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One Night Stand
Pregnant for a stranger)

Synposis / one

Phoebe was heartbroken.
She gets drunk and wakes up to see herself stark naked in an Hotel room.
Ashamed she hastely got dressed and runs off.

Gray Mensah is a young, handsome and charming business man.

He is damn rich and popular, girls throw themselves at him.
He goes by the saying”all women are the same”.

He had sex with Phoebe thinking she was one of his many sluts.

What happens when Phoebe finds out she is pregnant?

But for whom?

๐ŸŒผ(Pregnant for a stranger)๐ŸŒผ
Episode One

๐ŸŒน Phoebe๐ŸŒน

I stare at my reflection in the mirror as Daisy apply make up on my face.

My name is Phoebe Adwin, today l will be going out on a date with my boyfriend Goerge.

This will be the third time am seeing him in a year.

He is always busy with work and travels alot. I don’t complain because l love him alot.

I miss him a lot, am so eager to see him so l have to look best.

Diasy is my best friend, we live together in an apartment. She is a stylist.

My parents died when l was little. My grandmother took care of me ever since and l see her as my father and mother. She is my everything.

Grandma stays in her house at a rural area in Ghana.
We are Ghanians same with my best friend Daisy.

( Back to present

” You look georgous girlfriend” Daisy says and squeal excitedly.

I stare at my reflection in the mirror once again, truth be told l am looking different due to the magic Daisy performed on my face.

” Thanks, fishbrain” l said and laugh at her reaction.

” Me fishbrain? ” She’s ask and pout her lips.
” Do you think someone with fishbrain can make you look this good uhnnn” she says faking tears.

” Quit the act already” l said between laughter.

” Seriously girlfriend Goerge is gonna fall in love with you again when he sees you tonight”.

” Alright enough of the compliment, let me get going”.

“Bye sweetie, have fun”.

” I will” l reply and shut the door.


“Sir, a lady is asking for you” my secretary says over the phone.

” Let her in” l reply.

The door open to reveal a half naked Mira . She cat walk to me seductively.

“Mira, how may l help you?” I ask.

” You know what l want Mr Gray, l want you” she says and throw her top away as she gives me her most sexiest smile.

l smirk, without wasting time l position her on my desk and spank her ass repeatedly.

In seconds, we are both naked, she is so much in a hurry to feel my cock inside her.

I fuck her mercilessly till I reach organsm.

” Here, this is five hundred thousand cedis” l say and throw it at her.

” Now get out of my office and never show your face to me again” l stated coldly.

She is surprised by my reaction, she dress hurriedly and scurried out.

My name is Gray Mensah, the most young and popular business man in Ghana.

This is what l experience everyday , girls throw themselves at me and some come with fake pregnancies just to extort money from me and l give them what they want.

Money isn’t my problem, my name is more important , l don’t want any scandal, so l give them what they want.

The door opens and my secretary walks in.

” Sit”, l order.

” So can you explain to me how we lost the sum of ten million Cedis within few weeks!”

“Sir please am sincerely sorry, l don’t know how it happened”.

” What the hell are you saying?” I retorted angrily and she trembles in fright.
” So money have legs now huh?”

” Am giving you twenty four hours to refund the money or give me a tangible reason for the loss of the money else you lose your job”.
” Now out of my office”.

” Sir please am………

” I said out”. I yell.

She scurried away.

Fucking whore, she thinks because have fucked her once or twice,l will let this slide.

She must be a fool for thinking such.

I just need to cool my head, l stood and grab my car key.


๐ŸŒผ(Pregnant for a stranger)
Episode 2

๐ŸŒน Phoebe๐ŸŒน

Mintues later, l arrive at the restaurant, l met Goerge already sitted,on seeing me he stood to welcome me and l hug him, have miss him so much.

After the long hug, we finally settled down and order for food and drinks.

” How have you been?” Goerge ask.

” Have been fine, is just that l miss you alot” l reply.

“Same here” he says.

“How is work?” I ask.

” Work is good” he reply.

” So did you decide to come spend some weeks with me?”.

” No, am leaving tomorrow” he reply.

” What! You are leaving so soon.”

” Yes, Phoebe l just came to see you and to tell you something.”

” What is it, you want to say.”

” Phoebe” he calls and hold my hands.

” I don’t know how you are gonna react to this but I think we should end things .”

” How do you mean, wait, are you breaking up with me?”

” Let’s break up Phoebe.” He says.

” What! This is unbelievable” l free my hands from his grip.

” After everything we have been through, you are always busy traveling around but have never complained have been faithful all this years, Why Goerge Why!. ”

“You are too good for me Phoebe”.

” But am not complaining, please Goerge don’t do this”.

” Look, Phoebe, l just figured out that this won’t work, am sorry.”

” No, Goerge you can’t do this to me.”

” Am sorry Phoebe, l have to prepare for my flight tomorrow, l have to go, please take good care of yourself.”

” Goerge, wait, please you can’t just leave me like this, but he is gone.

He left me, l cried l can’t take this, l sobbed even more.




I never wanted to break up with Phoebe , but it’s the only way l could secure my job. My CEO wants me to marry her arrogant daughter or l lose my job, l had no other choice, l do love her alot.

But l just can’t risk loosing my job, beside who date a jobless man.

๐ŸŒน Phoebe๐ŸŒน

Three more bottles, l tell the waiter.

This is too much to take in, l loved him so much but this is what l get in return, this is sixth bottle am taking, l don’t care.

I just want to get drunk and forget about this miserable night even if it’s for a short time.

More, l tell the waiter.


Why is she not picking her calls.

This food is getting Cold, maybe she decided to spend the night but at least she should have called.

Am farmish, am already used to eating with her.

Now am the one to suffer.





Tequila, l tell the waiter, l need l bitch to warm my bed tonight.

I spot a lady at the extreme, she is pretty, and drinking alone, there are up to about fifteen bottles on her table.

Wait, did she take all that?

No that’s impossible, maybe she was drinking with her friends and they left her or something.

She is really beautiful though.

Seriously, when did l start admiring a lady?

I need to talk to her.she is too pretty to be alone.

I get up with my drink in my hand and walk up to her.

” Hey beautiful, Mind if l join you?”

She nods in reply.

” Thanks.”

I sit beside her, l must admit, she is dead goergous.
Wow!, the most beautiful woman have ever seen.

“Hey Mr hot, my boyfriend broke up with me today,he says l don’t deserve him.”

” you are very handsome” she says and giggles.

” Hot and handsome” she repeats and touch my beards.

Now she is flirting.

I almost forgot, all women are the same.

I just got myself a bitch to warm my bed.

“Would you want me to show you how hot l can be down there.”

“Off course” she says and giggles again.

” I like you Mr hot.”

Gaining more confidence, l draw her closer and claim her lips, she kisses back and deepens the kiss, her lovely scent fill my nostril.
I nibble on her lower lip and kiss her neck, she moans softly.

” Mr hot, your lips are sweet.”
She says and kiss me again.

I have to get a room, l found a bitch for tonight and a goergous one at that.

๐ŸŒผ (Pregnant for a stranger)๐ŸŒผ

Episode Three



I wake up to the Ray of sunlight, geez, my head is spinning, guess l drank too much last night.

Where am I, l stare at the room in bewilderment, an hotel room?

I stare at my body that is covered with duvet, and I am stark naked.

Oh my goodness! What have l done.

My clothes are scattered on the floor and l can hear the sound of running water, the person l had sex with must be bathing.

I need to get the hell out of here, l pick my dress and hurriedly put them on, l gently open the door and storm off.

I can’t face him. What will he see me as a sluts? I should never had got drunk all thanks to Goerge, thinking about Goerge l can’t fight the tears that flow down my cheeks, after everything he broke up with me.

” Are you okay ma’am?” The driver ask .

” Yeah, am fine” l reply and smile faintly.

We got to my apartment and l alighted from the car.

Never thought l would have a one night stand, l try to remember his face but l can’t,l need to rest, my head is pounding.

I knock on the door.

The door opens and l Daisy stood there glaring at me.

” Good morning”.

” Good morning, your majesty”.

” What’s with the nickname?”

” I thought her royal majesty forgot about me and decided to stay with her prince charming forever.”

” Not funny, My head is spinning, do you have pills for hang over?”

” Did you get drunk? And why did Goerge not drop you off?”

” Enough of the questions, get me pills please.”

“Okay, am coming”.

” Here, take it” she hands me the pills and a glass of water.

” Thanks.”

” Ya welcome”.

I swallow the pills and gulp it down with the water.

” Look at your eyes have you been crying?.”

” Daisy please can l rest a little, l want to be left alone.”

” Alright, you can call me when you are ready to talk,” she says with concern and walk out.

I try to recall what happened last night, l remember drinking alot, sitting with a man, l remember touching his beard and and, oh my God am ruined.

What happened after then, l can’t remember, l can’t remember his face, how l end up naked in an hotel room l can’t remember.

He must have mistaken me for a whore.

All this wouldn’t have happened if l had head home straight away, but instead l went drinking and wallowing in self pity.

Goerge is probably seeing another woman but here am l getting all worked and ended up in bed with a stranger, what a life.

My life is a mess right now, l just made myself look like a cheap dirty slut.

The door opens and daisy walk in.

“So are you ready to talk?”

” I thought you said l should call you.”

” Am sorry am not that patient.”

” Start talking, l want to hear everything.”

“Goerge broke up with me ”

” Phoebe, stop joking around, tell me what actually happened.”

” That’s what happened Daisy, he broke up with me”.
I can’t believe am crying again.

” What the hell !

” Goerge broke up with you, how and why
What happened?”

” He said l don’t deserve him.”

” Just that, his he crazy or something.”

” Come on stop crying”.

“So where were you all night?l was worried you didn’t even call that’s unlike you .”

How am l gonna tell her, l got drunk and slept with a stranger.

“Phoebe, what are you thinking about, are you hiding something, say it already.”

” See Daisy , l don’t want you to judge me.”

” Off course, l won’t, don’t you trust me?”

” I do.”

” So spill.”

“I had a one night stand”.


“Look, Daisy it’s not what you think, l got drunk and woke up to find myself naked in an hotel room l can’t even remember the face of the person l slept with” l say and sob more.

” It’s okay, stop crying okay , stop crying.”

” Daisy, my life is a mess right now, how could Goerge do this to me, have been faithful all this years.”

“Calm down okay! Stop crying, stop wasting your tears, he is not worth it”.

” You have to get over Goerge , you are an adult so you shouldn’t get all worked up over the one night stand thing, go take your bath and freshen up.”

” And don’t forget to wash every spirit and thought of Goerge away from your body, you just have to move on my dear.”

” Thanks, you always have a way to cheer me up.”

” That’s why am your bestest ” she says and wink at me.



I came out of the bathroom, drying my hair and l found the bed empty.

Where did the bitch go?
Her clothes and purse are gone.

What! She left?

Seriously, her pussy felt so good, she didn’t even wait for me to gift her some money.

Am kinda attracted to her, she kept on moaning Goerge when we were having sex.

Who is Goerge to her?

Maybe one of her favorite client.

What a beautiful whore.
So pretty.

Why did she leave?

That’s her business anyways, l got to get dressed for work.

I stare at the bed and something is shining on it.

I pick it up, its a bracelet.

Her bracelet, l wanted to throw it away but l found myself keeping it in my pocket.

Am interrupted by the ringing of my phone.

” Hello detective”.

” Mr Gray, l just found evidence that proves that miss Genevieve is behind the money that have been missing.”

” Then arrest her and make sure she rot in jail.” I say angrily.

” Okay sir.”

Good, l know she was up to know good.

I dail the number of my personal assistant who is also my best friend.

” Hey buddy”.

“Hello man, please help me arrange for a new Secretary.”

“Why, have you fired Genevieve already?”

” I will explain when l get to the office but for now do has have said”.

” Yes boss.” He says in sacarsm and l chuckle.

Pregnant for a stranger)

Episode Four
( Few days later)

” Phoebe are you sure about this?”

“Diasy, am one thousand percent sure, am going to get the job, stop worrying.”

“I know you have good grades and all that, but this is like the biggest company in the country and the C.E.O is Gray Mensah himself.”

” The almighty Gray Mensah.”

” I know, but there is no harm in trying, let me try.”

” Okay, if you insist.”

” Sit let me work some magic on your face.”

“Am so sorry to bust your bubbles magician, l don’t have time for that, am running late.
” Come on Phoebe, you have to look good.”

” Am good, see you later bestie.”






I board a cab and we arrive at a huge building.

OLAM was boldly written on it.

I pay the cab man and alight from the car.

I walk past the securities and enter the huge compound.

The place is classy and well organized, everyone is minding their business.

I got to the reception, the lady ask me to wait that she should give Mr Gray a call.

My hands are sweaty, in few minutes l will be standing in front of the most famous business man.

I try to calm myself, l take a deep breath, calm down Phoebe l mentally scold myself.

“You can go in” She said.

” Thank you.”

I enter the large office and l reach an office it was tagged secretary. This must be my soon to be office.

I walk past it and find another office tagged C.E.O.

I take a deep breath, this must be Mr Gray’s office.

I knock gently.

” Come in” l hear a deep husky voice.”

I adjust my dress and open the door nervously.

I enter and Mr Gray was typing away in his laptop.

This man is hot, he is more good looking in person.

” Good morning sir” I greet and he raise his head to look at me.

He gasp in surprise which was quickly replaced by a smirk.

” Why are you here?”he asks.

Seriously, l wasn’t expecting that kind of question, his voice is sexy though.

” I drop an online application for the post of a secretary in your company and was told to come meet you” l explain.

“You are the person! Interesting, very interesting.”

What is he saying?

” Your grades are perfect, so you got the job.”

Just like that,My goodness ! am so happy right now.

” Thank you very much sir” l say and he starts laughing.

Why is he laughing, what’s funny.

” Meet my personal assistant, He will tell you what to do.”

” You may leave.”

” Thank you sir.”

I walk out of the office and release the breathe l didn’t know have been holding.

Why was he laughing?

Well it’s a good thing l never expected the almighty Gray Mensah to laugh in front of someone like me.

I walk back to the lady at the reception.

” Please where can l find the office of Mr Gray’s personal assistant.”

“By your right” she points.

” Thank you.”

I get to the office and knock gently.

“Come in”. Said a manly voice.

” Good morning sir.”

“Morning Damsel.”

” How may l help you?”

” Am the new Secretary, Mr Gray said l should meet you” l explain.

This man is quite good looking but not to be compared to Mr Gray.

” Wow, you are beautiful.”

” Thank you” l reply as my face turn crimson red.

” May l know your name?”

” Phoebe Adwin.”

” Nice to meet you Phoebe, my name is Robin Smith.”

“Nice to meet you Mr Robin.”

” Am not going to say much, your grades are really good, you have a working experience, so l assume you know your job.”

” Apart from work, you have to buy him coffee every morning.”

” He has a strict instruction on the quantity he wants”.

” Two shot of espresso, one dollop of strawberry cream and two teaspoon of cocoa sprinkles.”

” He hate late coming, work accurately, he has a bad temper.”

” That will be all for now.”

” Thank you Mr Robin.”

” You can call me Robin, you may leave and resume tommorow morning.”

” Sure, thank you very much” I reply and turn to leave.

“Wait” he call.

” I just received a message, Mr Gray wants you to meet him in his office.”

[3/10, 8:20 P ONE NIGHT STAND
Pregnant for a stranger)
Episode Five


When the receptionist called that there was a lady asking to meet me, l thought it was Mira the dirty clingy slut.

But am surprised, it’s the pretty slut from the other night, am more surprised when she introduce herself as the person that applied for the post of a secretary.

She looks decent and well mannered.

She pretended like she doesn’t know me.

Does she think she can fool me?

Have been thinking of her lately which is quite unusual for me.

This is a great opportunity to make her moan underneath me once more.


๐ŸŒบ Phoebe๐ŸŒบ

Why does he want to meet me?

Is not like have resume working already.

I knock on the door of his office and he tells me to come in.

I open the door and walk in and like earlier he is busy with his laptop.

” Am Here sir”.

” May l know your name?”

” Phoebe Adwin”.

” Last time we met l didn’t get to know your name before you disappeared.”

” When l saw you earlier l thought you came for your money” he says and chuckle.

” Excuse me sir, have we met before?”

” Stop pretending, stop acting like your lost your memory or something.”

” I really don’t know what you are talking about.”

” Enough” he yells.

” Get me coffee.”

” But l was told to resume tommorow.”

” You resume today, now hurry and get me coffee bitch.”

Did l hear clearly, he just called me a bitch.

I sigh and walk out of the office.

I don’t even know where to get a coffee.

I made my way to a coffee shop behind the office.

I bought the coffee, and enter the building.

I got a chance to take a good look at the building.

Expensive looking painting and funitures and vintage sofa style with gold trimming.

I walk through the building observing the whole place till l reach Mr Gray’s office.

I enter the office and it’s empty.

I scan the office with my eyes. His office is the fanciest through out the building.

The view in the window is amazing.

I was admiring the alluring sight that l amost didn’t notice a figure standing behind me.

“Sir, l brought the coffee” l said gently hoping l spoke correctly.

He doesn’t respond he kept staring at me.

He sun shone behind him making him look like an angel descending from heaven.

I place the coffee cup on his desk and quickly tried to retreat.

I couldn’t stand his presence any longer, he was too intimidating.

” Wait” The sudden voice froze me in place.

” What is this?” he asks.

I did want to turn around to look at him,but do l have a choice.

” Coffee!

I answer in a question not understanding what he met.

” You think l will drink this?” he ask in anger.

” I don’t see why not” l reply.

He raise his eyebrow in surprise like l said something unusual.

” Why not? Will you drink something like this?” He ask me this time leaning his back comfortably on his chair.

He look pissed.

Robin warned me about him, yet l didn’t listen.

” I know you are here to stylishly seduce me.”

” I don’t mind though”.

” But while you are at it, you have to know that if you provoke me, l won’t think twice before l fire you” he says looking at me.

” I didn’t respond am too shocked to respond.”

What is he talking about?

Who wants to seduce him?.

So much for a first day, l thought.

” This coffee is not only cold, it’s in a mug, since it’s your first day l will let you off.”

” But next time l ask for coffee you have to bring it in less than ten minutes and the way l like it.”

” Take this mess you call a coffee out of my desk.”

I nod and clutched the cup and turn to leave, l walk out with clenched fist.

What a jerk, he is abusing his power.

I hate this man.

I settle on my desk to arrange a few things.

The receptionist l met earlier, walk up to me.

” Hi, may l know your name?”

” Yea sure, am Phoebe and you are?”

” Stella.”

“Okay it’s nice to meet you Stella”

” The pleasure is mine, l just came to say a few things to you since you are new here and my shift is over for the day.”

” You have to be careful around Mr Gray, he is very hard to please.”

” He is scary.”

” He suffers from Insomnia, when he doesn’t sleep,he is super grouchy” she explains.

” Thanks for the information”.

” Ya welcome, and lastly never be late with Mr Gray’s files.”

” Have a nice day Phoebe, l will see you tomorrow.

“Thanks Stella.”

As soon as she left, l wrote in my note pad.

” Never be late with Mr Gray’s files.


[3/10, 8:20 PM] Story P: ๐ŸŒบ ONE NIGHT STAND ๐ŸŒบ
๐ŸŒผ( Pregnant for a stranger)๐ŸŒผ

Episode Six





It’s getting dark, my shift is over for the day.

I was arranging my desk then suddenly an older woman walked over tossing a huge pile of papers on my desk.

My eyes went wide in terror.

“Scan each one to Mr Gray and stamp today’s date on them.”

” Once that is complete, create files for them and sort them in chronological order.”

” This must be done today, and put it on the C.E.O’s desk before sunrise.”

I sighed, so much for a first day.

I watch everyone leave one after the other. The place is empty just the night shift security.

I cracked my fingers and got right to work.

There were so many papers.

I started scanning the sheet, one after the order.

After hours of that, l started making copies, just a handful left.

Suddenly, my printer ran out of ink .

I had no idea were they kept the ink cartridges.

I got up and look around for another printer.

Everyone’s office was locked l started wandering around searching for a printer.

It’s getting dark, l need to get home before it’s too late.

I got to Mr Gray’s office and it wasn’t locked.

Am kinda surprised.

I switch on the light and walk slowly to the printer.

I started the copier.

It started moving and I heard a deep voice nearly startled me to death.

” Why are you here?”

I turn to the direction of the voice.

I squinted my eyes to get a better view.

There he was sitting on the sofa across from me.

” The almighty Gray Mensah.”

How did l walk right past him and not notice his presence?

It was dark so l assumed he already gone home.

He held a glass cup in his hand with an empty bottle beside him.

He look messy with an unbuttoned loose collar and his tie hug around his neck.

” Why are you here?” he repeats.

” Am sorry, l was just making copies my printer ran out of ink.”

He doesn’t respond, he rest his head against the sofa closing his eyes.

I felt bad that he has lnsomnia.

What a way to suffer.

I held they hypontize him to sleep.

Why is he awake?

I made the copies hurriedly.

It was awkward having him seat here.

I arrange the files on his desk and made to Leave.

“Come here” he called.

I walk closer to him, for no reason l seem afraid.

What is he up to?

I know why you are here bitch.

Make your move.


” How do you mean.”

He stood up and started walking closer to me.

I stepped back, the more l step backwards the more he came closer.

What’s he doing?

I use my back to hit the wall.

I shrink in pain.

He smirks and use his both hands in trapping me.

I was feeling his breathe on my face.

“Isn’t this what you want?”

He said and kiss me on my neck.

His kisses sent shiver down my spine.

I wanted to stop him but my body said otherwise.

He started placing kisses on my neck down to my collar bone and his hands cupped my breast.

” Phoebe are you this cheap?” My subconsciousness yells at me.

He smack my butt and started to unzip my dress.

” Stop it please.”

” Stop it “l half yell faintly not recognizing my voice

[3/10, 8:20 PM] Story P: ๐ŸŒบONE NIGHT STAND ๐ŸŒบ
๐ŸŒผ( Pregnant for a stranger)๐ŸŒผ

Episode Seven & Eight





He smirked and let go of me.

I quickly adjust my dress and rush out.

What just happened?

I can’t believe l did that.

I stood shamelessly and let him use his perverted hands to roam my body.

I ran out of the building.
It was already late.

I got twenty missed calls from Diasy.

Why is she acting like my mom?

Have been standing here for mintues now, still l couldn’t hail a cab .

I sigh in fraustation.

I was interrupted by the ringing of my phone.

It’s Diasy, l knew she is worried.

I was so engrossed in my phone that l almost didn’t notice a car in front of me.

” Get in” l hear the familiar voice.

Can this day get any better?

” Get in” he repeats.

I open the car door reluctantly.

Am still embarrassed by what happened earlier.

But he is behaving has if nothing happened.

The ride was awkward.

Have never been this tensed all my life.

” Where do you live?” he asks.

” Windy hill” l reply.

After the long drive, we reached my apartment and the car came to an halt.

” Thank you sir” l say but he didn’t respond.

I step out of the car and shut the door.

Immediately he drove off .

I met Daisy at the front door glaring at me.

” Chill babe, it’s not what you think” l said.

” Who dropped you off? And why are you just coming?”

“Am sorry mom, can l please come in”
I said sarcastically.


“So, what happened? ”
” Tell me Everything.”

” Seriously Daisy, story acting like my mom” l said and roll my eyes.

” Answer me young lady”.
” Who brought you home?”

” My Boss.”

” Your Boss?”

“Yes my boss, Mr Gray.”

Oh my goodness!
” Are you for real” she says and squeal excitedly.

“Stop screaming, am tired.”

” Oh shut up and let me scream.”

” The almighty Gray Mensah drove you home.”

” So?


“What happened?”

” Never mind, l will sleep now.”

” You want to sleep without bathing nor eating just to escape a question?”

“You are so unbelievable”.

“Yeah, yeah good night.”l reply.

” Get up you smelling brat, go take your bath” she yells.

“Yes Mom” l reply and hurried to the bathroom.”




( The next day)

I woke up late.

Am feeling nauseous.

It’s morning why am I so tired.

How am l gonna explain the reason I came late on my second day?

I hastely took my bath and apply lotion on my skin.

I put on an armless red top with a black knee length pencil skirt, a black Jacket and red heel to match.

I pack a hair in a bun and apply lip gloss.

I saw a note on the dinning.

It reads:

” Make sure to eat before leaving sleepy head.”

How did we end up as best friends?

What a physco!

I board a cab and arrive at the company.

Am fifteen minutes late.

I reached the reception and Stella gave me a knowing look.

That look .
I think Mr Gray is here already.

I walk faster and got to my office.

” And why are you just coming?” I hear the familiar voice.

Oh no not again.

” Good morning sir, am sorry l came late
it was due ……… to traffic.”

” Yes due to traffic” l lied.

He stare at me for few seconds and walk past me heading to his office.

I sigh in relief.

I arrange my desk and got to work.

I was interrupted by the ringing of the telephone.

” Hello” l said.

” Miss Phoebe, l need you to bring my coffee in five seconds” and the line went dead.

Oh my God!
How could l forget?

I rushed out of the office like someone being chased.

I bought the coffee and ran walk to Mr Gray’s office.

I knock gently.

” Come in” he said.

I rushed in.

” Sir please am really sorry,Here is the coffee” l said and place it on the desk.

” You are late, am no longer interested in the coffee” he says and smirks.

Does he enjoy smirking at me?

” For coming late and failing to serve my coffee on time, am giving you a punishment”.

” Sir am really sorry, l won’t mind the punishment” l said.

” Good”.

” So how about you give me a blow job?”




๐ŸŒผ(Pregnant for a stranger)๐ŸŒผ

Episode Eight





“Excuse me?”

” You heard me bitch.”

“Can you stop calling me a bitch” l yell at him.

I don’t care anymore, am dizzy right now and he is adding to it.

” Did you just talk back at me you whore” he yells.

I can’t control it anymore.

My legs are wobbling and my eyes are heavy.

” Stop yelling” l manage to say as l find myself falling slowly.

I felt a strong arm around my body as l pass out.




I woke up feeling light headed.
My vision is blurry.

Where am l?

I open my eyes slowly to get a better view.

The door opened and Daisy walks in.

” Phoebe, oh my goodness! How are you feeling?” She ask.

“I don’t know, why am l here?”

” Oh sweetie you fainted. I got a call from your boss, l had to rush down here.”

” His voice was so deep and sweet,l wished we never stop talking.”

” How are you feeling?”

” A bit light headed but l can manage.”

” I need to get back to the office.”

” No you don’t have to, Mr Gray gave you some days off.”

” I think he was the one who brought you here, the bills have been paid.”

The door opens and the doctor walks in.

” How are you feeling? He asked.

” Better” l reply.

” Are you her guardian?” he asked Daisy.

“Yes, yes l am” she replied.

” Seriously Daisy.”

“Miss, can l talk to her? ” The doctor asked.

” Yes go ahead”. I reply.

” Come with me, the doctor said.

” Be right back, sweetie”she said and follows the doctor.




(Mintues later)

Daisy walks in her face gloomy.

“What happened?”
“What did the doctor say?”

” Should l say is badnews or good news , well l don’t know how to place it.”

“Talk to me Daisy” l said anxiously.

” You see, it ve been long, we went out for shopping, why not use this opportunity.”

” Daisy you are diverting my question.”

” The doctor said you can be discharged, let’s go out later and have some fun” she said excitedly.

” What’s with the mood swing, a moment ago you were looking depressed and now you are squealing excitedly.”

” You are a physco, you need to see a doctor” l said.

” I just met one not quite long you know.”

” Yeah, yeah, whatever.”




Am home now l was discharged not quite long ago.
I feel much better.

I wrap a towel around my body and enter the bathroom.

Mintues later l was done and l walk into my room.

“Tada! Daisy scream waving a dress to my face.

She was dressed already.

” You said we were going out for shopping, why should l wear this and why are you dressed like this?”

” A compliment, would have been nice.”

” Going out for shopping doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look good, we might meet our prince charming you know” she said and winked at me.

I put on the the gown.
It’s a silver colored strapless gown.
I wore a black heel to match.

” You look stunning girlfriend” Daisy compliments.

” You don’t look bad either, you are beautiful.” I reply.

She helped in maintaining my hair and applied little make up on my face.

So much for shopping.

We look,
” Goergous” we both chorused.





“Are you thinking about the lady?”

” What lady?”

“The new Secretary.”

” Off course not, why would l?”

” Well it’s obvious you are.”

” Why not give her a call?”
” But man, you are so unbelievable, why will you tell her to do a thing like that? You have lots of ladies you can mess around with, why the secretary?”

” Because she is a slut and l hate the fact that she is pretending she doesn’t know me.”

” How do you mean? Have you met her before?”

” It was kind of a one night stand and the following morning she disappeared and later reappeared in my office some days later.

” What! You slept with her.”

” That means you both knew each other?”

” Off course, she knows me, she is pretending.”

” And how sure are you?”

” Am hundred percent sure, it’s not like she lost her memory or something.”

” Alright,she seems decent.”

” Are you sure she is the one?”

” Stop doubting me Robin, l know what am saying.”

” Okay, l get it but she is very beautiful you know, with those curves and straight legs.”
” I can’t believe you slept with her already.”

” Are you into her?”

” No am not, why?”

” Stay away from her.”

” You are being possessive, she is a slut remember.”

” Stop it Robin.”

” Okay, but you should admit the fact that you are attracted to her.”

” Am not.”

“Then why do you care if am into her?”

“I don’t know, just stay away from her.”

” Pick up, your phone is ringing.”

” Is the doctor right?”

” I thought you said you weren’t worried.”

” I am not worried, he only said she was discharged.”

” You like her.”

” Okay, how about l ask her out on a date.”

” You dare not.”

” See it, you like her , admit it already, the earlier the better.”





“Come on Phoebe, try this on”.

” Geez, Am tired Daisy.”

“Just this once okay?”

” Put it on”.

“Woooow! You look sexy, stunning, beautiful, georgous and amazing.”

” Yeah, yeah, thanks, can l take it off?”

“Tsk! You are so boring.”

” Let’s go eat am hungry.”

” Me too.”

” You go first, l will pay for them.”

” Alright meet me in the restaurant.”



“Daisy l know you are hiding something”.

” Say it already.”

” What did the doctor say?”

” Chill okay, let’s finish our meal.”

” No tell me now, l want to here it now ”

” Please just tell me already.”

“I didn’t want to spoil the mood.”

” The doctor said you are pregnant Phoebe.
You are one week pregnant.”


[3/10, 8:20 PM] Story P: ๐ŸŒบONE NIGHT STAND ๐ŸŒบ
๐ŸŒผ( Pregnant for a stranger)๐ŸŒผ

Episode Nine




“Daisy am serious, stop joking”.

“So am l Phoebe, the doctor said you are a week pregnant.”

“I stare at her for few seconds wanting to find a hint of unseriousness in her but there was none.”

” So it’s true?” I ask .

” Phoebe am sorry, l never knew things will turn out this way” she said pathetically.

” No! No way.”

” What have l done?”
” What have l done?”

” Phoebe stop crying, you are an adult, stop acting like a teenager who found out she is pregnant.”

” Am a disgrace Daisy, a big disgrace, what will l tell Grandma? How am l gonna explain that l got pregnant for a man l don’t even know?” I said and sobbed more.

” Stop it Phoebe, you are not a disgrace, the pregnancy is a week old why not get rid of it if it’s too difficult for you to handle.”

” No way am killing an innocent baby.”

” Am such a fool, l could have faced the consequences of my actions but l ran away from it, If l didn’t run away l could have gotten a glimpse of the man l sleep with.”

” What if Goerge is responsible for the pregnancy?”

” What are you even saying, l can remember the last time George and I got intimate and the pregnancy is a week old so that explains everything.”

” Am sorry l was just saying.”

” Phoebe you are a twenty two ~years old lady with a good job, you ~have a grand mother who loves you more than anything and you have me, you know l can’t trade you for anything, so stop cr~ ying you can move past this okay!”.
” We are in this together.”
” I love you so much bestest and it hurts me to see you cry.”

” Daisy aren’t you ashamed of me, if not am ashamed of myself and l know grandma will be ashamed as well, am done here.”

” Phoebe wait up.”
“Phoebe please wait up.”

” Phoebe”

” Phoebe.”




I ran as much as my legs can carry me.

I just want to be left alone.

How did my life turn out this way?

First Goerge broke up with me and now am carrying the child of a total stranger.

I board a cab and arrive at Busua beach, this is where Daisy and l usually spent our time while growing up.

I sat quietly and allow the evening breeze blow my hair all over my face.

I cried freely on how damaged my life has become.

Grandma will be very disappointed in me.

She v’e always got high hopes in me.

I felt a presence beside me and l turn to see an older woman probably in her mid forties.

She dressed elegantly with expensive jewelries but looked depressed.

Why would such an expensive looking woman be depressed?

I have my own problems anyways.

I rest my head on my knees enjoying the evening breeze.

My phone started ringing, off course it’s Daisy.

I switch it off, l just want to be alone.

I felt a slight tap on my shoulders and turn to see who the hell was disturbing me but to my surprise is was the older woman.

I wasn’t pleased but l kept quiet l didn’t want to be rude especially to an older woman.

” How are you young lady? She asked”

I didn’t reply l just focus on the view ahead of me ignoring her, do l look okay to her?

” I know you are very sad and upset, so am l but we can share our problems, what do you think?”

I stare at her surprised, why is she acting all caring, we don’t even know each other.

Well that’s much better we don’t know each other and may never get to meet each other again.

There is no harm in sharing my problems with her.

Before l could respond she started talking.

” I once had a son, who cared for me more than anything in the world.But it’s all in the past now.

The son l have now hates me more than anything.

Although he is now a very successful young man, l only have to watch him from a distance.

I came back from the states some few days ago but there was no one to welcome me.”

” Why does your son hate you?” I find myself asking.”

” After his father died, three months later l started having an affair with his best friend.

My son was mad at me and told me to stop seeing him but l persisted.

Most times l left him all alone and travel to different places with my so called lover.

Most times my son will stay awake all night waiting for me.

I was so busy traveling the world and didn’t for once notice my son’s growing hatred for me.

I gave him money and other necessities but l never gave him the love and attention of a mother.

I feel ashamed am a disgrace to motherhood.”

” Stop crying, everyone has a story to tell, am pregnant and l don’t know the father of the baby.

I got drunk after my boyfriend who l dated for five years broke up with me.

I woke up to find myself naked in an hotel room, l ran away not waiting to get a glimpse of the man l slept with and here am l a week pregnant not knowing the person responsible for the pregnancy.”

” Oh! My darling, am sorry” she said and engulf in a hug.

I felt so comfortable it’s like l knew her before.

It was getting dark already, we both stood up and head out together.

” What’s your name?” she asks.

” My name is Phoebe.”

” You are a very beautiful lady Phoebe, promise me you will keep the baby and shower him with love and attention.”

” I promise.”

” I will like us to meet another time if you are interested, here is my card you can call me anytime and when you need anything.”

” My name is maya, it was nice meeting you Phoebe.”

” It was nice meeting you too” l said and collect the card from her.

” I will take my leave now.” I said.

” Good night Phoebe.”

“Good night Maya” I said relunctantly.

Calling her Maya will be very difficult for me, she would be the same age with my mother if l had one.

I switch on my phone, and Daisy call came through.

I smiled staring at the phone screen.

For some unknown reason l felt happy.

It’s true there are lot of people who care about me.

I just have to move on and like l promised l will shower my child with all my love and attention.




[3/10, 8:20 PM] Story P: ๐ŸŒบONE NIGHT STAND ๐ŸŒบ
๐ŸŒผ(Pregnant for a stranger)๐ŸŒผ
Episode Ten





I enter the office happily. Today am in a very good mood.

For the past few days I and Daisy went to different places and we had a lot of fun all thanks to Mr Gray for giving me some days off.

I visited grandma and explained everything to her, she didn’t react the way l expected. She was calm and told me to keep the baby.

So am cool.

I and Stella exchanged greetings and l headed to my office.

There were some files on my desk, l was supposed to present it to Mr Gray the other day l fainted.

I have to get his coffee.

I went out to get coffee and headed to Mr Gray’s office.

I knock gently.

” Come in” he said.

I enter the office and stare at Mr Gray, his hair is messy, his eyes are red and puffy, he looks stressed.

He didn’t sleep.
I pity him.

After the days work he can’t sleep.

I thought he uses hyponsis, why didn’t he sleep? I ask inwardly.

“Sir here is your coffee.”

” You may leave” he said not sparing me a glance.

He look so stressed, l can help him but am afraid to talk.

How am l going to start a conversation with him?

I turned to look leave but couldn’t.

I have to tell him.

” Sir, l heard you have insomnia, l know a recipe that can help you sleep without being hypontized.” I said in a rush.

He raises his head to look at me.
He stare at me for what seems like forever.

My breathing became heavy and my palms are sweaty.

” Then why don’t you teach me?” He said.

I looked at him in surprise, this wasn’t the answer, l expected.

I expected him to yell at me and tell me to get lost.

” Yes, sure, yeah l will” l stuttered.

” Good, but before then get ready you will accompany me to the construction site in Cape Town.”

” Sir l ……

” I guess you should cancel the appointment you have with your client.”

” What?” I ask with knitted brow.”

“Get ready you may leave”.

” I hate this man.”




” Robin you don’t have to come with me.”

” And why shouldn’t I? Am your P. A so l should be there.”

” Stay here and sign the contract with Mr li.”

” Does it mean you will be going alone?”

” No, am leaving with someone.”

“who are you ditching me for?”

” Wait don’t tell me it’s the secretary.”

” Yes she will accompany me.”

” I thought as much.”

” But that isn’t the work of a secretary besides she is a woman.”

” You can nag all you want, she is coming with me.”

” Should l book an hotel?”

” We will be coming back by noon, besides l have a pent house there in case we can’t come back today we can stay there for the night.”

” Hope is not what am thinking?”

” What are you thinking?”

” Nevermind, have fun.

“Robin don’t be silly, what are you talking about?”

” Have fun, I have work to do Mr Gray.”




Unknown POV

They arrive Cape Town at 11am.

They went straight to the construction site.

Phoebe felt uneasy, she didn’t like the idea of being here and following Mr Gray around. He was too intimidating.

She walked gently behind him.

They got to a part were the construction is still going on.

Phoebe look around observing the work being done.

She looked up to the second floor where the laborers were busy moving a brick on the other side of the place.

But someone suddenly pushed one pile of brick and it was going to drop on the spot Gray is currently standing.

Phoebe didn’t think twice.
” Mr Gray” she cried and pushed him away.”

Gray slumped on the ground and the brick hit her right hand.

Ah! Phoebe cried as she fell on top of Gray.

Gray face turned pale when he saw blood oozing out from her shoulder.

His body trembled and the tips of his hand turned cold.

” Miss Phoebe” Phoebe he called and lightly patted her.”





Am still conscious and can hear Mr Gray calling out my name.

” Phoebe wake up please l will take you to the hospital.”

He lifted me gently and place me at the back seat.

Though l was still conscious, l was weak and loosing my energy.

The blood continued to ooze from my wound.

He tore his shirt and wrap it around my wound to minimize the oozing.

Drive he told the chauffeur.

Unknown pov

“Why did things turn out that way” she yells at the person on the other line.

” Am sorry miss, it was a mistake.”

” Shut the hell up you coward, the brick was supposed to fall directly on her, now he is going to like her more for saving him.”

” Was she severely injured.”

” Yes and unconscious.”

” Good no more mistakes.”

Sure thing miss.

“l don’t want her to die too quickly, l still have to deal with her for a little while.”

” Keep an eye on her.”

” Yes l will.”

” Good.”


(Pregnant for a stranger)

Episode Eleven


I lay quietly on the hospital bed.

” Doctor how is she?” Mr Gray ask anxiously to the doctor who approached him.

” We have already stitched the wounds on her shoulder and aside from the deep wound, there are no other serious injuries.

The X-ray result is good, we did not see a broken or cracked bone on her shoulder.

However, her wound was swollen due to the force of the the bricks that hit her shoulder.

To avoid it from being infected, you should apply anteseptic ointment.

And due to her condition, you should take good care of her.”

” I will”he replied.

The doctor gave him the prescriptions
Of the medicines l should take.

I knew what he meant by my condition, but l guess Mr Gray didn’t understand.

I sit on the bed and rest my head on the head board.

After a while Mr Gray walked closer to me.

“Why did you do that?” He asked with flush of concern in his eyes.

” I wasn’t thinking and beside anyone in my place would have done same” l said not looking at him.

Mr Gray balled his hand.

” You almost got killed.”

I didn’t respond.

He sighed when he heard nothing from me.

“We can’t go back anymore” he informs.

“What! Why?” I ask and finally look at him.

“It will be hard for you to travel due to the wound” he explains.

” But it’s just an hour and forty minutes to travel through” l argued

” No, we should stay here until your wound gets better” he insisted.

“Where are we going to stay?”l asked.

” I have a penthouse here, so you should not worry.”

” My best friend will get worried if l won’t go home” l tried to find an excuse.

“Your best friend” he said and chuckles.

“Are you Sixteen?”

” You can call to inform her you won’t be coming for a few days.”

“For a few days?” I ask in disbelief.

“Yes we are not leaving until your wound is healed.”

But l …………..

” Can you please keep shut, am tired of this argument, don’t forget am the boss here, we are staying for a few days and that is final ” he stated coldly.

I almost forgot, have been talking to Gray Mensah.




It was already five pm,l was discharged from the hospital.

We went to Mr Gray’s penthouse.

I look around and am amazed, Mr Gray has a great taste in interior desighs.

” Would you like to have a rest?”

” Yes” l replied.

” Come with me” he said.

I walk behind him.

The house looks clean and well kept.

Do someone stay here? I wanted to ask but l kept shut.

You are with your boss, Gray Mensah remember, l mentally scold myself.

” This is will be your bedroom for the meantime” he said as we enter the room.

” Thank you sir.”

I admire the bedroom, it’s so beautiful and spacious.

He went upstairs, after about ten minutes, he was back with stuffs on his hand.

” Here, change your clothes” he gave me a piece of cloth.

I took the clothes and he went upstairs.

Gosh! this dress is too short.

How am l going to wear this?
I can’t even lift my hand.

I sighed and drop the dress on the bed.

The door opens and Mr Gray walks in.

He was wearing a short and singlet.

He looks hot, no l mean superhot, that’s still an understatement.
Those abs are enticing, l was beginning to drool over his musculine body.

” What are you staring at and why haven’t you changed your clothes?” He asks.

” I can’t lift my hand” l reply to the latter.

” It would be hard for you to move your shoulder because of the wound.”

” I will help you.”

” What? I said in disbelief.


I will help you take off your clothes l tell her.

Her eyes widened in disbelief.

I don’t seem to understand why she is hestitating.

It’s not like l haven’t seen what she is hiding.

” You don’t have to worry, am not horny, so l won’t take advantage of the situation.”

This lady is making me talk too much.

” Thank you sir but am okay with the clothes, thanks for your concern” she said and l chuckle.

” What’s with the change, are you now a Nun or something.”

” Remember l have to apply ointment to the wound so am taking it off whether you like it or not.”

A call came through,l left the room to receive the call.

” Hello buddy.”

“Hey bro, there is bad news.

” What bad news?”

” Mr li refused to sign the contract.”

” What! is he insane?”
” What’s wrong with his fucked up head.”

” He is demanding for something, something huge.”

“Have met his demands what else does he want, l worked so hard for this contract, why didn’t he sign it?”

” Boss, you have to come over, am afraid l can’t tell you what he wants, it’s complicated.”

” You should come over as soon as possible, l don’t know if you can meet this demand of his but we can’t afford to loose the contract.”


[3/11, 7:07 AM] Story P: ๐ŸŒบONE NIGHT STAND ๐ŸŒบ
๐ŸŒผ(Pregnant for a stranger)๐ŸŒผ

Episode Twelve





Mr Gray came back after receiving the call.

He had an unreadable expression.
He started to help me take off my clothes.

I was speechless and my heart skipped a beat when his hand touched my skin.

He took it off carefully afraid l might get hurt.



I think am starting to regret this.

My heart beats faster when l saw her almost naked body.
She is now wearing a two pieces of underwear which revealed her fair smooth skin.

I can feel my temperature rising.
My throat became dry.
Am hard already.

I try to calm myself and suppress my emotions and desire.
Fortunately l was standing behind her, she couldn’t see my erection.

I started to apply the ointment on her wound gently, the scent of her hair filled my nostril.

My mind is in choas, am finding it hard to concentrate.
I applied it quickly before l lose my self control.



” Thank you” l sincerely said.

I was about to walk away but be hugged me from behind.
His arms on my waist and his face on my neck.

“What her you doing to me?” he whispers.

I froze in place.
What is he doing?”

I tried to free myself from his embrace.

“Mr Gray what her you doing?” I ask.

But he tightened his grip around me and speak in an hoarse voice” Don’t move or else you will regret it” he warned.

” Please let me go” l plead.

I tried to wiggle myself from his embrace, l don’t want to be near him anymore, am afraid l might not be able to control myself.

In a blink of an eye, he is in front of me.
” I told you not to move, don’t regret if l fo this” he said and kissed me.

My mind went blank, he is kissing me, Gray Mensah is kissing me.

I can’t help it, l kissed back and he tightened his grip around me and deepened the kiss and his hands roam my body.

Our lips were fighting for dominance.

Why does this feel so right and yet wrong?

I can’t do this, he is my boss, what will he think of me?

I can’t let him have entrance to my body do easily.

I thought of an idea with that thought l bite his lips.

Awh! He screamed and released me.
He touched his lips.
” Why did you bite?” me he asked annoyed.

“Am sorry” l said and ran to my room.
I got in and shut the door.

This is the second time l allow him touch my body.
I can’t let this happen again.
It must never happen again.

I kinda enjoyed the kiss though.
I hate the way l feel when am around him.

Ouch! My shoulder hurts.
I lay on my bed and slept off touching my lips.


I went to her room, she had already fallen asleep.
I stare at her little face, carress her hair and kiss her forehead.
I pulled the blanket and put it on her.
Why am l feeling this way?
Do l like her?l can’t seem to concentrate when am around her.

I went to my room and opened my laptop but l can’t seem to concentrate.

I closed the laptop, picked a glass and poured whiskey on it.

The words Phoebe told me earlier kept playing on my mind.

” I know a recipe that can make you sleep without being hypontized.”


I woke up at nine in the morning.

I went to the bathroom, l brushed my teeth and took my bath.

I try to put on my dress, my shoulder hurts.
Ouch! I cried as l put on my dress.
I tie my hair in messy bun and walk out of the room.

The entire house is empty.
Did he left? I mumbled.

I searched the house but couldn’t find him.

I got to the dinning and there are already food on the table.l knitted my brow.

I noticed a note and read it
” I have to go check the construction site and buy some stuffs, you should eat and take your medicines.”

A smile curved on my lips.
So Mr Gray can cook.
So sweet of him.

I take a seat and started eating.

I was done eating.
I cleaned the dinning and washed the dishes quickly before he arrives.
I don’t want him to see me washing because of the wound.

I sit quietly and scroll through my phone
There were lots of messages from Daisy.

I heard the noise of a car engine.

I got up from my seat and opened the front door.

” You are awake! Mr Gray said as soon as l opened the door.

He entered.

“How are you feeling?”

” Did you eat your breakfast?”he asks in a rush.

“Hmm! I nod nervously, why is he being informal.

He approached me and kissed my forehead.

“Good”he smiled.

My body stiffened.
Did he just smile?
Why is this man acting so wierd since yesterday?
Did he eat something?

Have never seen him smile.
His smile was enchanting.
Why do l feel this way
This feeling has to stop, l can’t be attracted to him.
He is my boss and am pregnant.

“Here, l bought you this” he stretch his hand and gave me the big paper bag he is holding.

I take a peek inside the bag, there are dresses and …….
I froze for a moment and throw him a meaningful look.

He knitted his brow for a while looking at me.

“What?” He asked.

Mr Gray you bought me a
I didn’t know what to say or how to say it.

“Yeah, l bought you some underwear” he
said pointlessly and my face turned red.

He just said underwears like it’s no big deal.

“Thank you sir”l said.

“You are welcome.”
” When we are alone call me Gray.”

” Huh”

“You heard me get dressed we are leaving in an hour, something came up” he said leaving me speechless.


” Mr Gray welcome back,how was the honey moon.”

“I heard the Secretary got injured because of you, that’s true love.”

” Robin can you please be serious.”

“Am here for a reason and you know it.”

“Okay, but how is she doing, did you gave her some days off to heal up?

“Yes l did,so tell me why didn’t Mr Li sign the contract?”
Why is he making it difficult.

“Gray you have to calm down okay because what am about to say is not very pleasant to hear.”

” Say it, say it okay.”

” He wants a marriage contract.”
“He wants you to marry his daughter.”

๐ŸŒผ (Pregnant for a stranger)
Episode Thirteen & fourteen

” What the hell are you saying?”

” You heard me Gray, he wants you to marry his daughter.”

“He must be a joker.”

” This was not part of the deal, why does he suddenly want me to marry his daughter?”

” Gray things are getting out of hand, l don’t know why he wants you to marry his daughter but am afraid without this contract our company will be in joepardy.”

” To hell with the contract.”

” Gray!

” Don’t mention my name.”

” Now you are mad at me, why not go to Mr Li and pour out your anger on him.”

” You are making this difficult, you can just marry her and get a divorce after few months.”

” Is that all you v’e got to say in this situation?”

” Am sorry Gray but this contract is too important, we can’t lose it.”

” You always talk about the contract, what about me? I can’t just marry anyone and later get a divorce, it will create a huge scandal, you know l hate it.
And moreover l don’t even know this woman, the daughter he is talking about.
Mr Li is insulting me am bigger than this, he can’t force me to marry is daughter because of a contract, that’s uncalled for.”

” I tried to talk him out of it, but he wouldn’t listen, l think you should go see him yourself.”

“Yes l will go see him, he should stop this madness.”

” Please don’t be rude to him, be polite for once in your life, talk to him calmly and let him see reasons why you can’t meet his demand.”

“I really need to talk some sense into that douchebag.”

“Gray let this attitude end here, just be polite okay!

” See you later Robin.”

( Next day)


My eyes fluttered open.
I can’t believe I slept this long, its 10am already.

I stretch my body and got out of bed.

” Lover girl” l hear a familiar voice.

“Daisy, l thought you left?”

” Good morning, aren’t you happy to see me, huh?

” Good morning, l thought you left for work.”

” I haven’t gotten the full gist on why my best friend wounded her shoulder.”

“Daisy, you are so unbelievable, well l also want to know why you came home late last night.”

” Fine! You go first.”

” Nothing much, it was an accident, the bricks were supposed to fall on Mr Gray but l pushed him off, it hits me instead.”

” I thought you hate him bestie, we v’e always prayed for our enemies to die, you should have allowed the bricks hit him hard.”

” What are you saying?”

” Who saves the person they hate,l thought you hate him, stop lying to yourself Phoebe, you like him.”

” I don’t.”

” You do, l know you do, stop decieving yourself.”

” Yeah yeah whatever.”

” Your turn, who were you with last night?”

” Wait, you have not given me the full details, you spent a night with Mr Gray, something definitely happened.”

” Daisy, you are crazy.”
” I know l am so tell me.”

” Don’t forget am pregnant, we didn’t do anything, we just kissed, that’s all okay.”

” What about the dresses and the undies they are too expensive, l know he bought them.”

” Yes he did.”

” Okay, my turn.
yesterday l was lonely, since you weren’t at home l decided to go have some fun and l met this handsome dude, he was so cute and charming, to cut the long story short, he asked me out for a date and l agreed.”

“Is that all?”l asked.

” What’s huh, l want to know the full details, why did you cut the long story short?”

” That’s the full details, it’s not a long story.”

“You said it’s a long story.”

“No, it’s a short story.”

” So about you and Mr Gray.”

“What about us?

“Why don’t you consider him?”

“Why should l? He didn’t ask me out niether has he ever said he liked me, there is nothing to consider.”

” But he bought you undies.”

” That’s because he is a pervert, he said he bought me undies like it’s no big deal.”

” Alright, but you have to be careful.This is the second time you v’e been to the hospital, there should be no third time you are pregnant please take good care of yourself.”

” I will and there will be no third time.”

” Sometimes, l just wonder what answer l will give my child when he grows up and ask about the father, what will my child think of me?”

” Phoebe stop worrying, when the time comes you will sail through.”

” I hope so.”

” Good, go take your bath, l prepared breakfast, when you are coming take your medicines with you.”

” Yes mom.”

” I will be waiting my daughter.”

” You are a fish brain”.
” And you are an asshole.”

Unknown POV pov

Gray was sitting in his swivel chair, he is in deep thought.

What happened in his penthouse, last night when he kissed her, the time he helped her changed her clothes, he unconsciously smiled as he rubbed his chin.

He was busy reminiscing those memories that he wasn’t aware someone was watching him.

” Gray!
” Gray you spaced out, what were you thinking, smiling alone like a fool.”

” What are you doing here?”
” Can’t you knock?”

” Offcourse l knocked but you were so engrossed in your day dreaming.”

” What do you want?”

” Here are some business proposals that needs your approval.”

” Just leave it there l have to review it before signing.”

“Alright was up with you?”

” Robin you are my best friend.”

“Best friend forever.”

“Just shut up and listen.”

“I think l have to admit it now.”
” I love her.”

” Who?”

” The secretary.”

“Woooow! I said it this comes for a celebration.”

” Why are you being dramatic, what’s there to celebrate?”

” You just said you love a woman.”

” I don’t know if she feels the same, remember she is a hooker, she probably sees me as one of her former client.”

” Why do l have to fall in love with that kind of woman?”

“You love her that’s what matters, if she feels the same, she will definitely stop it for your sake and you mold her to be a better woman.”

“She has a well paying job why does she have to use her body? and she is very good at pretending, l mean all this while she still pretends not to know me.”

“I don’t think she is pretending.”
” Why not confront her and see what she has to say.”

“That’s a good idea, thanks man.”

“This is the best thing you have said all through the year.”

“What? the year is yet to end.”

“So what did Mr Li say?

” He insisted l must marry his daughter and l told him to go to hell with the contract.”



๐ŸŒผ(Pregnant for a stranger)๐ŸŒผ

Episode Fourteen



“I said I told him to go to hell with the contract.”

“Gray what have you done? Do you know what this contract means to us?”

“I know what it means, but you don’t have to worry, am willing to take the risk, l can’t let him control me and besides l told you earlier that l love Phoebe, this is the first time am having feelings for any woman and you know it.
I can’t allow the God forsaken contact to spoil what am planning to have with Phoebe.”

” Did you just call the contract God forsaken?l know you love miss Phoebe alot but without the contract the company is doomed.
This contract will help us partner with three great companies and you know the benefits that comes along with it.”

“Have you ever considered how l feel? all you think about is partnership and partnership, what’s wrong with you?
You are my best friend, you should support me, if it’s that easy like you always say it, why not go ahead and marry her in my place!”

“Go ahead marry her, since you care so much about the company.”

“Gray! This isn’t just any company it’s one of your biggest companies.
You manage it yourself that’s one of the reasons you shouldn’t neglect this.”

” Offcourse l can, like you said it’s one of my numerous companies, losing one of it won’t affect me in anyway, l don’t know why you are being over sensitive.”

“If the company suffers from great lose it will create a huge scandal, it might damage your reputation, thus affecting the other companies.”

“There won’t be any lose, l will take the risk.”
” Mr Li underestimated me, l will make sure he will be the one at lose, in case he v’e forgotten, l will remind him that am Gray Mensah he can’t mess with me.”

” Gray am worried about this whole thing, l don’t want you to get hurt and loose your good reputation, but since you
Insist am willing to take every step with you, l got your back.”

“Now you are talking, thanks man.”

” Can you please help me with miss Phoebe’s contact.”

“What? She is still injured she can’t give it to you the way you like it.”

“Stop talking dirty.”

“I learnt from my master.”
“Go easy on her okay!

” I just want her to help me with the recipe she talked about.”

” What recipe?”

” A recipe that can make me sleep without hypnosis.”

” Is there such a thing?”

“Seeing is believing, l want to see for myself.”

“Alright,l will send it right away, see you later.”

๐ŸŒน Phoebe ๐ŸŒน

The song “work” by Rihhanna is playing, Daisy and I are competing on who twerks better.

” Yo baby!
” Yo baby! Daisy kept screaming.

” Daisy stop screaming, we are competing.”

” Am no longer interested, l want to watch you dance.”

” You are crazy!
” I know l am, now shake those buttocks, let’s teach your baby some moves” she said and l stopped.

“hahaha….. that’s hilarious.”

“Who won?”

” No one is here to judge so it’s even” Daisy said.”

“No it’s not, l won.”

“You didn’t.”
“I did.”
” You didn’t.”
“I did”
” You didn’t.”
“I did” l argued and was interrupted by the ringing of my phone.

” Hello!

” Miss Phoebe!
” Mr Gray!

” Good day sir.”

” How are you feeling?Are you still feeling pains!” he asked.

” No am fine now, the wound has gotten better.”

“Thank goodness! You are fine, l want to ask you to come over to make the recipe.” he said.

“The recipe? Oh! I forgot, yes l will.”

” My house”

” Your house?”l asked.

“I will send my driver to pick you up, thanks” he said and hung up.


His house?

“Why are you frowning? Gray Mensah just invited you to his house, many will kill to be in your shoes.”

“I know that’s what you are going to say fish brain.”

” Go get dressed you asshole.”

I hear the noise of a car engine.

” Phoebe the chauffeur is here” Daisy said.”

“Coming! I said.

I take a last look at my reflection in the mirror and Rushed out.

” Bye Phoebe have fun” Daisy said.
” Bye bestie.”

The ride was silent, so many thoughts kept running through my mind.
The Mr Gray l knew was a bitter and grumpy man, but the Mr Gray l know now is gentle and sweet, what’s with the change?

We arrived the house after the long Drive.

The gate opened automatically.
Woooow! This place is paradise .

“Welcome miss, come with me” said middle age woman dressed as a maid.

I followed her till we got to the living room, l gasped in surprise, the living room is two times Bigger than my grandmother’s house.

” Hey” l hear the familiar voice.
He is being informal again.

I turn around and behold Mr Gray in his handsomeness.

I flip my lashes, how can someone be this good looking?

” Good day sir” l greeted.”

“Good day Phoebe, stop being formal,l want you to be your normal self when you are around me, call me Gray from now on” He said.

I stared at him speechless.

“Will you like us to take a walk?”

” I will start making the recipe right away.”

“You agreed to teach me, let’s go do it together.”

” Hmmmm sir l forgot to tell you that is bad for you to be there while l make it , it will make you feel dizzy” l lied.

“Oh! then l will wait.”
” I will send one of the maids to assist you” he said.

“Better” l said.

Mintues later the middle age woman came in.

“Good day ma’am” l greeted.

“Good day miss” she replied.

“You are beautiful, may l know your name?”

“My name is Phoebe.”

“A beautiful name for a beautiful woman, you are the first woman master Gray as invited over, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Thank you.”

” Are you two dating?”

“No ma, am his secretary.”

” He likes you, you would have seen the way his eyes lit up when l told him you v’e arrived.”

” Ma’am, l don’t think so, he is my boss nothing more, can you please help me with a bowl?” I asked.
l don’t want to have that kind of conversation with her.

I finished making the recipe and poured it in a cup.

Where is Mr Gray?

I walked to the living room, he was sitting on the couch engrossed in his laptop.

“Mr Gray! I called, here is it,l think you should go to bed before taking it.”

” Thanks Phoebe.”
“Come with me” he said.

I followed him to is room.

I wanted to scream woooow at the view in front of me but l controlled myself.

He really has good taste in interior designs.

His room is beautiful and spacious.

“Can l have it?” He said.

I stretch out the cup to him.

He took it and drank without hesitation, does he trust me this much. I watch him intensely.

Its awkard being alone with him.

After drinking everything he sat on the bed facing me.

Why is he looking at me like that?

” Can l leave? It’s getting late” l said.

” Not yet l have something to say.”

“Okay, am listening.”


He couldn’t complete the sentence he slept off.

Drug effect.

What did he wanted to say? I thought.

I use the duvet to cover his body.
This man is beautiful l mumbled as l stare at him.

I remembered the kiss we shared.
Am tempted to kiss him.
A light kiss won’t hurt
I bend over and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“Good night! I whisper.

I was about leaving but something caught my attention.

What’s my bracelet doing in his room, have been looking for these bracelet.

Hmm maybe it isn’t mine,am not the only one who has it anyways, l haven’t be here before it’s definitely not mine.

I stare at him and shut the door behind me.

The driver was already waiting for me.

I got in the car.

After the long ride we arrived my apartment.

I wave at the driver as he drove off.

Daisy l called as l stand in front of my apartment.

Suddenly a hand grip me and drag me to a corner.

“Who are you? I ask shakily.
He pinned me to the wall with his hand on my neck choking me.
l felt a sting on my neck as l pass out.

๐ŸŒผ(Pregnant for a stranger)๐ŸŒผ
Episode fifteen


I paced up and down in my room.
What happened to Phoebe?

Her line isn’t going through.
She couldn’t have slept over, it’s not possible how could she sleep in his house they have not gotten closer to that extent.

I pick up my phone and called grandma.

“Hello! Good morning grandma” l greeted.

” Good morning my dear” she said from the other end.

” Hmmmm, grandma is Phoebe there with you?” I asked.

” No, she hasn’t visited for a while,Are you not together?” She asked.

” Bye grandma l will call you later” l said and hung up.

What’s happening?
This is 9am in the morning, if she slept out she should have been home by now.

Something is wrong.
What should l do? her line is not reachable.

The office.
I should go to the office.

I dressed hurriedly heading to the office.


It’s 9am already and Phoebe is not yet to come.
She has never been this late.
Is it the wound? I said inwardly.
I tried calling her but is not reachable.

Robin walks in.

Mr Gray! you look worried, what happened? he asked.

” Do l look worried?” I asked.

“It’s obvious, so tell me, what is it?” he asked.

Phoebe didn’t come to work today, l kinda missed her, l tried calling her but it’s not reachable.
I was hoping to see her today to thank her for making me sleep so peacefully in so many years.

“The recipe worked?”

“Yeah l slept like a baby.”

” Wow! That’s good news, why not employ her to be your personal maid instead of your secretary.”

“Are you crazy!
“Just kidding, l can see love in the air.”

“Her absence is making you worry this much , that’s good, she definitely have her reasons for not coming.”

” Yeah, maybe” l said.
Someone bargs in, a lady.

I have never seen her before.
What’s she doing here, if she is here for sex am not in the mood for that.

” Robin the lady called.”

“My goodness! Daisy what are you doing here?”Robin asked. Hi Ishmael on+233544142683 to read more exciting stories from story headquarters room.
‘Am here for an important reason, am sorry for not showing up on the date, something came up” She said.

“It’s okay, how have you been?” Robin asked.

“Have been well, how about you?”she asked.

“Am gud” Robin replies.

“You both know each other!
“Yes” Robin replied.

“Are you here to see me?” Robin asked.

“No, besides l never knew you work here
am here to see Mr Gray.”

“Gray! Robin said.

“Why do you want to see me” l asked.

“Where is Phoebe?”

“Phoebe! How do you know Phoebe” l asked.

“Phoebe Adwin is my bestfriend, we stay in the same apartment and l remember vividly when you called and invited her to your house to come make you some kind of recipe and since yesterday she hasn’t returned.” She explains.

“What! How did this happen.”

” My driver told me he dropped her at her apartment.”

“Well l didn’t see her, she isn’t with her grandmother either, she can’t be anywhere else, we are her only family.”

What if she is with a client? I said inwardly, l felt pain in my heart at the thought of another man touching her.

No, something is wrong some where, her line isn’t reachable and her Best friend should have knew if she was with a man.

” Mr Gray you are not saying anything, where is my friend” she half yelled and glared at me.

This lady does have some guts.

” Calm down pretty” Robin tells her.

“How will l calm down when Phoebe is missing.”

” Miss Daisy will you keep quiet and let me think” l yell at her and she rolled her eyes at me.

Seriously she should thank her stars that she is Phoebe’s best friend l would have taught her a big lesson.

“Robin help me contact Alec he needs to help us find her, he should check all the IP cameras in her house and the environment, we have to find her quickly.”

“I will be right back, Daisy please be calm okay! Robin said as he walks out.

“Yes, we have to find her nothing should happen to her in her condition.”

“What condition?”

” Never mind am giving you 48 hours to find her or am filing a missing report and off course l will tell them my friend got missing after she left to meet the almighty Gray Mensah” she said sarcastically and roll her eyes.

What a physco, is that even a threat.

” Bye Mr Gray”she said and shut the door behind her.

How can this happen?
I will make sure l eliminate those bastards when l catch them.

“Robin what did he say?”I asked
” He is working on it, be patient okay, we will find her.”

“Oh my God! What if something bad happens to her? ”

” Nothing will happen okay,try to eat your breakfast.”

“Why is this happening? I lost my appetite.”

๐ŸŒน Phoebe ๐ŸŒน

Am feeling light headed.
Where am l?
I tried to open my eyes but l was blind folded.
I panicked as l recalled what happened last night.
I was sedated.
Who is after me?
Who have l offended?

I tried to move but my arms and legs are tied.

Oh God! Where on earth am l?
What’s going on?
What wrong have l done?

Hahahaha, l Suddenly heard the laughter of a woman.

I listened carefully the laughter sounds near.
The laughter stopped and the woman speaks.

” Untie her”

That voice sounds familiar.
I was untied.

“Please don’t hurt me” l plead.

“Phoebe dear! She calls mockingly.

She even knew my name.
“Who are you and how do you know my name?” I asked in fear.

“One question at a time sweetie, it’s a good question though and am going to answer accordingly.”

I felt a hand on my face and she removes the blind fold.

“Surprise! She said.



๐ŸŒผ(Pregnant for a stranger)๐ŸŒผ

Episode Sixteen

๐ŸŒน Phoebe ๐ŸŒน


“Phoebe long time know see.”

“What’s happening?Did you brought me here?”

“What do you think?”she said looking at me with sharp gaze.”

“How could you? what wrong have l done!”

“Oh! You v’e forgotten so soon, how you stole my first love you bitch.”

“It’s been Seven years ago why are you still dwelling in the past? and besides l never stole him, he distanced himself from you because of your attitude, you kept bullying the weak.
You did a lot of shit Selene, l and Zake never dated, we were just friends he wanted to make you jealous, he wanted you to stop being stubborn and unruly,he wanted you to change but instead you became worst, you don’t know how heartbroken he was before he left the country.

“Enough, don’t push the Blame on me, you stole him pretending to be saint, so that l will be the devil in his eyes.”
I loved Zake more than anything and you knew it, but you made him stop loving me.l hate you Phoebe. I will make sure you never experience anything called love, l will make sure you experience ten times the pains l felt when Zake left me.”

“Selene, when will you ever change, you keep concealing your mistakes and put the Blame on others, don’t you also remember you slept with his best friend, why won’t he hate you?” I said and her palms landed on my cheeks.”

“Selene you slapped me” l gasped in shock.
“And l will do it over and over again, don’t be too surprised, more are coming have always been a devil you know.
Where should l start from.

“Goerge broke up with you because, l told my father to make him marry me or he loses his job, he was preparing to propose to you but as the she devil l am l can’t let that happen, so l came up with a plan and it worked perfectly, l guess Goerge truly didn’t love you, he loved his job more, so he agreed.
we did a private wedding and l divorced him
some months later.

“No, it can’t be you must be lying”l cried.

“Save your tears sweetie there are more you haven’t heard, preserve the tears for them.”

“I was there the day Goerge broke up with you, l knew you may want to get drunk so l arranged for a man to do a sex tape with you and for a waiter to Spike your drink so you won’t remember much of what happened.l wanted to send it to Goerge so he will hate you forever but unfortunately my plans gone wrong.

Recently l was trying to let go of the past but again you snatch the heart of the one man l have a crush on.

I was the one that arranged for the bricks to fall on you accidentally when you went with your boss to a construction site hoping you will die, l still can’t imagine that Gray Mensah fell in love with a dumbass like you.

I told my father to arrange a marriage contract between me and Mr Gray but he was stubborn all because of you fucking cunt.”

If he loves you this much what will he do when he finds out the truth about you.

“Selene stop this madness, Mr Gray is my boss and we aren’t in love, l never stole anything from you, you are acting immmaturely, l don’t even know anything about the marriage contract.”

“What else do you want to steal from me? huh what?

“Selene, it’s time you grow up and accept your mistakes stop putting it on me, l knew you were up to no good but never knew you will start chasing the men l love.”

“Oh! You agree you love your boss.”

” It’s only when you die that my mind can be at rest.”

“Selene, those things happened when we were in high school, why not let go of the past.”.

“Never, l hate you Phoebe.
I hate you”

“You hate me for no reason because have done you no wrong, all the things you mentioned does not have anything to do with me, you are just too wicked that’s why Zake left you, you are devil Selene” l said and she slapped me across the face.

” You can slap me all you want but it’s never too late to correct your mistakes.”

“Enough, now let me explain how your death is gonna be like.

“Am going to put you in a car with your arms tied up.we will mess with the car brake and put some explosive device on it.
Come to think of it how will you control the steering when your arms are tied behind your back?.
Impossible right?
Suddenly your car brake stopped working and then you encounter a car crash and ones the car hits something
Booooooom!the car will explode and you will be built alive.

“Aren’t l clever?”She asked and laughed evilly.

“Say something Phoebe, don’t you like the idea.”

“Suite yourself you devil reincarnate” l yell at her.

“Hahahaha! She laughed wickedly.
“What will Gray do when he finds out his little secretary who happens to be his baby mama have been roasted alive.”

“What are you talking about”.

“I know you are pregnant and that’s the reason l hastened in killing you so soon.”

“You don’t know who is responsible for the pregnancy and yet you are so close to him, what will l call it foolishness or stupidity?

“I will tell you who is responsible for your pregnancy so you know how stupid you are and this will make your death more painful.”

“You really know who is responsible, please tell me.”

“Don’t be desperate you are going to die soon remember.”

“It won’t be bad if l at least know who he is before l die” l replied.

“So you are prepared to die, how interesting.”

“The father of your baby is no other person than your boss Gray Mensah but you were to stupid to not find out and this is the reason l so badly want to kill you.”

“No! it can’t be you are lying.” I cried.
“It’s a lie.”

“Fool,you are a fool Phoebe”

“Sparrow prepare the car.”

“Phoebe say your last prayers.”

๐ŸŒผ(Pregnant for a stranger)๐ŸŒผ

Episode seventeen


๐ŸŒน Phoebe ๐ŸŒน

“Why do you have to kill me that way? Isn’t it a bit stressful?” I asked and she turn to glare at me.

“Shut up you bitch”she yells as she retrieves a gun and points it at me.

“Look Selene even if l die today my ghost will come back and haunt you, in the day and in the middle of the night, l will be your greatest night mare, you will see me everywhere until you can’t take it anymore and then you run mad” l said with a smirk and she slaps me again.

Though the slap hurt but l won’t show her any glint of pain or fear.

She was obviously afraid and annoyed by my unafraid expression.

She put down the gun slowly and slapped me again and again.

“Are you satisfied now?” I asked coldly.

“No! It doesn’t satisfy me that is why l want to kill you to satisfy myself” she says and aimed the gun at me.

Suddenly the door burst open and three huge men aimed their guns at Selene.

I was confused, what’s going on? This are selene’s men and one of them abducted me yesterday, why are they aiming their guns at her?

“Sparrow! Scorpion! Draco
What are you guys doing?” She snarled.
She was surprised by her men sudden action towards her.
“Take away your guns from me” she commanded but they didn’t bulge.

“Put your gun down and freeze.”
A middle aged man suddenly popped out of nowhere.

He aimed his gun at Selene and she is surprised, am even more surprised.
She glared at him.
“Who are you?” She asked.

“Police officer Kelly knight”he raises his ID to her face.
“Now put your gun down” he commanded.

But Selene refused to surrender he looked at the huge men and yelled.
“What are you doing? Shoot him now”she commanded but they ignored her and gave the officer a meaningful look.

Now l understand, she was tricked, it’s obvious the men knew the police officer.

“You tricked me” Selene yelled at the men.

“Put your gun down or we shoot you” they said.

No! She yelled.
“You tricked me, she said to the men whose guns we’re aimed at her.

“Put down your guns you v’e been surrounded” a voice echoed through the place.

“Put down your gun miss” the officer said again but she still aimed the gun at me.

I just watched in awe at the drama unfolding in front of me.

I gasped in surprise as Mr Gray, Mr Robin, Daisy and one other person l don’t know came in with numerous police officers.

Phoebe! Daisy squealed on seeing me.
I tried to move.
“If you move l shoot you” Selene yells at me.

She wasn’t going to give up that easily when she was surrounded with numerous guns aimed at her.

Daisy wanted to rush to me but Mr Robin held her in place.

“What are you all doing, shoot out her fucking brain” Mr Gray yells at the police officers.

“We can’t be reckless Mr Gray a gun is still being aimeded at miss Phoebe.” They replied.

“Who are you?” Mr Gray asked the police officer Kelly knight.

“Am a police officer l was sent here to rescue Miss Phoebe.”
“Who sent you?” Mr Gray asked.

“Am sorry Mr Gray but am not in a position to tell you.”

“Since you are here , we will leave.”
“Let’s go” he told selene’s men.

Selene’s gun was still aimed at me.

“Put the gun down miss Li” Mr Gray said.
He was getting pissed already.

“You can shoot me l don’t care, l would rather die than go to jail.
But l will bring her along to hell with me, if l die she dies” she said and her hold on the gun tightened.

“You all are bunch of fools, why can’t you shoot her and end this Drama, Mr Gray yells at the police men.

Daisy freed herself from Mr Robin grip and rushed to meet me.

“Phoebe, are you okay?” She asked not minding the gun being aimed at me.

“Am fine Daisy please leave here.”

“Don’t be afraid, there are many officers here, what do you think will happen to her when she attempts to pull the trigger.” She said.

“Either ways it still not safe please leave” l tell her.

I stare at Selene and she slowly placed her hand on the trigger.

I pushed Daisy away and she land in a loud thud.

“Shoot her now” Mr Gray yelled at the officers.

Bbaanng! A sudden gunshot echoed through the place.

I thought have been shot but to my surprise it was Selene who screamed in pain.

Daisy rushed to me.

I stared at Selene she has been shot by Mr Gray.

She was shot in her arms.

Mr Gray glared at the police men, am going to make sure you all are fired he yells at them and they are obviously frightened. He and Daisy help me get up.

Selene tried to crawl to pick her gun but someone kicked it to a distance, it was Robin.

Mr Gray threw the gun with him at the police officers.
“Take her out” he points to Selene. “you all should get lost get ready to be fired.”

“Sir we are sorry, we didn’t want to make a wrong move” they said as they were already on their knees.

“Get lost before l lose it” Mr Gray yelled at them.
He was very angry.

They dragged Selene away who was already lying unconscious

I got home and freshened up. Mr Gray and Mr Robin insisted on coming home with me.

We are all sitted in the living room.

I explained to them the reason why l was abuducted by Selene.

I stared at Mr Gray and tried to process all what Selene told me earlier.

Am a fool indeed, l should have known all this while, the way he spoke to me the first day l met him in his office, the way he kept calling me a bitch and asked me for a blow job, and always telling me l was pretending and the other l saw my bracelet in his house but l brushed it off.
Does he really love me like Selene have said.

No! it can’t be he probably sees me as a whore.
How is he going to react if he finds out am carrying his child?

Of all people why Gray Mensah

Phoebe! Daisy called.
“You spaced out.” She said

“Hmm, l was just thinking of something.”

“Are you okay?were you hurt?” Mr Gray asked.

“No l replied.”

“I want to tell you thank you for the recipe, you made me slept like a baby in so many years.” He said.

I stared at him not saying anything.

“This man just saved me a while again and here he is telling me thank you for just a recipe.”

We continued to stare at each other.

Daisy and Robin excused themselves.
What are they even thinking?

Mr Gray! Phoebe! We both said at the same time.

“You go first”he said.

I stare at him.where should l start from l thought.

And there was a knock on the door.

“Coming”Daisy came out from only God knows where and rushed to get the door.

“Are you expecting anyone, Mr Gray asked.

“No l replied.

“Who are you ma’am” Daisy asked the person at the door.

“Can l come in l want to see Miss Phoebe.” The lady said.

I raise up my head to see who it is.

Maya! I called surprised.

“Mother! Mr Gray called and l gasped in shock.


๐ŸŒผ(Pregnant for a stranger)๐ŸŒผ

Episode Eighteen
(Semi finals)

๐ŸŒน Phoebe ๐ŸŒน

She came in with the police officer Kelly knight.

“Mother! What are you doing here?” Mr Gray asked Maya.

This is unbelievable! Gray is the son Maya was talking about!

“My son! Maya called reaching out to him.

“Get your flithy hands of me” Mr Gray snarled.
“Am out of here”he said.

“Gray! I called and ran after him.

I ran after him till we got to where is car was parked.

“Gray! Don’t leave please” l begged.

He turned to look at me.
“You just called me Gray Phoebe, what took you so long?” He said and my face turned crimson red.

“Gray, please don’t leave” l begged.

“Why? Is it because of her?”

“She is you mother after all.”

“Don’t call her my mother, she is not my mother.”

“But you called her mother a while ago, it’s shows you still love her, please let go of what happened in the past, and shower her with the love a son should give her mother, though she wronged you but she is still the one that brought you to this world.please forgive her.”

“Stop telling me what to do, you don’t know anything about me.”

“I know l don’t, l never grew up to meet my mother so l think you should be grateful for what you have, please reconcile with your mother.”

He sighed and rest his head on the car window.

Maya didn’t come after us and am grateful.

“How do you know my mother?” He asked.

“I meet her once, that day l was passing through emotional pains and was depressed, she was depressed too and she suggested we shared our worries.
I got to know everything that happened between the both of you. She told me everything, l never knew you were the son she was talking about until some moments ago when you called her mother.
She regretted her actions and she misses you alot, please forgive her.

“Why were you depressed?” He asked.

“It’s a long story but l will love to share it with you only if you come inside with me.”

“Shit! Why am l this vulnerable when around you?”

“Come with me please.”

“Fine! You win.”

“Phoebe my dear! Maya called as she hugged me tightly.
Gray avoided his mother like a plague.

“How are you feeling my dear, where you hurt?”

“No ma’am am fine, you sent him right?” I asked referring to officer knight.

“Yes, l did, have always kept an eye on you my dear.”

“I knew you were kidnapped, so l arranged to meet the men who abducted you.l told them not to hurt you and offered them a reasonable amount of money that can make them live decently.
I wanted to know the reason you were abducted, so they had to play along.
But it turns out to be Mr Li daughter, she is obsessed with my son.
The matter has been transferred to the state police.l will make sure she gets in jail.

“You shouldn’t have done that, l could have handled it myself” Mr Gray said and glared at his mother.

“It’s a good thing my son finally opened his heart.” She said.

What’s she talking about?

“Thank you ma’am, l indeed grateful to you for saving my life.”

“You are welcome my dear, it’s my responsibility to protect you and my grandchild” she said and am shocked.

“You knew! I ask in shock.

“Yes l knew my dear, how meeting wasn’t a coincidence, although my son keeps pushing me away, l know about everything that happens in his life.”
“Thank you my dear for keeping the baby.”

“What are you talking about, what, baby and grandchild are you talking about” Mr Gray asked with Knitted brow.

Daisy stared at me wide eyed, Robin was in a daze. I guess they are confused as Mr Gray.

“I will leave now, take care of yourself my dear” Maya said as she kissed me on both cheeks.

The room is tensed with pair of eyes staring intensely at me.
Mr Gray was giving me that look of speak or you die.

Maya knew all this time, when was she planning to tell me she knew l am pregnant for her son.

I have to get over with this, its now or never.

“Daisy, Mr Robin, can you both please excuse us.”

“Sure l was planning to leave anyways” Daisy said and drags Robin along.

“Gray l don’t know how am going to say this, should l start from the night we had sex.l never pretended l didn’t remember, l acted that way because l actually did not remember.
That night l was heartbroken, My boyfriend broke up with me and l was drunk, but never knew my drinks were spiked. Selene paid a waiter to Spike my drink, that was when you approached me.
I wasn’t in a right state of mind.
I woke up the following morning to find myself naked in an hotel room, l was ashamed so l ran off.
A week later, after l started working at your company l discovered l was pregnant but didn’t know the father of my baby.

That was when l met your mother, she gave me hope and encouraged me to keep the baby.

Am pregnant Gray, Am carrying your child, am sorry l never told you, l didn’t know you were responsible until earlier today.Selene told me that was the reason she so badly wanted to kill me.
I know it may sound lame, l know you probably see me as a whore, l will understand if you do not accept the baby but it’s a good thing l got to know the father of my child.”

He stares intensely at me, not blinking for a second and not saying anything.

Gray, l understand it’s fine if…………..

“Shush! He hushed and placed his fingers on my lips.

“I love you Phoebe, thank you for keeping our baby.”



[3/11, 7:08 AM] Story P: ๐ŸŒบ ONE NIGHT STAND ๐ŸŒบ
๐ŸŒผ(Pregnant for a stranger)๐ŸŒผ

Episode Nineteen


“This is unbelievable! You are pregnant with junior Gray Mensah” Daisy said as she squealed excitedly.

“Keep your voice low, your screams will pull off the roof.”

“Am happy for you bestie, am so happy.”

“Thank you Daisy, you are the best.”

“Off course l am”she said.

“What’s up with Selene?”

“The story is all over the media, The daughter of the CEO of STERLING has been arrested for kidnapping and attempted murder.”

“The case has been charged to court.”

“That lady is evil, where was l when you were making friends with that devil reincarnate? I pray she rot in jail.”

“Yeah, but l got to know the father of my baby all thanks to her.”

“Maya was still going to tell you anyways.”

“Are you both officially together now?”

“No we aren’t, l think he needs some time.”

“What time, you both love each other, what are you waiting for?”

“We are waiting for your ass fish brain.

“Well he promised we will go see Grandma together.”

“He said that?”

“Woooow, what a gentle man, am soon going to be a god mother to the child of the almighty Gray Mensah.”

“Please don’t pass on your craziness to my child.”

“I know am crazy but trust me your child will be crazier.”

“You are insane.”

“I know I am.”

“When are you going to visit Grandma together?”

“By evening”.

“Go take your bath and get dressed.”

“It’s just 12pm Daisy, what’s with the rush.”

“You are going out with Gray Mensah, your make over will last for three hours, so go get dressed pregnant woman.”

“We visiting Grandma not queen Elizabeth” l said with an eye roll.

“My child can’t have a godmother like you, this is beyond crazy.”

“Craziness or whatever you call it, at least l imparted something, it’s better than none.”

“What’s going on with you and Robin!”

“I like him though, but am not ready to start a relationship,not after what Frank did.”

“Let go of the past Daisy, it v’e been three years already, you have to move on, Robin likes you alot l can see it from the way he behaves when he is around you, give him a chance okay!”

“Yeah, l will think about it, you just sounded like a relationship counsel.”

“I knew you will always have something to say.”

“Yeah that’s who l am.”

“Seriously speaking, am happy for you Phoebe, am glad things turned out this way.”

“Thanks Daisy, l love you.”

“I love you too bestest” she said and winked at h


“Take this files to the secretary.”

“Sir, she is absent.”

“Oh! I forgot, give it to Mr Robin.”

“Yes sir ”

The door creaked open and Robin walked in.
“You may leave, l will hand it to him myself.”

“Yes sir.”

“Robin, you have to help me sort out this files.”

“Aren’t this supposed to be the work of your baby mama.”

“Stop pulling my legs, just do it.”

“Yes boss! How is she doing? Am still finding it hard to believe you will become a father.”

“I didn’t know either, but it’s a good thing it’s Phoebe, with her am ready to become a father soon.”

“Woooow! Did you just say those words?
Love is indeed a beautiful thing.”

“Yeah, l can’t believe l mistook her for a whore, now l know why l was so drawn to her, she isn’t a whore afterall.”

“And you asked for a blow job remember?”

“Stop reminding me have apologized already.”

“You changed ever since you met Phoebe, you now behave like a gentle man.”

“What are you insulating.”

“What do you think, Mr Gray.”

“Have always been a gentle man.”

“When did you start giving apologies?”

“It’s a good thing, she has a positive effect on you.”

“Yeah, l will go see her grandmother today.”

“That’s great, you are taking her seriously.”

“Excuse me.” I said to Robin.


“Sir Mr Li is here to see you.”

“Tell him to come in” l said and hung up.

“Who was that?”

“Mr Li, he wants to see me.”

“Why is he here? be careful he is up to no good.”

“Yeah l will.”

“I will leave now, let me go sort this out” he said taking the files.”

“Thanks man.”

“Come in” l said and the door creaked open.

“Mr Gray, it’s good to see you again.”

“Why are you here Mr Li?”

“Be polite, Mr Gray, can’t you offer a seat.”

“Am sorry, you are not permitted to sit in my office, please say whatever you came to say while standing.”

“We are business partners, you can’t treat me like that.”

“You don’t tell me what to do, why are you here?”

“I came to sign the contract and to beg you to have mercy on my daughter.”

“Am sorry Mr Li your signature is no longer needed, and for your daughter mark my words she is going to rot in jail, you influence won’t save her this time.”

“I know we had some misunderstanding, Please have mercy on my daughter and l will willing sign the contract.”

“Get out.”

“Mr Gray!”

“Mr Li l said you should get out, your daughter attempted to murder my woman and here you are spurting rubbish.”

“Mr Gray! We can talk this out”

“There is nothing to talk about, get out or l call the security.”

“I will leave now.”

“Yes leave, get lost” l said as he turned to leave.

“Let’s see what will become of you when you get bankrupt in few days.”

“Old fool.” I cussed under my breath.

๐ŸŒน Phoebe ๐ŸŒน

I met Gray in the living room already waiting for me.
He is dressed in a casual outfit,but still beautiful.


“Hey babe”

“Babe? I said inwardly as my face turned red.

“You look breathtaking, you are beautiful.”

“Thanks” l said shyly.

“You don’t look bad yourself.”

“Let’s go Mi Lady ” he said and stretch out his hand to take mine.

After the long drive, we arrived Grandma’s house.

“My daughter ” she said and engulfed me in a hug.

“It v’e been long l saw you, hope you are well?”

“Yes, am fine mother.”

“And who is this handsome young man?”

“Good day ma’am” Gray greeted.
“Good day my son” grandma replied.

“Can we come inside please?.”

“Off course, come in my children.”

Grandma gave us snacks and drinks, she couldn’t hide her excitement when l told her Gray is the father of my baby.

“So what are your plans for my daughter?” Grandma asked.

I stared at Mr Gray and he smiled at me, this is the second time have seen him smile, l should tell him to smile more often.

“Mother, you have to give him some time.”

“Let him speak young lady.”grandma said.

“Ma’am l will love to marry your daughter.”




* tbc

๐ŸŒผ(Pregnant for a stranger)๐ŸŒผ
Episode Twenty
Grand Finale

๐ŸŒน Phoebe ๐ŸŒน

I stared at him speechless as he held out a diamond ring and gone down on one knee.

“Phoebe, l know it may be sudden but you v’e made me a better man,l love you Phoebe, l can’t imagine growing old with anyone else, nor do l want to. I know we are met for each other, l want to share the rest of my life with you, to love and to cherish you.
Please marry me.”

“This is unbelievable, The almighty Gray Mensah Gray Mensah is on one knee in front of me. I stared at grandma and she nods in approval.”

“Yes! l will, l love you too Gray” l said and he smiled appreciatively and slipped the ring on my finger.”

“Thank you Phoebe, you don’t know how happy I am, right now you just made me the most happiest man on earth” he said and stared intensely at me, he placed his lips on mine and we kissed passionately.

Hmm hmm grandma faked a cough.

“Am still here, do you want to make out in my presence!” She said and smiled sweetly and we broke the kiss.

“My son, have seen you are well to do and a responsible young man.please take good care of my daughter she is all have got, l hereby bless your shall be well with the both of you.”

“Thank you mother” l said.
“Thank you Ma’am” Gray said.

“Don’t mention my dear, you can call me mother.”

“Alright mother!”

“Good, it’s getting late, you should leave now.”

“Yes mother, please take good care of yourself, we will come visit you again”
Gray said.

“I will be waiting my son.”
“Take care of yourself mother” I said.

“I will my dear.”




The ride back home was awkward.
Am extremely nervous when around him.

“Phoebe! He called and placed his hands on my thighs.

A pervert will always remain a pervert l said inwardly.

“Seriously! It’s that what you think of me wifey?” He said and burst out laughing.

“Did l say it out loud?”

“Yes you did, you are still going to marry this pervert anyways, an handsome pervert.”

“You know you should smile more often, l like it when you smile.”

“Anything for you wifey, l will try smiling every seconds if that’s what you want.”

“Gray about what l told you the other day.”

“About what?”

“Your mother.”

“Let’s not talk about my mother.”

“Gray please let’s go see her together, she needs to know about us.”

“You are not saying anything” l said and gave him the best puppy eyes.”

“Fine! You should stop staring at me like that,or l will take you right here and right now”he said and l gasp.

“But you have to kiss me for five minutes, then l will go with you.”

What! You are driving don’t get us killed.

“I won’t, we still have to get married and make babies, so we can’t die anytime soon.”

“Fine just five minutes” l said and kissed him, he reciprocated and deepened the kiss.”

“What are you doing?”

“Stopping the car, l want you Phoebe.”

“But we are in the car.”

“Sex in the car isn’t that bad right, let’s try out something new” he said and trailed kisses down my neck.

“You smell so good Phoebe” he said.
His nose skimmed past my ear to my shoulder.

He slowly unzipped my dress.

He unhooked my bra and my boobs dangling out to meet his touch.

He sucked and nibbled on my nipples.
“You are so fucking beautiful” he said as he kissed my stomach and smiled with hunger as he reached my part.

He pulled down my panties and opened my thighs wide.
His fingers found my opening and my moans became louder.

However l didn’t expect him to use his tougue, as he licked every single inch of my part.
“You taste good so fucking good” he said.

My body ached, my stomach tightened and l squirm languidly at his touch.

My body became warmer and l moaned recklessly whispering through heavy breath.

“Faster” l moaned.

My fingers gripped his hair and soon one last moan was a shout that certain reached the upper levels.

He pulled his pants down and started thrusting in me.

I was still sensitive from the organsm, and the sensation that overflowed through my bones were much stronger.

He was terribly aggressive.
His grunts made my heart pound faster, as we both reached our finishing point.

He clung to me, my head on his shoulder as we both breathed heavily.

That was
“Awesome” we both said.

He held my waist protectively.
“I love you wifey”
“I love you too”

“I love you more ” he said and kissed me lightly on the lips.

“I will clean this off” he said grabbing a napkin wiping off his evidence.”

“Drive us home please.”

“Alright wifey, we should start planning our wedding.”

“Let’s make it two weeks from now.”

“How will l prepare?”

“You don’t have to worry about it, there will be a wedding planner, you are pregnant, the only thing l will let you do it’s to pick your wedding dress.”

“What about my job?”
“You are fired.”


“You have to stopping working for now l don’t want you to stress yourself.”

“I have lots of establishment you can choose to work in any of your choice after you give birth to the second me in there.” He said and points at my stomach.

“Yes boss.” I said as we laughed.

“I can’t wait to wake up and see you beside me everymorning.”

“Me too l can’t wait.”

“Goodnight wifey, l love you.”

“Good night, l love you too, drive safe” l said and we kissed slightly.

I step out of the car , he watched me enter the house and drove off.



( Few weeks later)

Tomorrow is my wedding day.

Tomorrow am going to become the wife of the most respectable man in the country.
Tomorrow l will no longer be Miss Phoebe Adwin but Mrs Mensah.

Tommorow is the day have been anxiously waiting for.

“Which of them should l put on?” I asked Daisy.

“I prefer the silver, it will go well with the gown.”

“Alright, l will put on the silver.

“Guess what!

” I and Robin are now officially together.”

“Wow that’s good news, am happy for you bestie, am so happy.”

“We will be having our first date tonight.”

“Woooow, am so happy, so what are you going to wear?”

“I don’t know?”

“Let me pick a dress for you.”

“Alright l will be right back.”

“Phoebe come see this” Daisy called from the living room.”

I rushed to the living room.


“The daughter of the former CEO of Sterlings was yesterday sentenced to forty five years imprisonment with hard labor for kidnapping and attempted murder.”

“It’s all over the media already”
“You should have seen her face yesterday she doesn’t even look remorseful.”

“That serves her right, she is definitely going to come out with grey hair.”
Daisy said.

“It’s a pity her father was bankrupt, he would have bribed the jugde to reduce her sentence”l said.

“Are you expecting anyone?”

“No let me go get the door.”

“Goerge what are you doing here?
(For those who do not remember,Goerge was Phoebe’s ex boyfriend).

“Phoebe please can l come in?”

“No you can’t.”

“Why are you here?”

“Phoebe, please am sorry, l missed you , l love you Phoebe l regretted ever leaving you, please forgive me, let’s go back to the way we were.”

“I don’t have time for much talks” l said and wave my fingers at his face.

“Am getting married, tomorrow is my wedding, for old times sake you are invited.”

“Speechless huh?” I mocked.

“Daisy please help me bring an invitation card” l said.

“It’s okay! I will leave now”.

Mitcheew, good riddance to bad rubbish.

“Who was that? Daisy ask as she came with the card.


“Goerge! My goodness,l can’t believe this, he is so shameless, after what he did he still has the guts to come back here.”

“Well like the saying goes every disappointment is a blessing.”

“Our break up was a blessing in disguise.”

“Yes, it’s a blessing indeed.”




(The next day)

The hall was filled to the brim.

Daisy held my gown as l walk down the aisle.

“Do you Gray Mensah take Phoebe Adwin as your lawfully wedded wife in health and in wealth, in sickness and in poverty till death do you part?” The priest asked.

“Yes l do.”

“Do you Phoebe Adwin take Gray Mensah as your lawfully wedded husband in health and in wealth in sickness and in poverty till death do you part?”

“Yes l do.”

“You are hereby pronounced husband and wife.”

“You may kiss your bride.”

“Gray pressed his lips on mine and we kissed passionately while the congregation cheered.


๐ŸŒผ(Pregnant for a stranger)๐ŸŒผ

(Four years later)

“Roshan come out here daddy is back” l called my four year old son.

“Welcome home Sweetie.”

“How are you wifey” Gray asked and kissed me lightly on the lips.

“Am fine, how was work today?”

“Stressful as usual, where is my boy?”

“Daddy! Daddy! Roshan squealed excitedly as he hug his father.

“Welcome daddy.”

“How are you doing pumpkin.” Gray asked and carried him up.

“Am fine daddy.”

“Dad mum told me a story.”

“Really! What story?”

“The story of daddy, mummy, aunty Daisy, grandma and uncle Robin and the wicked aunty Selene.”

“Daddy! I don’t like what aunty Selene did to mummy.”

“It’s okay pumpkin, Selene is still in prison.”

“Okay Daddy, when l become a Novelist, my first story will be that of daddy and mommy.”

“That’s good pumpkin, don’t forget you are still going to take care of daddy’s business.”

“I won’t daddy.”

“Good boy.”

“Mummy when is anuty Daisy and grandma visiting?”

“They will visit soon, okay!”

“Alright mummy.”

“Roshan daddy is tired and needs to rest, l will go prepare his bath.”

“Daddy are you tired?”

“Yes am very tired pumpkin, mummy needs to bath daddy we will be right back okay!” Gray said and winked at me and l chuckled.

What a pervert.

Daisy ended up with Robin and they got married a year ago.

Gray has been the best husband and father l could ever dream of, l love him so much.

I now work as the CEO of Roshan enterprise.

He recently built the company in our son’s name.

“Roshan to your room, mummy wants to attend to daddy.”

“Okay mummy.”

“Wait mummy, you didn’t tell me the title of your story.”

“Am sorry pumpkin, the title is One night stand
Pregnant for a stranger.

“Thank you l love you mummy.”

” I love you too pumpkin.”

The End.

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