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while outside Lawrence walked close to me. sorry I forgot something inside he said and went inside to get it. here I have found it. okay no probs I replied. you are beautiful what is your name? he asked. am Anita I replied. wow wonderful name, are you married? he asked. yes…..

I mean no am not I replied. I will do him back so I said in my mind. your hair is finoo he said. I laughed to the hearing of Davidson. no this is old na I replied. wow you are too beautiful like the angel in heaven. your beauty radiate round the sun. you are exactly like the queen of London in her youth. the hidden treasures of our country he rendered his praises on me. All those sweet words for me wow thanks, i said to the hearing of Davidson.

I can see Davidson holding the bed so hard. Anita come ah said Davidson pretending to fell pains I know. okay am coming turned to Lawrence he has called I have to attend to my brother I said winking my two fingers. okay but can we go on a date someother time I hope your brother won’t mind? he said. no I can’t because of my.. pointing towards Davidson’s direction. okay I understand he said and eyed me before leaving. I went in to meet Davidson.

what were you people talking about? he asked. nothing I replied. so you want to beg that guy money abi he said.
nothing like that he is just talking to me normal I replied
then why are you laughing hehehehheh like a mad dog.

“He was just funny”. who? he asked. “Lawrence of cause and so charming. he looked at me with his charming eyes how I wish he was my”….. he Interupted “stop there, your who? see am still your legally wedding husband, if I see you with that guy I swear I will skin you alive ah ah he said with anger but the pains of his legs were holding him down”. I was the one that told doctor not the add POP to my husband’s legs. “but you said am your sister”.
hah you are my wife don’t miss up.
okayooo i said and sat by him touching his body just to please him.

my mothers in-law came into the room. “My son how are you doing now?”. Davidson did not reply he was very angry. “what is it?” she asked her son. “my wife is flirting with another man while am still alive” Davidson said to his mother. “ wait you said am your housemaid to your girlfriend and then your sister to Lawrence” i said. “Davidson you are confuse, the way you address your wife that is the way she will be addressed” my mothers in-law supported me. wow I was shocked she supported me this time. she then turned to me. “not because he called you this or that you will start to flirting with another man”.

“I have heard you ma, but he started it” I said. who started it? Davidson asked. come see argument, the argument was Interupted by Lawrence. Davidson you shouldn’t be stressing yourself, you are still not well just cool down said Lawrence. is it not my……. he pursued.
Lawrence ignoring Davidson statement said. My dad said I should give you this money for your upkeep sum of 200 thousand naira. Lawrence was given to Davidson while staring at me. come see anger on my husband’s face. give my mother and bye bye. Lawrence did as Davidson instructed as he was going he hit his head on the door.

Jesus he shouted. I rushed oh! sorry you should have look I said cleaning his face I don’t have any feelings for him but to show conscience as friends. I was lost because of your beauty he said to the hearing of Davidson. Don’t make me blush for you here na in present of my…… brother. okay just say you will come with me to dinner next week Wednesday. okay I will I replied. with joy he left and I closed the door. Davidson was so furious he couldn’t control himself I can see anger written all over his face. this will be the last time you talk to him he said. okay I have heard you my broth….. oh sorry my husband I replied. my mothers in-law kept quite looking at the drama. I can see love in your eyes my son she broke her silence. I don’t love anybody apart from my parents and siblings. okayooo I said and sat down beside him. as far as am here my son will not love you as I hate you so I will hate your unborn children said my mothers in-law.

I kept quiet cause out of the abundance of the heart the mouths speaks now I will be wise dealing with this woman I thought she has started getting attached to me but she is still far away because of her hatred to me. how I wish she will know that am not wicked but extremely Good so I said in my mind.

the next day my neighbors came to visit Davidson. all of them brought their presents, some prayed for Davidson. wow it was so good neighbors showing undying love for their co-tenant wow that’s great. shortly after the visit of our neighbors, my husband’s co-workers came my husband’s boys too. see things they brought, they were so much I lost count. you are taking care of him very well, the evidence is showing said one of my oga boy his name is Charles. yesoo what will I do if not doing my duty as his wife, sister and his….. he Interupted thanks you all for coming to see me, I really appreciate he said softly. no probs they all answer.

Charles prayed while the people answered Amen. after the heavy prayers they all retired to their various houses. wow the boy that prayed supposed to be a pastor because he prayed like one.


Lawrence started coming regularly to visit me, wow it was awesome being with him.
I have never felt so free talking to a person like that, I share my happy moments when I was in school and my most embarrassing moment with him, it was as if he was an angel sent by God. on that Wednesday we went out on a date as expected. But first I took permission from my so-called brother he grumpily agreed.

when I and Lawrence reached the restaurant at first I was like wow this guy have taste, he took me to a very luxurious restaurant the happening one in town. when we got there we sat down and I ordered just soft drink and one meat pie. is that what you really want? he asked I replied yes with a nodding of head.okay as you wish he said. He did the same by ordering what I ordered. we sat And discussed so many things share lots of experience there as well. Do you know why I don’t want to propose to you? he asked.

Why? I replied with a question. Guess? he said. Okay but am not good at guessingoo I said. just try and guess he requested. okay, because you did not know me two well or you are shy or you don’t know where to start from I said. Inwardly I have already make up my mind if he propose I will tell him I have a husband. He started I did not propose to you not because I don’t know you, I can use money to know your root even when you were born, the date and time too.
Not because am shy or something else but because you have a husband. I was shocked how he knew because it came like a boat out of the blues. He continued you are just doing him back because he dined you of your right as his wife by calling you his sister. Your husband is Davidson and you love him so much. I respect you a lot my dear Anita. I respect you a lot, no matter what he, I mean your husband did you did not follow another man, no material things move you, even though your parents are wealthy you decide to stick to your husband and forgo all your riches and luxurious life. Anita you are that virtuous woman they say about in the Bible. You make known your husband at the gates of your heart. You love him so much but I see he did not love you that much. Anita I wish to have a wife like you.

I have met so many married and unmarried woman w but I haven’t come across some body like you, that even though your husband behave so rudely with you you still love him unconditionally. you endure the pains of your husband calling you his sister how many woman can do that. Off cap to you Anita. he knelt down I was embarrassed. nooo stand please I requested and he did stood. listen all of you addressing the people in the restaurant when I noticed it I bow my head, this guy no get shame for eye I swear so I said in my mind. this woman is an extraordinary woman I have never seen this kind of woman in my life I wish I can marry a woman like her. from today she is my elder sister let her show me the woman that is befitting for me.

Everyone clapped for me. But I was sad how I wish my husband will recognize this and love me but no matter what, I will fight till he love me that is a promise come what may.
the thing was getting out of hands I have to force him out of the restaurant. let’s head back to the hospital I requested. okay he agreed with a bow. like I said earlier you are my elder sister from now and also a roll model to all woman and a perfect picture of unconditionally love he said. how did you know I am Davidson’s wife even though I didn’t tell you? I ask. Because of how u two look each other that’s one, and the jealousy I saw in the eyes of Davidson two and mostly because of how you treat your husband, because of your ring you tried to hide with your hands but did not remove it just because you want to make him jealous he said. wow you are a sensitive young man I must recommend. you can say that again he was blushing. men don’t use to blush no fall my hands ooo I replied jokingly. we both laughed and headed back to the hospital.

when we reached the ward Davidson was in. He requested for a hug which I gave to him as a brother and an elder sister. He waved bye and I did the same before entering to meet Davidson. Much love sister he said. okay I replied. and enter the room just to meet Davidson taping this other leg which was not dislocated. what is the meaning of that? why are you coming by this time to the hospital?. who said much love? I know it was because of me he added sister for me not to know,

I know all those tricks. Wait, have you started loving another man?. see better tell that man you have a husband if not I will kill person. You know say I fit kill person. If anyone tries to mess with you Anita, I will kill that person, kill you and kill myself be ye who, I promise he said. I saw the jealousy written all over his face then went and kissed him on his lips, he never expected it. I love you more than anything, I won’t break your heart or make you feel unloved. I will do anything for our marriage to workout even though you will beat me till death I will still love you I said. Tears filled his eyes but he controlled himself as a man will. Wait upon everything I did to you, you still love me, is this how far you can go.

My girlfriends has left me because of my condition, even the one I insulted you for calling you my housemaid broke up with me after seeing my condition. the one I promise to marry after seeing my condition says she can’t marry a one leg man. he needs a man that will provide all her needs but I did that when I wasn’t like this point to his legs. You stood by me, i insulted you, humiliated you, make you fell unwanted, yet you still stick with me I don’t know what to say.

This times tears were flowing down from his eyes but how will I believe his has Truly repented when he has proven to me he can’t repent. Me I won’t be that fool again so I said in my mind. He rest his back and laid down to sleep after this crocodile tears I will call. If he gets well he will still be the same so no need, I will pay him in his own coin, before I was an angel now I will be a demon, it is a man that brings out the beast in another man, Davidson I will make your life a living hell as you did to mine just get well soon this is my own version. you will wish to die but you won’t, you will beg for death you won’t see it, time for virtuosity is over now let’s get down to reality.

Davidson all the pains the maltreatment you did I will do it to you, this is to teach you that in your next world you won’t beat your wife again. this will be a lesson to all men that beast there wife that when a wife is a fool to you don’t play wise allow her to be that fool because if she wise up she is a devil on its own. the dance is just about to start get well soon I said in my mind.


days turned to weeks and weeks turned to month. I never had of Lawrence again according to his father when he came to visit Davidson in the hospital, I asked about Lawrence he said Lawrence traveled to USA for a business and will come back next year. I was sad because no one to keep me company but I can see smile on Davidson face at that time.

Davidson condition got better. he was discharged from the hospital in no time. we took him home on Thursday. a day after his discharged I took it upon myself to ask around were I can get a native treatment for my husband’s leg. I asked from several sources where to treat my husband’s legs in the native way but to no avail. I never gave up I continued untill one day one of my neighbor directed me to a specialist. she was sure of what she was saying and even gave me instances on what the man did for people even for her the time she has a leg problem.

I had no choice but to try it out because my village is too far I could have gone to my village. The first day I took my husband there it was war. At first he refused to go with me. he really dragged with me supported by his mother but I just asked him a question. Did you love me and have you really changed? if you have and you do love and trust me follow me. that question thrilled into his heart. he followed me like a sheep to be slaughter. my neighbor followed me as well so that I won’t miss my way to the place. don’t think Davidson walked nope I have to back him to were we entered taxi then again back him to the place he will receive the treatment as directed by my neighbor when we got to the place.

I was shocked because the man’s house looked like those olden days house I thought I was to be use for money rituals but my neighbor who followed strengthen me after staring at my pale face. don’t be worried nothing will happen to you she said. the place looked like a village I started asking myself is there village even in the city but I did not have time to observe very well because I went to seek for solution not looking at the poor environment, Because out of that poor environment comes out healing. when I saw the man it was as if the man can’t do anything little did I know the man was professional in his work.

He told us to sear we obeyed and sat on a wooden chair. he then asked me to mix somethings which I did. after mixing the stuff, he used the stuff I mixed and Rob on Davidson broken leg I guess he was tracing the broken joints he held the broken leg strong when he got to the place he was looking for he then pressed it all Davidson bones cracked. Davidson did not feel the pains that moment after 15minutes come see shout Davidson shouted like a baby mommy flog with cane. my own was to rob is back and tell him sorry but I was equally laughing because he was behaving like a child. wow a man that always beat me is shouting as if am the one beating him. tomorrow when you people come you won’t carry him on your back or with anything he will come here walking not totally normal but he will walk so said the man.

I was so grateful I gave he a token of 50 thousand naira but he refused. untill he is well I won’t collect any money from you so he said. my neighbor tapped me. that’s what he those to everyone that comes to him so she said and we all left the man’s place. am not a super woman but what should I do I did it because I love my husband though he was heavy but I just have to do it for his sake, although cars cannot reach my destination but still yet with my endless Love to him I did it.

when we got home I saw a note on the couch. after reading it I was shocked a mother leaving her son because she heard her cassava farm was dieing down. I didn’t inform Davidson because he was in so much pains. I took him to bed avoiding all his questions of were is Mama?.

through out that night I couldn’t sleep I was faning Davidson because there was no light. the pains grew stronger every minute when it reached 4am in the morning Davidson slept off like a baby like wise me.when I woke up it was 10 o’clock in the morning. I wanted to get up when a soft hand touched me horny relax I brought you tea and bread just eat I have don all the house chores you Normally do just cool down me and you will go there today your boiled water is ready I know how you wanted it.

Davidson gave me a kiss and went out liping. I was shocked my husband, maybe this is another pretence but at first I said I must win his heart now seeing his tears in the hospital reminded me of the pains he made me went through and that got me angry. what should I do should I allow live to lead or anger for if I allow live won’t I be hurt again? so I asked.


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