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“The worst has happened! Where that good for nothing daughter of mine that has sworn to disgrace me! He shouted so angrily.

I thought what could be the problem, we ran out to find out.

“My husbabd what is it, who annoyed you?

He sat down at the bench beside a mango tree hitting his two legs on the ground.

“Woman where did you get this child from? He shouted.

I looked at my mother, wondering why my father will asked such a question.

“My husband why such question, what happen?

“Have you not heard about the rumors that has spread all the community?
He shouted still battling in anger.

I sighed aside immediately I heard it, so this is the reason why he is like this.

“My husband what rumors?

“I went out to buy my stuff and people were talking about this girl saying that she came from the marine kingdom and has a spiritual husband that’s why she has been rejecting all her suitors the worst part of it they said that my family is a bad luck”

“My husband! That can’t be, our daughter did have any spiritual husband nor belong to the marine world”

“Why have she rejected all her suitors and disgraced me? He shouted.

“Father! The simple answer is that I did not love them, they don’t have the quality i need in a man”
I replied being bold.

“Will you shut up that your mouth! What did you know about love?

“The only way for me to stop this rumors is to consult a seer to tell us why you have rejected ten suitors and know how to delivery you”he shouted.

“Father no need of consulting a seer nothing is wrong with me, once I see the perfect man I will let you know”

“Consulting a seer my husband, did you think is a best solution?

“It is the best solution, we need to find out what is wrong with this girl, the disgrace is getting out of hand”

“Father nothing is wrong with me, am okay”

“We shall if you are okay or not”

I walked out from their presence.
Father is unbelievable, how could he suggest to consult a seer to know if his daughter is possessed or not.

I need to go out and clear off my head, I cant go to Rose’s house, am not ready for her mother insults now.
I guess I have to walked around and see if I can find my one true love(the mad man)

I need to find him, God please show me a sign of where I can find him and bring him to my father and stop the rumors.
I just need a miracle right now.

I checked an uncompleted building to see if he is there but no sign of him, I keep on searching believing that I will find him today it will not pass today.

I came to a junction, I saw someone that looks exactly like him conducting cars.
I went a little bit closer to check if he is the one.

My heart was filled with so much happiness immediately I discovered he is the man I have been seeing in my dream, the happiness I felt that at moment was beyond imagination.
I wanted to hug him so tight but I couldn’t do that because of the place he is.

“Are you not seeing me, you over there, Oga over there, yes be coming”

I stood there smiling as I watches him conducting the cars.

He is just exactly the same way I saw him in my dreams, I wish he will turn now and see me, I want to know if he also dreams about me, I want to how he will react once he sees me.

I waited for some minutes and he later turned and saw me.

He ran to me with so much happiness written all over his face and hugged me so tight.
I didn’t push him even due he was smelling so bad rather I hold him tight.

All eyes were on us, people were laughing and saying the mad man is in love oooo is the way he hugged this girl oooo.

I pushed him immediately people started talking.

“Is that you my love! I know you will come, I have been waiting for you”
He sounded with his childish voice, could it be that he was also looking for me and could it be that we share the same dream?

“Where have you been, I have searched for you everywhere?

“I have been in my house my love waiting for you to come and take me”

“Your house! Where is your house?

“It is over there”

He pointed at the same refuses bin I always seen in my dreams.

“Come let me take you to my house”
He said straighting out his hand.

I held his hand as we walked to the refuses bin he called house.

I felt so comfortable, peaceful around him, I have never felt that way with any man before.
I have deeply and madly fallen in love with this mad man.

This something strange about him that I cant really tell.

“Welcome to my house”
He said smiling like a kid.

The environment was smelling so bad and disgusting but I can withstand the odour.
I went inside the refuses and sat on it, the love I have for him is making me to behave like a mad person too, I know people meant think that am crazy or he has bewitched me but it is just that am drunk in his love.

“So what is your name?

“Name! What is name?

What silly question? Can I asked a mad man his name when he don’t even know himself or knows what he is doing.

“See my love I don’t like this place you are staying is not good”

“You mean you don’t like my house? He started crying like a kid.

“No my love! That’s not what I mean, see I love your house but I want you to stay in a beautiful house”

“You mean I will live in a beautiful house like how beautiful you are?
He asked rejoicing.

“Yes my love, you also have to change your clothe, barbe your hair and you will look more handsome”

“Okay my love! I will do as you said because you are my love”he hugged me.

“My love I will like to start going, it is getting late”

“Don’t go my love, you will sleep in my house”
He sounded with his kid voice.

“I can’t sleep here my love, let me go tomorrow I will come and see you”

“Are you sure you will come?

“Are you not my love again, I will come”

I hugged him and takes my leave.
I am the happiest person in the whole universe, the joy am feeling inside me right now is beyond imagination, the man after my heart, the man my heart beats for, my dream man, the man I love and desire so much I have finally see him.

I couldn’t stop thinking about him, something in me tells me that his madness is not ordinary and I believe that one day my love for him will restore back his insanity.

I met my friend Angela on my way going home.

“Angela where are you going?

“I was actually coming to your house, wait oooo, what could the reason of this beautiful smiles written all over your face?

She asked at the moment she noticed my happiness.

“Angela am the happiest person in the whole world, did you know why? ”

I shouted and jumped to express my happiness.

“I don’t know ooo and I will like to know what makes my friend so happy”

“At last, my dreams has turned to reality”
I said still smiling.

“What dream comes to reality?

“Angela am I deeply in love with his handsome man I has been seeing in my dreams for months now and I have always wish and hope to see him and today God grant me my wishes”
I said still smiling.

“And you met him?

“Yes Rose, I met him today, looking so handsome you know the loving part of it is that he feels the same way for me and we share the same dreams”
I shouted with joy.

“Wow Angela! I will like tomeet this man that has stollen my girlfriend’s heart”
She said rejoicing.

“Don’t worry you will see him and don’t fall for him ooo, he only belongs to me and nobody else”
I jokey said.

She laughed and said,”it seem he is damn handsome is one you are saying I should not fall for him?

“When you see him, you will confirm it by yourself”

“This man is really luck, what trick or charm did he use on you?

“Rose no trick rather his love charms me”

“I can’t wait to see him, will you introduce me to him tomorrow?

“I will gladly do that and he will also like to met you”

“I will start going now no need of going to the house again and remember tomorrow you will introduce me to your heartbeat”

“Okay! Bye see you tomorrow”

I hugged her as we departed from each other.

I got home so happy, my mother noticed it and asked me the reason of my happiness.
I couldn’t tell her that am in love with a mad man.
They will not take it likely with me if they find out, I want to make my love to look good before introducing him to my parents.

Rose did not even allow day to break very well, she is already in the house for me to introduce her to him.
I know she is just being excited for me that finally I have gotten someone that matches to my taste of a man.

“Haba Rose!Are you kidding me, so early! Won’t you allow day to break fast before coming?

“How will I wait for day to break, don’t you know that am so happy to see this your man that has finally matches your desire for a man”

“Rose it is still early to go to a man’s house so we have to wait to afternoon”

“Afternoon! She sighed

“Yes afternoon! So since you are here and i know that you dont want to go back so i guess you should help your friend to tidy up the house”

“I know that’s what you will say”

“What else did you expect me to say? Since you came early so you just have to help me out”

“I have heard, what of mama?

“I think she is at the backyard”

“Okay! Let me go and greet her”

We did the house chores, before we could round up it is already afternoon.

We decided to walked down to see my love before Rose will die of desperatio.
What will be reaction when she will meet him?
Will she think that am also mad too?
How will she take it?
The thoughts were running through my mind, I really don’t know how she will feel.

“Angela! Once he tasted this your delicious food he will die to have more of it”
She said breaking the all my thoughts.

“Are you serious?

“You know you are the best cook i have ever seen”
She flattered.

I decided to brought food for him then eating that rubbish he got from the bin.

“Have will not reach his house?

“We are almost there Rose”

Within some minutes we got there and on reaching there, I saw this children playing with him.

“Mad man sing for us, mad man sing for us”
They were shouting and clapping.

“Leave me alone, stop calling me a mad man, am not a mad man, if my love come here he will beat all of you for calling me a mad man”
He was replying back to them.

“Mad man have a love, mad man have a love”they laughed and chorused together.

I couldn’t stand the way they were treating him, I rushed to them

“Will you disappear from here before I will sound on you people”
I shouted giving one a konck and they ran out.

The moment he saw me, he ran to me and hugged me so tight.

“My love why did you leave me? Those people were calling me a mad man, am not mad”
He cried out with his kid voice.

“Don’t worry, am here I will not leave you again”
We resist of the hug.

I can see the expression of confusion written all over Rose’s face.

“Angela who is this dirty and disgusting mad man?
She asked confusedly.

“Mind you he is not mad, he is my love”
I threw out the bomb to her.

She laughed and laughed, couldn’t believe her two ears.

The look on her face was too much, it is not what she expected, I know she was expecting to see a good looking man and not a mad man.

“Angela are you kidding me? It is not funny at all, how could a mad man be your lover?
She laughs again.

“Watch your tongue Rose, he is not mad, he is the one my heart beats for”
I threw back.

“What did you mean? How probably can you identify a mad person if not by their look, this is unbelievable Angela I did not expect this from you, upon all the suitors you rejected is a mad man that pleases your heart”
She shouted.

“He is not a mad man, he is the idea of a man I want, he makes me happy, he has the quality I need in a man, he is the one my heart yawns for”

“Angela this is ridiculous! How can a mad man makes you happy if not to irrate you”
She shouted.

“It is love Rose, I am deepy in love with him”

He was there mopping at us, picking nothing from his hand and chewing it

“C’mon Angela! This is not love, it is call madness, what have this mad man done to my friend?
She shouted.

“Absolutely nothing rather he gave me love over flow and happiness”

“This is not ordinary at all, I can see that you have bewitched”
She shouted.

“Yes am bewitched of his love”

“My love I brought food for you”

“You brought me food? I nodded.

“My love brought me food, my love brought me food”
He was repeating it like a poem.
I held his hand as we sat down.

“Oh my God! She is even sitting down with him in that disgusting place, what type of madness love is this?
Rose sounded disgusting.

“Okay let me feed you”
I started feeding him, he was eating like a mad man.

“Your food is so delicious”
He said with food filled in his mouth.

Rose shifted from us looking and shooking her head, people were passing and mopping at us, I didn’t care beside why should I care when am with my love.

Few minutes later, am done feeding him.

“Thank you my love I love your food”
Cleaning his mouth with his hand.

“Anything for you my love”

“I got something for you my love”

“What is it?

He brought out a bunch of a dry flower.

“I bought this beautiful flower for you my love”
He gave me the flower.

“Did you like it?

“Yes! I love it, I will be going, I will come later and see you”
I stood up.

“Okay my love!
We hugged and he waved at me immediately I walked out.

I went to meet Rose who has been standing waiting for me.

“Rose sorry for keeping you waiting”
I said tapping her at her shoulder.

“Don’t touch me with that hand you used and touched at mad man”
She shouted cleaning her cloth.

“Stop referring to my lover as a mad man”


“See what he gave me”
I said with joy showing her the flower.

“What is this? A dry flower!

“Yes and I love it, I will treasure it because it was given to me by my love”

“Can I ask you something?

“Yes! I have all ear”

“The way you hugged that mad man is your nose not active again to perceive a bad odour?

“I don’t care if he is smelling or not”

“Have you ever wonder what people and how your parents will feel regarding this madness love you have for a mad man?

“Rose I don’t care what People will say but as for my parents I will convince them and make them to understand how much I love him”

“Don’t be silly! Did you think you parents will take it funny?

“I was thinking to wash him up, clean him and make him to look so perfect for my parents”

“How can you clean up a mad man?

“I will definitely do that”

“It is still shock to me that I left my house so early just to see a mad man”

“Not a mad man, my lover I will keep on correcting you”

“I have seen and heard a lot today I need to rest and clear off my head, so good bye”
She said and departed from me.

I really have to do a good work on my love, I need to clean him up I don’t want my parents to reject him.



I got back home, went inside my room, I dropped the flower at the table and rushed out to help my mother in the kitchen.

“My daughter I have been observing you for some days now, you look some different, your face is always blushing all the time and you keep on smiling to yourself starring at nothing sometimes you will be lost in your thoughts, I want to know the secrets behind this your suddenly change, are you in love my daughter? Because is only love that can makes someone to blushes all the time.
She asked and I keep on smiling at her.

“See what am saying, your are smiling and the love is written all over your face, tell me who is the lucky man that has stolen my daughter’s heart?

What will I tell her, I can’t possibly tell her that the man am in love with is a mad man.

“C’mon talk to me! Are you shy or what? I want to know the man”

“Mother am in love with this man, he is so caring, humble and gentle to be with, he is exactly the definition of what I call an idea man, he has the quality I need in a man”
I said with so much happiness.

“I will like to meet this man that has stolen my daughter’s heart and find out the different between him and the suitors you have rejected”

“Mother the difference there is love, he loves me and I love him too, once you meet him you will confirm it by yourself”

“Okay! So what’s his name, where is him from, what did him do for a living?
She asked being anxious to know.

“Haba mother! Too many questions at the same time”
I shouted.

“Am just being curious or can’t I know anything about him?

It will sound stupid if I tell her that I don’t know his name nor where is from, I know the type of mother I have always been suspicious of anything.

“Mother when I invite him over you can get your answers from him”

“Okay oooo! So when is he coming?

“Mother very soon you will meet him”

“Okay ooo! Go and check if the food is done so we can dish it out”

I went to the kitchen to check the food, my mother is always adamant to know everything before I invite him over I need to make him to look perfect, I can’t introduce him to my parents like that.

“Is the food done?
She shouted.

“Am coming!

We dished out the food waiting for father to come back and within some minutes he came back with the seer man.
i don’t know my father was being serious when he spoken about the seer man so he actually believed the rumors that am possessed.

I was called out to see the seer man.

“Isiakaraka(meaning strong head) this is my daughter I told you about”
He said.

He cleared this throat and said,”Come forward my child”

I came forward,”show me your palms”

I was secard, my body was even shaking, what if he is a fake seer and he meant lie to my father that am possessed child, I belong to the marine world and what could be the outcome if it happens”

“Show me your palms my child”
He repeated it.

I looked at my mother who gave me go ahead sign.

I showed him my palms, he look it and closed his eyes looking up communicating with his gods.

He opened his eyes and looked at me smiling.

“Why is he smiling, could it be that he found something bad at me? I thought.

“My child you are a blessed child”he said.

Immediately he said that my heart that was pounding with fear now calmed down.

“Chief, nothing is wrong with your child, she is not possessed nor have a spiritual husband, she is a blessed child with a bright future and a destiny to fulfill”
He said and stood up to leave.

I was so happy that my father now know that am not possessed, the seer man said I have a destiny to fulfill, what could it be?

“Thank you so much Isiakaraka, let me see you off”
Father said and see him off.

“Mother I told you that am not possessed but you doubted me now you see the seer has confirmed it”
I said so happy.

“You know I can never doubt you my child because I know the child I gave birth to rather your father doubted you and even said nasty things about me saying I don’t know where I got you from but thank God the seer has cleared out his thought”
She said.

“You see father, I told you that nothing is wrong with me but you doubted me and believed what other said about me instead of your own child”
I said as soon as my father came back from seeing the seer off.

He sat down and said,”come over here my child”

I went and sat beside him.

“You know you are my only child and I want the best for, I consulting the seer dose not mean that I don’t know my daughter anymore I just want to know my daughter more and how bright her future is”
He said giving me a hug.

“Okay father and thank you for believing in your daughter”
I said.

“My husband did you know that our daughter has seen her mr perfect?
Mother said.

I shouted somehow shyly.

“What! Cant I be happy again over my daughter’s happiness?

“So Angela after rejecting all the man that came to asked for your hand in marriage you have finally seen the one that matches your taste as a husbabd?
He asked.

I was just smiling shyly.
“So when are you inviting the lucky man over?
He asked.

“Daddy very soon you will meet him”
I replied.

My parents really want to meet him soon I guess I have to start my work on him fast before they will find out that he is a mad man.

“My husband we prepared your favorite food Egusi soup with mangala fish so we were waiting for you to arrive so we can eat”
Mother said.

“That’s the mention of that soup i have started swallowing my spit let start going before all the spit in my mouth we finished”
He sounded.

We laughed as we went to have our dinner.
My father doesn’t joke with that soup, if you offended you him and you need his forgiveness just prepare that soup for him you are already forgiven.

We had our dinner and gone to bed, sat at my bed thinking on how to start changing my man and my eyes went straight to my precious flower.
I took it and perceive it, it smells so lovely.
I placed the flower on my chest as I lay down, I remembered what the seer said about fulfilling destiny.
“Could the destiny be the mad man”
I thought and closed my eyes and I wished to have a romantic dream with my love

I was in this beautiful garden surrounding with beautiful flowers all kinds of flowers with their good cent, it feels like I was in the paradise.
I was walking around perceiving the cent of the flowers and someone came at my back and covered my eyes.

I smiled and said, “I know is my prince charming”

“How did you know is me?
He asked.

“I can feel my prince charming’s touching”
I smiled.

He realized his hand from my eyes I was so shocked and dumbfounded of what I saw.
“Oh my world! He looks so handsome, very cute, his pointed nose, pink lips suited his brown curved face, he dressed so good I couldn’t believe he is the same mad man I fall in love with”

“My love won’t you take the gift I got for you?
He asked cutting me off from my thought.

I took the flower and smell it.
“It smells good”

“You look beautiful my love”

“Thank you love”
I said smiling and admiring him.

“I have something for you”he said.

“What is it love?

“I have a love poem for you”
He smiled reviewing his gap teeth, have I ever mentioned he have a gap teeth?
He has this amazing gap teeth that makes his handsome face more cute.

“I can’t wait to hear it”I said smiling.

“Here goes the poem for my beloved, Believe me, you are the one,
Whom my heart finds,
Whom my mind reminds me of,
Whom my destiny wants,
Whom I love the most, My love for you is like water,
Falling countless…
The beating of my heart,
For you is so heavy and soundless,
The feeling of being in your arm is so
Precious and endless, Somewhere, someone dreams of your smile
& finds your presence in life so worthwhile.
So when you are lonely,
remember its true that
some1, somewhere, is thinking of you, As days go by, my feelings get stronger,
To be in ur arms, I can’t wait any longer. Join us on our telegram page to read and enjoy more exciting stories from fresh stories Kingdom, house of stories room, sweet and nice story room throug ish on+233544142683.
Look into my eyes & u’ll see that it’s true,
Day & Night my thought r of U, All I wanted was sum1 to care for me
All I wanted was sum1 who would be there for me
All I ever wanted was sum1 who would be true
All I ever wanted was sum1 like U…”how did you see the poem my love?

“I love it, it really melt my heart, thank you”I hugged him so tight as tears was dropping from my eyes.

“C’mon are you crying? You don’t have to cry”
He said wiping out my tears.

“You are so perfect to me and exactly what I want in a man, I love you so much, my soul and body belongs to you, I don’t think if I can leave without you in my life”
I said.

“I love you so much, the love I have for you is beyond people’s imagination, my life will be meaningless without you in it”
He said.

“I want you to sing for me”

“Anything for my love”

He started singing with his amazing voice that can captures any girl’s heart.
He singing as we played along with the song, chasing me around the garden trying to catch me.

“I catch you”
He shouted and carried me up.
He looked into my eyes and said, “I love you deeply and words are not enough to express how much I love you, I promise to love you forevermore, I want the birds in the sky to feel the love, I love you so much Angela”he shouted and kissed me at my forehead.

“I love you so much”i said smiling.

“I love you more”

“Is a lie, we both love each other more”I said.

We were starring at each other romantically, we wanted to kiss but someone interrupted.

I felt someone’s touch, I opened my eyes it was my mother.
“Wake up it is already eight o’clock”
She said tapping me at my back.

“Oh no mother! Why did you came, you suppose to allow us kiss”
I said trying to go back to my dream.

“Did you say something?

“Nothing mother”
I said rolling at the bed, yawning and straighting my body.

“Okay am waiting for you outside ooo”
She said and walked out.

Mother shouldn’t have come, we are just about to kiss our first kiss and she interrupted now I can’t go back to my dream again.

This dream is the best romatic dream ever, he looks so handsome like a charming prince I wish I will see him like that today.

I got up and met my mother in the kitchen, I did my house chores and later in the day Rose came to visit.

“Good evening Mama!
She greeted, I was watching them from the window.

“Evening my daughter, how is your mother?

“She is fine”

“She is among those that spread the rumors about Angela being possessed that’s why she stopped visiting but if you get home help me to tell her that Isiakaraka the seer said nothing is wrong with my daughter”
She said snitching her dress.

“Mama you know I never doubt my friend for one bit”

“Okay my daughter I know you too well”

“Mama where is Angela?

“I think she meant be in her room”

She walked out to meet me but called back.

“Ehhhhhheeeee! Rose come”
She came, “As Angela closed friend you meant know the person she is in love with, who is the man, did I know him? She asked.

Oh my God, am finished I hope she will not tell her”I thought.

“Mother I can’t tell you the person”


“Because am I not in the right position to do so, you have to find out from Angela”

“But she don’t want to tell me, she said I should wait that I will see him soon”

“I guess you have to wait Mama”
She said and came inside.

“Thank you Rose for not telling her the truth”
I said and hugged her.

“You have to tell her before she will find out from other people, you know such news do spread around like a disease”

“I know but I need to change my man before introducing him to my parents”

“Talk more of changing him, he is the reason why am I here”

“What happen, did anything happen to him?
I asked being anxious to know.

“Angela your so call lover is at that big gutter that is always filled up with dirty water near the market road swimming”

“Oh my God! How could he?

“He is not a mad man what else did you expect from him is not this dirty, I even wonder how you plan to change because a mad man is always a mad man”

“I need to go and stop him right now”
I said and rushed out immediately.

“Mother am coming”

“I hope there’s no problem?

“Not at all mother”
Rose answered.

We got there, children has gathered watching and calling him a mad man, he splashing the water on them.
I chased them out.

“What Is the meaning of this you are doing my love?
I shouted angrily.

“Am swimming my love, come and join me, the water is so cool you will like it”
He sounded.

“Your love is inviting you to have a swim with him, go nah”
Rose laughed out.

“No Rose this is not a laughing matter at all, I don’t like what you are doing you are embrassing me in front of my friend, come out from that gutter”
I shouted.

“I can’t come out the water is sweet and cool”he said and keep on swimming.

“See what I got for you, a fish you will use it and prepare me that delicious food you always prepare for me”
He said threw the smelling dead fish out.

“Your lover is a fisherman, he just catches a fish for you”
Rose mocked and laughed.

“What sort of nonsense is this? If you did not come out this minute I will leave you”
I shouted being so mean.

“No my love! don’t leave me, if you leave me I will die ooooo”
I said and rushed out from the gutter.

“Wow! This is true a love story, he listens to his love and he don’t want her to leave him”
Rose laughed out.

“You just ruined my day”I shouted and walked out.

“Am sorry my love, I will not do it again”
He said following me.

“Don’t follow me, get back”
I shouted and he obeyed immediately.

“Am sorry my love, please forgive me”
He said and turned back.

I walked out so angrily.

“Why are you being angry with him when you know he is a mad man so all these are meant to happen or when you are loving a mad man don’t you know what you will face?
She sounded.

“I know but I did not expect this such from him”

“C’mon Angela what were expecting from a mad man if not that act he just did there?

“I just tired Rose, we were see tomorrow”
I said and we departed to our various houses as usual.


I went home battling in anger, the face looks so terrible with the anger in me, I rushed inside without uttering any word to my mother not even greeting.

He just embrassed me and Rose was making jibe of me and people were mopping at us every soon now they will start talking, they are radio without battery.

I know he is mad but I didn’t expect such from him, he just ruined my day.
My eyes sighted at the flower he gave me, I collected it.
“Why did you do that, you just embrassed me today, I had a dream about us last night, playing together you even sang a romatic love poem for me, the way you walked to me looking so handsome I thought it will be the way I will see you today but rather you embrassed me and ruined my day, I know you are mental disorder that you can do any awful thing but what you acted there was out of my expectation”
I said talking to the flower.

Some minutes later, my mother came inside, I rushed and hide the flower under my bed, I don’t want her to see it before she will start being suspicious, she sat beside me.

“Angela what is it, your face is not bright at all, what happen?

“Mother is nothing”

“Don’t tell me nothing when your face is like this, what is it my daughter?

“Mother you won’t understand”

“Am your mother I will understand, did you had a fight with the man we are yet to know?

“Mother, he did the most terrible thing I hate in my life”

“My daughter I want you to understand that in any relationship there’s always a mistake so you just have to learn how to forgive because Refusing To Forgive Someone
Is Like Drinking Poison,
And Waiting For
The Other Person To Die and don”t forgive people cause you are weak rather forgive them because Iyou are strong enough
to understand people make mistakes so you just have to forgive him and forget whatsoever that happened”
She said.

“Thank mother for your word of encouragement”
I hugged her.

“Anything for my daughter and stop being angry lighten up your face”

“Am no more angry again your words has lighten me up”

“Let me go and finish up what am doing”

“Okay mother, I will soon come out and meet you”
I said and she went out.

My mother is always perfect in her words of encouragement, her words changed my mind because I was even planing not to see him for three days.

My mother really lightened up my mood, she is good in that.
I cleaned my face and went to the kitchen to help her out for dinner.

The next day, I went to market and bought all the necessary things that I think my man needed to look perfect for my parents, I will be introducing him to them.

Later in the day, I rushed out to meet him, as I was going i felt someone following, if I turned to see who the person is but I will not see the person only people that were concentrating on what they are doing, minding their own business.

The person keeps on following me.
“No one is following me,maybe it is just my imagination”
I said as I stopped checking who the person.

I got to my destination, my love’s face was not bright, his face seem sad and unhappy.

Immediately he saw me, he rushed to me and knelt down folding his two hands.

“Please my love, forgive me, I will not do it again”
He pleaded, crying like a kid.

I held his hand and raised him up.

“Stop crying my love, I have forgiven you”
I said wiping out his tears.

“You mean you have forgiven and you will not leave me?

“You are forgiven my love beside why should I leave my one true love, don’t you know that I cant live without you in my life, my life will be meaningless without you in it”

He hugged me so tight
“I love you so much, please don’t leave me, if you leave me I will die”
He sounded.

“My eyes has seen my two ears, so Angela it is true!
My mother shouted, she was really shocked and dumbfounded of what she saw and I now know she is the one that was following me.

Her shouting secard me and we rushed and resisted from the hug.

I was mopping at her speechless, my body was even shaking, I didn’t expect her to find out this way.

“Angela so the rumor is true, you are now messing around with a smelling mad man, why Angela, why, how could you?
She shouted with tears filled up in her eyes.

I don’t even know the appropriate word to use.

“Angela how could you be messing around with a mad man that smells around sheat sheat, Angela why have you decide to bring shame to us, why Angela?
She shouted.

“Mother, my love is not bringing shame to anybody rather she loves me and I love her too and I want to marry her”
He said defending me.

“Will shut up that your dirty smelling mouth you have not brush for years, look at this onye ara(mad person) that always smells wee wee”

I have to take courage and tell her the truth and expect the worst to happen.

“Mother is the man I have been telling you about, the one after my heart, I love him so much and I have chosen him as my love”
I sounded even my body was shaking.

“Angela what sort of nonsense is this, is something wrong with your head, how could you love a mad man, No! This not ordinary this mad man has charm you, he has been the one you have been given my food to”
She shouted.

“No mother! He did not charm me, my heart and soul accept him as my love”
I said.

She gave me a slap that even swallow up my eyes, this type of slap that someone will slap you and you will feel this stars all over your eyes.

“If I hear that nonsense from your mouth again I will skin you alive”
She shouted bitterly.

“Why did you hit my love”
He shouted.

“Shut up that your sinking mouth”
She shouted and pushed him.

“Your father must hear this shameful thing”
She shouted dragging me on my ear.

“Mother leave me you are hurting me!
I pleaded.

“Leave her, stop hurting my love”
He shouted rushing after us.

“Will you take back your smelling body to where you came from”
She shouted using strick to chase him back.

He ran back without even acting violates like fighting back at my mother like how mad people normally dose.

“This mad man has bewitched my daughter and I must cast that spell out”
She shouted.

“Mother please leave me, my ear is paining me”
I pleaded to her but she gave a deaf ear to me.
People were mopping at us, they were laughing at us, she did not care.

She dragged me like that until we got home, we met father outside paincing all is not well with him.

“My husband the worst has finally happened”
My mother shouted as she pushed me down and I fell in front of my father.

“So it is true Angela?
He bitterly.

“So father as also heard the rumor too”I thought.

“Why have you sworn to disgrace me in this community, this is so unbelievable that the only child of a respected Chife in this community is messing around with a mad man, what did that mad man gave you to eat my daughter?
He shouted so so buttered.

“My husband when I heard the rumor I did *not believe it because I know my own daughter will not do such thing, yesterday she told me that she had a fight with the man that want to marry her so this evening I decided to follow her without her knowing* to see the man and talk to him concerning my daughter and what I saw left me in a stage of shock, I met her hugging a smelling mad man”
She shouted angrily.

“Father I don’t want to bring shame into this house, I love that man and something in me tells me that he is not mad”
I said.

“Will you shut up that your mouth! You no longer have respect for your father again, you are standing in front of me confessing your stupid love towards a mad man to me”
He shouted.

“My husbabd this is not ordinary, something need to be done because I will not sit down here and allow my only child to be taken away, that mad man is nothing but a ritual who what lures my daughter into loving him and use her for money ritual”
She shouted.

“Mother don’t say such thing, he is not a ritualist, i love him beside is it a crime to love a mad man?
I shouted being so bold.

“My husband you see what am telling, he has already bewitched her, we have to act fast and cast out this spell on her before soap will enter our eyes”
She shouted.

“I Chife Omeagu will not allow his only child to use for blood money, this is really a spell, tomorrow morning you will go and call that prophetess before the worst will finally happen”
He shouted.

I stood up and started shouting.
“Father am okay, no one bewitched me, no need of calling a prophetess, am still in my right sense”

“We shall see by the prophetess”
She said.

“Am okay, no one or anything will stop me from loving him, my whole body belongs to him”
I shouted and rushed to my room.

I lay down to in the bed crying,
“My head is aching too much, what happened today is out of my expectation, I don’t want them to find out like this and now they think am bewitched and they want summon a prophetess, if only this people can keep their mouth shut and mind their own business things couldn’t have come out like this.
No matter what they said or do, they can’t change the way I feel about him nor stop me from loving him.

πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€COULD THIS BE LOVEπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ


Very early in the morning the so called prophetess came wearing a white garment, a purple robe around her waist and a purple cap that looks like the one chef πŸ‘©β€πŸ³ usually wear actually she was really looking like the chrubrium people.
She carried a big cross while her servant who also dresses like her was holding a very big bible that is like the biggest oxford dictionary and a big stick with a bell too.
I wonder who the stick is meant for, could it be me?
Well let me see the use of the stick .

The bell was ringing continuously and she was coming and dancing like someone who is drunk.

“Holy! prophetess Mary is here, holy! The holy one is here”
She was repeating continuously until she got where we are.

“Holy! I smell evil in this household and if that evil is not cast out the loving one will be loose”
She said perceiving around everywhere.

“What is this fake prophetess talking about, what evil”
I thought, I know she is just a fake prophetess.

“Prophetess Mary this is the reason why we called you here”
Father said.

“Am I prophetess Mary, a servant and messenger of God and I have come to heal and deliver”
She said walking around like a drunk person while the bell rings.

“Stand up you!
She commanded.

I obyed and stood up.

“I smell evil around your body, that mad man you are in love with is a ritualist and he has tighted you with his evil charm for you to love him and he will end up using you for his blood money”
She said still perceiving everywhere.

“Yes! I noticed it Prophetess Mary and that is the reason why I called you, I don’t want to loose my only child to that mad man”
Mother said.

How did this fake prophetess find out about my relationship with him well what can I say news always spread around like a disease, she has already gotten the information.

“My brethen you don’t have to worry because am here to cast out the demons in her, kneel down!
She commanded me.

“There’s no demon in me, he has not bewitched me, why is it difficult for you people to understand that he genuinely loves me, his love is pure and not of evil”
I shouted.

“It is the demon in her that is talking, and you demon will be cast out today, kneel down”
She shouted.

“Are you not hearing her, she said you should kneel down”
My father shouted.

I knelt down facing her.

“I see five demons in her and a very dangerous one, it all around her”
She said walking around me.

“You demons shall be cast out today, I’m prophetess Mary will cast you demons out”
She shouted and her servant rang the bell.

“Open Matthew 4:15 for me”
She said to her servant.

“Matthew 4:15 said, God said whatsoever that is cast on earth is also loose in heaven”
He read.

He just read a wrong bible verse, the two are just fake.

“Bring that holy rope and tie her because the demons in her is so dangerous”
She said.

“No! You can’t tie me that rope like a mad person, mother will you allow them to do that on her?

“My child please calm down we don’t want to loose, you know you are the only child we have and we can’t bear to loose you”

My legs and hands were tied up.

“Give me that holy stick”
She shouted and the stick was given to her.

“Father! Mother! Tell her not use that stick on me nothing is wrong with me, am not bewitched”
I shouted.

“My child what we are doing is for all own good, I can’t allow you to be taken away from us”
Father said.

“You demons, I cast and abide you in the name of Jesus”
She shouted, flogging me mercilessly.

I was shouting and crying.
“Father what you are doing is not good ooo, you are killing your own child in the name of deliverance”
I cried out.

“You evil demons around this body, I cast you, leave this body, I said leave this body, this body did not belong to you”
She shouted flogging me badly.

I was crying and rolling on the ground.

“Yes! I can see them going, the demons are going, look at them”
She shouted still flogging me.

“Stop flogging me, am not bewitched, mother you are not saying anything, you are keeping quite and allowing this fake prophetess to kill your child for you, why mother?
I cried out.

“My child please stop crying, what we are doing is for your own good”
She said, tears has filled up her eyes.

“Thank you Jesus, thank you Emmanuel the demons are now gone and she is delivered from that man evil charm”
She shouted.

“Thank you Jesus, thank you prophetess Mary”
My father said and rejoicing.

“Loose me immediately”
I shouted.

Her servant came and loosed me, I ran inside my room crying out my eyes.

“How could my parents allow such a painful thing on me, is a crime to love a mad man, is mad man don’t a human being”
I cried out.

I removed my cloth, I checked my back at the mirror it was filled with buries, the stick mark showed in my back, it was so painful and very reddish due to my fair complexion.

My mother came inside, she touched me at my back I removed her hand immediately.

“I hate you mother, I know you happy now, thank you for allowing that fake prophetess to design my back like this”
I cried out.

“My daughter am sorry, we are only protecting you”
She sounded.

“What type of protection is that? What you and father did to me is wickedness, I find it difficult to believe that my own parents will do this to me”
I cried out.

“My child stop crying”
She said crying.

“Don’t call me your child, am no longer your child, I hate you mother, I regret you being my own mother”
I shouted and cried out.

“Watch your mouth Angela! All we did is to protect you in the hands of that evil mad man”
My father came inside and shouted at me.

“Protection! What type of protection is that Father? You too hate me and don’t care about my feelings!
I shouted.

“My daughter we love and care for you as why we don’t to loose you in the hands of that ritualist”
Mother said.

“Look at my back, you are talking about caring, if you too care about me you couldn’t allow this to happen to me”
I shouted.

“Why is it difficult for you to understand that mad man is a ritualist and he want to use you for blood money and beside have you ever seen nor hear that a mad man that is not in his right sense ever being in love before?
Father asked.

“No dear, but in case of this mad man he dose what he is doing and want to lure you to his evil plans, my daughter try to understand us”
Mother said.

“Father! Mother! Point of correction he is not a ritualist , he is the man after my heart, the one I love so much, my soul and body belongs to him and there’s nothing nobody will do that will make me change my mind towards him, I don’t care if he is a mad man or not, I love him like that”
I shouted and rushed out after putting on my cloth.

“You lie Angela! I Chief Omeagu will not allow my only child to be taken away from me by mad man, over my dead body will I allow such to happen, even if it meant for me to kill somebody am ready to do that”
Father shouted to my hearing.

I went to the backyard crying bitterly, I don’t understand why my parents don’t want me to be happy, now look at what they did to my back all in the name of protection.
No matter what they will say nor do to me I will always stand strong to where am I, it is that mad man I will marry or no one else.

My followed me to the backyard and sat beside me placing her hand around my shoulder that is filled of with buries.

“Ouch! Leave me mother!
I shouted.

“Am sorry, my child please forgive us, I understand how you feel”
She said.

“You don’t understand anything mother because if you do you will not allow such to happen to me rather you will allow me to follow my heart”
I shouted still crying.

“How can I allow my only child to be messing around with a mad man all in the name of love, what will people think of me, what will the community say about your father?

“Mother I have told you several that he is not a mad man beside he is not born to be mad and something in me tells me that his insanity is not ordinary and am I the only one that will help him out”
I said.

“Whether it is ordinary or not ordinary what I know is that he is a ritualist and I will not allow you to fall into his trap, meanwhile the hot water is ready come let me clean up this bruises”
She said and went out.

I followed her to the bathroom, I lay at the bathroom πŸ›€ as she cleans up the bruises, it was really painful that I was shouting and crying like someone who they are about slaughter her head.

“Mother take it easy, don’t you know it is painful?
I cried out.

“Am sorry for child”
She said.

“I don’t want you to feel sorry for me because that’s all you wanted”
I cried out.

“Dont sound that way, how can I want this to happen to my child”
She said.

“It is a crime for someone to being in love?
I shouted as she placed the wound with the hot water.

“My child it is not a crime to being in love but it happens to be a crime when that love is not genuine rather a bloody love”
She said.

“Mother what he feels for is unconditionally love and it is genuine”
I said still battling in pains.

“Angela you are just bewitched of his love and I hope that after ministering this holy water given to us by prophetess Mary into your bath water within three days it will cleans you off from that love you have for that devil”
She said with so much confidence.
They really trust and beleive this fake prophetess.

“Let see if what the fake prophetess said to you will work”
I said.

“How can you call a prophetess of God a fake?

“That’s what she is, a fake prophetess”

“Don’t say that again, don’t you know that she is a strong Prophetess in this community, she has been healing and delivering people that has similar problem with you”
She sounded.

“I don’t want to argue with you, as you and father believed that am bewitched so let us see if what the Prophetess did here today will change me from loving him”
I said.

Few minutes later, she was done cleaning up the bruises.
She excused me as I had my bath and went to my room.
I couldn’t even dressed up because of the pain at my back but I managed.

Later in the day, Rose came to see me, she went straight to my room.
She tapped me at my shoulder and I was frightened, I guess she she been standing there and I don’t even notice her presence because I was lost in my thought.

“Angela what is it, I have been standing here for ages shouting your name,what happen to you, why the long face?
She asked as she sat beside me.

I cleaned my eyes, “I didn’t notice your presence”

“How will you notice me when you are lost in your own thoughts, what happen, you seem unhappy to me?
She asked.

“My parents has finally done the worst thing to me”

“Done the worst thing to you! How, what did you mean?
She asked being confused.

“My back will give you answers to your question”
I said and raised up my cloth for her to see.

“Oh my God! Your parents can’t do this to you”
She said being shocked.

“They have done it nah”

“How did it happen?
She asked.

“My parents find out about my love and said the mad man is a ritualist that he has bewitched me and lured me into loving him so that he will use me for money ritual so they decided to bring a fake prophetess who designed my body like this in the name of delivery”
I explained to her.

“This is unbelievable, could they do that to you?

“They hate me and don’t want me to be happy, that’s the reason”
I said.

“Your parents don’t hate you but come to think of it, if you put yourself in their shoes you will also do the same thing”
She said.

“Even if am in their shoes I will not act the same way, what they did to me is unspeakable rather I will consider my child’s happiness”
I said.

“Is okay Angela! They are only protecting you as their only child”
She said.

“You called this buries at my back protection! What type of protection is this?

“Angela is okay, one day your parents will get to understand your feelings for him, I need to start going, my mother sent me an errand so I decided to branch and see you, I will come tomorrow to check on you”
She said.

“Okay Rose! In case you see my love tell him what happened to me”
I sounded.

“I should do what? You want me to talk to a mad man, I can’t do that, I don’t want someone to bite me oooo”

“He is not mad, I will keep on telling you this”
I sounded.

“Angela I can’t do that one for you oooo!

“Okay nah! Bye”

“I will come tomorrow to see you”
She said.

“Suit yourself”
I said and she went out.

I lay down on the bed, the pain was too much, I couldn’t turn my right side nor left side.
My parents has truly showed me how much they hate me by allowing this to happened to me.
There’s nothing they will do on this earth that will make me change my mind, they will be trying to separate me from my love but they will not succeed because the more they tried is the more my feelings for him will be growing stronger day by day.

I struggled with the pains until i dont know when i slept off.


It has been three days now since the encounter of the fake Prophetess and I have not smell outside, I was waiting for the wound to healed, I have really miss my love so much and I hope he misses me too.

One faithful evening, I was in my room sleeping and all of a sudden I started hearing someone shouting and banging the gate.

“Open this gate, I want to see my love”

I rushed out immediately I heard his voice and wanted to open the gate but father stops me.

“Father my love came to see me, let me go and open the gate for him”

“Will get inside now!
He shouted.

“I will not leave here until you open this gate for me, I want to see my love”
He shouted banging the gate.

“You mad man leave that gate before I will come the vigilant on you”
Father shouted.

“Father please let me just see him, I misses him, please father”
I pleaded trying to run out but he held me back.

“Woman take your daughter inside”
He said.

“My daughter let go inside, you cant see him”
Mother said holding my hand.

“Leave me! I will not go until I see him”
I shouted.

“Open this gate oooo, I want to see my love ooo, you better open this gate”
He shouted throwing stones inside the compound.

“You mad man if they sent you, you better go and tell them that you did not see my daughter, leave that gate this minute unless your name will be sorry”
Father shouted.

He was being so aggressive and adamant, throwing stones and hitting the gate.
He climb to the fence but due to the electric wire he couldn’t jump in.

“My love I have miss you, for three days now I have not seen you, why is it you don’t want to come and see me my love”
He shouted.

“My love miss you too but my parents don’t want me to see you”
I said and wanted to go closer to the fence but mother dragged me back.

“Look at this madman have the guts to climb on my fence, I will show that I also know how to run mad”
Father shouted and collected a long stick and started hitting him.

“No father! Stop hitting him, you are hurting him”
I cried out.

“No matter what you will do to me I will not stop loving your daughter”
He shouted as he went down from the fence.

“Nonsense! I will surly deal with this madman”
He shouted.

“Father why is it difficult for you to understand that we are in love and no matter what you will do you will never stop us from loving each other”
I shouted.

“Over my dead body will I allow you to mess around with that ritualist that call himself a madman”
He shouted.

“I love him and you can not separate us”
I shouted and ran inside.

I went inside my room crying, what my father is doing is not good, why can’t he allow me to be with the one that makes me happy.
Mother even supported him instead of her being in my side as a woman she is who understand better what is feel like to be in love.
Look at what he did to my love, father is just being out of the line too much, it is well no matter what he will do, we shall never be separated rather our love will be growing strong as days passes by.

I was eating and Rose rushed inside breathing heavily as someone that saw a ghost or being chase by a masquerade.

“Rose what is it, who is after you?

“Angela you are here eating while your so call love is in the point of death”

I didn’t heard what she said due to the way she was breathing.

“What are you saying Rose?

She breathed and calmed down for awhile.

“I said the vigilant is beating up your madman”
She shouted.

“Why, how, where are they?
I shouted.

“At the usual place he normally stay”

I rushed out immediately, running so fast as my leg can carry me, I don’t even care to wash my hand nor close the door.

I got to the place, my heart was broken into pieces, they were beating and hitting him with belt and stick.
Rolling him on the ground like a common goat, he was crying and shouting for help. Kindly log on to www.dopΓ© for another interesting stories

I couldn’t do anything to stop them, I was so helpless, I cried and pleaded for my father to stop them but he gave a deaf ear to my pleading.

“So because of you our beautiful Angela rejected us, we will teach you a lesson that you will never forget in a hurry”

“Look at this madman that came from nowhere and want to Angela from us”

“This idiot thinks he can come to this village and use our Angela for money ritual, your plan failed, we will deal with you until you leave this community”

The vigilant were saying all this as they continue to beat him like a criminal.

Blood was rushing out from his nostril and mouth.

“Father pleaee tell them to stop, they will kill him”
I cried and pleaded holding him on his leg.

“Dont care if he die, beat him mercilessly”
He shouted.

“Father if he dies I will also die too because I bear to live without him in my life”
I cried out.

“My love stop crying, nothing will happen to me, the love we share together will not allow me to die”
He cried out.

“So you still have the mouth to address her as your love”
One of the vigilant shouted and hit him with a heavy metal iron on his head, blood started pumping up.

I cried and cried so bitterly,
“Father you are wicked and I hate you with passion”
I cried out.

“Rose is what they are doing to him, they will kill him”
I cried.

“Angela stop crying nothing will happen to him”

That wicked father of mine, asked one of the vigilant to take me home, he high jacked me.

“Leave me I want to be with my love”
I cried out hitting him on his shoulder.

“Take her home”
He shouted as he followed us behind.

Mother was not aware of what was going on, she was surprised to see me on that man’s back weeping badly.

“What is it, what happened?
She shouted.

“This man you called your husband is so wicked and I regret being his daughter”
I cried out.

“Take her inside, nonsense!
He shouted.

He took me inside my room and locked up the door.

I cried out bitterly, my heart has been shattered, I hate that man, how can he do that to my love, he is so wicked.

I cried hitting the door.
“Open this door, let me go and be with my love”
I cried out.

“My daughter please stop crying before you will fall sick”
Mother said.

“It is better I fall sick and die”
I cried out.

“God forbid you will not die”

“Go and tell that wicked man you called your husband to open this door before I will break it”
I shouted.

“Stop crying my daughter I will talk to your father and he will listen to me”

“You better talk to him to open this door”
I shouted.

I tried to force the door to open but I don’t have any single strength in me.

I was crying for hours until my mother brought food for me through the window, it seem that man has instructed her not to open the door and she obeys.

I rejected the food still insisting for the door to be open.

I will not eat nor drink water until this door is open”
I told her.
She walked out.

I was in that room for three days without eating nor drinking water, since they want me to die they will soon see my corpse.

Thank God for the good news Rose brought to me which has lightened up my heart.
She told me that she took care of my love by taking him to the pharmacy that he is now getting better

I was dressed in a very beautiful blue gown with a golden crown on my head looking so beautiful and gorgeously like a queen.

At my right hand side was my prince charming, my heart beat, sitting on his throne looking so handsome and amazing.

He straighten up his hand and I held him, he kissed my hand passionately.

“Let me show you around the palace you will like it”
He said to me.

The palace was so beautiful, it looks like a paradise and so peaceful and a lovely place to be around.

“Wow! This palace looks so amazing”
I shouted.

“For now on it will be your palace, a place we will leave happily and have our own children”
He said.

I hugged him so tighted and peeked him on his cheek.

“I love you my love, I thank God for given me such a wonderful person like you”
I said tearsfully.

“I love you more with all my heart and I don’t think if I can breath without you in my life”
He said.
I waked up as I smiled,
“What a wonderful dream, am a queen and he is a king”
I smiled again.

But wait ooo, “What could the meaning of this awesome dream? I know that it means something and I must find out its significance”


“What could be the meaning of the dream, could he be a prince or what?
What if he is a prince then why is he running mad?

No! He can’t possibly be a prince”

I need to find to see him and find out the meaning of that dream.
How can I see him when am locked up in my room like a prisoner.

I thought on how to escape but no ideas were coming to my mind.

I walked around to check if I can see something to use and break the door handle but I find nothing.

I don’t even know what to do, am just tired and helpless.

I went back to my bed and collected my precious flower.
“My love I have missed you so much, I have been locked up in my room as why I have not come to see you, I really want to know how you are doing, what they did to you was so terrible and unimaginable for me, I never thought my father will be so wicked and heartless but don’t worry I will find a way to escape from this room and come and see you, we will elope from this community and go far away where nobody will be against our love”
I cried as I kisses the flower.

Few minutes later, mother came to the window side.

“My daughter how are you doing?
She asked.

I went closed to her.
“You what to know how am doing?
This is how am doing”
I shouted scattering the room, throwing my clothes and whatsoever that is in the room upside down.

“This is how am doing, it pains me do much that my own parents will have the mind to locked me up in my room like a prisoner and you mother you feels so happy to see me like this”
I shouted.

“Don’t say that my child”

“Don’t you ever call me your child, I stopped being your child the day you supported your husband and dealt with that poor man mercilessly”

“Why won’t you understand we are only protecting you from the hands of that evil man”
She sounded.

“Protection my foot!
I shouted matching my feet on the ground.

“Bia Angela! Watch your tounge, mind how you talk to your mother”
That man called himself my father over heard us and came, he raised up his hand to slap me but stopped.

“What are you still waiting for? Go ahead and slap me beside have you not done the worst thing to me”
I shouted.
They have really made me to be insultive to them.

“This insults is getting out of hands, you will be in that room to further notice since you have grown wings to talk back at your father any how”
He shouted.

“I don’t care, if you like you can lock me up for your entire life what I know is that no matter what will do to me nor him the love we share together will surely stoops and conquer”
I shouted.

“Then we shall see who is who”
He shouted and walked out.

“You shouldn’t have talked back to your father with such tune, he even came to free you but your bad mouth ruined it, you know how your father is he can never go back to his words”
She said.

“I don’t care beside why should I care? If he like he can keep me in here for ages I don’t care”
I sounded.

“I brought you food, you have not eating for some days now”

“I don’t need your food, you can take it to your so call husband”
I shouted as I went back to my bed.

“Angela you have to eat oooooo, see how slim you are”
She shouted.

She pleaded and petted me for me to take my food, I didnt even pay attention to her talk more of uttering any word.
After standing and waisting her time, she gave up and went out.

I was just sitting at the bed mopping at nothing and something flashed into my mind, I stood up immediately and walked to the window.
I starred at it and smiled, I went back and brought out a spanner πŸ›  from my cupboard and gently loose out the nuts off of the window which took me a lot of time.
I smiled as soon as I done,
“Why didn’t this idea came to my mind early?

I jumped down from the window slowly, I walked out slowly like a tortoise with making any foot sound.

I came through the backyard thinking on the next step to follow.
My eyes sighted at the lather, I carried it and placed at the wall.
I climbed on it and jumped, the fence was not that high.

That’s how I made myself out of that house.

I rushed down to Rose’s house so that she can show me where my love this.

“Good day Mama!
I greeted.

“Have I not warned you to stay away from my daughter, what are you doing here?
She shouted and I didn’t say anything to her.
I was looking inside the room to see if can I see her and give her a sign to come.

“So it is true you are now messing around with a mad man after rejecting all your suitors, is a mad man you are chasing after, Angela you don’t have shame you are pursing onye ara(mad person)like flies, what your father did to that mad man is even morning if I were him I will skin that man alive and bury him, please stay away from my Rose before you will charm her with your madness of loving a mad person”
She shouted.

Thank God, Rose came out immediately she heard her shouting, looking so surprise to see me, I gave her a sign that I will be waiting for her and walked out.

“I hope this plan I have in mind will help me to cure his insanity”
I thought waiting for her.

Within some minutes, she came.

She hugged me and said, “Am so happy that your father has finally realized you”

I sighed,”what makes you think that wicked and heartless man that called himself my father will realize me?

“If he didn’t then how did you came here?
She asked curiously.

“I did what that is needed to be done”

“Like how?
Being curious.

“Rose let forget how I escaped because it is not the reason why am I here, i need you to show me where my love is”
I said.

“I knew that’s the reason you escaped, lets go”
She said.

“I had a dream last night”
I said as we walked down to meet him.

“Yes what is the dream all about?
She asked.

“In my dream I saw myself being dressed like a queen looking so gorgeous and beautiful, the maidens were honoring and showering me with love and right beside me was this handsome good looking prince charming sitted on the throne, he held my hand and showed me around the beautiful palace saying it is my palace, can you guess who the prince is?
I said.

“You know am not good in guessing, so who the person is”

“You can not even try and guess, who else did you think that will be the handsome charming prince if not my love”
I sounded.

She laughed and laughed uncontrollably.

“What is funny?

“Wait am I not done laughing, you mean the mad man a prince?
She asked and laughed, her laughing makes me to looks so stupid.

“Rose will you stop the laughing!

“Wait oooo! I think you are having fever”
She checked my neck to feel my temperature.

“No is not fever, I think you have missed your mad man so much that’s why you had that dream”
She sounded.

“Rose joke apart, you know fully well that my dreams always turns to reality”

“I know but this dream of a mad man being a prince is just a mere dream which will not come to reality”
She said.

“Something in me keeps on telling me that his insanity is not ordinary and i must unveil the mystery of that madness today”
I said.

“How did you achieve to do that?
She asked.

“I have this plan in mind and I hope the plan will give me the answers to my dream and also unveiling the mystery behind his madness”

“What is the plan?

“I can’t tell you once we get there, you will find it by yourself”

“Okay oooo! As you say nah”

We came to uncompleted building, he came out looking so cleaned, his head and beard were shaved, his cloth also changed, if you see him you will not know that he is the mad man.
I was shocked when I saw him, Rose really did a great job on him, it was actually what I was planing to do to make him look so cleaned for my parents, hard it been I was able to do it on time things couldn’t have gotten this far.

Immediately he saw me, he rushed and hugged me so tight, we don’t want to resist each other from the hug.

“My love I have missed you so much, I thought I will not see you again”
He said smelling so nice.

“I missed you too, how are you doing?
I asked as we later resisted from the hug.

“Am fine just that I have missed you”

“Look at what my wicked father done to you, am sorry it all my fault”
I said checking all his wounds.

“It is not your fault my love”

“Am deeply sorry”
I said and hugged him again.

“It is okay my love am getting better”
He said.

“Rose am so happy, you really did a wonderful work on him”
I hugged her.

“What are friends for? it was not really easy for me but I tried”
She said.

“You make him looks so perfect and you will get a reward for that”

She smiled and said,”I can’t wait to receive it oooo!

I went back to him, I held his two hands stares into his beautiful eyes.
“I love you so much and I don’t think if I can breath without you in my life”

“I love you too and you have stollen my heart, my heart beats for you each day”

“See love ooooo!
Rose shouted.

We starred at each other romantically.
I drew my lips closer to his and kissed him passionately.

Immediately we stopped the kissing, he fell down and I saw this strange smoke that formed a shape of lizard came out from this body.

“My love what happen to you, What is going on Rose”
I shouted shaking him.

“My love please wake up, am sorry I did not mean to kissed you, please wake up”
I cried shaking him.

“Stop crying nothing is wrong with him, he just fainted let me see if I can get water”
She said.

She ran inside and came out with water, she splashed the water on him, he sneezed and opened his eyes.

“What happen to me?
He asked starring at us.

“You just fainted”
I replied and helped him to stand up.

“Is this you my love?

I looked at Rose confused, why did he asked could it be he did not remember me or what.

“Yes it is me my love”

“You kissed me?

I nodded my head.
“Am heal, you kissed me and am healed”
He jumped happily and rejoicing.

We were confused of what he was saying.

“Angela what is he saying?

“I have no idea”

“What is it my love?

“Can’t you see that am no more mad, your kiss has healed me”
He hugged and raised me up.

“Thank you so much for restoring me back, is only true love that can heal me and you came to my life and restored me back”
He shouted with tears of joy.

I was so happy, the happiness I was feeling inside of me was too much and rushed to Rose held her hands and turning her around.

“Rose it work, my magic works, I knew it that his madness was not ordinary and I have proof it”
I shouted.

“This is just a miracle and am so happy for you”
She said.

I went back to him, “Am so happy that you have finally recovered”

“All thanks to you for healing me”

“I did not heal you but the love we have for each other restored you back”

“Thank you so much for loving and accepting mad man like me in your life”

“It supposed to be was because you are no more mad but how did you became mad?

“My love it is a long story and it will be share another day for now I need to go and show my people that am healed”
He said.

“Your people! Who are you people, where are you from?

“Don’t worry your question will be answer later, I need to go now”

“When are you coming back to see me?

“I will be coming next tomorrow and I will give you the answers to your question”
He said and rushed out.

“What happen, why did he rushed out like that?
Rose asked.

“He said he is going to meet his people”

“His people! Who are this people?

“He didn’t tell me, he said when he will visit he will tell me everything I need to know”

“Okay ooo! Angela you just performed a miracle here, there’s magic in his lips, you kissed him and he is okay”
She said.

“That was the plan that can into my mind, I know the madness was not ordinary I just needed a something to proof it and the kiss idea jumped into my mind”

“This is so great, I still find it difficult to believe”

“Am so happy for you Angela, I need to start going before my mother will start looking for me”
She said and hugged me.

“Okay bye”
We departed from each other.

I can’t believe that my kiss restored him back, hard it been I noticed it early I could have kissed him and his insanity would have gone by now.

What could be the thing that got him mad?
Who are his people, where is he from?
I can’t wait for this questions to be answered to me.

I made a mistake I did not even ask him his name, well when he come to see me I will get to know his name.



I was so happy infact words are not enough to express how happy i felt inside of me, the happiness is beyond people’s imagination, am the happiest person in the whole universe, I can tell people that criticize me for fallen in love with a mad man that the love will share together has restored him even that man that called himself my father will be so shocked when he will see him.

“Look at this girl! How did you escape from that room?

Father shouted as soon as he set his eyes on me, I even forgot that I was home prison.

“You thought I will be in that room locked up like a prisoner without finding how to escape and see my love, well am just coming back from seeing my heartbeat”
I said being so bold.

“So you have grown wings to talk back at your father in that tune”
He shouted and hitted me his walking stick on my head.

“Stop hitting me that thing, infact you seized to be my father that the moment you called those vigilant to beat up my love”
I shouted.

“Angela mind your language, he is your father”
Mother shouted.

He stood up and slapped me.
“Oh! I can seen that you have eaten more than you can chew, that witch mad man has bewitched you, you longer have respect for me again, we shall who have this house and that my window you break make sure if you fix it back unless you will see the other side of me you have not seen before”
He shouted angrily and went inside.

“Angela the way you talked to your father this days is so bad of you, how could you?
Mother asked.

“He made me to be so insultive towards him, you know am humble and respectful daughter but father changed me by not allowing me to be with the man I love and he never care for my happiness”
I said.

“Your father cares and love you, all he was doing to protect his only child from the hands of the evil one”
She sounded.

“Protection! Protection! Protection every day! Am tired of hearing this, what type of protection is that? You know what, one faithful day you and father will go now on your kneels pleading for his forgiveness, just very soon”
I shouted and walked out.

I know they will be so shocked to see him and they will definitely go down on their kneels pleading and begging for his forgiveness.

I went to my room, I lay down on the bed thinking the great miracle that happened to day, it was just a miracle, just a kiss and he is healed.
I pray he will come back soon to me and shocked those my parents.

I later fixed back the window not because my father said so but simply because it is my room and I don’t want those witches that called themselves misquotes to have my body as their food.

This is exactly two weeks he left, why is he not coming to see me, he promise me that he will come then what is still keeping him from coming to see me.
He knows fully well that I can’t stay a day without seeing him.

I don’t even know where is he nor his name, how can I look for him?

Let it be that has forgotten about me?
Could it be that has gotten what he wants from me and left me to be with another girl?

What if the love he confesses to me is all fake?

These questions was running into my mind and it was troubling me so much.

My heart was really disturbed, I cried and hope that my fear of loosing him will not come to pass.

I rushed to Rose’s house crying so bitterly, my heart has been broken into pieces, my worst fear has finally happened.

I met her on the way.
“Angela what is it? Why are you crying?
She asked.

“Rose my worst fear is finally happened, he gave me a fake hope and promises but he has left me for another girl”
I cried out catarrh was even rushing out.

She hugged me,
“Stop crying Angela, he loves you with all his heart and he came never lives you no matter what”

“Then why have he not come as he promise?
I cried.

“You just have believe and hope that he will come”
She said consoling me.

“When will that be? This is exactly two months he left and I have been hoping and hoping but no sign of him”
I cried.

“Angela don’t you have faith in your love? He will come maybe he has one or two things that is tiding him up”
She said.

“Am tired of hoping, I need to go look for him, I don’t want to loose because if that happened I will be a dead person”
Still crying.

“C’mon Angela! Don’t sound that way, you will not loose him and beside where are you going to look for him when you don’t even know his name nor where he is from”

“Rose what did you expect me to do? My heart is broken into pieces, I don’t know what to do anymore”
I cried.

“Stop crying and put yourself together, I know he will definitely come, he have not forgotten you, please stop hurting yourself”
She wiped my tears and hugged me so tighted.

“Rose are you sure that he have not forgotten me?

“Am hundred percent sure because I know very well that he loves and cherish you so much, please let’s go home”
She assured me.

She took me home, I was really looking so miserable.
She took me inside my room and promised to come and see me tomorrow.

I find it difficult to fall asleep, I was crying and hoping for tomorrow to be a wonderful and a miraculous day for me.
Who I want to see tomorrow is my love, I want him to show up tomorrow.

I was sitting outside at the mango tree, bending down my head and crying thinking about my love, hoping for a miracle to happen today.

Mother came and sat beside me.
“My child please stop crying, I don’t know why you are hurting yourself all in the name of love, please stop crying over a mad man, see how thin you are, you have not been feeding too well”
She said wiping my tears.

I did not utter any word to her.

“Please stop crying, the more you cries is the more I will be feeling hurt”
She sounded.

“Why are you begging this foolish daughter of yours to stop crying, if she like let her cry her eyes out instead of her to be happy that ritualist has lost the battle of using her for money ritual she is here crying”
Father shouted as soon as he came out.

“He is not a ritualist nor a mad man, he is my love and very soon he will come and take me away from you people”
I shouted.

“Over my dead body will I allow that ritualist to marry you”
He shouted and went out.

“Whether you like it or not he is the one I will marry”
I shouted.

Few minutes later Rose came.
“Good day Mama! How are you doing Angela?
She asked and sat beside me.
“Rose help me to talk sense to her and stop crying over ritualist that was pretending to be mad man then rejoice for he has lost the battle of using her for money ritual”
She sounded and went to meet her husband.

“Angela what are you doing to yourself? See how thin you are, I have told you to stop crying that he will surly come and he has not forgotten you”
She said tapping me at my backside.

“Rose I don’t think if I can take it anymore if he did not show up today I will do something stupid”
I cried as I rest on her laps.

“Don’t say such thing, have faith with the love you share together”
She consoled me.

Some minutes later, we started hearing a car horn directing to our gate, we wonder who it could be.

Father told Rose to get the gate open.
She opened the gate and we were surprised of what we saw,
Six cars coming inside beautiful ones, we thought of who they could be.

We stood up waiting to see who they could be.
Maybe he is the prince because it is only thr royal family that will come with cars but what could be his mission in our house.

Guards and maidens came out from the two cars, the maidens were holding a basket of flowers while some of the guards spread a red sparkling garment at the third car.
Her Majesty came down majestically followed by the prince, they stood at the red garment while the elders came down from the other cars.

The majesty and the prince walks majestically while the maidens were throwing flowers on them.

They approached to us and were shocked, dumbfounded, speechless with our mouths wide open, I don’t even know the right word to use to describe our expression as the moment we saw them.

“No! It cant be him, am just dreaming”
I saw still in shocked.

“Angela see is your love and he is a prince”
Rose shouted.

He came forward to me.
“My love is me, your one and only love”
He said.

No! It can’t be you, am dreaming somebody should wake me up from this dream”
I shouted and wanted to fall.

He raised me up,
“Wake up my love, it is me”
He shouted.

I opened my eyes and i looked into his charming eyes as he hold me on my waist, I was starring at him so speechless.

“My love is it you?
I managed to asked.

“Yes it is me my love I have come”
He said.

I couldn’t believe he is the one that is standing in front of me.

After all the drama, they were offered a sit.
My parents was so shocked especially that my wicked father was so dumbfounded that he bend his head and couldn’t look at him.

“Angela he is a Prince, I can’t believe this that someone that was mad is Prince”
Rose whispered to my ear.

Father cleared his throat and gain courage to speak up.

“My son!
He started, he is now his son because he is a Prince.

“My son am deeply sorry, I know I did not deserve your forgiveness, please find a place in your heart to give me for the wrongs things I done to you and the bad things I said about you, please forgive me”
He pleaded.

“Father I told you that one day you will pleading and ask for his forgiveness”
I said.

“Please my child, forgive us, what we did to you was so bad but find a place in your heart to forgive us”
Mother stood up and pleaded.

“My child, Words will not be able to ever express
how sorry I am for this,
and I have profound regret and sorrow
for the multitude of
mistakes and harm
I have caused, please forgive us”
Father said.

“Enough of this apology! I hold no grudges against you beside if am I in your shoe I could have done the same thing, all you were doing is to protect your only daughter so I hold nothing against you, I have forgiven you”
He said.

Just a kind hearted person, if it is me I will not forgive my father what he did was so bad.

“You mean, you have forgiven us”
Mother said.

“I have forgiven you beside I will soon be your son in law”
He said.

“Thank you my son but why did you do? Where you pretending to be mad or what?
Father asked.

The answer I have been dying to hear has come.

“No Chief! I was not pretending to be mad beside how can someone pretend to be mad running around the street witht torn dirty clothes?
He said.

“Then what cause the madness?
I asked and my ears were itching to hear it.

One of the elders cleard his throat and said,
“You know what, as the Prince of our land before you will ascend the throne you have to run mad and at the process of running mad he will also find his bride and only the love of that person will restore him back”
He said.

We shooked our head,
“How can run mad just to be a king?
Father said.

“What a ridiculous tradition?
I said.

“It our custom and tradition and we respect it, this tradition has been going on since our forefathers were born”
Another elders said.

“What if you were not able to find love at the process of running mad it will be the fate?
I asked.

“The throne will be taken from your lineage to another lineage and that person must undergo the same process”
Said by the third elder.

“That means the person will remain mad forever in his life?
Father asked.

“The person will still be mad until his Chi will decide to restore him or not”
The fourth elders said.

“Thanks to the gods that our noble Prince undergo the process and passed the test and that’s the most important thing we are here today”
Said by the fifth elder.

“Once the Prince has succeed in finding his wife we the elders will make a decision to go and her people”
Said by the sixth elder.

“Gurads bring those things”
The queen said.

The queen looked so beautiful and the Prince is exactly carbon paper of his mother.

The guards brought out all the beautiful things they came with, it was so much that I can’t mention.

“Angela he is going to ask for hands in marriage”
Rose smiled and whispered to my ear.

“Chife, I Prince Joel came with my kinsmen to ask for your beautiful daughter’s hands in marriage”
He said.

Prince Joel, his name suited him very well.

“My son has told me so much about your daughter, how she loves and cares for him without minding he was mad, you know it impossible for someone to fell in love with a mad person but your daughter here made it possible, so we have come to take this such a beautiful damsel to our land”
The queen said.

“Who am I to turn down such a marriage proposal and no need of asking my daughter if he we should go ahead with the marriage because she is ready to be his wife”
Father said.

After all the marriage introduction and date was fixed for the traditional marriage.

I took the Prince to the backyard.
“I have missed you so much my love”
He said and hugged me so tight.

“You almost broken my heart, I thought you have left me for another girl, you promised me that you will come but you didn’t show up until now, I even wanted to kill myself if you did not show up today”
I cried resting on his shoulder.

“Am so sorry my love, I was so busy tiding up so things at my company that almost took me so much time to get it done and you know that I can never leave you for any girl because my heart beats for you and it will always beats only for you”
He said and kissed me at my forehead.

“It find it difficult to believe that you are a Prince and you ran mad all in the name of tradition, what a ridiculous tradition? I don’t want what happened to you to happen to my son oooo”
I sounded.

“You don’t have to worry as far as I have ascend the throne I will make to abolish the law beside we are in the digital world and not in the 80’s”
He said.

“I can’t wait to be your wife”
I said

“Even me I can’t wait to be call your husband and have you in my arms everyday”
He said.

We starred at each other romantically, we kissed passionately.

“I must confess this your lips is so sweet like strawberry and am dying to kisses it everyday”
He said drawing his lips to kiss me but I pushed him.

“Go joor!
I smiled.

“Just give me one more kiss”
He said coming closer to me.

“No I will not give you”
I said doing shakara for him as if I don’t want the kiss, you know we girls we like to pretend too much.

“C’mon just one more kiss, your love is begging”
He and I want and kissed him.

“I need to start going now”
He said.

“No! I don’t want you to go”
I sounded.

“I have to go beside the marriage will be soon, I will take you to my place and we will not miss each other so much”
He sounded and peeked me.

“I love you so much”
I said.

“And I love you more”

“No! We love each other more”
I said.

We held hands together as we walked out from the backyard to the front house, his people are done with their discussion and gists, they were waiting for us.

The both families exchanged greetings, I hugged the prince and they zoomed out.

I don’t think if I have ever be this happy in my life before, my dreams has finally turned to reality.

“So Angela after the marriage now, you will leave me”
She sounded sadly.

“Who say I will leave you in this community? Once am done with the marriage you are going with me his place”
I said.

“Are you serious that I will travel with you?

“For sure, you will come with us”
I said.

“I can’t to share this good to my mother that said nasty things about you and your love the prince, I know he will be so shock to find out that the mad man before is a prince”
She said.

“She need to hear the good news”
I said and hugged her as she left.

My parents came and asked for their forgiveness towards the way their treated me saying that they were only protecting me as their only child.

There’s nothing I can do if not to forgive them beside they are my parents.

I can’t wait to be called his wife.
I slept like a new born baby without having any worries in my mind.


I waked up very early feeling so excited and over happy.
Today is the D-day I have been waiting for, the day I will be getting married to the man that always melts my heart, the one I have ever dreamt to spend the rest of my life with.

The marriage planner was awesome, she decorated everywhere looking so amazing and fabulous.

Three hours later, the marriage began.
I danced in followed by my maid of honor Rose, I went to my father as he gave me the wine to go and look for my husband and bring him to him for his blessing as tradition.

I danced around looking so beautiful and charming, the boys there were calling me to give them the wine.

I danced and danced until I found where my charming prince was hidden.

I knelt down and presented the wine to him, he drank everything and put something inside the cup.
He held my hand as we danced to see my father.

We knelt before him and prayed and gave us his blessing.

One hour later, the marriage is done.
My tradition marriage happened to be talk of the community and it never eases to go out from the people’s mouths.

They were shocked to find out that my husband was actually the mad man they maltreated badly.

After my white wedding which held in a big way, a lot of celebrities were alive at my wedding even top politicians.

My wedding day was really a memorable day in my life.

The night after my wedding, I entered our room the naught maidens has already decorated the room, the bed was decorated a big heart with rose flower some of the flowers were thrown on the bed.

I was wearing this sexy red night wear, I lay at the bed perceiving the scent of the flowers waiting for my charming Prince.

Within some minutes, he came in and lie beside me.

“Oh my world! You look so amazed and beautiful tonight”
He said as he peeked me.

I smiled and said,
“I dressed it all for you”

“You what, I have something for you”
He said.

“What is that?

He brought out a diamond bracelet.
“This is for you, incase you miss me too much just look at it and you will feel my presence”
He said and put it on my ankle.

“Thank you so much it is beautiful, I love it”
I hugged him.

“Wait I have another thing for you”

“Another one! What is it?

“Its a poem I memorized for you”

“I can’t wait to hear it”
I said rejoicing.

“My love for you grows more with each passing day, The thought of your gorgeous face takes my breath away: Those brown eyes fill my soul with happiness, Those luscious lips I love to kiss, When I saw you, I was afraid to meet you… When I met you, I was afraid to kiss you… When I kissed you, I was afraid to love you… Now that I love you, I’m afraid to lose you”
And this one goes like this, will give you one kiss to go to sleep”
he kissed me,
I give you two kisses to dream of me”
He kissed me twice
I give you an endless row of kisses to,
when you wake up in the morning, think of me”
He kissed me passionately and we did the amazing part of it.

We later traveled to Australia, my best country to finished up our honeymoon.

He really made my honeymoon a memorable one for me.

Nine months later, I gave birth to twins a boy and a girl, mother was invited over for her Omaogu even Rose came over too.
My husband sponsor her in education level.

The stupid tradition was later abolished from the land and we lived happily ever after with our cute twins.


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