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Epesode 11
I guess it all makes sense now that why my father was so much more older than my mother he
was 19 years older than her. She was more than likely his slave at one point in time until I am sure
got pregnant with me. It would also explain why he hated the fact that I was a girl. He would
straight up tell me he wanted a son but I was here instead. He was a terrible man and he was the
man reason I ran away. “He hurt you didn’t he?” Andrew asked. “Yes” I just nodded “Yes Master I
mean I am so sorry” I said correcting myself “Its ok baby” he said hugging me “Tell me what he did
to you” he said “Do I have to master?” I asked “Yes I need to know” he said. “Ok master”I said. I
just sighed and told him. How my whole life my father hated me hated everything about me. Would
tell me all the time how he wanted a son that a daughter to him was pointless and that my mother
did that on purpose. Like she decided rather she would have a boy or a girl. I got beaten all the time. For saying the wrong thing. Not making straight A’s. Having friends over. I wasn’t allowed to
go anywhere or do anything. And my mother let him and now I understand why she was his slave.
I told him how my mother was 19 years younger than my father and I am sure I was an accident
child. But what can you do. It explains why he left alot and when he would come back and beat the
shit out of me for no reason. I ended up telling him that the reason I ran away was that one night I
heard him talking in his office to another guy and telling this guy that on my 18th birthday he was
going to sell me off to him. That he was planning an arranged marriage and I had no choice in the
matter. When he caught me listening he dragged me into his office and beat the shit out of me
worse than he ever had. He told me that I had to stay in here and let this other man get to know
his future wife. But once he started touching me I couldn’t do it. I kicked punched my way away
from him and ran to my room grabbing my things running to my car and left. That’s how I ended up
living with my friend Jesse I told him. I started to cry reliving the things my father had done to me.
Andrew whipped the tears from my face and kissed my cheeks.. “Don’t cry baby I am hear now”
he said. “I am going to have to face him arent I master?” I asked. “Yes but f–k that baby you don’t
have to call me master tonight ok?” He said “Are you sure?” I asked “Yes my love you call me any
thing but that” he said leaning in and kissing. I just let him kiss me and I just wrapped my arms
around him he hugged me really tight kissing my neck. “I love you” I said “I love you baby now let’s
go inside and you know before the night is over I will probably confronting your father” he said.I
just smiled at him. “And you know baby a true master wants a son I am not sticking up for the man
but that’s why he did them. They want sons. A daughter would mess up their life. And I am sure
once you were born he disowned your mother as his slave technically and got himself a new one”
he said “Yes it all makes sense now I just never understood why he hated me” I said. “Well you
got me now and I love you more than anything baby I could never hate you” he said “what if we
have a baby?” I asked. “I wouldn’t give two shits if it was a boy or a girl” he smiled at me and
kissed me again. “I love you Andrew” I said. “I love you baby girl” he said. I think that was the first
time I told him I loved him and I actually meant it

Epesode 12

Luckily my so called father didn’t see me. He probably didn’t recognize me.I never wore dresses
like this around him and I was never allowed to buy them. I wasn’t even allowed to go to my high
school prom. So this is technically the first nice dress I have ever worn let alone owed. We walked
in a Andrew was greeted by other guys that he knew. He would introduce me as his woman not as
his slave. They all would smile over at me as Andrew held my hand tight and every once in a while
pull me into him wrapping his arm around my waist.I didn’t see my father and by listening to some of the other conversations a lot of the other Masters would immediately switch slaves with each
other and go off into other rooms and f–k them. Andrew got asked if he was going to share me by
this very older bold headed man who was old enough to be my grandpa just the image thought of
an old guy d–k and saggy balls made me feel disgusted. Andrew politely said no she is not for
sharing she is too special. I just smiled at him. As a familiar voice from behind us said “But come
on you have shared before” with a evil giggle. I gripped Andrews hand as he looked at me and
winked as we both turned around. My father just starred at me and his mouth kind of opened and
eyes bugged out of his head.. “Well I see you picked a w—e like mother like daughter” he said to
Andrew. “Watch what you f—–g say” Andrew said snapping back at him. “What her mother is a
god d–n slave w—e I passed her around so much especially while she was pregnant with your
pathetic ass” he said to me. “I told you to f—–g watch what you say” Andrew said stepping in
front of me. “Your actually protecting that piece of worth less shit. She did nothing for me she was
a worthless daughter which I am sorry you were ever born. All you did was make my life a living
hell” he said. “Well maybe if you weren’t such a f—–g low life d–k head that liked to beat his
daughter I would of been a better daughter for you. I am actually ashamed you are my father” I
said. “Excuse me Mr Jules are you going to let your f—–g slave talk to a master that way” he
snapped at Andrew. “Your d–n f—–g right I am and she is not my slave. She is my woman.”
He snapped back. “You have done the stupidest thing Mr Jules fallen in love with a slave.” He
said. “So f—–g what if I have you were in love with yours too until she had a daughter. You
always compare your slave to the others you bring in here how she was the best piece of ass you
have ever had and you were so f—–g happy when she got pregnant but when the doctor brought
you your daughter you told the doctor to take her back. I can guarantee you you still love her. And
who gives a shit if she gave you a daughter be f—–g happy she gave you a child. You should be
proud and love that child no matter what f—-d up things they do. She is your own fleshing blood
be f—–g proud of that” Andrew was yelling so loud that everyone was listening to him. “Yes I
love your daughter and I want to marry her. And I could give to shits what you think about that” he
finally stopped yelling waiting to see if my father would say anything back. “Well good luck with her
if she’s anything like her mother she will be popping out daughters for you” he said walking away.
“And” Andrew yelled. He turned around and looked at me all I could do was say “Thank you” he
leaned in a kissed me “Your are welcome sweetheart” he whispered. “Hes a good man” another
guy came up to me. “He might be a jealous possessive a—–e but ive never seen him smile with
a slave like he had with you” he said “oops I don’t know if you refer to master and slave” I just
looked up at Andrew and said “Yes thats my sexy master for yah” he just laughed. I knew then
that he trusted me more maybe not a 100% yet but I am getting close. And yes I do love him I
would admit it. He told off the man who I have been wanting to for the past 18 years. That I love
him for. I love him for the way he has been treating me. I have never had anyone do that before.
But how can you still not get over what he did to me in the beginning maybe that is something I
need to talk to him about later. Thats if he will let me. Just because he didnt let me call him master
tonight doesn’t mean he doesn’t want me to start back up tomorrow. He still has that side of him
that I am scared of that I fear will show up again. He might have been nice and loving since after
that night but maybe that night he didn’t know he was going to fall in love with me he just wanted to show his dominant side and whip me or something.I have read that that sort of thing turns some
people on maybe he is that guy. But what if he is wouldn’t he want to do that to me again.


Epesode 13

He might have been nice and loving since after that night but maybe that night he didn’t know he
was going to fall in love with me he just wanted to show his dominant side and whip me or
something.I have read that that sort of thing turns some people on maybe he is that guy. But what
if he is wouldn’t he want to do that to me again. That’s the part that actually scares me to the point
of falling head over heels for this man hes going to do that again and he has already warned me
that he will and it can be much worse. We ended up only staying a little bit longer. We walked
hand in hand back to his car. He opened the car door for me and let me get in and closed the
door. He got in and closed the door and leaned over and kissed me. “I wasn’t that bad was I?” He
asked “Egh I would been meaner” I laughed. He just laughed and kissed me again. “I love you
sweet heart I really do and I hope that you know that” he said. “I love you” I said starring into his
eyes. “Let’s get the f–k out of here” he said starting up the car “remember I do have a surprise for
you” he said. “Oh that’s right. I am guessing I was a good girl today” I said. “Yes baby you were”
he said as we drove away. We drove about 20 minutes to a hotel. A different one the first one he
was staying at. We walked in and up to the room. “You have to stay outside for a minute” he said
opening the door “Ok” I said. He walked in a shut the door I leaned up against the wall and waited.
I was thinking what could he have in mind was it something like a dominance thing were I am
going to walk in seeing whips and chains and hes going to tie me to the bed or something and
beat me then f–k me. I am not going to lie that thought was in my mind just because he has done
it before. But I am praying that that wasn’t it. I heard the door open as he opened it wearing only
his boxers. “Come here baby” he said as I walked over to him he put his hands up along my face
and kissed me. Really softly like one of those kisses you just melt into. “You have to close your
eyes ok?” “Ok ” I said nodding as I closed my eyes and he picked up my hand and we started
walking inside the room. It smelt like roses in there and it was a little cold. I heard him close the
door. And walk me further into the room. He turned me around and I guess I was facing him
because I felt his hands on my waist pulling me into him kissing me again. This time sliding his
tongue in to my mouth slowly running it all around inside. He pulled away and leaned into my ear
“You can open your eyes now baby” he said. For a second there I was scared to what I would be
seeing. But I opened them. He was standing in front of me. With this look in his face that he was
happy to be with me and that I was the only person in the room. Technically I was put its just the
face of love. He stepped out of the way he had deemed the lights down. There was candles every
where that had been lighten and making the room glow. He had put rose pedals all along the floor
and over the bed. I was in complete shock to be honest. “Do you like it?” He asked. I looked
straight into his eyes.”Yes I do baby” I could tell I was starting to get teary eyed thinking he would do something like this.
Let alone for me. He walked up behind me and unzipped my dress pulling
the straps down and letting it fall to the ground. He wrapped his hands around to my stomach and
I put my hands on top of his. I kicked off my heals and just enjoyed the little kisses he was giving
me on the back of my neck and my shoulders. He slowly turned me around and kissed me very
slowly and passionately. Guiding me backwards to the edge of the bed. “Do you want me to make
love to you baby?” He asked. “Yes baby” I said kissing him pulling himself into me as he was
kissing me back guiding me down to the bed as I was crawl backwards to the top of the bed while
he was crawling with me still kissing me. I laid down on my back as he started kissing my neck
and going slowly down my chest to my breasts. I moaned a little when he reached my nipples
s—–g on them a little bit but a little hard at the same time. He looked up and smiled at me as he
started heading down towards my p—y. “No baby” I said. “Why not baby?” He asked. “I want to
please you” I said smiling. “Oh why dont we please each other” he smiled. I just smiled and noded
and he got next to me and rolled over on his back. I got on top of him and kissed him. Feeling his
hard c–k throbbing under neath me. I slide done and pulled down his boxers exposing his c–k. I
got off the bed and slide down my boy shorts kicking them across the floor. I climbed back on top
of him and then turned around sitting on his chest. He started moving his hands up and down my
back as I laid down on top of him. Putting my p—y in his face and his c–k was in mine. He didn’t
waste any time licking my p—y.
So I took his c–k in my hand and started stroking it a little at first. I leaned down and slide the
head of it in my mouth as he moaned. I could feel his hot breath in my p—y still as he was
s—–g on my c–t. I started sliding his c–k all the way into my mouth. It barely fit but I relaxed my
jaw and started deep throating it. S—–g it faster and harder. .just s—–g hard on the head of it
harder and hearing him moan louder as he was enjoying it. I think he was actually enjoying it too
much that he lost thought that he was licking my p—y because he stop and moan and start
thrusting his d–k deep in my mouth the start licking my p—y again. “Mmmm baby I can’t stand it
any more” he said rolling me off of him and on to my back as he got on top of me and got in
between my legs. He started kissing me again softly letting our tongues explore each others as I
started to feel his c–k creep up my p—y lips feeling the pressure of it pushing against me
making me wanting it. He leaned back and looked down at me and thrusted back pushing his c–k
deep inside of me. I arched my back and moaned loudly as it was going in inch by inch and he had
a pretty good size d–k and I felt it all go in very slowly hitting my g spot teasing it. He leaned back
down started kissing my neck as he started pumping faster. Moaning in my ear. “Oh baby you are
so amazing” he said. “God you are so good baby I love you inside of me” I moaned louder. He
started going faster and deeper feeling his c–k hitting the back of my v—-a sliding out and
rehitting it again. I was starting to moan louder which was making him go faster. And I was loving
it. I could tell my o—-m was about to c-m and it was going to be big. “Ahhhh ahhh I am cumming
baby” I yelled he started pumping more and leaning back as I could feel my eyes roll in the back of
my head. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I screamed as I opened my eyes leaning up to him as he was
just sliding his c–k out and I saw myself squirt across the sheet. I fell back down as he leaned in
a smiled kissing me “Now its my turn baby. I am close” he started pumping again going deep and hard. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him into me. Our foreheads were touching as
we were looking into each others eyes as he started moaning and moaning louder. I gripped his
back as he leaned down and kissed me and moaned loudly cumming deep inside of me. He
kissed me again as he was thrusting a few more times I guess making sure all of his c-m was out.
He rolled over and pulled me next to him. Locking his fingers inside mine as we started kissing
again. “I love you baby” he said “I love you” I said “Do you still want to be mine forever?” He
asked. “Yes you better believe it baby” I said as we kissed again. “Still this weekend?” I asked
“Yes ma’am actually tomorrow” he smiled I just smiled back at him as I kissed him rolling over on
top of him wanting him again


I woke up the next morning with him laying next to me still asleep. I just watching him breath in
and out. He looked very peaceful. Until he mumbled “Good morning” I just looked at him I didn’t
know rather to call him master or not but I answered by just leaning in and kissing him. He kissed
me back moaning a little bit. I just smiled at him. “How did you sleep?” He asked. “Really good
master?” I just kinda questioned it because I really didn’t know. He just smiled at me and said
“Thats good” he said. I guess we are going back to being called master today. “I love the way you
kiss you know that baby” he said. “Yes Master I do and I love when you kiss me” I said. “Well I
love kissing you” he said again leaning in and kissing me again. ” I guess we better get up we got
something to do today” he said. I just smiled at him as he sat up and turned around putting his feet
on the floor. I sat up next to him we were both still naked. I am pretty sure we had a good 4 rounds
last night and I couldn’t tell you how many orgasms I had but they were all still wonderful. “So I like
to keep things traditionally baby so I don’t want to see you until we get married this afternoon” he
said “Ok Master” I said. “I had someone bring over your car so its downstairs and I am going to go
to another room to get ready and I will meet you at the courthouse at 430” he said standing up.
“Your clothes to wear are in the closet and I would leave here about 330 because of traffic” he
said “ok Master I can do that” I watched him quickly get dressed and walk back over to me. “I will
see you this afternoon baby” he smiled at me “Yes Master” I said “Good I can’t wait I love you” he
sai said kissing me not giving me a chance to write back. “I love you” I said. “I love you what?” He
said. “I love you Master” I said. “Good girl see you later” he said walking out the door. I honestly
thought last night might have changed him a little bit. But I guess it didn’t. But I guess its going
back to doing anything and everything he tells me to do. I was actually convinced he would have
changed maybe not all the way but at least some. I walked over to the door to lock it so no one
comes in while i take a shower. I heard someone talking so I peeped through the eye sight hole. It
was him. And he wasn’t talking he was leaning up next to the door he was crying. “God I am such an a—–e” he said. I saw him take out his phone from his pocket and call someone. “Hey sis its
me” he said. “Yes I am f—–g crying why do you think I called you…why am I crying because I
am a f–k up.” I tried to push my head and ear up against the door and hear some more. “Last
night was wonderful I couldn’t ask for a better night..yes I took your advice and did the candles she
loved it. But this morning I am idiot” he continued. “Yes I know I can’t treat women that way you
knew what kind of person I was before I met her and I feel like shit every time I have to be an
a—–e to her. I do love her Angie…well I did something else the second night we were together I
am sure you saw them those marks on her….yes Angie I f—–g did that to her and I cried like a
little b—h the next day….yes I do believe her that she loves me..she’s not going to understand
she’s going to leave me….ok ok I will go back and talk to her and not be an a—–e…alright I will
call you later.” I quietly unlocked the door because I know he has a key and quickly got back into
bed. I heard the door open and looked up acting surprised he was coming back. “Master you
came back” I said. “Baby please don’t” he s said walking up to the bed and crawling up to me.
“What master whats wrong?” I asked. He took my hands into his and looked dead at me in the
face. ” I am sorry. I am sorry for being a d–k head to you this morning. We just had an incredible
night together and I went back to being an a—–e” he said. “You are my master you have that
right” I said. “No baby” he said putting his hand up against my face. “I love you and I think I proved
it more last night than ever and you proved it to me too that you love me. I think you should not call
me master any more” he said. I didn’t know what to say. “But We will still have some ground rules
and if that doesn’t work we will have to go back to the master alright?” “Ok” I said. “Ok its pretty
much the same rules you have to check in with me like before. Now that we are going to be
married you are going to have to go to events and parties with me like we did last night. You will
not work you will be my stay at home wife for now we can discuss the kids part later. You will have
dinner ready for me and that’s well pretty much it” he said “Ok” I said “No objections?” He asked
“No” I said “No what?” He asked “No my love” I said “That’s my girl I knew you were the one baby
I just knew it” he said.
“But there is one thing” he said “Whats that?” I asked “There are certain events where I have to
call you my slave and you have to call me master” he said “That’s fine” I said “Good baby girl God
I do love you ” he said kissing me. “Baby?” I asked “Yes my love” “Have you been crying?” I
asked. “You could tell huh?” I just shook my head yes. “Don’t cry I understand that you had to at
first show me you the boss and master” I said ” I know and after I knew you were the one I felt like
shit for it. Trust me I don’t like being called master I like being called things like baby sweetie
things like that” he said “Thank you for understanding my love” he said kissing me again “Your
welcome baby” I said. “Ok now I am really going to go I have a wedding to get to” he laughed
“Why yes I do too” I smiled as he leaned in and kissed me. “I love you baby girl” he said “I love
you my love” I said as he walked out the door.


I had a feeling there was more to what he was trying to tell me but he did didn’t. But I guess its one
step closer to him trusting me all the way. I have come to the conclusion that I do love this man
someone can say all they want you can’t fall in love with someone that fast well bullshit they are
wrong. But yes I do love him if things work out great for us then awesome. That means he really
was the one for me and yes he was that kind of person before I met him and maybe not at first he
didn’t know that he loved me and was just doing his thing like he had in the past and when his
feelings started to grow which I could tell did the first time we made love to each other he did start
to change and treat me different. But there is that part of me that I know I can’t run from him he will
always own me and that I am stuck with him rather or not I love him or not. But as of right now yes
I love the man. But that thought is always going to be in the back of my mind of my mind and I am
starting to believe now that he knows that and maybe down in his heart he is sorry for it. But if it
happens again I will put my plan into deep effect I got the shit beat out of me all the time growing
up and I will be damned if my husband will do the same thing to me. I took a shower an actually
pretty long shower to that I actually lost track of time. It was 2 o’clock when I got out of the shower.
I heard my phone ring and I went to go get it. It was a text from him. It said ” Thank you for
understanding I love you so much baby girl” I just smiled and replied back ” I love you baby I can’t
wait to have you forever” I went over to the closet and opened it. There was another dress in there
it was simple long and white. I recognized it’s another one from his sister store. There was a note
pinned to it. It said ” I can’t wait to see you in this”. I took it and laid it on the bed and went and
blow dryed my hair. Brushing it out and curling it like he likes it. I did my make up the same way.
And walked back to my phone I guess I better call him since I still do have to check in with him. He
picked it up after the first ring “Hello my love I was wondering if you were going to call me.” “Of
course baby I still have to check in with you” “I know sweetie are you almost done getting ready?”
He asked. “Yes just have to get dressed” I said “Good baby same here” he said “I guess we better
finish we got to leave in about 15 minutes” he said “Yes we do baby” I said “Ok my love I will see
you soon. I can’t wait to marry you” he said “I can’t wait either baby” I said “I love you baby girl” he
said ” I love you baby” I said as we both hung up. I picked up the dress and slide it on. This time
there was no zipper so I didn’t need his help. I looked at myself in the mirror and honestly couldn’t
believe I was about to get married. But I have to do what I have to do. I do love him I just pray he
doesn’t turn psycho on me

when I arrived at the court house I just sat in my car for a minute. I knew that I loved this man but I
also know what kind of person he can be. I know we are rushing into this so fast but I know he
loves me and if we were meant to be we would get married eventually right? I know if I don’t go in
there he would flip out and come after me. He would do things to me he threatened or had already done to me. There’s always going to be that part of who will remember every bad thing he did to
me. Especially raping me like that the first night. Then beating the shit out of me the next. I think
deep down he might be sorry but if he is he needs to say it to me and not just be nicer to
everyday. I looked up and saw his sister standing in front of my car. “Hey” I said getting out. “Hi
sister in law?” She laughed hugging me. “That would make me your sister yeah” I said. “Andrew
called and told me you guys were getting married and honestly couldn’t believe it” she said “Yes
we are I know short timing” I said “he is a good guy he really is and he told me what he has done
to you before he fell in love you” she said “Yeah I said looking down at my chest” seeing the
markings some of them were still there. “Let him open to you I hope it will make you understand
why he did it” she said. “Ok” i said. “He really does love you and I can tell you do love him” she
said. “I do love him” I said. She just smiled at me wrapping her around my shoulders “Then lets go
get your husband” she said smiling. We both walked in to the court house and down to the justice
of peace office. He was standing out there so we went into the actual court house. He was
standing up there with the judge and smiled really big when I walked in. “Here” she said handing
me a ring “That it for him that was his dads before he died” I just smiled at her and took it. I walked
down to the front by him. He was just smiling at me the entire time. Which I know I was smiling at
him too. He was wearing a black suit very expensive with a blue silk tie. And these expensive
leather boots. I do got to say he was looking drop dead sexy. I stood up next to him as he just
looked into my eyes and picked up my hands. The judge started talking and I was too busy lost in
his eyes and smile to hear what he was saying. I remember saying I do. And putting the ring on his
finger. Then when it was his turn he said the same and picked up my finger and holy shit put this
gigantic size diamond ring on my finger. He whispered to me “You deserve it baby” I just smiled at
him and remember the judge saying “now the power vested in me I know pronounce you husband
and wife Andrew you may kiss your bride” he stepped closely into me taking his hands and
running them up my jaw line just starring into my eyes. He leaned in and kissed me really softly
sliding his tongue in a little bit then pulling it out and kissing my lips another time. “I love you baby
thank you for making me the happiest man alive” he said. “I love you Andrew” I said smiling at him
and leaning in and kissing him again. We turned and looked and could see his sister smiling and
clapping at us. She came up and hugged us both. Maybe he wasn’t such a bad person I got to
thinking but I knew I still needed to talk to him about what he did to me. I guess maybe its a good
thing my husband took my virginity but I do think I need an apology from him. We walked outside
hand and hand to his car. He opened the door for me. “What about my car baby?” I asked. “Dont
worry it will get taken care of” he said as I got in. He came around to the other side getting in and
leaning over and kissing me. “I just want to kiss you all day every day” he said. “Then do it baby” I
said at him as he just smiled and kissed me again.


.Being married to him was a great feeling I have to admit that. But I still knew little about him. I only
knew his age his name simple things like that. His past I learned from his sister while I was ease
dropping. I mean I don’t even know what my husband does for a living. It must be pretty good and
make good money. That he can afford staying at expensive hotels, buying those dresses for me, I
saw the price tags they weren’t cheap. He has that I know of two cars. One is a lexus and ones a
corvette. And those are nice luxury experience cars. Plus to the point he told me I didn’t have to
work. But I don’t know if thats part of the control factor that he wants me at home so he knows
where I am at all the time. But maybe I got to thinking he wants to be controlling like that because
of his ex. It sounded like she ran all over him and then f—-d with his heart and cheated on him.
Or the control and dominant thing is from being in the Marines. If he joined when he was young
and got out recently then he had some pretty high ranking. Its something eventually I am going to
have to talk to him about or hopefully like his sister says let him open up to me. I think once he
does open up to me he will fully trust me. I do know he loves me and i can really tell that he does.
And i am falling in love with him more and more each day. I just really hope he doesn’t hurt me like
he has done in the past. That fear will always be deep down inside of me that my guard isn’t fully
all the way down yet. We started driving and he was holding my hand as he was driving and I was
wondering where we were going. We drove for a good hour we didn’t really talk much I would just
catch him smiling at me and I would smile back and he would take my hand up to his lips and kiss
it and tell me loves me. “Are you ready to be home baby?” He asked “Yes baby” I said. We pulled
down this street that lead into a small subdivision of houses. Really nice brick homes that you
could tell was built recently. We turned down another street and I was just in ahh it was very
pretty. He turned into a driveway to a small brick house. It was a single story house probably 3
bedrooms but really nice. “Welcome home baby” he said “Is this your house?” I asked. “No this is
what I was out doing the other day I bought and a friend of mine helped me decorate buy furniture
and stuff I hope you like because its ours baby” he said smiling at me. He lifted up his sunglasses
and undid his seat belt and leaned over and kissed me. “Lets go inside baby” he said. I opened
the car door and walked up to the door with him. He unlocked it and pushed it open. He looked
over at me and said” You know its only right that I carry you across since you are my wife now” I
just smiled at him as he picked me up into his arms and carried me inside. He kicked the door
closed with his leg and walked me down the hallway to the last door on the left. He pushed it open
with his foot and flipped the light on. I am going to take a wild guess and say this was the master
bedroom. It was really nice. There was a king size bed. With you can tell luxury sheets and
comforter on it. A dresser with a Tv on it. Another dresser that had a vanity mirror attached to it.
And another door that I am guessing led to the bathroom.

And another small door I am assuming
was the closet. He sat me down on the bed and just kneeled down in front of me and laid his head
in my lap. I moved my fingers through his hair and I could hear him start to moan a little bit. He
stayed there for a good 5 minutes until he leaned up kissing me and laid me down on the bed and
getting on top of me. He slowly started running his tongue around mine as I was to his. He started
kissing my neck and moving to my ears s—–g on my ear lobes slowly whispering in my ear “I love you” I just moaned “I love you baby” as he stood up and pulled me forward lifting up my dress
over my head. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him into me again kissing him more. I
do got to say he is an amazing kisser. He pulled away leaning up pulling his boots off and his
socks. Undoing his pants and let them hit the floor. He had unbuttoned his shirt and undid his tie
taking them off and chunking them across the floor. He slide down his boxer briefs to his c–k
ready to go. He laid me back down taking the edge of my panties and sliding them off. He climbed
on top of me getting in between my legs. Kissing his way up my stomach to my boobs to my neck
as I was starting to breathe heavier. He reached my lips and just kissed me biting down on my
lower lip a little bit as he pushed the head of his d–k inside of me. I gasped as he slowly but a little
hard pushed the rest of it in. I wrapped my arms up his back and pulled him into me. As he pulled
himself out and back in again. I was starting to breathe heavier and moan more as he was going
He was kissing the side of my neck as I was gripping his lower back wrapping my legs around him
tighter. “Oh god baby” he moaned “I love you” he continued. ” I love you sweetie” I moaned as he
started going faster and deeper inside of me. I could feel my p—y start to contract around his
d–k that was throbbing inside of me. I arched my back as I was actually cumming pretty fast and
he knew it. “Its ok baby c-m for me” he moaned in my ear and started to go faster that my legs
were shaking and I was just moaning louder. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhh baby” I yelled. I could feel
myself contract around him as I released myself on to him. He started moaning louder which he
was about to c-m too. He kissed me again then looked deep inside of my eyes as I saw his eyes
roll back into his head and moaned cumming inside of me. He leaned down and kissed me. Then
resting his head by my neck kissing this one spot on my neck over and over. I could still feel his
d–k inside me it was starting to get soft as he looked up and starred into my eyes. “I love you” he
said “I love you” I said back. He just smiled at me and kissed me again. He was infact a very
romantic guy. And I really did love it. “I guess we better get up baby” he said. “We have another
together tonight I am sorry I couldn’t get out of it” he said. “Its ok baby” I said “I will make it up to
you I promise” he said kissing my forehead.



I was starting to wonder what kind of event we had to go to. I am sure it was like the last one. I
think that he honestly has to go to make an appearance. Which I guess is fine. I have come to the
conclusion I am not sure that I am right about this but he doesn’t like being a master. I think he was just doing it in his past just to ease his mind or maybe help with of the trouble he had already
gone through. Until he met me. I dont know that once you are a master you could ever get out of it.
I don’t know that if its a life time thing you have to be committed to and your stuck if you don’t want
to do it any more. I am going to have to do some research on it one day when he is at work. He
walked over to the closet and came out holding a blue dress it was pretty. “Can you wear this one
tonight baby?” He asked. “Of course” I said getting up and taking it from him. He went into the
closet again to get what he was wearing. “Baby?” I yelled. “Yes sweetie” he yelled back. “Is this
going to be one of those parties where I have to call you Master?” I said. He stepped out of the
closet wearing a pair of nice jeans walked over to me and said “No baby I would warn you a head
of time if it was” he said wrapping my hair around my ear. “Ok babe” I said. He just winked at me
and went back to the closet.
“Oh by the way if you need clean panties bras they are in the top drawer of the dresser” he yelled.
I walked over to the dresser and pulled it open it was filled with any kind of panty you can think of
and in each in different colors. Wow I thought to myself. And then I pulled the second drawer open
and it was filled with tons and tons of bras. To push up, silky, lacey, strapless every thing really. I
did grab a strapless bra because that dress was kind of thin at the top and didn’t have any
padding. I grabbed a matching pair of black silk bikini cut panties and put them on. I slide the
dress on and it really did look good on me. I went into the bathroom. And noticed there was
anything and everything I could think of for me. I found a couple of hair pins and pulled my hair
tight back into a bun. I heard him walk up behind me wrapping his arms around me. “You look
beautiful” he said. I just smiled at him. He was wearing the jeans and I button down shirt that he
had tucked in. With a simple sports jacket over it. He put the same boots he had on earlier back
on. He did look really nice. I decided just to put my heels back on that I had and called myself
done. “What do you think?” I asked smiling at him. “Gorgeous baby” he said kissing me. We
walked out to the car and got in.
We drove for about 15 minutes to another house different from the one we went to last time. He
pulled up and parked.I had started to recognize some of the men that were walking in with their
slaves from the last party. He just sighed and looked down. “Whats wrong baby?” I asked “Dont
be mad ok?” He said “Ok” I said “This is your fathers house. Tonight he is hosting it. That is why I
tried to get out of it” he said sadly. “Oh ok” I said “Don’t worry I will protect you from him and
anyone else” he said picking up my hand and kissing it. “Ok baby I trust you” I said “I hope so” he
said kissing me. He opened the door and got out as I opened mine. I was really scared shitless. I
walked up to him and he picked up my hand and I held it tight. “I know baby girl I know” he said as
we started walking inside. We walked in he still held onto my hand and he knew that he wasn’t
going to let it go. He talked to a few guys pretty much the same ones as before as there was a lot
more people this time. We were standing next to the stairs and I could hear a woman screaming
like she was in pain and a man beating her. I am sure it was a master having his with his slave or
another slave. I started to breath heavy and get nervous. Andrew noticed it and just hugged me
whispering in my ear “its ok baby I love you” I just held him tight for minute as i let myself calm down.
He pulled away and kissed my forehead. “Well well hows the new couple doing?” A guy came up
and asked Andrew. “Very good” Andrew said. “I heard you married your woman” the guy said.
“Yes I did” Andrew said back. “Good for you most of us are not lucky to find the right woman” he
said patting Andrews shoulder and looking over at me smiling. “So you married the w—e” a voice
said which I knew was my father. “Dont call her that” Andrew said getting defensive. And pushing
me behind him. “You know the rules Mr Jules” he said “F–k the rules no one is f—–g touching
her” Andrew yelled. “You agreed to this when you joined.” My father got right back in his face. “Mr.
Black is waiting for her upstairs.” He said to Andrew. “Go f–k yourself its not going to happen”
Andrew growled back. “Mr Jules I am warning you” my father said. “Try me” Andrew yelled. As
another guy came up and swung at Andrew and they started going at it in a fist fight.
I leaned back against the wall watching and scared half to death. I felt a hand go over my mouth
and pull me. I couldn’t even scream as I was taken away so fast. I was ran down a hall to another
set if stairs. He dragged me up the stairs as I was trying to fight him but I got punched in the nose
and started to black out some. He opened a door and threw me up in the bed. I heard him tell
someone else. Here she is have fun. I couldn’t and didn’t want to open my eyes. I felt someone
stand over. “Open your eyes slave” he said. I opened them fearing I would get beaten. To a tall
bald man standing in front of me. He lifted up his shirt he did have a hairy chest and a little gut for
a stomach. He undid his pants and his white under ware. He had a hard c–k on and I knew I was
about to get raped.
He pulled my dress off I could hear it tearing and him just looking at me like I was a piece of meat.
He yanked off my panties and climbed on top of me. Holding down my hands and forcing my legs
open. I couldn’t watch this. He started kissing my neck and biting it. He started running one of his
hands up my thighs to my p—y and shoving 2 fingers inside. “Mmmm nice p—y slave” he
growled in my ear. He reached over me to a night stand drawer and pulled out a condom and
threw it at me. “Put it the f–k on my d–k” he said. I didn’t want to. So I just laid there. He slapped
me across the face and yelled “pick it the f–k up and put it on” I grabbed it off my chest opened
the package taking it out and reaching down to his d–k and sliding it on. “Thank you b—h” he
said. As he held my hands down as I started to feel himself get in between my legs. I started to
gasp and cry. “Shut the f–k up” he said slapping me again. “Your master doesn’t know how to
f–k slaves so I am going to f–k you nice and good” he said kissing my neck and biting it hard
that I screamed out. I could feel his d–k searching for my p—y hole and it was a matter of
seconds before he would find it.
BAM. I heard the door open and Andrew coming flying through at him. He must of kicked the door
open. And he just lunged at this guy. Knocking him off of me and both of them falling on the floor. I
sat up crawling into a ball on the bed covering myself because I started to notice other guys walk
up and watching to see what Andrew was doing. He just kept hitting this guy over and over again.
Yelling at him. I couldn’t exactly hear what he was saying but he was beating the living shit out of
him. “You are to never touch my f—–g wife I don’t give a shit whose house this is and who told
you to do” he finally yelled getting up off the ground and standing up. He had a busted lip and a
big red mark under his right eye which he probably got from that guy that hit him down stairs.
I know that my father put that man up to it. He walked up to me and picked me up wrapping my
arms around him as he carried me out of the room. He walked me into another room shutting the
door and locking it putting me down on this chair. He looked at me and just kissed me. I could
taste the blood in my mouth from that guy slapping me. “Are you ok baby?” He asked. “Yes” I said
shaking. “Did he umm baby…” I knew what he was asking so I cut him off. “No I wouldn’t let him
thats when he started slapping me” I said. I started crying as he just hugged me and held me
close. And telling me he was here and everything was going to be alright.


Epesode 18

My heart was still racing through my chest as he was holding on me tighter than he was. He kept
sushing in my ear telling me that everything that everything was alright that he was here and I
honestly couldn’t stop crying. He pulled away and looked in my eyes. “Are you sure you are ok
baby?” He asked “Yes… no” I said. “Tell me sweet heart” he said kissing me. “I was so scared
baby and I didn’t know if you were coming for me and he was about to..” I was still crying and
barely got those words out when he cut me off “I know baby I know. It was your fathers idea. He
set that guy up to pick a fight with me so they could grab you” he said “why would they do that?” I
asked “Ok I guess I better tell you when a Master becomes an official master he has a few
guidelines of his own. These are some old school rules that very few guys go by any more. But
when a Master gets married to a woman he yes she is claimed by him permanently and is officially
off the market to say. But any master can up and to pretty much f–k the other Masters wife one
more time before she’s permanently married and can’t be touched unless given permission..well
there are only a few guys here that are married baby and when they got married yes other guys
did f–k and mess around with them about f—–g their wife but they never did through with it.
Because this group of masters do respect each other especially when one gets married. But just to
be a big a—–e I know your father did that just to set me over the edge and have you f—-d with.
But if a master is married and wants another master to f–k his wife he can arrange it. But anyother master cant ask the married master to have his woman if that makes sense.” He said “It
does” I said.
“Ok so don’t worry I am never going to have another man touch you or have sex with you or
anything ok baby?” He said I just shook my head yes as I was starting to calm down some. “I am
going to guess and say my dad was open like that and passed my mother around even when they
were married” I asked. “Yes baby your father is an a—–e and ive never liked him from the
beginning” he said. “Do you always want to be a master baby?” I finally asked.
He just sighed ” I knew this was going to be asked one day. Yes and no. Yes to the point I have to
if I quit I will be killed. And no because I have you now but its a life choice I choose about a year
ago and its something I am stuck with and baby just trust me when that’s all I can say about it” he
said. I just shook my head yes wondering what else could there be and what wasn’t he telling me.
He leaned in and kissed me. “Thank you for trusting me and know I will always protect you” he
said. “I know you always will” I said.
I was only sitting there in my bra and he looked at me and asked. “Where did he touch you?” He
asked I just closed my eyes and said my breasts my lower body my thighs and…” I stopped “Tell
me” he said. “He slide his fingers inside of me” I said looking down. “I am going to kill him” he said
standing up. “Ahhh” he growled punching the wall. I just froze watching pace back and forth. I
didn’t know what to do. “Let’s get out of here baby before I do something stupid” he said. “Um
baby I have no clothes on” I said he just looked over at me. And then turned around” I will be right
back” he said opening the door and shutting it.
I pulled this blanket that was on the chair over me until he got back. He came back a few minutes
later with my dress. “Come here babe” he said as I stood up and dropped the blank as he lifted the
dress over my head. He was torn up the side and one of the straps was too. He took off his jacket
and wrapped it around me. He kissed my forehead and hugged me. “Lets go home baby” he said
opening the door and picking up my hand and walking in front of me. As we walked down the hall
way and down the stairs. We had a guy approach us which I think was one of Stephens good

“Everything alright bud?” He asked. “Yeah man” Andrew said. “Did he hurt your wife?” He asked.
“No well he tried but I stopped it before anything happened” Andrew said to him. “Good he doesn’t
need to be disrespecting you and your wife like that” he said hugging him. Andrew just nodded
and said “We are going to get out of here” “Alright man I will hala at you later on” he shaking
Andrew hand. The man turned and smiled at me as I did back. As Andrew took my hand and we
walked out the front door. We walked to the car he opened the door for me and I got in. He got in
his side started the car and we drove home. We didn’t say a single word about any of what
happened and after that night we never did mention it again


.About 6 weeks had past since that night. We had not gone to another event. Andrew told me that
they take place every couple of months. I still didn’t know what my husband did for a living. He
only went to work Monday thru Wednesday. And I still had to check in with him every couple of
hours. Which I had no problem with we texted each other anyway all day from when he left about
7 am until he got home around 530. During the days he was off he would take me to fancy
restaurants for dinner. Even took me one weekend to the beach.I had never been before in my
whole life so I really enjoyed that. Especially taking a moonlight walk along the water then making
love on the sand as the tide would roll up under us. I do got to say getting sand up in your v—-a
afterwards was not fun but the experience of making love to my husband like that I really enjoyed.
I heard Andrews alarm go off one morning as I was laying in his arms. My whole body especially
my stomach and lower back was in so much pain. He kissed back of my neck and said “Good
morning my love” as I just started to cry. “Whats wrong baby?” He asked sitting up “My stomach
hurts really bad” I said “Oh baby do you think we should get you checked out?” He asked. I just
nodded my head because I had never been in that much pain before. “Ok baby let me get
dressed” he said climbing out of bed and running into the closet. I had wrapped my arms around
my stomach and was in the fetal position just crying.
He ran back over to me pulling the blanket off of me. And taking my arms and wrapping them
around his neck and picked me up. I was at least wearing pajama pants and a tank top so he
carried me out to the car and laid me down in the back seat. He ran over and got into the driver
seat and started the car and drove. He picked up his phone and called someone “Hey man its
Andrew do you mind looking at my wife she woke up in a lot of pain and your the only one I know
who’s a doctor……ok thanks see you in a few” he said hanging up and throwing his phone down in
the front seat.
“Remember that guy you met at the last party as we were leaving?” He asked me “Yes” I said “We
are going to go to his office hes a doctor ok baby” he s said “Hes not the same psycho doctor you
sent me to the first time is it?” I asked ” No baby” he said “God” I said. He just continued driving I
could tell he was speeding and started to get a bit of road rage. We got there pretty quickly. He
parked jumped out opened the back door I sat up as I put my arms around his neck and he picked
me up and carried me inside. His friend was already waiting for us.
Andrew carried me into the back room and laid me down on the table. The other guy was right
behind us. “Step out Andrew” the guy said “What?” Andrew questioned him “Just trust me I wont
do anything to her” he said. He leaned down and kissed my forehead and told me he loved.
Andrew walked out and the guy shut the door behind him. He walked up to be started asking me a
bunch of questions about where the pain was and told him. He pushed around on my stomach.
And then went and got some things and got some blood drawn from me to run a few tests. He
asked me if could pee in a cup. And I just said yes as he helped me up and walked me to the
bathroom he shut the door and I came back out handed him the cup and went back to the table
and laid down. He had his back towards me as he was doing something over there and then
“Thats what I thought” he turned around and said “I will be right back ok?” As he opened the door
and shut it. Even though he shut the d door I could still hear him talking to Andrew. “So whats
wrong with her?” Andrew asked. “Dude shes pregnant” he said. “What? Are you sure?” He asked
“Yes the test came back positive shes in alot of pain because its the egg and sperm drilling into
the uterus” he said. “Holy shit” Andrew said “Are you happy about it?” He asked Stephen “Yeah
you have no idea. But thats going to send some people over the edge” he said. “Yeah i know its
one thing when you marry one of them but to get them pregnant is different Andrew. Honestly I
would pray to every God you can you have a son” he said. “Look what happened to her d–n
mother when she had a girl do you want that to happen to your wife..and Ricks wife had a
daughter a few months ago look what happened to her” he said “I know I know” Andrew said.
“I know you love her Andrew but shits going to hit the fan if you have a daughter” he said. “I know I
don’t want to think about that” Andrew said. “Are you going to tell her or you want me to?” He said.
“I will tell her man thanks but for now can we keep this between me and you” Andrew asked him.
“Of course” he said. “Thanks bro I am going to go get her and take her home” he said. “Ok I will
talk to you later” he said as I heard the door open. It was Andrew coming in. He walked up to me
and kissed me.
“I love you baby” he said “I love you baby” I said “so whats wrong with me?” Acting like I didn’t
already know. He smiled at me and said “We are going to have a baby” “Are you happy baby?” I
asked him ” “You have no idea baby” he said kissing me. But in the back on my mind I was
wondering what did him and his friend mean that if I have a daughter things are going to go bad
for me. And what really did happen to my mother that they are not telling me.



When we got home I directly went to bed crawled up in and laid down. I didn’t know what to think
or even say to him. I honestly just needed him to tell me the truth. I felt him crawl up behind and
wrap his arms around me. “I am very happy we are having a baby” he whispered. I really was too
to be honest I just rolled over and smiled at him.
F–k it I thought to myself even though this might start a fight I didn’t care I needed to know. “Can
you tell me the truth baby?” I asked him. “About what?” He asked “Why its bad if we have a
daughter?” I said “You know about that?” He asked “Well you and your buddy the doctor are pretty
loud talkers” I said “Oh” he sighed.

“Ok I will tell you. In the master society baby, it is a good thing to have a baby but only a son. A
daughter to them is like a lowest of the low slave. That’s another reason why your father treated
you like shit growing up. You were a lower slave than an adult woman slave. But having a son
makes them get praised pretty much. If the wife of a master has a son she is praised and treated
like a goddess pretty much the way of taking away from her that she doesn’t have the title of a
slave any more. But if she has a daughter then she gets down graded to lower than her daughter.”
He said

“So what will happen to me if we have a daughter?” I asked “Well supposedly baby you are still
technically married to me but I cant stop no one or have no say in if they want to do things to you.
Remember that scream you heard at the last party?” He asked “Yes” I said. “That was Ricks wife
she was getting punished by another Master for having a daughter. And I don’t know if you noticed
the man pacing and looking like he was about to kill everyone in sight. That was Rick. He had no
say in it and one of the main masters took her and from what I was told beat her almost to death
and raped her over and over again” he said.
“What if we have a daughter baby?” I started to cry. “Remember what I told you I would always
protect you and if we have a daughter I won’t let anyone hurt you even if I have to sacrifice myself”
he said. “So are we allowed to find out the sex during the pregnancy?” I asked. “Traditionally no.
They want you to wait until the baby is born. And which the doctor you met today he will be
delivering our baby and I don’t trust hospitals so I want you to have the baby at home. But I think I
am going to be sneaky and have him find out if its a boy or girl that way if it is a girl I have some
time to figure things out before she is born” he said “Ok” I said “Do you trust me baby?” He asked
with sad eyes. “Yes I do baby” I said “Good I will have myself killed before I let anything happen to
you or my baby” he said kissing me


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