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After the day job, I went home around 8:00 o’clock in the evening. I was even in a hurry because I got to prepare food for my husband to eat when he gets back. when I got home I tried opening the door but it was locked from inside. Who is inside this house? So I asked myself. It was only I and Davidson that has the key to open this house, who could have open this door or is there any spear key I thought to myself. I knocked the house to an extent my hands were paining me. A dead man can wake up because of the way I knocked the house.

I stopped because I could be disturbing my neighbors. No body opened the house for me to go in. Stay outside Davidson said from inside. I had no choice but to sleep outside till day break because if I react it won’t yelled any result. I slept in the corridor. Early in the morning I woke up with a splesh of water on me. I stood and opened my eyes low and behold it was Davidson that did it. Why did you do that I ask but I received a hot slap from Davidson next time come home early. my neighbors who were washing clothes came to see what happened by that time I have gone inside just to prevent passer-by to raise there mouth and talk about what is going on in my house and in my marriage life.

Were are you going to? did I tell you to go inside davidson altered. are you not tired of beating up your wife everyday I replied. I am not tired, I will beat you till I am satisfied that I have really dealt with you he said looking into my pale eyes. With the cold that early morning I was freezing. We were both talking in high tune. Why did you hate me so much I asked. Did you know the time I went to your house for the first time to meet your parents, what your father said got me angry, I want to see what he can do if I beat u, is it because he is rich and am not he said. Understanding were he is coming from I said he was just being protective.

Protective of who? I hate that he said angrily. I love you Davidson and if my father words are the reason for your unruly behavior am sorry so I said. And I don’t love you I only love the fact that you are rich and i want to upgrade so he replied. Though his statement hurt my feeling but I still behaved as if I was deaf to it. Baby let me go in and change then I will go into the kitchen and prepare your breakfast I said with excitement written all over my face though I was pretending to be excited. but when I looked into his face, he was so angry. Were are you going to? come back here he said dragging me back. Stop it i retaliated. You have the audacity to say that. He brushed me down and beat the hell out of me. He went inside the bedroom and carried his three canes and one koboko. He lash me with it, I was screaming for help but no one could help me.the water that was poured on me that morning make the beating to be more sour.

He beat me up and throwed me outside half naked, that was the biggest disgrace I have received from anybody for my entire life. It was my compound women that came and supported me with their Rappers. All the men rushed out to see what was happening, they even laid insults on Davidson for being so brutal towards me. But he never cares or feel guilty. I defended him because I loved him so much. All of them left me all alone seeing the way I defended davidson.

He will kill you very soon so a man altered to me. You have a diamond in your hands don’t lose it if you do you will regret it another man said but this was to Davidson not me. A particular woman took me inside her home to avoid another round of beating.

Her name was Matilda she was happily married with two kids a boy and a girl. After dressing my bruises she sat me down and advices me. I know you are a good woman she said and pause a while. i know you love your husband so much and you are ready to do anything for him, Judging the way you defended him today. I will tell you how to win your husband over. My husband was worst than your husband but by God’s grace I won him over.

First Pray for him, secondly find out the source of his anger and try to calm him down. sometimes things that happened in his work place can be the cause of his unruly behavior. Make him feel that you love him, give him attention, cook his delicious meals, Serve him like a king be totally obedient to him. But it do not work as it suppose to, then leave him not for good she concluded expecting a question which I never asked. The _woman’s daughter her name was divine said a word before while cleaning the parlour. It was thrilling she said can a man calm an angry lion who hates you or love a deadly serpent. no matter how you try to be nice to a serpent_ it will still see you as an enemy and *one day it will p you. Her words was short but strong. Her mother shouted at the girl and told lher to go and do the house chores.

Am sorry she apo* logized. No probs I replied. I agreed to do all she said, but I didn’t concurred to what she said last. I can’t leave my husband, I can’t leave him without doing something in his life. From her advice I came up with my first plan it could be a little bit hard but in life nothing comes easy. My first plan is to be totally obedient to him. Everything he say I will do, I will even stop working if he says so. anything he ask of me I will do it. I will make him fall in love with me through my obedience to him. As it is said no marriage is perfect. But I will try my best. Oh! Lord help me i pray.


Davidson left the house around 8 am. So I use that opportunity and went inside the house. Surprisingly Davidson didn’t lock the door he kept it open I guest it is because of me. I went inside and arranged the house as usual. After arranging the house i went into the bathroom and took my bath dressed up then prepare a delicious jollof rice for my husband. I packaged it in a food flask and took in to him in his workshop. I was afraid at first but the way he treated me was something else.

He treated me like a queen even his workers were very jealous. You love this your wife very muchooo so said one of his boys. Yesooo she is my queen he replied. Guy you are very lucky one of his guys said. Am enjoying the wife of my youth, na God give me this beautiful wife which I was not even worthy of it he replied. After eating I arranged the plate and took it home.

I reached home around 12:30pm because I branched and bought things from the market to use it and cook afang soup which was my husband favorite soup, for dinner. I don’t want him to come back and stay hungry. He did not give me any money and I didn’t ask of it either. I wanted to surprise him so I used my own money to buy it. I cooked the food with my whole heart. I make sure the house was intact. I went and had my bath, put on perfume and also my night gown waiting for him in the parlour, I was even washing movie not to get bored while waiting for him. while waiting i slept of unknown to me. I woke up hearing hard knocks on the door. Open this door he said. Who is that? I asked. Come and open this door Anita he commanded.

The way he shouted I knew am in big trouble when I check the time it was pass 10. when I opened the door I got a hot slap for my right chick. Next time you should not keep me standing outside he said and went inside. I stood there speechless while he went in and took his bath. He dressed up as person that wants to go out after taking his bath. I went inside the kitchen and warmed the soup. I brought it out and placed it on the dinning table. Honey come and eat I called. To avoid you don’t have respect I added honey to the calling. He came to the dinning table. Who gave you the money to cook this food? He asked. I used my own money to cook the food, I just wanted to surprise you my sweetheart I said with a lovely tune.

Are you the man of this house? He ask. No sir I just wanted to surprise…… Before finishing the last sentence, he bath me with the soup, And gave me a heavy slap again. What did I do am just trying to be good for you I said with tears rolling down my eyes. Your father is the cause of your misfortune, what he did to my me years ago is still hurting me so he said. I have already apologized to you na I said. He went inside and brought out koboko he flogged me like I was a common criminal and even punch my belly. I was at the point of death when he left me there and went out. I managed and put my friend on call the way I sounded got her worried I know that. Your husband has done it again abi? she ask. Yes I replied. No worry I *know what to do she said and hung up the phone. I crawled to the bedroom climb the bed and lie down weeping. What has my father done to this man apart from what he( my father) said that time. I wept, I don’t even know when I sl* ept off.

The next morning I manage to get up and start cleaning the house when my husband bagged into the house like a criminal. Straight he went into the bathroom and took his bath. He came out from the bathroom after few minutes and dressed up. He went and sat on the chair facing the dinning table after dressing up. Bring my breakfast for me he ordered. I immediately went into the kitchen and did what he last instructed me to do. I brought the hot water in a jug and his teacup. I took the provision to him too. He did his tea on his own and starting eating. While he was busy eating and I was busy arranging the house we heard a knock on the door.

Who is that? I ask. Go and open the door na he ordered from the dinning table. I rush and opened the door thinking it was my husband’s friend that came to visit but low and behold it was police officers. I was shocked beyond measure. Honey come and see I called out for my husband which he did come leaving his food on the dinning table. What brought you to my house this early morning Davidson ask. Are you Davidson? base on the rank I think the man that ask the question was an inspector. Yes I am Davidson he replied.

I am inspector general yakubu and You are under arrest for domestic violence what ever you say now will be used against you in the court of law. before I could alter any word they hang cuff my husband like a common criminal, they took him out to their car I immediately followed them with my night gown on me into their car and off we all went to the station. when we all got to the station I was shocked when I saw my friend, my elder sister, my mother and my father in the police Station waiting for my husband’s arrival.


The most shocking part was immediately my dad set his eyes on Davidson, he went and slap him, brush him down and used his working stick to hit Davidson head. He hit him so hard that Davidson started bleeding. It was the police that separated them if not my dad could have killed Davidson. Stop dad he is still my husband, I altered. shut up he is a beast. A man that can beat his wife half dead and leave her, and went to his concubines what kind of man is that? my father said panting heavily, he was so angry that he even want to tear someone into pieces.

The inspector with anger after hearing what my father said, back slapped Davidson, blood was gushing out from Davidson nose. he is my husband and no matter how he wants to treat me let him do so that is non of your business father so I said, but my father paid deaf ear to my saying. No one will save you you will stay here till 7 days said my father to Davidson. Am a barrister and I said my husband won’t stay here I said with anger. My mom tried to make me understand but I refused, even my friend but I paid deaf ears.

What I got last was a heavy slap from my father, this is the first time my father is slapping me. I kept calm. If you release this man within 7 days I will frustrate you in your profession and your every day Life, I swear so said my dad. and when my dad say something he will do it to the end no matter what. so I got no choice but to obey his command I went home so sad that my husband is in the cell and I can’t do anything to save him.

The next day I visited Davidson in the prison the state I saw Davidson In was so pitiful. The police have disfigured his handsome face. Break his legs, Davidson was leaping. We sat down on a desk and started discussing. How are you I asked. Are you trying to mock me he replied. nooo i almost laugh but held myself. He was very humble to the extent I came to think wether he was the husband I knew. I am not mocking you I brought food for you to eat so I said. Someone that use to pour food on my head ate my food like a hungry lion he was eating so fast I was just staring at him.

After he finished eating I arranged the foodflask. He stood up and kissed my lips I was like wow my husband can be this lovely. Thank you for the delicious meal he said and was taking back to his cell for another round of proper beating. bringing him here was a good idea sef so I said in my mind.

After the seven days I went to pick him up from the police station. When I reached I ask for Davidson my husband. see him there one of the police officer pointed to the direction were Davidson was sitting. he was sitting beside me but I couldn’t recognize him Because of the heavy drilling they gave to him. he couldn’t walk so I took him by the hands. You have a good wife and you are misbehaving. Everything is in your wife the backside the front and everything even ready to fight her parents because of you. so this is how somebody who has a diamond will be looking for brass. you are a stupid man so said the inspector. As we entered the car, Davidson altered a word. Now your head they big as them they praise you abi. I kept shut I never altered a word till we got home.

When we reached our house someone was already waiting for us. she stood by the side. It was Davidson mother an average height woman. But she is so strick and wicked according to the people that gossip about her. She is a ruthless human being very wicked to the core. But I haven’t experienced it, their I knew I was in a serious problem. She has a squeezed face a woman with wicked heart. She was the one that told her children not to allow any woman control them let them be wicked to all woman according to one of her daughters in-law. But since they have been talking about this woman i have not leaved with her in the same house. The times I visited her in the village, those days Davidson and I were still dating she use to treat me nicely. or was she a wolf in sheep clothing let me find out so I said to myself.

I greeted her and took my husband inside. after a minute she entered the house.i took my husband to our bedroom and lie him down, when I heard my mother’s in-law voice, calling me. Anita come here right now she said with a high tune.i immediately went to her.i heard of what your dad did to my son, so you have the guts to invite outsider into your marriage life, just because my son is beating you, she said with puting on her angry face. mother…. she Interrupted, don’t call me your mother am not your mother. okay,

I was not the one that did it, I was even shocked of what they did so I said. you connived with your family members to kill my son for me abi. Because of what you have done I will make this house a heavenly hell for you this house won’t contain us so she said and went inside to meet her son in my bedroom Carrying her loggers which she didn’t want me to carry for her. so this woman came all the way from the village to give me headache in my own house. This is not what I expected from her. who even told her about this sef I thought it my mind.

I went inside the kitchen to prepare food for the both of them later that day.while in the kitchen my mother’s in-law came in and put rice in a pot and added water in it, kept in on the gas stove which was turned on by her and went to meet her son. I never mind I was still chopping my onions. After 5 minutes by that time the pot was boiling. She came and filtered the rice, put it inside the pot and added another water this time she added salt inside the rice and kept it on the already on gas stove, then went to meet her son again in the bedroom. what kind of problem is this? so I said in my mind. when the food was done she came and took it out from the gas stove then prepared her own stew after she was done preparing, by that time I was just observing what she was doing. she took the stew which I know she and her son ate it. I had no choice but to cook mine own and eat. time to sleep she slept with her son in the bedroom while I slept in the parlour till the next day. Even Davidson could not say a word.

the next day she (my mother’s in-law) woke me up very early in the morning. go and fesh water for bathing she said looking at me. Their is water in the house I replied. I know but go and fesh from outside not even in this compound and untill you do that you won’t step your foot into this house she concluded. see me see wahala oo, mother their is water in the house. Mamma please use the one in the house I said. she gave me a slap on my left chick. I won’t use it go and fesh it outside so she said looking angry and even ready to give me another one. go and do as my mother say before you hear it from Me my husband echoed from inside.

I had no choice so I went to looked for water outside with tears in my eyes. were I saw it was so far from my house I had to carry it all *the way till my house. imagine carrying a bucket of water from market junction till first artillery that was the distance. I went it three times the third time I fainted along the way. *a saint who knows* me saw me on the *ground and rushed me to a nearby hospital.

when I regain conciousness he the man that* save me came inside to talk to me. I was shocked to see him _. John I called out looking surprise. yes is m* eoo said John smiling. he sat down close to my bed in the hospital. why we* re you stressing yourself like this? he asked. John you won’t understand, I replied, then narrated my story to_ him. wait so this is what women are suffering so you still call that beast your husband? he ask. yes, what should I do?

so I replied let me hurry back home before I hear say will enter thanks for saving me earlier. it is not a big deal, the doctor said you need a lot of rest he said. but I didn’t mind. I immediately went back home to avoid trouble because I know when I reached I will get another round of insult so I was well prepared for all that will come.


I reached home late in the night around 7:pm because were the hospital is was not a bit far from my house. when I came to the door, I was surprised the protector was not locked. I knocked but no one opened.i knocked several times but no one opened. after 10 minutes of knocking my mother-in-law came opened the door. were are you coming by this time? she asked. I fainted along the way while carrying a bucket so I was… before I could complete my sentence she jumped in. so you went to your lovers house and leave my son to suffer with the pains your father inflicted on my son she said looking into my eyes. no mother in-law is not like… she cut in again, is not like what? you went to see your lover abi, you whore so she said. tears were flowing down my chicks. mom you called me a whore? I asked. a cheeper one for that matter she replied. I couldn’t say a word I was just standing looking speechless. sleep outside that will be your punishment so she said and bagged the door at her back.

The next day while I was shivering because of the cold weather last night sleeping on the tiles without blanket, my mother in-law poured cold water on me very early in the morning around 6am by that time I was sleeping at the same time shivering. go and start washing the cloths, arrange the house and mob it, she said and went inside brought out a heap of cloths. she brought out 5 of my husbands jeans that are not dirty for me to wash them. with that cold in me I did all the washing without complain. sweep the entire house and mob it, wash the dishes then went and took my bath in the guest room because that is were I was staying right now. my husband mother has taken over my bedroom because she is suspecting I will kill her son. i came back and rested in the parlour. not up to five minutes I was woke up with a slap on my legs. get up you lazy goat. who will cook? she asked. sorryoo but I thought you are the new cook na I replied sarcastically. what are you trying to insulate here, wait are you trying to insult me or what? she asked. no ma but ma I have cold in my body and am not feeling too well I think I can’t be able to cook today I said while shivering. you have to use the cold in you to cook afterall even if you die it is non of my business. she said and walked inside to meet her lovely son.

later that day I went to the market and came back so early my mother in-law was surprised because they didn’t give me any transport fair and they even took the one I had. But they didn’t know when I was going to the market a man who I knew back in my school days his name is Johnson who gave me a lift while I was going and even waited for me and brought me back. while coming back I told him to drop me somewhere a bit far from my house so that I won’t answer quarry. why are you so early?

she asked looking surprised. it is Godooo because even me I never expected it but the Lord works in a mysterious ways I replied and went inside. I went and prepared the 3 different kind of food they wanted and saved them on the dinning table. I called them adding my normal words to excape insults. they both came and sat one by one. when my mother in-law put the food in her mouth she screamed even the what type of food is this she refused Davidson to taste the food she used the food and bath me. My whole body was dripping soup. I then got a heavy slap from my husband and from my mother in-law. they then ganged up and beat me till I lost conciousness

when I regained myself I discovered I was in the hospital with doctor and nurses attending to me. I never allowed my parents especially my father and sibling to know even my friend didn’t know. after receiving treatment for two days i was discharged from the hospital and taken home by my husband. before going the doctor told my husband that he should take care of me that I am not feeling too well, i was suffering from malaria. and I was even having serious headache that moment. when I reached my house I was taken in straight to my bedroom by my husband my mother inlaw was watching movie by that time. immediately I stepped inside the house, she removed the movie casset and put ragger music.

while in the bedroom my mother in-law high the volume of her music to the highest. Join with the headache I was having I knew this was another part of hell on Earth. should I tell her to stop. even if I go she will only insult me and my husband will get angry with me with i disobey his mother what should I do so I thought to myself while I was contemplating NEPA took their light. Thank God so I said in my mind. this wicked soul as prayed for this light to go ohhhh my mother in-law murmured from the parlour. I heard it and laughed silently.


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