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She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟

Episode Eleven💦
Just friends

“Go away. Please. I didn’t do anything.” I cried as I tried to push away the two boys who were pulling my hair out because I stepped on their car.

“You should know what happens if you mess with us.” One of them said pulling one of my band out so that one side of my hair were let down. I cried as I tried to push them again.

“Hey! Leave her alone.” I looked up and noticed Xavier running towards us. His hair were cut short and although he was not that tall he ran with all his might and as fast as he could.

“Reed.” I cried out of happiness. I knew I was saved now. He was here now. He’ll protect me. Protect me from these boys and anything that may come to hurt me. And I didn’t know that. I believed that.

He pushed the boys away from me and made them fall. Then sitting on top of them he punched them one at a time.

The boys tried to punch him back but I was fast and kicked one of them in the shin. Just as Reed had taught me. He groaned in pain before laying down on the ground.

I saw Xavier groan as one of the punches hit him hard across his face. Making his nose bleed. He cursed making me gasp. Then with all his might he punched the guy again and then getting up asked them to leave both of us alone.

Once the two boys had gone. He turned towards me. His nose still bleeding. I pointed it out to him wincing myself to look at him this way. He tried to wipe it away with his sleeve before coming towards me and inspecting me.

“Are you hurt pancake?” There was concern in his voice.

I shook my head at him and hugged him, “You got here just in time.”

I was afraid. Afraid of those boys until Xavier showed up. And looking at him I couldn’t help but hug him.

He hugged me back before stepping back and going ahead he picked my band up and gave it to me.

“Stop crying already pancake.” He said wiping my tears off.

I nodded my head at him trying to wipe my tears off myself but the more I tried the more they came.

I noticed him shaking his head before ruffling my hair, “When will you ever learn to fight for yourself?”

I looked at him with swelled up eyes, “I have you.”

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“Yes you do, pancake. But I would love to see you as an independent woman when you grow up. Just like our moms.”

“But I am small right now. You see I will be a strong woman when I grow up.”

He laughed as he nodded his head at me, “Sure. And then you won’t need me. Then I would love you to beat some guys for me.”

I nodded my head at him enthusiastically. I will become a strong woman. The woman, Xavier will be proud of. And the woman I want to become.

Xavier tried brushing off the dirt that was attached to his clothes and his face.

“I don’t get into fights for anyone. You should consider yourself lucky that I am your friend.”

Typical Xavier.

I laughed, “I am Reed.”

He held his hand out to me, “Come on. Let’s go to your home. My mom would be there too.”

I put my hand into his as we walked hand in hand. Swinging them. Like friends.

Just like friends. When we were still nine.


“Where are you lost?” Xavier snapped his fingers in front of me.

I looked at him shaking my head at him.

So much has changed from the time when were nine. I don’t think I kept my promise to Xavier. I don’t think I became strong enough. But I want to. And I will try my best.

And Xavier? He isn’t the same anymore. He doesn’t protect me like he promised. And he doesn’t care about me like he used to.

My eyes shifted to the packet of food in my hands.

We were currently sitting in one of the seats on ferris wheel. The one which was closest to the ground.

“You didn’t tell me. Do you remember this place now?” Xavier asked me sitting beside me.

His shoulder brushed against mine. I couldn’t help but notice the proximity between us.

I looked around again. No. Nothing came to me.

He sighed from beside me, “Come on pancake. It is the same amusement park we went to as children.”

My jaw dropped down. Now when I pressure my brain, I think I remember. I remember an amusement park we went to. With our parents. I just can’t believe this was the same amusement park. It used to be so cheery and lit. Unlike this. Now it is just abandoned and seems old and rusty.

“How?” I asked unsure, “it doesn’t look the same.”

“Because it isn’t the same. Don’t you think it is sad? This place which once used to have this crowd. The crowd with all the type of emotions. It saw every emotion. Happiness, loneliness, love. And now just look at this place. Abandoned. Lonely. No one comes here.”

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“You come here.” I whispered.

His eyes snapped to me. Staring into my eyes and nodding his head, “I do. And now you too.”

I smiled at him. I didn’t know that Xavier gave this much thought. And this was the side I was talking about. The side I wanted to see.

“Thank you Xavier. For bringing me here.”

He laid his head back on the support and closed his eyes. I stared at his face for a while. Admiring all his features before his opened one of his eyes and looking at me with his hazel eyes he said, “Pancake?”


“Just call me what you used to when we were younger.” He said going back to closing his eyes again.

Did he mean what I think he just meant? Did he really ask me to call him…Reed? I can’t believe my ears. That’s impossible. He asked me to never call him that again. And now suddenly he is asking me to call him that again.

“Are you sure?” I asked him unsure. I wanted to be sure. What if he was lying.

“I have never been so sure.” He muttered. His eyes still closed.

I laid my head back too. Just beside his. And closed my eyes, “As you say Reed.”

I could hear him take in a sharp intake of breath. I didn’t know if he felt good or he just wasn’t ready to hear it.

When I opened my eyes again after some time I noticed his head turned to me. His eyes already open.

He got up a little. His eyes never leaving my face. Slowly as if not sure he started leaning towards me. His eyes fleeting to my lips for a second before returning to my eyes.

I could feel my heart beating wildly. I won’t be surprised if it even came out because of how fast it was beating.

Is he really doing what I think he is doing? Is he going to kiss me?

Oh my god. I don’t know how to react. It’s so UNEXPECTED. He doesn’t like talking go me. And suddenly he is about to kiss me.

Once Xavier was so close to me that I could smell his cologne he cleared his throat lightly. Then bringing his lips close to my ears he whispered,

“The food. It’s getting cold.”

And with that he went back– laughing. I looked at him confused. What the hell just happened?

My mind was in a haze when he ruffled my hair just like he used to when we were kids, “Come on. I am sure you are hungry. Just eat it. Before I finish it myself.”

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It was now that it dawned upon me. What he did. He is such a jerk!

I threw the packet on his lap. And faced away from him, “I bought it for you anyway. I thought you would be hungry after you didn’t have anything at school.”

He was quiet for a while before he spoke, “You are joking, right?”

I rolled my eyes even though I knew he couldn’t see me, “I don’t joke unlike you.”

I heard a little shuffling before he made me look at him, “Are you mad?”

He gazed into my eyes before sighing, “Yes you are. Do you really want me to kiss you that bad?” He asked wriggling his eyebrows.

I pushed him lightly, “No! Just eat your damn food.”

He laughed before shrugging his shoulders and taking the food out from the packet. The smile was still playing around his face before he became serious and looked at me, “This food is for just one person.”

“Yes.” I stated as a matter of fact, “And that is you.”

“Either you are stupid or…no you are definitely stupid. You were hungry. Then why did you buy it just for me?”

“Because I didn’t have enough money at the time.”

“And I offered you the money!”

“But I didn’t want to take it from you.”

He sighed before shaking his head, “You are one stubborn girl, pancake.”

He knew I was stubborn. If I put my mind onto something, then I didn’t listen to anyone.

“Okay I am not going to eat it while you watch me like a ghost. So,” He split the burger into two and handed me one of the shares.

I looked at him surprised. How in the name of god was he feeling this generous today? First he brought me here. Then he called me pancake which he hasn’t called me in like what? Seven years? And then he jokes. He jokes. Yes, even I can’t believe.

This was the same rude, ignorant guy. And now he is willing to share his food with me!

But just as friends. He still sees me just as a friend.

And I don’t know how to feel about that.

__To be continued…

Did she really expected a kiss?😂 Xavier would never give her that.
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She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟

Episode Twelve💦
The gang

Tick tock tick tock

The sounds I have been hearing for a few hours now. But my attention was all concentrated on this page which was there in front of me. I turned it again. My eyes running over different words. Without knowing my hands caressed the sides of the page. The smooth yet rough texture running down my receptors.

“I am sorry but we will have to close down now.” The sweet voice made it’s way into my ear. I lifted my eyes enough to look at her. She was old. Just like I remember her from when I used to come here with my father. Her hair were in a bun. While she had huge circular glasses sitting upon her nose.

I looked at the clock which hung just above the huge shelf of the fictional characters.

10 pm.

“I thought you close down at nine.” I closed the book in front of me. My hand still in between the pages I was on.

“We do. But since you looked so much engrossed I thought of extending it. But look at the time now. It’s ten. I am afraid I might have to close down now. Sorry, sweetie.” She smiled softly at me. You could see the time reflecting on the corner of her eyes.

I looked down at the work I was reading. I still didn’t feel like leaving it.

I sighed sadly. I got up from my seat looking at Mrs Granger and nodded at her. Smiling slightly.

She looked at me without saying anything. Looking at me knowingly. I stepped aside to go but she stopped me. I turned around to find her holding the book in her hand,

“Why don’t you take it with you. You can return to me whenever you are done.” She whispered looking softly.

I looked into both her eyes. To see if she was lying. But she wasn’t. They were as earnest as they could be.

“But how can I? I don’t even…”

“I have seen you. I know I can trust you. Take it with you.” She took my hands and put the book in them, “Besides, it’s a good book.”

I looked at her unsure. Still not able to get over the fact that I was given the permission to take this book with me. Even though the library doesn’t allow people to take the books with them.

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“I don’t know how to-” I started.

“Thank me? You don’t need to. You love reading. Now where do we find much readers nowadays? I’ll be just glad to let you savour it to the fullest.”

I held the book close to my chest. Feeling the heaviness of the words against me. The one heavy thing I love to carry.

“My god! Look at the time. I don’t want your parents to worry. Let’s go. Come on.” She adjusted her glasses before moving forward in her long old dress.

I moved behind her as she walked softly towards the exit. As soon as she was out she locked it with the keys jangling in her hands. She turned around towards me, putting the keys back into the pocket of her dress.

“It’s late.” She said looking up at the sky. It was a windy night. As usual what is expected from this city. I hum in response.

“Why don’t you book an uber? It’s not safe.” She said looking around. Her eyes a little terrified.

I knew why she was afraid. She was afraid of the gang which usually became active at night. Smugglers they were.I have heard of them. Everyone’s terrified of them. You don’t want to cross their path, especially at night.

“I think I’ll be fine. I’ll call my mom. Anyhow, my home is at walking distance from here.” I reassured her.

She looked at me unsure for a moment, “I’ll wait.”

I shook my head smiling slightly at her, “You already have done enough for me Mrs Granger. I don’t want to trouble you anymore than I already have. I’ll be fine. Will you?”

She seemed proud as she said, “Yes, ofcourse I will. It’s you who I am worried about.”

“Then you don’t have to. Go home.” I take her hands in mine and gave a reassuring squeeze.

She nodded at me, her eyes twinkling. She stepped down from one of the stairs which ran on both sides. Once she was almost down she turned towards me one last time. A smile evident on her face. A smile which was genuine. And a smile which never faltered from her face.

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“Take care.” She said before walking down the road. On her way home.

It was just me now. Alone. Standing here in front of the library. I was much thankful that I had a roof on my head for now. With book clutched tight into one of my hands, I took my phone with the help of my free hand. I dialled my mother’s phone.

It went right to voicemail. I knew she’ll call me the minute she sees my missed call.

I look up and notice the dark clouds covering the night sky. It doesn’t rain much but it seemed as if it was going to rain today.

I sighed. I think I’ll just walk until mom decides to call back.

I climbed down the stairs opposite from the ones Mrs Granger went. Once I was down I took my phone out.

I looked at mom’s phone number. Slowly I scrolled up before the name was staring back at me. His name. His phone number.

I contemplated if I should call him or not. I have his number but I haven’t ever given him a call in the past years. I was afraid. Afraid maybe he might not pick up. But I was far away from that now. After what happened in the amusement park, maybe he’ll pick up.

Slowly I dialled his number. It rang for a few minutes before I heard it,


“Xavier? You picked up!” There was a ray of hope in my voice.

Either I am really busy. Or I just don’t want to talk to you.

Or he is with us. I heard Alec’s voice shout in some distance.

Will you shut up! So yes, leave your message now. Maybe I’ll hear it.

I ended it. I looked down a little upset. But I shouldn’t be upset. It wasn’t as if I was expecting something more. But there was just this small ray of hope that maybe he’ll pick up. Maybe.

I looked up ahead. I think I can walk home. It’s not that far away. And somehow I think it was going to rain. And I don’t want to get drenched in rain. And what are the odds that I will run into that crazy gang, right?

I walked with the book and the phone in my hands. All the shops had closed down and the only thing you could see were the dark roads. Not a single soul in sight there was. The only source of light was that of lamppost.

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Not even five minutes into it I saw a bunch of guys standing with their motorbikes laughing, talking and smoking. They wore black clothes and jackets. Piercing and tattoos on their different parts of faces. And they looked scary.

The gang.

What are the odds? Yes, definitely. Luck is definitely on my side if it already wasn’t.

I stopped in my tracks, frozen in one spot. My brain working at a speed of light and the only thing going on… I can either keep my head down low and expect to pass through them without them noticing me or I can turn around right here and run away from them, again expecting they don’t notice me.

I contemplated for a moment before taking in a deep breath. I can do this. I can get out of this situation. Shit. I should have stayed there until mom picked my call. Or better yet I should have booked an uber.

I am such an idiot.

In the end I decided to run away. There was in no hell’s chance that I was risking my life by passing through them. I already have risked it enough to get me here, I wasn’t planning it further.

I took a few deep breaths to calm myself before turning around and making the run for it. I should go back to the library. I think I’ll be much safer there.

I didn’t even get to run for five seconds before I heard a very heavy voice yell,

“You think you can run away?”

Yes, ofcourse I thought I could run away. MAYBE THAT’S THE REASON WHY I AM RUNNING AWAY.

I didn’t even look back. Not even once. I was afraid. Afraid of what I might see. Maybe they are far away. Or maybe they are just behind me on their big monstrous bikes.

But the only thing I knew right now was to run as fast as I could and survive this night.

___To be continued…
. Liya definitely landed herself into some trouble, don’t you think?

Click on the link for episode 13👇👇👇


She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟

Episode Thirteen💦
I found you

I took deep breaths with a hand on my heart. I could feel my heart running wildly. Right now I was sitting behind a tree which was covered in bushes. I managed to run away from them momentarily. But I wasn’t sure for how long I can stay here.

I tried reaching the library but they were already too close to me that I had no choice but to hide in here.

I was terrified as I leaned down on the tree and looked up. So much for returning home before the rain.

I took my phone out and keeping the brightness to the minimum I dialled my mother’s number.

It again went to voicemail. Are you serious? Of all the days she could have been this busy to pick my calls up, it so happens to be today.

I sighed closing my eyes. I could feel panic setting inside of me. I don’t know why but my mind was becoming numb.

But I can’t afford to panic. Not right now when this gang is behind me!

Xavier. I should call Xavier. Maybe this time he’ll pick up. I don’t know! He should!

I called his number again. I waited as my heart sank deeper and deeper as the time passed.

I hate him! I hate everyone!

Isn’t there anyone I can rely onto when I am in trouble?! FOR GOD’S SAKE.

I closed my eyes. My hands were shaking now as I heard a few bikes pass through. I was terrified I might get caught and then they’ll do GOD KNOWS WHAT.

And then it struck me.


With my hands shaking wildly I took my phone out again to call an uber. But I heard a shuffling around. I put my phone upside down on the ground as fast as I could. I didn’t want anyone to find me out just because of my freaking phone light.

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I could hear my heart beating wildly as the sound of shuffling continued. I rolled up into a ball with my back still against the tree.

Suddenly I was blinded by the light which was directed into my eyes. I cursed bringing my hands to cover my eyes. I tried to peek but the light was too bright. For now I knew it was flashlight of the phone.

I tried to get away from it as it moved towards me. They found me. I am caught. I am done. I am screwed. I can’t run away. But how? I tried so hard to not get caught.

“Liya?” I heard a soft voice, “Is that you?”

I froze in my spot. That voice. I recognize that voice. I put my hands down as the flashlight turned off. I couldn’t see anything for a moment before my eyes started adjusting to their surrounding.

“Alec?” I asked.

I heard footsteps coming towards me, “Yeah it’s me. What- what are you doing here so late?”

He was now standing in front of me. I could now see him properly. He was looking down at me with concern. He ran his hands through his blonde hair before looking around as if making sure no one was around.

I stared at him for a while not believing it was actually him. Someone I knew. The relief I felt right now was unexplainable. I got up and hugged him tight. I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t help myself but hug him. I was on the verge of a panic attack!

He seemed taken off guard at my gesture.

“Thank god.” I cried, “Thank god you found me. I thought I was caught. I thought I was going to die.” I cried more now that I knew I had someone now.

For a moment Alec didn’t do so much as move his arms. I could feel he was still shocked that I hugged him. But then slowly he wrapped them around me. Trying to comfort me. He patted my back lightly as I cried.

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“Hey, it’s fine. You are fine.” He whispered into my ear giving me reassurance.

I stepped a little back, tears still running down my eyes, “I called my mom. Xavier. No one picked up. And they-”

“Xavier?” He asked confused.

Of course. He doesn’t know. He doesn’t know that he is my fiance. And that he didn’t even care to attend my call when I needed him the most. No one did.

“He’s a family friend. So,” I started to cover up but Alec shook his head,

“Are you fine? You looked terrified.”

“I was terrified.” I breathed out, “This gang. They were following me. And no one was picking my call up and I thought I was not going to survive today and then I remembered the uber but before that you found me.”

“I saw light coming from this side. So I just came to check. But I wasn’t expecting…you.” He admitted.

“Surprise.” I tried laughing in my throaty voice. But it just ended up making me sound like a toad.

He laughed before going into his pocket and coming out with a handkerchief, “Here. I think you need this.”

I took it from him and nodded my head at him while biting my lip, “Thank you, Alec. I don’t know what would have happened if you didn’t show up.”

He tried suppressing a smile, “Surprise.”

I laughed along with him. I used his handkerchief to wipe my tears away before offering it back.

I don’t know why but I felt warm right now. I felt comfortable now that Alec was here. And somehow I wasn’t afraid anymore. Maybe it is just because I wasn’t alone anymore.

“Keep it.”

“Huh?” I looked at Alec confused. He pointed out to his handkerchief. I looked down at it before looking back at Alec.

He really wants me to keep it?

“No. No. I can’t.” I tried giving it back to Alec while he did anything in his power to not take it back from me.

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I even tried putting it back into his pocket but won’t let me. For hell I even tried punching that guy to make him take it back.

“I. Said. Keep. It. With. You.” He said sincerely now stopping me with my shoulders.

I looked into his eyes, “And. I. Said. No.” I tried to say it as slow and as effectively as him.

He shook his head before letting go of me, “Why?”

“Because it is yours.”

“Well I don’t have my name written over it.””Yes, but-”

“No buts. Just keep it with you.”

I tried to argue back but he puts his finger on my lips making me quiet. I stared at his finger before looking back at him.

There was a smirk on his face. He was glad that he was finally able to get me to stop arguing.

He didn’t remove it for a minute still staring at me before I cleared my throat. He snapped out of whatever trance he was in and removed his finger from my lips.

He looks around everywhere but me and cleared his throat.

What was that?

“Let’s get you home.” He said still not looking into my eyes.


____To be continued…
Let ship names for Brian and Evie just like Liya and Xavier #TeamXaiya. The winner get tagged in the next episode or get mentioned in the story.

Click on the link for episode 14👇👇👇👇


She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟

Episode Fourteen💦

Is it okay?

“I was there in the library, what about you?”

“Me? I just came for some work. By the time I was done it was late.”

Right now Alec and I were walking on the road. The gang was miraculously no where to be seen. And even though I thought Alec had his car, he didn’t. It turns out he doesn’t live that far off from here so he came without a car. He walked. Just like me.

“You haven’t encountered the gang here?” I asked him still walking side by side.

He had his hands in the pocket of his pants as he shook his head, “I’ve heard of them. But I haven’t come across them.”

I sighed closing my eyes, “I guess I am the lucky one.”

Alec couldn’t help but laugh. He opened his mouth to say something else but he was cut short by my phone.

I stopped walking for a while to look down at the screen. I was getting call from my….mom.
Alec stopped turning a little back to look at me. I put my phone down and went to join him. He looked at me confused, “Don’t you need to take that?”

Do I? I don’t think so. When I called her she wasn’t there. And now I was pissed at everyone. Mom. Xavier. For god sake everyone.

“Who is it?” Alec asked when it continued ringing.

“It’s no one.” I silenced my phone. But not even a minute later it came back to life. The ringtone blaring in the silence.

I was about to silence it again when it was snatched away from me. I looked up surprised to find Alec staring at my phone screen.

“Hey! It’s no manners to snatch someone’s phone away.” I complaint trying to reach out to my phone.

“It’s from your mom, princess. Why don’t you take it?” He said, ignoring my previous comment fully.

I stopped. My hands still in the air before I looked down sully. I brought my hands back down and glared at Alec. I still had that book with me that Mrs Granger gave me.

He raised his hands up in surrender, “I don’t know why you don’t want to talk to her. But I am picking the call up and I think you should talk to her.”

I shook my head at him aggressively, “Don’t. I don’t want to talk to her. I am pissed at her.”

He looked at me as if I had gone crazy. I gave him the same look back.
What was wrong with this guy? It’s my mom. I can talk to her, be mad at her whenever I want.

When his expression didn’t change at all, it drove me mad, “Stop looking at me like that!”

“Like what?” He asked– his expression still the same.

I pointed his face, “That look. Like I am crazy.”

“You are.” He muttered.

“What did you say?” I squinted my eyes at him.
“I said call your mom back.” He looked me in the eyes and said with force. The phone which was ringing a while back was silent again. It was as silent as ever. While Alec’s eyes never left mine.

I felt uncomfortable so I looked around and cleared my throat, “Why do you care?”

He was silent. And his breathing which was uneven a while ago was back to normal. I raised my eyes to find him lost in his thoughts.

“Alec?” I called out to him.

He nodded his head at me but his eyes. They were still staring at some distance. And I could find traces of hurt on his face. Did I hurt him? My god, I didn’t intend on doing that at all.

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Why is he hurt?

I was about to snap my fingers in front of his face but before I could do so he spoke,

“Why do I care, you ask.” He whispered still staring into oblivion before snapping his eyes back to me. My breathing hitched as I noticed hurt evident not only on his face but in his eyes,

“I care because I know how it is to not have someone to care for you. No one cares if you are late or if you had anything to eat. No one cares if you are mad at them.”

I was surprised for a moment to hear this come out of his mouth. Whenever I met Alec he was always smiling and laughing that it never hit me that he was this sad. That he didn’t have anyone. Wait,

“Your mom,” I whispered.

Alec nodded his head sadly. Now looking down at road. It was actually hurting me to see him like this. He was always so cheery that this didn’t feel like….Alec.

“It was an accident. I lost her in an accident.” He whispered.

I couldn’t help but be quiet for a while.

“I am so sorry.” I whispered back. Taking a few steps towards him I put my hand on his shoulder. He looked at my hand before looking back at me. I nodded at him before giving him a reassuring squeeze.

A smile appeared on his face. And I couldn’t help but be happy,

“So…I think you should call her and let her know.” He said handing my phone back to me.

I took it from him. Still staring at the phone.

Atleast she cared to call back unlike Xavier who doesn’t even care.

Slowly I dialled my mom’s number,

“Liya! Oh my god baby girl, are you alright?!”


I was in a better mood now that I talked to my mom. I told her about everything. Including the gang, Alec and even Xavier. There was only till a point that I can cover up for him. She needed to know about him. Especially this thing.

Of course she seemed disappointed in Xavier but she didn’t show it to me. She just ended the call by asking Alec to take me home safely.
“I thought you said it wasn’t far off.” Alec said walking beside me. I knew he was referring to my home.

“It isn’t.” I laughed.

“You sure? I feel like we have been walking for an eternity now.”

As soon as he said that there was a rumbling sound. We both looked up and surely the sky was covered with dark clouds,

“It’s going to rain.” Alec said a little fascinated.

I knew why he was fascinated. It never actually rained here. It was just the weather that got bad but the rain, that was a new sight.

“Yeah.” I said still looking up. Then snapping my head at his face I said, “We better get going.”

He shook his head laughing, “Come on, it rarely rains. We better enjoy it to the fullest when it does.”

“You mean you wanna play?”

“I am sure that is what I meant.” He grinned at me.Playing in the rain? It sounds fun. When was the last time I played in the rain? I don’t even remember. I have been so engrossed with Xavier and my feelings for him that I have been neglecting small happiness of life.

“Sure.” I grinned back at him.

Surely after a minute just as the rumbling sound increased the first drop of rain poured on me,

“I felt it! I felt it!” I jumped excitedly.

Alec laughed shaking his head, “You are so childish,” he stopped in between before looking at me with wide eyes, “I felt it too!”

“Who’s the childish one now, huh?” I asked with a smug expression.

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A large grin appeared on his face before I could see him realize something,

“I know a better place to be right now than here! Come on.” He said excitedly, taking my hand in his he pulled me with him as we ran down the road. The rain was getting heavier and heavier.

“My book!” I stopped in between gasping. I almost forgot about my book! It will get drenched!

Alec stopped looking at me and then the book before he cursed.

I looked around for anyway to keep it dry. I couldn’t find anything! We were still away from home and it wasn’t my book! Mrs Granger trusted me by giving this book!

Damn it.

I don’t know what to do!

Alec took the book from me and hid it under the jacket he was wearing. He zipped it up till the top so that the book was secure inside,

“It won’t do much. But it will atleast help the book from soaking water.” He yelled over the loud noise of the pouring rain.

I nodded my head at him, thankful to him. But for how long was it going to be safe there?

“Don’t worry, we’ll put it under a shade or something and I’ll put my jacket on it, if it is necessary.”
“Thank you so much Alec!”

He shook his head, “It’s nothing, now come on.”

He took my hand again and we both made a run to wherever he wanted to take me. I laughed the whole way as the rain made us drench. I tilted my head up and closed my eyes while I felt the pattern of the rain on my skin. It was beautiful.

I stopped making Alec stop with me too. He turned around to raise his eyebrows in question. His hair were all wet due to the rain and they were stuck to his forehead. But his eyes, they were as blue as ever.

I tugged him with me to the centre of the road where there was a short patch where the rainwater was collected.

“What are you doing?” Alec asked laughing.

I looked around for any cars. There weren’t any. Great!

I let go of Alec’s hand and stepping forward I jumped into the water which came to ankle. I jumped up and down like a crazy and laughed my ass off.

I used all the energy in me to kick the water all around me while dancing in that little pool. Alec stood at a distance laughing at me.

I pouted at him before dancing my way towards him. He looked at me confused before shaking his head in denial–laughing

“Have fun, Alec!” I laughed pulling him with me.

He lost control over his body and slipped, making him sit in the pool of water. I couldn’t help but laugh at his face. He was shook.
He couldn’t believe that he just slipped.

The rain was still as heavy as before, pouring down on both of us. Alec asked for my hand to help him but I refused to him to which he splashed me with water.

I tried to stop him but he won’t stop. Finally, I decided to give him my hand. He put his hands into mine only to make me fall beside him.

This time it was me who sat there with an open mouth and shock, while he laughed heartily, “Welcome to the club!” He laughed.

“That’s not what you do!” I took a handful of water and splashed him in the face.

The water went into his mouth making him cough and throwing it all out. I held onto my stomach while laughing.

He still continued coughing. Maybe I went a little overboard. He was bent away from him so I bent a little towards him,

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“Alec? Are you alright?” I asked

He turned around slowly. There was a smirk on his face. I opened my mouth in confusion. But it all happened so slowly that I can’t even remember how he managed to put the water inside my mouth.

“Gotcha.” He laughed while I coughed and spat the water out. Now I knew how he felt. The water from the road was for sure not gonna taste like some chocolate.

Alec got up and offering me his hand he helped me pull up. The force made me stand up and collide with Alec’s chest. My head was now against his heart. I could hear his heart beating wildly. Slowly, I pulled my head back and looked up to find him already looking down at me with his ocean blue eyes.

With this rain it was difficult to look up at him without being able to close my eyes. But I managed to keep them open enough.

He reached out and tugged a strand of my hair behind my ear. My head automatically turned sideways when I felt his hand touch a soft spot on my neck.

Is this wrong? Is it wrong to feel anything right now? To feel these feeling I was getting right now.

Alec looked at me one more time as if unsure before slowly closing the distance between us. I was frozen in my spot. Still not able to comprehend it. Comprehend my feelings.

I don’t know. I want to believe they are not real. But my heart, it was feeling something. I don’t know what it was. But am I allowed to feel anything for anyone other than Xavier?


It was as if I was snapped back into my senses. Just as Alec was about to close the last distance between us, I stepped away from him. I cannot. What am I doing? What am I doing to Xavier? I cannot do this to him.

He trust me. I cannot break his trust so easily. That too with his friend. How could I even let myself to give in? Why did I even feel anything.

“I cannot. I am so sorry.” I said looking down at my feet which were still in the water.

I could see Alec running his hands through his hair before clearing his throat, “No. No. It’s totally fine. It’s my fault. I lost control. I should have been more cautious.”

I raised my eyes slowly to look at him. I could see he was feeling guilty but at the same time I could see he was upset.

I felt sorry looking at him this way. We were both so happy just a moment ago. How did it become so awkward suddenly?

I didn’t want it to be like this. I didn’t like this. I want it to be back to normal. So I put a smile back on my face and stepping forward I slapped his arms slightly,

“Hey you, are you planning on ditching me? Come on. Show me that place of yours.”

He stayed still for a minute before the expression on his face changed to that of a smile. He held his hand out to me yet again,

“Shall we?” He grinned down at me.

I put my hands into his. Yet again.

“Yes!” I said nodding my head at him excitedly and giggling.

___To be continued…
What? Liya should choose Alec or Xavier!

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Episode Fifteen 💦
(She doesn’t need to know)

Xavier’s pov

I just got out from the bathroom when mom entered my room. I held onto the towel around my waist a little tighter. I was about to open my mouth to complain but the look on her face made me shut my mouth. She seemed somewhat furious.

I sighed. What did I do now?

I looked down pinching the bridge of my nose, “Can you wait for me to atleast wear some pants? I’ll be out in a minute.”

She pursed her lips tight, nodding her head before going out and closing the door behind her.

Once she was out I let out a deep breath. I don’t remember doing anything to land me in trouble now. Then why did she looked so furious?

My hair were wet due to the shower I took. I took out grey sweatpants and wore them. And taking a black t-shirt with me, I went and took my phone.

I was about to leave my room before I checked my phone.

2 missed calls from pancake.

What the fuck?

She never called me. And now there were two missed calls. Is she fine?

I got out of my room quickly moving downstairs as fast as I could. I found mom standing there impatiently.

“You took time,” she started before stopping, “Put that on, will you?” She said referring to my

I quickly put it on and ran towards the main door as fast as I could.

“Xavier! Where do you think you are going at this hour?” My mom asked concerned making me stop in between.

I don’t know why I was panicking. I don’t know why, but I felt like I needed to see her. To see if she was safe.

“I am sorry mom. I can tell you are mad at me. But I need to go right now.” I begged her.
She shook her head sternly, “Not before you hear me.”

I looked around frustratedly before nodding my head at her.

“I got a call from Liya’s mother.” She started her hazel eyes becoming concerned.

And that was enough to make me run towards her, “What did she say?”

“She said Liya called you but you didn’t pick her call up. She was upset about it.”
“Yes! I was having a bath…How is she? Is she fine?” I asked frantically.

My mom put her hands on my shoulder to make me calm but it wasn’t helping at all. What can you expect? She never calls me and then suddenly I saw two missed calls from her. I don’t know why but I was freaking out from the inside,

“Mom?” I asked her again.

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Mom sighed before looking at me, “Liya,” I nodded my head at her letting her know I was listening, “She went to the library.

On her way back she got chased by some gang.”

That was enough for me to make me run for the door. Damnit. Why did she have to get out at this late hour? That too when she knew she could land herself in trouble.

Stupid. Stupid girl.

“Xavier!” Mom called me again. I turned to her frustrated now. I was already late! I don’t know what would have happened!

“She is safe now.” Mom said softly, nodding her head at me–smiling.

I stopped for a while before shaking my head, “I want to see that for myself. It is Liya we are talking about. That girl loves to land herself into trouble.”

My mom laughed before shaking her head, “It’s true. But it’s going to rain today.”

“I don’t care. It makes my decision all the more strong. Mom let me go. Please.” I begged looking at the time frantically.

She nodded her head closing her eyes, “Go.”
I didn’t even waste a minute in running out. I didn’t even care to take a car right now. With all the strength I had in my legs I ran as fast as I could.

I was half way there to the library when I felt a drop of rain. Mom was right. It was indeed going to rain. But I didn’t care about that at all.

I had a stupid girl to take care of. She has a habit of landing herself into trouble. I am sure she would be curled up into a ball somewhere. Trying to hide away.

As I ran I could feel a smile playing on my lips as I thought of her. Of how naive and stupid she can be. She has been like that from the start. Making me worry about her.

When will she grow up enough to take care of herself?

It started raining hard now. My whole body was drenched and the clothes weighed heavy as I tried running. I could feel a burning sensation in my legs.

Fuck. I grunted. I have to find her.

I took my phone out to call her back. I didn’t even care to stop. What if I was too late? God damnit Liya, you are going to be an end of me.

I was about to press the call button when I heard laughing at some distance. I wouldn’t have cared at all. But the voice. That laughter. It was not a mistake it was hers.

I stopped. My chest rising up and down as I tried taking fast and deep breaths. My body was deprived of oxygen.

I laughed as I realized she was in no danger. She was fine.

I walked a few steps before I could see her. All laughing and jumping. I felt a wave of relief passing through my chest.

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Thank god she is fine.

A smile appeared on my face as I saw her enjoying herself. I was exhausted. It was no joke running from my home to here. Just for her.

But why? Why was I so worried about her?

Because I still think of her as my with him.

I felt a pang in my chest. What is it? Why am I feeling this? I wasn’t liking it. But I could feel it clawing inside of me.

I was happy seeing her happy, but it was somehow making me mad that it wasn’t me. It was someone else who was making her happy.

I just sat there looking at her before I noticed the guy. The way he laughed and pulled her down with him. That laughing face, It was none other than…Alec.

They both seemed so much engrossed and loving their moment together that I couldn’t bring myself to interrupt them.

I was hating each and every moment of it, but the only thing that was stopping me was the thought…. it’s her choice. She can be with whoever she wants to be. Why do I care so much?

I didn’t even realize I had curled my hands too tightly until I saw Alec offering his hand to her. She took it as he pulled her in.

It was on purpose. I could see he used more force than required to make her collide into him.

I gritted my teeth.

Alec and I have been friends forever now. And I love him just like my brother. But right now I was so clouded by this emotion which was screaming at me to punch him in the gut. I want to punch him in the gut. Until he is standing feets away from her. From my-.

No. No. What’s wrong with me?

I shouldn’t be here. I came here to see if she was fine and when I know she is fine I should just go.
But I can’t bring myself to.

The rain felt heavier than before. It was as if it was trying to weigh me down with it.

I got up trying to steady myself. I cannot stay here any longer.

I looked ahead once again at the both of them. And the sight in front of me made me lose my control.

I don’t know what this feeling was but I cannot. I cannot take it! He is fucking gonna kiss her! For God’s sake she is my fiance! How dare he even touch her.

I started taking my steps towards her. Looking at her. Why isn’t she moving away?!

Fuck. I stopped in between. Don’t tell me she has been lying to me until now. Don’t tell me she doesn’t love me.

What the fuck is wrong with me? Why do I care? Isn’t this what I want? For her to give away from my life?

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Liya!…my mind yelled at her. Trying to snap her back into her senses. I want to yell physically but I just can’t get myself to because she seemed happy.


I could see Alec’s face just a few inches away from hers.


It was as if someone shook her vigorously because she stepped back as far away from him as possible. I don’t know why I felt relief pass through me. I felt as if I was lifted off some burden. And I felt good.

A smile made it’s way onto my face. A smile of relief. I was about to step in front to take her with me. It was time that I took her home with me. It was time that I took care of her.

I was about to step forth when I noticed her putting her hands into Alec’s– in front of my eyes.

He held onto her tight as they laughed and went running to wherever they wanted to go. While I stood there at the corner, my heart burning.

I saw them leave. And I didn’t do anything. Because it was her choice.

I was mad. I could kill someone right now. I screamed hard before punching a tree beside me. I could feel the pain setting in me but it was nothing compared to what I was feeling right now.

I threw punches at the tree continously before stopping. I felt my legs give up. I sat there with the rain still pouring down on me.

I never feel weak. I never felt this way. Until now. I looked at my knuckles and found them bleeding. A mocking smile came to my face. I deserve this.

I felt something warm run down my cheeks. I touched my face and brought my hands back.

No. It’s probably nothing. I don’t feel anything. And I sure as hell am not crying for her. I am not.

I cannot cry!

Yes, it is probably nothing but rain. I wiped my face frantically before getting up.

I am fine. I came here to see if she was fine. And she seemed happy.

And I think it is time for me to go home. She doesn’t need to know that I came here ever. That I saw her missed call. That I panicked.

For her, I never received the call.

___To be continued…

For all of you who were wondering where the hell was Xavier when Liya called him….here you go. I feel bad for him really.
#TeamXavier where are you

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