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Not for person under age of 18
Episode 1

My name is Amelia and when I turned 18 I ran away from home. I packed all my things into my bag and moved into my friends house . I knew that I had to find a job in order to help pay for things but people don’t hire anyone really without a college degree. I decided to roam the internet maybe just something. I came across a website were people would sell themselves for money. Pretty much have sex get your brains f—-d for some cash. I had 2 days to come up with my part of the rent so I figured why not give it a shot. I created a profile but with a fake name and submitted it. I was technically a virgin. I had only made out with a guy, given blow jobs and had jobs but never had a c–k inside of me. It wasn’t within 5 minutes I gotten several hits and messages guys wanting to meet with me tonight or asap if possible.

Looking through all the profile all of them looked like creepers or just got a bad feeling about. I just moved on to the next one. Within 10 minutes I came across a guy who only had pictures of his body. The only one of his face was dark.
He messaged me asking how my day was going? The rest just asked when can we meet or can I
f–k you tonight? He actually asked how I was doing. I replied back saying not that bad could be better. It wasn’t within a minute he was writing me back telling me he was sorry that I was having a bad day etc etc. We continued to talk for 2 hours about or lives and how old we were etc. He didn’t get into the whole sex talk but I knew it would come up. He finally asked why I was on this website.
I just sighed and said I need the money honestly. He said he was sorry that he knows how I feel he had been in the same boat once in his life. I decided to tell him I was a virgin before any thing else went further. He said it was alright he would be gentle and walk me through anything and
everything he was going to do to me or what I wanted to do to him. I finally agreed to meet him. It was almost midnight and he said he was in town on business that he visits here often that he was at a hotel. He gave me the hotel name address and what room number he was in.
He said he would understand if I didn’t show up but would hope I would. I got off the computer and went to my closet pulled out a short black skirt and red tank top and thigh high boots put them on. And just sighed I was going to do this I needed to do this. I walked out side got in my car, put the address in my GPS and went. I pulled up into the parking lot feeling my heart race faster than it ever has.

But I swallowed s—-d up and went inside. I got in the elevator pressed the number to the 4th
floor. Got out and walked down the hall way to room 437. I stood in front of it getting the courage
enough to knock. I reached up and knocked. Hearing foot steps walking up to the door hearing it
being unlocked and slowly being open. I looked up to this tall dark haired man. Wearing only
pajama pants. Deep green eyes. Muscular and very attractive. “I am glad you showed up” he said walking backwards opening the door all the way letting me walk in. I just sighed walked in as he shut the door behind me and locked it


Episode 2
I walked ~my way into the room. It was a simple hotel room but could tell experience. I turned
around to him standing right behind me. It was kinda creepy but I knew what I was there for and so
did he.~ He didn’t waste any time and grabbed my face shoving his tongue in to my mouth. I just
kissed him ~back running my tongue along his he was being a little rough but it was actually turning
me on. I felt his hands reach around start grabbing my ass really hard pulling me close into him
hard. I w~ rapped my arms around his waist as he walked me backwards to the edge of the bed.
Feeling his rough big hands start going up the front of my skirt running them over the top of my
p—y feeling myself already starting to get wet. He stopped kissing me and dropped down to his
knees in front of me. He slide down my skirt then my black thong I had on. He looked at my p—y
starting to drip and started to lick his lips. He forced his face into my p—y lips starting to eat me
out roughly feeling his tongue run up and down my lips inside of me. I just put my hands on the top
of his head and started moaning that it did feel good. I could my o—-m coming as I could feel my
legs start to shake and push the back of his head into my wet p—y. I pulled the back of his hair
as I started to c-m all over his face. I was breathing heavy trying to catch my breath as he looked
up at me.

Him: Did you enjoy it?
Me: Yes

I whispered smiling at him.

Him: (grinned evily) good, Thats the only one your going to get unless you have my permission

he said standing up starring into my eyes. Those dark deep sexy eyes had turned dark evil and
Me: Excuse me?
Him: you f—–g heard me now lay down b—h

I tried to duck around him and make my escape but he grabbed me and threw me down on the
bed. .

Him: You’re not going nowhere

he said getting on top of me he reached down and pulled off my boots. Then lifted up my shirt I
didn’t wear my bra and he just smiled at my boobs. They weren’t too big and not too small.
Him: (smiled) I am going to do things to you, you only hear about in movies you are mine and mine alone

he growled at me. He slide down his pants not wearing any boxers or briefs. Just to a hard thick
c–k. Twitching up at me. I knew that big c–k was about to crush my p—y. Popping my cherry.
And I know its going to hurt. I tried getting up and he pushed me back down

Him: don’t try it b—h

I closed my eyes starting to feel the tears falling down. He was going to rape me. He was going to
rape.He reached over to the table and grabbed a condom off of the night stand guiding him back
sliding the condom over his d–k.

Him: Just for tonight after tonight I am going bare on your virgin ass
He leaned down guiding himself in between my legs. Feeling his thick big c–k pressed against
my p—y. It was throbbing his c–k knew what it was about to do. And him and his d–k are going
to enjoy it.

He bite the side of my neck pushing the edge of my p—y whole. I could feel the
pressure of it. This was going to hurt. He looked up at me grinning evil and going down and bite
my right n—-e really hard as he shoved his whole d–k all at once in to my p—y. I screamed out
in pain as he was all the way inside of me. He bite my n—-e harder and he pulled it out and
shoved it in harder this time. I continued to scream louder it really did hurt he was stretching me
out so bad that it was tearing. He started going faster and harder.
Him: Oh yes oh yes my little virgin your p—y oh d–n
he went faster and faster. I just closed my eyes as my head was starting to bang against the head

Him: D–n baby you’re so tight your about to see and feel my c-m. Your making me c-m so fast
he was thrusting so hard and fast feeling his balls started to smack against my lower p—y.
Him: Ahhh ahhhh ahhh open your mouth w—e
he said pulling his d–k out pulling the condom off and strocking it.
Him: I said open your f—–g mouth

he said climbing up to my face. I couldn’t open my mouth so he did it for me. Putting his hands on
my jawline making me open it. As he shoved it into my mouth and grabbing the back of my neck
and thrusting a few more times.
Him:Ahhhhh take it you better swallow it

he yelled shoving his d–k down my throat and feeling his hot load shoot down my throat I had no
choice but to swallow it. And honestly didn’t taste that good but I didn’t want to gag and get
beaten. He pulled his c–k out of my mouth breathing heavy.

Him: Now get f—–g dressed and out of here

he said rolling over. I quickly got up picking up my clothes putting them on in a hurry and going
towards the door until I felt his hand on my shoulder and pull me around

Him: remember you are mine now and you will come when I call I f—–g own you

he said shoving his tongue into my mouth kissing me.

Him: Now tell me who is your master? Me?

I nodded

Him: Good f—–g slave.

as he tucked something in my shirt he said opening the door and shoving me out into the hallway


As soon as he shut the door I ran to the stairs and ran the stairs I didn’t want to wait for the
elevator just incase he was behind me. I got in my car turned it on slammed it into reverse and
went home. I got halfway home before I remembered he tucked something in shirt. I was at a
redlight and pulled it out. It was money. I unfolded it. It was R200 . I didn’t care that I had it I was
glad I was out of there. I ran to my room and flopped down on the bed and cried. I can’t believe I
let someone like that take my virginity. I was disgusted. I heard my phone vibrate and looked at it. I
didn’t recognize the number but it was a text message. I opened the message and it read:
Remember I own you! See you soon slave. Holy shit it was him. And he didn’t have my phone
number I never gave it to him
I woke up the next morning actually thinking it was all a dream but the soreness I had in my v—-a
told me other wise. I couldn’t even walk that straight to the bathroom. I still couldn’t believe I lost
my virginity to that kind of man. But what could I expect of meeting someone offline. I was hoping
he would leave me alone that he was just maybe f—–g with me about that he owns me now. But
I guess it was something I was going to have to play by ear. I laid back down I didn’t even want to
get out of bed today. Until I heard the door bell ring. I got out of bed and looked in the eye hole to
a delivery man holding flowers. He was probably here to deliver them to my roommate she was in
a pretty serious relationship with a guy they had been dating since fresh man year of high school. I
opened the door. “Delivery for Amelia Peterson” “thats me” I gulped. As he handed me this big
arrangement of several different kinds of flowers. “Thank you” I said as I took it from him and
walked back inside to my room. I sat it down on my desk and picked up the card that was
attached. I was actually scared to even read it. It read: “thank you for a great time last night I will
remember it always. I will see you soon thats a promise. Love Andrew” I just dropped the card and
thought I was honestly scared shitless that this man found out my address and where I live let
alone my cell phone number. I started to cry wondering what else he actually knew about me. I
climbed back in bed reached into my nightstand drawer pulled out 3 sleep aid pills and took them.
I just needed to not think about that any more. I turned my phone on silent and within 15 minutes I
was passed out. I didn’t know how long I was asleep but when I opened my eyes the room and
outside was dark. I rolled over and to my surprise he was laying in my bed next to me. I started to
scream but he quickly covered my mouth with his hand. “Shhh. I was wondering if you were ever
going to wake up” he whispered removing his hand and started stroking my hair. “You know I
honestly thought you were ignoring your master until I came over and saw you were asleep
So you wont get that much of a punishment tonight” “punishment?” I questioned him. “Well your
phone is in silent and master doesn’t like that” he said in a seductive way. “Sorry” I said. “Oh don’t
worry it won’t be that bad” he grinned “like last night?” I said “you only wish sweet heart” he said
kissing my forehead. “By the way your room mate Jesse texted you shes staying at her boyfriends
house tonight so its just me and you” he said rolling over on top of me. I could already feel his
hard c–k pressed up against me. He started shoving his tongue in my mouth then taking my arms
and throwing them back behind my head. He reached up and tied them to the headboard. He
apparently had already set up the chains and handcuffs while I was sleeping. He reached down
and slide my boxers down. And lifted up my shirt I wasn’t wearing any panties or bra. I was laying
there naked. He slide down and handcuff my feet to the end of the bed. I was stretched out fully
naked and had no idea what he was about to do. He leaned over me and kissed me. “Be right
back baby” he said as he went into my bathroom. It was a few minutes later he came out butt as
nakedwith a whip in his hand and leather mask over his face. He walked up to me as my heart
was jumping out of my chest. He brought the whip over his shoulders and slung it down hard over
my body. I screamed out in pain as he kept doing it over and over again. He finally stopped and I
looked down at my chest and saw slashes of burns and red marks everywhere some of them actually starting to bleed. “Are you ever going to hurt me again?” He yelled. “No” I shook my head.
“No what w—e” he growled. “No master” I said. “Good girl you are learning” he said taking off the
mask and sitting up on top of me. The pressure of him on my upper body and along with those
burns from the whipping made everything hurt more. His c–k was right in my face it was twitching
and growing my the second. He leaned up and put the head of his c–k on my lips and took it in
his hands and started smacking my lips with it. “Open for master” he said. I just barely opened my
mouth as he shoved the whole thing in there at once. He grabbed the back of my head and started
f—–g my mouth. He was jamming his c–k so deep down my throat I was starting to cry. But he
didn’t give a shit he was enjoying it. He grabbed my head tighter as I started tasting his precum.
He pulled him self out and slide down bending up my legs and getting in between them. He
thrusted my hips up as he rammed his c–k in my p—y. He was retearing the damage he did last
night and it was hurting even more. I started closing my eyes I couldn’t even look at him as he was
just pounding away at my p—y destroying it really. I kept feeling his d–k tearing deeper and
deeper inside of me. Like it was a drill just digging thru layers and layers. Pounding away. I could
feel my body start to clinch up I knew I was about to c-m my body didn’t know better it was just
reacting to the c–k that was inside of it. “That’s it slave c-m on my big fat d–k” he growled as I
felt my body release my c-m all over him. “Yes yes good girl” he screamed as he continued going
faster.”ahh shit slave here it comes take it take it all” he screamed letting out a loud moan and
growl at the same time feeling his legs shake and seeing his back arch as he filled up my p—y
with his man sperm. He collapsed on top of me making the cuts from the whip burn as I could feel
the sweat from his chest drip on them. He leaned up and kissed me softly ” see that wasn’t so
bad” he said as my legs were still trembling. He reached up and undid my arms then my legs he
laid down next to me and pulled me over to him. “I am going to be staying here tonight” he said
kissing me again. I just laid there I didn’t know what else to do.

I woke up to it still being dark but it was early in the morning. He was gone. I sighed that he was
gone. My heart was still pounding that I was stuck with him. I didn’t know I could let myself do such
a thing. I am sure he knows everything about me. Which scared me even more. I looked up at my
desk his flowers he sent were still there. I started crying again I thought there is no way out of this
and away from this man. I rolled over and saw 300 hundred rand on the pillow he slept on. With a
note that said: now pay your rent and meet me at the same hotel same room when you wake up. I
am going to give you until 8 am or you will be punished worse. Love Andrew. I gulped and looked
at my watch it was 7 am. I knew that I either had to go or risk the chance of getting killed. There was a part of me that knew I would be killed if I didn’t go. I quickly got up got dressed. Walked into
the dining room and put all the money he gave me with a note to my roommate saying this was my
part of the rent. I got into my car and drove over there. I got there with 10 minutes to spare
stepping out of the elevator and walking to his room. Lifting my hand up and knocking. I heard him
walk up and unlocked the door. He opened it up and smiled at me. Another couple started walking
down the hall towards us. He picked me up and bear hugged me. Saying oh baby I have missed
you so much then kissed me just to put on a show in front of them. As they walked past us smiling
he walked back into the room and put me down shutting the door and locking it. He starred at me.
“At least your not late” he said kissing me again. “Yes Master” I smiled. “Oh you don’t have to call
me that today. Today its all going to be about you since you were not late”. I didn’t know rather to
believe him or not. “Don’t worry today your going to experience things you only dreamed about” he
said kissing me and guiding me to the bed. ” I am going to make you c-m so much your going to
be drained and dry by the time the day is over” he whispered in my ear. “Just relax baby” he said
as I could feel his hand start to go up my shirt on to my back undoing my bra. I felt it fall. As he
lifted up my shirt and taking my bra off as well. He undid my jeans unzipped them and slide them
down. Leaving me laying there only in a pair of black boy shorts. He guided me up to the top of the
bed. Kissing me softly. This for aone messed up reason was turning me on. “I am going to make
sweet love to you” he whispered kissing me and running his fingers on the outside of ny panties
feeling my wetness
I laid there wondering what he would do next. He was kissing me passionately and softy like
someone does when they are in love with another person. But how could he be in love with me.
He took something from me that I could never get back. I kept feeling my eyes rolling back in my
head as he was softly making circles with his tongue on my neck. I just sighed deeply as it was
honestly feeling amazing. It was actually turning me on. How could this man be turning me on. To
the point I don’t want him to stop. I want him to keep going. I want to see what else he would do to
me. I mean hes being so gentle right now. I put my hand on the back of his head gripping his hair
in my hand as I was moaning a little louder. He knew that I was enjoying it and I really was. I didn’t
want him to stop. Maybe I could forget everything he has done yeah thats not going to f—–g
happen. But I can’t get it out of my mind that he is turning me on right now as he starts moving
down my chest kissing me softly caressing my nipples gently while guiding his hands down my
underware. Feeling my p—y just soaken wet. He makes tiny circles around my c–t getting my c–t
harder than it already was. Feeling it start to tremble wanting him to put his tongue around it and
s–k on it. He slides down my stomach making me moan more and he knows I want him. I really
did want him he was making me feel things I have never felt before. He reached my panties and
he looked up and smiled at me I smiled back he knew what I wanted and he was going to give it to
me. He slide my panties down exposing my ready wet hot p—y to him. He leaned down and
started kissing my p—y softly licking it gently at first. Running it up and down. Ahhh God did it
feel amazing. I was arching my back having my hands on the back of his head forcing his head
deeper into my p—y making his s–k on my c–t hard making me moan so loud he didn’t stop which was amazing. I started to feel my self start to c-m as I arched my hips up grabbing the back
of his head harder. “C-m for me baby I want to taste it” as he shoved his tongue deep inside of me
feeling so amazing that I just exploded all over his tongue and face. Ahhh did it feel so good. He
looked up at me and just smiled and licking his lips. He climbed back on top me kissing my inner
thighs then stomach along the way. Making his way up to my lips kissing me. “How do you the
way you taste?” He whispered “love it” I sighed. He started kissing me again sliding his tongue in
side my mouth slowly and very gentle. I started to feel him wedge himself in between my legs. His
c–k already rock hard pressing up against my p—y making me more wet than I already am.
“Mmmmm baby girl” he said he pushed the head of his c–k against my p—y opening teasing me
with it. “You want it baby?” He asked. “Uh huh” I smiled. “Say it baby tell me you want it” he said
“oh I want your d–k please give it to me” I moaned. He rolled his eyes back and pushed his d–k
inside of me. He was pushing it in slowly actually going slow this time. Letting me feel it go in inch
by inch. It made me roll back and gasp as he pushed it all the way. He twitched and grinded
himself against me letting his twitch and throb inside of me. It was amazing to be honest. He
slowly eased back pulling it in and out. Pushing it back and forth rocking his hips as he went a little
faster and deeper each t—-t. He looked deep into my eyes as he picked up the speed more.
Gently kissing me again. I started to feel myself c-m again. “Ahhh ahhh ahh” I moaned. I was
cumming hard and he knew it. “C-m for me my baby c-m for me” I looked deep inside of his eyes
gripping his back and wrapping my legs around his waist as I arched my hips up and screamed
loudly as I exploded all over him. I fell back crashing my head on the pillow. He kept going
thrusting his c–k inside of me. My c-m all of his c–k making his c–k slide quicker and hit my g
spot over and over again. “Do you want me to c-m inside of you baby?” He asked. I really didn’t
know what to say but I had to quickly. I wasn’t on any birth control and he wasn’t using a condom
but I didn’t want to piss him off. “Yes baby c-m inside of me” I moaned seductively. He started
going faster looking up at him as he was about to c-m. He leaned down and kissed my neck as i
wrapped myself around him. He started moaning louder in my ear. “Tell me you love me baby I
need to hear it” he said. I just went along with it. “I love you baby” I moaned in his ear as I came
on his d–k As he thrusted deep inside of me grunting louder and twitching as he came all inside of
me. He looked at me and smiled kissing me again. “Did you really mean what you said?” He
asked. I knew what he meant by that and I just smiled at him and said “Yes baby I do” I knew if I
said something different I would get my body tortured in ways I couldn’t imagine. “I love you” I said
kissing him in a deep passionately way letting him know I was being serious or at least letting him
think that. He looked at me and said “Good. This is just round one I told you this is going to be an
all day session” he smiled as he kissed me again going into round two. While I was thinking what
the f–k did I just do. I just put myself into a bigger yet more horrible situation.

The whole day we spent having sex over and over again. Didn’t really give me a chance to rest or
take a breather. It was close to dinner time and the last time he pulled me into the shower with
him. While he f—-d me up against the wall over and over. I was drained and couldn’t even stand
up. He leaned me up against the wall and washed my body. Lathering it up with soap and leaning
me into the water letting all the soap wash away along with my dignity and self respect. I couldn’t
believe what I had gotten myself into and if I was even going to get out of it. He turned off the
water opened the glass door grabbed the towel off the hanger drying himself off first then stepping
out opening his hand out as I took it he pulled me out on to the bathroom mat while he dried me
off. I stood there dazed and drained so weak just standing there. He put the towel back turned
around and picked me up and carried me back into the room. Laying me on the bed. He put on his
boxers and laid up next to me. “Did you enjoy today sweet heart?” He asked. “Yes I did” I smiled
at him. “Good” he kissed me. “I am going to have to leave tomorrow and be gone for a few days”
he said “Oh” I said. “But you better be good. I will be watching and knowing what you are doing at
all times. I do own you and have that right. And if you try any f—–g thing you will regret it
understand?” He glarred at me. “Yes baby I would never mess up what we have” I said “Ok but
starting tomorrow it is back to master. Today was your reward day. But I still own you and will have
you respect me as your master” he kinda raised his voice. “Yes I understand” I said kissing him
assuring him that I understood him. He pulled me into him as we both laid there hoping maybe I
could get some sleep. Already watching this man falling asleep on top of me hearing him start to
snore a little as I laid there with my arm wrapped around him starring at the ceiling. Thinking what
the f–k am I going to do?
I woke up to the sound of the hotel door shutting I looked up at it was him leaving. I got up looking
for my clothes. In the heat of the so called passion yesterday they were thrown and landed in various places. I found all of them and got dressed. Got my purse off the night stand. There was a
note on top of it which I had no doubt he wouldn’t leave without giving me some kind of orders. It
said: Today marks new chapter in our relationship slave. You and I have become one and I couldn’t be more excited about our future. You are truly the best slave I have ever had and will be
mine until the day I die. Your instructions for the next few days are simple. You will check in with
me every 2 hours. Rather it be a text message or phone call.but remember you must call me at
least 3 times throughout the day. So remember that as well. You will go to bed by 10 pm and be
up by 7:30am and I will know if you haven’t or don’t follow that curfew. It’s simple babe you do
what I say and we won’t have a problem you disobey me and there will be consequences. You
thought the other night was bad it can be way worse. Trust me. I am happy you chose me to be
your master. I cant wait to show you off. Remember your 2 hours start from when I leave which was 7 am. My number is already programmed in your phone. Just go home for today and when I
hear from you I have a few things I need you to do for me while I am gone. See you soon slave.
Love Andrew
I didn’t know what could be worse the fact that I just read this man has had slaves in past and
which I am sure he did and what happened to them. I mean for now I guess it can’t be that bad.
Just do what he says and I wont get beaten. And let him have sex with me. Its going to have to
work until I figure out what I am going to do and get away from him some how. I grabbed my purse
and left. And just drove home waiting until 9 o’clock so I could “check” in with him

This story can be completed on the blog you may visit now


By the time I got home ate some breakfast and went and settled into my room it was 5 minutes
until 9. I figured I would call him this time again in the afternoon and when I went to bed so it would
total the 3 times a day. I picked up my phone and found his number he had saved it under Master.
I hit call and put it to my ear. For some reason my heart was pounding so much I could hear it in
the phone after each ring. It rang 3 times until he answered it. “Well hello you” he said “Hello
Master” I said “Good girl you have learned fast” he said “I see you made it home safely”he said
“Yes Master I did” I said. I said it really nervously and sad. “What is wrong baby?” He asked. I
didn’t want to tell him the truth that I was scared shitless of him right now so I just said ” I just miss
you Master that is all” I said. “I miss you too sweetie I will be home soon and we will be together
again” he replied. ” Cant be fast enough Master” I said. I was thinking of anything and everything I
could just to put him in a good mood. I could hear another guy in the background talking to him.
Making a smart ass comment about how is that your new lover girl. And then him calling him an
ass hole. “I have to run baby but I am going to text you in a little bit I need you to do something for
me ok?” He asked. “Yes Master I will do anything you need me to do” I said. “Ok sweet heart talk
to you later. Bye” “Bye Master” I said as I hung up. I guess the phone call wasn’t so bad
apparently the guy that is with him doesn’t know what kind of a person he really is because he
kept using words like baby and sweet heart. I decided to throw my sex smelled clothes in the
washer and take a shower. I returned to a text message from him. It said. “Very good babe you
have learned fast and I love it. I need you to go to this address. 344 sandton ask for a guy named
Peter. Tell him I sent you he knows what you are there to get. Talk to you at 11. I got dressed and
just went it couldn’t be that bad….right?
When I got in my car I sent him a quick text saying I am on my way. He responded quickly by
saying thank you my love. My love what the f–k. Maybe this sicko is really falling in love with me.
But I got to say I don’t share the mutual feelings. He sent another text saying you know you can
text me anytime it doesn’t have to be every 2 hours. I quickly responded ok master I will because I really do miss you. I know that saying these things to him is sending him signals that I probably
shouldn’t be sending but when it comes to life and death I think I will fake it and tell this psycho I
love him miss him just so I don’t get whipped or beaten again. I was sitting at a red light looking
down at my chest I could tell that some of those marks he left are going to be scars. I heard
someone honk at me as I was coming back from my lost in thought. I arrived at the place and it
looked like an office building.
I went inside to a lady sitting behind a desk. She asked if she could
help me and I told her I was here to see Peter and that Andrew had sent me. She said alright and
disappeared behind in the back. A few minutes past and an older man came back with her
introducing himself as Peter and to follow him. I followed him down a hallway to another room he
opened the door and asked me to go in and get naked and lay on the table. He shut the door
behind me and I quickly got out my phone and texted Andrew wanting to know if he really wanted
me to get naked for this man. He quickly replied “yes baby hes a doctor I have to make sure you
our in good health and healthy for me for for our future” I replied back “ok Master I will do it” he
answered “thank you sweetie. And thank you for running it by me that does mean alot.” I guess I
had done a good thing and texted him first I guess kudos in his book for me. I just sighed and took
off all my clothes and laid up on the table. I felt my phone go off again. It was another text from
him “by the way do what ever he says. It will be ok.” I thought what the f–k does that mean as this
guy walked back into the room. He told me that Andrew pretty much wanted a physical of me and
he was going to get it done. He leaned me back on the table checking my head eye’s ears nose
and mouth. Going down my chest feeling but gropping my breasts and lightly pinching my nipples I
just turned my head in disgust. He went down my stomach pressing on it. My hips next. He asked
me lift my legs up and he sat down in between my legs. Just starring at my v—-a. I could hear
him breathing heavily his hot breath blowing on my p—y lips. He wanted me and apparently was
going to take me. I looked at my watch at it was 5 minutes till 11 I grabbed my phone texting him
asking him if this doctor wanted to have sex with me. He replied back I am sure he does baby you
are one sexy lady but you better not have sex with him. Once you have sex with someone else
besides me you are damaged goods and that means you were unfaithful to me and that’s bad
punishment. I texted back that I would never be unfaithful to my master. He replied back good my
love. I felt the doctor put his fingers around my lips spreading them apart. He slide a finger around
making it wet. I could hear him start to moan as he slide a finger in and mummbling “you haven’t
had much sex in your life have you?” “No Andrew took my virginity the other night actually” I said.
“Lucky a—–e” he said putting the finger in his mouth and licking it. He walked up to my head and
starred down at me. “Look what you are doing to me” he said looking down at his d–k that was
bulging out of his pants. He leaned down and tried to kiss me. I slapped him across the face and
tried to get up he pushed me back down saying he wanted f–k my tight wet p—y better than
Andrew would ever do. I pushed him off of me and kneed him in the crotch. I jumped off the table
naked and all opened the door to Andrew standing there I jumped at him letting him catch me as I
held on to him tightly as he wrapped his arms around me holding me close to him. I was *actually
glad to see this man. He put me down telling me everything was ok he was there for. He walked
into the room picked up my clothes and handed them back to me. “Here babe get dressed and
meet m* e outside” he said shutting the door I quickly got dressed and left as I was leaving I could hear Andrew yelling at this man calling him every name in the book and heard something being
thrown into the wall but I didn’t want to wait around and find out.



I waited outside for him. About 15 minutes had past and he came walking out right up to me and
hugged me. I was actually glad he showed up. I was glad this psycho was there. “Can I ask you a
question Master?” I asked him. “Of course”he said. “Did you know I was in trouble or was that a
set up to see if I would be faithful?” I asked. He smiled. “It was both baby. I really did want you to
get checked out and I knew what kind of guy he is but he took it further than he was supposed to
and I had a bad feeling about it yes thats why I came. He was only supposed to try to make out
with you and try to get you to seduce him.” He said. “Oh” I said. “But I am proud of you baby I
didn’t expect you to knee him in the crotch” he laughed “sometimes you have to do what you have
to do Master” I said. “Yes you do” he said kissing me. I just kissed him back even though this man
took my virginity roughly in a way no woman deserves he just saved me from getting raped. “Can I
ask you something sweetie?” He asked. “Yes Master” I said “Do you really love me or just saying
those kinds of things to please me” I stood right in front of him starring into his eyes. “Can I do
something Master if you don’t mind?” I asked. “Yes go ahead” he said. I leaned forward wrapping
my arms around his neck pulling him into me. “Yes I do love you. Since you made love to me I
have been falling in love with you more and more and I couldn’t see noone else in my life but you”
I said and pulling his lips into mine kissing him softly and slowly.

Making our tongues dance with
each others. I pulled away looking deep into his green bold eyes. And just smiled at him. He
hugged me tight whispering in my ear ” You really do love me I can see it in your eyes. I have
been told before by a few that they have loved me but they never meant it I could just see it in their
eyes the panic fear that they had to it just to make me happy but baby girl you really do love me”
as he kissed the side of my neck. “Yes I do master” I said. “I have waited a long time for someone
like you” he whispered. ” I want you forever and ever. Will you be mine forever?” He asked. “Yes
Master” I said softly. “Good baby because I want to marry you” he said. My heart just stopped and
I think my eyes popped out of my eyes. I knew that I had been saying things to him just to make
him happy but he either saw right through me and believed it or deep down i am falling for this
man and I don’t even know it myself. “So my love will you marry me?” He asked pulling away from
the hug and starring into my eyes I just stood there..




I really didn’t know what to say. I just I am sure stood there like an idiot. But I can’t answer. I mean
this man abused me and took my virginity I mean I guess I couldn’t say much since i met him on a
website designed to meet people have them f–k your brains out for cash. I didn’t know him from
Adam and I picked him a complete stranger to take my virginity from me which the first time you
have sex its supposed to be magically with someone you care about not someone that paid you
R200 the first night. Then the next night beats the shit out of you because you had your phone on
silent.What else could he do to me if I just slip up a little I mean having your phone on silent and
getting beat by a whip and still having the markings to show for it. Let alone more than likely will be
scars for the rest of your life. Again a man who digs into your personal life finding out your phone
number address and God knows what else. Which I am actually scared to know what else he
knows about me. Then theres this man who makes love to you like you read about it books and
see in movies but 100 times better than you ever dreamed. To a man who I can tell cares about
me even though how we met and what he did to me was something I could and never forgive him
for. That is something that will always stand in my mind. And to a man who just saved me from
getting raped (again) which being raped twice in one would probably send me over the edge and I
would end up killing myself before he even had a chance to torture me for being unfaithful. I got to
say I have myself in a big shit of a mess. I have been telling this man I am in love with him and
love him for the past 24 hours. I can tell in his eyes he really does love me it is the same glow that
my parents still have for each other and they have been married 25 years. I know that if I say no to
him he is going to I am sure question the love I told him that i have for him which will cause him to
get upset and god knows what he will do to me. If i say yes like he said I am going to be stuck with
him until the day he dies. Which right now I am going to say is my only chance of getting away
from him is if the bastard does die. I am going to have to s–k it up and figure it out from there.
Eventually I am going to have to kill him just to be myself again and get away from him. He was
still standing there looking through my eyes trying to read me. I just smiled and said ” I would love
to marry you Master” he smiled back at me and just leaned in and kissed me very long deep and
passionate. Yup.that’s it I am going to have to kill this man to get away from him.

After saying yes to him he picked me up in his arms and kissing me. This was something I had to
deal with until my plan gets full into effect. I knew that I am going to have to sweet talk and butter
his ass to make him not suspect anything. “Master?” I asked “Yes” he said. “Do you have to go back I would love to celebrate tonight with you” I said giving him a sad face. “Oh that face is going
to get me into so much trouble” he said. “Is that a yes” I smiled at him. “I have to baby it is my job
but how about you call me before you go to bed and I will talk to you then. And I will be home
tomorrow night ok baby?” “Ok master” I said kissing him. “Ahhhh I don’t want to leave” he growled.
“Mmmm then don’t master I will do naughty things to you” I whispered in his ear. He gripped my
ass then smacked it. “Just go be a good girl and I will reward you tomorrow for it ok?” “Ok master
sounds good to me” I smiled at him. He kissed me again and walked me to my car. He pushed me
up against the door kissing me hard and rough. “When shall I call you next master?” I asked.
“Mmm baby its almost 12 so how about 2” he said. “I can’t wait” I smiled at him. He opened the car
door for me and I climbed in. He leaned in and kissed me again. “Remember keep in contact with
me baby” “yes master I won’t forget” he closed the door and I started the car and drove off after he
walked over and got into his car. I have come to the conclusion that I am going to have to marry
him and just kill him. I don’t know how long its going to take or when the right time will be but its
going to happen. I got home and went into my room.I had think how this is going to happen. I
needed to know when where he wanted to marry me. So I can take some action. I texted him
asking when he wanted to get married. He replied saying how about this weekend. I replied saying
that would be perfect master and I couldn’t wait to be his wife. I then asked where we were going
to leave and what not. He said he would get us a place and that I needed not to worry. I guess the
more I plan will be after all of this marriage bull shit and go from there. Killing him will end things
with us. Pay back for raping me and stealing my virginity and revenge for every thing he has done
to me and anyone else he has hurt, beaten, raped or done anything wrong to. This is going to be
the worst thing ever in my life but worth it in the f—–g end



i checked in with him through out the day like he asked me to. It was approaching 10 pm and even
though thats when he wanted me in bed I was actually tired. I got dressed in to my pajamas and
climbed in bed and picked up the phone and called him.”Hello my love”he said answering. “Hello
Master” I sounded excited to talk to him. “I miss my master”I continued..”Oh I miss my baby” he
said. “You did very good with everything I asked today. I am very proud of you” “Thank you Master
I love making you happy” “You have already made me the happiest Master any one could ever
have” “Speaking of baby tomorrow night we are going somewhere. I have a get together with
some buddies of mine and their slaves and I want to bring you and show you off” he said. “Ok
master I would love to” I said. “I knew you wouldn’t object I am going to send you to a friend of
mine tomorrow she owns a dress shop and shes going to hook you up for me. She knows what I like and what you need to wear” he said. “Ok master sounds like a fun night” “it will be sweetie I
will be there to pick you up around 8 also pack a bag for the next few days we are going to spend
it together” “ok Master I can do that” “I love I love I f—–g love how fast you have caught on. Its
the best feeling to find someone like you baby. And if everything goes right tomorrow night with my
buddies I am going to have a surprise for you.” “You know I wouldn’t disobey my master”I said.
“Thank you sweet heart. But its time for bed and call me at 730 to check in ok my love?” “Ok
Master” I said. “Goodnight babe I love you” he said. “I love you Master I will be dreaming of you”I
said. I could tell through the phone he was smiling and everything I was doing was working. “Bye
love” “Bye Master”. I was kinda nervous about what was going to happen tomorrow night and if I
was good what the reward be more sex until I almost pass out from being drained. But I set my
alarm for 7 so I could wake up make some coffee and then call him. My plan is slowly starting to
work I just I guess have to give it time. I turned the lamp off by my bed pulled the covers over me
and closed my eyes

I was drinking my morning coffee waiting to call him. Thinking maybe this situation right now isnt
so bad until I my plan into action. I know what I have to do but I have to get him comfortable with
me. I know he already is some what but I got to get him to trust me 100%. If he wasn’t such a
psycho path I honestly wouldn’t think he was a bad guy. I mean he was pretty attractive he was a
few inchs taller than me. He has a great body can tell me works out by his muscles and lower abs.
And of course the strength he has. He has sexy green eyes that any woman could fall for. He has
one of those high and tight marine hair cuts. Which makes me think he was in the service. .He told me he was 34 years old. I don’t know if thats true or not but he could pass as a guy in his early
30s. When he is in a good mood he does have a good personality. But there’s still what he did to
me I could never forgive him for. But I have to do what I have to do to get away from him. Its going
to be hard but its my only option at the moment. It was a few minutes til 730 so I went a head and
called him. “Good morning my love” he answered. “Good morning Master” I said. “How did you
sleep?”he asked. “Ok. Not the same with out you Master” I said. “Ahh your too much baby” he
said. “Are you ready for tonight?” He asked. ” I am master but I do got a question though?” I
asked. “Of course sweetie ask away” he said “Are other Masters going to have sex with me
tonight?” I asked. “No sweetie you are mine and when I take you there your just there to be with
me. Yes others share their slaves just to have a good f–k from someone else, but I am not going
to share you with noone.” He said. “Ok master” I said. “Why you ask?” He asked “I was just
curious master I didn’t want to have sex with anyone else only you” I said. Which was true I prefer
not to sleep with anyone else and he does seem like the jealous I dont share type. “Dont worry
baby your mine and mine alone. I am not going to lie they might stare at you and try to touch you
but I wont let noone touch you ok?” He said. “Ok master I trust you” I said. “I am glad you do
sweetie. But babe I need you to fo out today and get ready for tomorrow. There’s a shop down
town called Angelas. Go in there and ask for Angie shes a good friend of mine we and shes going
to help you get ready just tell her I sent you ok?” “Ok Master” I said. “Ok baby she is expecting you
around 9 so hurry and get dressed and get down there I got a couple things to do and I will be heading that way” he said ” I got one more question Master if thats ok?” I asked. “Sure hun” he
said. “Are you going to pick me up at my house or some where else?” I asked. “At your house
baby I should be there around 6” “Ok Master” I said. “Don’t forget to keep checking in and call me
alright?” He said “Ok master I will call you about 930 if thats ok?” I said. “That is great baby talk to
you soon I love you” “I love you Master” I said as he hung up. I went and took a quick shower and
got in my car. I heard my phone go off and it was a text from hom. It said “I miss your voice
already” I just rolled my eyes and quickly wrote back “I miss all of you” as I started my car and
headed down town to the place


I arrived at this shop it was nice from the outside there were lots of gorgeous dresses I could see
through the Windows. I shot him a quick text saying I was here and I would be calling him in a little
bit. He replied saying thank you checking in and got make yourself hot for your master. I got out of
my car and went in. A tall skinny lady walked up to me asking if she could help me. I told her I was
looking for Angie. She smiled and told me that she was Angie. I told that Andrew had sent me.
She just light up and said “Oh great! I already have several things picked out” she said pulling my
arm and walking me to the back dressing room. She opened the door and I saw several pretty
dresses hanging up. “Andrew told me you were about a size 6 is that right?” She asked. “Yes and
no depends what I am wearing sometimes I need a size 8” I said. “Its alright if it doesn’t fit we can
find your size” she smiled. “All of these look so gorgeous” I said looking at all of them feeling them.
“I think Andrew will like any of these” she said “well thats good I am not sure what he likes so I am
glad one of us does” I said. She just laughed and said “well I better know what he likes I am his
sister” “what you are his sister” I said. “Yes he didn’t tell you. Well I am his much older sister” she
laughed. “Andrew is the baby of the family” “oh ok” I said I didn’t want to ask to many questions or
know a hole lot just in case this was another test or he listening in and I regret it later on. I
changed the subject and said “I do like this black one” pulling it down. “Well try it on sweetie” she
said taking it from me. It was a long dress that would come right above my knees. It had spaghetti
straps so it wouldn’t make my girls hang out or anything. I slide down my jeans and took off my
top. As she handed me the dress. “Your going to have to take your bra off to get the real effect”
she said. I took my bra off as she helped me put it on and zipped it up the back for me. “What do
you think?” She asked. “Well I do like it but it’s not what I think its what hes going to think” I said.
She just giggled and said “that is true he is one picky man but I really think he will like it” “then Iwant this one” I said smiling at her. “Great. I think you look very pretty in it” she said. “Thank you” I
said. She unzipped it for me as I slide out of it handing it back to her. I got dressed and asked her
if I could use the restroom. “Of course its down the hall last door on the left” I went in and shut the
door and locked it. I went ahead and called Andrew because it was close to 930. “Hey my love” he
answered “Hi master” I said. “What is wrong sweetie I am going to beat her ass if she did anything
to you” he got a little defensive. “Oh nothing master I am fine. Everything is going fine here i
picked out a dress. I think well I hope you will like it” I said.”Anything you wear I am going to love”
he said. “By the way I am guessing she told you that she is my sister” “Yes she did master thats
all she told me oh and that she’s your much older sister” he just busted out laughing “yes she is
shes the only one in my family that I talk to babe but thats another story for another time baby” he
s said. “Ok Master” I said. “Is there anything else you want me to do today master?” I asked. “For
now just go back home baby” he said. “But I want you to call me when you get there” “ok Master I
can definitely do that” “ok sweetie now get your sexy ass home. I love you” “I love you Master” I
said as we hung up. I walked down the hallway and was hearing Angie talking to another lady she
said “This is the first girl my brother has sent here hes apparently taking her out for something
special tonight. He told me that there was something special about her and he was already falling
for her. Which to me I guess is great maybe he is moving on since he has been back in the civilian
world but she is kind of young I mean he might want something serious later on but she might not
want that you know and I don’t want to see him have his heart broken again like that b—h Tracy
did a few years back” she said “Who is Tracy?” The other girl asked. “That was Andrew fiancee
when he was in the marines they dated for a long time and decided to get married and everything
had it all planned out and he was home on leave and it was the night before the wedding and he
found out she had been f—–g his best friend the whole time he was gone” she said. “D–n thats
f—-d up” the other lady said. “Yea I know he went back to Iraq and became a different person.
Until last night he called me and he was happy and started telling me why and he had met this girl
who had changed him.
And he really did seem happy. Don’t get me wrong she is a very nice pretty girl but if he wants
something serious I don’t know shes probably not even 20 years old herself.” You never know
Angie she might be the one for him” she said. I didn’t want to stand there and ease drop so I
walked around the corner saying “Thank you for everything Angie and your help” “You are
welcome I hope you guys have a wonderful time tonight” she said “Yes me too well I am sure we
will” I said. “Where are you going?” The other lady asked “I honestly have no idea he said it was a
surprise so we shall see” I said smiling. “I am sure you guys will have a good time” Angie said
handing me the dress she had wrapped it up for me. “Thank you. And thank you again” I said as I
took it and walked out. “Your welcome any time” she said as I was leaving I heard the other lady
tell Angie “you are right she is really pretty” and Angie replied “Yes she is definitely my brothers
type” I got into my car and didn’t know what to think I do feel bad for the guy that his ex did that to
him especially someone you trust and found out shes f—–g your best friend. I sent him a quick
text before I started driving. “I miss you Master” which I think honestly I do miss him a little bit. Just
the part of how he is when hes nice and in a good mood. Not the whole crazy psycho whip leather masked guy. He responded by saying “I miss you and love you more” which I didn’t argue I know
this man does love me and miss me more than I do him
got home hanging the dress up in my closet and laid down on my bed and called him. “Did you
make it home my love?” He asked. “Yes Master I did” I said. “Good” he said. “Master I got a
question for you” I said “Yes baby” he said ” I am going to be marrying you this weekend and well I
don’t even know your last name” I said. He chuckled and said “my apologies baby its Jules so
your new last name will be Jules” “I love it” I said. “I glad you do” he said. “I want to try something
baby” he said. “Ok Master” I said. “I want you to take off all your clothes for me” “ok Master hang
on” I put the phone down and took off all my clothes and said “ok I am completely naked master” I
said “Prove it baby” he said “ok Master hold on” I said clicking over and taking a…… . My face, chest, stomach, spread my legs open and a picture of my p—y. I sent them all
to them. “Ok Master you should be getting something naughty pretty soon” I said he just laughed
and said “alright my love lets see if I prove of them hold on” I could hear him clicking through his
phone and looking at them. “Tsk tsk tsk baby” he said. “Yes Master don’t you like them?” I asked
“I am getting hard just looking at them” he said. “Mmmmm master” I said. “Why don’t you play with
yourself baby and think of me” he said “and what would you be doing master?” I asked “I am going
to continue strocking my c–k baby” he said quietly “oh master” I said as I reached down and
started rubbing the top of my p—y feeling my self already starting to get wet. “Tell me what you
want me to do baby?” He said. ” I want my master to kiss me. Starting at my neck going down
towards my boobs getting my nipples are by s—–g on them caressing them with your tongue
feeling my nipples grow in your mouth running your hands down my legs over to my inner thighs
while starting to kiss my stomach making circles with your tongue as I start to moan ohhhhh
master” I said “oh yes baby tell me what else” he whispered ” I want you to take your fingers and
run them around my p—y lips feeling how wet I am and oh god how I am soaken wet for you
baby.” I could hear him start to breath heavier and start to moan as I was saying this. “And what
else?” He said ” I want you to slide two fingers inside of me like I am doing to myself right now ohh
master it feels so good.
Sliding your fingers in and out of me faster and faster making me wetter as
I start arching my back wanting more than just your fingers inside of me” “You want my big c–k
inside of you don’t you baby?” He said. “Oh yes baby I do I want you to get in between my legs
and come up to my face kissing me softly while grinding your c–k on the outside of my p—y
teasing me…oh I want it master I want you inside of me” I moaned louder. “Tell me baby” he
moaned and breathed deeper as I knew he was strocking his c–k faster and harder imagining his
c–k inside my p—y. “You push the head of your c–k inside of me making me moan and
gripping your back hard scratching it as you pushed all of it inside of me..going back and forth slow
at first but deeper. While I am moaning louder and wrapping my legs around your waist pulling you
into me. You start speeding up going faster and deeper with each t—-t hitting my g spot making
me wanting to c-m all over your d–k” “Mmm baby yes c-m for me c-m on my c–k baby girl” he
moaned “I can feel it coming baby and you start arching your back moaning for me as my legs
start to shake as I yell I am cumming baby oh my god I am cumming….ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh oh master I am cumming” I felt my legs shake as I was rubbing my c–t with my thumb and fingering
myself at the same time and cumming all over my fingers. I could hear him start to grunt and moan
as he started moaning “I am cumming baby where do you want it?” I knew that he liked cumming
deep inside of me so I just it “oh master c-m deep inside my hot wet p—y it wants your c-m
baby” I moaned as I heard him start to moan loud which recognizing that moan he just came. “Oh
baby that was f—–g hot” he said trying to catch his breath. “Yes it was master I loved it” which I
am not going to lie it was pretty hot and I did enjoy it. “I can’t believe you agreed to have phone
sex baby” he s said “why wouldn’t I master?” I said “thats what I like to hear baby. Well I am going
to clean up my little mess i just made and take a shower and get ready you should too my love” he
said “ok Master I will. But wait master how do you want me to do my hair makeup or do you not
like that?” I said. “Hmmm curl your hair baby and very little make up I don’t want you to look like a
w—e or anything” he laughed. “But I am your w—e” I said. He just laughed and said “that you
are sweetie. Text me in a little bit ok my love?” “Ok Master I will” I said. “Good girl I love you. Talk
to you soon” he said “I love you Master” “bye beautiful” he said “bye master” I said as I hung up
just laid there for a little bit recovering from my o—-m that was officially I first time I have ever
had phone sex and I got to say it wasn’t that bad. Ok well it was f—–g hot but I am still going to
have to go through with my plan I mean I can’t turn back now just because he is being nice to me.
I think. I have been starting to get feelings for him I admit it. It is nice having someone telling you
they love you that they think your gorgeous but I still can’t and probably will never get over what he
did to me the first night we were together and the markings he left on my body. Yes they are
starting to heal some but the scars will always be there how can I be with someone who did that to
me that makes me want to burst out crying just thinking about it. I laid there for a good hour until I
noticed I should probably take a shower and get ready. I wrote him a quick text saying I can’t wait
to see you Master. I got in the shower and just stood there letting the hot water just heal my chest
and my mind. Let’s see how tonight goes if I am going to be this mans slave for rest of my life I am
going to be having to do these kinds of partys alot I am sure. I turned the water off and got out of
the shower it was close to 4pm and I started to slowly get ready. He had texted me back saying he
was on his way and will be there in about an hour hour and 30 minutes. I blow dried my hair and
brushed it out. I curled it a little bit like he asked. Put a little bit of make up on eye liner and
mascara just to make my eyes stand out. I put on a red par of boy shorts. And slipped into my
dress I got to say zipping it up your self isnt that easy and I could only get it up half way. I am
going to have to get him to finish it. I sprayed a little perfume on me I looked down at the floor and
picked up my heels I had and slide them on I looked up at the mirror to check myself out one more
time until I noticed in the mirror he was standing behind in the mirror. I just smiled at as he was
smiling at me. “You you look amazing my love so beautiful” he said coming up behind me and
wrapping his arms around my waist. “You look pretty handsome master” I said “thank you baby”
he said kissing the side of my neck. “Can you do me a favor master?” I asked. “Yes baby” he said
“Can you zip me up I couldn’t do it” I giggled. I felt his hands run up my back to my zipper as he
zipped it up slowly. I watched his face in the mirror he was actually enjoying it or enjoying the view.
He ran his hands up the rest of my body as he kissed the back of my neck slowly and softly.
“Mmmm I got to stop baby I can’t start something I can’t finish” he said I turned around and starred
into his eyes they were eyes you could tell had been hurt maybe thats why he was wanting to be
dominant at first. He didn’t want noone to hurt him again but his eyes were bold and strong and
starting to give a little this man was really in love with me and I could tell by the look in his eyes.
“May I master?” I asked. He just knodded his head yes as I leaned up wrapping my arms around
his neck and kissed him. Sliding my tongue in to his mouth very slowly and passionately. He put
his hands in my waist and pulled me into him. Kissing me back sliding his tongue in to my mouth.
We stood there and kissed for what seemed like hours but only a few minutes in reality. I pulled
away and hugged him. I whispered in his ear “I love you” as I fell into his neck. “I love you sweet
girl” he said hugging me tighter. I think deep down I do love this man and I don’t know how I can.
He pulled away and picked up my hand “lets go” he said. I just nodded and followed him out to his
car. I got in as he got into his side and we drove there. We didn’t say anything to each other but
every once in a while I would catch him trying to stare at me. I just smiled at him and he would
smile back. We reached this house that looked like a mansion I was getting kind of nervous I really
didn’t know what to expect. I saw a few older guys walking inside with these younger girls I am
guessing those were their slaves. Some of them were all over each other and some where being
treated like shit. He parked the car as we both got out. I walked over to him and he picked up my
hand and kissed it. “Its going to be ok baby you trust me?” He asked. “Yes Master I do” I said. “Ok
let’s go” he said. We started walking as I looking at all of these other Masters and slaves. Until I
looked up and just stopped clinching his hand in mine. “What’s wrong baby?” He said getting in
front of me looking into my eyes. “What tell me” he said. “That man master” I said pointing “yes
baby what about him?” He asked “That is my father” I said


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