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My name is Anita, but my friends like to call me Anni. I came from a very wealthy family, my father is a senator while my mother is a vice counselor in RSU university. Am 29 years old, though people say I am a slim fitted girl which I agree i am. Am fair in complexion and when you see me in my traditional attire you will know am an igbo girl. Am also a graduate of the university of ibadan, I studied law over there and even went to law school in ibadan.

After my law school I took an exam before being called to bar. I was called to bar 7th of January 2015 that was when I became a satisfied barestter. My mom and dad were proud of me even my elder sister who was an accountant was very proud of me, to an extent she announce my success in her place of work. She works as a banker, that was what the system offered her with. She is proud of that too.

Let me tell you how I met my husband though it will be strange but that was the way God wanted me to meet him. He worked as a local mechanic, he repairs cars. Don’t think he is working in a car company nope, he is a selfemployed man but what I like him for is he loved his work and he is a diligent man. One day I went to repair my dad’s car so a man led me to him. I never knew love at first sight was real not untill I saw him. I fell in love with him at first sight unknown to me that he admire me too. After repairing the car I paid him and drove the car out he was just staring at my big……

I won’t say that. But I was looking at his fitness and handsomeness, wow he was a man of my dreams. Just to see him again I normally go there to hangout with him. I like to call him angel Gabriel because he is indeed an angel with good message but his name as he said was Davidson. Sometimes when am sad he comfort me and encourage me to move ahead I fell so in love with him that I lost my sense of thinking. Because I only think of him even in my dreams he is present there.

Don’t think he has propose to me nope I was just in love with him and he also, but we were too shy to say it or should I say he was too shy to say it. I got to know his father, mother and six brothers he was the first among them but the other five are happily married. I got so close to them to the extent I visit them thrice a week. Sometimes I will go to the village to meet Davidson parents while other times I visit the second child which name was Goodluck.

Goodluck was a banker too. One day I visited Goodluck home just to surprise them but what I saw Goodluck doing to his wife shocked me. He was beating his wife mercilessly and I separated them. Though his wife was innocent but he deemed it fit to beat her for no just reason. I called them to order and told him if he tries it again I will sue him to court. Davidson was so proud of me after hearing what I did. To make the story short, i and Davidson got into a serious dating relationship. In that relationship I saw him as a good man even though many people told me that there family is no go area I paid deaf ears to there saying because everyone can’t be the same unknown to me that blood was indeed thicker than water.


I took Davidson to my house just for him to meet my parents and my elder sister after much of persuasion. We got to my house, I told him to seat while I went to call my parents. He sat like a gentleman man. “wow you have a nice home and a wealthy parent” so he said looking at me with his sexy eyes. Thanks I replied. I went in and called my parents to meet the man that has captured my heart. They came down and met with Davidson. Davidson stood up and greeted them.

“Have your seat” said my dad. “thanks sir” Davidson replied. By that time my sister was at work and will definitely come back by 7pm because it was Saturday. I thought she won’t go to *work because she was feeling a little bit dizzy that very morning but she went after all. “So tell me young man what did you do for a living” my dad asked. “I am a mechanic sir I repair cars” Davidson replied. “* He was the one that repaired your car dad” I added. “Wow what a wonderful handwork impressive my mom said smiling”, I like him already, my daughter you are so lucky my mom said. Am not done boy my *father said grumpily, If my daughter get married to you and you make her in anyway cry or make her feel she has nobody, boy you are going to get it hot from me I promised. my dad said in a protective manner.

Sir I won’t do* that, because *your daughter is my queen and I won’t make her shed tears if she does shed tears for me then skin me alive or even kill me for she is my queen I can’t do* that *Davidson said looking serious about it. That’s more I like it my mom said blushing. My dad was not satisfied with the answer so he dragged me inside his room, facing backwards with both hands crossed behind him. “My daughter I don’t like that man cho* ose another” said my dad. But I retaliated, father I love him and you don’t have any right to choose the man I will spend the rest of my life with. I immediately begged him for being harsh towards him. My daughter I have seen that man as a man that can beat his wife, as it is said by there fruit you shall know them.

Please I don’t want any harm to befall you don’t go on with this relationship my dad said touching my hands in a lovely manner. Dad I can’t leave him if I do I will kill myself because I love him selflessly i replied trying to make my dad understand my own point of view. What an old man see while sitting down a young man cannot see it even if he climb the tallest tree. A man can only pretend to be good but touch his tale he will roar like the lion and devour you. Don’t judge a man by his outter appearance judge him by his inner appearance for he can pretend to be good but a danger zone instead. You can marry a beast thinking his a sheep. Don’t be that stubborn fly that follows the corpse to the grave even after lots of advice.

He that never listened to advice when the repercussion comes let him not run but face it for that is what he deserves. My daughter don’t be a fool for it is only the fool that never listen to an advice. he concluded with that last words and left me all alone in his room. Though the words hit me so hard that I couldn’t stand up but cried bitterly. I must test this man by offending him so I said and left the room.

[2/13, 1:09 PM] Story P: *THE👺👺👹👹👹 BEAST I CALLED MY HUSBAND*


After the meeting with my parents, I went with him to his rented apartment. He leaved in a two bedroom flat. the house was beautifully decorated with elegant looks. I can’t describe it because it was too beautiful. More beautiful than the old one he did before. I went to the kitchen to do something. I purposed in my heart that if he tries anything I will cut off the relationship. I intentionally broke a glass cup unknown to me it was even his favorite glass cup. He ran to the kitchen to check on me but saw his glass cup on the ground broken into pieces. This is my favorite glass cup how did you break it. why oh!

Do he said looking so angry. It was a mistake am sorry so I said putting on a pretentious look. Okay don’t worry I hope you are not hurt so he said. He took me out and nurtured me like a baby, he treated me so good that I almost crossed my limit with him but I controlled myself.
The next day we both went out on a date which was really nice we went to a big and fancy restaurant because I wanted it to be so, not because I like high class thing but I wanted to test him. I demanded a lot. He paid all the bills, he never complained or murmured. He went to ease himself so I ordered for a beer called hero I poured all the drink into a bottle that was before me and I hid it. I saw him coming close so I pretended I drank a lot of beer. He was shocked but never altered a word. I told him to pay to 4 bottles of beer which I never ordered. I even went on to embarrassed him by vomiting on him. I wanted to just test him but he passed the manly test. He took me to his house and laid me down on his bed. I went on and tested him sexually pretending I was drunk while I wasn’t. I romanced him to an extent his sexual urge arose, but he didn’t fall, rather he left me and slept in the parlour.

After that day I tried him emotionally by breaking up with him over a minor incident that happened between us. I saw a girl picture in his phone so I went on to ask who the girl was. But he didn’t give the answer I wanted, so I broke up with him. He came to my father’s house a day after and begged me. He explained that it was his colleague’s wife. I forgave him and we reconciled. After testing him enough I was convinced beyond major that he is a good and nice man.
I invited him one certain Sunday evening just for him to meet my elder sister which I thought was not even a good idea. He met with my elder sister but my elder sister disliked Davidson and told me the same thing my dad said to me as if they planned it. She even added, “all that glitters are not gold”. But i told her, she was just jealous of me. Though I was harsh but I still apologize to her and she forgave me. Just for my happiness they all gave there consent for I and Davidson to proceed with the married even Davidson side did the same.

After 3months of dating we finally agreed to get married. There was an incident that left me speechless, this happened before my traditional wedding. Desmond wife, her name was Grace called my cell phone. I picked up the phone, who is this so I asked. Am Desmond wife she replied. She told me to meet up with her, she gave me the address of the place though it was past 7pm but the way she sounded I instantly got up and went to her. That night I was in my father’s house not in Davidson house. I left and took a taxi to the place. it was a restaurant, she even stood there waiting for me.

I walked down to were she was standing. we both went inside and sat down. she told me everything about herself and what she was passing through in her marriage. Hi ish on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more intriguing stories.I felt pity for her that she was passing through that in her marriage so I advice her on what to do. But she said i should not get married to Davidson that he is worst than a devil . She narrated all the girls Davidson dated and their ending but I know Davidson has changed because Davidson already told me all that. I told her what I saw in Davidson but she told me that that was how they all pretend to take them in, after that, they will show their true colour. But i told her not everybody are the same because Davidson is not that type of man.

He can’t even hurt a fly, he is just too good. She stood up and told me welcome to hell. She walked out on me. She left me speechless their, it was as if I was walking into hell taking into the Chambers of death knownly. Should I go on or should I cut off from these marriage. should I still go ahead because maybe I might change him if that spirit comes again. what should I do so I thought to myself.



I still went on with the marriage. We did our traditional marriage as arranged. After that day, months later we did our white wedding. It was awesome. People came from East, West, North and South just to attend the wedding. Senator were invited by my father. It was a grand celebration. After the white wedding we were escorted to our house. He suggested that there should be no honey moon. Wow what a wonderful day so I said to my husband. But he didn’t reply.

He walked inside as if someone offended him. I went inside and took a shower. I came out with just a toll tired round my waist when he barged into the room took his stuffs and went inside the bathroom to take his own shower. The way he behaved was something else, but I didn’t pay attention to his lunatic attitude. His phone vibrated on the bed, were he kept it and went to bath. So I went to pick the phone to check who was calling or who sent a message. I picked the phone trying to unlock it, a heavy slap landed on my left chick. I fell on the bed holding my left chick looking at him with an unbelievable look. I can’t imagine my father slapping me not alone someone else. I stood up and retaliated.who gave you the audacity, the impetus to slap me? so I asked angrily. Are you talking to me like that, he repeated it thrice and landed another slap on my left chick again. I didn’t have the courage to cry. I just stood looking at him while tears was rolling down my chicks.

He landed another one and brush me down as if I was his fellow man. That day he disfigured my pretty face and wounded me seriously. He used his left hand and back slap me with force having the ring on his finger. He matched my stomach twice and left me all alone in the room to die. I struggled with myself, and landed myself on the bed. I thought I won’t even give birth because of how he matched my stomach. It affected me seriously. I even vomited blood. I struggled with the pains. I went into the kitchen to boil water. When the water was hot I took it to the bathroom and press my stomach with it.

After 5 minutes in the bathroom I came out and the remaining it the kettle I mixed it with cold water it was worm somehow so I drank it and went back to sleep. I was relive of the pains that night. I slept from 7pm till the dawn.

I woke up with a hit on my laps. Lazy bones stand up, go and prepare my breakfast am hungry. I tried opening my eyes to see the person when I receive another hit harder than the first one. I woke up with tension all over me. low and behold it was Davidson my husband. Go to the kitchen and prepare my breakfast am hungry he said with a high tune. Okay sir I replied while trembling. I went to the kitchen, I held the kittle but my hands were still shaking. I put it on the gas stove and turned it on. I went on to carry a tea cup, while crying it it slipped out of my hands and fell on the tilled ground and broke into pieces. Davidson rushed into the kitchen on hearing the noise .

He came to check what happened. But he saw his tea cup on the ground. It was not his favorite glass cup although. What happened how did you do it he said with an angry looking face. Do you know I spent alot buying those teacup you are just breaking up and down. Am not rich like your so-called father so behave yourself he added. It was a mistake please am sorry I said trembling in fear. Before I knew it a slap landed on my left chick, Jesus!!!! I shouted. he beat me up and hit my head on the broken pieces *of the tea cup which were on the ground. Stand up and do my tea am waiting for it he said and left the kitchen panting heavily. I* stood up with my bleeding head, till now I don’t know how I managed to survived it. I manage to do the tea. I brought it to the dinning table and *called him to come and take his breakfast.

He approached me and slap me again. next time if you want to call me add honey or darling don’t call me as if we are mate am your husband the head and I even senior you with age so h* e said . I stood there speechless, while he took the tea cup with the tea in it and poured it on me, next time don’t make my tea, boil the water put it inside the jug and bring it to me he said *and left the house looking unkept. He came back after few minutes with three canes and one koboko. I was arranging the house after dressing my wounds when he came back. What are this for, we don’t have any baby ye* t, even if we had will you treat them like criminals I ask.This are for you if you miss up he said.

He went in and kept the canes and the koboko in the bedroom. After a while he called me, so I went. He ask me to lie down on the bed which I willingly did. He undressed me and kept me nude on the bed. He did to himself likewise. I want to sleep with you now. so he said. Am still a virgin please be gentle with me I said looking at him. He went inside me so hard it was not sex anymore, I will tag it molestation. He did so hard that i was screaming for help. He sex me as if I was a whore. After he finish he dusted himself and went into the bathroom to have his bath, While I was still on the bed crying as if I was raped by another man. I cried bitterly because it was so painful. After 10 minutes he came out of the bathroom and wore his clothes, of he went to his working place without any remorse, While my head was started bleeding again this time it was bleeding slowly.


I stood up with the pains and dressed my wounds. I manage to go to work because I had a case at hand and it needs an urgent attention. Though i haven’t hear the case am going to fight. I went ahead and arranged the whole house, got my self ready and off I went to my office without eating any food. I got to my office around 8am.

The people were already waiting for me in my office so I heard from one of my colleagues. While entering into my office I over heard some of my gossiping colleagues talking about me. I thought they saw my wounds earlier but when I listened closely they were only gossiping about my wedding and how big it was, they even said I was a lucky girl. What! a lucky girl so I said. to me that was ironical. I went into my office to meet my clients. They stood up and greeted me immediately they saw me entering the office, i exchange handshake with the two of them. Have your seats so I said. thank you mam the woman replied. what brought you two to my office?, I asked.

Mam I came to complain something to you she said looking into my wounded eyes. before continueing what Happened to you mam? you are badly injured. she asked looking curios. nothing I just have some scratches thanks for asking anyway I replied pretentiously. the way she looked is like she understood what was going on. So tell me what brought you to my office? I asked again. The young man seating by me is my first son he is 25 years old she said and pause a while. to me I thought the young man was her husband because the young man was huge and even have beers.

Tears were dropping over the woman’s face. I have endured enough I want to sue the beast I called my husband to court, he has treated me badly since we entered into our marriage. Sometimes he will starve me because of that I have developed an Asthma. Othertimes he will lie me down on the bed and flog me as if I was his puppet. After that he will go extra mile to humiliate me in front of my childrens even in front of his younger brothers. One day he beat me and kept me half naked before his younger brother because I slapped his brother for dishing food from my pot without my consent.

The other day his younger brother raise up his hands and slapped me because I mistakenly poured the tea I prepared for him on the ground. my son and I beat him up when, my husband came back he beat up my son first and then turned to me. He beat me as if I was a common criminal, I never knew it will turn to this, there are many more things he has done too. I married him thinking I can change him but he has turned from a sheep to a beast. After the woman has narrated all her sad stories, I told her I will help her to get justice for what the man has done to her, She concurred. I told her to go, that after 3 days she should come back and we will proceed with the legal documents.

After she left tears rolled down from my eyes down to my chicks. So other women are passing through what am passing through some even worst than it, so I thought to myself. I was still lost in my own world when my best friend walk in. Anni baby she called me but I was lost in my own world. she slammed her fingers that was when i realized myself. welcome back my friend who was lost in her own world she said looking at me with her sexy eyes. she was putting on a skit that bearly passes her knees with a sleeveless cloth hanging her hand bag on her shoulder. Welcome my friend I said. What were you thinking about? she asked. nothing have your seat, I replied

Are you thinking about your husband lovi lovi She said jokingly. Stop have your seat I reacted out of anger. “What is it bab why are you being aggressive all of a sudden” she said looking surprised. “Am sorry i know i over reacted am sorry” I pleaded with her. Hmmmm you have changed ooo is like your husband has change youoo She said. “So how far, what brought you to my office”? I asked looking at her pretty eyes. “Nothingooo just want to check on my friend” She replied with a smile on her face.

“Anything for your bab I asked jokingly”. “nothing na myself I bring” she replied. Okayooo I exclamated. She spotted the wounds on my face and the one on my head. “what happened to you”? she ask looking worried. nothing I said trying to Doge her questions. “tell me who did this to you” she asked again. “I said nothing” pretending to be angry. Bab you can’t fool me we have been friends since childhood so tell what happened. I had no option so I narrated everything to her. What, so he did this to you? she asked. yes he did, I replied. I want you to get out of his house she said looking serious about it.

Hmmmm I don’t think so I suggested. What is your plan, he is going to kill you if you continue to stay there she said. Noo he *won’t he deep down I know he still love me a* nd I know I can still bring the best in out of him, I know I can make him to realize his mistake, So I said trying to make her reason with me. My friend I pity for you, sorry to say you are a fool, bigger one for that matter, is like saying you want devil to repent and serve God. I know I can do it I insisted. suit yourself mtcheeeew she said left my office with anger. I can do something about it, I can change him. I just need a plan so I said to myself.


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