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She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟
Episode Fifty-One(51)💦
I didn’t know what to say to that as he looked me in the eyes with so much intensity. He finally averted his eyes before revving the engine. He rolled the window back up and drove away.
I stared at his white car going out of my sight. Once it was out I sighed before looking down.

I decided to walk back home and then go to Xavier’s house to clear all this out when I remembered the thing Xavier gave me. How could I forget it? It was still sitting in my locker.
I ran back inside and down the corridors with my bag swinging behind my back. Once I was standing in front of my locker I took a few deep breaths trying to regain my normal breathing.
Slowly, I stepped towards it and putting in the locker number I saw it open. I stared at the paper sitting inside now. What can it be? For all I know it is something close to Xavier. Something Xavier loves. And I could tell by the way he carried it.

I reached out and took it in my hands. I could feel a drop of sweat trail down my temple as I felt a deep knot in my stomach. I wanted to know what was in there but at the same time I was afraid.
Finally, I slowly rolled it out and held it in front of my eyes to have a better view. I felt my throat clench up as I stared at it. Nothing, and I mean nothing could have prepared me for this piece of art.
I bit my lip as I tried to not cry.
I knew Xavier knew how to sketch. I had seen that when I was there in his room. But I never knew Xavier would sketch this…and now when I think…there was one sketch he hid from me that day. Could it be this one?

I again stared at it with tenderness.
It was a sketch of the abandoned amusement park with a particular of the ferris wheel. But that wasn’t it. I was there sitting on top of the ferris wheel with Xavier. Hand in hand. Lip to lip. And it was so beautiful.
I inhaled deeply before looking around. Why didn’t I open it sooner? Why didn’t he let me see
it sooner?
I put it back in the locker with shaky hands with the only thought running through my head that I need to go to Xavier’s house.
I went back to the parking lot before walking my way to Xavier’s house. I can walk that far, can’t I?
I was only five minutes into walking when I noticed the place. The spot where Xavier would usually drop me off. And then that one time when he willingly took me to school.
Once I was just in front of the spot I stopped and gazed at it for a total of one minute…these past few months were totally a wreck. So much happened. So many things broke. And so much more was found.

“Do you plan on spending the night here?”
He would ask.
“Do you really want to get late?” I heard a voice.
I snapped my head to the other side of the road to find Brian’s car parked at the end of it.
How did I not notice it?
He was sitting there with a grin on his face and the windows rolled down. The next thing I saw was Evie’s head pop from beside him. She had the same grin as Brian as she hurried me to get in the car.
I looked both ways before going towards their car and standing there in front of them like a dumb person.
“Get in.” They repeated.
“What is going on?” I asked confused.
Evie shook her head at me, “We are helping you get together with Xavier.”
“H-how…” realization struck me, “Did you guys know Alec was there talking to me?”

The both of them shrug their shoulders and looked at me innocently, “We may or may not.”
I looked at them in exaggeration, “Are you serious?”
Brian made a silly face before getting out of the car and opening the back door he threw me inside, “We are your best friends. And best friends help you get what is best for you.” He shut the door close before giving me a smile.
Then going back to sit in his own seat I went and sat in the middle where I could see the both of them.
“And where are we going exactly?” I asked rolling my eyes.
Brian put his hands near his mouth and yelled, “The next stop will be Liya’s lover’s house.”
I scrunched my eyebrows before hitting him on his arms. He grinned at me before looking at Evie. He smiled softly towards her before driving off to Xavier’s.
Alec was right when he said that even when we all are afraid…we still continue to love that person. Just like Brian loves Evie.

And I want them to be together.
I know they will have their own ups and down but in the end…I am sure they will make it work.
Because best friends can be lovers too.
“I am so grateful to have you guys.” I said out of nowhere.
It was the same thing I told Alec but it was the truth. I was so grateful to have them in my life. All of them. Alec, Nathaniel, Brian, Evie, Luke and Xavier.
“Uhuh” I heard Evie say. I looked at her as she smiled at me with her eyes sparkling, “We are grateful to have you. Since you came into my life it has been so full of adventures and everything I love… and most of all…we got you as our best friend.”
I wanted to scream and cry out of happiness while squeezing the both of them out. That is how much I was feeling love towards them.
The rest of the way to Xavier’s was filled with us bickering at anything and everything. Just like we always do. Brian was talking rubbish as always while Evie would make fun of him.

“In the next life I want to become a panda.” Brian said as he pulled in front of Xavier’s house. He turned towards us and grinned, “So that I can laze around without anyone complaining. Ughhh no doubt I love pandas.”
“I will never get your weird obsession with pandas.” I rolled my eyes before getting out of the car leaving Brian alone with Evie.
I stared at his house before taking a deep breath and going towards it. I rang the doorbell as I stood on his porch. I waited for the door to open as I stood there nervously pinching my fingers. I looked back and found Brian and Evie looking in my way expectantly.
I heard the door being opened as I snapped my attention back to the front to find Hannah, Xavier’s mom, standing there looking at me with his son’s eye color.
“Liya? Sweetheart what are you doing here? Is everything alright? Why don’t you come inside?” She stepped away from the door inviting me inside.
I gave her a smile before shaking my head, “I just came to talk to Xavier. Can I?”

She looked at me confused before she said, “He’s not home yet. Didn’t you see him?”
I shook my head as I assured her, “I’ll come back another time, Hannah. I really need to find Xavier.”
She still seemed confused but she nodded her head at me in understanding, “Sure.”
I nodded at her one last time before running back towards the car and getting inside.
“What happened?”Evie asked me curiously as soon as I got in.
“He’s not home.” I replied as I took my phone out and tried dialing his number.
“What do you mean he’s not home? Where can he be? I mean…he is not with Nathaniel, not with Alec for sure…then?” Brian asked putting too much pressure on his little brain.

The call went straight to voicemail as I thought of what Brian was saying. Where can Xavier probably be? If not anywhere where will he go?
Where is he likely to go when he is upset? Alone? Guilty? Frustrated?
I could only see the back of his head, “I come here when I feel lonely.” He muttered.
I looked at the both of them in alarm, “I know. I know where Xavier went.”
I walked slowly towards the amusement park. I had asked Brian and Evie to go back as I was sure I would find Xavier here.
I looked around at all the rides in here. Nothing changed since the last time. It was still the same. Old rusty rides which no one was using anymore.
I looked around in hope of finding Xavier sitting there in between any of the rides. When I couldn’t find him I sighed.
I felt a sinking feeling in my heart as I looked up at the sky to find it slowly changing colours. How many hours has it been?

I was about to close my eyes when my eyes settled on the ferris wheel. The one Xavier sketched. A smile automatically made it’s way onto my face.
Coming here wasn’t a complete waste of time afterall. I still got to admire this beauty Xavier drew us in.
My eyes automatically landed on the top seat where he sketched us kissing. My eyes widened as I saw it. Saw him. He sat there facing towards the right with his chin resting on his hands and his arms resting on his knees as he was lost into deep thoughts.
I couldn’t help but continue gazing at him and admire his beauty with all the imperfections he was made up with. Even from far away I could tell he was weary. Tired.
I walked towards the ferris wheel. He didn’t even seem to notice me. He was so lost in his own thoughts.
Did he know I was going to come here to find him? Or maybe he actually came here because he felt despair.
I secured my phone in my back pocket before placing my bag pack down there and getting myself ready to climb up there.

I can do it. I reminded myself before getting up and becoming a ninja I can I climbed up the ferris wheel using all the things that could help me climb up. I made sure not to make a sound as to make him aware of my presence. We don’t want that, do we?
I was already huffing for air as I almost got to the top. Climbing a ferris wheel isn’t easy! Take it from me. It is energy consuming.

O-oneeee more and done.
I was finally on the top. The only thing I needed to do was get into the seat with Xavier. I hoped Xavier to take notice of me but as his face was away from me and he was lost in his own train of thoughts he didn’t even notice me.
“You should not make a lady stand here in danger while you sit there.” I said trying to get his attention.
And I did.
He snapped his attention to me before blinking his eyes and not saying anything for a minute.
“Well.” I raised my eyebrows.
Xavier’s expression changed to that of realization before he cursed. He looked around and shifting in his seat he made some space for me,
“Holy shit. You are actually here.” He mumbled before taking my hand and helping me in.
Once I was seated next to him I could feel his eyes on me looking at me expectantly. I looked around and noticed the view in front of me.

Forget Xavier. Holy shit. The view was spectacular. I could see the whole town from here. And the setting sun was only doing justice to this place.
“It is beautiful.” I was awestruck.
I felt Xavier shift in his seat before looking ahead with me, “I know. I have always wanted you to see this.”
I turned my head towards him and noticed him now. I couldn’t help but soften my eyes at him as he continued looking in the front. His brown locks were still covering a few parts of his forehead while his hazel eyes were the greenest right now.
Slowly he turned his head towards me and looked me in the eyes now,
“Did you see it?” He asked.
I knew what he was talking about. He was talking about the sketch he gave me. The same sketch which showed the same thing…the only thing that was missing was…the kiss.

My eyes travelled down to his pink lips. I could see him sucking in a deep breath. I went back to look him in the eyes and I could see the desire in his eyes.
Without wasting anymore time I placed my hand behind his neck before pulling him in to make his lips lock with mine.
I kissed Xavier as he seemed surprised but kissed me slowly before finally regaining and kissing me with all he had. It was like his life depended on it. Like he needed it.I needed it. We both did.
I could feel the sparks in my body as well as the butterflies in my stomach as we continued kissing each other.
I felt Xavier smile in between through the kiss.

I couldn’t help but smile myself.
How could Xavier predict that we would kiss here? And yet this was more beautiful than anything. Me and Xavier on top of the ferris wheel. Kissing. The sun setting and illuminating our faces. And both of our hearts finally mending each other.
We pulled apart in between our kiss to take a few quick deep breaths. We both looked into each others eyes before leaning our forehead against each other and chuckling to ourselves.
Xavier slowly lifted his hand up and tugged a strand of my hair behind my ear before looking at me with warmth and love.

“You forgave me.” He remarked with happiness.
I nodded my head at him in affirmative.
I could see him taking a breath of relief before he looked back at me,
“I am the luckiest guy.” He whispered.
“You are.” I chuckled.
Xavier smiled with me before pulling me in to kiss him again. I leaned in towards him before kissing him back. I could tell by the way he was kissing me that he was happy.
I was happy.

Xavier pulled back again before smiling at me wide. I could see his smile reaching the edge of his eyes. He rested his arms behind my waist before pulling me in and making me rest my head on his shoulder as we looked into the oblivion together. The setting sun, the rosey sky, the chirping birds, the orange clouds. It was all just perfect.
………To be continued…
Every Love story end with Love💕
Am so much in love with the likes and comments so drop one.
Final episode coming…

She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟
Episode Fifty-Two(52)💦
I rested my hand on his torso as he tilted his head sideways to rest on top of mine. I could feel myself falling in love all over again. And as Alec said…it was one of the most beautiful experience. And everything you go through it is worth it.
What is love they ask. I say love is when you are willing to go extreme for a person. You don’t care what is waiting for you at the end of it. You just start falling deeper and deeper for the person and you don’t even realize why because feelings are yet another thing we can’t control. You don’t decide who you’ll fall in love with. Your heart does. And the moment you are utterly and deeply in love there is no going back. And you know that. It is like a bog, the more you try the deeper you’ll end up falling. The only time when you get out is if someone helps you out and once you get out, there’s no going back.

The feeling of love is indescribable. It just consumes you. There is this warm feeling in your heart all the time that no matter what you can’t shake it off. And you don’t want to either. You just love it. And no matter how bad of a memory you have you’ll always end up remembering each and every good moment spent with them. From the accidental touch of the hands to a ‘making your legs go weak’ kiss. You just know when you have found the one.

Different people have different meanings for love. While some are more expressive, others tend to stay silent. Some don’t even realize when they fall in love while others fall in love at first sight.
But the most arduous one is when the person loves you so much that he is willing to give up
on you forever. They are ready to sacrifice their feelings for you just so that you can stay happy. They love you enough to let you go with another person. And in they hide their feelings for the lifetime. All you can do is wish for them to find someone better. Someone who loves them just enough to make them want to fall in love once again. And you know they will find someone better. The one.
I felt Xavier shift in his seat as he tried to face me now, “I am utterly and deeply in love with you, Liya kapur.” He smiled before taking my hand and kissing the back of it.
“And I am utterly and deeply in love with you, Xavier Reed.” I replied back in a sheepish way.

I could feel the happiness radiating through Xavier as he took my hand in his and intervened our fingers together. My hands fitted inside his hands perfectly as if they were meant to be. I looked back at Xavier and couldn’t help but be mesmerised by him.
He held his hand out before reaching out in his pocket with another hand. He brought his hands back and slipped a ring on my ring finger.
My jaw dropped open as I stared at the heart shaped ring sitting on my ring finger now. The heart was studded with small little diamonds. I looked back at Xavier with wide eyes as he looked at me with affection.
Why was he carrying a ring with him? And why did he slip it on me? Is-Is he proposing to me?
“Let’s spend the rest of our lives together, Liya.”

He is. He did propose to me. I nodded my head at him enthusiastically before hugging him tightly and trying to control myself from crying out of happiness.
He held me tightly as I finally felt at home. Finally felt the love. Felt happy.
All we went through. All ups and down it was all the part of it. Part of the love we feel. And it only helped us mature more. Only helped us grow more together.
And I know for a fact that everyone will find their ‘one’. At some point or another they will. Because feeling are yet another thing we can’t control.
♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡The End♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
‘It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.’

let me know your favourite moment of this whole story and try to make the most commented! Pleaseee

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