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Episode 08

She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟

. I’ll make the ship sail🧘

I waited for Xavier standing on my porch. I sighed shuddering a little at the thought of meeting him.

The last time I talked to him, it didn’t really go well. I still don’t know where I went wrong to make him behave that way towards me. But seeing it is Xavier we are talking about. He is unpredictable. He does things that are most unexpected at unexpected time.

I asked my mother if I could travel by myself today. But she refused. Not that she didn’t want me to. ‘Unexpectedly’ Xavier called her telling her specially that he would be here to pick me up.

As I said unpredictable he is.

I looked up as I heard a loud noise. Xavier pulled in with a motorbike. He was wearing a black leather jacket with his hair dishevelled.

I stared at him. How can one change their style so much every day? One day he would be dressed as a normal person, the other he’ll be all formal. And now, he was dressed like some bad boy. He even had a piercing for God’s sake.

“Don’t keep on standing there like a statue. Come and hope on.” He yelled at me while still sitting on his bike. He put his helmet in front of him waiting for me.

I moved towards him slowly. Staring at the bike. Did he really expect me to sit on this thing? This huge, humongous monster?

I looked at Xavier. He looked at me with a smug expression. He brought the bike on purpose. He thought I was scared of it. He thought I would run away from it.

Only I wasn’t afraid of it at all.

I grinned at him huge and wide. The look on his face twisted into a confusion. Oh, how much I love bikes. Sitting on one would be so much fun. I have always loved bikes. The thrill, the fastness. Everything. Having to experience one would be just amazing.

“I love this.” I told Xavier looking at him with a shine in my eyes. The look on his face changed from confusion to that of a frown.

“Just climb in.” He said after a minute not able to get over the fact that indeed I loved what he brought. Turning his head straight he wore the helmet he was holding in his hand until now.

I hoped into the back of the bike. I sat there with my hands in the air confused as to where to put them. I saw Xavier adjusting his side mirrors so that he could look at me. As soon as my eyes met his, I averted them.

He sighed, “You gonna take forever to wrap them around me?”

I snap my gaze in the mirror to find him still looking at me with his hazel eyes looking through the helmet. I looked back down at my hands before wrapping them slowly around his hard torso.

I cannot explain the feeling that I got. It was mixed. Excitement, warmth. So many things. I even felt my palms sweat.

Why did Xavier had to be so good looking? I cursed under my breath.

He started the bike. He raced along the road speeding it as fast as he could. I found a huge smile spread on my face as I felt the thrill in the pit of my stomach.

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“Hold on tight.” He yelled above the noise of whooshing air.

He sped the bike even faster making me hold onto him tighter. I could feel his stomach rumble beneath my arms. Was he laughing?

I bent my head a little to look in the mirror to find his eyes twinkle. He loved this. As much as I loved it. This was something which made him happier. As he took turns I could feel the risk we were taking in this high speed. But was I loving it? Definitely.

After ten minutes he stopped the bike at the exact same spot he stopped the car. Well well, do we know what was coming next?

Xavier was about to open his mouth but I beat him to it. I climbed out of the bike and stood at some distance. I held my hand out to him letting him know I knew. That he didn’t have to repeat himself.

He pursed his lips tight before nodding at me subtly, “Then you know to meet me back here.”

I waved him off already starting to have my daily five minute walk. I could feel his eyes on the back of my head but I didn’t care. There was an utter silence before he ran past me with a very high speed.


“Can you believe it?? He legit wants me to do not two, not three. Nu-ughh…But Five Essays in one day!” Evie banged her hands on the table as Brian and me leaned back in the seat afraid from her.

From the moment we have arrived here in the cafeteria, Evie has been going on about the essay his English teacher gave her which she had to submit tomorrow.

“But didn’t you get like…what…ten days to submit it?” Brian pointed out slowly afraid that she’ll explode on him.

She banged her hands on the table again, her nose flaring. She glared at Brian as he gulped.

“Clearly I didn’t do it. But now he wants me to submit all of it in one day.” She threw her arms in the air.

Brian and me nodded at her letting her know that she was definitely right. Even though we both knew it was her fault she didn’t do it in time. But seeing Evie right now, no one, and I mean NO ONE in their right mind would speak against her.

This girl can be scary.

Brian scooted his chair near Evie’s and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. She looked at his hand, her eyes narrowing down before Brian spoke up,

“I’ll help you write them.”

The look on Evie’s face was priceless. She was smiling and happy just like a child on a Christmas day.

“Really Brian?” She batted her eyes at Brian innocently.

He removed his hand from her shoulders, scratching the back of his head and smiling shyly, “Yes ofcourse.”

Wait. Was he blushing? My eyes went wide. He was! He was blushing at Evie. Oh my god, Now

when I look at it. Why did it take me so much time to figure it out?… Brian liked Evie!

I looked back at Brian whose eyes never left Evie’s face. They were shining when he looked at her. The way his lips curled up into a smile whenever she spoke about anything.

“What are you smiling at?”

I turn my head to look at Alec sitting next to me. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t even notice Alec coming and sitting next to me.

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“Nothing.” I said shifting my attention from the lovely couple to Alec. I looked around the cafeteria searching for Xavier and Nathaniel.

Alec noticed me looking around, “They went to practice.”

I looked at him surprised. How did he know that I was looking around for Xavier and Nathaniel? Also how did I not know Xavier Reed played sports? Like how?

Alec laid back down in his seat with his hands under his neck. With a calm voice he said, “You know Nathaniel smelled all toothpaste today.”

I was about to have a sip from my drink when I coughed. Real hard. Alec got in front quickly while patting my back.

“What happened?” Evie asked concerned.

I laughed softly waving her off, letting her know it was nothing and that she could continue talking to Brian while I did the same with Alec.

“I wonder why would you mention that? Maybe he brushed his teeth after a long time.” I said looking down at my food and picking on it.

I continued to do the same. I don’t know why Alec brought this up right here, but something told me he knew that it was us who did all that happened with Nathaniel.

When I didn’t hear Alec for a while I looked up to find him looking at me. I sat up straight in my seat, a little conscious of myself. Alec noticed that cause I saw a smirk on his face.

“Maybe he did. Also, did I forget to mention that his car was all sticky today?” He said casually making me more uncomfortable.

Okay, Liya. This is not the moment where you freak out. Don’t let him know it was you. Just pretend to be innocent.

“And? I don’t really get your point Alec.”

His eyes narrowed a bit before he muttered, “interesting.” Then pulling himself forward in the chair he came towards me.

His face was just so close to me. I could feel myself looking into his ever so sky like eyes. I gulped as I saw him closing in. I felt my cheeks turn dark red as he just put his face beside mine. His lips near my ear.

“I wonder who could that be?” He whispered into my ear.

The colors from my face drained away except my cheeks which had the brightest red displayed on them. I have never had any boy come so close to me. Having Alec so close, I couldn’t help my cheeks get all tomato on me.

He went back to leaning back in his chair now looking at my face. He had an amused expression on his face as he looked at my flushed face. Was he enjoying this too much?

“Alec. Be a little good.” I turned to look at Brian who I think had been watching us enough. Does that make it even more embarrassing? Yes. Definitely.

“You know it was us. Why are you having fun with her.” Brian rolled his eyes.

Wait a minute. I turned to look at Alec who had a full blown grin on his face now. He knew all this time that it was us? He knew we pranked Nathaniel and yet he decided to play dumb. He was just messing around with me? This stupid asshole. How dare he?

I pushed him hard across his shoulders as I heard him laughing hard before trying to balance himself back, “Princess, the whole school knows this by now. If you are pranked it is definitely the one and only Brian. No one can beat him. Mess with him. Even Nathaniel saw that coming towards him. That guy was worried sick how was Brian gonna make things even. And ding ding…. it is always better than the last.”

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Alec looked in front to look at Brian with approval, “You have a lot of stock in here.” He said tapping his temple referring to Brian’s brain.

Brian laughed bowing down a little while sitting, “The pleasure is always mine.”

“I am gonna believe that once you help me finish those english essays.” Evie replied to Brian.

Brian just salutes her in response, “Yes ma’am! I will try not to give you any complains.”

Evie smiled contently and ruffled Brian’s hair, “If it isn’t for my favourite student.”

How cute are they! I totally ship them! I’ll be the one to let their ship sail. I’ll make sure they stay together and have their marriage and babies and…tap tap.

I turn to look at Alec still sitting there and staring at me. I raise my eyebrows at him a little annoyed. He interrupted me in my beautiful thoughts about such a lovely couple. It better be good.

“Can I get your phone for a minute?” He asked.
A little unsure I took my phone out and gave it to him. He took it willingly and typed in something before he got a call on his phone. As soon as the call came it ended too. With a satisfied smile on his face he gave my phone back to me,

“Congratulations. We just exchanged numbers.” He grinned at me.

I stared at him dumbfounded. We? He meant he exchanged numbers on his own right? Without asking me. Without my consent.
“You, ” I continued before I was cut short by him when he got up from his seat and left saying a quick goodbye.

Stupid. Stupid Alec.

Even though I was a little mad at him. Only a tinsy-bit, I couldn’t help but smile softly at him.

“Do you like him?”

I snapped my head to look at Evie who had her eyes wide open. Wait. Why does she think I like Alec? No

No. NO! For God’s sake, I have a fiance! How can I like anyone else? She is the one who can’t see a guy who loves her like crazy. Cares for her and wants to do anything for her.

But Evie wouldn’t know this. She doesn’t know Brian loves her. Nor does she know that Xavier is the one for me and not Alec. Surely, Alec was good looking(and I mean extra, very extra good looking) but he can never be compared to Xavier. He was sweet too, but Xavier made me feel warm whenever I was with him. No matter how he behaved towards me, my love never falters for him. And I don’t know why. Maybe it is for the good. Or maybe for the worse. You never know. The only time I’ll ever know is….in the future.

___ To be continued…
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She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟

Episode Nine💦


I stood at the same spot where I was suppose to meet Xavier. Knowing he was practicing the whole day I wasn’t even sure if he’ll be here to pick me up. I checked the time before going and sitting on the other side, my legs propped on each other.

I checked my phone. If Xavier didn’t really show up I don’t know how I might go back home. It’s not like I don’t know how to drive. I just don’t have anything to go in.

I’ll just have to call mom. Or Brian. Or hoard a bus.

I sighed looking up at the sky. It was a wonderful day with sun shining brightly. Most of the times it was windy here. Not really raining everyday but the clouds would definitely cover up the sun making it dark and cloudy.

“Do you plan on spending the night here?” The silky voice made it’s way into my ears.

My eyes snapped in front of me to look at Xavier sitting on his bike looking as handsome as always. He still had that black jacket on. He ran his hands through his hair once before turning his hazel gaze back to me. He raised his eyebrows at me in a questioning way.

I cleared my throat lightly before looking around a little embarrassed. He looked hella hot, you cannot blame me for staring at him. Standing up I dusted my pants off. I went and sat behind him very quietly. Putting my arms around his waist I sat a little closer to him.

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I could feel his shoulders tense a bit but they relaxed once I tightened my clutch.
“I am ready.” I mumbled loud enough for him to hear.

Before he revved the engine he asked, “Do you have anything to do after school?”

I looked at him from the mirror a little surprised that he asked me. I shook my head slightly at him not able to get any sound out of my mouth. He turned his gaze to look in front before nodding at me very subtly.

“I’m taking you elsewhere then.” He said after some time over the loud gust of wind as he sped the bike faster and faster.

I didn’t say anything to him after that. I couldn’t believe the fact that Xavier wanted to take me somewhere with him. Someone was not forcing him. It was his own choice. I could not help a smile crawl up on my face. I felt Satisfied. Happy. And what not. Could it be a date? Or am I just over analyzing things again?

“Can you stop for a minute in front of in and out?” I asked him a little loud. Even though I thought my voice wasn’t that loud for him to hear I was surprised when he replied,
“I’ll do, if you are hungry.” He was still concentrated on the road ahead of him. Definitely won’t like an accident, would we?

I looked around loving the thrill that went down my stomach. The wind that blew our hair. The speed which made people disappear. I could only see figures. Not people. The only things clearer to me right now were Xavier, me and the bike.


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I descended from the bike looking at the in and out in front of me. Xavier was about to get down too when I stopped him letting him know that I’ll be right back in a minute and that he didn’t have to go inside.

“Here.” I turned around again to look at Xavier who held out money in his hand.

I stared at his hand dumbfounded. What does he think? I don’t have money? Well technically I don’t have much right now. But what kind of a person does he take me to take money from him? I shook my head a little annoyed at him,

“I have enough.” No matter how much I tried I could not help the annoyance show in my voice.

“Suit yourself.” He shrugged his shoulders putting the money back.

After five minutes I ran towards him. He was still sitting there waiting for me looking around. As soon as he looked sideways his eyes locked with mine. I saw a smile smile appear on his face. Was I dreaming? Did Xavier really smile at me?

As I approached him I looked down at the burger and fries in the bag. Aaaah do they smell heavens.

But it wasn’t for me. I looked up to smile at Xavier warmly. He looked at me a little confused as to why was I smiling at him. He was about to open his mouth but before he could say anything I hoped back into the seat urging him to go on.

He pursed his lips tight. And revved the engine. I sighed in relief that he didn’t ask anything. If I told him it was for him and not me. He would have right there and then made me return it. Better yet force me to eat it.

Knowing he haven’t had anything since morning I thought of buying him lunch from whatever money I had.

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I didn’t have much money to buy it for both of us and I didn’t want his money so I just ended up buying enough for him.

I sighed putting my head on his shoulder lightly. He was so warm but cold at the same time that I couldn’t help but feel the butterflies in my stomach.

I felt my stomach rumble. Great, I murmured to myself. I was hungry even though I had lunch….Liya this food is for Xavier and not for you. I reminded myself…but it looks so delicious, my mind reasoned.

But he hasn’t eaten anything whole day…you should give it to him. My heart said.

And ladies and gentlemen, we all know who won in the end. No matter how much I love food. My love for Xavier won over my love for food. And that has a lot to say considering there is nothing better than food in this world.

___To be Continued…


She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟

Episode Ten💦

Amusement park

“An amusement park?” I asked looking at all the rusty and old rides. I wondered if they had worn down over time.

“Not any amusement park. An abandoned amusement park.” Xavier said walking in front of me with his hands in his pockets.

I once again looked in front of me. My eyes running over each and every ride here. There were all the types you found in an amusement park.

“This is where you wanted me to take?” I asked unsure walking behind him.

He stopped abruptly and nodded. I could only see the back of his head, “I come here when I feel lonely.” He muttered.

I stopped in my tracks too, now looking at his back with confusion and shock. Did he just told me something about himself? He never tells me how he feels. Taking me somewhere he comes whenever he feels lonely made me feel special somehow.

“Are you feeling lonely?” I asked

If he came here whenever he felt lonely did that mean he was feeling lonely right now? He would usually come here when he was feeling down but since I am always tagged around him before and after school nowadays maybe he didn’t have any choice but to bring me here with him.

He turned towards me. His hazel eyes somehow twinkling, “No. I am not feeling lonely at all.”

I nodded my head at him letting him know I understood. A smile made it’s way up on his face as he started taking steps towards me. I watched him as he moved elegantly towards me. His long legs moving with such clean movements.

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He stopped when he was just in front of me. I had to strain my head upto look at him in the eyes. He was so tall.

“I just wanted to bring you here.” He whispered.

I could not bring myself to tear my gaze away from his. His eyes which weren’t lying. I searched his eyes for even a single hint of lie. But there wasn’t. He wasn’t lying. Unlike times when he behaves rude towards me, he seemed unlikely kind. And there wasn’t a doubt that this moment was special to me.

In this moment I didn’t feel like I was some burden on him. Someone who was forcefully tied to him to marry. I felt like the girl he became friends with. The girl he told her secrets to. And the girl he didn’t actually want to be rude to.

And these feeling I was getting made me feel I would much rather be his friend for the rest of his life than be someone he doesn’t like.

“Do you remember this place?” He asked.

I was confused. I haven’t come to this place. Not that I can remember.

I shook my head at him letting him know that I don’t remember anything of this place. That is to say if I ever visited this place.

He laughed lightly and with the help of his forefinger he lightly hit my forehead, “You really have a bad memory pancake.”

He stopped in between. Catching him off guard. My eyes snapped upto to his. Did he just call me pancake? He would always call me that when we were younger. Until after when he started calling me Liya. I have longed for so long to hear this from him.

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I was so overwhelmed to hear it again from his mouth that I could not wipe the grin away from my face. He looked down sideways to avoid eye contact,

“Will you stop looking and grinning at me like that.” He said a little embarrassed in his heavy voice.
He did not forget. He actually remembered everything we did as friends. He did not hate me that much after all. And that thought was making me giddy.

He sighed before covering my face with his large hands, “Stop it.”

I removed his hand softly before shaking my head, “I can’t. I can’t believe you actually remembered that.”

He rolled his eyes, “Of course I remember. Last time I checked I didn’t have Alzheimer.”
“But you stopped calling me that.”

“I did today, didn’t I?” He shrugged his shoulder like it was no big deal for him. But for me it was. It was a big deal for me.

I could feel my eyes moisten. Xavier noticed it because he seemed surprised. He looked into both my eyes with adoration. A feeling he rarely showed. To me.

He lifted one of his hands up. Slowly. As if not sure of himself he brought them near my eyes, wiping the tear away. I looked at his hand surprised. This so wasn’t the Xavier I know. But he definitely is the Xavier I knew as a child .

“You are as stupid as ever, aren’t you? Crying over little things.” He whispered.

“Xavier,” I started but he made me quite by putting his finger on my lips.

“Can we forget about it? Please. Pretend that everything is normal. That we-” he stopped mid sentence.

I knew what he wanted to say. Pretend that we are still friends. That he is not really forced to marry me.

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I looked down and noticed the food I was holding onto. I clutched it tightly. I nodded at him. I understand what he means. And I would be stupid to give this moment up. This moment when I get to see the real side of Xavier. The side which he showed only to the ones he cared about.

Does he care about me too?

I looked up at the sky. The sun was showing now unlike before. But it wasn’t sunny. I noticed a few birds fly by.

I bit my lip and looked at Xavier. I noticed he was looking at me. His eyes slid to my lips before gazing into my eyes.

He cleared his throat and held his hand out to me, “Thanks for understanding. I just want to live the old times. I want to look at you the way I want to for once.”

I put my hands into his and look down. I wondered if he felt anything for me at all.

Does he?

____To be continued…
Xavier and Liya combination

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