find them together…
I put on a Mafia coat as a Mafia X Lord. Sage in my pistol gun and went out. I searched for the street and lucky I found it.. I went to the door and saw two guys standing like they are waiting for something.. dressed like Mafias.
Who could they be? I walked towards them slowly in the darkness boom!! πŸ™„
My leg!! Gun shut at me from behind…

OMG I’m finished. I groaned loudly in grief and in a minute I got surrounded by some people in the same custom…

TBC ❀️
Our new driver


Wilson’s POV πŸ˜πŸŽ€

I wondered who could be the knocker.. Frederick is in his room.
I can’t remember when he invited someone.
Well let me go and check and see who it was. I stood up to leave and but Vivian held me down.
“Where are you going to?”
“To check who was behind the door” I replied.
“No don’t think of that let the person stay there.”. She said.
“Why? Let me check maybe it’s Frederick friend” I said.
“No baby don’t go. I’m not ready to loose you yet. It might be one of those bad guys.. they might have come with evil intention. ” She lamented.
“Sure? If you don’t mind please let me go” I insisted.
“No baby please for my sake.. stay back. If they can’t come in with force then let them stay there.” She said.
After he convinced me with several opinion, I rested with my mind not resting..

Frederick’s POV πŸ’•

I heard a hard knock on the door and wondered..Who could that be?
Wilson is not out and besides it’s too late for someone to visit us.
Well, let me go and check who the person was…
I stood up and went to the main door and stood their for a while. Out there I could hear some lousy noise. Who are those?

Josh’s POV πŸ’•..

I was surrounded by almost 5 agile guys.
Dressed in red and black custom.. Shit!! Who are this people and why are they here?.
They dragged me out roughly.. I wasn’t able to oneth quarter of their strength. I regretted why i left my hostel..
They threw me into a luxury car and ignited off.. in the car they tied my eyes with a black cloth and collected my phone and gun..
In a while I was dashed out into an uncompleted building. We walked passed some try bushes and my heart beat faster. I prayed I wasn’t killed.
Woop!! I regretted. They tied my hands behind me and my legs together tied..
I could hear them discussing on what they will do to me..

One suggested they should kill me while another said I should be spare till the next day so that madam will come and see me.
I couldn’t believe their leader was a female. Madam Felicia. I couldn’t remember hearing such name..
well, I pray they should demand ransom quickly so I can pay.. but who will I contact. Vivian isn’t aware of my hostage..

Frederick’s POV πŸ’•πŸŽ€

I opened the door and to my surprise I didn’t see anyone there. Why? But someone knocked minutes ago..
I waited for some minutes and rushed back inside to my room..

The next day……….

Gush,,, I’m late it’s morning already.. I quickly went to the restroom and got refreshened. I went to the kitchen to have some coffee for breakfast and to my delight I saw Wilson and Vivian having cool time in the kitchen while eating. They saw me and they smiled widely. We exchanged pleasantries and quickly take some coffee and want out..

Josh’s POV πŸ’•πŸŽ€πŸ§‘.

I was left under cool and opened atmosphere till day break..
Gush,,, I felt A gun pointed on my head..
“Please don’t kill me. I will pay you any amount of money you want. I’m a multi millionaire. I just came back from the USA. Please don’t hurt me” I pleaded.
Now that I have told them who I’m, what will fate decide for me.
“Mr Man, we are not after your stinky wealth. What do you have to say for yourself?” A very deep voice asked.. I guess he was the leader because I saw him earlier…
“Please forgive me don’t kill me, I promise you everything on earth.. I can change your life.” I said pleading profusely.
“Now that you have nothing to say, extend my regards to my pupsy” He said and spined the gun to shut..
“Hey, stop that. Don’t shut him yet” a feminine voice said from behind..
I believe she was the madam they talked about earlier. God has sent her to save me maybe.
They had some brief discussion and he asked them to get me loose..
They untie me my legs and hands but not my eyes..

“Move him.” She said and they pushed me out.
They pushed me into a car and they drove off.. Gush what am I into.. Save me father..

Madam Felicia’s POV 🌟

They got me the wrong me person where on Earth did they get this man..?
Well, let me talk with him first. I asked them to fetch me Wilson but they refused saying. “We risky our life last night to get a man now we brought him and you rejected it..”
I hate him for, that was why I stopped talking with him the last time..
I asked them to bring him to me in my house..
We heard a brief discussion and I asked them to take him out.

Wilson’s POV πŸŽ€πŸ§‘.

We had some sweet meal and she told me about her idea.
We should flew to Abuja to leave to Uncle..

I was thinking about the idea when Frederick call entered..
“Bro, I just heard a news about what happened in our house last night..”
“Bro hit the nail on the head”.
“The police just arrested some group of people later discovered to be kidnappers..At police check point.. the bandit was in position of a guy known as Josh a billionaire that return American.. ”
I cut shut….
“Wait,,!! Are you serious? Josh is my friend. How come?.. ”
“According to the New Carrier he was kidnapped on his way to a night operation with gun and other side, The leader of the kiddnapers was a female.. Felicia Benard by name… That’s your madam sure and right now they are in the police custody..
On hearing that my jaw dropped..
I succumbed to her ideal of relocating and immediately we went to boarded a bus Abuja.. I’m sure there our life is going to change there…

Our new driver


Wilson’s POV πŸŽ€πŸ§‘

I looked to the idea of running away to Abuja..
It isn’t a great idea but I had no reasonable option than to follow her..

We landed at her uncle’s house and we were welcomed..

The first 2 weeks was enjoyable and splendid but I wasn’t comfortable because I don’t have any link to contact Frederick but hoped to reach her soon..

Marthina’s POV πŸ’•πŸŽ€

I knew my mum of naughty attitude. Now looked at what she has landed herself.. Got caught with some kiddnapers. My dad was disappointed and felt so many heart break..
My dad left her there in a opened cell for 3weeks and proceeded to bail her..
I went there with him and successfully bailed her with the sum of 600,000.
We returned home and she felt more ashamed to talk to either of us.
She later apologized and regretted her actions ever done.. she became loyal and respectful thereafter..

As for that smuggler we left him there… But I am sure is gonna be out.
I heard his is multi millionaire and I wondered what could make such guy indulge in an illegal act of planning to terminate the life of a young buddy..
Wilson the most regarded handsome..
I called him one afternoon and he told me that he was no longer in Lagos and I felt damn hurt. I so much loved him… As time went by I gradually forget him as I felt a lovely and caring dude as Wilson… ‘Felix’ by name at school and new lovely life set on lovely.

Josh’s POV πŸ’•

I called my dad after the arrest, I was bailed out and few days later I traveled back to New York. “Vivian is not the only beautiful lady. You can get someone better than her” my dad lamented.

I felt heart break because I loved Vivian so much. I later gave up on her and I never seeked get whereabout.. But her thought roaming in my mind..

I felt ashamed and disappointed of myself towards Wilson my best friend..

I wished I could see him and apologized to him but no opportunity because I was already in New York..

Vivian’s POV πŸŽ€ 🧑

I was so happy that Wilson succombed to my idea, and I got more excited..

We went to Abuja and he accepted everything awesomely..

I thought he was going to felt bad for living with my family but he wasn’t due to the expression on his face…. Always smiling.

I called my dad told him about Wilson and how much we loved each other, he accepted with several enthusiastic complimentation.

I pleaded with him to get him a job as he was the one to marry me.. He accepted and linked him up with one the best company exporting natural crude and petroleum…
After some months this handsome buddy became reach and wealthy.. I pleaded with him to go with me to USA but he refused and told me that he wanted to go and see his poor old mother in Calabar.

I wanted to follow him but my dad needed me urgently to have a meeting with his client.

I kept missing and drooling over him..
Two months later I returned to Nigeria and he took me to his new apartment recently bought..

We met and spent lovely and romantic time..

Two days later,
It was Saturday, after we took breakfast he went out and I couldn’t find him..

I was alone for 30 minutes, and I started calling his number but it wasn’t reaching and I got worried..
I went outside and started searching for him around the house.

I came to a place at the back of the house and I was Marveled by the sight of superauthentic designs..
Wow!! Those flowers looked so beautiful and Scentsy” I said and approached the beautiful garden designed with different kinds of flowers and Berry trees 🌲 🌲 🌲..
I looked round and saw a table set with just two seats facing each other.. I wondered what and who decorated it as that.

Just as I got to the middle of the setting, I felt a soft hand gripped me from behind.
With the sansation sent into my spine I recognized it to be Wilson and I turned immediately..

I caught his face smiling widely and his hand was a bunch of rose flowers..
The scent took unimaginable state..

I was expecting him to huge and kissed😘 me but instead he went on his knees, presented the rose 🌹 flower to me and of which I gladly accepted..
I still wondered what he was waiting for before he hugged me.. I was impatiently wanting his pink lips on mine..
He later deep his hand into his pocket and brought out a small pretty amazing box.. he opened it and took out a ring..
Gush,, wedding ring..
Wait…wait….wait…. I said.
Cutting it short, He proposed to me and I was surprised and same time excited..
I gladly accepted and in few days we fixed our wedding date..

He took me to his mother and she blessed us accordingly..

We traveled to USA and I introduced him to my parents. The accepted him and decided we set our wedding at USA… He refused at first because of his old mother but my dad told him he’s gonna bring her to US with his private jet along with other family members from my side and his side…

A week later. It was like a blink of an eye it came So quickly.
We had the best wedding celebration ever.. I was pulled to greater surprise when I saw Josh. He acted calmly. He presented a lot of interesting gift with apology.. We accepted and later reunited with him…

The wedding was so classic and pleasing..
Our parents celebrated together and took alot of photoshut..
He decided we spent our honeymoon in Nigeria and gladly we moved to Nigeria with his mum..

A month later i was confirmed pregnant..
That was my dream ever since we met back in secondary school. Been his wife was my best ambition..
Time quickly went by, and i was due to put to bed πŸ›οΈ.
In not less than 30 minutes, I was delivered of a baby girl.. that also added to the actualisation of my dreams..
Having a girl as my first child….

Thereafter we live happily.


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