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NEPA came back shorty after I had slept off, by that time my husband was not at home he went to work. Though his wounds have not been fully healed but he said his customers are always disturbing him. The music was on and been put in a high tune already, the noise was so much that it worked me up, with the anger I went straight to the parlour and lowered the loud music, my mother in-law storm from her bedroom straight to the parlour. Who on earth ask you to lower the volume of this music? she asked angrily. the music is disturbing me and you know am not feeling too well I replied. so you have the guts to lower the music I was listening to. if you are not feet well and you think the music is disturbing you then get out of this house she said. but I want to rest according to the doctor’s…,

before I could say another word she gave me a slap on my right chick. don’t there lecture me on things about doctor’s she said. I wanted to retaliate but I held back my self and went inside my bedroom. still, the noise was too much I have to go outside to take fresh air. I was outside when my husband arrive. you came very early today, honey what’s the problem? I asked looking at him. nothing he replied and went inside. When he got inside it was not up to 7 minutes he called me from inside so I went. so you said my mother stinks right? you said she is he mother of a bastard right? he asked. I said what? I replied. you have the guts to answer me by asking questions. you insulted my mother in my absence and you want me to take it kindly with you.

My mother said you called her all sort of names and instead of kneeling down to apologise you are there throwing questions on me, he said angrily. my husband all she accused me off I did not do them. I just explained something to her please believe me I replied. I don’t believe you what my mother say is final and I believe her so he said. I did not do anything to… before I could complete my sentence he unleash his anger on me like a mad dog. yes I was sick but he didn’t care he beat me till I lost conciousness. they sprinkled cold water on me that was when I regained myself. i was tired so I struggled with myself while they were there seating down looking at me watching how I was struggling with myself, my husband never helped meeting. I stood up and make a move to go to my bedroom. come back here were are you going to?

Davidson asked. am going to my room to sleep am weak and my body is still paining me I replied. come here kneel before my mother and apologise to her because of what you have done to her he said looking into my eyes. to avoid trouble I went on to kneel before her and I apologised of something I did not with tears rolling down my eyes. am sorry for what I did so I said. I hate you and as I hate you so I hate your kids that will come into this world she altered in front of my husband. my husband did not say a word. but I never cared because I know am only doing this for my husband and one day he will love me for who I am and by the grace of God I will change him for the better.

later that day my mother in-law told my husband ( her son) that she wants to go back to the village that day because she wants to go and weed her farm to make it ready for planting season. she did went back to the village that very day. I was very Happy for that but my happiness was cut short when my husband’s younger brother Kingsley came to stay with us because he was running one so-called project and he will be with us for a month. he was the last born among all and he was the most pampered child. his coming I know will be another round of hell for me.

On his arrival for the first day he did not greet me nor eat my food. the second day the same, he will go outside and eat when he gets back he will snub me and off he will go to his room. I was tired so I went and confronted him. why don’t you want to eat my food nor talk with me did I do you anything? I asked. because I hate you with passion. I don’t like anything about you, I don’t know what my brother saw in you that make him to marry you.

I hated you from the first day I set my eyes on you he replied and went out from my sit. some days this small boy though he is a grown man with kids but I still call him boy because I senior him in age will question my authority *in my own house. when I do something to him and he wants to insult me he will sing songs, indirectly insulting me with his songs. when I report to my husband the behavior of his junior b* rother he will want to even beat me on top so I stop telling him anything and rather I ignored everything he (Kingsley) say or day I was washing clothes he came out and thrusted his dirty cloths for me to wash which I did just to avoid trouble. after washing the clothes I went inside to rest when I heard a *voice outside.

I rushed out to see who it was low and behold it was Kingsley talking. what happened? I asked. you did not even wash my clothes very well are you mad? he said w* ith anger written *all over his face. I ignored as if I did not hear him and went inside. w* ere are you going to you cheep whore he said. the moment I heard that word (whore) I turned *and gave him one word that left him speechless althrough out that day. my neighbors were amazed because of the answer I gave to Kingsley I did not even struggle with him or pick a fight bec* ause I know he is stupid.

All this things am doing is because I want to obey my husband’s every wish and be the perfect one he wants. Though people call me all sort of names, even one of my neighbors said to me that endurance will kill me one day, but I never mind because one day it will be better and one day my husband and his entire family will learn to accept me as there own.

the incident that make me to say enough is enough of this rubbish the incident ginger me and I was done enduring anything was, a day, I went out with my friends Gloria, Cynthia and angel. to avoid trouble and insults from my husband’s brother. Though my body was disturbing me but I managed it. when I got back I was hearing party going on in my house, when I entered I saw beer filled the table and girls were dancing half naked on Goodluck, a married man doing nonsense with girls. the most disrespectful part was, it was in his own elder brother’s house that he is doing all this nonsense. what is going on around here?

I asked. can’t you see we are having fun if you want to join come and John so said Goodluck who was already drunk and still guping from the bottle in his hands. immediately I ordered all the girls out and turned to goodluck. I slapped Goodluck in anger that his beer bottle fell on the ground and his eyes were cleared of his alcohol that has intoxicated him. you slapped me he said looking into my eyes angrily. yes and I will do it again so i said to him. he raised his hands and beat me as if I was his wife. He used his belt and flog me. but me too I wounded him with my bits and fingers. when my husband got back from his work I explained everything to him while in the dinning table but his brother cut in and told him his lies, instead of believing me he believed his brother’s lies and he never cautioned his brother rather he beat me joining with the beating of his brother. his brother was there mocking me.

I couldn’t do anything for 3 days because of the heavy beating, and my head was even paining me, add up with the malaria I was having. I can’t take this anymore so I said to myself, I must do something if I stay here this sickness will kill me and my husband won’t buy drugs for me not even the ones the doctor prescribed. rather, him and his brother will keep beating me, and humiliating me. I must run away from this house so I concluded to myself. one night when everyone was asleep. I make a move to sink out of the house, I went to the parlour and softly opened the door when I heard a voice. Were are you going to? my heart started beating faster than before.


Were are you going to by this time of the night he asked again. i am going outside to do something I said stammering. when I turned to look who it was, it was Kingsley talking, I hizzed then I stepped outside, while he went back to his room to sleep. with a careful planning i didn’t carry any clothes, bags or dress as someone going out but I was in my normal wears though not night gown, so that no one will suspect me. he (Kingsley) didn’t even suspected anything.

it was around 9 pm, in my compound everyone has gone to sleep by that time. I then called my friend Gloria to come and pick me up. She asked why? but I repeated the same thing come and pick me up. she came with a taxi in front of my gate i opened the gate softly and went outside then close the gate back not to make any sound. I went and entered the taxi then off we drove out. While on the way going to Gloria’s house I started narrating my whole story to her because she asked me why I left my house. even the driver was dump founded. girl you are patient oo if na me you know me na, me way no day take nosense from anybody me and am for dig am out. I for do something stupid. so no be every big wedding way couples they leave happily sef. una wedding na grand wedding na she said. I wanted to wait patiently to see if he can change but I see he can’t change so I need to run before I start visiting hospital regularly or die because of beating am not a toy or a person punching bag I said. girl you are too good, he has a nice wife like this and yet he still treat her like a piece of trash girl I cut cap for you. I have nothing to hold against you. you have a story to tell and a lesson to share the driver added. it was fun being in the car. That was the first time I laughed like a baby the driver was so funny add with my friend Gloria it was something else, I even forgot I was not feeling well.

that night I reached her (Gloria’s) house the malaria increase a little bit so I went and slept on her bed. the house was a selfcontain the place was a nice place. that night was the first time I am sleeping in peace. I come to know how happy India was when they got there independent from the British. I slept like a baby. the next day I woke up on my own without a slap on my legs or water poured on me. my friend prepared hot tea for me that early morning but I couldn’t eat. with much persuasion from her I managed to take two slice of bread and sip the tea small. she even went and bought me drugs for me to consume that’s I was being served like a queen. my headache vanish it was like a magic. this was a friend I constantly insult back then in school even when we became friends I thought she only came because I am a wealthy person but now I see she is a friend indeed. she worked as a receptionist In one of the biggest hotel in Port Harcourt which name is presidential hotel located at GRA. before leaving for work I told her to be updating me on the things that are going on with my husband and his brother.

Davidson woke *up just to discover I was no were to be found. Anita he calls but no one answ* ered. He called again but no one answered. his brother came out from the bedroom dressed up ready to leave for work. did you see my wife Davidson ask. hmmmmm no yes before justifying his statement Davidson jumped in what is your answer is it no or yes. no in the sense that I don’t know were she is, yes in the sense that I saw her last night she went to do something outside. Jesus Davidson shouted. what happened bro Kingsley asked. my wife is no were to be found her clothes are intact but she is no were to be found Davidson lamented. is it that kidnappers has taken her? said Kingsley. no it can’t be the gate is always locked said Davidson. *yesterday the gate was not locked I saw the gate open when I went to check on Anita but when I got there I thought she has gone inside.

when I looked closer *the gate was not locked but was closed so I wen* t and closed it Kingsley replied. Davidson was left speechless. what will i tell her parents they will accuse me of killing their daughter through beating,* God I did not do anything please i love my wife you know Lord, just bring her back to me. if not I will be doomed. I don’t want to go to jail Davidson said while tears were coming out of his eyes. while still talking someone knocked at the door. who is it? Kingsley asked. it is me Anita’s friend Gloria. maybe she will know were my wife is Davidson said to himself.

Davidson rushed and opened the door. were is my wife, your friend Davidson asked while Kingsley was tapping him at the back. my name is Gloria I came to visit my friend anything the matter?. nothing said Kingsley from behind. Davidson was restless. why are you so worried what’s the matter? Gloria asked. your friend is no were to be found in the house Said Davidson crossing his both hands on his head. wait do you people mean you don’t know were my friend is? Gloria asked. it is not like that we all slept, my brother saw her going to do something outside in the night. but I woke up this morning to find out she is no were to be found. what are you even saying you woke up you saw her you you you shut up you have killed my friend and you want to defend yourself Gloria altered in anger. Davidson was trembling twisting his hands like a kid.

Gloria gave my parent a call even my childhood friend which name was Linda the one that called the police on my husband few days ago and my elder sister she called them telling them I was missing. when she called my parents the way my father shouted even Davidson nearly wet his trouser. I don enter ehh what have I done Davidson lamented hitting his foot on the ground. before you know Kingsley went in and packed up all his bags and came to the parlour. were are you going? Davidson asked. you can handle your own problem by yourself. You don’t even love your wife, you don’t believe your wife, you beat your wife because of me, you treat your wife like a slave a slave is even better than your wife. how am I not sure you killed her by mistake and burry her in your room because I was hearing strange sounds in your room last night. you want me to be a partaker of your punishment. I did not follow bye Kingsley altered and make a move to leave but Davidson held him back please don’t leave me in this situation they will kill me said Davidson while kneeling down. the way Davidson was you will pity him. it is not mine problem but yours so deal with it Kingsley said and thrusted his brother’s hand out of his clothes and then he move out leaving his brother.


Immediately Kingsley left my father arrived. the first question he ask when he arrived was were is my daughter?. I don’t know were she is sir Davidson replied. what, you don’t know what? my father ask. I woke up this morning to discover that……. before Davidson could complete his statement my father gave Davidson a heavy slap. go and provide my daughter or you will see the worst part of me my fathers said looking angry. I even regret giving my daughter to this beast called a husband, I thought you are a nice man I don’t know you are this wicked as wicked as a beast corny like the fox you crawl into her life like a serpent and destroy it, no I know most men a very cruel said my mom. you have killed my daughter and you want to lie abi my dad added.

I did not do anything I am innocent Davidson tried to explain himself but no one wants to hear him. oh my poor daughter what has she done to you my mom said crying. my elder sister arrived shortly after my mom and dad arrived even my friend Linda. you will pay for what you have done my dad said pointing to Davidson in anger. is it true what I heard about my sister? my elder sister asked. yes it is true this cruel man has killed her for us my father replied. they were all still standing at the entrance of the house when my neighbor whose name was Emeka, who was passing saw them threatening Davidson. what are you people talking about?

Emeka asked. my wife is missing Davidson replied. you killed her or she is Missing? you devil Gloria altered looking at Davidson pale eyes. I saw your wife last night. my mom cut in, where did you see her? what happened to her? is she alright?.
But immediately Gloria heard it she was short of words, what if this man saw me and her together they will spoil my plan, Jesus please let my plan to give my friend justice work . though Anita is not aware of what am doing I hope she will understand if I explain to her this thought run through Gloria’s mind. I saw her leaving the compound I thought she was chased out of the house because shortly after she left your brother went and lock the gate Emeka said looking at every body curious eyes. noo she wasn’t chased out of the house Davidson altered. but he then had a calm mind that he did not kill his wife.

He has been vindicated of that but more bigger trouble, what if she was killed by an unknown person or kidnapped those thought run in Davidson lonely mind. See, your wickedness has make your wife to run away from her home. your mother make the house a living hell for your wife even your younger brother. I was here when your wife was sick yet your mother told her to watch the clothes. I saw her sleep outside several times. she fainted on the way while feshing water but when she tried to explain you didn’t give her a listening ear.

I will vomite all you people has done to this poor girl. she wanted to be a good house wife. she could have put you in prison since even ruined your life but she never depend on her status rather she brought herself down to please you. but no matter how you try to make yourself look good in front of a serpent, you are just digging your grave because it sees you as an enemy. your own part is unimaginable. almost everyday you are beating your legally married wife as if she is your punching bag. your wife always cover you up. your wife sees you as her husband and her first priority. she has indeed done her part as your wife and as a good wife. did you know that time she broke your teacup by mistake you use her head to hit on those broken pieces she was shivering that time. till now she did not know how she survived thank God those pieces did not piece into her head because of her long hairs emaka said. when my dad heard of that he couldn’t control himself again. so my daughter was going through hell but she did not inform me my dad lament. she never wanted external relaton to get into her marriage the vows she took bound her hands to be with her husband for better and for worst in good time and in bad time till death do them apart li der added to Emeka words. wait how did you know about all of this?

Davidson asked emaka.your wife Anita told my wife about it. when I got back from my work my daughter who heard it narrated it to me and even swore not to get married if marriage was like that. Davidson you are a wicked husband Emeka replied. my father’s hand was vibrating the evil one is coming. so this is what my daughter has been passing through in this so-called marriage. oh I have warned her but she wouldn’t listen now she is reaping the harvest of adamant ears. daughter’s always listen to your elders for what an old man see while seating down a young man can’t see it even if he climb an iroko tree. but you Davidson will reap the harvest of death if you don’t provide my daughter to me through out this week I promise you

. Davidson he that beat the drums of osurugege should be ready to dance to the beat of it and the dance of osurugege is the dance of the spirit. he that escape the shot of a gun will leave to tell the testimony of his experience but he that the bullet enter cannot leave to tell of it’s colour. when a man thinks he is stronge he should always put in mind that someone stronger than he is here. I was once a rugged man so get ready for war my dad said and walked out, my mom didn’t say anything rather she followed her *husband but the eyes she looks at Davidson with, showed Davidson that her own will be the worst because he has dealt with the heart of a mother.

Davidson was left speechless the words of my father hit* like an arrow to his chest. if you don’t provide my sister you will taste the bitter side of me my sister said and followed my parents. provide my friend today if not the one I did to you in the cell will be worst linder altered and walked out. welcome to hell young man I will make this world your own lake of fire. I promise you on my life I will be your worst nightmare believe me. what you did to my friend I will give it to you double. Gloria said and walked out. Davidson could not bear it he ran out on the streets searching for me. under the rain and the sun. he search every nock and Conny, but I was no were to be found. he asked all my friends except for Linda and Gloria but I was no were to be seen. one day he used style and went to Linda house because he suspect that Linda is _hiding me in her house. but to his greatest disappointment I wasn’t there.he never thought of Gloria or imagine I was there because he has not seen me with Gloria before. he was frustrated even my neighbors had pity on him and join him in the search fo_ r me.

Davidson was inside his house oneday after being tired of the day search for me when togs badge into his house and beat him up. I was sure it was my father that will do that. they beat Davidson and left him half death. no *body knew they were togs not until they went out. one of my neighbor was having strange feeling and was move to go into Davidson house. when he entered Davidson house he saw him bleeding profusely. what ha* ppened to you? my neighbor asked. but Davidson *could not reply. my neighbor called out for other neighbors. he ( Davidson) was taken to the hospital for proper treatment after being administered a first aid first by Emeka. while in the hospital someone walked into Davi* dson ward, were Davidson was layed down. when Davidson opened his eyes he was shocked to see who it was. it was my mother. madam what are you doing here? Davidson ask. Davidson I see you survived the first strike get ready for the second one said my you sent them to kill me? Davidson ask. yes that was for my daughter.

This is the result of injuring the heart of a mother. she left the ward but promise to kill Davidson. a woman that loves you unconditionally can also hate you unbelievably. this woman showed me endless kindness now she is showing me endless hatred am finish what is she up to right now what is her next plan. those thoughts runied through Davidson mind.



Few days later he was discharged and brought back home by Emeka. when I tell you stop beating your diamond you will think am joking, now look at you oh I can hear the words of my forfathers saying he that touch the tail of the lion shall receive what he is wants to receive Emeka altered sarcastically. you are mocking me right? you want to laugh my poor condition Davidson replied putting on a frowny face. emeka did not mind he still went farther to mock Davidson. let’s just go inside before you will beat me I no get strength like your wife.

A day after his being discharged from the hospital. he went back to the streets to search for me. he behave like a madman on the *street. oh! Lord I won’t be wicked to my wife again just bring her back before her family will strangle* me to death please lord tears like an ocean were flowing down from Davidson’s eyes while walking on the road. he wept like a _baby on the street. I love my wife please God bring her back she is my all in all I promise to take a new turn I won’t beat her or scold her I will be at my best behavior please lord, people were looking at Davidson_ while Davidson, not minding the people he was still talking to himself. i promise to be a change man I won’t do it again. while lamenting, thoughts came flashing in Davidson’s mind. wait this Gloria that cause this are you not sure she connied with my wife to do this to me. wait how am I not sure she is harboring my wife in her house. I must find out who she is, how she knew my wife. why didn’t I think of this earlier. I must get to the root of this.

one day Gloria visit Davidson with police officers, there he got a pics of Gloria, before following the police men to the police station. they didn’t do much to him he was just lock up for 3 days without food. when he was released from the police station he was as cool as ice couple with the insults from neighbors.
He took a bold step and went on an investigation. investigating who is Gloria and were she is from and were she is leaving. after much asking and searching he finally got the place she was leaving. on a sunny afternoon, the sun was heating the earth with its full force that day. I was siting on the couch in Gloria’s self-contain while Gloria was sitting on the ground we were both watching television. zee world for that matter when we had a knock on the door. who is it? Gloria ask. and approach to open the door. when she opened the door she was shocked beyond measure. Davidson was what came out of her mouth. when I heard it I couldn’t even hide, it came all of a sudden. what should I do? i asked myself.


Why are you in my house? Gloria asked refusing Davidson to come into her rented apartment. I know that you are harboring my wife in your house bring her for me? Davidson ask. has your frustration gone into your head that you can’t even think, how will I be harboring your wife in my house. while talking to Davidson at the entrance of the door Gloria was busy given me signs with her finger which was place on the door, on what to do, because at that State I was confused on what to do but thank God Davidson did not notice it.

I said I want to see my wife after saying that, he pushed himself in, to satisfy his suspicion. but to his greatest surprise I was not there. before he could come in I have already hide myself in Gloria’s wardrobe. Gloria in anger said “did you see your wife now?, when I told you your wife is not here you won’t listen, now get out of my house ”. Davidson couldn’t even say a word. I felt sorry for him because I could only see disappointment written all over his face. I know that you are somewhere here I won’t rest until I find you because I love you those were the words that came out of his mouth.

Gloria did not give him time to talk more she bulldozed him out of her house. she then close the door. as usual started talking which is one of her harbit “nonsense man come and play your love in my house, rubbish as if you play it with your wife the time she was in your house”. when I was fully sure he has left I came out of my hiding. don’t worry he has gone said Gloria. okay I said while dusting my body. how did you even fit into that wardrobe Bab you are too talented she said while laughing. girl don’t make jest of me na, I don’t even want to watch film again I said directing my steps towards the bed. Bab dont let that ingrate to spoil our fun na said Gloria. don’t insult my husband even though we *are not together now I still love him don’t insult him please he is still my husband I said. no vex Gloria altered and went outside. I lie down on the bed not long when my thoughts took the better part of me.

Did Davidson truly love me but was just pretendi* n *g to hate me? did he mean what he said? should I go back* to him? because I can see has change. wait what prompted this change? because I know he won’t come and look for me on his own. what is happening to Davidson now. I hope his change will be permanent.

The next day my father visited Davidson. knock knock who is in this house? my father ask. Davidson came and opened the door looking unkept and frustrated . I *guess he must have think all through the night without sleeping. yes sir am the one in. My father dragged Davidson by the singlet he was putting on outside. the way my father dragged him cause Davidson to fall on the ground. when he stood up he was already surrounded by 4 hug m* en. now fight this men as you can beat my beautiful daughter fight this people like a man you are said my father. Davidson was beating black and blue. he did not have any strength left in him, blood was gushing out of his nose. the last blow from one of the hug man throw him off balance. he hit his head on the floor I was surprised he didn’t faint. they left him there and went aways. next time respect woman my father said before walking out. Davidson struggled with himself tears were rolling down his eyes. I am a change man I won’t do it again that was what came out of his mouth. Davidson was helped by his neighbors once more into his house. Davidson this one his family are treating you like this guy your career don finishoooo said one of my neighbors but Davidson didn’t reply because of the beating he got. you deserve it wicked man that one never reach sef make them kill you sef mtcheeew, another neighbor altered. he was taking into his room and was layed on the bed. thank you was the word that barely escape Davidson mouth.

God please let her not catch me please. Davidson was being chased by my mother. please don’t kill me please don’t kill me Davidson said while running. you maltreated my daughter, humiliated her I will kill you said my mother running after Davidson with a pistol gun in her hand. along the way Davidson tripped on a stone and fell flat on the ground immediately he turned facing the sky.when my mother came to were he was. Davidson raised his hands up. please don’t kill me. my mother turned deaf ears to his plead and pointed the gun to his head. she pulled the trigger and killed him upon his plead. Davidson with that fright woke up from sleep. Jesus Jesus Jesus Davidson said holding his forehead. thank God it was just a dream na so I for take die. this woman don kill me. if she has I form me about her plan I swear I could have hold her but see she left without telling me and left not only leaving but she left me in the hands of death.


Davidson was sweating profusely, and was very scared wether my mother will come and kill him. he went on to check the time it was 7:30 on the dot. Without bathing or brushing his teeth he went in search of my were about, this time he was specific in his search for me, he went straight to Gloria’s house again to see wether I was there. Gloria was still in the house preparing to go to work. when she had a knock on the door. who is this this early morning? Gloria complained. I was sitting on the couch drinking tea. go and check first na I said to her. she went on and opened the door, low and behold it was Davidson. Davidson didn’t wait for too much talk he badge inside. just to see me sitting on the couch with a cup of tea. our eyes meet.

Jesus so I said. I was surprised and equally afraid wether he will beat me right there. but rather beating me he knelt down and pleaded for forgiveness. am sorry my love, please forgive me on how I behaved with you those times, I can’t take the pains anymore. Gloria Interupted Davidson while he was still talking. you are just pretending, Anita don’t listen to him he is still a beast coming inform of a sheep, I know them. ignoring Gloria’s words, he begged me will everything in him. i stood up and held his hands Making him to stand. I have forgiven you my husband, I know I will bring out the best in my husband and am happy I did so I love you so I said.

I love you too my wife he replied. Gloria came closed are you sure of what you are doing this man is not a good man a serpent can’t change suddenly. he is a camelion please rethink she said. Gloria I know he has changed and you know I love him too much I replied. If you say so she concluded. what a joy I felt that day. when my husband hugged me and even kiss me in front of my friend. tears of joy was rolling down my friends eyes what are lovely couple this is how couple suppose to be. am happy for you my friend Gloria said wiping his tears with her handkerchief. I went to my friend and hugged her. thanks for being there for me in this my difficult moment am happy you stood by me thanks even the way I behaved with you in school days you still see me as your friend thank you very much I love you my friend. My speech gave her a heartbreak we started crying. we hugged and peck each other God will give you the best husband I said. amen she answered. i and Davidson left while going I turned waving my hands to her. she did the same till I walked out from her site.

i was taking back home. wow my neighbors came from East, West, north and south to welcome me they all thank Davidson for being a man it was indeed a blessed day for me, yes my love story is going to end the way I want. I was so happy, Davidson escorted me to our bedroom. go and have your shower he said. I nodded my head in response to his request. when I came out of the shower I saw foods lined up, it was wow. he made the room to be dark with candles all over the place, placing a table in the mist of the candle. I tag that candle light lunch. After changing to my normal clothes he then came in. my love let’s eat. I was flabbergasted by his actions. all I could do is just nodding my head in response to his desire. after the meal we then went sexually. at first I was afraid but he indeed is a changed man he went in so soft after a lot of romance. he made me feel like a woman. after everything I slept off.

when I woke up to open I cleaned my eyes and went straight to open the door when I wanted to open it I discovered it was locked. I did all i could to open the door still to no avail. I was finding something to use and open the door when I saw a letter on the bed I didn’t notice before. I picked it up. welcome to hell you make me pass through torment now is my turn this time I have even deprived you of your phone you won’t be able to contact anyone I promise to make your life a living hell like your parents, friends did to me that house is now your prison house. after reading it I fell on the ground crying oh! Lord save me from this beast I called my husband I said.



While I was crying I heard steps coming towards the door, I quickly wipe my tears and sat on the bed.

the man opened the door, low and behold it was Davidson with a tray in his hands,

what came out of his mouth when he saw me seating was “my wife come and eat” I was scared at first but although he has ask I have to do it.

he kept the food on the small chair beside the bed, “come and eat horny”. his smile was somewhat scary.

“come and eat your food” he said. he brought me tea and bread. I looked at him but he smiled. drink your tea and eat your bread. what tea and bring around 6:00pm.

after eating he carried the tray and kept it at the entrance of the door. All of a sudden he hooked my throat. now you have eating the bread of pains and drink a vinegar drink.

I will make your life as bitter as the vinegar, you will pray that you want to die but you won’t die I swear to God. after his statement he released my throat from his violence hands. then why did you marry me? I asked. he replied “because of the wealth of your father”.

Do you really love me as your wife? I asked. “no I don’t love you but I only know you are my property and I can do anything with you I mean anything”.

then why did you get me back if you don’t love me?. “i got you back to show you am the man, after what your father, your friend Gloria, and your mom did to me, they humiliated me, tortured me and make my life a living hell. if I did not take the revenge of what you make me to pass through In there hands then am stupid.

anything they did to you I did not put my hands into it please am innocent I did not know what they did and anything they have done to you am sorry it won’t happen again I pleaded. “ that’s how I begged but no one listened they all insulted me and make me look like a monster. am I a monster? he asked.

No you are not I replied fearfully. he hooked me again his time it was stronger. you have seen the sweetness of breed and tea now you will see the bitterness thereof I promise. by the way the thing you eat now is ur night food you won’t eat again till the next day when tomorrow comes iron my clothes, you know how I want it. he said and left the room, immediately after he left he closed the door and locked it from outside.

what will I do? they warned me that this man is no go area, this family is the worst but I never listened even my friend told me he can never change but love has make me a fool. now am in prison saying am in a marriage God please help me. I soliloquies before sleeping.
The next day I woke up very early in the morning and started ironing my husband’s clothes when he walked into the room.

“so you are still ironing my clothes” he said.
my love you know this is early, i have iron your long sleeve just remaining your trouser please bare with me I will be through in no time I pleaded.

you will be done in no time abi? he said. he took the hot iron from my hands and use it to press my right hand.
aaaaaaaaah I shouted, it was as if hell was unleash upon me Jesus Jesus Jesus I said while tears were dropping down from my eyes. this is just the beginning iron my clothes very fast he said and exist the room.

God what have I done is loving a man a bad thing,
God please i won’t love again take him from me.
oh! Lord please help me rewind the clock let me go back to those times of love so that I will tell him I don’t want to marry again.
my sister when two or more persons tell you don’t marry that man please don’t, if you want to go be sure that it is God that sent you into that marriage. See what am suffering because of stubbornness, because of I love him I love him, I can change him have sentence me to death.
please don’t marry a man thinking you can change him if you are not sent by God please
see me now. let my story be your lesson. tears still dropping from my eyes I picked up the iron from the ground and continue ironing his trouser.


After ironing his clothes I went and did my normal house routines, I was surprised he let me outside. I cleaned the entire house and prepared his breakfast for him as he always wanted.

after eating his breakfast he left to his work place. what a relief I felt when he left the house. while going back into my bedroom I heard a knock . l the had knock cut my heart into two. it could be Davidson i said in my mind.

who is it? I asked. it’s me ineka your neighbor she replied. I got a relief after hearing it.

I then went and opened the door for her.she came in and sat on the couch. I just came to talk to you she said

on what precisely? I replied. I am happy you came back na. but I really want to tell you what your father,mother and friends did to your husband, it was an eye saw.

what did they do? I asked with all curiosity. then she narrated everything to me. After hearing it I was astonished, flabbergasted. what, they did that to my husband, why?.

I thought you were aware of it she said. no I wasn’t aware of this I replied. but wait what really happen that you left like that did you know I saw you leaving but I kept quiet.

“it is family matters” I replied. okooo but…. I immediately Interupted her. why didn’t you tell my husband that I left? I asked with much curiosity.

I was not move to say anything so I just stayed in my house she replied.her answer make me wonder what kind of woman that will watch another woman’s husband being maltreated without saying anything. okooo was what came out if my mouth.

what Happened to your arm? she asked. I wonder how this woman saw the wound on my arm, although I was only puting on my night wears which expose my arm. but I still wondered how she managed to see the wound, because I tried hiding it from her. nothing It is just normal wound I got from frying eggs I lied. okoo she replied not to take the case further.

after a long chat with her she left the house. before going she hugged me and gave me a peck. I learnt something in my discussion with her. she said, I should stand for myself, I should not allow a man to intimidate me. she said this base on how her husband Maltreated her and she stood up for herself now she is leaving happy with her husband because her husband saw hell in her hands. that cause the man to change.

although I didn’t tell her what I was passing through but as if she knows. because her advice matches with my suffering.

should I stand for myself because am really tired of the maltreatment I received from my husband?. how will I accomplish that?, Because I know I will receive another beating if I do stand up for myself. but come what may I must stand for my right and fight this beast I called my husband for I have endured enough I will fight this to the end I swear.
Davidson came back from work early, around 4pm looking angry. I didn’t talk to him because of his mood. why is he angry like this hmm me I no go so that I no go receive another hell of beating I soliloquize. He went into our bedroom, not quite long I heard his voice from coming from the. who did his here he said with a Loud tune. I went to see what was wrong. what is it my husband? I asked.

who kept my trouser on the ground in this bedroom? he asked wearing an angry face. may be it fell *from were I hunged it, my husband it was a mistake am sorry. rather listening to me he paid deaf ears. He went and took one of my high hilled shoes and hit my forehead with it.
I feel on the ground screaming. next time don’t do what you did today don’t you ever make that kind of mistake he said and went inside the bathroom to have his bath.

I pulled myself up from the ground. after pulling myself up from the ground I touched my forehead to know wether there was blood but no blood was dropping. I went on and sat on the bed, _soliloquiesing. will I continue like this, receiving insults and beating from my husband. God what kind of marriage is this. I wish I never enter this marriage. people are enjoying there marriage but my own c_ ase is different why?. I went on to carry the trouser from the ground.

he came out from the bedroom after 10 minutes by then I was in the kitchen preparing soup for him to eat. honey he called from the parlour. I rushed to answer himself yes darling. he was well dressed ready to go out but I wonder where he was going to looking well dressed.

bring my food I want to go out to meet someone right now he said. am still preparing the food just give me a sec I replied. give you a what? he asked. give me a sec I will be done I replied.

are you doing this on purpose, to starve me? he ask. honey am not trying to starve you, how will I starve my own husband? I can’t you know I replied.

Do fast I am hungry he said and sat on the couch. tuned his normal station NTA just to while away time while waiting for the food.
okay I will I replied and went back to the kitchen.

after I was done cooking the soup. I dished his own and brought it to the dinning table. honey your food is ready I called. he came to the dinning table and sat down on the chair close to the dinning table.

then proceeded to open the food. what is this that am seeing here? he asked. this is your favorite soup, you told me to do this for dinner na I replied. are you mad he carried the soup to pour me but I held his hands.

it is a bad habit to wast food I said to him. so you no longer have respect for me right? he asked looking so angry. respect is reciprocated, I lost all my respect for you the moment you beat me on our wedding night I was just afraid to retaliate but now it is over, my dear is gone I replied.

He dropped the food and raised his hands to slap me but I still held his hands. don’t your ever dare to slap me again. if you do I will make sure you sit on a wheelchair I promise after my statement I left his hands and walked out. his hand was still hanging on the air the way I left it. he couldn’t believe what he saw. is this a dream or reality somebody wake me up, he said to no one in particular.


The anger that filled his eyes was so much, already I have left the house after taking my pause from the bedroom. when I got back I saw him seating down on the couch with koboko in his hands. fearlessly I stepped into the house.

“kneel down there” he said. why? I asked with boldness. “you are questioning my authority abi” he raised his hand to flog me I brought out the paper from my pause and showed it to him. “this is a legal document if you touch me you will be sentence to prison for life”. he could not do anything anymore. he dropped his koboko and went inside the bedroom.

it was now Dawn on him that I have conquered him. I never wanted to raise my voice to my husband to me that is the greatest disrespect. I was trained not to raise my voice to my husband no matter what he do. I was trained not to raise my hand to hit my husband even if he hit me. so I have to go through the legal way as a barrister.
After 10 minutes he came out looked at me and hissed. I made a big mistake listening to my mother he said and left the house. “What could he mean by that?. what did his mother do am confused?. Lord help me save me from this wicked mothers in-law”.
It was 11pm, i was seating on the couch watching z world, when I had a knock on the door. Who is that? I asked before going to open the door. I opened the door low and behold it was Davidson looking drunk is an understatement he was completely drunk, he was assisted by a lady, “thanks I will take it from here” I said directing to the lady. Who is this baby? she asked Davidson.

baby ke I said looking astonished. “This is my wife that wants to kill me in the house, she has been beating me since morning” Davidson said to the lady with a drunkard tune. “Excuse me let me take my husband inside said the lady. I gave them there way. They both went inside I was like wow this is not happening. they both went straight into the bedroom.

the next day when I woke. I went straight to do my normal routine. when I came out to the parlour, the parlour was very clean, i went outside to wash the clothes but clothes were washed apart from mine own. I went to the kitchen just to see her cooking. “what are you doing in my kitchen? I asked. from the sound of my voice you will know I was burning inside. “Am cooking for my man” she replied. “Wait after suffering another girl from God knows where will come and take my husband thunder fire Satan” I Said, before unleash my anger on her. I beat her black and blue, Davidson was even the one that came and separate us. he pushed me so hard, I used my head to hit the wall. he took the other ladt inside pampering her like she was a god. this lady I will be your worst nightmare I swear I said and went out to dress my wound.

“So this is how mad your wife” is she said to Davidson while they were In the room. ”I told you” Davidson replied.
after spending 4hours in the bedroom, they came out looking well dressed. “were are you going to my husband? I asked with a calm voice as calm as an angel voice. “have you now turned to a monitoring spirit to know where am heading to” he replied. ”I just asked” I said. He hissed and left the house with his so_called woman. after they must have gone out I prepared myself and follow suit. I left to my friend’s Gloria apartment.

When I got there she was at home wow thank God I said. I knocked, she took some minutes before opening the door. what took you so long? I asked. I was doing something in the house, please come in she replied. I went in and sat on the couch. what should I offer you? she asked. don’t treat me as if I am a new comer treat me as normal. without further questions she went and brought coka cola and egg roll which I did eat and drink. we sat and discuss. you know ladies talk na.after discussing for so long as if something stroke her mind, she then asked. what about your husband has he really changed?.

I am still managing but now he normally bring girls into our house.i said that because I don’t want to go in detail of what is happening in my house let it be a private thing. she laughed let me tell you how to handle such man. My inching ear stood tell me I said to her. she proceeded don’t carry anything he do or say to heart, he just want to make you feel jealous this is another method of beating you by beating your emotions. girl kill your emotion do as if nothing is happening show him that you are a woman and he will stop that nonsense in no time she concluded. thank you so much I will do just that I said to her with a smile. We proceed to other talks. Before leaving her house I gave her 30 thousand for her house rent she rejected it at first but after much of persuasion she accepted with a grateful heart. She even followed me to the junction which I took a taxi to my house.

What I was hearing when I entered my house was unpleasant. the sound was coming from the bedroom, I went and opened the door just to see Davidson having sex with a woman in our bedroom. I did as if I did not see anything, I closed the door back

.the woman was afraid but Davidson didn’t do nor say anything. I sat in the parlour. the lady dressed up and left the house while Davidson was persuading her to stay. see what you have cause with your bad luck he said pointing at me. I only laughed but deep down I boiling insider hotter than hot water boiled 1hour. okay I agree but you could have done it outside my husband not in our matrimonial bed i said. oh my mom is the cause of this I told her my concubines are more caring than a wife put together but she refused, he hissed and left me in the parlour well dressed following his concubine. After he left I went straight to the guest room and cried out my heart to God. When will all this end, oh! Lord cause something to happen to this man for him to be humble. my God if it will take you to do anything for him to be humble do it I pray.

not quite to 30 minutes I made my prayers I received a phone. I picked it up, hello who is this I asked. your husband has been in a fatal accident h has been rushed to first rivers hospital. after that call I was shivering I packed all I can pack then went to meet up with him In the hospital as addressed by the man.


When I got to the hospital I ask the nurse at the counter what ward that a patient who had an accident was admitted into she replied emergency ward. where can I find the emergency ward? I asked. when you go straight turn by your right… I didn’t wait for her to finish I rushed. though at first I was confused, after asking questions along the way, I got to the place. when I got to the emergency ward, I saw ladies standing, waiting for God knows who, I went too and stood am sure they are doing operation. when the doctor came out putting on an medical hand gloves he said who is this man’s wife. among the 5girls I saw there I was the one that answered to the call. yes I am the one. see me in my office said the doctor directing his steps to his office. I followed him to his office and took a sit as requested by the doctor. the doctor first breathed heavily which make my fear to raise and the intensity of my curiosity to increase.

What is it doctor?I asked. madam we have done the operation to stop the blood and also the leg but the leg own is out of place.
your husband’s right leg has been disjointed and we have to cut it before it will affect the other leg. that’s not all he has lost a lot of blood and we need a blood doner to donate blood. if nothing is done he will die. doctor my blood is a universal blood so I will like to donate my own to my better half. and also don’t cut my husband’s legs I will take care of that I said with a high hope. okay if you say so. after discussing with the doctor, I went back to the emergency ward only to see Davidson’s brothers. So you want to kill my brother for us, you have frustrated him to this extent. God will judge you said Goodluck.

I was just silent looking at his stupidity. you are a wicked woman, witch you are. If my brother die you will die too, that’s why my brother don’t like you idiot, Kingsley altered. I was still silent looking at them when the other one wanted to talk I then raised my voice, with anger and the pains I passed through in my marriage even the two ladies that are still there couldn’t talk they were dump founded. I said every thing I have to say then went on the donate my blood. before leaving I told them that if they insult me in anyway I will be there worst nightmare. 2 years in Prison for altering a slander is not too much. I can see fear written all over them.

Davidson recovered quickly after the medical treatment rendered to him. but his legs were still disjointed. a day after the incident was when Davidson’s mother came to the hospital. she brought lots of goodies that I was so amazed. she loved her sons so much especially her pride which was her first born Davidson. By that time Davidson could talk but not totally normal. how are you my son, how is it health, oh God nothing will take you away from me in Jesus name. amen Davidson answered in a low tune. I just rushed to see you I haven’t gone to the house sef I just want to see my son. oh mommy you shouldn’t have done that. I was sitting by the lift hand side of Davidson watching the drama of mother and son love.

I will stay here with you till we go oo she said.hmmm mom go and change up I am here for you, the mom refused with a sign of shaking her head. Come on mom am not a kid anymore just go am here he turned to me, take my mother to the house are you getting me he said though in a low tune but yet rudely. Okay I answered turned to my mothers in-law let’s go mama. she stood up I tried helping her with some of her loads. stop there you pretentious woman I know you are happy my only son is in this state. you are the cause of all this she said. I ignored all her words and followed her to the house to drop her bags and for her to freshing up.

we got to the house, wow this place is getting more beautiful said my mothers in-law while looking around the healthy environment. we both went inside, she wanted to do what she did before by entering into my bedroom but I refused her to enter, she has to go into the guest room. After freshing up, she came out well dressed. will you eat? I asked. No I wont, let’s go and see my son she replied. Okay I replied I was about to take a step when she dragged me by my hands backwards she held my hand so strong. I am back to give you another round of torment just get prepared to pack your things out of this house she said. Mama this is my husband’s house you can’t chase me away, you can do that in your husband’s house not mine.

If you think you can throw me away then I will show you that am the boss lady you will be the one to receive hell from me and you will still be the one to leave. The days you people treated me badly and I kept quiet because of so-called love is over. The days of timidity i over looked, now my eyes have opened to give everyone justice according to the law. you all have given me a strong heart and I will do as that Stony heart leads I promise you mama I said with a smile on my face, leaving her with lots of questions.

we went back to the hospital to stay with Davidson, when we got there i saw Davidson kissing one of his concubines, a man in a state where he could not even speak properly. what I did was just to smile. I stood at the entrance of the door while my mothers in-law went In to have a chat with her son. she is my mother Davidson said with a low turn. Mama you are welcome she greeted her. welcome my daughter. Mama see mercy to Girlfriend said Davidson. my son don’t talk too much you will get another problem she said. yes Mama is right mercy supported. mine own job was to look at the drama. who is that at the door mercy asked. she is my housemaid,

I picked her up from the streets to help her said Davidson. his words hurt me so bad I nearly shed tears. me I dustbine girl I said with a heavy heart. oh! you are so generous to have help this poor thing she altered and even stretch forth her hands to give me a thousand naira.thamks I don’t want my oga is paying me well I said to her. The pains was too much I have to leave. after some hours mercy left the hospital excorted by my mothers in-law.

The the man that hit my husband came to check on him they are even the ones that paid my husband’s hospital bills, they are quiet rich though just observing from there outfits. By then I was standing beside my husband. am so sorry sir for that day. We were rushing my dad to the hospital he was at the point of death am so sorry I could have been here that time but after dropping you off and making sure you have a proper treatment I went on to attend to my father though he is in this hospital but I have to attend to my him, luckily he survived. thank God said Davidson. my name is Lawrence and yours mine is Davidson. who is this by you is she your wife?because she is the one I called that time,

Lawrence asked. noo she is my sister Davidson replied. but I saw my wife in your phone said Lawrence. oh! by that time she has gone to the market leaving her phone in the house but she pointing to me picked it up Davidson replied. wow she is beautiful. by the way have a nice day and take this fruits, provisions and this 30 thousand naira to take care of yourself. thanks. Lawrence left after dropping the money and the other stuffs. Before I was your housemaid now your sister you are really trying keep it up I said and left him.


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