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Episode One

The more men I sleep with, the more wealth my husband acquired.

My name is Angela, I married my husband at the age of twenty. Few months into our marriage, I took in and had a set of twins after nine months , a boy and a girl.

Two years after our marriage, my husband called me one night after dinner and told me he had something to tell me. I gave him all the attention needed, because I saw seriousness in him.

Me: “I hope all is well honey?”. I asked anxiously.

Husband: “Everything is fine baby”. He replied and brought out two different bunch of keys and placed them on the table before me as I looked in confusion.

Me: “What are the keys for”. A surprised me asked.

Husband: “They are for you my love”. He answered smiling and took the first bunch. “This is for a duplex in Victoria Island, I bought it in your name”. He said as I kept mute in shock looking at him, then he picked the second bunch. “Right in the compound you’ll find a Toyota Prado Jeep, also bought in your name”. He said still smiling.

We lived in a duplex and had fleet of cars, the reason I was surprised at his gifts. He expected I jumped in excitement and give him a hug, but he was shocked at my coldness after he presented the keys to me.

Husband: “You ought to be excited, why is your mood like this? “. He asked in astonishment.

Me: You’re right baby, I ought to be excited, but I’m not. We live in a duplex and drive fleet of different cars, why spending millions to buy a house in my name? “.

Husband: “Women…” he said laughing. “I bought you this gift to celebrate the arrival of our twins and also plead with you for something”.

Me: “Plead with me for something?’. I asked.

Husband: “Yes, something very important to me and something that will sustain my wealth”. He replied in a low voice.

Me: “What could that be, I hope it is something I can do?”.

Husband: “It could sound stupid and may appear difficult for you, but with understanding, you can do it”. He answered.

Me: “What is it, just say it to me?”. I told him, then he moved closer, placing his right hand across my neck.

“Husband:”Sleep with my friends, or any other man, it will multiply my wealth”. He said smiling, as I got up and landed him a dirty slap and walked .


He smiled after I slapped him, I thought he would have reacted badly or return the slap. Because Ken my husband is short tempered and the slap I gave to him left the marks of my fingers on his left cheek, I felt it hot even on my hand.

Husband: “I had expected more than a slap, I knew you would react this way”. He said still smiling, with his right hand rubbing the cheek I gave him the slap. “What I want you to do may sound bad or evil to you, but it is for our good, for the good of the family and for the future of our kids. Would you not do anything to see your kids have a good future?”. He asked, with tears in his eyes this time, I felt remorse and then moved close to him.

Me: “I am sorry baby, I overreacted. But what you said was wrong. I never expected such from you. How would you feel seeing me sleeping around with other men just for money? I made a vow never to cheat on my husband in marriage. Are you trying to test my faithfulness to you or something?”. I asked also dropping tears.

My husband sighed and paused for a while and then held my hands as he spoke gently.

Husband: “I am serious about it, it is not a test of your faithfulness, neither is it a joke. The more men you sleep with, the more wealthy I become. You are my wife, all I want for us is the best. Think about it, I know it is a difficult decision to make, but consider the future of our kids, I know you want the best for them”. He said.

Me: Pulled my hands away from his hands and held his head looking straight into his eyes. “Tell me the truth baby, are you in any form or sort of secret society?. I asked in awe of his seriousness.

Husband: “No baby”. He answered with all boldness, I marveled and was left confused. Then I got up and walked to the room. He didn’t follow me to the room, instead, he went to the visitor’s room to sleep. I wondered and thought about a lot of things. “What could be the reason behind this thought? How would my husband see or take me if eventually I accept to do such? Would he still regard and have respect for me or would he see me as a loosed woman?” These and many thoughts ran through my mind all night, alas! I made up my mind and decided to do it. I would do anything to make my husband happy and can go any length to see my kids have a better future.

First thing the next morning, I went to see him in the visitor’s room. He was sitting on the bed and was deep in thought when I walked in, I sat next to him and placed right hand across his broad shoulders.

Husband: “I am sorry baby, I never meant to hurt you”. I covered his mouth with my hand.

Me: “Shhhhhhhh! It’s okay love, I’ll do it”. I said as tears dropped down my cheeks.

Husband: “You will?”. He asked in astonishment.

Me: “Yes I will baby, doing this for the love I have for you and for the sake of our kids. I want a better future for them”. I responded to him. But let me ask this question”.

Husband: “Go on my love”.

Me: “Would the sexual escapades be with or without protection?”.

Husband: Took few seconds before responding. “Without protection my queen”.

Me: “It’s okay, I’ll do it. But make me a promise”.

Husband: “Anything my love, just say it”.

Me: “Promise in your honour that you won’t use this against me”.

Husband: “Why should I? I dare it not my baby”.

Me: “What if you do?”.

Husband: “Why this question love? You know I won’t dare”.

Me: “And if you do, what happens to you?”.

Husband: Took few seconds again before responding. “Whatever action you deem fit, take against me”.

Me: “That settles it, we now have an agreement. When I’m I starting and how do I go about it. Do I go out and accept any man that approaches me or you will bring them?”

Husband: “Whichever way, they can come from me or you, just sleep with anyone who approaches you”.

Me: “It’s okay baby” I said and stood up to leave as he held my hands.

Husband: “Thank you my angel, you are the best”.

Me: “Anything for you my love”. I said and walked towards the door and then turned back. “Remember our agreement, that I’ll do to you wherever I deem fit anyday you try using this against me”.

Husband: “You have my word baby, do to me anything you wish”.

Me: “Alright honey, settled”. Then I left him and walked to my room.

I made breakfast much later and served my kids, got them ready for school and he dropped them off when he was done dressing up and had his breakfast. My twins were just two months old when my husband asked me to be sleeping around with men and I had complications during their delivery.

We lived with his younger brother at the time, he was more handsome, more masculine than my husband. It with him I started right in our matrimonial home and on our matrimonial bed


I took the decision to start with my brother in law so that whatever it is that would happen will begin in his family.

My husband had gone to work, as a banker, he leaves early every morning. He worked with one of the new generation banks as a manager. I have a very cordial relationship with his brother and he had a high level of respect for me which made it so difficult to approach him.

I thought of how best to get him seduced, but since the decision to sleep with other men came from my husband; I had no fear what the outcome would be. Even though I knew that I would loose his respect, despite his good looks and well built body, I never had any feelings for him before now.

My brother inlaw loves reading a lot, he had just graduated from the University and was waiting for his National Youth Service.

After several thoughts, I decided to get him seduced. I hardly move around the house with my sleeping gown without a wrapper round my chest. I am well busty and have nipples that pushes itself hard on my night gown or any other wear without a bra. Most of my night wears are transparent, meant for the eyes of my husband alone in the bedroom.

Kevin, my brother inlaw was in the sitting room reading when I went to tell him to come over to the dinning for his breakfast.

I wore the most transparent of my night wears, which made me appeared almost naked.

Me: “How are you Kevin?”.

Kevin: “I’m fine sister inlaw”. He answered looking up and I saw is reaction when he saw the way I was dressed.

Me: “Come over to the dinning for your breakfast”. I said and walked towards the dinning as he got up and followed me. He wearing a singlet and a boxer. I got to the dining before him, waited for him to take a sitting position before I sat. I needed to sit in a position where I could get him more seduced. As he approached the dining, I threw a spoon on the ground and bent to pick it and that made my boobs almost fall out from my night wear. I saw his reaction again as he sat, then I took my sitting position. I was so careless with the way I sat, with my legs spread and my breasts almost out. He tried to focus on his meal, but I caught him staring at me at intervals.

Me: “What are you looking at?” I asked smiling.

Kevin: “Nothing oooo, did you see me looking at anything?”. He responded with a smile as he again looked at my boobs and threw away his face, then continued with his breakfast.

Me: I discovered I had succeeded in making him have erection, then I brought out my boobs for him to have a full view of them. “You’re looking at these right?”.

Kevin looked up and was amazed at what he saw, he got up and tried to walk away, he was fully erected. I held him on his erected manhood and spoke gently to him.

Me: “Don’t you like what you saw? Or I’m I not beautiful enough for you?”.

Kevin: “Beautiful is an understatement, you are so adorable and have what every man wants in a woman, but you are my brother’s wife. What do you think will be his reaction if he ever finds out I slept with his wife?”.

Me: “Common Kevin, you’re not a kid. Are you going to tell your brother? Let it be our secret, you and I”. I answered him still holding unto his cork, which seem larger than my husband’s. I was able to get him well seduced and when he had no other option left, I led him to our bedroom and we made good love. Kevin was good in bed, truth be told, he did it better than my husband does. I had more than I bargained for and even begged for more. I had my babies crying while we were making love, but the sweetness of what I got from Kevin didn’t allow me attend to them until we were done.

He left the room after the third round for his room, then I went to attend to my kids. After about an hour attending to my kids, I was able to make them sleep after they had s—-d from same breasts Kevin s—-d. I called Kevin back to our bedroom and we had more rounds of sex before my husband got back from work.

He returned, took his bath and I served him his meal. When he was done eating, he met me in the sitting room discussing with his brother. Then he asked that I come to the bedroom for discussion.

Husband: “How was your day baby?”.

Me: “It was good, you look stressed”.

Husband: “Yeah, today’s work was so stressful”.

Me: “Sorry about that sweet”.

Husband: “Thanks baby, in our agreement before I left for work this morning, I forgot to tell you that my brother isn’t part of the game”.

Me: “Really?”.

Husband: “Yeah”

Me: “Why if I may ask?”.

Husband: “Nothing much, just know he isn’t part of the game”.

I didn’t say a word again, but rather I changed the topic of discussion.

.. 🔞


Me: “Can I ask you a question?

Husband: “Go ahead”.

Me: “If I must sleep around with men, I can’t achieve the desired target by staying indoors. I need to be going out and if that be the case, who takes care of our kids?”

Husband: “You just asked a very vital question here my love, don’t you think getting a househelp will be just fine?”.

I never wanted a maid, the reason I resigned from my well paid job to focus on my kids. What my husband was trying to introduce was what I never wanted. If I must get a maid, she must be between the ages of 18 to 22. *Someone who is grown. I went to a boarding school, where I was exposed to lesbianism. The reason I had little or no affection for men. But since I am the only daughter of my parents, and the first child. My mother was on me immediately after graduatio* n to get married and give her grandchildren. Men were flocking my house like a tourist center, I rejected so many until my mother threatened to Kill herself if I don’t get married. I love my *mother so much, went through a lot raising us up after our dad was bedridden with stroke. I decided that the next man that will come for my hand in marriage will be *my husband. Then Ken my husband showed up after two week* s and I accepted his proposal. I didn’t marry him because I loved him, but because I needed to get married for my mother’s sake. I st* arted developing love for my husband few months into our marriage because he was so nice to my family, especially my beloved mother. Ken made sure my dad was treated in one of the best hospitals in town and he was also involved in the education of my two younger siblings. So I fell deeply in love with him and vowed never to cheat on him.

Me: “You want me to get a maid?”.

Husband: “Yes, so she can help out when you are not around”.

Me: “It’s okay, go get me one. She must be between 18 to 22 years of age”.

Husband: “Anything you want will be done, I will talk to a colleague friend of mine to help me get one. She’s told me on one or two occasion if you need a help, I should let her know”.

He said and I saw the excitement in him, but what I kept wondering was why my husband was doing all that. He went to bed that night happy and woke up the next morning more happy.

We had two kids after three years of marriage a boy and a girl aged 6 and 4 before we had our twins.

He joyfully had his breakfast and assured me he would return home in the evening with the maid.

I wondered again if he had prearranged that or something. I kept wondering and thinking different things.

About four hours he left for work, he called and told me the lady in his office had gotten him a maid and I told me to speak with her. Then he handed over the phone to the lady.

Lady: “Hello madam Ken”.

Me: “Good day madam”.

Lady: “I had wondered if you wouldn’t need the services of a maid, I know how difficult it is as a woman handling house chores alone. The girl I am bringing to you is hardworking and humble. She’ll make a good help, please be nice to her”.

Me: “I will, thank you for your concern. Is she your relative?”

Lady: “No, but my friend’s daughter. Her mother is late”.

Me: “Oh! Sorry about that, I can assure you she’ll be in good hands. I’ll treat her like my blood sister”.

Lady: “Sounds good, I have no doubt though. Your husband is a nice man”.

After we spoke for several minutes, she handed back the phone to my husband. Later that evening, he returned home with Vera, my maid. .21 one years of age, well endowed. One of the most beautiful ladies I’d seen in my life.

Husband: “Honey, meet Vera, our help”.

Me: “Vera my sister and not our help (I said to my husband, then turned to Vera). How are you?”

Vera: “I’m fine, good evening ma”. (She greeted humbly holding her bag) .

Me: “Evening my dear, feel free and make yourself comfortable. This is your new home”. (I assured her and made sure she was free with me. My eyes were focused on her boobs, well busty and hips, very large. She looked more matured than her age. But my only fear was Kevin, he might want to have something to do with Vera. I showed her to her room, asked her to freshen up and join me in the kitchen).

The arrival of Vera into my home was the beginning of the good, the bad and the ugly.



Vera joined me in the kitchen after she had freshened up, it was evening, *about 6:30pm. So she wore a short gown without a bra that revealed how well curvy she is, her boobs dangled and her ass shook as she walked around. I looked at her lustfully, sh* e took me back to my days in secondary school, my days of lesbianism.

Vera: “Aunty, I’m here”.

I quickly got hold of myself and instructed her on what to do.

Me: “Welcome once again”.

Vera: “Thank you aunty”.

Me: “The way you’re dressed ~should be meant for your room alone and also for the ladies alone to see. There are men in this house, my husband and Kevin his younger brother. You know men, they can lust after women with good body and~ shape as yours (I told her touching her body).

Vera: “Okay aunty, I’m sorry. Let me go and change into something else”.
(She said and made to leave).

Me: “It’s okay, just remain here in the kitchen with me. Like I said, I love what you’ve got. You’re a complete woman. (I told and she smiled so beautifully as it revealed her gap tooth).

Vera: “Aunty thank you so much, you are also beautiful ma”. (She responded, again with that beautiful smile).

Dinner was set and I asked her to go get a wrapper to tie round her chest in order to hide her boobs and curves from being revealed. She did and I asked her to take the meal to the dining, where my husband and his brother were seated, waiting to be served.

I followed her to the dining with a bowl of water for washing of hands. She dropped the meal on the dining, greeted Kevin whom she just saw for the first time and made for the kitchen.

Me: “Take your food and go to your room”.

Vera: “Okay aunty”.

Husband: “Won’t she join us here, why her room?”.

Me: “Let her eat in her room for today, I have my reason”.

Husband: “Okay baby”.

We had our dinner, discussed a little and went to bed. I noticed since my husband asked me to be sleeping around with men, he never came to me for sex. Unlike him, he hardly goes two nights without sex. I kept my cool and we all went to bed.

The next morning, Vera got up before everyone and had cleaned up the kitchen as well as washed all dishes before I woke up. She was done and waiting for me to know what would be for breakfast. I was so impressed and appreciated her. I gave her a hug and felt the warmth of her boobs, my body reacted so well to it. But I tried to keep my cool and not to be seen as a spoilt women.

Me: “This is so good Vera, I am so impressed with you”.

Vera: “Thank you aunty, good morning ma”.

Me: “Morning my baby, trust you enjoyed your first night in the house?”.

Vera: “Yes ma, I did”.

I instructed her on what to prepare for breakfast and left to get my kids ready for school and as well as to attend to my twins.

About two hours later, my kids were ready for school, my husband ready for work and breakfast ready for all. I dished for everyone and asked her to serve them.

Thirty minutes later, my husband and kids left after having their breakfast. I needed to go out, but leaving Vera and Kevin at home gave me so much concern. But I had to, I called Vera and showed her how to make food for my babies. Every two hours, she would need to feed them and also check their diapers to know if they are due to change.

Then I went in to take my bath and get ready to leave. I met Kevin sitting on the bed when I came out from the bathroom. I came out naked, he quickly got hold of me and we had a sweet round of sex before I got dressed and left. But I was not comfortable leaving the house with Kevin and Vera alone.

Me: “Vera, I am leaving. Please, remember all I told you”. (I told her standing outside her room).

Vera: “Okay aunty, I will”. (She responded from inside, then I left).

I drove out in one of my husband’s cars, straight to a mall to get diapers for my kids. While I was picking what I wanted, I heard a deep masculine voice behind me.

Man: “Hello pretty lady”. (I turned around to see a talk, handsome and fair in complexion young man).

Me: “Hello, good morning sir”.

Man: “My name is Jude”.

Me: “I am Angela, please to meet you”. (I answered him as we shook hands, he held unto my hand for few minutes and looked straight into my eyes).

Jude: “You are a pretty woman”.

Me: “Thanks Jude, you ain’t looking bad either”.

Jude: “Thank you angel, can we sit out somewhere?”.

Me: “Isn’t it rather too early for that?”.

Jude: “Not really, that’s if you don’t mind anyways”.

Me: “It’s okay, make your choice of where you want”.

Jude: “I just returned from Canada two days ago, don’t know much about the town, except for the hotel I lodged, just a stone throw from here”.

Me: “That will be fine by me”.

Jude: “Alright then, finish up with your shopping”.

I quickly picked the things I wanted and paid for them, then we left. He offered to foot my bills, but I declined.

We got to his hotel room and talked for few minutes, his hands were all over my body. Touching my boobs and fingering me, I wore a long gown without undies. So it was easy for him to get through to my honeypot.

Me: “Do you not care to know if I’m a married woman, considering the fact that you saw me buying diapers?”.

Jude: “I know you are”. (He responded and continued with what he was doing, then he had gotten me so wet. I took off my gown and bra and we went into foreplay ).



Jude was another machine, he did it so well that I didn’t want it to end. We had three good rounds of sex before I left his hotel room.

Me: “Man, you’re so good in this, gosh! You’re a machine”. (I said touching the hairs on his chest).

Jude: “You too babe, you seem not to get tired. I enjoyed every bit of it. (He responded touching my nipples). When are we seeing again?” (He asked smiling).

Me: “Anytime baby, as long as I’ll be getting it this sweet from you. How long are you going to stay in Nigeria?”

Jude: “I don’t know yet, two months or three. Came back for my marriage”.

Me: “Now I’m getting jealous”.

Jude: “Common baby, I have to get married. I’m no longer a kid, as the first son, my mother wants me to get married at all cost. You know mothers and how they behave when it comes to issues like this”.

Me: “I know baby, just kidding. My mum did same to me”.

He got me aroused again and we had another round of sex, which was the third. I left his hotel room, promising to come back the next morning.

He offered me a bundle of a thousand naira notes as I was about leaving and I declined.

Jude: “This is for your transportation and a job weldone” (He said smiling).

Me: “No Jude, thanks a lot. I came with my car and besides, money is not my problem. Moreover, you need more now that you’re preparing for your marriage”. (I answered him also smiling, I got dressed and left)

It was afternoon by the time I got home, Vera had prepared lunch and I was impressed with all she did. She took very good care of my kids, they were peacefully asleep the time I got home.

Vera: “Welcome aunty”.(She greeted, collecting the bag I came back with).

Me: “Thank you my angel, how are you?”.

Vera: “I’m fine ma, where do I drop the bag?”.

Me: “Take it to my room”.

Vera: “Okay ma”. (She said and headed to my room to drop the bag as I went in to freshen up).

After I was done taking my bath, I had my siesta, woke up two hours later. Vera served my lunch, a delicious soup she prepared with a bowl of pounded yam.

Me: “Vera, sit down”. (I said, as she made to leave after serving my lunch).

Vera: “Okay aunty”. (She said and sat on a chair in my room).

Me: “Where is Kevin?”.

Vera: “He went out aunty”.

Me: “Okay, I want us to talk woman to woman”.

Vera: “Okay ma”.

Me: “You have only been here one day and I must say I have been impressed with you and what you’ve done so far. I hope this is who you are and not pretending because you’re new?”.

Vera: “You will find out more aunty, I don’t pretend”.

Me: “Sounds good and assuring, what is your academic qualification?”.

Vera: “I am a school cert holder aunty, couldn’t go to the University due to family constraints, I am the first daughter and child, had to sacrifice my education for my younger brother. My mum has just two of us before she died, my dad isn’t that well to do. But I intend to further when I must have settled my brother”.

Me: “Oh! Dear, so sad. Sorry about the loss of your mom. I can assure you of my support whenever you’re ready to further”.

Vera: “Thank you aunty, honestly it is my earnest wish to go back to school”.

Me: “You will my baby, which secondary school did you finish from?”. (I asked and she told me, it happened to be same secondary school I went). “Are you serious? What year did you finish from there?”.

Vera: “Four years ago”.

Me: “You’re yesterday’s product, I finished like twelve years ago”.

Vera: “Una be old school nah ” (She said laughing).

Me: “That school is bad, lesbianism was at it’s peak there. I was one of them, hope you didn’t do that? Tell me the truth oooo (I asked laughing, but needed an honest answer from her. It will give me the much needed courage to talk to her about it). “Answer me nah”.

Vera: “I am shy aunty”.

Me: “Shy about what? Did I not just tell you about mine, there’s nothing there, it is in the past”.

Vera: “I was very much into it aunty, that’s why I don’t feel anything for any man”. (I got so relieved and knew that we can continue from where we both stopped).

Me: “Like I said, it is our past or are you still into it?”. (I saw her countenance and knew she was very much into it. She did not answer the question I asked, but I knew she still does it). I know you won’t answer, it’s okay, go and continue what you’re doing”. (I told her and she left).

I became assured that I can go back to lesbianism with Vera, but needed not to rush into it, I am her boss and had to act as such. But each time I set my eyes on her, I get attracted to her, especially whenever she’s dressed in her night wear or put on a bump shot.

It’s been twenty one days since I started sleeping around and my husband would always be happy each time he returns from work. I had visited Jude countless times and had slept with several other men, my sex romp with Kevin in my home has been countless.

One evening, he came back from work looking so excited. Vera and I were in the kitchen preparing dinner when he walked in. I left Vera to continue, then followed him to the bedroom.

Me: “Welcome honey”.

Husband: “Thank you my angel”. (He responded in excitement and planted a deep kiss on my lips)

Me: “This excitement is too much baby, what’s the good news?”.

Husband: “What else could be the good news if not you? You are really doing a great job, my wealth has been on massive increase in the last twenty one days”.

Me: “Is that so?”.

Husband: “Yes my queen, you’re simply the best, name whatever you want in this world and it will be yours”.

Me: “Thank you dear, when I need anything, I’ll let you know”. (I said and left him).

Two weeks later, I went to Vera’s room to make my intentions known to her, I could no longer bear my feelings for her. I went into her room and intentionally didn’t knock before entering. I met her half naked, still in her night wear, but carelessly lying down. She quickly got up when I entered, but did not care to cover herself. I got close and sat next to her.

Me: “Would you still love to have a feel of a woman’s touch?”.

Vera: “Sincerely speaking, yes aunty, but don’t know where to get one’. (She answered softly).

Me: “You don’t need *to go looking for anyone when I’m here, let’s get back to it together. (My husband had gone to work and Kevin also had gone* out, it was Vera and I alone in the house. I got hold of her boobs and made good use of them).



Vera in turn held unto my boobs, her hands as soft as a baby’s. I felt sweet sensation from her gentle touch, I quickly *took off my night wear and she also did. When we were both lost in the excitement, she pushed me to the bed and stood up. I thought she was done, but she went to her box and brought out a d—o, a very good size. I was so excited.
Me: “Bad girl, so this is what you’ve been using to satisfy yourself”.

Vera: “Yes oooo, since I can’t get a partner for now”. (She answered me as our fun continued).

We had good ~fun, such as no man can give to ~us until we were both satisfied. While the act was ongoing, my babies were crying. But I had to reach c—-x before attending to them. Alas, we were done and I rushed out to attend t~ o my kids.
After I was done attending to them and made sure they slept, I went back to Vera’s room and we did it once again.

Me: “Gosh, this girl you’re bad, you’re so sweet. See the way you make good use of your tongue, you fit make person piss oooo”. (I told her smiling).

Vera: “Na you bad pass, I never knew I was coming in here for good. _You’re so crazy. The way you moan can make one go crazy. Honesty, I enjoyed every bit of it. I’m glad I have a sweet partner living under same roof with me”. (She responded, smiling in excitement)_ .

Me: “I hope you don’t have a boyfriend? “.

Vera: “Who boyfriend epp? I don’t have oooo, just a guy my dad is trying to force me to get married to. His reason is that I am the only daughter”.

Me: “Have you met with this man?”.

Vera: “Nope, he lives abroad, I’ve only seen him in pictures and sometimes we do video calls. The woman who introduced me to your husband is the ~same person that introduced me to him. She’s my late mother’s friend. She told me the man is even coming back soon to pay my bride price and person other marriage rights. Even though I will not be going back abroad~ with him”.

Me: “Hmmm! Abeg make that man wait make I enjoy you fess. All these abroad marriage”. (I said smiling)

Vera: “Left for me, I won’t get married. I just don’t feel anything for a man”.

Me: “Have you not tasted a man before? They are sweet too”.

Vera: “I have, I even have a child for the only guy I’ve made love to”.

Me: “A child?” (I asked expressing great shack). You are only twenty one according to you”.

Vera: “Yes, I am twenty one. It happened when my mum died. I went to live with her friend, same *woman that introduced me to your husband. I fell in love with a guy living next the her flat. We got so close that for the first time I felt something for a man. One thing led to another and I got pregnant. After series* of attempted abortions, the baby refused to go. You know pregnancy cannot be hidden, many months went by and the woman I was staying with found out. She was mad at me, but treated me nicely. She has been married for years without a child, so she asked that I have the child for her. The husband was in support of it, and that made things easier for me. My boyfriend was told and he didn’t deny being responsible, it was only my father and brother that were not told. And till date, they are not aware I have a child”. Aunty Bella has been nice to me”.

Me: (Took a deep breath and asked). “How old is your child, a boy of girl?”.

Vera: “A boy, Collins. He will be three in two months time. I named him after his dad”.

Me: “Do you not think he needs you around?”.

Vera: “He sees aunty Bella as his mother, that’s how we brought him up”.

Me: “That’s not good and you know it”.

Vera: “I know aunty, there’s nothing I would have *done. I just want the best for my child. The future will tell what happens next, I know I will go for my son in future”.
Me: “It’s not going to be easy, especially with the fact that she’s treating him nicely”.

Vera: “I know, but leave that to me, like I said, the future will tell”.

Vera and I became so close that I did so many good things for her. I *gave her so much money and showered her with gifts. With my help, my husband got a job in the bank for her younger brother when he finished his National Youth Service. I helped her* build a house for her father in the village and did so many other things for her.

I started noticing changes in my husband and that started the period I got intimate with ~Vera, I was wondering if he knew about it or was it because of my closeness with her?. So many thoughts ran through my mind, but I could not fathom w~ hat it was.

One evening, he returned from work and refused to talk to anyone. He went straight to the room, took his bath and went to bed. Even when I called him for dinner, he refused and asked to be left alone. I left him, but went back the next morning. It was a Saturday morning, so I allowed him have enough rest before going to him.

Me: “I want us to talk”. (I told him after I greeted him).

Husband: “Okay, go ahead”. (He said reluctantly).

Me: “For the past few weeks now, you’ve been acting up. What is bothering you?”.

Husband: “You want to know what’s bothering me right?”.

Me: “That is why I’m here, I want to know”.

Husband: “My wealth is going down and it is going down drastically and dramatically”. (He responded fuming).

Me: “I don’t get it, do you have any issues with your bank?”

Husband: “I want to ask you a question”

Me: “Okay, go ahead”.

Husband: “When I told you to sleep around with men, I told you the next day that my brother isn’t part of the game. Did you or have you been sleeping with him?”.

Me: “I don’t get you, is that an insult or something?. Okay, let’s assume I slept or have been sleeping with your brother, what has it got to do with your wealth?. Remember I asked if you belong to any secret cult and you didn’t give a satisfying answer. Because I don’t know what sleeping with your brother has got to do with your decline in wealth”.

Husband: “I don’t know what you’re insinuating, but all I know is that you are sleeping with my brother or a fellow woman. These are the only reason my wealth could decline, I don’t care what you think. I am not in any society, I only asked a question”.

Me: “You don’t care what I think right? It’s okay, but a time will come when you will can

Is it not enough sacrifice that I made for you and for us by sleeping around with men? Remember I told you not to use it against me, I have nothing else to tell you”. (I told him, then got up and left).

I was angry all day and chose to be alone, Vera did all the chores in the house while I was in the room with my kids. I told Vera not to bother herself about my mood, that I’ll explain things to her the next day. I was in my room till night, she served dinner, but I asked that she brought mine to my room.

After dinner, I went to bed and had a dream. In my dream, I saw a mad man who followed me as I walked down the street to Jude’s hotel room. I was so scared, because it was just the two of us in the street. I walked fast and he followed me until I got to the gate.

Mad Man: “You are going to make money for him again right?”. (The statement got my attention and I stood to listen to him).



I did not utter a word as I stood by the gate looking at him, I was very scared.

Mad Man: “I can see fear all over you, I am not here to harm or hurt you. I am here to warn you”.

When I heard the statement, I became calm, but surprised.

Me: “Warn me? What do you know about me?” (I asked as he smiled).

Mad Man: “I know so many things about you. You are Angela, daughter Mr. Clark from one of the oil producing states in the country, I won’t mention the name of the state. Your mother died years ago and you have two siblings behind you, all boys”. (He told me emphatically to my utmost dismay).

Me: “Who are you?” (I asked him in great astonishment).

Mad Man: “Great question, I am someone who has come to warn you, someone who has come to open your eyes to reality of the dangers you are into. Someone who has come to tell you more about the man you are married to. I am just someone who has come to warn you to be careful. Mr. Jude whom you are about to see has something in common with your husband. With time, Jah Rastafarai will open your eyes and show you the dangers you are into”.

Me: (expressing great shock). “You sound sane, you speak so wisely. Please, tell me more. I am listening”.

Mad Man: “A word they say is enough for the wise and I have told you more than a thousand words in few minutes we’ve talked. I expect you use your tongue to count your teeth. Even when a fool is told a million words, he/she will still not learn from it. You married your husband forsaking the naughty life you lived in the past, especially as a teenager in the secondary school. You vowed to live a responsible life in marriage, but your husband pushed you. You had the ability to say no, but you accepted so easily, making it look like you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to go back to it. Jah Rastafarai is watching you from a distance”.

Me: (My heart skipped, my whole body became still). “Please, wise one. What do I do?”.

Mad Man: “You need not ask such question, such questions are meant for fools. The things I’ve told you should be enough guide for you”. (He told me and turned to leave as I stood motionless. He then told me one last word). “Your husband Kenneth Hart belongs to a secret cult”. (He told me and walked away, even when I tried asking him further questions, he didn’t turn back. He just walked away, then I woke up).

I woke up in the middle of the night and sat on the bed trying to ruminate over the dream I had. I thought about it and was unable to go back to sleep, I was so confused. But the most surprising thing that happened was that by the time it was morning, I had forgotten everything event that took place in the dream. The only thing I could remember was that had an encounter with a mad man.

My husband no longer eat in the house, he leaves for work earlier than usual and returns very late. That morning, after the night I had the dream, my brother inlaw Kevin came to me in the room and told me how uncomfortable he was feeling in his body, he spoke like someone who was in great fear. You can join us on our telegram page to read more of these story from there through fresh ish on+233544142683.I *was still in my night wear when he walked in. Vera had prepared my kids for school, made breakfast for them and my drooped them off at school. She often use my car to drop them.
Kevin: “Good morning angel”.

Me: “Good morning dear, how are you?”.

Kevin: “I am not fine”.

Me: “What’s wrong with you my baby?.

Kevin: “I can’t even explain it, haven’t felt like this before. I feel as if my whole body system is disorganized. Sometimes, I feel like I’m going to die”.

Me: “Why will you say a thing like that? It could be symptoms of malaria or something”.

Kevin: “I don’t think so, I know symptoms of malaria and I don’t think that’s what I’m having. Besides, I hardly fall sick, my brother can attest to that”.

Me: “I think I know what you want”. (I took off my night wear, pushed him to the bed and pulled off his boxers).

Kevin: “Do you think this is what I need now?”.

Me: “Shhhhhhhh! Don’t say a word, just lie down, I’ll ride”. (I was on him, did all the ride with different styles, but he just laid there. He showed little or no excitement, then I knew something was actually wrong. It wasn’t the Kevin I knew. I was able to have o—-m and also made him release. But it wasn’t as fun as it use to be). “Something is actually wrong Kevin, this is not my boo”.

Kevin: “I told you, I need to see a doctor”.

Me: “I think you’re right, go get dressed while I do same. Let’s go to the clinic”. (I told him and he left for his room to get dressed).

I went to Vera’s room to check on her, she was also lying down not feeling too well. She was covered in her blanket.

Me: (Expressing fear) “What’s wrong with you my baby?”. (I asked pulling down the blanket).

Vera: “I can’t explain it aunty, I just know I’m not okay in my body”.

Me: “What is happening? Kevin is sick and don’t know what’s wrong with him, and now you also don’t know. Do you need my touch?’.

Vera: “Maybe that will help, I’m h—y and sick at the same time”.

Me: “You actually don’t know what is wrong with you, yeye girl. Instead of you to tell me what you want”. (I told her laughing).

Vera: “On a serious note aunty, I am sick, but can’t explain what is wrong with me”.

Me: “Just hold on for me, I’ll be back”. (I didn’t want Kevin to come looking for me, so I went to tell him to find his way to the clinic while I take care of Vera. He was almost dressed when I got to his room).

Me: “Baby, you’re almost dressed”.

Kevin: “Yes sweet, you’ve not”.

Me: “No love, Vera is sick too. I need to stay back to look after the kids”.

Kevin: “Oh! It’s okay sweet, I just hope I can drive myself”.

Me: “Use a cab if you can’t, don’t take a risk”.

Kevin: “Okay baby, that’s a nice suggestion. I’ll see you when I come back, by then I’ll be strong and ready for you”.

Me: “I can’t wait to have you rough handle me as usual”. (I told him and left for Vera’s room).

Vera was already undressed waiting for me, I went straight into action when I got there. Like Kevin, she also wasn’t the active and agile Vera I knew. I practically did almost everything. I wondered what was happening in my home.

Later at night, my husband returned late as it had become part of him. He picks up quarrels at any slightest provocation. So I learnt to ignore him and mind my business.

Husband: “It has gotten to a stage whereby you don’t serve me food in my house again right”? (He spoke to me in aggression).

Me: “When last did you eat in this house, I’ve been serving your meal each time you return and you won’t eat them. So I decided to let you be until…. ”

Husband: “Until what? So you now decide what happens in my house. You should be ashamed of yourself, shameless prostitute”.

Me: “What did you just call me?”.

Husband: “I said you are a shameless prostitute, a w—e. Ain’t you ashamed of yourself?”.

Me: Remember we had an agreement, remember I warned you? You will hear from me. (I didn’t utter a word again, then I left the room for Vera’s)



I got to Vera’s room so devastated, I never expected my husband would call me a prostitute and a w—e. After all what I did for love and for the sake of our kids, how foolish I was to have accepted such condition from him. I got thinking, ~thinking of what next to do. My kids were still little, five, three and my twins few months old. But I had to do what I needed to to make him pay for ever calling me a prostitute and a w—e, something I did for him and for~ us.

Vera saw I wasn’t in a good mood, so she left me for sometime before asking why I was in such mood.

Vera: “Aunty, you don’t look bright. What is the matter? “.

Me: “I will talk to you about it in the morning, please don’t be angry. I just want to be left alone now”.

Vera: “I understatement aunty, but one thing you must understand is that every marriage has ups and downs. Don’t be too hard on yourself, just take it easy”.

Me: “Every marriage has it’s ups and downs, yes I know. Until I explain things to you, then you’ll know what I am into. Let me just rest my head, I will talk to you in the morning.

Vera: “Okay aunty, but I need your touch this night ooo, will I just go to bed without feeling you?” (She said softly).

Me: “Even though I’m not happy, but I’ll surely touch you. I need it as well, maybe it will make me feel fine for the night”.

Vera: “Now you’re talking”. (She said excitedly touching my nipples, *she has very soft palms that simulates, I felt it down inside of me, then I planted a deep kiss on her lips as we got into the act. Not minding the presence of my husband at home. Vera was still down, didn’t act a* s she would have, but did it to make me feel good.

Me: “You’re still not strong Vera, you need to see a doctor”.

Vera: “I think I should, because I am feeling so terrible inside of me and can’t just explain what exactly it is”.

Me: “I will take you to our family doctor tomorrow, you need a medical attention”.

Vera: “Thank you aunty, you’re such a nice woman”.

Me: “You are nice too and needs to be treated nicely”.

We went back into the act and had fun all through the night, Vera and I fell deeply in love and vowed never to leave each other.

After we were done having good fun, I felt so okay. Then I went to check on my kids to make sure they were okay, I breastfed my twins, then and then went to bed.

Again, I had another encounter with same mad man in my dream while I was sleeping. I found myself walking on a lonely path, so angry and fuming. I was thinking of what to do to my husband when he (the mad man) surfaced from nowhere.

Mad Man: “You are angry with Kenneth your husband, you want to harm him. You’re thinking of a way to humiliate him and make him pay back for what he put you through”. (I stood and listened keenly, but wondered who this man was). “You are surprised how I got to know this much about you and the happenings around you. Every man or woman on earth has a guardian angel attached to him or her, your guardian angel follows around, he is more like your body guard. Knows everything about you right from birth and cautions you when you’re going astray. That little tiny voice you often hear and ignore, that voice that often tells you not to do a *particular thing that might harm you, that is the voice of your guardian angel. I spoke to you when you were about going into this act, but you ignored it and followed your heart, now you are* paying dearly for it”.

Me: “You are right, I often hear the voice in the middle of every decision I try to make and it favours me when I do what that tiny little voice said. What do I do now guardian angel”.

Mad Man: “I shall ~speak to you as often as possible, be sensitive and do all you’ll hear me say. Your sins can be forgiven, it is not too late, you have a good heart. You want to visit Jude in his hotel room to~ morrow”.

Me: “(Surprised)”. Yes, I want to visit him”.

Mad Man: “Yes, you will go, because you have to. There I will reveal something to you, something you really need to know so you’ll *know how to fight the battle ahead of you. The lady in your house, Vera is the woman Jude is about to get married to, though they’ve not met before, but you are having an affair with his wife. When* you get to his hotel room, I shall reveal more to you. ~You must be careful henceforth in all that you do, but be sensitive to the tiny little voice henceforth”. (He told me and left, then I woke up. The cry of my baby woke me up. It was 4:30am in the morning w~ hen I woke up).

After attending to my child, I sat back to reflect on my encounter with the Mad Man, my guardian angel.


I remained in my room in the morning, didn’t bother to check on my ~husband or go to tell Vera to prepare breakfast for him, I had lost every single respect I had for him, I no longer have regards for him. Vera got up early as usual ~and made breakfast, she prepared yam with egg sauce, his favourite. H~ e was dressed for work and was about to leave when Vera ran to him. I could hear them speak from my room, because his room was~ just opposite nine.

Vera: “Good morning sir”.

Husband: “Good morning Vera”.

Vera: “Won’t you have breakfast before leaving?”.

Husband: “No thank you, I’ll eat when I get to the office”.

Vera: “Okay sir”. (She was about to leave when he called her back”.

Husband: “What did you prepare?”.

Vera: “I boiled yam with egg sauce”.

Husband: “Good, serve me some”.

Vera responded and hurried to get him served, he was actually hungry. _He ate everything *she served and demanded for more, while he was eating his second portion; a shout came from Kevin’s room. Then my husband left his meal and ran to his (Kevin’s room), I also joined* them in the room.8
Kevin was so ill, looking very sick.

Husband: “What is it Chigozie?”. (He asked, calling him by his native name, but Kevin could not respond, he only looked at his brother and could only make a sign no one understood with his hands. “Chigozie, talk to me. What is the matter?”.( Again, he did not answer).

Vera: “Take him to the hospital sir, he is really down”. (My *husband quickly helped him up with the help of Vera to his car and drove him to the hospital. I didn’t go with them, and my husband didn’t talk to me either. My mind had become so bitter towards him and all I wante* d at the time was to take my own pound of flesh like Shylock in “Merchant of Venice”.

They drove to the hospital, then I went in to take care of my kids and prepare them for school. I also noticed Vera wasn’t as active as she used to be, she was only forcing herself to be strong. I was in my room attending to the kids when I heard her voice.

Vera: “Aunty good morning”. (She greeted from the door)

Me: ‘Good morning Vera, I am preparing the kids for school”.

Vera: “Okay aunty, is there anything you want me to do?”.

Me: “No dear, just go to your room and have some rest. I noticed you’re not too strong, I will join you soon”.

Vera: “You’re right ma, and I really can’t explain what is happening to me”.

Me: “I will join you soon”. (I quickly prepared the kids for school, including my twins who were eight months at the time and had started day care. I served them breakfast and drove them to school, then I returned to attend to Vera).

She was sitting on her bed lost in thought when I got to her room.

Me: “Vera”. (I called her three times, tapping her on the leg before she got back to consciousness). “What is it, what are you thinking?.

Vera: “Sorry aunty, you’re back”.

Me: “I’ve been here for some minutes now, you look so lost in thought and trouble. What bothers you?”.

Vera: “Aunty, I am sick, very sick. But I cannot explain what is actually wrong”.

Me: “Get dressed let me take you to the clinic”.

Vera: “Okay aunty”. (I left her for my room to get dressed as well, I went back to her room. She was already dressed when I got there, then we left for the clinic.

I had falling deeply in love with Vera that it was so difficult to let go my feelings for her, even when I kept hearing that tiny little voice asking me to do away with my feelings for her, it only kept growing.

We got to the clinic, a different one from our family clinic. Because I knew my husband must have taken Kevin to our family clinic.

We got to the clinic and she was attended to, after series of check ups and tests conducted. The doctor said he found nothing wrong with her, that all she needed was to rest. He advised that she work less and rest more, we left the clinic back to the house.

I needed to go and see Jude and get the revelation the Mad Man (My Guardian Angel) talked about, but with the situation Vera was in, I had to wait for my kids to close so I go pick them.

Vera: “Aunty”. (She called when she noticed I was restless).

Me: “Yes dear”.

Vera: “Do you want to go out?”.

Me: “Yes my baby, I really have to. It is very important I do, but I can’t leave alone at home in this condition. And I also have to stay back so I’ll pick the kids from school when they close, the doctor said you need rest”.

Vera: “I am okay aunty, you can go out. I will take a cab to pick then when it’s time, I may not be able to drive”.

Me: “Are you sure?”

Vera: “Yes aunty, I’m strong enough to do that”. (She assured).

Me: “Okay love, I’ll try not to stay long, it is just so important I go out, else I would have stayed back”.

Vera: “Don’t worry aunty, I’ll be fine”. (She assured again, then I left for my room changed my dress and then left for Jude’s hotel).

While I was driving, the tiny little voice was with me, speaking to me at intervals and telling me what to do when I get to the hotel. This I heard clearly, because it was repeatedly said to me. “Do not be in a haste to open the door when you get there, stay out in the corridor and listen from the door”. It was said to me severally until I got to the hotel.

When I got to the reception, I was stopped by the receptionist who had on several occasions seen me with Jude.

Receptionist: “Good morning madam”.

Me: “Good morning”.

Receptionist: “Your man is in a meeting and said no one should be allowed in until he’s done”.

The tiny little voice spoke to me swiftly. “Tell her you’re part of the meeting”. And I did as instructed.

Me: “I am part of the meeting, I was held up by traffic”.

Receptionist: “Okay ma’am, you can go”. (She said and I left).

I got to the corridor that led to his room, walked quietly till I got to the door of his room. The room he stayed was at the extreme, isolated from other rooms. Situated in a very lonely end. I listened from outside the room, placed m _y_ ear on the door. I heard voices clearly, very clearly, even though they spoke in low tones. My husband’s voice was also heard, he didn’t take Kevin to the clinic, he brought him to his cult members to know if he was having an affair with me.


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