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She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟
Episode Thirty-Six💦
(The change)
“Can you come with me?” He asked again.

I looked up at him again with a blank expression.
I cleared my throat before nodding my head at him unsure, “Sure.”
Luke sighed in relief before giving me a side hug. He was driving me home back from school right now. He asked me if I wanted to come to a party with him.
A party. Which means lots of alcohol and drunk people. Smelly armpits. And chaos.
“But why do you want to take me?” I asked facing him.
He gulped before saying, “Why can’t I? You are my girlfriend.”
I elbowed him in the stomach making him wince in pain, “Don’t forget we are just faking it.”
He glared at me before rolling his eyes, “I know. I know. No need to be so violent.”
I smirked before crossing my arms over my chest, “Then tell me. We are friends, right?”

“Cannot I have no reason?”
“It is written all over your face. It is about a girl, isn’t it? So spit it out already.”
He fell silent for a while. Staring in the front before he took a deep breath, “It is.”
“Who is it?” I couldn’t help but get excited as I sat there on the edge of my seat.
To know Luke had a girl he liked got me excited. I wonder what she was like. Was she as beautiful as Luke? She has to be!
“My ex girlfriend.” He muttered silently.
I blinked my eyes a few times at him with a straight face, “Your what?”
“Ex girlfriend”
“You still like her?”

He snapped his attention to me before shaking his head violently, “No. I don’t….Maybe….Yes. I do.”
It was the first time I saw Luke getting all red. I bit my lip, “You want to take me to the party to make her jealous, don’t you?”
“I want to take you to the party because I want to.” He said.
Which I assume is only partially true. Even though he is willing to take me to the party, I doubt he didn’t mean to show his ex girlfriends that he moved on from her? Make her jealous?
“Were you using me to move on?”
He pursed his lips tight before looking at me through the corner of his eyes, “That was before I met you. I hoped to move on.”

“That is why you agreed to date me. Even if it was fake.” I stated.
It was confirmed the moment he didn’t even try to deny it.
He clenched his jaw tight, “I am sorry.”
I tilted my head to one side looking at him. I wasn’t mad at him that he dated me for his own reason. Cause wasn’t I doing the same thing? I was more mad at him that he didn’t tell me.
“What happened then? Wasn’t I good enough to help you move on?” I asked.
He stopped the car before unbuckling his seatbelt. He turned towards me in his seat now facing me.
“You are good enough. But even if I want I cannot like you…because in the end I’ll only end up hurt.”
He meant Xavier. He knew the only person I loved was Xavier. I cannot love anyone else.
“Rather I learnt something from you.” He smiled at me softly.

I looked at him confused which made him chuckle, “I learnt to not give up on the person you love. I learnt that from you. That no matter what I should try to hold on as long as I can.”
I couldn’t help but stare at him in awe. How could a girl dump a guy like him? I am not going to lie but Luke is everything you would want in your boyfriend.
“Why did you break up?” I asked him. I knew it wasn’t something I should be asking. It wasn’t my place to ask but I couldn’t help but ask, “It’s okay if you don’t want to answer that.”
I saw him close his eyes tightly before shaking his head, “You should know….I made mistakes. Mistakes that aren’t really forgivable.”
“What did you do?” I asked.
He opened his eyes and looked at me with pain in his eyes, “You are home. I’ll pick you up at seven?”
I looked into both his eyes. Trying to understand him. But I could see it in his eyes that he didn’t want to recall whatever wrong he did. He didn’t want to think about it. Or say it aloud.
I looked outside and surely we were parked in front of my house. The leaves made a rustling sound on the tree. It was windy outside.

I looked back inside, “Seven it is.” I said before falling quiet when I saw Luke.
Even though I could tell that he was paining, right now I could tell that he was trying to not cry. His eyes were red as he pursed his lips tight. He tried to look up and contain his tears,
“Why aren’t you going inside?
Just go already.” He tried to laugh while still holding onto his tears.
He wanted me to go inside but I didn’t. I sat there in my seat looking at him. I can’t leave him when he is suffering. Not when he has helped me so much.
He must really love the girl to make him suffer so much.
But what wrong did he do?
Whatever he did, he obviously regretted it. You could see him regretting it very badly. He was very well aware of his mistake.
A person should be forgiven when they realize their mistakes, don’t you think?
“Luke.” I whispered softly before reaching out for him.
I never knew Luke was this vulnerable too. He never let out any emotions. Whenever he was with me he tried to be as helpful and cheery as he could be. I can’t imagine the times he kept the smile on his face even when he felt like crying.
He seemed taken off guard when he saw me reaching out to him. He looked at me incredulously but before he could say anything I gave him a hug.
I knew he needed it. He needed someone to lean on right now. And as a friend I am always ready to lend a shoulder to cry on.

“If you want to cry, you can.” I said while trying to insure him by rubbing his back.
He sat there frozen before slowly putting his hands around me. I let him rest his head on my shoulders.
“Can you stay like this for a while? I won’t cry but I need this.” He mumbled silently. If it wasn’t for his lips just near my ear I couldn’t even hear him.
I nodded my head at him before sitting there in an awkward position as Luke held onto me tightly.
“Are you sure you want her to feel like you have moved on?” I asked.
He took in a deep breath before nodding his head silently.
“But why?”

“I have my reasons.” He said before breaking the hug and going back, “it’s getting late. Go now. I’ll pick you up, okay?”
I couldn’t help but make sure he was fine before getting out of the car and closing the door. I stood there facing the car as Luke tried to smile before driving away.
I stood still looking at the now empty spot before turning around towards my house. I walked a few steps before I saw a person leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets.
For how long has he been here? Did he see everything?
He pushed himself off the wall before coming and standing in front of me. I stretched my neck to look at him. His hazel eyes looked tired as they bored into mine.

“How long?” I asked.
“Half an hour.” He replied silently.
“What is it?”
“I just wanted to see you.”
I gazed into his eyes and couldn’t help but remember all the things he said to me during the time when we sat next to each other while looking at the stars.
I cleared my throat and asked in somewhat a bold voice, “Why?”
I don’t know why but I didn’t want Xavier to know that his words were affecting me in any way.
“I just wanted to make sure you were fine.” He said looking down at my whole body.
I felt self conscious as I stepped away from him and turned away from him, “I’ll go inside then.”
I didn’t even take two steps when I was stopped by Xavier. He was holding onto my wrist. Slowly, I faced him in a questioning way. He wetted his lips and looked nervous before averting his eyes away from me,
“I saw you hugging Luke.” He said silently, “Does that mean you are going to the party?”

My brows furrowed in confusion, “How do you know about the party?”
He looked up at the sky before looking me in the eyes, “Luke called me to ask if he could take you to the party.”
“Why would he call you?” I asked incredulously.
He shrugged his shoulders.
“What did you say?” I asked.
I knew what he was going to say. Knowing Xavier he would have said a straight forward ‘no’.
And as usual I know it will infuriate me because it was my decision to take and not his.
“I told him it wasn’t my call and to let you decide.” He still held onto my hand tightly.

I raised my eyebrows in surprise at him. Is he really Xavier Reed? Did he just prioritize my opinion over his?
“You did?” I asked unbelievably.
“Of course. It was your call and not mine….so did you agree?” He asked seriously.
Looking at him this way I could tell that he wanted me to tell him that I denied to go. But somewhere deep down even he knew that I agreed.

“I did.” I agreed.
He closed his eyes momentarily before opening them and trying to smile.
“Are you mad?” I asked out of nowhere.
He let’s go of my wrist before shaking his head in denial, “I just want you to be happy. No matter where. With whom.”
I gulped and looked into his hazel eyes. No matter how much I try I can’t help but be surprised whenever he says something good to me. And lately Xavier has been nothing but good to me.
Is this how it felt to be liked by Xavier?
He was a completely different person. Or he had been a complete different person with me before. But now he showed me the side he never had. He showed me that he cared for me. He was putting my opinion over his. My choice mattered to him.
And I am falling for him even more.
____To be continued…
We all got to see Luke’s side which we didn’t even know existed. He loves a girl!… And Xavier? He is being full of surprises lately, isn’t he?

She is kind😊 He is Cold😟
Episode Thirty-Seven💦
(Not until he confesses)
“I knew you’d look beautiful.” Evie said giving me one final look with a proud expression.
I asked Evie to come and help me dress up for the party. Ever since she entered she has been going around making me try all the types of dresses that were in my closet until she sighed and told me she knew it would happen and like a fairy godmother she believed she was, produced a beautiful maroon bodycon dress.
After that she went onto do my makeup accordingly before making me go and change into the dress she bought.
Right now I was standing in front of her tugging onto my dress as I tried to pull it down a bit,
“Are you sure? I think it’s a little too short.” I mumbled.
Evie waved her hand in dismissal before coming and placing her hands on my shoulders, “But it’s not. Believe me you look beautiful.”

She made me stand in front of the mirror. I stared back at the reflection that I suppose was mine. To say Evie did a good job would be an understatement cause she was spectacularly good at it.
The dress was too beautiful. It wasn’t something fancy into the front but the back had the laces running around in different direction making it look pretty. Also, the way this dress was complimenting my figure was perfect.
“Thanks.” I said in awe to Evie. She gave me a reassuring squeeze before turning around and packing her stuff,
“I’ll get going now.” She turned towards me– ecstatic, “Enjoy!”
I went towards her and gave her a tight hug which she returned. I wish I could take Evie with me. That would have been so much better. Atleast I won’t be alone there.
Evie suddenly pulled away from me, “How can I forget!” And ran out of my room.
I was standing there in front of the mirror my face towards the door. Where did she run off to?
Not even seconds later she came back with a box in her hands. I looked at her confused as she let it fall on the floor. She placed her hands on her waist,
“Since I am your fairy godmother today. It was natural of me to bring you a pair of heels too.”

Oh no. No. No. No. No. Heels and me? Not a good match.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” I said trying not to sound rude.
Evie sat on the edge of my bed while bending her upper body a little and taking the heels out of the box,
“I am not letting you ruin the look of the dress by not wearing these.” She said holding them in between two of her fingers.
I stared at the two monsters staring back at me. Yes, she bought them maroon too. How much did she spend exactly for me?
I looked at her with my eyes wide as she rolled her eyes, “Don’t consider yourself so important. I didn’t buy them for you. They are for me. I am taking them away from you after this party.”
I chuckled before nodding my head at her, “But I don’t think heels are for me.”
She got up from the bed with the heels still dangling between her fingers. She came and put them in front of me and crossed her arms. She looked at me hard, “Get. Them. On. You should atleast wear heels occasionally.”

I gulped.
She looked scary. I nodded at her in affirmative. I was ready to walk on nails to get rid of the look she was giving me.
A smile broke out on her face, “Great! Then put them on and blow their minds. I’ll get going.”
I smiled softly at her as she went out taking all the stuff with her.
I walked down the stairs as my heels clanged against them. I had to hold onto the sides as to not fall down.
Once I was down I saw my mom looking at me with wide eyes,
“You look so beautiful.” She finished.
Dad came into the room. He coughed loudly upon seeing me. Mom looked at him and asked him to tell me how beautiful I looked.

Dad nodded his eyes before looking at me, “You look so….grown up.”
Mom punched him lightly in the stomach while I couldn’t help but laugh.
“Thank you.” I said to both of them.
Dad cleared his throat before mumbling, “I still don’t trust you with anyone else.”
“Dad.” I said calmly, “he is my friend.”
“Why you? Why can’t he invite everyone else.” He said incredulously.
Because I am his fake girlfriend. Not anyone else.
“Everyone is just busy. Besides they are good friend.” I heard a voice from the main door.
I knew exactly who he was. The sound of his voice was enough to let me know.
I shifted my eyes towards the door. Xavier stood there with his hair sticking out in different directions. Messier than usual. He was dressed casually while wearing a black jacket.
He came and stood with us. My parents looked at him before mom hugged him. No matter how much Xavier was rude towards me before, one thing I loved about him was that he never treated my mom differently. He treated her like her own mother. And she treated him like her son.
His hazel eyes found their way to me before they widened. He was silent for a while before he cleared his throat, “You look beautiful.”
I placed my hand on my other arm while trying to shrug, “Thanks.”
“Do you trust him?” My dad asked Xavier.
I knew he was talking about Luke. He wanted to make sure that he was sending me into safe hands. And I don’t blame him for that. Any parent would be worried.
Xavier listened to my dad before looking at me and staring at me in the eyes,
“Liya does. I do too.” He said without looking away from me.
I averted my eyes away from him while looking around. Why do I feel so conscious? Why do I feel bad for going to the party?

The bell rang making my dad straighten his back. He went to the door with me and Xavier behind him.
Someone held onto my hand making me stop. I looked back and saw mom smiling, “Enjoy.” She said.
I nodded at her grinning before going and joining dad. He was standing there with the door open while Luke stood there looking uncomfortable. His eyes found mine and looked at me helplessly.
I chuckled before stepping in front and walking ahead, “I’ll be back safe dad.”
“You better take care of her. Or I am coming after you with a gun.”
I heard dad threaten Luke.
“I will.” Luke sounded nervous and afraid while he said. The door closed making it quiet.
I heard him come and join me. I looked beside me and saw Luke looking pale. I tried to give his hand a reassuring squeeze. He turned his head to look at me with wide eyes,
“Your dad is scary.” He muttered.
I chuckled as we walked towards his car. He opened the door for me. I was about to get inside,

I looked up and saw Xavier walking towards us. I looked at Luke who stared at Xavier. Once he was in front of us Xavier took hold of the car door and asked Luke to go and sit in the car.
Luke once looked at me. I nodded my head at him letting him know it was fine. He didn’t say anything before going and sitting in the driver’s seat.
I looked back at Xavier and found him already staring at me. I raised my eyebrows at him in a questioning way.
He averted his eyes before closing his eyes momentarily. When he opened them again he was smiling. A smile so rare to see on Xavier’s face,
“Just call me when you get back home, okay? I’ll be awake till then.” He said.
I stared at him. His hazel eyes looked as sincere as they could. He will wait for me. Is he really willing to go out of his way?
I nodded my head at him silently. I heard him taking a deep breath before he took off the black jacket he was wearing,
“It gets colder at night. Keep it with you. You will need it.” He said handing me his jacket.
I stared at the jacket before staring at him. Was this still his good side? Then why do I feel like he isn’t just trying to be good. Why do I feel like he is doing this for something more than just being good?

Should I take it?
Looking at Xavier this way I couldn’t say no. I can’t say no. I clutched onto the jacket tightly.
Xavier held the door open for me, “I am only one call away.” He said lastly.
I didn’t say anything to that as I got inside. I knew he was one call away. But even if I want, I won’t call him. I don’t want to give myself any false hope like before. Because if he doesn’t answer his call I don’t think I’ll be able take it this time. I am not ready to take the risk.
I sat down while I stared in the front. I could see Xavier from my peripheral vision as he closed the door and took a few steps back before staring at me. I could feel his eyes on my face.
“Shall we go?” Luke asked from beside me.

“Yes.” I said still not turning my head. I clutched onto the jacket in my hands tightly.
Why was I feeling this way? Why can’t I look at him? Why do I feel like the need to not look at him? Am I too afraid?
Luke revved the engine before driving away. I closed my eyes. When I opened them again I found Luke looking at me with wide eyes, “Damn. I didn’t notice it before but you look hot, Liya.”
I looked down at my hands thanking him. I stared at the jacket that was sitting on my laps.
Even though Luke complimented me it didn’t feel the same as when Xavier did.
Can I really take Xavier to feel more for me? Can I start to believe now that he feels for me?
I gazed outside at the passing cars.
I don’t think so. Not this time. Not until Xavier confesses himself.
___To be continue

She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟
Episode Thirty(Eight—Nine)💦
(The party)
Remember when I said parties were nothing but a place for sweaty armpits, alcoholic breaths, and a place to do drugs? I almost forgot to mention the almost half naked bodies you have to see. No matter how much you try to unsee them you will find one in each corner. Faces attached to each others.
I gagged.
Parties are already unbearable. The only time when I can bear them is when I am with people who are close to me. Who make me feel comfortable.
Luke’s arms found their way around my waist drawing me a little closer to him, “Are you nervous?”
I pursed my lips, “I am surrounded by a bunch of wild animals, what do you expect?”
He chuckled, “Now don’t say that.”
I rolled my eyes as we both tried to get through people dancing.

You know the different kind of vibes some parties give? No? Let me explain you, there are parties which gives off elegant vibes. The only thing people care about in them is showing off their possessions. Then there are ones with normal teenagers, among which some go crazy. And then there are some parties with dark atmosphere.
The mere thought of standing in these parties gives you depression. You start regretting your life choices. Yes, it was that party.
“Don’t leave my side, okay?” Luke said. I could hear the warning in his voice.
As if I was planning it.
“Would you like a drink?” He asked.
“I don’t drink.”
I shook my head. I wasn’t thirsty. I also didn’t want Luke to leave my side. I just wanted to find the girl Luke was talking about. Make her jealous or whatever Luke wanted and get out of here.
“Where is she?” I yelled over the loud music.

I waited for Luke to answer me. But when I didn’t hear him answer me I looked at him sideways to find him staring off at someone.
That look. That look was way too familiar to me. I knew it was the look you held for the person you love. And that pain in the eyes when you can’t do anything for them.
I followed his sight. I wanted to know who this mysterious girl was. Who did Luke love so much?
My eyes landed on a girl with short blonde hair. She looked pretty in the black dress she wore. When I said I knew the girl would be pretty, I meant exactly this.

“Damn. She is beautiful.” I said with my eyes wide.
“I know.” Luke smiled softly.
“I knew she would be pretty.”
“Really?” He asked surprised.
“Yeah. I mean you love her. She has to be pretty.” I smiled looking at him.
He stared at me for a while before shaking his head, “I don’t love her for her looks Liya. As much as I may look like that person I love her for the person she is.”
Now it was me staring at him. I definitely want to know her. Why did she break up with such an amazing guy? What could Luke do to make her leave him? What could be the worst possibility?
“I don’t see the reason why would she break up with you?” I let my thoughts out.

He sighed before making the both of us step away from a few drunk people, “You can say I wasn’t like this since forever.”
I blinked a few times before slowly nodding my head and looking back in the front. She was dancing with her friends.
“What’s her name?” I asked.
“Emily.” He said quietly compared to the loud music.
“Shouldn’t we go to her?” I asked him. Isn’t that why we were here? So why don’t we just get over with it?
He gulped before trying to walk away, “I could use a few drinks before that.”
I reached out and held onto a handful of his shirt– making him stop, “We are doing this now.”
He stopped before straightening up, “Will you let go of my shirt? You are wrinkling it up.”

I rolled my eyes before taking my hands away from his shirt. He thanked me before trying to straighten out his shirt.
Are you kidding me? The guy has to talk to the girl he loves. And is he worried about his shirt?
The more he tried to straighten out his shirt the more frustrated he made me feel.
I took hold of his shirt again before dragging him with me, “Come on. We are talking to her.”
“My shirt!” He complaint but I ignored him while still dragging him to his girl.
I stopped a few feets away from Emily letting go Luke’s shirt. He glared at me before going back to straighten out his shirt.

I stared at the girl in front of us who was now no longer dancing but looking at us. Her gaze shifted from me to Luke. I could see the pain falsh through her eyes. It was the same one I got whenever I looked at Xavier and Olivia together. God dammit. Why can I relate to every emotion on these people’s faces today?
“Luke?” She said as Luke was still engrossed in his shirt.
As soon as he heard her voice he froze before looking at her slowly, “Emily.” He said.
They both continued looking at each other as my attention shifted between them time to time while the rest of the world didn’t care and danced around us.
“You brought your girlfriend.” She stated before looking at me and trying to smile. But you could see it didn’t reach her eyes.

“I did.” Luke said while wrapping his arms around my waist.
Emily’s eyes looked at Luke’s arms which were behind my waist before she cleared her throat and looked at me with her blue eyes, “I am glad to see that you could solve his commitment issues.”
I raised my eyebrows before looking at Luke who was looking at Emily with his jaw clenched tight and his eyes hurt, “Believe me Emily it was just one time. And I have never felt this guilty in my entire life.”
He was about to go on further but she held her hand out to him making him stop, “It’s better if we don’t talk about it. I don’t want to talk about it in front of your girlfriend and make her feel uncomfortable.”
Luke pursed his lips tight before nodding subtly. Is he kidding? Why isn’t he saying anything? Why did he shut up all of a sudden?

“But I am changed now.” He said quietly looking intensely at Emily.
Weren’t we here to make her jealous? Then why do I see it backfiring at Luke? And interestingly, I want it to backfire. Cause I have seen what it does to you when you are just pretending to be with someone else when all you want is to be with the person you love.
“She did the one thing I couldn’t do. She deserves you more than I ever did.” She smiled painfully before sighing, “Aah…guess I can finally move on.”
Luke’s arms dropped down from my waist, “You didn’t have a boyfriend?” He asked with a dumb expression.
She left us both alone but not before saying, “Turns out I was just waiting for someone who wasn’t meant to be mine in the first place.”

As soon as she was gone we both were left alone standing together in silence which was filled by this upbeat song.
I turned towards him slowly before smacking him on his head making him curse and look at me frustratedly. I glared at him,
“You are an idiot if you let her go this easily. When you said you learnt to hold onto people whom you love from me, this was not what I was expecting. Is this how you hold onto people?! You are a disgrace as a student!…GO AFTER HER YOU IDIOT. TELL HER THE TRUTH. And apologize for whatever mistake you made. Though I can already tell what it was.”

He stared at me, “Do you really think I should go after her?”
I felt like banging my head against a wall, “Are you hard on listening? Or do you want me to beat you back into senses? GO. AFTER. HER.”
It was as if he was brought back to his senses as his eyes widened. He ran his hands through his hair, “You are right.” He said getting ready to run after the girl he loved, “but,” he stopped and looked at me, “I can’t leave you alone.”
I raised my eyebrows at him, “You should not be thinking about that. I’ll be fine. Just go after her.”

He looked at me for a confirmation while I nodded my head at him in reassurance. He grinned at me, “You are amazing.”
He kissed me on my cheek one last time before running away in the direction Emily went away.
As soon as he was gone I sighed. I feel so good right now. I just helped two people in love solve their problems. I wish it was the same with me and Xavier too. I wish it was that simple.
I looked around in the dark with just colorful lights going around and lighting up the faces.
What should I do now? The least thing I wanted in this party was to be left alone.
I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony. And I was the one who sent Luke away. I looked around to find a place to sit.

I walked in the direction I think Luke went. It was already too late. He would have cleared up things by now. Besides, I was getting bad vibes in here. It was like an intuition. If I don’t find Luke fast enough something bad would happen.
I was passing by a door when I felt the door open. I ignored it as I continued walking. I didn’t even take a step forward when I felt a hand press down on my mouth. I mumbled as I struggled in his arms. I was dragged in the room before it was closed shut.
I tried to get away from the person but he won’t let me go. Finally, I bit his hand which was covering my mouth making him yelp in pain and taking his hand away from me. I ran towards the door and tried to open it.
It was locked.
I still continued to open it as it won’t open. I looked back at the guy. He had brunette hair and looked drunk as hell. But even though drunk he was strong.
He came towards me before slapping me hard across my face making me fall on the ground. I snapped my head at him in hate.

He came towards me and held onto my hair tightly, “Give in.” He growled.
I shook my head at him as he grew aggressive and put the bottle he was drinking on the drawer beside him. I slid away from him and tried to get away. I looked around the room to find another exit. But there was none. There were no windows.
I felt my heart sink as I looked for anything else but my vision was blocked by this guy who now kneeled down in front of me.
“What do you want?” I asked with disgust.

“You. Technically your body. There is no point resisting. So give in already.”
“NO!” I clearly said. As long as I can fight I will. I am not giving in so easily.
He cursed under his breath before reaching out and tearing my dress away from the shoulders. I tried to cover it as I threatened him to stay away from me.
“What are you going to do, huh?” He asked laughing while he tried tearing it off from the bottom. He was going dangerously high up before I kicked him in the shin.

He groaned in pain before I got up quickly and taking the bottle of drink he put on the drawer I made it shatter on the wall. It made the bottle come out with pointed edges.
I held the broken bottle in my hand facing it towards him, “Give me the keys.” I threatened.
“You won’t do such thing.” He said referring to the bottle in my hand while he stood up from the floor and he tried to get away from the bottle.
I took a step towards him, “Try me. I am capable of doing things you can’t imagine so just give me that damn key already! Or I won’t see where I am aiming.”

I can’t explain how fast my heart was racing. How afraid I was. How weak my legs were getting. How panick was setting in me.
But I remember my promise to Xavier. I told him that I would be stronger. I won’t need him. And I am trying to be strong. I can’t panick.
I took another step towards him in a threatening way. His eyes widened before he raised his hands, “I’ll give it to you. Just put it down.”
I shook my head and repeated, “Give me the keys.”

He gulped before reaching into his pocket and struggling before taking out keys. My eyes locked onto the keys. They were the only thing which could take me out of here.
I held one of my hand out while still holding onto the bottle in the other in a threatening way.
The guy slowly took a step forward his eyes never leaving the bottle in my hand. He looked afraid as he put the keys into my hands.
I clutched my hands tightly holding the keys securely. I felt a wave of relief pass through me. I can finally get out.
I still held the bottle facing him while I quickly walked towards the door. With shaking hands I took the keys and inserted them in the keyhole. I tried to rotate it but my damn hands won’t do it properly.
I cursed before trying it again. I can do it. I took a deep breath. I can’t panick. Not right now.
It clicked.

I let a breath of happiness.
I threw the bottle away before opening the door. The happiness that passed through me the minute the door opened was indescribable. I was about to step out when I felt him trying to drag me inside again.
I held onto the door tightly. I can’t. I can’t go back inside. No matter what.
“Bitch.” He cursed before taking a handful of my hair in his hands. I cried in pain.
I shouldn’t have thrown the bottle. Isn’t there someone who can hear my plea? No one? Is everyone so wasted? Luke?
He made me face him while I looked at him in disgust. He was standing in front of me. Taking
the advantage I kicked him in the shin with all the hate I felt towards him again.
When I said I can take care of myself I meant it.

He fell down before groaning in pain. I kicked him in the stomach again before running out.
As I ran out I couldn’t help but keep looking back to make sure that he was not following me. Don’t let him follow me. Please don’t let him follow me.
I pushed a few people away from me while I ran. Running in heels is difficult. I looked back again getting paranoid. Now I could see him holding onto the sides of the walls and looking at me vengeful.
He is getting up! He will take hold of me if I don’t find Luke. I have to find Luke!
Or I can run away. Run till I don’t reach my home. But it’s too far away.
I ran into a person as I was still looking back. I took a step back in a hurry before apologising and looking back again.
I stepped around before I felt the person taking hold of my wrist. I stopped in my tracks before snapping my head to look at him.

My eyes locked onto his eyes looking at me with concern. His eyes ran over my whole body. Looking at my messy hair, my face to my torn dress.
“Reed.” I whispered.
I wanted to tell him so much. I wanted to let him know that I tried to be strong. That I fought for myself. But I couldn’t. Because the panic which I was trying to hold off was finally settling in.
“Who did this?” He asked me with his hazel eyes penetrating deep into my soul, “WHO THE HELL DARED TO TOUCH YOU?”
I was just happy seeing him here. I was finally safe. I won’t have to look for Luke anymore.
“I AM ASKING YOU SOMETHING LIYA! GODDAMN ANSWER ME!” His eyes were dark as he shook me.

My eyes moved from his to look back at the guy. He was still standing there but I could see he was ready to run off.
I looked back at Xavier and found him already glaring holes into the guy. His jaw was clenched tight as he cursed under his breath before I saw this dangerous expression appear on his face.
“Liya I want you to stay here.” He said from between his teeth before making his way towards the douch.
I stood there frozen as I saw Xavier’s aura screaming danger right now. The guy tried to get up faster before trying to run away but he groaned in pain while he held his hands covering his shin.
He deserved it.

Xavier didn’t make it any easier for him either. Once he was standing in front of him he kneeled down in front of the guy.
He held him by his shirt before punching him in the nose continually not until he was bleeding.
“You don’t touch her! You don’t touch a woman without her consent!” Xavier growled before punching him in the guts and losing control of himself.
He was beating him to death. The people all around us. Even the ones drunk were now looking at the show put up in front of them. The music. It was turned down. The only sound you could hear was of Xavier beating the guy up.

I saw Luke coming and standing beside me. He wrapped his arms around me in a reassuring way, “I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have left you.”
But I didn’t say anything. I was still staring at Xavier who was still beating the shit out of the guy.
“I knew it wasn’t safe. So I called Xavier to come and get you. I didn’t know I was late. I am so sorry.” Luke mumbled again.
So Luke called Xavier.
“YOU LIKE TEARING OFF PEOPLE’S CLOTHES? LET’S SEE HOW MUCH YOU LIKE IT!” Xavier yelled before punching him and tearing his shirt off.
People gasped all around as Xavier got more aggressive, “YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE?”
Luke ran away from me towards Xavier. Xavier was about to make the guy undress his pants too but Luke stopped him. Xavier looked at Luke with his eyes dark.

“YOU CALLED TOO LATE!” Xavier yelled at him.
Luke looked down before closing his eyes, “I am sorry.”
Luke kept silent looking down. Xavier’s eyes turned towards me looking at me apologetically. I could see he was apologizing for getting late.
He looked back at the guy, “I will kill him.” He growled.
Luke tried to stop Xavier, “Take Liya away. I will take care of him. Please. She need you.”

Xavier’s eyes suddenly found their way to me and looked at me. He nodded his head at Luke. He walked towards me before grabbing me by my arm and taking me away.
I walked with my own pace as I could with these heels. Xavier stopped and looked back at me confused before looking down at my feet.
He dropped down on his knees in front of me before making me step out of my heels. He took them in his hands before taking his own shoes off and making me wear them.
I looked at him as he got up finally and walked in his socks. He held onto my hand tight. Intervening our hands together.

I didn’t say a word as I followed him. He was silent too as we both walked out hand in hand.
Once we were out he stopped to make sure no one was around us. Then finally he turned towards me. He put his hands on my cheeks covering them.
“Are you alright?” He asked softly.
All the adrenaline back then was no where right now. I felt as cold as snow right now. My eyes were blank as I nodded my head at him.
He looked into both my eyes concerned, “You are not.” He whispered.
He looked at my shoulders and the places where the dress was torn. His eyes turned hard before he closed them.
“The jacket I gave you. Where is it?” He asked.
I looked at him. It was still in Luke’s car.
When Xavier saw I wasn’t answering him, he cursed before taking his tshirt off.

“Put this on top of it.” He said handing me the tshirt.
I stared at the tshirt in his hand before slowly taking it and putting it on. It was as long as the dress. It almost covered all of the dress.
I looked back at Xavier. He was standing there with his upper body naked while he stared at me in his tshirt. He cleared his throat before saying, “Shall we go?”
I nodded my head at him. He looked at me worried before coming and standing in front of me,
“Say something.” He said.
I want to. I want to say so many things. But I cannot. I feel cold. I feel frozen. Even if I try I cannot get words out.
“Liya say something.” He said again.
I closed my eyes. When I opened them again I found Xavier looking at me wildly.

“I swear Liya, you are making me anxious. Say something. I don’t want you to go into trauma.”
I looked into both his eyes.
“Fuck.” He ran his hands through his hair, “Liya. Listen to me. You need to get your emotions out. I know you were afraid. I know you were panicking but you have to let it out now.”
When I didn’t make any move he held onto my shoulders tightly, “You can’t stay like this! You have to let it out! Come on, punch me. Yell at me. Kick me. Come on.”
He looked at me helplessly, “PUNCH ME! YELL!” He shook me.

“I SAID PUNCH ME! YELL AT ME!” He cried loudly.
“AAAAAAHHHHH!” I screamed before punching him in the guts. He choked for air before standing straight,
“Good. Now let’s keep this going.
Take it out. Take it all out on me.” He said nodding his head at me.
I yelled before continuing punching him in the stomach. As hard as I could. Letting out all my frustrations. Letting out the panick. I didn’t even count the number of punches I threw at Xavier’s body.
The only time I stopped was when I heard Xavier coughing loudly gasping for air. I froze before looking at him with wide eyes.
What have I done? I didn’t even once consider that I was hurting him.
“Xavier.” I said trying to reach out to him.

He looked at me still taking deep breaths before grinning, “Just take it out. Don’t worry about me.”
My eyes softened as I looked at him with love. I took my hands back before standing on my toes and hugging him tightly.
He seemed taken off for a second before he lifted me up while hugging me back. We stayed in that position for what seemed like forever.
He put me back on the ground while my head was just against his chest. I could listen to his heart beating wildly. Slowly, I removed my head away from his chest and looked up at him.
He looked down at me, “Didn’t I tell you to call me?”

I nodded my head at him before biting my lip. His eyes moved towards me lips, “Next time I want you to call me. I don’t care where I am I’ll pick it up.”
I nodded my head at him. He rested his forehead against mine while breathing and closed his eyes, “You make me worry so much.”
I froze as I felt his forehead pressed against mine, “I’m sorry.” I whispered
He shook his head while his forehead was still against me, “It’s not that easy.”
“What do you mean?” I asked as he removed his forehead from mine and gazed into my eyes. His face was just inches away from mine.
“The least you can do for making me worry so much is,” he said looking at me with his eyes getting softer as each second passed.

“What?” I asked getting nervous.
He smiled at me for a minute. His eyes searched my eyes for something while his face was mere inches away. This was the first time I could see Xavier looking at me the way I wanted him to see me. Not saying anything further he wrapped his arms around my waist before pulling me closer and claiming my lips. My hands found their way into his hair as I wasted no time I kissed him back.
___To be continued…
Xaiya finally kisses!! How excited are you? Or what do you think? Did you like the chapter

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She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟
Episode Forty(40)💦
(The truth hurts)
Xavier’s pov
“Why are you smiling to yourself?” Nathaniel asked looking at me weirdly.
I don’t know. I just kissed a girl yesterday. And even though it might not feel like such a big deal, it was for me. I might have kissed a few girls but none of them made me feel giddy like her. None of them made me want to keep it going on forever. None of them ever made me realize how the person kissing me was the most important person in my life….I was finally clear on my feelings.
I have always been in love with Liya.
Call me stupid or idiot. Call me names for realizing it late, but I do now.
I wasn’t afraid to admit it anymore. I know for a fact that I haven’t been in love with her for the contract that was imposed on us. I love her for who she is.
Trying to be the best she can be. She wants to help everyone in her way. She doesn’t give up like most people do. Her determination is what kept me on my toes. Pretending to be strong even when she wasn’t.
“Are you going crazy? There you are smiling again.” Nathaniel made a slurping sound while drinking his smoothie.

I ignored him again.
I just can’t wait to tell Liya about my feelings…Even though it has always been Liya showing me her love, she never confessed to me. I want to be the first one to do so.
“Atleast tell us why are we here?”
Alec asked calmly.
I smirked before sitting back in my seat, “You are here to accompany me while I wait.”
Nathaniel furrowed his eyebrows, “Wait for who?”
I shrugged my shoulders, “Olivia.”
They both fell silent. I looked at them with my eyebrows raised. They shared a look before sighing.
What was with them?
We were sitting in a cafe just near Liya’s home. Once I was done talking with Olivia, I will give Liya a call and call her here to finally finish all of this.

I didn’t even have anything with Olivia anyway. The only time we behaved anything closer to a couple was in front of Liya. That was it.
“Xavier,” Nathaniel put down his smoothie and looked at me seriously, “You are like my brother. And taking it as my right I am telling you to stop making it any harder for Liya. She is perfect for you. You can’t find anyone better than her.”
I know. That is what I am doing.
I nodded my head at them silently. If I am supposed to let anyone know about my feelings towards Liya….it has to be her. Not anyone else.
“Nathaniel is right.” Alec said crossing his arms, “Stop putting her through pain. Stop hurting her anymore than you already have. Don’t let your walls be too high that she gives up.”
I am letting my walls down. It’s not my fault that I don’t open up to people just like that.

The entrance to the cafe opened while the bell just above it made a clinking sound. My eyes turned towards it to find Olivia looking around in search of something before her eyes settled on me. A smile appeared on her face as she started making her way towards our table. The heels she wore made a clanking sound as she walked. She was dressed perfectly and looked perfect. Not a flaw here or there. But that was the thing. Nobody loves perfect. Flawless. Your scars are what make you beautiful.
As she approached us she put her handbag on the table in front of us before sitting down in a chair,
“It is the first time that you invited me somewhere.” She said with a smile, “It has to be important.”

I kept a straight face, “It is.”
Alec and Nathaniel got up from their seats while looking at the both of us, “We both will leave you two alone to talk.”
I nodded my head at them while Olivia looked confused. Before going Alec gave me a look. I looked at him confused.
What is wrong with him? Why does he seem like he can kill me any minute now?
As soon as the both of them were out Olivia crossed her arms over her chest looking at me, “What is it?”
Getting straight to the point, huh? Fine.
I took a deep breath, “As much as it may be hard for you to take. I think we should break up.”
There. I said it. Straight to the point.
She fell silent. Her green eyes running all over my face. I kept my composure as I returned her gaze.
I couldn’t tell the expression on her face. Whether she was impacted deeply, hurt or what?
She opened her mouth, “Okay.”
I stared at her dumbfounded. I blinked my eyes a few times.

Just okay?
That’s it? Is it really this simple?
“Okay?” I asked.
She nodded her head at me in
affirmative, “Okay.”
“That’s it?”
“That’s it.”
“You don’t want to yell at me?” I asked confused.
“No. Why would I?”
“I don’t know. I thought it was normal for people to be mad or sad after break up?”
She laughed, “Come on Xavier. We didn’t have anything to be sad about.”
“True that.” I mumbled quietly.
She was silent for a while. She drummed her nails on the table while they made a satisfying sound. I looked around awkwardly.
“Well I am not going before you buy me something to drink.” She said trying to break the silence.

I got up from my seat, “Of course.”
I went to the counter to order her something to drink. When I came back she was on her phone. She kept it aside once she saw me. I tried to smile at her before sitting in my seat.
She looked around, then at her hands before looking back at me.
“Are you sure you can keep her happy?” She asked.
I looked up at her in surprise. I knew she was talking about Liya. But I was a little surprised that she guessed it.
“That has nothing to do with you.”
She nodded her head at me, “I know. But believe me when I say I want Liya to be happy. I knew from the start that nothing was going to happen between us.” She pointed at the both of us, “But I still tried to get close to you in front of Liya to help her move on.”.

“You mean you kissed me to help her move on?”
She sighed before looking up at the ceiling and then at me, “Yes I did. I wanted her to know that she deserves better.”
Who can be better for her than me?
“You are not better. If anything, can you remember even a single moment when you didn’t hurt her? When she didn’t cry because of something you said? When she didn’t have to try to make you feel your true feelings towards her?”
I fell silent staring at her. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything because she was right.

She was right in so many ways. She was so right that I hated it.
I never ever gave any good moments to Liya. All I have ever given to her were scars. And I was ready to heal them up.
“Xavier.” She said. I looked up at her grass like green eyes in a questioning way, “I know for a fact that Liya will do better without you.”
Stop. Make her stop please. Someone tell her to shut up.
I clutched my hand into a fist. And even though all of the things she was saying was hurting me….she was right again.
“What do you mean?” I asked even though I knew what she meant. But I was too afraid to just agree to it. But I also knew it was for the best.
“You know what I mean.” She said.
I looked at her wildly. Of course I knew what she meant.
She looked at me before sighing, “Fine. If you want me to say it out aloud then,….Let go off Liya.”

There. She said it. The thing I was afraid to hear the most.
“And you know it too. She will be better off without you. Stop holding onto her. Stop hurting her.”
She will be better off without me. But I don’t want to let her go. I am selfish in so many ways.
“If you truly love her you will let her go. You won’t hold onto her. And I may sound like a villain but believe me it is for her. She deserves so much more happiness than what you can provide her.”
I closed my eyes in pain. Why does it hurt to hear the truth? All I have given her are bad memories. Whenever she is with me all I do is hurt her.
And I don’t want to do that to her anymore.

I love her enough to give her up for her happiness. If she can find happiness without me then why not?
I looked at Olivia. She was sincere about all the things she said. And that was making me mad at her. I was going to make things over and going to start a relationship with Liya. I was finally letting down my walls for her.
But Olivia’s words just made me realize that I can’t be selfish. Not with the person I love. I have seen Liya suffer so much for me. The least I can do is let her go and help her move on.
A girl came and put the drink I just ordered for Olivia on the table. Olivia looked up at her before thanking her. Then she went to look at me expectantly.
I clenched my jaw before closing my eyes in agony.
“Xavier?” She called.
When I opened my eyes again I could feel the coldness directed at her. She seemed taken off guard as she looked at me.

“Leave.” I said coldly.
I need time. I am about to do something I might regret for the rest of my life. The least she can do for making me realize it is leave me alone and let me suffer while I prepare for the worst.
She looked at me unsure before she noticed my coldness. She cleared her throat before getting up–taking her drink.

If it was Liya she wouldn’t have backed down by my glare.
She held onto the drink in one hand while taking her handbag on the table from another, “Think about what I just said.” She finally said before leaving me.
I sat there silent. My heart aching to leave this place. But I knew what was to be done.
Xavier Reed, you don’t deserve Liya. The least you can do for the person you love is let her go.

I’ll let her go.
I could feel the numbness taking over me as I dialled her number. Whoever thought that after not more than half an hour I would be afraid to give her a call? I wouldn’t want her to pick up.
She picked up on the second bell, “Hello?” She said.
I could hear the excitement in her voice. I felt my heart tear as I tried to control myself.
“Can we meet?” I asked trying to sound rigid.

She was silent for a while before saying, “Yes! Where do we meet?”
She was happy. I could hear it in her voice. But I have to let her go if I want her to be happier. She’ll be happier without me.
I tried to keep my composure as I told her to meet me at the cafe.
I can already feel that this was going to be the worst day of my life.

__To be continued…
What are your thoughts on the chapter? It was pretty intense I guess. What do you think Xavier will do? Should he let Liya go

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