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While I listened, a voice spoke authoritatively, seemed like their head (Master). There was silence everywhere when he spoke. The owner of the hotel they use is also their member.

Master: “I do not like the shape events have taken, I gave you guys simple instructions on what to do. Now things are falling apart. Ken….” (He called and my husband answered). “There is more danger in your home, your wife went against our rules. It shows you didn’t give her the conditions given to you here, she was not supposed to sleep with your blood or a fellow woman. All these she did and you are required to make a special sacrifice to atone for your sins”. (I was shivering and jittering, but I tried to stay strong so I could listen more).

Ken: “What do I do lord Zanga, I am ready and willing to do whatever is required of me?”. (My husband said so confidently).

Lord Zanga: “You have three options, but must choose one”.

Ken: “I am ready lord Zanga”.

Lord Zanga: “The first option is the head of your wife”. (When I heard it, I almost screamed, but I felt like a hand covered my mouth, then I heard the tiny little voice spoke calmly).

Tiny Little Voice: “Be calm, be still, else you will have no solution(s) to your predicament”. (The voice said and I remained calm).

Lord Zanga: “The second option, your twins will have to loose their sights for the rest of their lives and will always be sick at least, once every two months. It will always come with severe pains”. (Again, when I heard this, I became jittery and apprehensive. But the voice spoke to me again and I became calm and listened further”.

“Thirdly, anyone who has had an affair with your wife that was not supposed to, whether your blood or another woman will run mad”.

Ken: “Please my lord, I am not challenging your orders. I would love to know if my brother is having an affair with my wife.

There was silent for few seconds after he asked the question, then lord Zanga broke the silence.

Lord Zanga: “Izanga eehh”

Other voices echoed: “Zanga eeehhh”.

(This was repeated for seven times, then lord Zanga continued).

Lord Zanga: “Yes, your brother is having an affair with your wife, including the lady in your house. But, it might be difficult to harm them both, because they have strong spirits in them. Though it can’t be as powerful as the almighty Izanga. If you do not perform an *y of the sacrifices to atone for your sins, your life will be required to do so. You have now and the next seven days to do what you have to do”. (I was so tensed, but the voice of my guardian angel kept me strong).

Lord Zanga: “To you Jude, the condition given to you is to sleep around with married women and take the glories of their husbands, but a member of Izanga can’t take the glory of a fellow Izanga member. You have been having an affair with Kenneth’s wife, unknown to you. And* his wife has been having an affair with the woman you returned to get married to. Coolval stories This makes your case, more serious and complicated”.

Jude: “What do I do to appease the great Izanga?”.

Lord Zanga: “Sacrifice her”.

Jude: “Sacrifice who my Lord”?.

Lord Zanga: “There are only two options for you, sacrifice your mother or Vera, the woman you’re about to get married to”.

Jude: “As it pleases you great Zanga”.

Lord Zanga: “You also have seven days to do so, else your mother or Vera will both die “.

Jude: “I will do as you’ve instructed great one”.

Lord Zanga: “Izanga eehh “.

Other voices: “Zanga eehh”.

Lord Zanga: “I sense the presence of a strange being around, open the door and check if someone is listening to us”.

Tiny Little Voice: “Leave at once”. (The tiny little voice said to me, I obliged immediately and left, I hurried down the staircase, through the reception and then to my car. It was when I got to my car, that I noticed I was parked next to my husband’s car. I quickly drove off, back to the house.

I struggled to drive myself home, because the shock of the things I heard got me destabilized. By the time I got home, Vera had picked my kids from school, and had given them something to eat. They were asleep when I got home.

Vera: “Aunty welcome”.

Me: “Thank you Vera”. (I answered her so coldly).

Vera: “You don’t look yourself aunty, is anything the matter?”.

Me: “My dear, I will talk to you, let me have some rest”.

Vera: “Okay aunty, but whatever it is, just take it easy”.

Me: “I will my angel”. (I told her and walked to my room).

My husband returned twenty minutes after I got home, but not with his brother Kevin. I wondered where he had taken him to.

Vera: “Welcome sir”. (The voice of Vera sounded).

Husband: “Thank you Vera, where is your madam?”.

Vera: “She’s in her room sir”.

Husband: “Okay”.

Vera: “How is brother Kevin’s health?”.

Husband: “He’s getting better, responding to treatment, he’s still at the clinic”.

Vera: “Okay sir”.

My husband walked straight to my room, I only tried to control myself. But the tiny little voice guided me alright.

Husband: “Baby, we need to talk”. (He told me with a smile, sounding so nice).

It took me few seconds before I answered him, I had heard the tiny little voice said to me. “Give him listening ear”.

Me: “Okay, I am listening”.

Husband: “I have come to apologize to you for everything that happened. For ever using a derogatory word on you. I apologize from deep down my heart, I’m sorry for everything”.

I knew his motif, I knew the reason he was apologizing. But in this case, I am more smarter than he ever thought he was.

Me: “Where is Kevin?”.

Husband: “He’s getting better, still at the clinic”. (He answered confidently).

Me: “Which of the clinics?”.

Husband: “Our family clinic of course, where else?”.

Me: “It’s okay, I’ll go see him later today”.

Husband: “It’s fine”. (He answered coldly). “But I’m I forgiven? You didn’t say anything on that”.

Me: “Yes, you are”.

He left my room, hurriedly took his bath and left the house.



I didn’t bother to go check on Kevin Since I knew where he was taken to, I stayed home to ruminate over everything. I thought deeply over the things I, heard. How foolish I was to have accepted to do such in the first instance. I later found out that he made me accept so easily with a charm given to him by his cult master, lord Zanga.

“What do I do now? Where do I run to with this kids? Will God ever forgive me for this act?” I had huge sums of money in my account, but I decided not to use it because it was ill-gotten.

My heart bled, I wept for my sins, I cried my heart out to God for forgiveness.

I sat in my room thinking of what to do when I fell deeply asleep and had a dream.

In my dream, the Mad Man (My Guardian Angel came to me seated under a tree thinking and once again, offered a good advice and proffered solution to my predicament.

Mad Man: “Why are you here all alone? This place is dangerous, you could be harmed”.

Me: “I came here to cry my heart out to God, I don’t think I will ever be forgiven for all I did. I am ashamed of myself. Will God ever forgive me?”.

Mad Man: “His ways are not our way, neither his thoughts our thought. As far as the heavens are above the earth, so are his knowledge above ours.

The book of Romans 9 vs 15 &16 says.

15 “For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.

16 So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy”.

So, it is not in your place to decide whether you’ll be forgiven or not, it is in God’s discretion.

Me: “Thank you Guardian angel, another thing is, I don’t want to remain in that house. I know he is plotting to use any of us as sacrifice, how do I save my kids, Kevin and Vera from being used as sacrifice to their dead god?”.

“Mad Man: “That is why I am here to tell you what to do. For the money in your bank account, give it out to charity, they are not from God. When the time is right, God will surprise you, he is a God of the eleventh hour, He can perform his miracle at anytime.

As for being used as sacrifice, they can neither use you nor your kids. The God you serve is bigger than whatever they call their god.

As for Vera, God loves her so much that He didn’t take allow her breakdown as much as Kevin. Take her out of your house to a place where she can’t be found. Jude is planning with your husband to get her kidnapped and then used for sacrifice. Jude will visit your house today to come and see her for the first time. Make haste and take her away from your house.

For Kevin your inlaw, he is at the clinic at the moment, because you said you would visit him, your husband hurriedly went back to the hotel and took him to your family clinic. He can’t use his brother, there is a reason why. His target is you and your twins.

Remain calm, be still and don’t have anything to do with Vera again emotionally. That alone will make you vulnerable to their plot, God will send his angel to keep watch over you and your kids, they can’t harm or hurt you”. (He said and left.

I felt so relieved, knowing that I am so loved by God. I woke up rejoicing and singing hymns of praises to Him (God). Vera heard me singing and walked to my room to know why the sudden excitement.

Vera: “You’re back to your good mood aunty”.

Me: “Yes oooo my dear, God is just awesome. I can’t praise him enough. Please sit down”. (I told her and she sat). “God loves you and I so much that He has decided to fight our battles”.

Vera: “Battles? I don’t understand aunty. What battles?”. (She asked astonished).

Me: “My dear, you won’t understand. I will make you understand with time. Get your things ready, you are leaving this house. But you’ll return when the battle is over”.

Vera: “Aunty, what have I done. If I’ve done anything wrong, please tell me let me apologize”.

Me: (Smiled) “On the contrary my baby, you’ve done nothing wrong ~. I am doing this to save you from being killed, like I said, I’ll explain things to you at the appropriate time”. (I placed my hand across her shoulders). “Be calm, do not panic, it is for your good”. (I told her calmly).
Vera: “How do you take care of the kids alone? The stress will he much on you”.

Me: “I know my dear, but this won’t last for too long, you’ll return to the house after eight days. There is a serious battle to be fought, if you remain here, your head might go in for it”.

Vera: “Okay aunty, let me go get my things ready”. (She said crying).

Me: “Vera”. (I called as she was about to leave for her room).

Vera: “Yes aunty”. (She answered still crying).

Me: (Got up and gave her a hug) “Stop crying my baby, doing this for your good. You will understand when the time is right. Just go and get your things ready”.

She left for her room and I got thinking what money to give to her that will sustain her for these days she would be away, I’ve been warned not to use the money in my account. My second account has no money in it, as I hardly deposit in it. While I was contemplating on what to do, my phone rang. It was a call with a foreign number, I answered the call wondering who it was.

Me: “Hello”.

Voice: “Angelaaaaaaaa, good to hear your voice again”.

Me: (I recognized the voice, it was Obinna, our neighbour while growing up. He was so much into me, he would run to my mum whenever he had issues with his mum. My mother was so nice to him. He left for England to _pursue his football career, luck was on his side and he was signed by one of the big clubs. I only hear he plays football, people watch him play every weekend, I am not a fan of football. But I’ve watched him play on one or two occasions. Hi_ s call was the last thing I ever expected in my life). “Hmmmmm, Obinna, so you remembered me today? Good to hear from you my love before before, it’s been ages “.

Obinna: “So you recognized my voice?”.

Me: “Why won’t I?. Your voice didn’t change”.

Obinna: “That’s a good one, so how’s everyone? Your dad especially, how is his health now?”.

Me: “He’s okay, though falls sick once in a while”.

Obinna: “That’s okay, sorry I would have called long before now, been trying to get myself sorted out over here. You know say e no easy for oyibo man land. But send me your account details let me give you something for you, your dad and your brother. Send it as whatsap message through this number”.

Me: “Okay Obi, thanks a lot Obyno (as we fondly call him). I so much appreciate”.

Obinna: “That’s okay, it’s nothing. I ought to have done something before now. Send the details immediately”.

Me: “Okay Obyno, I’ll do so immediately”. We ended the call and I sent my details to him, my other account. Few minutes later, I got an alert that shook my phone. He later chatted me and told me how to split the money. Yet my own share was huge.

Vera had gotten her things ready, I quickly drove her to the park to take a bus to the next city, so I could return to take care of my kids. I told her to stay in a hotel until I call her to return. I gave her good sum of money. While we were driving out of the gate, my husband was driving in.



He wasn’t alone, Jude was with him. We both pretended like we haven’t met before. I pulled over and I greeted. But spoke to Vera before I pulled down my glass to speak with them.

Me: (To Vera). “Just be calm, I’ll take care of the situation”.

Vera: “Okay aunty”. (She answered, then I I greeted Mr Jude).

Me: “Good day sir”.

Jude: “Good day madam”.

Husband: “That’s my beautiful wife”.

Jude: “She’s indeed beautiful, please to meet you madam”.

Me: “The pleasure is mine sir”. (Vera also greeted).

Husband: “Baby, meet Mr. Jude, my friend. He just returned to Nigeria last night. He came back to get married.

Me: “That’s nice, all the best sir”.

Jude: “Thank you madam”. (He responded). “That’s the lady, yes, that’s her”. (He said pointing at Vera and looking at a picture in his hand). “She’s the lady I returned to Nigeria to get married to”.

Husband: “Are you for real? What a coincidence?”.

Jude: “Yeah man, it is indeed a coincidence, common baby. Come give me a hug”.

Me: “Stay calm, let me handle this”. (I told Vera in a low voice).

Me: “She’s really not in a good mood right now”. (I told Jude, then turned to my husband). Baby, I would have called you dear, but it’s an emergency. Vara’s father is sick and her presence is needed as soon as possible”. (I saw the reaction on Jude’s face, he became so apprehensive).

Husband: “Oh dear, that’s sad. Where are you taking her to?”.

Me: “To the park, so she can take a bus to the village”.

Husband: “It’s okay, I wish him quick recovery. Mr Jude, calm down man, there’s always a plan “B”. We can always visit her village to see the dad, as well as see her and perform other marriage rights. Village is the best place to go see her”. (I understood what my husband meant when he said “there’s always a plan “B”, but I pretended).

Me: “Let me hurry, it’s getting late. So she can get a bus “.

Husband: “It’s okay sweet, hope you have enough money on you?”.

Me: “Yes I do”. (I immediately drove off to avoid further questions).

Vera: “Aunty, what is going on? I don’t understand”.

Me: “Doing this for your good Vera, I will make you understand at the appropriate time. Once you get to the next city, send me the address of the hotel you’ll stay and most importantly, change your sim cards, get a new one(s) and send the new number(s) to me”. (I told her, then drove her to the park and hurried back home for my kids).

My husband wasn’t at home when I got home, my kids were still peacefully asleep. I had solved one of the problems, taking Vera away from the house, next was to save Kevin’s life. I waited for my guardian angel to guide me on what to do, as for my kids and I, wasn’t afraid. Because He that is with us is more than majority.

My husband returned later that evening, linking worried. Even though he tried to hide it, I knew he wasn’t okay.

Me: “Welcome dear”.

Husband: “Thank you angel”. (He responded, forcing a smile on his face).

Me: “How is your friend Jude?”

Husband: “He’s fine, I’ll be accompanying him to Vera’s village tomorrow for introduction”.

Me: “Oh! That’s nice, Mr. Jude is really serious about this”.

Husband: “Yes he is, that’s why he returned to Nigeria. He’s got less than a week to stay in Nigeria. So he needs to hurry things up”.

Me: “That’s a good one, I wish him well. What about Kevin, who stays with him in the hospital? You know I can’t do that since Vera is not around”.

Husband: “Yeah, I know. I paid one of the nurses to help me look after him. We shall return a day after tomorrow”.

Me: “Good one, go and freshen up. You look tired, I’ll get your food ready before you’re done”.

Husband: “Okay sweet”. (He left for his room).

After about two hours, he was done with his meal and left the house. I hadn’t heard from Vera, so I became worried. The drive to the next town shouldn’t take more than one hour, it was two hours already. “Hope all is well with her?”. I asked myself. I tried calling her numbers, but they couldn’t connect.

Four hours gone, 8:45pm by the time, I hadn’t heard from her, I became more worried.

I waited and waited, expecting she would call. All to no avail. It was 12:00 hours (midnight 🕛), yet Vera was yet to all. I tried to sleep if my guardian angel would appear in my dream to tell me if she was okay, sleep refused to come. But I heard the still voice say to me. “Worship God, only songs of worship”. Then I went into worship. My husband didn’t return to the house that night.

After one hour of worship, my phone rang, it wasn’t Vera’s voice as I had expected. It was a private number and a male voice.

Voice: “I’m I unto Mrs. Angela?”. (The voice asked when I answered the call).

Me: “Yes you are, please whom I’m I unto?”. (I asked with fear



Voice: “Okay madam, my name is Inspector Gerald from the State Divisional Police headquarters”. (When I heard it was the police, I had a little relief and mixed feelings at the same time. I hope Vera is okay, I asked myself).

Me: “Okay sir, I hope all is well?”.

Police: “Yes madam, all is well. One Miss Vera is here with us, she said she’s your sister”. (When I heard Vera’s name, I became calm, but wondered what she would doing at the police station that time of the night).

Me: “Yes, she’s my sister, been worried about her. She left since morning to the next town and ought to have arrived her destination long ago. Is everything okay with her?”.

Police: “Yes, she’s fine now. She was involved in an accident”. (My heart skipped and I shouted).

Me: “Jesus Christ! Accident?”.

Police: “Calm down madam, like I said, she’s fine now. The bus she was in collided with a truck, the damage on the bus was much. A lot of lives were lost, but your sister came out unhurt. She’s been in shock since it happened around 10:35am, she was taken to the hospital and had long regained consciousness. We got your number from her few minutes ago and decided to put a call across to you”. (I was so relieved to hear that she was okay). “We requested to see any of her relatives, but she said you’re the only person she has and that you’re a nursing mother of twins, it might not be feasible for you to come around”.

Me: “Yes she’s right, I am nursing my twins of eight months old. My husband lives abroad and we have no relative close that might come around. She’s new in the city, I told her to stay in a hotel/Guest Inn for at least one week so she could get herself a place to stay. Is she still at the hospital?”.

Police: “Yes madam and we have to sort out her bills before she leaves”.

Me: “That’s not a problem, how much is the bill?”. (He told me, then I requested for his account details and told him to end the call and call back while I transfer the money to him. He sent his details shortly after and I transferred to him double of the amount he told me).

Police: “I just received the money madam, double the amount I told you”. (He said when he called back).

Me: “Yes sir, settle the hospital bill and keep the rest for yourself and your men. I appreciate your efforts”.

Police: “Thank you madam, you’re a good citizen. I will help take your sister to a hotel in a secured environment, she’ll be safe for as long as she’s here. I think you people serve a true God, no one would have believed anyone could come out alive from the accident, let alone unhurt. Only your sister did, so many died and others seriously injured. Your God is alive”.

Me: “Yes ooo, I know my redeemer lives. Please, can I speak with my sister?”.

Police: “Sure you can”. (He handed over the phone to Vera).

Vera: “Aunty, God is indeed wonderful. You need to see the bus I was in how damaged it is. I didn’t believe I could come out alive, God is really great”.

Me: “My dear, you can say that again. I’ve been so worried, wondering what must have happened. Anyway, thank God you are safe. The police officer said he will get you a good hotel to stay”.

Vera: “Yes aunty, he and his men have been so nice to me. They’ve all treated me nicely”.

Me: “Thank God for them, hope you didn’t loose anything? Your phone has been switched off”.

Vera: “No aunty, everything is intact. My phone may have gone off on it’s own. The police kept every of my belongings safe. They’ve handed over everything to me”.

Me: “Good, give him the phone let me talk with him. Get in touch with me when you get to your hotel room”.

Vera: “Okay aunty, I will. Even even bought new sim cards and registered them at the park before we left. I’ll call you with the new number(s)”.

Me: “Lovely, that’s my girl. Give him the phone”. (She handed it over to him). “Thank you once again sir, God bless you real good. Now I know that police is our friend”. (I told him laughing).

Police: “Thank you madam also for being a good citizen, and thank you for the money you gifted us once again”.

Me: “God bless you sir, please take her to a good hotel and ensure she’s safe. I’ll send something to you again for your efforts, and feel free to call me anytime you need any assistance. I am really grateful to you and your men”.

Police: “God bless you ma, I am indeed grateful. Your sister will be safe I can assure you”. (He said and we ended the call).

God is a master planner, He works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. He didn’t allow my husband come back to the house that night. Else I would not have been so free as I was speaking with the policeman and Vera.

I stayed awake the rest of the night, signing songs of praise to God. ..Thanking Him for showing Himself so mightily to sinners like me and Vera, it was that night I repented totally of all my sins”.

My husband returned the next morning and told me he would be travelling with Jude to the village for Vera’s introduction. I smiled, knowing they would be embarking on a fruitless journey.

He hurriedly pick up few things and seemed not in the mood to talk to me, I greeted him and he answered mildly.

Me: “Baby, is everything alright?

Husband: “Yes dear, Jude will be returning to Canada in few days time. We’re travelling to Vera’s village for introduction and other marriage rites”.

Me: “And you’re just telling me. You didn’t even come back last night, neither did you call to tell me why you won’t be home”.

Husband: “I’m so sorry dear, I will make you understand when I come back”. (He said and hurriedly left the house).

Vera called me shortly after my husband had left with the new line(s) she bought, then I told her to destroy the old sim cards when she must have taken all important numbers from them. I also told her my husband and her husband to be were on their way to her village.

Vera: “How would my father handle them in my absence?” (She asked a very vital question).

Me: “Stay calm, I’ll get back to you soon”. (I told her, knowing that my guardian angel will whisper to me what best to tell her)



She ended the call and I attended to my kids who were awake seeking my attention. When I was done with the kids, I sat back to think and get a better response to Vera’s answer, then I heard the still voice clearly say to me.

Still Voice: “Be still and know that God is on your side in this battle, Ken and Jude’s journey to Vera’s village will be ~fruitless. God has handled the matter, just wait and hear the outcome in two days time. As for Kevin your brother in-law, the Lord has decided to show him mercy and forgive his sins, H~ e ~is a merciful God and shows mercy to whoever He decides to. You are going to join forces with Kevin and Vera to wage war against the kingdom of darkness. The Lord said I should tell you this”.
“Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool”. He has seen your heart and has acknowledged your total repentance, He is ready to give you a second chance and use you greatly for His work *here on earth. He has deposited in you the power and ability to heal, to see visions and to prophesy, because you will be hearing from Him as often as possible henceforth”. (I trembled when I *heard these things, tears fell off my eyes. W* ho I’m I that God as chosen to use me. I fell flat on the ground with my face bowed facing the ground, because I knew the Lord was there, I felt His presence g* reatly. The voice continued).

“So many questions run through your *mind at the moment, but know ye this one thing. God does not start work with the most righteous, he allows you to wallow in sin *to see the other side of life and know that they ar* e all vanity. But He steps in knowing your heart is always willing to do good at all times. Most men He used in the bible were not from the most righteous background, have ever wondered w* hy He allows His son Jesus Christ _to come from the lineage of a prostitute, down to David who did so much wrongs? He only sees your heart, David would always repent of his sins and will not return to th_ em anymore”. The ways of the Lord is mystery, you can’t understand them”.

“God has chosen you to save your husband and bring him to total repentance, but you’re going to face stiff battle from the kingdom of darkness. Because you’re about to take from them one of their priceless assets. Tell Vera not to worry about anything, the Lord will guide her heart and give her calmness. Look up and _see the glory of God. The Lord bless you and keep you”. (Immediately the voice seized, i felt the disappearance of the presence of God then I looked up and saw Kevin standing in front of me. Initially I w_ as scared, but remembered all I was told and how Kevin would be part of my ministry, I became calm and spoke to him).

Me: “You’re welcome Kevin, thank God for the healing”.

Kevin: “Are you not surprised to see me?”

Me: “There is no surprise with the Lord. How were you able to leave the hospital?”.

Kevin: “Dr Uche saw my recovery, ran series of tests and found nothing. All tests conducted showed I am 100% okay, so he put a call across to brother Ken who told him to discharge me”.

Me: “Awesome God, Great God of wonders is at work. Go in and freshen up while I get your food ready”. (He left for his room, I worshipped God a little and went to the kitchen to prepare something for Kevin).

I called Vera and told her to remain calm, that God has taken charge of everything.

Vera: “Hello aunty, been expecting your call. Been so worried”. (She said when she answered my call).

Me: “Listen to _this word the Lord has for you”. “And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will shew to you to day: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for eve_ r”. God has taken over the wheels, relax my baby, trust me. For the battle is the Lord’s and not ours”.

Vera: “Honestly aunty, I am so calm now. I have never been this assured all my life”.

Me: “God is not a man that He should lie, neither is He the son of man that He should repent. I will tell you when to return, God is at work”.

Vera: “Okay aunty, I just feel like worshipping God right now”. (I was so elated when I heard that).

Me: “Please, go ahead my love, I am glad to hear that. The Lord guide and direct your steps”.

Vera: “Amen”. (She answered and I ended the call).

It was night, I had said my prayers and was about to sleep after a brief discussion with Kevin ~. We prayed together for the first time instead of the dirty things we use to do. I had made my kids sleep and was about to join them when I felt the presence of a strong force, it wasn’t the calmness I~ had when I felt the presence of God. This was a strange and evil force I felt, the lights went off on it’s own”.



I heard the still voice say to me.

Still Voice: “Be still, do not panic. It is time to know the God who has called you. He shall give you victory over this”.

When I heard it, I became as calm as the still waters. I got up to my feet and spoke to whatever it was.

Me: “I do not care what or who you are, even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I will fear no evil, for I know my God is always with me”. (While I was quoting the scriptures, I heard a voice from the thick of the darkness. Same voice as that of Zanga, the leader of their cult.

Voice: “You have chosen to fight a battle that is greater than you are, but you shall get what you’ve bargained for. Izanga is no merciful god, he destroys anyone who stands in his way”.

Me: “Lies, your Izanga is powerless, a toothless bulldog. There’s is but only one true God. The God of all creation, the father of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ who at the mention of His name, every Knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord”. (When the name of Jesus was mentioned, I noticed he trembled and spoke in Jittery voice).

Voice: “This battle is bigger than you, stay away or have yourself to blame. I shall return for you and all that concerns you”.

Me: “My God has given His angels charge over me and my household, there shall no even befall us. He that dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty”. (I felt calmness after the last word he spoke, he disappeared. But I continued quoting the scriptures and reminding him of God’s promises towards his people. When I was done, I worshipped God again. I sang this song. The light was restored while I was singing).

Me: (Singing): “Demons tremble at your presence, what a mighty God we serve?. Glory, glory hallelujah! Everything written about you is great”. (I sang aloud, I heard a second voice singing along with me. Kevin had joined me and we sang and praised God all night long. His presence was greatly felt. After hours of worship, we prayed together, holding our hands. At 4am, we were done praying and then sat down to discuss.

Kevin: “I heard you worshipping, I couldn’t help but join you. The glory I felt when you were worshipping was great”.

Me: “My dear, this God we serve is indeed a great God. He fought a great battle for us last night. I want to tell you something”.

Kevin: “Go on sis, I’m with you”.

Me: “Alright, whatever happened between us in the past wasn’t ordinary. Your brother, my husband belongs to a secret cult. I never knew, but got to find out much later. The condition given to him was that I slept with men to increase his wealth”.

Kevin: “I don’t get it, you mean you knew about it?”.

Me: “Like I said, I never knew about it until the Holy Sprit of God revealed it to me”.

Kevin: “That means I wasn’t the only man you slept with”.

Me: “No, not at all. I slept with countless number of men, including Vera. It was a day after I started sleeping around that he told me you were not part of the game”.

Kevin: “This whole thing is confusing, did you discuss it with him before going into the act?”.

Me: “He pleaded with me to do it for the sake of the future of our kids and for the love I have for him”.

Kevin: “This is absolute madness, how could you have accepted that devilish agreement?. What sort of dirty love are you talking about?. I am disappointed honestly”. (He said and I saw the anger in him).

Me: “I believe God allows certain things to happen before He can show Himself, it ought not to have happened. But God allowed it to happen, just like the case of Saul in the bible who later became Paul the great apostle. He was a persecutor of Christ, he killed hundreds of Christians, he hated Christ and His followers with great passion. What happened in the end?. God arrested him and used him greatly for the propagation of His gospel. Same is the situation here, God allows certain things to happen just to prove Himself.

Kevin: “You are right, where is my brother?. I’ve not seen him since I returned from the hospital”.

Me: “He traveled, will be back tomorrow”.

Kevin: “Okay, what about Vera?”. Have not seen her as well”.

Me: “She also travelled, but will be back tomorrow as well”.

Kevin: “Okay, let me go catch some sleep. My eyes are still heavy”.

Me: “Okay dear, your breakfast will be at the dinning”.

Kevin: “Thank you sis”. (He left for his room).

I called Vera s _hortly after to return the next_ day, so we could all fast and seek the face of God for the battle ahead.

The next day, *towards evening hours, Vera returned. Shortly after she returned, my husband came back with Jude and two other men. The looks on their faces were not a good one. The men followed my husband to his* room and said no word to anyone.

Vera and I only watched them in confusion, Kevin was in his room.

Vera: “Aunty, this scenario seem to be repeating itself. I have seen something like this before. But can’t really tell, what is going on?”.

Me: “Shhhhhh! Let’s just watch and see”.

My husband and the men remained in his room for several hours, a meeting of the kingdom of darkness was going on right under my roof.



Vera and I waited for hours, yet they weren’t forth coming out. Kevin came out of his room and I whispered to him what was happening. It was getting dark, i went in to my room to ~feed my kids who all peacefully asleep. I woke them up and no one cried and drew any attention. I went back to Kevin and Vera as we await their coming out. While we waited, I he~ ard a voice say to me.

Voice: “Go take your kids away from your room to Vera’s, the battle is about to begin and the Lord is about to show himself mightily”.

I harkened to *the voice immediately, my room is opposite my husband’s; where the meeting was ongoing. I tiptoed to my room with Kevin and Vera who helped me carry my twins. We t* ook the kids to Vera’s room and then the voice came again.

Voice: “Lock the door to the room and hold *your hands together. Call on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Sing praises to the God of Shedrack, Meshack and Abadnego. Lift your voices to the God of Elijah and Elisha. He* is the same God yesterday, today and forever. He has never changed, He will not change now. He is the God of all flesh, nothing is too difficult for Him to do. They will come for Your kids soon, be strong and courageous. For this purpose the Lord has chosen you to liberate your husband and family from the hands of the evil ones “.

I was still when the voice spoke to me, Vera and Kevin noticed I was still. They also remained still and waited for me to instruct them on what to do.

Me: “Go and lock the door”. I told Kevin and he did. “Let’s hold our hands together, God is about to prove Himself”. We held hands together and I sang hymns to God, they were popular hymns. Kevin and Vera joined in singing. We sang hymns, worship songs and praises to God and His presence was felt.

After about one hour of bringing down the presence of God, I noticed Kevin and Vera were deeply in the mood. Tears fell off their eyes as they connected to the spirit of God.

We were still worshipping when we heard footsteps and voices right in front of Vera’s room. I knew the time has come and then I spoke to Vera and Kevin.

Me: “Fear not, the hour has come. Christ in us, our hope of glory. The bible said in the book of Isaiah chapter 54 vs 15 “Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake”. “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline”. 2nd Timothy 1:17. While I was encouraging Kevin and Vera to remain strong and courage, we noticed the door tying to be forced opened. When they tried and could not, my husband’s voice sounded.

Husband: “Angela open this door”. (I could not remember the last time my husband called me by my name). “Open it or we will force it open”.

Me: “Father the hour has come, please take control”. (I said and the door was still trying to be forced opened. The still voice came to me again).

Still Voice: “Remain calm, the Lord is with you. Remember Paul and Silas, they sang and they prayed. Their chains fell off and the prison door opened, it was God that did it, same God is here tonight. Remember also it was through songs that the children of Israel were able to pull down *the walls of Jericho. It is still the same God. They can’t force the door open, the glory of God has surrounded you. Continue in praises, God is fighting the battle already”.
It was as though same voice was speaking to Kevin and Vera as well, as soon as the voice stopped. We all started a song at the same time.

“Paul and Silas, they prayed, they sang, the Holy Ghost came down”. We sang, clapped our hands and danced round the room. Rejoicing for the victory given to us. In all the noise we made, my children didn’t wake up.

The more they tried to force the door open, the ~louder we sang ignoring them and their threats. We heard them say so many things as we sang, even when Zanga was calling on their dead God Izanga.
Zanga: “Izanga eehh”

Others: “Zanga eehhhhh”.

Zanga: “Izanga, your people are here to offer *to you the sacrifices you demanded of them. All chosen sacrifices are locked up in that room, it has been difficult to gain access into the room. We call on you to break into pieces the door so we could offer unto* you the sacrifice. We are waiting”.

When I heard this, I shouted from inside.

Me: “Your wait shall be in vain, tonight we shall know the true God, whether your dead Izanga or the true God of all flesh. The God of all creation; the consuming fire. He *answered Elijah by fire, He will do same tonight. Keep calling on your god Izanga, maybe he is on a journey and will soon join you here. But our God is ever present and has delivered* you into our hands”. (I responded to him and again, we all sang at the same time).

“God of Elijah, send down fire. God of Elijah send down fire, God of Elijah send down fire, fire, fire, Holy Ghost fire”.

This song we sang repeatedly until we heard them screaming in pains at the top of their voices.



I heard the voice of my husband as well, it was so loud.

Husband: “Please Lord, give me another chance. I know I don’t deserve it, if given, I shall serve you for the rest of my life with everything in me”.

When I heard those words, I became so elated. My joy knew no bounds as I knew our God is a merciful God and will forgive his sins.

The voices continued to scream in pains at the top of their voices.

Zanga and other cult members rebuked my husband for the statement he made.

Zanga: “Shut your mouth Ken, Izanga is powerful and will save us from the hands of their God”.

Husband: “No, I disagree with you. If Izanga is as powerful as you claim. He would have broken this door open for us to ~have access to the room. We have been calling on him for the past five hours, yet he’s yet to arrive. A flight coming from Lagos to Abuja would have arrived in five hours. Your Izanga is a dead god, as a matter of fa~ ct; I regret ever been part of this mess”.

I peeped from the key hole and saw them very clearly arguing. I prayed for the safety of my husband from the hands of Zanga; he had a spear in his hand.

Zanga: “How dare you refer to Izanga as a dead god? Today you shall pay with your life for the insult on Izanga. He (Izanga would have given you a second chance if you had made the required sacrifices”

Husband: “I denounce you this day Izanga, I shall make no more sacrifice to a dead god. It is only one blood that can atone for my sins, that blood that speaks better things than the blood of Abel”.

The joy in my heart knew no bounds when I heard my husband said these words, even though I knew he knows the scriptures very well. But boldly challenging Zanga and denouncing Izanga gave me much joy.

Zanga moved towards my husband with _anger to use the spear on his, I quickly opened the door and rushed out. Before I got out, my husband had called on the name that is *above all names to save him in the hands of Z_ anga and God intervened. I joined him in prayers, what I saw marvelled me. They (the cult members) were more than I thought. Th* ey numbered about fifty waging war against my husband.

When my husband saw me come out, he became scared they might harm me.

Husband: “Baby go back, these men are deadly”.

I walked boldly to my husband and held his hands, I knew such boldness must have been deposited in me by God.

Me: “Who is like unto thee, O Lord, among the gods? who is like thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders? Exodus 15:11

“There is none Holy as the Lord, He is the God of all flesh. There is absolutely nothing too difficult for him to do”.

Zanga stood still and it appeared he ~was scared moving any further. The glory of God in me covered my husband and I that it appeared he became so jittery. that was the end of it till date, they all disappeared~ and never returned again. God of awesome wonders delivered my husband from the hands of satan. Jude as well disappeared with them and was not seen again.

Peace was restored to my home and God took charge. I told my husband to do away with whatever he got from the kingdom of darkness and he did.

We left the duplex we were in and rented a two bedroom apartment with the money sent by Obinna.

My husband was sacked from the bank for no reason, feeding became so difficult for us. Kevin and Vera were still with us.

I was seated one afternoon, studying the scriptures and asking God to show Himself in our situation when my phone rang; it was Obinna again.

Me: “Hello Obyno”.

Obinna: “My sweet sixteen, how are you?”

Me: “I’m fine my brother, hope those footballers are not kicking your legs too hard? Tell them not to break your legs for me oooo”. I told him and we laughed over it.

Obinna: “They are not my dear, I forgot to ask the last time I called. What do you do now? I mean do you work or do business?”.

Me: “Nothing oooo, my husband said I should stay home and take care of our kids”.

Obinna: “So long as he provides all you need, no wahala. What does he do?”.

Me: “He was a banker, but lost his job about two months ago”.

Obinna: “You mean you don’t work and he doesn’t?”.

Me: “It’s a long story my brother”.

Obinna: “ ~Whatever the long story is, let’s cut it short. You know my parents had just two of us, my elder sister and I and I have settled them all. My sister is doing well with the husband and my parents _are taken good care~ of that they won’t lack anything till they die. Your parents were good to us, your dad was very instrumental to my secondary education. He paid my fees a number of times and_ that I will not forget in a hurry. I am worth N5 million weekly as my weekly wage with the club I play with and have decided to give you two weeks of my weekly wages”.

I marveled at the awesomeness of God when I heard it.

Me: “Ten million naira Obinna”.

Obinna: “Why are you shouting?”. He said laughing. I will send the money to you, I still have your account details. Take care yourself, tell me when you receive the money. Do not thank me”. He said and ended the call.

Two days later, I received an alert of ten million naira and it was like a dream. I told my husband about it and we called and appreciated him. Life returned back to normal in my home. My husband and I set up a good business and ever since, it’s been so profitable. We saw Vera through her University education, she has since graduated and married to a marine engr. Kevin, my brother inlaw is also gainfully employed and is also married.

The awesomeness of God cannot be compared to anything.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path”.

The End.

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