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Dark cold heart
Chapter 1

__ Allie __
Cars could be heard honking, tires screeching and sirens going off.
The noise coming from outside alone is enough to make one deaf for a decade.
I sat on my bed, staring out my window as the noise from outside settled in my ears.
We’ve been here for some years now so I’m used to em noises.
My room’s upstairs and from my window, a perfect view of the busy road could be seen.
My door opened, making my eyes dart from the window to the door. Mom smiled and walked in.
“It’s late Allie, you should sleep ” and these were always her words when she comes to my room, ugh.
I rolled my eyes and laid down on the bed.
Same old shit different days, mom and dad treating me like I’m some 10-year old kid.
For fuck sake! I’m 22!!!
Mom pulled the blanket over me and I pulled it down a lil, just over my chest.
Mom gave me a look that says ” don’t you dare take it off” and I grinned widely at her.
We all know I don’t use em blankets, they suffocate the hell outta me.
“Good night honey ” mom said, kissed my forehead and walked out leaving the light on.
Yeah! Another thing is : I don’t sleep with the lights out, scared of the dark.
I took the blanket off of me and let out a sigh of relief.
I closed my eyes, not letting the noise from outside disturb me.
Soon, I was enveloped by sleep.
I jerked up as my alarm rang all over the room.
I stretched, an habit I’ll never get rid off.
I got outta bed, switched off the alarm and reached out for an hair band.
Got a yellow hair band and tied my hair up in a pony tail making my forehead protrude forward.
Yeah a shiny big forehead that sustains all the food and nutrients in my body.
My forehead so big and shiny, it is seen before me.
“when God said : let there be light, your forehead took it personal ” those are the words Daniel dedicated to me.
Cute, right? Oh yeah I wish.
I’m being a blabber beak again! Gosh I need to freshen up.
I stripped off my pyjamas and hurried to the shower.
After tidying up, I came outta the shower with a towel wrapped tight around my chest. I walked to my dressing table and sat on the chair.
I stared at myself in the mirror, observing every bit of me.
I sighted the wall clock from the mirror and my eyes widened, breath hung, heart stopped and blood congealed.
Kidding! My heart won’t stop beating at least not for something this minor and my blood won’t congeal just cause I’m late for college.
I chuckled at myself and continued staring at myself in the mirror. Ain’t gon be the first to be late to college anyway.
“I’m late” I whispered with a shocked expression on my face.
For fuck sake, I’m late! I sprung up and hurriedly dressed up.
Finished dressing up, tied my hair into a neat bun then took my backpack and scurried down the stairs.
“I’ll get breakfast out ” I said before mom could utter a word and ran out the door.
If I had just passed the exam last year, I’d have been working not coming to college!
A cab finally stopped after countless signals.
Kidding! I didn’t even wave for like 2 mins.
I’m dramatic, I know.
I got in the cab, told him where I was headed and he drove off.
Arrived mins later, paid the cab man and rushed into the building.
“Woah! Slow down “Daniel said and I came to an halt.
” You…. ” he was saying but his phone rang. He cussed and walked away to answer his call.
” Great! ” I rushed to my class and it was as quiet as a graveyard.
I looked around and not even a single strand of a human hair could be seen. What the heck is happening? Is today Saturday or something? Is this prolly a dream? Or did I hit my head somewhere? But I just saw Daniel. I went back out and followed the same direction as Daniel but couldn’t find him. Did he disappear too? Wait! This is strange, super strange! When I was coming in, I didn’t even see anyone, not even the security guards . What in the world is happening? I was getting frustrated so I had to get an ice-cream.
I took the elevator and went back down cause my class was on the third floor and I hate that, no cap.
There’s an ice-cream vendor outside the school.
I went in there and right to Mrs Jones.
“Allie ” she said with a smile and I smiled back at her.
“lemme guess, chocolate mixed with vanilla cream cone “she said and I nodded, the smile still on my face.
She knows me, I mean they all know me.
I literally don’t think there have been a day without me buying an ice-cream.
And saying I was frustrated was an excuse cause I already wanted an ice-cream.
” thank you ” I said as I took the ice-cream from her, paid her and left.
Ice-cream helps me relax though.
I headed back upstairs, licking the ice-cream as I waited patiently for the elevator to reach my destination.
As I walked in the hall way, licking my magnificent ice-cream, I sighted Mr Ben, Mister Harry, Mrs Bryant and our mighty principal, Mr Bennett walking away with a man dressed in an expensive suit I must say and the others seem to be body guards.
Those up there are our history teacher, maths teacher and English teacher respectively.
” Mister Harry ” I called out cause he’s literally the one I flow with.
I mean he’s cute and SINGLE!
I’m not hitting on him no, I just admire him.
I ran towards them and they stopped walking buh only Mr Harry looked back at me and that’s why I flow with him.
Kidding! He prolly looked back at me cause I called him.
As I got close to them, the man which I earlier said to have dressed in an expensive suit slowly turned around.
I don’t know what the fuck happened but I magically tripped and my ice-cream plastered the man’s suit as I fell to the ground.
Oh no! Not another clumsy act by me.
I slowly looked up and all the teachers mouth were open including Mister Harry’s.
My eyes darted from theirs to the man who had my ice-cream on his suit.
His eyes were dark which made me shiver in fear.
My lips seemed zipped and my butt seemed glued to the ground.
OK, I think this is the perfect time for my heart to stop beating and for my blood to congeal.
“Woah!” I heard exclamations from behind and turned to see my college mates and every student staring at us.
Hours ago, I was looking all over for them and now they’re magically just here at this embarrassing moment.
I looked back at the man, not knowing what to do.
His lips moved and the two words that came from his mouth killed me.
“Take her ” he said and walked away.
Two of his body guards pulled me up and started dragging me away with them.
“No, stop ” I cried out.
“Where are you taking me?” I cried but they didn’t even utter a word to me.
Mister Harry and the rest stared at me, dumbfounded, fear clearly visible in their eyes.
Seriously? One of their students is being taken away and they gon do nothing than just stand their asses there and stare at us?
“Allie ” Craig, my friend called out and I gave him that puppy look, help me.
“No! leave me, please “I cried as they dragged me out.
“Mellie, Daniel, Mister Harry” I cried out to my friends and teachers.
We reached outside and they pushed me inside the car.
The man which I’d offended entered another car while I entered another with the body guards.
With these cars, one could tell he’s filthy rich.
Why were my friends and teachers so scared back there? Why couldn’t they do anything? Cause he’s rich? Fuck! My principal is rich too at least.
Where are they even taking me? Who’s this man?
Lots of questions ran through my mind as I was taken away with my heart aching.

T. B. C
~Dark cold hea~ rt
Chapter 2

I was snapped outta my reveries when the car door to my seat opened. I was pulled out before I could even make a move to come out.
Every thought I had immediately faded as I stood inside the big compound, staring at the paradise in front of me.
I thought houses like this never existed on earth, but it turns out I’m the retarded dweeb.
The gate to the beautiful mansion was black, so black and thick like a coal tar, a sparkling coal tar.
My eyes roamed everywhere as I gazed at the heaven on earth in front of me.
The mansion was so big, painted in dark grey with a touch of white.
“move! ” one of the body guards pushed me forward.
We got to the door step and the door itself was made of gold. OMG gold! If I could get this door outta here and sell it, trust me I’d be a billionaire.
The door was opened and my chin dropped.
Is it God himself that lives here or what am I seeing with my eyes?
I don’t know but I think it’s a good thing I was kidnapped and brought here.
“wow! This is ….” I was saying but was pushed again by the body guard.
Seriously?! The last thing I wanna do is punch this motherfucker right in the face and get locked up behind bars but he won’t stop getting on my nerves! Ugh!
“lock her up ” the guy with the intimidating personality that had his suit smeared by my ice-cream said and walked upstairs.
Wait! What? Lock me up?
Mommy! OK I don’t know but maybe this is why my parents still treat me like a child cause right now I need my mommy and daddy or Imma cryyyy!
The guard who has been getting on my nerves, held my wrist and pulled me roughly with him.
“stop! You’re hurting me” I wimped.
We reached a corridor leading to a staircase that led us down to a dirty abandoned underground room.
Well, it does look abandoned cause it was dark and everything in there was a mess.
Even a dog wouldn’t stay here.
The guard pushed me forward making me collide with the wall.
He climbed back up and before I could take in everything, he slammed the door.
What the hell just happened?
“he left you in this shabby room, that’s what happened! ” my subconscious snarled.
Oh yeah, that’s what happened.
“hey! Let me outta here!” I screamed.
Ain’t even sure if they can hear me cause this place is like a 2 mins walk to the main sitting room.
The mansion is so big it could be used for different things at the same time like a market, a strip club, a bar and so on.
I sighed as the air of despondency surrounded me.
Why does my life gotta be so frustrating?
I looked around and sighed even more when I noticed there wasn’t even a bed!
I sank to the ground with despair.
The floor is so cold.
I folded my legs up, rested my arm on em and buried my head in my arms.
My eyes had started getting wet as a swift wind of emotions and despair ran cold down my spine.
I thought of mom and dad and that only triggered my emotional state, finally making the tears run down like a rain.
I shivered as I tried hard to keep em tears from falling.
My phone! Yes my phone!
Hope sank in my heart but it didn’t last a minute before I remembered I left my bag at school when I tripped.
How will I call mom and dad now?
My friends, teachers and the principal will go inform my parents, right?
At this state, I don’t even know what to think anymore.
I sank my face into my arms and cried.
••• Mrs Beck •••
I alighted from the cab and hurried through the school gate.
It was late and Allie wasn’t back.
That got me worried. No phone calls from her so I had to come check for myself.
I wonder if my baby girl is doing alright.
The school was quiet and only few students could be seen hanging around.
I rushed down to the principal’s office and barged in without knocking.
“Mrs Beck” The principal stood up, acknowledging my presence.
“where’s my baby girl? ” I asked, ignoring every other act of welcome he presented.
The look on his face only made things worse for me cause an air of melancholy filled me up.
“where is she?! “I yelled!
“she.. She was taken by a McKenzie ” he blurted out and a swift feel of dizziness enveloped me for some seconds.
“Mrs Beck” The principal rushed to help firm my balance.
My breath came out in low pants as I took in his words.
She was taken by a McKenzie? Or did I mishear him?
The McKenzies are one of the ruthless people ever.
They’re the most richest in the country and no one dares defile them.
That’s prolly the reason no one informed me about my daughter being taken away. They’re all scared!
So how did Allie…….? OMG.
I scurried out the principal’s office after he had narrated all that happened, headed to the McKenzie’s mansion.
He took my daughter just cause of a mistake? A mere mistake that had an ice-cream smeared on his suit! I wonder how those animals are treating my baby girl.
First, I need to go file a complaint at the station then the cops will help me go get my daughter.
I took a cab to the station and filed a complaint.
“we can’t help you ma’am “the cop in charge of cases like mine blurted.
It sounded like gibberish to my ears.
“what do you mean you can’t help me ” I asked sternly, feeling angry.
“it’s the McKenziess we’re talking about here, sorry we can’t ” he blurted out again.
“are you nuts?! Have you all gone nuts?! ” I yelled, attracting everyone’s attention to me.
“it’s my daughter we’re talking about here! She was abducted by the McKenzies and you’re telling me you can’t help me?!” I yelled.
People who had prolly came for one thing or the other had started murmuring.
“what’s the use of cops if you can’t help me in times like this? No one is above the law, no one! ” I yelled!.
“ma’am we propose you leave the station and stop creating a scene or we’ll be forced to charge you ” one of the cops said.
“y’all good for nothing! ” I yelled and walked out.
Who the fuck do the McKenzies think they are to escape law?
I’m getting my daughter whether or not the cops help me.
I boarded a taxi and headed for the McKenzie’s mansion.
After what seemed like a life time, the taxi stopped but not at the McKenzie’s mansion.
“this is as far as I go ” the chauffeur said.
“what do you mean? I’m not even there yet ”
“ma’am, you do know a taxi ain’t allowed to enter the McKenzie’s estate ” he replied and I got down.
I paid him and walked to the estate’s gate.
This big estate, only for a mansion.
I tapped on the gate repeatedly and only a video camera popped out the corner of the gate.
“may I help you? ” the person in charge of the estate asked through the camera.
“yes! I wanna go in ” I seethed.
“your ID card please ”
“jerk! Open this fucking gate now! I want my daughter back ” I seethed out loud.
“calm down ma’am and drop your ID card on that flat metal tray” he replied and a flat metal tray pulled out below the camera.
I took out my ID and dropped it on the flat metal and it was pulled back in.
“give me some mins ma’am ” he said and I rolled my eyes.
Few mins later, the flat metal tray pulled out with my ID card on it.
“sorry ma’am, but you can’t go in ” he blurted out and that triggered my anger more.
“open this damn gate lemme go in! ” I yelled.
After yelling and hitting the gate for mins but got no response, I decided to stay there till they decide to let me in.
It’s late now and it’s even past Allie’s bedtime. I wonder how she is, my poor girl.
“ma’am, if you don’t leave now, I’ll be forced to call the cops on you ”
I can’t do anything to help my daughter if I’m in prison, I have to call her dad so we figure out a way outta this.
I sighed and went away.
I wanted to call Allie but then remembered the principal had earlier given me her bag which had dropped from her when she was being taken away.
I’m calling my husband ASAP.
{^ _Allie_^}
Blurry, everything was blurry as I tried opening my eyes.
I blinked slowly in attempt to make my vision vivid.
I adjusted to the place I was and shivered in cold causing me goosebumps.
I’m in this shabby room, lying on the cold floor.
I struggled up and sat on my butt with legs folded up.
I wonder if my principal has informed mom about this.
My stomach growled and I sniffed.
Now I’ve got a runny nose from crying.
Are they not even gonna offer me food? For how long do they plan of keeping me here?
I had started to feel slight dizziness so I just laid back down on the cold floor.
What is he even gon do to me? Kill me? Well, he sure does look like a killer.
Dad please come save me.

T. B. C

Dark cold he* *art*
Chapter 3

Bright light shone through this shabby room, disturbing my sleep.
I opened my eyes but quickly close em back not allowing the bright light blind my eyes for any more seconds.
I slowly opened them this time and adjusted to the light in the room.
Apparently, one of the guards had open the door to my room and he was standing in front of me.
Have they come to free me?
“get up ” he said calmly.
Oh wow! He spoke calmly to me today. Must have woken up happy today.
And yeah, talking about today, it’s morning already and I can’t believe I was able to sleep without lunch and dinner.
The me that I know can’t even bare to go hungry for a second.
I raised myself up which had kinda become heavier to me prolly cause I feel weak.
My legs wiggled under me as I stood, slightly bent cause my growling stomach which had caused me stomach ache wouldn’t let me stand straight.
“let’s go ”
My eyes went wide open when I heard those words.
Let’s go? I’m going home? Happiness beamed inside me as I thought of going home to my mom.
We went outta the shabby room, headed to the sitting room.
My hair was a mess and the neat bun that I had done was loose.
My clothes were smeared in dirt from lying on that dirty cold floor.
We reached the sitting room and at the east side of the house was “Mr intimidating personality “, seated in the dinning, having breakfast.
The thought of food being in front of me triggered my hunger more making me crave and drool over the food.
Control yourself Allie, this motherfucker won’t even let a single drop of water touch your tongue.
He made a hand gesture signaling the guard to bring me forward.
The guard jerked my arm and dragged me roughly to his boss aka Mr intimidating personality.
I stood in front of him, panting softly with wobbling legs under me.
I gazed right at him, eye balls to eye balls.
” hope you’ve learnt your lesson?” he asked but I don’t know who that question was for so I just stood there, staring.
Bitch! Of course the question was for me! I mean who else would he be referring to when I’m the offender here.
PS : ain’t an offender anymore cause this dude has punished me more than my deserved punishment.
“I asked you a question!!” he yelled and hit his fist on the dinning table causing me to flinch.
*Oh yeah bitch! I know you asked a question but I chose not to answer*
I wish I could tell him that.
“For anyone that defiles me, they get punished severely till they regret ever messing wimme. You were gon be punished like others but your mere presence irritate me and I don’t even want your shadow in this house ” he blurted out sternly.
Like I wanna stay here any longer.
My stomach growled out loud and I held my stomach in pain.
“should I die here first before your peanut sized brain tells you the right thing to do?! ” I snarled at him.
He was shocked at my words and his facial expression almost made me laugh my ass out but I was hungry and needed food!.
Perhaps, no one has ever talked back at him like I just did.
“enough! ” he yelled and hit his fist on the dinning table AGAIN!.
Oh so dramatic! Or maybe not cause all I see now is an angry monster in front of me.
I had started trembling in fear as he glared at me, fists folded in balls and knuckles white.
“I wanted to pardon you! Something I’ve never done but you just crossed the limit and will go through every punishment till I’m satisfied! ” he said amidst gritted teeth.
This means, no home for me.
God! What have I just done? My friends used to tell me my mouth finna land me in problem one day and I just believe it now.
“take her back and ready my whip for her flagellation ” he blurted sternly and that got my heart sinking down down down and DEAD.
Flagellation? I’m a slave now? He’s gon whip me like an animal?
Seriously? This is so not happening!
Just before the guard could drag me away, I rushed to the dinning table with all the strength I had left, grabbing any the food my hand could reach then ran to the direction of my shabby room.
Eat first, worry about flagellation later.
I rolled my eyes when I noticed the guard behind me as I walked to my shabby room, ugh.
I sniffed in the aroma of mashed potatoes on the plate I was carrying.
I just managed to grabbed this one and I’m thankful at least.
I didn’t wait to get to the shabby room before I dug my nails in the food and started munching out loud.
Got to the room and placed down the food and continued eating.
The grumpy guard locked the door and I cared less cause there’s food in front of me.
After eating, I licked off every mashed potato sticking on my fingers.
I heaved a sigh of relief and kicked away the plate.
Number one problem solved!
Just when I was about to occupy my mind with something else, he walked in.
The monster himself, in his hand was an average long whip.
He took steps towards me and my heart had started pounding faster than normal.
He didn’t mean it when he talked about flagellation right?
What’s the whip for?
I wouldn’t wait a second to give up the ghost if he’s gonna use that whip on me.
I’m no fucking slave!
He got closer to me, his eyes dark with furrowed brows.
“strip! ” he ordered.
Wait what? Strip? Strip off my clothes? As in, strip naked?
I’m doomed!

T. B. C
Dark cold heart 🖤🦋
Chapter 4

••• Mrs Beck •••
I paced back and forth in the sitting room, feeling restless.
It’s morning already and I called my husband to come back home.
He went for a business trip and he said he’d catch the first flight and come solve the issue on ground.
I tried sitting and waiting for him but I just couldn’t settle in one position.
The thought of my baby girl being in the hands of those wicked beings has made me go crazy.
My Allie is a very fragile girl, though she’s stubborn but she’s very soft and and can’t bear pains.
My eyes darted to the wall clock once again and I sighed.
I’m gon get back my daughter.
••• Allie •••
He wants me to strip? Just so he could whip me like a slave?
Not even slaves get beaten like the way he planned to do.
Come what may! Never gon strip naked for him.
“you heard me, don’t make me repeat myself! ” he said in an harsh tone.
“I heard but I can’t ” I seethed.
He raised a hand and signalled to the grumpy guard I didn’t even realize was standing behind him.
The grumpy guard started coming towards me while I pushed backward till my back was against the wall.
“don’t come close to me! ” I wimped out in a shaky voice.
He got to me and got hold of my dress, in attempt to tear it apart.
I tried fighting him off but it was to no avail.
“I’ll do it myself! I cried out and the monster asked him to leave me alone.
I can’t bear to be stripped naked by a man I don’t even know.
If I don’t strip, he’s gon force me anyway so what’s the use of refusing?
I could contemplate going naked in front of the monster but doing it in front of the body guard is just a no no for me.
The boss noticed how I looked at the body guard, hesitating to strip.
“what? You don’t wanna go naked in front of him? ” he asked in a mocking tone.
“what makes you think you’re so special? He was supposed to be the one doing the flagellation but I’m doing it cause I wanna hear you scream in pain, I wanna hear your cry till your voice gets cracked and I’m sure gonna derive pleasure from that ” he blurted out.
“leave us ” he told his guard and he walked out, leaving the both of us alone.
“now strip and don’t waste my time ”
I swallowed the lump I presumed to be stuck in my throat and slowly started undressing myself.
I took off my shirt, revealing my white bra.
I bowed my head in shame, as I sat there with just a jean and a bra.
“continue ” he ordered.
I slowly pulled down my jean and sat on the cold bare floor with just a white pantie and a white bra.
My head remained bowed but I could see him coming closer.
Tears had started rolling down my cheeks.
Now look upright, turn your back and don’t move an inch.
I did as he said and he whipped my bare back and I didn’t know what happened but the scream that I released was enough to collapse a building.
The one lash he gave me, sent me falling on my stomach.
“get up! ” he yelled.
I was slow to get up so he whipped me me again sending me back to the ground in screams and tears.
“please ” I cried.
“now sit up ”
This time he gave me time to sit back up before releasing another lash on my bare back.
“you’re taking five strokes so don’t make me increase it ” he said sternly.
How can I go through this pain? Even my parents barely hit me.
Dad had only slapped me once and I sulked over that for weeks before he finally persuaded me to forgive him.
I positioned as he asked and took the remaining strokes, screaming and falling down.
I laid down on my side, curled up in a semi circle and wept when he was done.
He walked out and left me to grieve in pain.
I could see blood stains on the floor and that only made me cry more.
This is hell on earth.
Remind me to get over my clumsiness since that seem to be a big crime and remind me never to cross my limit in front of people like him.
••• Mrs Beck •••
The door bell rang and I sprung up to get the door.
I opened the door and immediately flew in Andrew’s arms.
I sobbed in his arms and he slowly caressed my hair, whispering soothing words to my ears.
We both walked in with his luggage and he sighed.
Andrew had earlier gone on a business trip.
We ain’t that rich nor are we poor.
We have a car which Andrew had travelled with but now back with it and we try our best to give our only daughter the best life.
“let’s go “he said and I nodded.
We boarded our car and Andrew zoomed off to the McKenzie’s mansion.
We reached there few mins later and Andrew had to go through the same processes like I did.
“I’ll put a call through to the mansion to see if you both can come in ” the guy in charge said from the camera.
We waited for few mins before the guy told us to wait that someone would come attend to us.
After waiting for like forever, a huge, hefty guy dressed in black, walked out the gate and came to us.
His muscles could be seen bulging in his shirt, thick dark brows and eyes that could scare you.
“I’m one of the McKenzie’s body guard and I was sent here by my master ” Andrew and I glanced at each other then back at the so called body guard.
” I was told to tell y’all that you shouldn’t disturb the peace of this house else you will both end up in prison and your daughter will spend an eternity being tortured ”
My heart ached at these words and I almost lost my balance but thanks to Andrew that was beside me.
“but if you stop disturbing our peace, your daughter might be returned to you soon ” he added.
“you moron! Give my daughter back ” I tried hitting him but Andrew held me back.
“can we talk to one of the McKenzies?” Andrew asked.
“no” the guard replied.
“we are pleading so tell your boss we’re ready to do anything just to get back our daughter ” Andrew said in a calm tone.
“the only thing you can do is go back home and wait for your daughter ” he said sternly and walked back inside.
The gate closed itself kinda automatically I guess.
“I want back my daughter you bastards ” I cried and hit the gate.
“Audrey please calm down ” Andrew held me in his arms.
“Andrew please get back our daughter ” I cried as he held me.
“let’s just go back home ” he said and took me to the car.
“all we can do is pray and hope for a miracle ” Andrew said and that truth was so sharp it was like a needle pricking my heart.
He was right, we can’t do anything than just pray.
If we take this case to court, the McKenzie’s gonna win anyway.
We got home and Andrew took me inside.
We went to our room and he made me lay down.
The next thing I knew was everywhere started getting dark and slowly, my eyes were shut.
••• Allie •••
Few days went by with him torturing me.
Not flagellation.
He barely gives me food and he sometimes make me clean the already cleaned house just to punish me.
I was curled up on the floor as usual when I heard footsteps coming towards me.
I looked up at the figure in front of me and twas one of the bodyguards, not the grumpy one, a new one I’ve never seen.
“you’re free ” those were the words that came outta his mouth.
I’m free? Like free to go home?
I can’t believe this until I walk outta this mansion.
He slowly helped me up, eyes scanning my as he stared at my shirt, smeared in blood.
My wound isn’t fully healed yet.
“time to go home ” he said in a soft voice and smiled at me.
I just hope I don’t mess things up this time in front of their boss.
T. B. C

Dark cold heart
Chapter 5

He held me gently as we climbed up the stairs.
I smiled occasionally at him when our eyes met.
My legs were still a lil shaky as we walked to the sitting room.
We reached and seated on the cushion was their boss with that grumpy guard beside him.
Why didn’t he send the grumpy guard to get me instead? Thought everyone close to him was mean but this guard that came to get me seem different.
” don’t think you’ve served all your punishments yet ” the boss said, not even looking at me.
What does he mean I haven’t served all my punishments yet? This means I’m still not going home?
“you seem fragile and I don’t want you to die here though if you die, it means nothing but your parents won’t stop bugging me. I’m letting you go doesn’t mean you’re free but you’re the one who’s gon come back to me willingly this time ” he blurted out with a smirk on his face.
Tch! Me? Come back to him? We’ll see about that.
I’m never smelling this place ever again.
“free her ” he ordered and the guard started leading me out.
“let her go herself, she’s not some princess that needs escort “their boss told the guard which was escorting me out.
The guard nodded and let go of me.
I sighed and headed out with my shaky legs.
I almost tripped at the doorstep but firmed my balance.
I struggled my way outta the gate and started walking down the calm street of the estate.
I still have a long way to go before I’ll finally reach the main estate gate.
I reached there few mins later and the gate was opened for me to exit.
As I walked down the road, there were murmurs from peeps.
I was a mess and I sure do like someone who’s been kidnapped for weeks and finally escaped.
I boarded a taxi and told him where I was headed.
We reached and I told the taxi driver to wait for me so I’ll get him his payment cause I was cashless.
As I walked to our porch, I saw my dad entering our house.
“dad ” I called, almost in a whisper cause I don’t even have any strength to talk out loud so he didn’t hear me.
I slowly walked inside our house and the expression on dad’s face when he saw me were mixed.
He was happy and hurt at the same time prolly cause of my condition.
“honey ” he called and hugged me but he didn’t take a sec for him to pull away when I hissed in pain.
“daddy ” I said in a low tone with puppy eyes, trying hard to hold back the tears.
“sshh! Don’t cry okay? Everything’s gonna be okay ” he said in a soothing voice.
He kissed my forehead and hugged me gently this time.
“where’s mom? ” I asked.
“she’s at the hospital hon, she couldn’t bear that you were in the hands of those people so she fell sick ” dad replied.
“OMG! I have to go see her now ” I urged.
“look at your condition, you can’t. This will only break her heart more. You just need to freshen up, eat something and look okay before mom comes ” dad said and I nodded.
“uhm.. I came to get something for your mom so Imma get it and go get her. She’ll be happy to see you ” dad said and I smiled.
“bye dad and pay that cab man outside ” I said and walked upstairs.
The thought of being in my room again brought tears to my eyes.
I looked around my room like some stranger that haven’t been here before.
I took off my clothes and got under the shower.
I spent hours in there, the scenes of these last few weeks playing in my head and I cried.
I sobered up and got outta the shower.
I put on an easy wear cause my body ain’t in the right state right now.
I picked up the dirty clothes I wore from that monster’s house and dumped them in the bin.
There’s no way I’m taking those clothes again, they’d just bring back memories of me in that house and it hurts.
I wore my flip flop and gently walked downstairs to the kitchen to get myself food.
I was disappointed cause there was no food which means mom’s been in the hospital for quite a long time.
I went to the fridge and got myself snacks instead.
Those are my snacks that I always keep in the fridge.
I got a handful of snacks and milk.
I settled down on the dinning table and ate.
I cleared the table when I was done.
My dad’s car pulled up in the garage as I could see from the window and I smiled.
I didn’t wait for them to come in, I just ran out to them and flew in mom’s arms.
“Allie darling ” mom cried, causing me to let some few tears drop as well.
“I missed you mom ” I said in that babyish tone and she hugged me tighter making me gasp.
She pulled away immediately when I gasped.
She made me turn, took up my dress a lil and gasped when she saw em bruises on my back.
“mom it’s okay, I’m fine now ” I told her so she wouldn’t break down in tears.
Mom’s so soft hearted and I sure do know the pain she’s going through right now.
We all walked in like the happy family that we are.
The day went by so fast and I found myself on my bed.
We had dinner together and I tried my best to crack some jokes to cheer em up.
I really couldn’t lay on my back just yet so I laid on my belly.
It didn’t take a minute before sleep enveloped me.
The smell of cookies filled my nose, forcing me to open my eyes.
My eyes fluttered open and met with mom’s.
She was placing a plate of cookies and milk on the table beside my bed.
She smiled when she saw I was awake.
“I didn’t wanna wake you darling but guess I was too loud ”
“it’s OK mom, I was hungry anyway” I said and got outta bed.
“your friends were here ” she said as she pulled the table closer to me.
“Daniel, Craig, Mellie and uhm.. What’s her name again? ” mom tried to remember.
“Caroline ” I helped and she chuckled.
“I always forget her name ” mom joked and I laughed softly.
“but why didn’t you wake me up ” I asked mom.
“cause you were tired and needed rest ” she replied and I rolled my eyes.
“today’s school mom, I gotta go ” I said and got up.
“uhm.. I think you should take a look at the clock ” mom suggested with a grin on her face.
I glanced at the clock and a soft oh exited my mouth.
It’s so fucking late and I can’t believe I slept this long.
Prolly because it’s been long I slept on a cool soft bed and not some cold hard floor.
I rolled my eyes and sat back on the bed.
I took a cookie and munched loudly on it.
“you’re always the best mom ” I complimented.
The door opened, revealing dad and doctor Melvin.
Oh not again!
“she’s here Doc ” mom said, referring to me.
I rolled my eyes and sighed.
” I thought we all agreed not to call the doctor and that I’m fine ” I pouted, glancing at mom and dad but they just ignored me.
“Allie ” doctor Melvin called.
“oh Doc ” I smiled heartily at him.
Doc Melvin is our family doc and he’s a good friend of mine.
“let’s check you out ” he said.
He sat beside me and mom made me show him my bruises.
He examined me and wrote dad some medications to get for me.
He also suggested I ditch school a few more days so I get lots of rest.
There’s no way I’m ditching school anyway longer.
FFS! It’ll soon be graduation and I have to catch up fast.
I looked at mom and dad giving them the look ” y’all sure know I ain’t gon do what the doc asked ” and they just grinned at me.
Dad escorted out Doc Melvin while mom watched me eat.
It’s Friday anyway so I’ll just wait till Monday.
Weekend came and passed, with mom always telling me my friends came to visit but she didn’t let em see me cause they’d be disturbing my rest.
Oh! What an overprotective mother I’ve got.
That can be a pain in the ass sometimes but I love her.
And oh yeah, dad and mom planned on taking me to another country cause of the incident but I cried and that made them change their mind.
I’m not leaving my country just cause of some jerk.
It’s Monday morning and I was still laying on the bed.
I woke up early today cause I couldn’t wait to go to school and meet my friends but as usual, anytime I wake up early, I just lay down there till I’m late.
A soft knock came on my door before it opened, revealing dad.
I sat up on my bed and yes, doc Melvin’s medication did a good job on me cause the pains lessened.
Dad was travelling back to continue his unfinished business today so he prolly came to say goodbye.
“take care of yourself, don’t get into trouble and be brave ” dad quoted out and kissed my forehead.
Don’t get into trouble means don’t mess with peeps like that monster, I get.
Dad pulled me in for a warm hug, kissed my cheek before finally exiting my room.
My eyes darted to the clock and I was late!
Yes! This is me, I’m always late.
I freshened up, singing and cheering as I got dressed.
I’m back to my old self.
Though the incident that happened almost got me in trauma but I was strong enough to beat it.
I was done so I headed downstairs.
I was about walking out when a force pulled me back inside.
“eat breakfast! That will prolly stop you from getting an ice-cream and smashing it on people’s dress” mom seethed and I chuckled.
I ate breakfast with mom and headed out to school.
I took the elevator to our class and once in, I flinched at the sight in front of me.
Our class was decorated and the students all held flowers.
At the top of the entrance was written “welcome back Allie “.
I grinned widely as they all came for a hug.
“welcome back our queen of forehead ” Daniel teased as he hugged me.
Caroline and Mellie hugged me, both leaving pecks on my cheeks.
“Allie ” Craig called softly with a puppy face.
Awww, here comes the baby in our squad.
Baby Craig, always acting babyish.
Don’t blame him though, he’s the last amongst five children so yeah, he’s free to act like a baby.
I pulled him in for a warm hug and he handed me his flower.
“welcome back Allie ” Mister Harry said behind me.
* moron! Y’all let that evil guy take me without doing anything and now you telling me welcome *
“thanks mister Harry ” I said with a forced smile.
I shouldn’t blame them too much tho cause mom told me how they tried getting me back but couldn’t so it’s just power.
We had our lectures, had lunch with me telling the squad everything that happened.
“he’s so mean ” Craig said in a cracked voice, tearing up.
Not only is Craig so babyish, he’s so emotional as well.
Caroline pulled him to herself and soothed him.
Days went by and by and we finally had our exams and graduated.
Thank God I made it to the cut off mark and I graduated along with my friends.
My friends already got jobs and it was left with me.
My parents and I were devastated after we found out I couldn’t get a job. Not because I wasn’t qualified for it, but because that monster which I found out to be a McKenzie, made me illicit to get any job in the country.
How evil of him.
I’ll spend my whole life in my parent’s house with no job?!
All my friends already started their life! Why am I so unlucky?
I alighted from the cab I was in, paid and walked towards the McKenzie’s gate.
I told mom I was coming to visit Caroline cause mom was against me coming here.
I know it’s a risk but I gotta know. It’s my life at stake here.
After going through some processes, I was let in.
I walked to the main gate and it automatically opened before I could even knock.
I took a deep breath before stepping inside the compound.
I had said I’d never smell here again but he has his ways.
He had said I’ll come back to him willingly and here I am.
The main door opened, revealing him on the cushion.
I hesitated, not able to bring myself to enter the mansion.
“are you scared? ” he asked in a mocking tone and I sighed.
I walked in and he scoffed.
He threw me a file before I could even say anything.
I wanted to glare at him but that will be digging my own grave.
I opened the file and my heart pounded fast as I scanned through it.
It was stated in the file that I had to come work as a maid in the mansion till I’m granted freedom and that too, without payment! And maybe after my freedom, I could finally get a job.
I almost lost my balance when I read this but I composed myself.
Work for him? As a maid? In this hell they call house?
I’ll have to live with this monster again?
My life!
T. B. C
Chapter 6

.Dark cold heart
Rage! Rage was all I felt, standing in front of him.
Seriously? Outta all the possibles, he chose this?!
Man, he needs a brain reset and I’m sure gon do that one day.
I wanted to throw the file roughly at him but I knew well not to cross my boundaries.
I walked to the table and gently placed down the file before turning back at him.
With the calmest, gentlest, sweetest voice I could come up with, I blurted out ” I’m sorry I can’t “.
He chuckled, before fixing his gaze at me.
“whether or not you accept it now, you’re always gonna crawl back to me ” he said with so much confidence.
I think I’ll have to consider mom and dad’s decision on flying me outta the country.
“And oops! You’ll come back to me because even other countries won’t employ you since I spammed your identity W. O. R. L. D W. I. D. E” he blurted out, emphasizing on the last part.
He must be kidding, right? I mean, if I fly out to another country, I’ll get a job, right?
There were so many tantrums I wanted to throw at him but his intimidating personality really got a hold on me.
I let out a soft breath, turned and walked outta the mansion.
Once at home, I rushed to to my room, grabbed my HP laptop and sat my butt down on the bed.
I’m just gonna find an online job in any other country to see if I’m legible for it.
Bruh! I’m dead .
I’m so a goner! He was right! He’s always been right!
I always knew from the start that I’ve got no luck except bad luck.
I folded up on my bed, my brain processing everything going on in my life.
How can I stay with such a person? And that too as a maid!
That’s willingly accepting to be a slave!
There isn’t even a fixed date for my freedom.
Working over there is worse than hell.
I can already imagine the punishments I’ll go through if I made a mistake.
But what about my life? No jobs? My dreams of working in a company and owning my own company won’t come to pass.
I’ll just be there, be nothing but a useless clumsy dweeb.
This is life anyway and I’ve always known shit ain’t easy so I gotta be strong and of all things, be brave like dad taught me.
I’ll have to take this risk for myself, for my dreams, for my future.
I made a mistake and I’ve gotta pay for it.
I tried hard to keep my butt comfortable on the chair as mom and I had dinner.
God! I’m sweating already.
I’ve decided to accept the deal but I can’t bring myself to tell mom.
I mean, how the hell am I gon tell her?
I’m 101% sure she’d never agree to this.
Mom’s so soft hearted and she loves me like freaking much so she wouldn’t let her only child go through hell AGAIN!
No mother would anyway, but mom’s a pro at things like this.
“uhh… Mo…Mom?” I stuttered.
I smiled at her when I gained her attention.
“uhm I.. I.. Mommy I.. ” I stuttered again, trying hard to spill out the words.
This made her stop eating, stared at me for some seconds before laughing out loud.
Her laugh was contagious and though I was going through a lot, I joined her in laughing at my own stupidity.
“C’mon baby, I’m your mother not some stranger to vomit out your lungs before spilling the beans ” she teased and that brought a bright smile to my face.
I let out the buckled breath and looked straight at her.
“I’m gonna work…. “I blurted and I could see her eyes beam in joy but not for long cause I completed the sentence.
“I’m gonna work at the McKenzie’s mansion ” I blurted out with eyes shut tight.
I can’t, I can’t look straight in her eyes cause I could already picture the pain she’d be in.
“have you gone nuts?! ” she yelled causing me to flinch.
She was so angry and that made me scared cause I’ve never seen her like this.
“you wanna go back to the same people that had no pity on you when you made a simple mistake?! You wanna go back to em monsters that tortured you?! You wanna go back to them that see your life as nothing?! ” she yelled amidst tears.
Tears had already started rolling down my cheeks at the scene I made.
“honey” she called softly, coming beside me.
I’d started shaking as I cried.
“baby, baby what made you say that huh? What made you think of something like that? ” she asked, wiping away my tears with her hands while hers were rushing down like a never ending rain.
“Is it cause you can’t get a job? Don’t worry about that, dad and I will make sure you have the best future and give you anything you need ” she said in a coarse voice.
“Or, did they threaten you? Baby talk to me ” she said in a pleading voice and that only made me cry more.
I hugged her and cried on her shoulders.
Mom sat beside me on my bed, now sober and angry, I guess.
I told her everything about the deal except for the maid part of course.
She might accept to let me do this but telling her the work is as a maid stand a “never” for me .
“mom it’s for my future and it’s worth the risk ” I told her.
Her facial expression clearly showed she wasn’t buying any of my bull shit.
“mom I.. ”
“enough! ” she yelled causing me to flinch again.
“I’ve had enough of your gibberish! You’re not going back to that house and surely not living your life under them and that’s final ” she stated and walked outta my room without a second glance at me.
I sighed and laid on my bed.
Everything is gonna be okay, it’s all gon be fine.
I closed my eyes and slept off.
I felt a gentle touch on my cheek, sliding down to my chin so I popped open my eyes.
“dad ” I said in a soft morning voice.
He smiled at me and adjusted a lil backward as I sat up.
I hugged him and he gently patted my back.
“lemme guess, mom called you ” I said and he nodded making me sigh and roll my eyes.
“She must have gone all ‘Andrew please come back and talk some senses into our daughter, she’s gone nuts’ ” I mocked and dad and I laughed.
“sshh, she might hear us ” dad shushed me and we chuckled softly.
I told dad everything and I was not surprised when he supported me.
I know this might seem weird to you guys but dad always supports braveness and he’s proud of me.
I told dad everything though, didn’t hide a thing away from him.
He said I should do what I feel is right for me and my future and now the only problem is mom.
Dad and I gazed at each other for some secs before laughing out loud cause we sure knew mom’s a hard head and she won’t come by so easily.
“I’ll try my best in talking to her and maybe my magic will work ” dad said and I smiled at him.
“thanks dad, I love you ”
“I love you too my princess ”
Dad left me to do my morning routine.
Did my morning routine and went downstairs to the dinning to have breakfast with mom and dad.
Dad and I passed signals with our eyes and mom kinda noticed the ongoing scenario but didn’t understand.
We finished breakfast and mom and dad went into the balcony while I cleared the table.
The day passed by so quick it was already night.
We all had dinner and there was still no news from mom.
It’s harder than I thought.
I got under my blanket but sat back up when mom walked into my room.
My heart was pounding so hard in my chest.
Will she accept or not?
She smiled and sat beside me on my bed.
She gently caressed my hair and a tear rolled down her left cheek.
My eyes got wet and she wiped away the tear that rolled down my left cheek.
“don’t cry baby ” she smiled at me.
“is this what you really want hun? ” she asked.
I nodded yes, not able to say a word.
“alright then” she replied and I rushed into her arms.
She finally agreed.
“we’re gonna support your every decision sweetie and I don’t wanna thwart you from doing what you feel is good for you ” she added and I hugged her tight.
“you’re the best mom, I love you so much ” I said in a low tone.
“I love you more Allie ” She said and wrapped her arms tight around me.
I woke up in mom’s arms and she smiled when she saw I was awake .
“Good morning lil angel” She said warmly and pecked my mega forehead .
“Morning Mom” I replied softly .
“Imma leave you to yourself”
She left while I did my morning routine.
Once done, I had breakfast with Mom and Dad before going to the McKenzie’s Mansion.
I assured Mom and Dad that I’d be back and they should trust me which they did by letting me out of course.
I finished the processes to the McKenzie’s Mansion and was allowed in.
The gate to the Mansion automatically opened again as if sensing my presence.
I went in and saw the McKenzie (Don’t know his name so…) entering a black Lamborghini.
I rushed to the car front and stood there .
He alighted from the car and I went over to him.
This fag is always right! I mean look at me, I’m back here like he predicted.
I stood boldly in front of him and with a smile, I said “I accept the deal”.

T. B. C
Dark cold heart
Chapter 7

He stared at me, his lips slowly curving into a smirk.
“Take her in and let her do the necessary ” he told one of his guards and entered his Lamborghini.
They drove off while one of the guards, the cool one who had earlier came to free me when I was held here, took me in.
“So, I see you’re back ” he said, tryna strike up a convo.
“yeah ” I replied.
“You really sure you wanna accept this deal? ” he asked as he brought out the file for the deal.
“I thought about this and trust me, I’m ready for it “I told him and he smiled.
He handed me the file and a pen and showed me where and where to sign.
“This is it, you just have to go get your things and move in on Monday ”
“oh! Thank you ” I said softly.
“Neil ” he said, stretching out his hand for an handshake.
“Allie ” I replied with a smile and shook his hand.
He walked me out and I left to board a taxi home.
I reached home and mom and dad didn’t even let me breathe before dragging me to sit on the couch with them to tell em how it went over at the mansion.
They made me sit at their middle with their ears open, waiting to hear the story.
“It all went well ” I blurted out and they just sat there, staring at me.
“Ah OK fine! We stroke a deal and I’m to start on Monday ” I said and mom gasped.
“on Monday?! But today’s just Saturday ” mom cried out and dad and I chuckled.
“Don’t worry mom, I’m gon spend the lil time I have left with you both and Imma come visit you often ” I assured and they both hugged me.
“Plus dad’s gon be here for two weeks so you won’t be lonely “I said and dad nodded.
“And when I finally go, you can go spend time with your friends all the time ” Dad added and I chuckled.
I left mom and dad to have their moment and went up to my room.
Today’s Saturday so I have to spend time with my friends on Sunday.
Imma just message em all to meet me here at my house at 12:00 so we can spend the day together.
I brought out my phone and forwarded the message to em all.
*OK bunny*
*No problemo*
*I have things to do but I’ll be there *
*I have games to play but anything for you Mega head *
Those up there were the replies I got from the crazy friends I’ve got.
And y’all can sure guess out Daniel’s reply cause he’s the only mofo that calls me mega head or Mega forehead.
After having dinner with mom and dad, we decided to watch a movie so mom made popcorn .
We all sat on the three-person couch with me in their middle and the popcorn on my lap as we watched a comedy show.
We all laughed our arses out and twas so fun.
Having fun like this with mom and dad almost brought tears to my eyes cause I’ll soon be leaving them and I don’t even know when next I’ll see em.
I smiled at them and they both hugged me.
I was awaken by the sunrise piercing through my window and onto my face.
Wait what? I’m on my bed?
The last thing I remember was “us” watching a show and laughing and……………..Guess I dosed off.
I yawned and got outta bed.
I did my morning routine and went downstairs for breakfast.
We all had breakfast with dad cracking jokes and me almost dying outta laughter.
We had fun, played hide and seek.
Hide and seek is one of my favorite that’s why mom and dad played with me.
Having no siblings sometime can be so horrible but then again, I should be grateful and glad.
The door bell rang and mom went to get it.
Mom opened the door and my friends swooped in like swam of bees.
Kidding! Twas just Craig, Mellie and Caroline.
I didn’t even notice it was 12 already and where the hell is that douche bag?
“hey ” Craig said and sat beside me.
I nudged him a lil and he chuckled.
“hey girls ” I smiled at Mellie and Caroline.
Caroline smiled back while Mellie just rolled her eyes and found herself a seat.
As always, moody bitch!
Mom and dad had already left us alone and I appreciated that for real.
“So what are we doing today ” Mellie asked.
“We’re going out to all the fun places, have fun and I get to treat y’all ” I said and they all glanced at one another.
“what ” I asked when they had a weird look on their faces.
“Thought you’re not legible for any job so why you wanna spend on us ” Caroline asked.
“Oh, I found a job at the McKenzies so..”
“The McKenzies!!” They all chorused with a shocked expression cutting me off.
“Uh.. Yeeeah ” I said with a weird smile.
“hehehehe” I chuckled.
” What kinda job and how in the world did you get into this ” Mellie asked, coming to sit beside me.
And as always, the moody bitch always being caring.
“Guys chill! It’s a job and I’m happy so y’all should just wish me the best and let’s enjoy today ” I blurted out.
“This is the reason you wanted a get-together ” Craig added and I nodded.
“aiit let’s head out for fun “Mellie suggested.
“nope! Daniel isn’t here yet and we gon wait for him ” I said sternly.
“seriously?! ” Caroline seethed.
“Welp! Mega head can’t do anything without me ” Daniel replied, walking in and I scoffed.
“you wish! We were about to go if only you hadn’t gotten here on time ” I blurted and the girls gave me a look.
“on time?” Mellie and Caroline chorused.
“uhm… He’s a lil bit late I admit ” I added and they both rolled their eyes.
After informing mom and dad about our outing, we left in a taxi.
We went for a roller coaster ride, we went to the cinema, we also went to the game hub where we played different games.
We explored all of Canada and lastly, I took em all to a resto and treated em all.
The day was over so they all left but only after they all assured me that if I needed help, I should call em.
We even took group photos and I captured all of em doing funny things.
They hugged me before going home to their various houses.
I boarded a taxi and went home as well.
I reached home and was immediately met with the aroma of beef jerky and fajitas.
My favorites!
Mom and dad chuckled as I sniffed in the aroma.
“go.. ”
“freshen up and come have dinner ” I completed for mom and they laughed as I ran upstairs.
I freshened up and came downstairs in my pajamas cause that was the only clothe on my bed.
I noticed mom and dad had helped me pack up.
They saved me the stress and it’s appreciated.
I took my seat and mom served me dinner.
I devoured it all and mom and dad couldn’t stop staring at me.
Oh God! This is weird! I know I’m leaving but it’s not like it’s forever or I’m getting married or something.
“I’d appreciate it if those eyes left me and gazed down at their food ” I demanded and they just smiled and looked down at their food.
After dinner, mom and dad came up to my room to spend the night.
The night was magically short and when it was morning, mom and dad helped me with everything.
Choosing my outfit, styling my hair, making me breakfast and making sure I took my credit card wimme.
Mom was so emotional and it was so hard to leave her but I had to.
I sighed yet again in the cab.
We got to the estate and I paid him before the chauffeur helped me bring out my luggage.
I didn’t go through any processes as I was just allowed in.
I rolled my luggage down the lonely road of the estate and in few mins, I got to the mansion.
The gate automatically opened but I just stood there like some statue.
I took a deep breath and let it out as a sigh.
My life is about to take a turn but is it a wrong turn or a right turn?
That, I will find out as soon as I walk in.

T. B. C

Dark cold heart

Chapter 8
I hesitated for seconds before walking into the compound.
Twas as quiet as usual so I just walked straight to the door.
I made to ring the doorbell but the door opened itself.
Not something new.
I rolled my luggage in and there he sat, legs crossed and head tilted one side.
I ignored the smile Neil threw at me cause I didn’t wanna get into trouble.
“Tsk! You didn’t have to bring your bag along since the only thing you’d be wearing is a maid uniform ” he blurted out.
Seriously? There’s also a uniform? Like I don’t get to choose what to wear? Damn!
“sorry ” I forced out.
“Neil will bring you the rules of this house and the maid rules ”
Blah blah blah…
“Are you listening?! ” he snapped at me and I flinched.
Gosh! What was he saying?
He snapped his fingers at Neil and he came forward.
He took my luggage and escorted me outta his (McKenzie) sight.
“where are you taking me? ” I asked Neil.
“to your room “he replied and my heart skipped.
Please let it not be that shabby room.
My heart kept pounding hard in my chest as we went the same direction as the shabby room.
“here’s your room ” he stopped in front of a door and I heaved a sigh of relief.
Thank God! At least it’s not that shabby room.
He opened the door and we walked in.
My mouth dropped open and Neil just chuckled and helped me closed my mouth.
“This is a maid room fr? ” I asked Neil, rummaging round the bed room.
If this is a maid’s room then I don’t might work here for the rest of my life.
I mean this is like our whole house.
Just kidding! But fr, it’s so big like a full house.
Beautiful white decorations, grey bed sheet and blanket.
Grey walls and rug, a table with a mirror.
“yes it is ” Neil replied and I just kept admiring everywhere.
“This is just a maid’s room you’ve seen and you acting like this, wait till you see the main rooms and the Master’s bedroom, you gon land in coma ” he teased and I chuckled.
“Thanks ” I told him, for helping me with my bag and for being nice to me, I guess.
“Sure! Call on me if you need anything ” he told me and I just smiled and nodded at him.
He flashed me a cute smile, revealing a dimple on his left cheek before walking out.
I locked the door after he left and just came back to admiring my room.
I plumped down on the bed and it bounced me back up.
Oh wow! So soft compared to mine.
This is luxury!
I laid on my back on the bed and just enjoyed the moment.
Knocks! Knocks came on the door and it took some secs for me to get myself.
I’d fallen asleep on the soft bed and I don’t even know for how long they’ve been knocking.
I unlocked the door and slowly opened it, taking a peek at who was knocking.
I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw twas Neil.
I let him in and he just stared at me.
“what ” I asked.
“I’ve been knocking for God knows how long and I’m just so surprised you aren’t ready yet ” he snarled at me.
OK this is new. He’s been so cool like since I’ve seen him and now he just went all mad?
So the boss gets to yell and say shit to me and so do the guards?
I should’ve known he was just pretending! They’re all the same!
“Uh…get ready for what ” I said in a low tone.
He looked at me, his eyes soft now prolly feeling guilty for the way he talked to me.
Another act coming up!
“I’m sorry ” he apologized.
“uhm it’s OK ” I told him.
Ain’t buying this! He just revealed his true colors mins ago and now he wants to pretend.
“you sure ” he asked and I rolled my eyes.
“just tell me what you’re here for and what should I have been ready for? ” I asked sternly then sighed.
“you’re mad ” he said and that just made things more complicated for me.
“you should’ve been already dressed in your uniform and I came here to inform you that the master wants you to prepare his lunch ” he blurted out.
OK bummer! Didn’t expect I’d just start immediately.
And bummer again cause I don’t know how to cook.
Wait? What’s the work of a maid again?
Clean the house, go on errands and cook! I’m not qualified for the last one but I thought 2/3 was a good mark.
“OK thanks but where is the uniform ” I asked and he chuckled.
“they’re in your closet, you need contacts or something? ” he asked sarcastically and I just glared and went over to the closet.
“How would I’ve known when I haven’t checked out the closet yet? ” I fired back at him.
“seriously? Then what have you been doing? ” he asked.
I opened the closet and brought out the uniform.
Twas a black gown with a white clothe like apron in front of it that will fit just above my knees.
“Sleeping ” I replied to Neil.
He laughed out and that only made me upset more.
“lemme guess, you didn’t check out the shower and bathtub and the whole bathroom out ” he teased and laughed.
I glared at him and went into my bathroom to change.
I slammed the bathroom door so hard Neil must have flinched.
I changed into the uniform and it fit quite well.
I took the chance to look around my bathroom and I would’ve daydreamed here but I want no trouble.
There was a shower and a bathtub, a very classy mirror with white light which made everywhere shiny.
“You fell asleep in there or should I come carry you out princess ” Neil said from the bedroom.
“so funny! ” I yelled from the bathroom.
I walked to the door and jerked it open causing Neil to fall forward.
“Damn! You didn’t have to be so aggressive with the door ” he pouted, getting up.
“let’s go ” I said and made to walk out but he dragged me back.
“what the hell!!”
“Allie ” he called softly and that kinda make me cool for a while.
“I know you’re upset wimme cause I kinda snapped at ya but trust me, I didn’t want to. I just got upset cause master asked me to bring you but I spent minutes knocking on your door and I knew you’d get punished if master had found out you were taking so much time to open the door or come out so I just kinda freaked, I’m sorry ” he explained and I just… I don’t know.
He was upset cause he knew I’d get punished and he didn’t want that so he just freaked out at me.
He was just worried about me and I’m here, being stupid as always.
“I.. I don’t know what to say ” I said, almost in a whisper and bowed my head.
He held my chin up and smiled at me.
“you don’t have to” he said softly.
“come let’s go, I’ll cover up for you ” he said and I smiled.
We walked out and getting closer to the sitting room, my heart started racing.
Standing in the presence of him makes me so nervous and scared.
“what took you so long ?” he asked calmly.
Calmness comes before the storm.
My heart raced faster as we stood in front of him.
“It was my fault master, I received a call from my mom so it delayed the errand I was sent ” Neil said with his head bowed.
“you know very well that I welcome no excuses and no delay in my job ” he seethed.
With the stern look on his face and how he spoke, my heart almost dropped.
“make him serve his punishment ” he told another guard and he took Neil away.
Buh.. Twas my fault.
At the mention of punishment, tears rolled down my cheek cause I’ve had lil experience of how mean he can be and at the thought of what they’d do to Neil.
He’s gon suffer for my mistake and that’s so not right.
“Need I remind you that you’re a maid and should do your work and not just stand there like some statue? ” he snapped at me.
I bowed and rushed to the kitchen.
I had no idea where the kitchen was but I knew that white door after the dinning room had to be the kitchen.
I tried suppressing my tears but it wouldn’t just stop falling.
Once again, I’ve messed up and gotten Neil into trouble.
Why am I like this? I just hope Neil doesn’t hate me after this.
I heard footsteps coming towards the kitchen so I quickly wiped my tears.
Another of the body guard came in and stood just beside the door.
“Master said you have only 10 mins to prepare his lunch ” he delivered his message and walked out.
10 mins? Just 10 mins?
I have no idea how long it takes to prepare food cause I’m no cook but 10 mins seem too short.
I better start now!
I checked the kitchen for all the food stuffs and ingredients and there were a lot.
A lot that I don’t even know what they’re used to prepare.
I’m just gon make him macaroni and cheese since that seem simple and he’s demanding for a 10 min lunch anyway.
I don’t even have my phone wimme to search how to prepare mac and cheese.
Guess I first have to cook the cheese then add the macaroni then seasonings.
After making the cheese in a pot, I set it on the gas and turned it on.
I let it boil for like 2 mins before switching off the gas and dropping the pot.
Should I per-boil the macaroni first or what?
I’ll just add it in the cheese cause per-boiling it will take a lot of time.
I turned to take a pack of macaroni and accidentally pressed my palm on the hot gas causing me to jump and scream in pain.
OMG! mommy! cooking is so hard.
It hurts so bad and brought tears to my eyes but I had to cook this.
I placed the pot of cheese on the gas after turning it on and added a pack of macaroni.
I added salt, Maggi, oil and I didn’t know what else to add so I just left it to cook.
He said I should be done by 10 mins so I’m gon let the food boil for for 6 mins making 8 mins used then I’ll use 2 mins to dish them.
3 mins now so I checked the food.
Uh.. I think I added too much water so Imma just filter out some water.
I filtered out some water then left it to boil again.
Another 3 more mins and the food was ready!
I don’t know much about cooking but I sure know wealthy people like to see more than one food on their table.
Anyway, I tried my best.
I dished the food and took it to the dinning table.
I went back to the kitchen and got things like plate, cutlery, glass, water and every other thing needed on a dinning table.
He saw me setting the table but still sat down.
He’s prolly waiting for me to come bow to him and tell him lunch is ready.
Tch! I went over to him and told him the food was ready.
“Right on time ” he said and got up.
He took his seat and his expression changed when he saw only one type of food on the table.
His eyes flared up as he stared at me so I just looked down.
I had already started to shake in fear.
“Why only this ?” he asked in that thick husky voice of his.
“I.. Uhm.. You…seemed so hungry so I had to make something quick ” I stuttered.
“hmmm, interesting” he said .
I gently served him, being careful not to make a mistake.
After serving him, I filled the first glass with water then the other one with pineapple juice.
I made to leave but he yelled.
“Don’t you dare!” He yelled and I stopped on my track.
“You’re my maid as well as my slave so you should stand there, watch me eat and when I’m done, you clear the table” He stated clearly and I bowed in response.
As he took his fork and dug it inside the food I served him, my heart raced.
He took the little quantity of food his fork could grab, put it inside his mouth only to spit it out.
He reached for the glass of water and gulped it down before staring at me furiously.
His eyes were kinda red , and his hand was folded up in a fist .
I’m dead again!
Dark cold~ heart .
Chapter 9
He jerked up his dish and right on my face, he threw it.
I stood still as the dish slid down my face and to the ground.
I gently wiped off the food stuck on my face with my right hand and sobbed silently.
“what the hell is this?!” he yelled, hitting his fist on the table causing me to flinch backward.
“I asked you to prepare my lunch not a dog food or something! ” he yelled.
“I.. I’m sorry ” I whispered.
“What good are you if you can’t even make me human food?! ” He yelled but I said nothing.
He grumbled and angrily went away. Shared on whatsapp by Martino
I wiped my tears and went to clear the table.
After clearing the table, I cleared the mess he made with the food he smashed on my face.
When I was done, I went to my room and plumped down on my bed.
I got up few mins later and went to take a cold bath to help me calm my nerves.
This is nothing! Should’ve known the mess I was getting into when I accepted the deal.
After freshening up, I didn’t know what to wear.
He had earlier said I wouldn’t need my clothes cause I’d just be in my uniform so should I put on the uniform?
Nope! Imma just wear one of my clothes and when I’m needed, I’ll change into the uniform.
After changing into a simple white gown, I laid back on my bed.
There’s still time for me to be called out to make dinner and I doubt if I’d even be called to make dinner.
I laid down there, made my mind blank and soon, I slept off.
I tossed and turned on my bed till I was fully awake.
I yawned, my eyes scanning the wall clock as I did.
Damn! It’s already 18:45 and dinner is by 20:00!
I sprinted towards the door and flung it open.
I ran towards the sitting room but stopped on my track and came back to my room to put on the uniform.
Don’t wanna mess up twice today though it’s sure gon be “twice” if I get to make dinner.
After changing into the uniform, I ran back out and off to the sitting room.
When I reached the sitting room, it was weirdly calm and that was strange.
No body guards anywhere nor was master.
Where did they all go?
I looked towards the stairs and all I wanted was just head up there but that’s willingly walking into my own grave.
Does this mean, I won’t have to make dinner?
I wonder where Neil is! I wonder how he’s doing.
OK fine! Imma head upstairs and if I’m caught, I’ll just make up a lie.
I’m stubborn, I know.
I took deep breaths before slowly climbing upstairs.
As I got farther, I started hearing moans.
The moans were quite loud and wasn’t even coming from one voice but multiple voices and that triggered my curiosity more.
I slowly traced the moans to where it was coming from and I found myself in front of a door.
I took another deep breath and more gently than ever, I slightly opened the door and popped my head in to take a peek.
I gasped lowly and stopped peeking.
On the bed were three girls, two blondes and a brunette and then there was him on the bed with them.
He’s sure a perv! I angrily went downstairs and to my room.
I sat on my bed, angry at God knows what exactly.
I mean, he’s a perv! How can those girls just throw themselves at him just like that? Cause of money? Eww! I’ve for real gotten mixed feelings right now.
Ugh! A knock came on the door and I angrily went to get it.
Twas that grumpy guard.
“Master demands your presence right now ” he delivered and walked away without adding anything or taking a second glance at me.
I rolled my eyes, sighed and went out to their so called master which is unfortunately my master as well.
I got to his front and bowed my head, waiting for him to say something.
“Go clean up the room I vented out my anger ” he blurted out and I arched an eyebrow.
The room he vented his anger? Like, the room in which he just had sex with three girls? Eww!
So annoying! I went to get a vacuum cleaner and headed up to the room.
Who knows? His sperm might be smeared all over the room.
Without knocking, I barged into the room not knowing the girls were still in there, dressing up.
I mean, how the hell was I supposed to know they were still in there?
“What the heck?! ” one of the girls with rough blonde hair snapped.
Tch! Excuse me? Bish you referring to me?
“Don’t you got manners or something? ” the one with the neat blonde shot at me while the brunette just focused on getting dressed.
Like seriously? Who the hell do they think they are to talk to me like that?
“Have you both lost the ability to think with those peanut sized brains of yours how to talk to a stranger?!” I fired back at them and the brunette let out a “woah”.
This triggered the two blondes and they both glared at me.
“what you gonna do little hoes? ” I mocked and I scoffed.
“what the hell is happening here?” we heard that deep voice and I held my peace.
What right did they have to talk to me that way? And I know master is gon see I wasn’t wrong for talking back at them cause they started it.
“it’s this new maid of yours! She insulted us saying we are worthless ” the one with the rough blonde seethed.
OK that was a lie I mean not totally a lie cause I did call em hoes and hoes are worthless.
“I didn’t, they started… ” I was saying but he raised a palm to shut me up.
“What makes you think you’re worth more than the hoes I fuck? ” he asked sternly, eyes boring into mine.
OK, someone please tell me I didn’t just get on his nerves again!
It’s now twice I’ve messed up today without even making dinner yet and if I get to make dinner, it’ll be thrice!
He didn’t punish me for the lunch but I sure know he’s not gon spare me on this one .

T. B. C

Dark cold heart .

.chapter 10
So I’m not even worth a hoe now? Great! My life!
“Sorry ” I apologized with my head bowed.
“You’re just a maid! Not worth more than anything in this house, get that?! ” he yelled and I nodded vigorously.
“girls get dressed and leave” with that being said, he left.
I looked up at the girls and they had a smirk on their faces, only the two blondes though.
“I’m done ” the brunette said and walked out.
The one with the rough blonde hair glared at me before stumbling out like the angry bitch she is.
“Know your limits next time! ” The neat blondie stated before finding her way out.
So annoying! I should’ve ripped off their hair and scratched their faces so hard they’d need a surgery! Ugh!.
I cleaned the room and after that, I took off the bed sheet and blanket to the laundry room and plumped them inside the washing machine.
I was done washing em so I took em back to the room.
I folded the sheet and blanket neatly then placed them in the closet.
I took another bed sheet and blanket and made the bed with them.
“phew! ” I let out.
It wasn’t so hard but it was stressful as hell.
After getting my freedom from here, Imma rest for 3 years!
Just kidding! Y’all know that.
I headed downstairs, making noise as I descended the stairs.
I quickly stopped on my track and started walking gently than ever when I saw master seated on a cushion in the sitting room.
He saw me, I knew he did but he didn’t bother glancing at me nor stopping me so I just went to my room.
I think I’m done for the day.
This is strange tho, I mean isn’t he gonna punish me or something?
Uh…let’s leave that aside and focus on me.
I stripped off my clothes and went into the shower.
Done! So I put on my pajamas and got ready for bed but I remembered I’d not even eaten.
Got so occupied that I even forgot about myself.
What do I do? I clearly can’t eat the leftovers of that shit I prepared yuck!
All I need is courage and I have that.
I took deep breaths before stepping outta my room to the sitting room.
I reached and stood in front of him but he didn’t even acknowledge my presence.
Am I now a ghost that he can’t notice me?
I rolled my eyes and cleared my throat in attempt to gain his attention but the mofo didn’t buy it.
Is this where I get to call him master? Eww! It sounded so heavy for me to spit out.
My stomach growled out loud and he still didn’t look up at me.
He was just focused on his phone.
I felt like smashing the phone on his cute face but damn!
Wait what? Did I just call him cute?
Hell no! He’s a monster! A devil! And devils ain’t cute at all!
“Ma.. Master? ” I stuttered.
He looked up at me with furrowed brows.
“What? You find it hard to call me master? ” he asked.
Please don’t tell me he can read minds too .
“no no no, I don’t ” I lied.
He gazed at me, not saying anything.
“uhm I wanted to a….ask you if I…..could go get food outside ” I asked, stuttering a little.
“Why? Can’t you eat the left over of that thing you cooked?” he asked and I just shyly bit my lower lip.
“can’t you ” he asked again.
“I’m sorry ” I blurted out and he scoffed.
I’ve been saying a lotta sorrys lately.
“eat the left overs or starve to death ” he stated clearly and went back to focusing on his phone.
This mofo knows that food ain’t eatable yet he’s telling me to eat it, how evil!
Well, I myself made it for him to eat so I guess we are even.
“Please ” I whispered loud enough to his hearing.
“I want you outta my sight this instant ” he ordered and I ran to my room without a second thought.
My stomach growled again and I held it in pain.
Didn’t even eat lunch and now it’s past dinner time but I’m so hungry.
I sighted my phone on the bed and I quickly grabbed it.
Since he doesn’t want me to go get food, Imma just order one.
I placed an order for a pizza and also paid for it with my credit card.
Now I just have to wait for it to get here.
But wait! How am I gon take the pizza?
What if they don’t even allow him inside the estate?
What if they did but master punishes the delivery boy or girl and don’t let me eat it?
Oh God! Please let master leave the sitting room before my pizza gets here.
After tossing and turning for minutes I heard the doorbell from my room.
The doorbell was so loud it sounded all over the mansion.
I quickly ran outta my room like flash and heaved a sigh of relief cause master was no more in the sitting room.
I tried opening the door but couldn’t.
I turned the knob severally but couldn’t open the door.
“Really? ” I heard Master’s voice behind me and flinched.
“You thought you could order food when I clearly asked you not to? ” he asked as he descended the stairs.
“you thought I wouldn’t find out?” he scoffed and came towards me.
“This house is mine! Everything! And I monitor everything! Right from the estate gate to this mansion. All the cameras are connected to my phone, my PC and the TV in my room” he blurted out.
“The door can only be opened with the knob when it’s not locked but if it’s locked, you’ll need the remote to open it ” he said and waved the small black remote at my face.
He pressed a button and the door opened.
There stood the young boy with the pizza in his hands.
“Master” he called and bowed.
Seriously? For a moment, I forgot he had an intimidating personality.
He took the pizza from him and asked him to leave.
“But that’s mine ” I whispered in a cracked voice.
It’s mine and I’m so hungry.
The thought of him not letting me eat my pizza made tears form in my eyes.
“An act of disobedience from a mere maid ” he said calmly.
He turned and started walking away.
“It’s my pizza ” I told him and he stopped on his track.
He tilted his head back and looked at me with such an intimidating look and I got scared.
I looked down and he walked back up to his room.
I sobbed quietly and went to my room.
I buried my head in my pillow and cried.
Soon, I was enveloped by sleep.
I squeezed my eyes shut when I felt light piercing onto my face.
With my eyes still closed, I felt a shadow walk into my room.
I opened my eyes and jerked up on my butt and back against the wall.
In my room was master, hands in his pocket as he stared at me.
“Master” I called, still scared.
What the hell is he doing in my room?
Is he here to kill me?
My heart started pounding hard when I thought of what a perv would do.
Does he wanna rape me?
Oh my God!
“follow me ” he ordered and walked to the door.
How the hell did he even get in?
I f**king locked the damn door!
I glanced at the clock and it was 2:00 in the morning.
Oh God! I’m so scared right now.
“I said follow me! ” he yelled and I gasped.
“y.. ye….yes” I stuttered and gently got down from the bed.
My legs wobbled below me and I couldn’t stop trembling.
He walked out and I walked slowly behind him.
Where the hell is he taking me?

T. B. C

Dark cold heart .
Chapter 11

I walked slowly behind him till we got to a room I assumed to be the store room.
What would we be doing here in the store room by this time of the night?
I looked at him, confused.
“This is the store room as you can see, I want you to arrange everything in here and clean the room ” he blurted out.
What the hell! Clean the store room?
I mean I have no problem with cleaning it cause it’s my job but by this time? Seriously?!
“But it’s too early to work ” I whispered in a shaky voice.
I didn’t even have the strength for work cause I’d not eaten anything since yesterday afternoon and now he wants me to work early this morning? I should’ve known! There was no way he was gonna let me get away with my mistakes! He had everything planned and here I was, thinking he wouldn’t punish me.
“it’s never too early to carry out the orders of a McKenzie so start!” he stated and walked away.
How boastful?! The orders of a McKenzie? Tsk!
I held my stomach in pain when it growled.
The quicker I start, the earlier I’ll finish so I can go rest.
I arranged the messy store room, cleaned and dusted everywhere.
It took a lotta time cause I was hungry and weak which made me worked slow.
I was done and I slowly went to my room.
I glanced up at the clock and twas already 6:45.
I really took so long to get done with it? The store room was huge anyway.
I better rest before its 7 and I’m awaken to make breakfast.
At least I can just make him bread and tea.
I laid on my bed and wasted no time in zooming off to my dream land.
I was soaked in cold water causing me to jerk up.
In my room and in front of me was master with an empty jug which he had prolly used to pour the water on me.
“Do you think this is your house that you can sleep and wake up whenever you want?! He yelled angrily and smashed the jug against the wall making it shatter in pieces.
My eyes darted to the wall clock and it was 8:09.
How the hell did I sleep for so long? I didn’t remember to set my alarm.
“I’m sorry ” I pleaded.
“it’s past my breakfast time and you’re sorry?! ” he yelled!
His hands were folded in a fist.
Hopefully, I’ve got a table where he can vent his anger and punish me later.
“I can’t still hurry up and make you something to eat ” I told him and he scoffed.
“Are you really so uncultured? Like there’s nothing inside that head of yours? ” he asked but I just looked down, not saying anything.
“If you continue like this, I’m afraid you’d stay here for the rest of your life as a slave! ” he seethed and walked out angrily.
I heaved a sigh of relief when he left.
In his presence, it’s hard to do anything, even breathe.
I messed up again! Well done Allie Beck!
Great! Just great!
I better go make him some tea.
I quickly changed into my uniform without taking my bathe and rushed out to the sitting room.
I was about heading to the kitchen when that grumpy guard spoke up.
“master already left for work so there’s no need ” he said and walked out.
He left? Wait what? He left the house? For real? I’m all alone with some guards? Yaay!
I was so damn happy.
He’s not home which means I can do anything I like.
First, Imma order for food then go freshen up and wait for it to get here.
I rushed to my room, picked up my phone and ordered for lots of food and when I mean lots, I mean it.
I ordered for BLT, Barbecue rib, fajitas, bacon and egg and cheese steak.
Thinking of all that made me drool.
After placing the order and paying, I cleaned my room off the mess master made with the jug.
I rushed to freshen up and dressed up in a yellow hoodie and a black jean pant.
I sat on my bed, waiting impatiently for my order.
The doorbell rang and before I rushed out, something clicked in my head.
What if the door was locked? And I can’t open it?
God please help me.
My excitement had died off thinking of the door being locked.
I got to the door and twisted the doorknob gently.
I pulled back the door and my lips curved into a wide smile when it opened.
“hey ” the young boy which had also delivered my pizza the last time said.
“hey ” I said and quickly took my orders from him.
“hey be gentle” he said and laughed at me.
If only he knew how hungry I was.
I unwrapped the fajitas and started eating it right there with my bare hand triggering him to laugh more.
“thank you ” I told him and he nodded with a smile before I slammed the door.
I walked to my room, eating.
Got inside my room, placed my food on the table and sat down.
I unwrapped the bacon and egg, the cheese steak, the BLT and the barbecue rib.
I started devouring em, not caring whether I’d choke or not.
Mins later, I was done devouring them.
I heaved a sigh of relief and laid back down on my bed, breathing like someone who was involved in a marathon race.
I got up and went to wash my hands in the bathroom.
I cleared my table off the food and went to dump it in the litter in the kitchen.
I guess master is gon come late so I can go visit mom and dad and come back before he does.
Yeah that sounds cool.
I went to grab my phone and headed out.
Closer to the gate, the grumpy guard stopped me.
“where do you think you’re going? ” he asked.
“going to visit my mom and dad ” I replied.
“you can’t step outta the mansion ” he stated.
“why’s that ”
“cause it’s an order from master ” he blurted out.
So he placed orders for me not to leave the mansion?
“he’s not gonna find out so please let me go ” I pleaded.
“I’m sorry I can’t, now get back in” he said and went back to where he sat.
I sluggishly went back in and plumped down on my bed.
I placed a call to mom and she immediately picked it up.
“baby ” her voice sounded at the other end of the phone.
“Mom ” I called with a smile. Though she couldn’t see me but I was so happy to hear her voice.
“Baby we’ve missed you so much and I wanted to call you but we are scared it might get you into trouble so we didn’t ” she explained and I smiled.
So smart and caring of em.
“I’m okie mom, and he hasn’t made me go through severe punishments like the last time ” I assured her.
“Honey video call us let us see for ourselves ” I heard dad’s voice and I chuckled.
I hanged up and video called them.
Mom and dad were smiling which brought a big smile on my face too.
“have you eaten honey? ” mom asked and I nodded.
I showed mom and dad my body, assuring them he hasn’t been super mean to me.
I also showed them my room and they were amused by it.
The call lasted long cause I was catching up with them and after I hanged up, I placed a group call to my friends and we chit chatted for a while before I hanged up.
Master was still not back so I played some songs on my phone.
I got on the bed and started dancing like crazy to the songs I played.
I bounced on the bed, dancing, laughing like someone celebrating her birthday.
I was so engrossed in dancing and enjoying myself that I didn’t notice my door opened and someone walked in.
My eyes met that of Master’s causing me to gasp and fall on the ground, spraining my left ankle in the process which made me scream in pain.

T. B. C
P: Dark cold heart .
Chapter 12

I left to the office in a bad mood cause that bitch didn’t meet up with my breakfast.
I got to the office and alighted from my car.
As I stepped into the building, everywhere went dead silent.
They all knew the kinda personality I had and that I don’t joke with business.
I went up to my office and sat down angrily.
I loosened my tie and hit my fist on the table.
My tea was already on my desk.
I took my phone and called my secretary.
She’s Alina, the chubby cute bitch that I’ve been using to pass time.
She’s my secretary but we’re having an affair.
Not really an affair since she’s just a way to pass out my frustrations and time.
She came into my office, looking sexy as always.
Her cleavages could be perfectly seen and it was sure worth drooling over.
Her short transparent white gown exposed her thigh making me crave for her
She came closer and I wasted no time in grabbing her and making her sit on my lap.
She locked her lips on mine, devouring it like she’d been craving for it.
No one can resist me, I mean, I’m every girl’s dream guy.
I gently squished her boobs, slowly undressing her.
I carried her up making her wrap her legs around my torso.
I cleared my table and placed her on it, ready to have her right there.
I sat on my office chair, watching my maid’s activity.
She was so happy I left and she even ordered food.
She wanted to go visit her parents but wasn’t allowed out according to my order.
She even called her parents, showed them her room and her body which kinda flipped on my sexual urge.
She looked so smooth and soft on the skin that I just wanted to lick her.
She also assured her parents that I haven’t been mean like the last time.
I must admit, she’s quite a catch.
She’s beautiful with her tiny stature.
So cute and adorable but she’s so babyish and I think that’s cool too.
I decided to go ruin her happy moment so I left the office and headed home.
I was in the car but was still watching her through the camera connected on my phone.
She started playing some Hip Hop and dancing like crazy.
I reached home and headed straight to her room.
At first, she didn’t notice my presence and when she did, she tripped off the bed and sprained her ankle causing her to scream in pain.
Damn! Did my presence scare her that much? I didn’t even mean to cause her pain.
She covered her mouth with her palm, trying to hold in the screams.
Her eyes got wet and slowly tears flowed down.
WTF! What a cry baby she is.
It’s obvious, I mean looking at how fragile she is, one could easily tell.
“Ma..master ” she stuttered in a soft voice and bowed.
I just stood there, staring at her with her head still bowed.
Imma just get one of the guards to come help her.
What a clumsy fool she is.
I turned and left the room.
I gently raised my head after he left and continued to wimp in pain.
It hurts so bad. I just hope it’s not fractured.
I tried getting up but I was in so much pain so I just sat there.
I wish Neil was here, he would have helped me.
Neil is a cool guy, unlike this monster that just left without even helping me.
I’m such a fool for even thinking he’d help me.
He just barged into my room, put me in such a painful state and just left.
One of the guards walked in and I arched an eyebrow as he helped me up and placed me on the bed.
” I’ve called the family doctor, he’d be here soon ” he said and placed the ice wrapped in a small clothe on the table.
He helped me balance on the bed and brought the ice to my sprained ankle.
He placed the ice on it and gently massaged it in a circular motion and I tried so hard to endure the pain.
Soon, another guard came in with a middle aged man, obviously the doctor.
The guard stopped massaging my ankle with the ice and gave way for the doc.
“How are ya? ” The doc asked with a smile as he squatted to examine my ankle.
“uhm I’m okie ” I told him, clearly nervous and scared.
I knew whatever he’d do would sure be painful.
After examining my ankle, he got up and with a smile, he said “you’re all good. It ain’t fractured so you’ll heal in no time “.
“Thank you so much ” I told him.
He prescribed some medications and ointment to use on my ankle before leaving.
He was so friendly and cute!
Oh Allie! You’ve gat to stop admiring every man you see! I hit my forehead dramatically and laughed to myself.
The guards left and I laid peacefully on my bed.
Hopefully, Master is not gon disturb me today but he’s him so there’s no guarantee that he won’t still pest me the hell out.
One of the guards came back in later and dropped the medications and ointment for my ankle.
I feel like a queen today.
I was treated by the McKenzie’s doctor and was even given meds and ointment, wow!
Master must have been aware of this cause there’s no way anything can be done without his permission.
Hmmm, does this mean he cared and treated me?
“No no no no ” I snapped myself outta that thought.
Master can never care for anyone.
But something sure does smell fishy.
Speaking of care, I wonder what that monster has done with Neil.
I miss him so much. He’s the only friend I have here.
The day went by so fast and it was already night time.
I managed to freshen up and when I came outta the shower, I met my dinner on my table.
What the hell? OK, if this is a dream then someone should please wake me up cause I can’t take this anymore.
I blinked rapidly, slapped myself but the food was still on the table.
This isn’t a dream! Then what the hell is happening?
Did an angel visit master and threaten him to be a good guy? Cause I can’t seem to understand anything.
I dressed up and devoured my dinner.
Took my med and robbed the ointment on my ankle.
I made to lie down but a knock came on my door so I had to go open the door.
“Master wants you in his room immediately ” A guard blurted out and left.
His room? What the hell will I do in his bedroom?
I left my room and sluggishly limped to his bedroom.
I reached there but didn’t find him there.
I called him several times but he wasn’t even in there.
I gently headed downstairs and met the guard that delivered the message to me.
“master isn’t in his room ” I told him and he gave me a “you must be kidding ” look.
“Follow me ” he said and I limped behind him as we headed back upstairs.
He led me to another sitting room upstairs and after that sitting room, there was a door.
I should’ve known a big mansion like this couldn’t just possess only one sitting room.
We stopped in front of the door and the guard left me there.
This is his room? Then what the hell is that other room for?
Well, he’s a boss so he prolly likes changing rooms.
I gently knocked on the door and it opened.
I thought I’d meet him at the door but it turns out this room is another working machine just like the whole house is.
I limped in and the whole room itself was just like a sitting room.
This is a room?
The room was decorated with golden curtains, a king sized bed and two sofas.
It had a swing chair and I could get lost in the room itself.
“you like it?” I heard Master’s voice and flinched a little.
He was at the west wing of the room and he just snapped me outta my reveries.
This room alone is like heaven on earth.
I limped over to where he sat and bowed my head in front of him.
“You got your treatment? ” he asked and I nodded slowly.
He seemed so nice and I was even starting to get convinced he had a soft side until he blurted out these words: ” I want you to strip on my bed “.
Earth open and swallow me.
T. B. C
Chapter 13…..
Dark cold heart

“Wha…what? ” I asked, not believing my own ears.
“I want you to strip naked on my bed ” he repeated.
Has he got no shame? Seriously?
I had already started passing deadly glares at him.
He laughed out making me arch an eyebrow in confusion.
“I was just kidding ” he blurted out.
Kidding? He was just kidding? So he jokes too? And wait! Did he just.. Laugh?
Oh my God! He laughed! He’s super cute when he laughs like awww.
“oh.. Uh.. ” I stuttered, not knowing what to say.
There’s something really strange with him today.
First, he didn’t punish me when he found me dancing in my room then he even consulted his doc for me and now he’s making crazy jokes and laughing.
Wow, I wonder what miracle happened.
“Since you’re all good, you can leave ” he said with a stern expression.
OK so, minutes ago he was all cool and now he’s just flipped?.
I bowed and slowly limped out of his room.
I got to my room and sat on my bed.
I made to lay down but noticed my bathroom door was slightly opened.
I had locked it so who the hell went in there?
Or is the door broken? I limped over to the bathroom door and checked if it was broken but it was perfectly fine.
I closed it and went back to my bed.
Maybe I really didn’t close it properly and besides, there’s nothing to steal in my bathroom.
I closed my eyes, mind blank and soon, I was off to my dream land.
I yawned, gently rubbing my eyes.
I stretched on the bed and sat up on my butt.
I removed the hairs on my face and stretched again.
My eyes darted to the wall clock and my heart stopped beating.
Chins dropped, eyes popped out, heart sunk and blood congealed.
Hehehehehe… Just kidding!
Like for real? I was allowed to sleep till this time? It’s almost noon and I just can’t believe it.
I better go check what’s up in the sitting room.
I got outta bed and headed to the sitting room.
Master was seated on a cushion, eyes fixed at me as I stood in front of him.
Uhm.. I’ve forgotten what I came here for.
“Goodmorning master ” I said and bowed.
I just hope he’s still cool like yesterday and he hasn’t flipped to his bad side yet.
“Morning ” he replied.
OK so he just replied! Hehehehehe.
I had started laughing softly in front of him until I regained myself and slapped myself softly.
“Uhm.. I.. You.. Food.. Sleep…. Master.. Breakfast ” I blurted out and sighed.
He chuckled which made me smile.
He’s mean and all but for some reason, when I see him happy, I am too.
He’s got the most beautiful smile ever.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not crushing on him like eww, I just admire guys a lot.
Hopefully that’s true… Hehehehehe.
*Are you sure you’re not crushing? * my subconscious snapped.
Uhm… I… Crush… Yeah.. I mean no! I’m definitely not crushing….. Hehehehehe.
Master stared at me in awe as I demonstrated pure madness in front of him.
OK this is the part where he thinks of taking me to a psychiatrist and I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going on in his head.
“Master…. Hehehehe” I called and laughed softly while he just stared weirdly at me.
I better compose myself.
“Breakfast, I mean breakfast ” I told him.
“No need, already had my breakfast” he said and I let out a soft “oh”.
“You’re a mess, you should go freshen up ” he blurted out.
Seriously? Since when does he care how I look? And I definitely don’t look so messy as he said.
He should just admit he wants me to go freshen up whether or not I’m a mess and why’s that?
He’s irritated by my presence? How annoying.
I bowed and limped to my room.
What a twerp!
I let out a long breath that seemed to have been stuck inside me.
I stripped off and went into the shower.
The warm water ran down my body and that kinda calmed my nerves.
I took more time than usual cause it was so fun. Chat martinmartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his whatsapp group.
I got outta the shower, grabbed my towel and dried my body with it.
I stood in front of the mirror, examining my body, something I’m always fond of doing.
I examined my breasts closely and cupped them in my palms.
Hmmm, seems my boobs are getting bigger and that’s cool I guess.
I turned and checked out my butt, smooth and soft.
I examined every part of my body.
I’m someone who takes so much value to my body and I welcome no blemishes on my skin, no cap.
After taking time in examining my body, I applied my lotion, did the needful and wrapped myself with a dry towel.
I went into my room and to my closet to choose an outfit, a casual outfit.
I rummaged through my closet and settled for a hoodie crop top and a sweat pant.
Since master is being all nice and goody, I better enjoy it while it lasts.
After dressing up, I sighed.
Now it’s about food!
I opened my door only to meet master with pizza in front of my door.
Should I faint or just continue enjoying the moment?
If this is a dream I swear to God, I better die here.
“Would you let me inside or do I ask for your permission ” he asked, sarcasm visible in his tone.
“oh yeah yeah…. I mean no “I stuttered and gave him way.
“here, replacement for your pizza that I took ” he said in a soft voice and handed me the pizza.
Awww! If I didn’t know him I’d think he’s such a sweet guy.
“Thank you? ” I said like a question.
He sat on my bed and I just stood there like a statue.
“Go on eat ” he said.
He wants to watch me eat? Never!
“Uhm.. I’m not hungry yet ” I lied but my stomach growled just in time to make me a liar.
I grinned widely at him and he just stared at me sternly making me frown.
I sat down on the chair, keeping my distance from him.
I opened the pizza and ate it slowly.
There was this look in his eyes that I was tryna decipher.
He looked at me with weird expressions giving me creeps.
I tried understanding the looks he threw at me but couldn’t.
But it seems like he does admire me.
When he noticed I was uncomfortable with his presence he decided to leave.
I heaved a sigh of relief and started devouring my pizza like an hungry lion.
I don’t know what’s up with him but whatever it is, it’s starting to freak me out.
After eating, I took my medicine and used the ointment on my ankle

A week passed by with master still being cool, me not doing any house chores and master always reminding me to take my bathe and if possible, a thousand times a day.
Strange! I know. What’s his problem whether or not I bath? And why does he want me to bath like every minute?
I sighed and got outta bed.
It’s another morning with me waking up late like the madam of the mansion and I have to freshen up.
I finished with my morning routine and headed to the sitting room.
My legs all good now thanks to my medications and that doctor.
Master wasn’t in the sitting room so I made to go to the kitchen to make myself tea but the main door opened, revealing Neil.
Neil! OMG! He stood there smiling, revealing his cute dimples as he stared at me.
In a second like a flash, I was in his arms.
I wrapped my legs around his torso, arms around his neck and my face buried on the crook of his neck.
I just can’t believe he’s here and I’ve missed him like hell.
“Neil!!!!!” We heard a loud roar behind us making me squish in Neil’s arms before slowly getting down .
What the hell did Neil do to unleash this beast in front of us?
I just hope we don’t attend our own funeral today .
T. B. C
[3/12, 9:13 PM] Story P: Dark cold heart
Chapter 14.

Neil and I stood there, frozen as we stared at master.
He descended the stairs, looking angry.
His eyes were dark, brow furrowed as he came towards us.
My heart pounded fast and the only option that kept ringing in my head was to run away.
He got closer and the next thing I saw was a punch on Neil’s face that sent him tumbling backward.
“OMG! ” I exclaimed and made to go to Neil but master grabbed my right arm, stopping me from taking anymore step.
He held my arm so tight it started to hurt.
“let me go ” I cried but that only made him angrier.
His looks were so scary it freaked the hell outta me.
I stopped fighting to be free and just stood still, scared of the man in front of me.
“You’re hurting me ” I said softly with tears rolling down my cheeks.
His expression softened a bit and he let go of my arm.
He stared straight into my eyes, no more angry cause the looks he gave me portrayed no anger but that of pity I guess.
I gently rubbed my arm, looking at the bruise he made.
For a moment, I saw the look of regret in his eyes but he snapped and angry he was again.
He faced Neil, taking steps towards him.
I was scared of what he might do to Neil so I started crying out loud.
I couldn’t control it anymore so I let it out.
I’d never witnessed such a scene before, even my mom and dad don’t fight and even if they do, they don’t do it in front of me nor make it obvious.
This is so horrifying it’s freaking me out.
I started shaking as I cried, making sounds.
This made master stop and turn his attention back to me.
I’m pretty sure this is embarrassing, me being a cry baby like this but I can’t help it.
“Hey ” master called softly.
“I didn’t mean to hurt you so please stop crying ” he said but I wasn’t getting any of that.
I continued crying, shaking in fear as he stood in front of me.
Him being in front of me made me more scared and the only thing I wanted is for someone to come take me outta here.
I don’t wanna be here anymore.
“Will you stop crying?! “he yelled causing me to flinch and try suppressing my tears but failed miserably.
“Look at me, loot at me Allie ” he said in a soft voice but nooooo! I don’t wanna look at him, I don’t wanna see him, I don’t wanna talk to him.
I just wanna go back to my mom and dad.
I wish I’d never accepted this deal, mom was right.
I refused to look at him, trembling as he stood there in front of me.
He seemed to have understood that I didn’t wanna talk to him cause he asked one of the guards to escort me to my room.
I glanced back at Neil as I was taken away to my room.
He better not hurt Neil.
I got to my room and the guard left.
I took a deep breath, hiccuping as I tried to stop crying.
I went to my bathroom, washed my face and went back inside my room to lay down.
I curled up in a semi circle, still hiccuping.
I got under my duvet and rested.
Mins later, I slept off.
I felt so bad I couldn’t do anything to help Allie.
This bastard sure did scare the hell out of her.
She was taken to her room and I saw how master looked at her as she left.
Everything was clear, crystal clear to everyone that master has developed feelings for Allie.
I mean, he never cares for anyone but right here, he showed he cared for her.
He even tried calming her down.

After so many years, he’s decided to fall in love? And that too with the girl I love? I better be wrong about his feelings cause if I’m not, I don’t know what I’d do.
But one thing is for sure, Allie doesn’t love him.
She hates him, she despises the mere sight of him so I have a chance.
Allie is such an innocent girl and when she comes to know who master truly is, she’d never give him a chance.
I won’t even allow him have a chance with her.
Allie left so master turned his attention back to me.
I didn’t even do anything wrong, just hugged a friend and that made him go coo coo.
Going crazy for a girl that won’t even take a second look at you is the real crazy crazy.
He threw deadly glares at me but I wasn’t the least scared. Well, I should be but I’m not cause I’m used to all his bad ways.
He came to me, looked straight into my eyes with those scary eyes of his and furrowed brows.
“I don’t want you anywhere close to her ” he snarled between gritted teeth.
Everyone knows not to mess with his orders but mess with them only if you’re ready to die.
I nodded at him and he glared at me before leaving.
I’ll just wait till Allie gets her freedom then we can start our own live but I doubt if Dean is ever gon free her now that he has feelings for her.
I need to figure this out.
I woke up, rubbing my eyes as I yawned.
Is it morning already? I glanced at the wall clock and it’s just 16:08.
I stretched and tied my hair in a ponytail.
I went to the bathroom to do my thingy, got out and headed to the sitting room.
Before entering the sitting room, I took a deep breath, not letting that incident that happened take over my mind.
The sitting room was empty and so quiet.
I looked around, looking for anyone I guess.
I turned to go back to my room but I sighted Neil in the kitchen, signalling me to come over.
At first I was confused why Neil would be hiding in the kitchen and signalling me to come but I just went to him anyway.
“what is it? ” I asked him.
“I wanna talk to you and I think the kitchen is the only place that’s free of camera ” he said.
Only the kitchen? What the hell?
“you mean there’s a camera in my room too?! ”
“Maybe and maybe not but master is sure nasty ” Neil said.
OMG! How the hell will I know if there’s a camera or not in my room now? I’m never gon be comfortable again.
If there’s a camera in my room that means I’m doomed! Not fully doomed cause it’s not like I do anything nasty in my room and there can’t be a camera in my bathroom, no way!
No fucking way! He wouldn’t do that.
*lets just hope so * my subconscious added and I sighed.
Yeah let’s hope so.
“OK but why do you have to talk to me in secret? ” I asked Neil.
“I just felt it’ll be safe if master doesn’t join in our convo hehehe” he said and chuckled.
“oh lol ”
“There’s something I wanna suggest ” he said.
“OK shoot! ”
“Quit this job ” he blurted out and I raised an eyebrow.
Don’t get me wrong though I mean every single human being with a heart would suggest the same thing cause this is hell though it hasn’t been much of a hell since I’ve been here.
“Why? ” I asked softly.
“Because I can’t bare to see you in such a state, you were so scared today and that made me kinda mad” he explained.
“oh ” I said softly.
“Yes Allie so please! Quit this job. Everything will be alright, there’s always a loophole to everything and I’m gon help you in any way, financially and otherwise just quit it I beg you ” he pleaded.
He held my hand in his and looked at me with pleading eyes.
Why does he care for me so much?
“please ” he said again.
What should I do? Should I quit? Or should I just continue?
If I quit, mom and dad would be happy anyway and I’ll get to live a free life.
Quitting isn’t a bad option after all.
T. B. C
Chapter 15…..
Dark cold heart

Should I quit or not?
But what’s it to Neil? He cares about me and I appreciate that but I think he didn’t think it through before telling me to quit.
I guess he doesn’t know how things will be difficult for me if I quit now plus I’ve come a long way and there’s no going back.
I’m not quitting!
“I’m sorry I can’t ” I said with my head bowed.
I could see he truly wants me to quit so I kinda felt bad for letting him down.
He’s been such a good friend and he’s just worried about me.
“But Allie… ”
“Stop please ” I cut him short and he sighed.
“Fine! Suite yourself ” He said and angrily left.
“ugh.. “I sighed.
He hasn’t even told me where he’s been and what they did to him.
I went to my room and plumped down on my bed.
My life! Should I get a diary to start writing about my life? Cause it’s sure interesting.
Nah… I already got a lot to deal with and I can’t even think of stressing myself with diaries, no!
The thought of cameras being in my room crossed my mind and I sat up.
Are there cameras in my room?
I started roaming round the room, searching for an invisible camera.
I got tired and slumped on the floor.
My mind won’t be at rest until I’m assured there’s no camera in my room.
But there’s no Cam in my bathroom, that’s for sure.
No one would stoop so low to do that.
I better do private things in the bathroom since my room has been stripped off privacy.
Great! I just remembered I haven’t eaten.
I better go make myself something to eat and by something, I mean something I can make which is milkshake and cookies.
…. Dean……
I saw Allie going to kitchen from the camera on my phone .
She spent quite a time in there and I was shocked when Neil came outta the kitchen looking angry.
Seems the mofo didn’t heed to my warnings and I have to show him what I’m capable of.
Allie exited the kitchen and went to her room.
She was laying peacefully on her bed and all of a sudden, she jerked up.
She started roaming around her room, looking for God knows what.
She gave up mins later when she couldn’t find what she was looking for.
She headed outta her room again and went to the kitchen.
Seems I also have to put a camera in the kitchen.
I wonder what she and Neil talked about in the kitchen, I wonder if they’re secretly dating and I wonder what made Neil mad at her.
I need to act fast before Neil ruins everything for me.
But wait….. Why am I even doing this? What’s she to me that I’m so concerned about her?
Earlier when she hugged Neil, I got angry, so angry I wanted to kill Neil right on the spot but why?
Damn! I even watch her when she takes her bath and jerk off to it.
I’ve got videos of her bathing and I’ve got her nudes on my phone and I haven’t stopped jerking off to them.
Ion know what’s going on with me but I sure wanna have her.
I guess if I have her, this weird feeling I have for her will wear off.
What do I do to get her?
Should I make it a deal where she has no option but to gimme what I want?
Ugh… I’m loosing my mind for this low life commoner.
Get your head straight Dean!!
I’ve got more beautiful and sexy girls if I wanna pass time and she’s just shit.
I can’t stoop so low to have anything with her.
Damn! I really want her but first, let’s get rid of Neil.
I grabbed my phone and headed out.
I drove out in one of my Maserati and headed to our joint.
I waited for a while before my guards pulled up with Neil.
Our joint was at an uncompleted building, I love to carry out dirty works here.
They brought Neil to me and I wasted no time in punching him on the face.
“I warned you to stay away from her” I said between gritted teeth but he just stood there staring at me.
I’ve always known he’s a stubborn guy and he’d defy me one day.
“I love her and she’s gon be mine ” He spitted.
What he said made my nerves rack.
He loves her and he’s gon make her his?
I landed another punch on his face sending him to the ground.
This time I didn’t stop, I continued punching him on the face till he bled.
He was almost out of breath so I left him.
My hand was covered in his blood and I panted angrily as I stared at him on the floor.
He continued gasping for air while I just watched him.
“This is my last warning, stay away from her else you’ll leave your life full of regrets “I snarled.
He knows the drill. I don’t kill so easily, I’m gonna torture you, make your loved ones go through hell before finally taking away your life.
My guards handed me an handkerchief which I used in cleaning my hand off his blood.
I got back inside my car and zoomed off and let my guards do the rest.
They’re not gon kill him, just make sure he doesn’t step his feet in my house again.
I reached home and went inside.
I met Allie in the sitting room, she was about going to her room.
She stood frozen to her spot as she stared at me with those angelic eyes of hers, driving me nuts.
That’s it! I’ve had enough! This is like torture and I can’t let a mere maid torture me when I’m the boss.
I walked over to her and grabbed her on the arm.
She gasped when I did but I could care less.
I’ve had enough and I’m gonna do what I want with her cause no one would question me anyway.
I pulled her roughly with me upstairs and she’d already started crying.
No no no, ain’t having any of these today, I’m having her and it’s final.
I dragged her to my room and pushed her on the bed.
I started stripping off while she just cried on the bed.
She’ll get over it when I’m done or she could go kill herself.
Either way, I’m having her right now!

T. B. CD

Dark cold heart

Chapter 16…

I striped off my clothes and as I got closer to her, she pushed backward, crying.
I stopped on my track, seeing her cry, so scared.
No, I couldn’t do this, I can’t hurt her like this, no.
The expression on her face made me feel so guilty and for a moment, I wanted to hold her in my arms and assure her that I’d never hurt her and this was a mistake but I can’t cause I made her go through a lot.
“Leave ” I ordered and she wasted no time in running out of my room.
What came over me? What’s it with this girl? I even brought her to my room and made her lay on my bed, something no woman have had the privilege to do.
No woman has ever laid on my bed but I made Allie lay on it without a second thought.
Can it be because I think she ain’t so cheap like my hoes?
Damn! I need to figure this out before I loose my mind.
I entered the shower and got ready to take a cold bath that will help calm my nerves.
I ran to my room in tears and collapsed on the floor.
I wept bitterly on the floor till I had no strength to get up.
I felt like dying. I was gonna get raped! My dignity was about to be stolen from me.
I cried more and lots of thoughts went through my mind.
Should I just quit? Is this worth loosing my dignity for? Something I’ve been keeping for years?
I just don’t know what to do! Was Neil right? What if something like this happens again and I have no escape like today? He couldn’t bring himself to do it, he spared me.
Should I call mom and talk to her about this? No! She’ll only get super worried!
For some reason, I don’t wanna leave here, I like seeing him.
I don’t know what has come over me but I like it here, I have a feeling that master ain’t such a bad person.
He was prolly drunk I guess.
I feel like I can help him be a better person and for an unknown reason, I don’t wanna be away from him.
This is all crazy!
I wiped my tears and went to wash my face.
It was all a mistake.
After washing my face, I laid on my bed.
My door opened, I was expecting to see Neil but master walked in instead.
I sat up and he came to stand in front of me.
“Can I sit?” he asked and I slowly nodded.
He sat on the bed, a lil far from me.
We sat there, both silent.
Is he gon talk or just keep staring at me?
If he wants to apologize then he should do! Gosh!
I took a glance at him and our eyes met making me look away.
I’m so nervous right now damn!
“It was a mistake ” he finally let out.
At least he admits it’s a mistake.
This made me look up at him, eyes locked and I didn’t wanna look away.
We stared at each other for some moments before he looked away.
“It was a mistake and it will never happen again ” he said and got up.
I nodded at him and he left.
Seriously? He couldn’t even say sorry?
But he looked so cute and sweet when he was talking to me.
“it was a mistake ” he said with that sweet soft voice of his.
Awww, I wish I could just hug him!
Wait what? Hug him? What the hell is wrong with me?!
I smiled and laid on my bed.
I left Allie’s room and went to the balcony for some fresh air.
Being in front of her made me so nervous and I couldn’t even breathe properly.
I assured her it was a mistake that will never happen again.
She’s just so fucking beautiful and I think my nemesis is starting to catch up with me cause I’m starting to regret all the pains I made her go through.
She’s such an innocent girl and I just had to make her life dirty.
I have to go remove the cameras in her room first, prolly that will make me feel less guilty.
I brought out my phone and viewed her room. She was asleep and I guess this is the perfect time.
I went over to her room and sneaked in.
I went to her bathroom and disconnected the camera in there, I also disconnected the camera in her room and gently tip toed out.
I heaved a sigh of relief cause I was not caught.
I think the best thing to do is give her, her freedom and uplift everything I’d done concerning her carrier.
Yeah, she’ll prolly forgive me.
But then she’ll leave, I won’t get to see her anymore and I don’t think I can handle that.
No I can’t, this is me, being selfish has always been my genuine character and I’m not ready to give that up.
She’ll continue to work here so I won’t loose her.
I sighed and be on bef

My eyes fluttered open and I sat up on my bed.
I’d fallen asleep from over thinking and tryna decipher this weird feeling I have for Allie.
*is she alright? * my subconscious asked.
Yeah is she? I just have this instinct to go check on her. Every minute, I feel like protecting her and making her safe in my arms.
I got up and headed to Allie’s room, too bad I disconnected all the cameras in her room now I can’t spy on her.
I got to her doorstep and knocked.
I knocked severally but pushed open the door when I got no response.
I entered the room and it was empty.
“Allie ” I called, expecting to hear her reply from the bathroom but heard nothing.
I opened her bathroom door but it was empty as well.
My heart skipped and it started pounding hard.
Did she leave me? Was she so scared and decided to leave? I checked her wardrobe but her clothes were still intact.
Where the hell could she be?
I sighted her phone on the bed and that made me more scared.
*OK chill, go look around the house for her before thinking of committing suicide* my subconscious teased.
I ran outta the room, looking for Allie.
I asked the guards to look for her but they couldn’t find her.
“Where the hell could she be?!” I yelled and hit my fist on the wall.
“you were all supposed to look after her, that’s your job morons! ” I yelled at my guards.
I sent them to her house to go check if she was there but they should do it wisely so they wouldn’t make her parents worried.
I shouldn’t have disconnected the cameras in her room.
The CCTV cameras in the sitting room and outside the compound didn’t even catch any video of her leaving the house.
Where would she go leaving her phone?
I paced back and forth, waiting for my guards.
They came and I ran to them even before they could get to me.
“So?! ” I asked.
“She isn’t there ” One of the guards blurted out setting me ablaze.
“how the hell are you sure?! ” I yelled.
“Master, as soon as we got there, her mother ran out hoping to see her daughter but was disappointed she wasn’t with us. She asked where she was and I told her she’s still here and she just sent us to come know how her parents were doing ” he narrated.
Where the hell did she go? I’m staring to loose it now!
Please come back!
T. B.c

Dark cold heart
Chapter 17..

I’d started loosing my mind.
How the hell did she leave the house? Hope she hasn’t been kidnapped!
But how can she be kidnapped? My security is so tight! And who would even think of trying such a thing wimme?
My head was so hot that if it explodes, I wouldn’t be surprised.
I’m going coo coo cause of Allie! Damn! I need no one to tell me now that I’m crazy about her.
I love her and I was denying it all along.
If anything happens to her, I won’t be able to live nor forgive myself.
I ordered my guards to continue looking for her in the city and also file a complaint in the station.
I myself went out into the city in search of her.
Days went by with the city busy with cops, looking for Allie but there wasn’t still any news about her whereabout.
My guards didn’t come up with any news either nor did I.
This few days without Allie has made me insane, I had the chance to protect and make her mine but I was such a jerk!
I’m gonna die without her.
I sat on the floor in my room, going through her photos on my phone.
My eyes got wet and before I could control it, a tear dropped on my phone.
Allie please come back.
••• Allie •••
I laid on the small but comfy bed and watched as Neil stared at me.
I’ve been here for over a week now and I’m surprised master didn’t notice or even come find me.
Well, this place ain’t an easy place to find since its hidden.
Neil kidnapped me and brought me here.
I wouldn’t really say he kidnapped me cause I went to him myself, only that I didn’t know he was gonna bring me here and keep me.
Neil is a psycho, I mean who the hell kidnaps a girl cause he claims he loves her and doesn’t wanna loose her? That’s complete psycho!
I wish I hadn’t sneaked out to meet him that day.
I just woke up that day and my phone rang, I didn’t know how he got my number but it was Neil.
He said master had sacked him from his job and he wanted to talk to me.
There was no way I could leave the mansion so Neil showed me a secret exit in the mansion down a dark corridor.
I went to Neil through the secret exit and Neil assured me there was no camera.
He hugged me when he saw me and said he doesn’t wanna talk there cause master might see him so he said we should go to somewhere calm and the nigga brought me here.
He said he loves me and he had loved me from the very first time he saw me and that was the reason he was so concerned and cared about me.
I was surprised when he confessed his feelings to me.
He kept hugging and kissing my cheeks and forehead.
I told him I had to go but he refused. I made to leave but he pulled me back and locked the door.
I told him sternly to let me go but he got upset and yelled at me making me scared.
He noticed how scared I was so he talked softly to me.
He assured me he’d never hurt me and he’d gimme anything I want but wouldn’t let me go.
I told him it wasn’t right and he was behaving like master by caging me here but that made him more upset so I just shut the fuck up.
He asked if I had feelings for him but I said nothing and he said with time, I’m gon develop feelings for him and that’s pure madness.
I’m so tired of being here, I wanna leave but I can’t.
Neil is always with me 24/7, always staring at me and smiling to himself like the psycho he is.
He buys me clothes and even cook for me cause he knows I’m a bad cook.
He’s such a nice guy but what he’s doing isn’t right.
He told me how master punished him for my mistake that he claimed the other day.
Yunno? Neil was taken away for almost a month. He told me master made him work at his garden for a month without payment.
Master can be so mean but I like him, I don’t know why.
I left my phone at the mansion else I would have contacted master.
Neil brought me to his farm house which is hidden from the city.
I really miss master a lot and I wish he’d just come get me.
Ugh.. Maybe he doesn’t even know I’m missing or he isn’t even looking for me cause he doesn’t care.
I wonder if mom and dad are aware that I’m missing.
I need to call master, I need a phone!
I don’t even know Master’s phone number but Neil will have it.
Now I just have to get hold of Neil’s phone and call master secretly.
“uhm can I have your phone? ” I asked Neil and he arched an eyebrow.
Of course he ain’t so dumb enough to hand me his phone cause he knows I’d make a call.
“I just wanna play games cause I’m so bored ” I told him, giving him puppy eyes.
“ugh… Fine ” he sighed and handed it to me.
There were lots of games on his iPhone 8 plus so I just chose one to play.
I use an iPhone 7 while Neil uses an iPhone 8 plus, it’s cool but it’s just too big for my liking. I prefer smaller phones and that’s why I don’t buy pluses.
I played the game for a while and looked up at Neil.
He was still there, admiring me as I could see from his eyes.
“I’m hungry ” I told him and he let out a low “oh”.
This is how it has been, him doing everything I ask but never about letting me go.
He loves me, it’s obvious but I don’t think Neil is in his right state of mind cause this is kidnapping.
“OK fine come downstairs to the dinning to eat ” he told me.
“no! I want to eat here ” I told him.
“But… ” he made to protest but I just made a face like I wanted to cry.
“I’ll go get you something to eat ” he said with a smile.
He pecked my forehead and left the room.
Though Neil is psycho, he’s never tried to force himself on me like master once did.
He loves me and I’m taking advantage of that.
Neil can be so cool but he’s a monster when he’s mad.
OMG he has left! I exited the game and ran into the bathroom.
I locked the bathroom door and started searching for Master’s number.
I found it and dialed it.
It rang but wasn’t answered.
I kept calling and calling and he picked up the call at the fourth try.
“Master ” I said into the phone.
He was silent for a while which made me think he wasn’t even worried that I’m missing.
“Allie? ” he asked with an hoarse voice.
Why’s his voice like that? Is he okie?
“Are you alright master? ” I asked him.
“Allie ” He called again.
“Yes it’s me ” I assured him.
“Where are ya? Tell me where you are now! ” he ordered.
Always being the bossy guy he is.
One could sense from his voice that he was super worried.
He’s worried about me? Awww.
“I’m at Neil’s farm house, he brought me here and doesn’t wanna let me go. The farm house is located near… ”
“I know ” he cut me short.
“I’ll be right there, please wait for me please ” he said and hung up.
Was master begging me to wait for him here? Hmm, how interesting!
“Open the goddamned door else I’ll break it! ” Neil yelled from the room.
My heart pounded hard in my chest cause I was scared of what he’d do to me.
“Allie open up this instant !” he yelled, hitting the door.
Oh God please bring master here fast.
The hitting on the door stopped for a while and I heard Neil hitting the door with something hard, tryna break the door.
He broke open the door and in front of me, he stood.
I started trembling at his presence, he looked so scary.
He came to me and landed a very hot slap on my cheek making me scream in pain.
He snatched his phone from me and pocketed it.
He held me on my arm and dragged me out roughly.
“You’ll regret this! ” he seethed as he dragged me out.
We reached outside and he pushed me inside his car.
He got inside the car and pointed a gun at me.
I’d already started crying.
“If you try any rubbish again, I won’t think twice before pulling the trigger at you! ” he assured and I nodded in fear.
He started the engine, waiting to zoom off.

T. B. C
: Dark cold heart
Chapter 18

He started the engine and zoomed off.
As we drove outta the farm house, I saw Master’s car driving in.
I wanted to yell but I was tied up plus the idiot held me at a gun point.
Who the hell wants his or her brain busted out? Definitely not me.
I sobbed quietly in the car and when we got to main road, he stopped the car.
He gave me an handkerchief to clean my tears.
He untied me and waited for me to sober up a lil.
“We gon pass different check points so I don’t want em cops to suspect anything! Now if you try any rubbish, I won’t hesitate to blow off your brain and kill myself right there! ” he stated sternly and I nodded.
Fuck! I don’t wanna die.
He started the car and drove off.
~ Dean ~
I was still on the floor, mourning like Allie is dead.
She’s not dead, she can’t be dead.
My phone rang but I wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone so I just let it ring.
It kept on ringing so I took the phone and wanted to smash it on the floor but I saw the caller was Neil.
What if it has to do with Allie’s disappearance?
I answered the call and I was dumbfounded when I heard Allie’s voice at the other end.
I was dumbfounded yet so happy to hear her cute voice.
I just wished she was here with me so I could hold her tight in my arms.
It turned out she was kidnapped and that too by the asshole I warned to stay away from her! Neil!
She was being held in his farm house and I don’t know the fuck why I didn’t think of it.
I mean, Neil is psycho and I should’ve at least thought about it.
I quickly got up and ran out like a mad man.
I got in my car without taking any of my guards and headed straight to Neil’s farm house.
I drove with speed and when I got there, I kicked open the door.
“Allie! ” I screamed, running upstairs.
My heart had already started pounding hard in my chest cause the house seemed empty.
It freaked me out so bad that I was late to get there and Neil might have taken her somewhere else.
I collapsed on the floor, and I held my head in pain.
What the hell is all these?!
I missed another chance to save her again!
I brought out my phone and called the number she used in contacting me a while back.
It kept on ringing but wasn’t answered.
I can use the number to track their where about.
I went out and got into my car.
I drove off and headed to Phil, my technician.
I reached there mins later and entered into his lab.
I explained everything to him and he brought out the place detector machine.
We connected my phone to the machine and dialed the number.
It rang and Neil answered it.
“Bastard! You’ll never find us, she’s mine! ” he yelled over the phone and hanged up.
“Was it able to detect their where about? ” I asked Phil, anticipating to hear him say yes!
“Yeah ” he replied and I heaved a sigh of relief.
“But they’re on an island road which leads to 3 cities ” he added and arched an eyebrow.
“Lemme see ” I told him and looked into the machine myself.
“The old island road ” I said.
“what would they be doing there? Or they haven’t gotten to their destination yet! Bad timing damn! ” I hissed.
“let’s just call them again maybe they’d have gotten to their destination ” I suggested and Phil nodded in agreement.
We connected my phone to the machine again and dialed the number but this time, the number didn’t go through.
I kept trying and trying till I went nuts.
The bastard must have thought of us tracking him and surely threw away the SIM card.
I’m just gon go to the old island road!
I got in my car and zoomed off in speed.
It took me a quite a while to get there and when I got there, I parked my car along the roadside.
There’s a 3 way road here.
One going to the right, the other going to the left and the last going straight.
Which way should I go? Where the hell is that good for nothing imbecile taking my Allie?
I angrily slammed my fist on my car and screamed in anger.
I’m going nuts!
I love her, I love her so much.
At least now it’s clear to me.
I want her back, please.
~~ Allie ~~
We passed different police check points but I was too scared to try anything.
His phone kept ringing along the way but he didn’t pick.
It rang again after a while and he picked up this time.
“Bastard! You’ll never find us, she’s mine! ” he yelled into the phone and hanged up.
That must have been master.
“Damn! ” he cussed and hit his fist on the steering wheel.
He stopped the car and brought out his phone.
He opened the phone, took out the SIM card and broke it.
He threw out the SIM card dropped his phone and drove off.
After what seemed like forever, we drove into a forest and he stopped in front of a small house.
Another farm house is it? But this one is more hidden, in the forest!.
If I’m killed here, my body would decay and no one would find out.
He dragged me outta the car and we went inside the house.
He pushed me on the couch and squatted to untie me.
He untied me and gently stroke my cheek.
He caressed my hair gently and gently stroke my lips with his thumb.
“I’m sorry babe ” he said in a soft voice.
“I didn’t mean to hurt you I swear, you just got me off the edge and I’m so sorry ” he pleaded, still caressing my cheek.
He reached up to me and hugged me.
I just sat still and watch him continue with his drama.
He pulled away from the hug and kissed my forehead.
“you must be tired and hungry, I’ll get you food so go freshen up ” he said and I nodded.
“your room is by the left ” he said with a smile.
I got up and headed to the room.
He smiled at me and went out of the house, locking the door from outside.
What an imbecile.
He loves me but makes me this sad and miserable?
I opened the door to my room and it was yuck! Eww! Even my real room is bigger and prettier than this!
I went inside the room and sat on the small bed.
If I freshen up, what am I gon wear?
That psycho forgot to bring my clothes along.
I went over to the closet and opened it.
In there were lots of clothes, I mean girls clothes.
Beautiful ones and I was like “wow”.
Who owns all these? More like, who own this room?
Are these for his former gf? Or his sister? Damn!
Imma just change into one of em.
I took a T-shirt and a sweat pant and went into the bathroom.
After freshening up, I changed into the clothes and tied my hair up in a ponytail.
Neil came back with food and although he’s a psycho, I can’t refuse his food else I’ll die of hunger.
We ate the food together and he escorted me to my room so I could rest.
It was already late so I needed some sleep.
I decided to sleep and ask Neil about these clothes tomorrow.
He tucked me into bed like a kid and soon I slept off.
~ Dean ~
I laid on the bed, staring at Allie’s pictures that I printed and plastered all over my room.
Her face gives me hope and I don’t wanna give up on her.
I already told the police to put more effort and I also had Neil’s pictures printed out and posted everywhere as wanted.
I’m gonna find Allie and make things right!
[ Allie ]
I yawned and gently rubbed my eyes.
I sat up on my bed and looked at the clock.
9:08! I woke up quite early today huh.
I got outta bed and went to do my morning routine.
I changed into one of the clothes in the closet again.
I went beside my window and pushed the curtain one side.
My window had an iron protector so it’s impossible to escape through the window.
I looked out through the window and all I could see were trees.
This is a typical forest and I just pray we don’t get devoured by some wild animal. Who the hell builds a house in a forest like this? No one but psycho Neil.
I went to the sitting room and Neil was already setting the table.
“Good morning angel ” He said and flashed me a smile.
I took my seat and he served me bacon and egg.
After we ate, we both sat on the couch and he turned on the TV.
He selected an action movie channel and sat beside me so we can enjoy the movie.
“uhm Neil ” I called and got his attention.
“Who owns all these clothes in my room? I mean whose room was it? ” I asked and his glamorous expression wore off.
Bummer! Hope I didn’t make him upset again.
I slowly looked down, waiting for his reply.
“Uhm.. I bought those clothes there for you cause I knew I’d bring you here ” he blurted out.
What a liar he is! Those clothes don’t look new plus there weren’t any labels on em either.
“You’re lying ” I said blankly.
“whose room was it? Tell me? ”
“Ugh…..fine it was my sister’s room ” he let out.
Sister? he has a sister?
“you have a sister? ” I asked and he nodded.
“Oh wow! where’s she? I wanna meet her ” I told him with bliss.
At least I get to have fun with a girl while I’m being held captive.
“She left ”
“She left? She left the house? ” I asked him and he nodded.
“To where ”
“Let’s just forget it ” he demanded.
“but why? I really wanna see and meet her please ” I pleaded.
“I said no!!” he yelled and I flinched.
“Just forget about it ” he stated and left the sitting room.
Why is he upset now? What the hell did I do? I just asked a question and he went all crazy.
I sighed and wanted to lay on the couch but I saw the door was slightly open.
The main door! Damn! I can escape!
I sprung up and ran to the door.
I pulled it back, glanced behind me before running out.
This is a forest and I don’t even know my way out but I wanna be far from Neil and his house.
I glanced behind me as I ran, not paying attention to where I was going.
I bumped into someone and fell on the floor.
The person held me by my hair and made me look up at him.
It was Neil, he was very furious.
“You trying to escape huh? I told you not to try any rubbish cause you’ll end up loosing your life ” he seethed to my face.
“You wanna know what happened to my sister? I’ll tell you so you can ponder on it ” he said and held my hair tighter causing me to let out a soft scream.
He squatted and held my face up so I could look straight into his eyes.
“I killed her ” he blurted out.

T. B. C
Not edited!
Dark cold heart
Chapter 19…

I went mute, eyes still fixed on his.
He killed his sister? He’s a murderer? He killed his own blood?
What he said made me so damn scared j started trembling.
“Oh now you’re scared?” he asked and laughed out loud.
“Please ” I said in a low tone.
I don’t wanna die just yet.
“Get up! ” he yelled and when I tried getting up, I fell back down.
My legs wobbled below me and he held me up by hair.
He dragged me by my hair to the house and pushed me down to the ground.
He locked the door and cane towards me.
I pushed backward as he came closer till I felt my back against the wall.
He squatted in front of me and I panted softly, still trembling.
“I love you but you won’t stop getting on my nerves huh” he said in a mocking tone and slid his hand down my cheek.
He squeezed my cheeks so tight it started to hurt.
“Please ” I cried out but it fell on deaf ears as he continued to manhandle me.
He pushed me against the wall causing me to hit my cheek on the wall and scream softly in pain.
I dare not scream out loud cause I don’t know what else he’d do to me.
He held my chin up and slapped me across my face.
My lips busted from the slap and I spat out the blood.
He wanted to hit me again but stopped himself when he saw my lips were busted.
“That will teach you not to mess with me again! ” he yelled and left me there on the floor.
I laid down there and folded up in a semi circle.
I sobbed softly, trembling on the floor.
~ Neil ~
After teaching Allie some good lesson, I left her to cry in the sitting room.
I came out a while later and met her asleep on the floor.
I wanted to carry her but I decided against it.
I love her so much but she won’t stop getting on my nerves! Why the hell does she wanna leave me? If she leaves me, I’ll die.
I can’t live without her and I’m never letting her go.
I never meant to hurt her but I just can’t control it.
Thinking of a life without her fucks me up so bad.
I walked outta the house, locked the door from the outside and left.
She’s gon need good when she wakes Ho so I better go get something for her.
She eats a lot and that’s so adorable.
She’s so cute and I just wanna hold her in my arms all the time but she wouldn’t let me.
I got to the main road after a few mins walk, I know all the short cuts in this forest.
I walked down the lonely road headed to a super mart that is quite far away from the forest.
I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw the mart ahead of me.
I was heading towards it but froze on my spot when my eyes sighted something.
On a street pole was a picture of me written wanted.
What the hell?! Master went this far?
I immediately put on the cap attached to my hoodie and covered half of my face.
How the hell do I get Allie food now?
I can’t go inside the mart, I’ll be recognized immediately.
I better head back home before someone sees me.
I went back to the house and I was surprised to still see Allie on the floor.
She was still asleep which made me kinda worried.
Did I hurt her so bad? Hope she hasn’t fallen sick.
I went over to her and gently tapped her arm, trying to wake her up.
“Allie ” I called softly and held her up in my arms.
“hey ” I tapped her cheeks softly.
I was starting to panic but she slowly opened her eyes.
Her eyes were red and wet from crying too much.
“Allie, baby I’m so sorry please ” I pleaded and she coughed.
“don’t get sick please, I won’t hurt you anymore “I said in a soft voice and held her tight to myself.
“my head hurts and my lips and my arms ” she pouted and that only made me regret hurting her.
“I’m sorry please forgive me ” I told her and wiped away the tears running down her cheeks.
I carried her up in my arms and took her to her room.
I laid her gently on the bed and went to my room to get some pain relief medication.
I came into her room with it and a glass of water.
I made her sit up and put the medicine on her palm.
She kept staring at the medicine, hesitating to take in.
“what? You don’t wanna take it? ” I asked and she nodded slowly.
“I don’t like medicine ” she pouted softly which made me smile.
“I’m sorry for putting you in a state where you have to take it ” I told her but she just kept staring at the medicine.
“Please take it so you’d feel better “I told her and handed her the water.
She took the med and after a while, I made her lay on the bed.
I sat beside her till she fell asleep.
I got up and left her room.
~ Dean ~
I sat on the couch opposite Mrs Beck.
Yes! I had come to inform Allie’s parents of everything.
Allie’s parents wouldn’t stop calling her all the time and I knew they’d be super worried so I decided to go inform them.
We are all in this together now.
Allie’s mom is just so fragile and soft as Allie cause she kept on crying while I just stared at her.
What the hell was I supposed to do? Hug her and tell her it’s gon be alright when I myself is drowning in my own emotions?
She called her husband and he had to take a leave.
They’re both helping me search for their daughter and I think we’ll hear some news soon cause I had the cops spam the country with Neil’s photo.
If I don’t find Allie soon, I’m afraid I’ll loose my sanity.
Days later………………
~ Allie ~
“we have to leave immediately “Neil urged, packing his bag.
“why ” I asked, not aware of anything.
“They’re on to us, Dean had spam my photos wanted all over the country and someone might have given him news that we are here ” he said and hastily held my hand.
So master termed Neil as wanted?
Well, Neil has been going out quite a lot to get me food although he tries to disguise himself, I’m sure the people around must have noticed his weird movements.
“But how did you know? ” I asked him as we walked outta my room.
“One of my guys informed me about it that it seems the cops are headed here ” he told me.
We reached outside and he locked the door.
He opened the car door for me to get in and as I got in, Neil fell on the fell on the floor.
I was shocked and when I looked out, it was master. He had hit Neil with a stick on the head.
My heart jumped in joy and the next thing I knew was me in his arms.
I wrapped my legs tight around his torso and buried my face on the crook of his neck.
I pulled my face away from his neck and he did the unthinkable, he kissed me.
I immediately locked my lips with his like I’d been craving for it.
His lips were so soft and I didn’t wanna pull away.
“We have to go master ” the grumpy guard which I didn’t notice was behind master, spoke up.
“The cops are already on their way here so get her to a safe place” the grumpy guard told master and I got down from his arms.
“I’ll stay here till the cops get here ” The guard told master.
Master held my hand and we headed out of the forest.
“How did you know your way here? ” I told master as we headed out of the forest.
“Dave, my guard was the one who brought me here. I didn’t know this place and definitely not Neil’s house but when we got info that Neil was in this area, Dave told me he knew where Neil would have brought you so we sent the cops the address and Dave and I rushed here so I wouldn’t loose you again ” he narrated.
“You don’t wanna loose me? ” I asked and he stopped on his track.
He looked at me, not saying anything.
“Let’s just get you out of here safe” he said and we started jogging out.
I stopped to catch my breath.
“I’m so tired, I can’t go any further “I told him, panting.
“Did Neil do all these to you? ” he asked, examining my face and body.
I slowly nodded and he filed his hand in a fist.
“Please don’t get angry “I told him and his expression softened.
“Let’s rest a bit then ” he said.
~ Dean ~
Allie jumped in my arms when she saw me and I couldn’t be more happy.
She missed me and that’s a big joy to me.
I held her tight in my arms and when she pulled away, I locked my lips with hers.
I thought she’d pull away but she just kissed me back with the same intensity.
I had to get her to safety but she decided to rest before we continue.
The way outta this forest is really a long one.
As Allie was about to sit on the ground, we heard a gunshot that sounded out all over the forest.
I didn’t know where the gunshot came from so I looked around, looking for the direction where it came from.
I looked back at Allie and she was laying flat on the floor.
My head spun for some seconds when I saw blood on her stomach.
She has been shot!
I wasn’t even done processing what had just happened when I heard another gunshot.
I felt the bullet pierce through my shoulder and soon, blood gushed out.
Another gunshot sounded and this bullet pierced through my right chest into my heart.
I collapsed on the floor, everywhere getting dark and spinning but my eyes were fixed on Allie.
Soon, everywhere was black and I could see nothing .
T. B. C
[Dark cold heart
Chapter 20

[Unknown P. O. V]
Dean McKenzie could be seen laying dead on a stretcher as he was pushed inside the hospital by nurses with a troop of cops accompanying them.
He was rapidly pushed inside the ICU for surgery.
Some cops sat on the waiting chair while some paced back and forth waiting for the doctors to come outta the ICU with good news.
It’s Dean McKenzie’s life at stake here so they all have a good reason to be worried.
After what seemed like hours, the ICU light turned off and the doctors all came out.
The county sheriff followed the doctor to his office and took a seat.
“Is he gonna be fine? ” the sheriff asked.
“We don’t know yet cause his condition is very critical and although we’ve worked on him, we’re just waiting for his system to respond to the treatments ” The doc replied.
“But how? None of the bullets pierced his heart right? And although he took two bullets which I know is critical but there should still be hope right? ”
“Well the bullets pierced his heart and you must be wondering how cause it was his right chest he got shot on but Dean has dextrocardia. A rare heart condition where the heart is located or facing the right side of the chest instead of the left and that’s why he’s in a very critical condition ” the doc explained.
The sheriff was about to talk but stopped when they both heard noises coming from the hospital.
They both got up and headed out to see what the hell was causing such a ruckus.
They both stopped on their tracks for a moment when they saw it was Mr and Mrs McKenzie.
Their son is fighting for his life right now so why wouldn’t they be here causing such a ruckus?
Mrs McKenzie sighted the doctor and she ran to him, jerking him on the collar of his white lab coat.
“If anything happens to my son, I’ll kill y’all and close down this hospital you get me?! ” she yelled at the doctor.
She pushed him away and stood in front of the sheriff.
“What is your job? Your job is to protect lives and yet you let one get into danger! I swear to God sheriff, if anything happens to my only child, I’ll make sure you and your family pay for it! All of you! ” she yelled, pointing at all the cops.
Mr McKenzie who’d been silently watching the ongoing scene came to the doctor.
“Make sure you save him at all cost ” he told the doctor before signalling the sheriff to follow him out.
They both headed out and Mrs McKenzie stood at the glass door of his son’s hospital room, staring at her son who laid lifeless on the bed which made her weep.
Outside, Mr McKenzie could be seen talking to the county sheriff.
“I want you to find this Neil at all cost, he must pay for this that he has done ” Mr McKenzie stated clearly and the sheriff nodded in agreement.
3 days later…………..
~ Dean ~
Blurry, everything I saw as I slowly opened my eyes were blurry.
I shut back my eyes and reopened them slowly to adjust to the light in the room.
I looked around and with the smell in here, I need not be told I was in an hospital.
Everything that happened came rushing to the surface causing me pains in my head.
I was shot! Oh damn where’s Allie?
She was shot too!
Is she alright? Did she make it?
I sat up, enduring the pains I felt all over my body especially my chest.
I better not get a hole in my heart!
I pressed on the alarm button and in a minute, the doctor and a nurse came running in.
I saw my mom at the door but she wasn’t allowed in.
Her eyes were puffy and so red and I kinda felt bad for her.
She must have been so worried thinking I’d not make it.
The doctor started checking me up and that wasn’t even the reason I called their asses.
“Where’s Allie ?”I asked.
I’ll worry about myself and mom later but first, it’s Allie.
“Who’s Allie ” the doctor asked.
what the hell does he mean by who’s Allie? Wasn’t she brought in for treatment?
“The girl which was shot too! Where is she? ” I asked. My heart had started racing fast causing me pain in my chest.
I started coughing, coughing out blood.
My head started spinning, eyes swirling round in my socket and vision getting blurry.
“Allie” I whispered as everything started to go blank.
Fast forward………….
I felt a soft hand rubbing my forehead, massaging my hair.
She’s here?
“Allie? ” I called lowly and slowly opened my eyes.
I looked up and saw my mom seated beside me, closer to my head.
I had passed out.
She smiled at me and squatted to peck my forehead.
“Mom ” I called lowly and she smiled, a tear rolling down her left cheek.
“I’ll be fine mom ” I assured her and she nodded, sniffing.
“I see you found your love ” she said and I gave her a weird look.
“I mean the girl Allie, you seem to be madly in love with her that you even wanted to die for her and still on your hospital bed, the only name you keep calling is hers ” she said, smiling.
“Yes I love her ” I admitted.
Those words seemed to be the hardest things to say but I can’t hold it in anymore.
“And I haven’t even gotten the chance to tell her that” I told mom.
“The universe will make a chance for you both cause after all these years, you’ve finally fallen in love again” she said, caressing my hair.
I nodded and tried getting up but she held me down.
“Mom I have to find her ” I told mom and she stared at me for a while before helping me sit up.
“Call the deputy sheriff so he’d tell us where Allie and my body guard is” I told mom and she nodded.
She went out and came in mins later with the county sheriff.
“He was already here to check up on you ” mom told me as she took her place on the bed beside me.
“Where’s Allie and my body guard? “I asked the sheriff.
He was mute, not saying anything.
“I asked you a question damn it! ” I yelled but regretted it cause I felt an unbearable pain on my chest, causing me to cough again.
Mom held me, trying to calm me down so I wouldn’t kill myself.
“Well I’m sorry Dean but your body guard is dead. He was shot right in the head and twas too late for him ” he narrated.
Well, I’m sorry for him.
“And the girl? ” I asked.
“We couldn’t find her ” he blurted and I stared at him with furrowed brows.
“What the hell do you mean by you couldn’t find her? She was right beside me! We both were shot and we were laying down there! ” I seethed.
Mom held my arm, telling me to calm down.
“When we got there, we only saw you at one side of the forest and your guard at the front of the house, laying dead. There was no girl and there was no Neil ” he explained.
Neil must have shot my guard, shot me and Allie but where the hell is Allie?
Did that bastard take her again? Is she dead? Did he decide to bury her body?
What in the world is all these?
I better just die now!
Unknown P. O. V
Neil could be seen, pacing back and forth, running his hands through his hair and cussing.
One could clearly see he had been crying cause his eyes were red and puffy.
“what have I done?! ” he yelled, asking himself.
He kicked the couch in front of him, breaking any breakable stuffs he saw.
“I didn’t mean to shoot her! I fucking didn’t mean to! I wanted to shoot Dean but I missed and I just can’t believe I did it! ” He talked to himself like the psycho he is, pacing back and forth.
“What do I do now? OMG Allie! ”
He broke down in tears, calling out for her.


Dark cold heart

Chapter 21……

~ Neil ~
I broke down in tears, Allie’s name seeming to be the only thing exiting my lips.
I just couldn’t still believe I shot her!
It was a mistake and right now, I’m loosing it!
What if she dies? What if she leaves me? What if the same mistake that happened with my sister happen once again?
Oh heavens please let nothing bad happen to Allie.
I got off the floor, wiped my tears and went to check on Allie.
After shooting at her and Dean, I took her away to save her for me.
Dean really thought he could take away the love of my life?
When I was knocked out, I spent quite a while regaining myself and when I did, I blew off the brains of Dean’s body guard.
I had to go in search of them and when I did, I aimed at Dean but it landed on Allie.
I was taken aback for a while but for me to take Allie, I had to take Dean outta the way so I shot him twice and one at his heart cause I knew very well Dean’s heart was at the right side of his chest.
He lost consciousness and I rushed there to take Allie away.
I called one of my close friends Dan who’s a doctor to come help me save Allie.
My sister, Dan and I were a close friend and both of them conspired to throw me in an asylum but they couldn’t.
Dan is aware of my anger issues and even loved my sister and when he found out I killed her, he almost filed a case against me but later came over it and cut off his ties with me.
When I called him earlier to come work on Allie, he refused but he said he didn’t want the same mistake that happened with Lenna my sister to happen again so he decided to help.
He worked on Allie and said she’d be fine and be conscious after days and that’s if her system responds to the treatments he gave her.
I’m so devastated right now, I don’t know whether she’d survive it or not but I’m just hoping.
I can’t loose Allie like I lost Lenna and Anna, no!
I went into the room where she was laying unconscious with drips fixed on her and the electrocardiogram beeping.
I went beside her and sat down.
It’s been 3 days now and she’s still isn’t up.
Dan came to check on her yesterday and injected her some medicines.
I sighed and buried my face in my palms.
“It can’t happen again, no ” I said to myself.
“What can’t happen again? ” I heard her soft voice and immediately raised my head up.
I couldn’t even express the happiness bubbling inside of me as I stared at her.
She was awake.
“Allie ” I called softly.
“I’m so sorry hun, I didn’t meant to shoot at you please forgive me” I pleaded but she just looked away.
“I thought I’d loose you like I lost Lenna and Anna ” I said in a sad voice and she looked at me.
“Who’s Lenna and Anna” She asked.
I sighed and rubbed my left eye.
“Lenna is my sister and Anna is my… ” I paused and looked at her.
“Yes tell me ” she said, almost in a whisper but loud enough to my hearing.
“Anna is my ex girlfriend ” I blurted out and she didn’t even look shocked or anything.
Why would she be shocked when she doesn’t know the whole story?
“Did you kill her too? ” she asked and I was taken aback.
“Did you? ” She asked, staring at me and I slowly nodded “yes”.
She sighed and looked away again.
“Why did you kill her and your sister “She asked.
“You just regained consciousness Allie so don’t stress yourself over this issues “I told her, tryna change the topic.
“No! I wanna know everything now ” she insisted.
“Alright fine! I killed Anna cause she wanted to break up with me saying she found another guy but I loved her so much so I kidnapped her and.. ”
“Just the way you’ve kidnapped me?” she cut me short and I just sighed.
“I didn’t wanna loose her so I kidnapped her like I did to you yes! Lenna wasn’t in support of it so she wanted to expose me which made me stab her in the stomach. Anna also tried so much to escape and she ended up dead! I strangled her to death. If I can’t have her, no one else can ” I narrated.
Her facial expression changed to that of fear.
“Don’t worry love, you won’t end up like Anna, that’s if you stay with me forever ” I assured her.
I could still see the fear in her eyes so I just caressed her hair and smiled down at her.
I couldn’t let Neil repeat the same mistakes he made years ago.
I couldn’t allow another innocent soul get wasted again.
Right now I’m at the McKenzie’s estate.
I knew Neil was working for Dean McKenzie and when I did some research on the girl Neil asked me to save, Allie, I found out about her parents and how Dean even disqualified her from getting any job around the world.
When Neil asked me to come save someone’s life, I declined at first but later decided to help him cause I didn’t want anyone else dead.
When I got there and saw the girl, I was shocked.
She was the same girl Dean had gone mad looking for around the country with cops.
I acted like I knew nothing of what was going on when I went to treat her.
I don’t want Neil to land in prison but I sure want him to be treated cause he’s mentally unstable.
I had to go to Dean McKenzie to inform him about the girl but will only tell him where she is if he assures me he isn’t gonna get Neil arrested.
Lenna wouldn’t let her brother go to prison though he’s sick in the head, she loved him so much and what he needs is medical attention.
I passed the necessities to enter the McKenzie’s mansion and was allowed in.
I got to the main mansion and was allowed into the compound.
I alighted from my car and walked to the door.
The door automatically opened and I walked in.
I froze on my spot when I saw the faces of everyone inside the sitting room.
The county sheriff and his men, Mr and Mrs McKenzie, Dean and his bodyguards.
There’s no way I’m telling on Neil!
The police is already involved at this point and if I talk now, Neil will be arrested and taken to court.
“Doctor Dan? ” Dean called and I faked a smile at him.
What do I do now? I better make up a lie and leave.
T. B. C
[Not edited!
Dark cold heart
Chapter 22….
Semi final……
I saw the shocked expression on Dan’s face when he walked into the house.
“Yes? How may we help you?” the county sheriff asked Dan.
He glanced at me before looking back at the sheriff.
“Uhm… I.. I came to see if Dean is in good health since he’s my friend and I’m also a doctor ” he stuttered and I arched an eyebrow.
He’s lying! That’s clear.
We’re not friends, I just know him as a doctor.
He’s hiding something and that’s obvious to me alone I guess.
“Oh ” the county sheriff nodded and looked at me
“And since he’s fine, Imma take my leave “Dan said, smiled and turned to leave.
“Wait! ” I told him and he stopped on his track.
He looked at me with a confused expression with an eyebrow raised.
“Meet me at the balcony ” I told him and headed to the balcony.
We got there and I stood in front of him.
“What were you here for? “I asked him sternly.
“Like I said I just… ”
“Oh please! We both know you lied down there ” I told him but he said nothing.
“Please Dan! If you have anything to say concerning Allie please don’t hesitate, you see how I’m suffering “I said in a pleading tone.
He sighed.
“Fine! I know where Allie is ” he blurted out.
My heart raced at his words but I calmed myself down cause my chest started to hurt.
I need to be strong and healthy for Allie.
“Where? Please take me there ” I urged him.
“on once condition” he blurted out.
“Anything! I’ll do anything ” I assured him.
“Neil is a very close friend of mine who’s mentally unstable ” he started.
“I know that so? ” I asked.
“I don’t want him to end up in prison, all he needs is a medical attention so you just get your girl and let him go ” he blurted out.
“What bull shit? What if he comes for her again?” I asked him.
“I’ll have him under control ”
“You know I can just inform the cops and they’ll force the truth outta you and have you and Neil arrested “I told him.
“Yeah! But I believe you’d not do that and that’s why I came to you instead of letting that poor innocent girl suffer ” he said and I nodded.
“How’s she though? Is she okay? ” I asked him and he sighed.
“She’s still in the process of recovering, I treated her myself and I did a pretty good job on her ” he assured me and I nodded.
“So let’s go?” I asked him.
“Yeah sure! “He replied.
We both headed downstairs and everyone’s gaze were at us.
“I’m heading out with my friend Dan, so y’all figure out how to save Allie, I’ll be back shorty” I told em and they just stared at me confused.
I ignored them and walked out with Dan.
I took one of my guards and we took Dan’s car and drove outta the compound.
“We need to be careful on this site ni one would get hurt, not even the girl ” Dan suggested and I nodded in agreement.
“We’ll stop very far away from where they are and I’ll go in first, take Neil to another room and distract him while you and your guard take the girl out ” he said.
“What if he finds out what you did and kills you? As you said, he’s psycho ” I told him and he sighed.
“I’ll sedate him ” He replied.

“Looks like you already have all in control ” I told him and he smiled.
“I’m just happy to help save a life, something I couldn’t do years ago” he said.
Now what does he mean by that? I wanted to ask but Allie is priority now.
We got to a lonely street and he stopped.
“We are here ” He said and heaved a sigh of relief.
God please let nothing happen to Allie.
Let things go as planned.
We all sat still in the car, having our moments cause we don’t know who’d live here alive and dead.
Even if I die, which I’ve been feeling, I must save Allie.
T. B. C
: Not edited.
Dark cold heart
Chapter 23…..

~~ Dean ~~
After having our moment of comfort and courage, we all alright from the car.
Dan took us down the lonely road till we arrived at a messy corridor leading to another street.
Damn! Such a long walk, my legs are starting to wobble and it hurts mehn.
I always go everywhere with my car, I don’t trek FFS.
After the long walk that exhausted the hell outta me, we reached the house.
Dan signalled us, reminding us the plan and we nodded.
We snuck to the house’s backyard and Dan told us to stay put while he’s gone back in and open the window for us to get in.
The house was old with old features, a woody house with no security.
My guard and I squatted at the backyard under the window and from there, we could hear Dan’s convo with Neil.
Dan was telling him he came to check up on her and he had to open up the windows so Allie can inhale some fresh air.
The window was pushed open and we overheard Dan telling Neil they had to discuss outside the room cause they’re making noise which isn’t good for Allie’s health.
I stood up a lil to look if the room was empty and it was.
I was so happy to see Allie at least.
She was laying peacefully on the bed with eyes closed.
She’s asleep so her eyes ought to be closed.
I quickly climbed the window and entered the house.
Seeing Allie alive brought a smile to my face.
I gently caressed her hair and squatted to kiss her forehead.
Her lips were so seductive I couldn’t control myself so I kissed her.
She didn’t even move, I guess she was sedated.
I removed the drip fixed in her hand and disconnected the electrocardiogram.
I placed an arm around her shoulder just below her head and placed the other arm under her knees.
I took her up in my arms and gently exited the window so she wouldn’t get hurt and Neil wouldn’t notice us.
We headed out of that shabby street with Allie in my arms and my body guard behind me either his gun, being alert.
My phone rang and my guard helped me take it outta my pocket, answered and placed the on my ear.
“Neil is on to you, he found out and he’s very furious, find a hiding place ” Dan’s voice sounded roughly over the phone.
Damn! That bastard!
There’s no where to even hide!
I started running with Allie in my arms.
If we can get to the car, we’re safe.
We heard a gunshot but didn’t stop on our track as we continued running.
“I’ll cover up ” my guard said and I nodded.
Though his life will be at risk, he has to do it.
What the hell am I paying him for? And why the hell is he a bodyguard if not for situations like this?
I continued running with Allie in my arms, ignoring the gunshots between my guard and Neil.
Just as we got to the corridor, my guard screamed in pain and I looked back to see Neil has shot him on the leg and he was on the floor, still firing shots at Neil.
I focused on saving Allie so I just continued running out.
I heard a gunshot, this time very loud and close so I froze on my track.
“Drop her ” I heard Neil’s voice behind me.. Why didn’t he just shoot me? He’d afraid he might miss and hurt Allie again?
I slowly turned and faced him.
He came closer to me, still pointing his gun at me.
“Drop her or I’ll blow out your brain” He threatened.
He must be joking if he thinks I’m scared.
He cracked the gun, glaring deadly at me.
He slowly went down to the gun click, ready to shoot so I just closed my eyes, if death is my reward then so be it.
The gunshot sounded very loud but I kept my eyes closed.
I was expecting to feel the bullet pierce me and feel pains anywhere the gun landed on me but I felt nothing so I opened my eyes.
Neil was on the floor, gasping for hair with blood gushing out from his mouth.
He was shot right in the heart by Dan.
For someone who didn’t want Neil to be arrested, he did a pretty good job killing this monster and saving lives.
I saw the regret on Dan’s face as he slowly walked to where Neil was laying.
He got to him, squatted and met some few tears drop.
“I… Deserve this ” Neil slowly whispered and with a smile, he breathed his last breath.
Repentance at the time of death, how foolish.
Well I shouldn’t judge cause I myself was a monster till Allie came.
Was? Or am I still a monster? Nah… I’m changed.
Siren sounded through out the street and the cops ran to us while I just rolled my eyes.
Talk of peeps always coning late, it’s the cops yeah.
I placed Allie at the backseat and went to console Dan and thank him, yeah.
“You did a good job man, you’ve saved a lot of people’s life by doing this and you shouldn’t be sad for doing this ” I told him and patted his back.
He nodded and hugged me.
I sighted the county sheriff, my mom and dad staring at us with dropped jaws.
What? I’m changed now.
They just haven’t seen me this caring lol.
I heard the county sheriff telling his troop that Neil was killed out of self defense so no charges will be home against the killer.
My eyes slowly darted open and adjusted to the light in the room.
I stared at the wall, my mind messed up cause my life be such a mess.
I heard the door open and someone walked in but I didn’t even move or made to look at Neil.
The aroma of pizza filled my nose and I was so tempted to look at Neil but I stopped myself.
He should just kill me and stop making me suffer like this.
I could feel his presence beside me but I acted like he doesn’t exist.
If he truly loves me, he’d free me.
“You’re not even gon look at me now?” I heard his voice and my heart almost stopped beating.
Master? Oh my God!
I hastily turned my head and tears dropped from my eyes as I stared at him.
I looked around the house and noticed it was his room.
I tried getting up but it still kinda hurts so master stopped me from getting up.
He hugged me even before I could tell him to but not too tight so he wouldn’t hurt me.
He wanted to pull away but I didn’t so he just let me enjoy the moment.
I finally pulled away and he chuckled.
He locked his lips on mine and we kissed quite a while before he pulled away.
He opened up the pizza and placed it on the table beside the bed for me.
I smiled as I ate the pizza.
He poured me juice and gave me water when I was done.
He handed me a file with a sad face which made my silence wear off.
What could the files contain?
I hesitated before opening it and it was our deal of me being a maid for him.
He’s cancelled everything and I’m now free to even work.
But why? Why is he letting me go now? I thought he loved me.
Tears filled my eyes and he gently wiped em away.
“I’m sorry ” he apologized.
Wait what? This might be disheartening but he just apologized to me?
The arrogant McKenzie apologized to me? The billionaire? Wow!
“I’m sorry for everything, please forgive me ” he pleaded and that only made me cry more.
He realized his mistakes, he’s changed and I love him.
“I don’t deserve you ” he said and bowed his head.
I’ve never seen master is emotional, it’s so heart breaking.
“Look at me ” I told him and gently raised his chin up.
“I love you ” I told him and he just stared at me, saying nothing.
“And it’s because I love you, I can’t give up on ya. You realized your mistake and that’s enough for me and I’ve fallen in love with you so I’m never letting you go now ” I told him and he just hugged me.
I caressed his hair and kissed it as I held him in my arms.
“You’re never gonna leave me? “He asked and I pulled away from the hug.
If I’m gonna be honest, I have to say it to his face.
I cupped his face in my palms and looked straight into his eyes.
“I’m never gonna leave you, I’ll be with you till the end, that I promise ” I told him and he just kissed me making me chuckle.

3 weeks later……..
What a messy life I had months ago but now I’m so blessed.
I’m back with my parents and I’ve got the richest man in the country at my feet LMAO.
Dean is so in love with me that I was scared it was obsession but I was wrong.
His love is just pure and abundant and he’s ready and psycho enough to do anything for me.
My friends come visit me at the mansion even my parents and I’m the madame if the house.
I turned to Dean’s secretary at his company and I spared no bitch who steal glances at my man.
You remember those three worthless hoes that Dean brought home and they insulted me?
Well, I reached them a very good lesson cause they’re now under my feet where they should be.
And yeah, if you’re wondering, Dean and I did it days after I got healed.
I mean, he broke me I.E he took my virginity and I’m just so proud it was taken by someone I love.
Dean told me about how I was saved and Neil’s death.
I also told him about the people Neil killed and he wasn’t surprised cause he always knew Neil to be a psycho.
I’m dressing up right now, in a dinner gown cause one of Dean’s worker is hosting his birthday party.
Everyone was invited, including my parents and all my friends.
I finished dressing up and Dean was already waiting impatiently for me.
I chuckled when I saw the expression on his face and he just sighed and opened the car door for me.
The driver took us to the venue, we alighted and went in.
There were paparazzi everywhere and the press medias was so annoying.
It’s just a birthday party so why did the dude have to be so dramatic by inviting the Leeds media?
Ugh… So annoying!
We took a seat and mom smiled at me when she saw me.
I looked beside me but I arched an eyebrow when Dean wasn’t seating there.
I scanned everywhere for him but couldn’t find him.
I was starting to get worried but mom just patted and smiled at me.
She doesn’t even know my man is missing.
He isn’t missing FFS Allie, don’t be dramatic and don’t overreact.
He’s prolly helping his worker with the birthday stuffs.
The stage lights went out and we focused cause it was time for the celebrant to make a speech.
I was surprised but relieved when I saw Dean on the stage.
At least I know he’s fine.
That guy! Always making me worry, ugh.
Everyone clapped for Dean as he stood in front of the standing mic, ready to talk I guess.
“I thank everyone of you for being present today to witness this special day in my life ” he started.
Oh God! He’s not the celebrant so what the hell is he yapping about now?
“Ain’t so good at talks like this but I wast y’all to know that I found the one for me. She made me realise what love truly meant and she changed me. I’m more than glad I met her and I want y’all to witness this as I make her mine forever ” He said and I didn’t know what happened but I couldn’t stop crying.
Gosh! I’m so emotional.
“Allie Beck, will you do the honor of walking up here ”
Mom and dad both walked me to the podium and helped me climb it.
It was supposed to be someone’s birthday party, I wasn’t expecting this.
He knelt on one knee, opened the locket and looked straight into my eyes.
“Allie Beck, will you marry me? “He asked in that seductive voice of his.
No condition is indeed permanent cause I never believed I’d be here today.
I’m also happy I found the one for me.
I accepted and he slid the ring into my finger and hugged me as they all clapped.
“This occasion was all for you ” he said in my ear and I smiled.
My life changed for the good.
I succeeded in changing a monster like Dean into someone new with good heart.
His Dark cold heart is no more and that is a success in my path.


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