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After having my bath I proceed in dressing up. I put on my best of dress before coming out to the parlour when I came out to the parlour it was wow my husband can arranged house like that so I said in my mind. Are you ready to go? Davidson said coming towards me leaping. Yes am ready,can we?

I said. we left for the man’s place wow the man’s saying was true I didn’t back my husband rather he leaped to the place of his treatment. when we go there he told us to seat down we obeyed, he then massage Davidson legs very well after he was done massaging Davidson leg he then instructed Davidson to do some exercise before we left.

when we got home Davidson hurriedly enter the house, but as the verander was dirty i stayed back to clean it. After I was done cleaning it I went in to cook, as I stepped in I saw Davidson kneeling down before me with tears flowing down his eyes. I know what you did for me. you told the doctor not to cut my leg but my brother went behind and told the doctor to do so, but rather listening to them he listened to you.

Not only that you cleaned my smelling body and my smelling leg you brush my dirty teeth, what my mother cannot do, you did it for be all because you loved me. All my brothers, girlfriends, even my own mother abandoned me, I know you covered her up, she went to take care of her cassava farm leaving her son in this pains. Yet you stood by me I was not fair to you but you never cared, rather you showed me unconditionally love. You never listened to the world but your heart.

Your love for me is showed in every Conner of your heart. Please forgive me am sorry for all the things I did to you. As he was still apologising I left him there and ran away because I can’t forgive him, I can’t trust him, he has done it again and he will do it again, he treated me like a commoner and he will still do it again I know so.

While I was going on the way I was reminiscencing on the things he did to me. the beating, the insults, oh! tears flowed down my eyes can I ever forgive him. because my heart can’t find forgiveness but hatred.

I stayed outside. don’t think I visited my friend nope, don’t think I went to my parents place nope all I did was wonder around the streets. when it was night I went back home. when I got home I saw Davidson waiting for me in the parlour with the lights on. he was sleeping on the couch. I tapped his legs hard as they did to me then he shouted and woke up. This is what you did to me, how did it feel doing back to you. see the pains you make me went through I said looking into his eyes. he lower his eyes, if you dime it fit to do it to me as well, do it. I will endure all, I have fall in love with you. my wife I cannot afford to lose you for another man. he knelt down again. am sorry forgive me.

I did not care I left him and went into the bedroom locked the door after 5 minutes he came knocking. am sorry please forgive me I will be the best husband you have ever since please forgive me I promise to be the best. I held the door but never opened it. he did not force it either he left me alone for the first time. I cried all through out the night, asking myself several questions that I can’t find answers even when i search it in my heart.

the next day i opened the door wow I was surprised to see him seating on the flour dosing. so you slept here till day break? I asked but didn’t receive any answer. I tapped him harshly and he woke up looking at me. I guess he never had enough sleep looking in his eyes. honey I hope you slept well. yes I did I replied. okay, are we going to that place today he asked. yes we are but am tired i said. okay but wait let me prepare your tea the one you like most he said.

Hmmm okay I replied and went to do my normal routines, by cleaning the house while he was busy doing his in the kitchen. After I was done arranging the house he came and told me to seat at the dinning. I obliged to it. He brought tea with bread I ate. he then arranged the place I stayed and it. he told me to go and have my bath that he will wash the clothes and then we will head to the place. is this my husband or another man I was shocked beyond measure but let me wait and see I know he will turn to his beastly life again.

I and Davidson went to the man’s place for treatment for about 3 month. after those 3 months Davidson was fully recovered. This broken legs for perfectly fine and I paid the man handsomely for his good work. Although I was happy but at the same time sad because I will enter another round of hell and I was prepared.

one day I left to visit one of my friends when I got back I saw the door was locked and a letter written at the entrance of the house I picked it up it was Davidson that wrote it. my wife now is my turn to do what I want. your thoughts were correct I can’t change come in and meet me am ready to deal with you today. I took on bravery and went inside after opening it with the spear key that was with me. on the switch that was at the side of the wall to my greatest surprised I saw Davidson on his kneels my parents, friends and neighbors were at his back. my love am sorry I am a changed man please forgive this man am sorry please forgive me. I was speechless. should I forgive him or hold on to my anger.




I finally broke the silent. Davidson to tell you the truth I can’t be able to forgive you for the things you have done, it is not that easy to be frank with you. i even wanted a divorce from you but what will I gain if I do so. I will only receive insults from the society and family members. you have make me to go through alot in this marriage which I will use and tell my unborn children not to ever rush into marriage because of love.

Am sorry with tears in his eyes he said. I turned to walk out when a hand held unto me softly
my daughter forgive your husband although he has been wicked but your unconditional love has changed him for Good. please forgive him said my mom. all together they chorused forgive him. I had no choice but to forgive him but it will be hard to forget it. I went and make him stand up then hug him. I forgive …… before I can complete my word i pass out. I know there was panic in the house and I believe Davidson would do more.

When I woke up I saw myself in the hospital my parents were around me even Davidson when the doctor walked in smiling. who is the husband? the doctor asked. I am Davidson answered. congratulation your wife is pregnant. the joy filled the ward. I held Davidson hand. I forgive you mainly because of this child and because of my love for you.

Davidson was so happy he wanted to tear down the ward he went out and bought the most expensive gift of all with a beautiful Flowers attached to it. you people are traveling to USA next week and also Davidson you have been offered a job outside country base on my connection. I wanted to give it to you since but as I saw what you were doing to my daughter I decided to leave it. but now I can see true love so carry on said my father. the joy was so much Davidson could not control himself. oh!! when you are maltreating your wife there are lots of blessings that you are hindering, your wife is a blessing to you stop beating your wife it is wrong. and I promise never to try it again said Davidson. I hope you have learnt your lesson? my mom asked. yes mother and I promise to be the best husband I can by the grace of God said Davidson. Davidson approached me and hugged me with a kiss on my forehead I love you my wife. I love you too I replied, the curtains closed.


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