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Episode 06

She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟


“He’ll be here any minute now.” Brian said putting the last piece down and admiring his work from afar.

I haven’t really pranked anyone in my whole life. Rosa parks high school, my all girls school was no help either in these things. We really didn’t feel the need to prank anyone over there. All the girls would be too busy with their friends talking about their stuff, not even paying attention to what was happening around.

I can’t believe I am doing this. A prank! My first prank. That too a big one. I am gonna remember this for sure.

Brian motioned at us, “Come on. Let’s go. We don’t want to get caught.”

We both nodded at him taking in his orders. By now, I had come to the terms that whenever it came to pranks Brian was the God.

“Run. Run. Run.” He whispered pushing us lightly out of the room. It was me who ran first followed by Evie and Brian.

I huffed as I ran down the stairs.
Once I was down I heard Evie scream out in pain. I turn around to find her sitting down on one of the stairs with her hands on one of her ankles.

“Don’t worry. You go.” Brian tells me in a haste, “I’ll look after her.”

I stood there for a moment before Brian motioned me again. I nodded at him. I took a last glance at Evie who still had a face full of agony. I wanted to help her but seeing Brian sitting down beside her worried I knew he was enough. I took a run outside leaving the door open behind me for Brian and Evie.

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On my way out I looked at Nathaniel’s car for the last time. Isn’t it a wonderful sight?…I felt a great satisfaction in the pit of my stomach. I smiled to myself like a big bad girl I was feeling right now. That is what you get for messing with me.

I stood outside Brian’s car now waiting for the both of them to arrive. I tapped my foot impatiently glancing around time to time.

I heard a horn blow around at some distance. That horn. I knew that sound. Where have I heard it?…Wasn’t it Xavier’s car?…oh shit, it was Xavier’s car. They are here. They’ll pull in here any minute. I looked around helplessly. I have to go tell Brian to hurry up.

Before I could go back inside warning both of them, I saw Brian coming out of the door carrying Evie in a bridal style and running towards the car. I looked at him in awe. If it wasn’t for him huffing for air, almost carrying Evie like she was heavy and his hair which were all over his face making him loose his sight and him trying to shut the door back at the same time. I would have for a minute or two thought of it as romantic.

He came up towards me still running while Evie yelled at him to put her down pulling out his hair.

“Please take her.” He looked at me helplessly pointing to her constant nagging. I laughed before helping her down and getting her back inside the car. Closing the door behind me I went and stood there with Brian.

“You got here just in time. I think they are here.” I said putting a strand of my hair at the back of my ear as the wind made it come on my face again.

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“Thank God.” He took a few deep breaths before grinning, his eyes were that of Golden brown, “I can’t wait to see his reaction.”

“Me too.” I grinned back.

Brian was about to say something else but the loud horn made me jump from my place making me look back at Evie who looked at us in annoyance, “Are you two going to stand there outside chattering and making me sit in here all alone?… Get both your asses in here!”

Brian looked back at me as if his eyes saying, ‘What can I say? She can be noisy sometimes.’

I laughed before getting inside with Brian. I sat in the back in the middle where we found a pouting Evie.

“Thank you.” She said to Brian still pouting before looking out. Brian smiled at her and pulled her cheeks.

She squealed before hitting his hand, “Are you serious Brian? It hurts.”

Brian just laughed at her in response before doing it again. It continued for a while before I saw the black car pull in. The black car I was so familiar with.

“Shhh. Guys. They are here.” I put my hands on both of their shoulders. They fell silent looking in front at the black car. Not a second later we saw Nathaniel get out from the back door of the car laughing before bumping his fist with Alec I think.

Before he turned around we heard Alec yell, “What about Britney?”

He started walking away from him laughing, just showing his middle finger at him.

“Guess whose gonna get fucked up now.” I heard Brian say with an amusement in his voice.

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He turned on the device which was set up in Nathaniel’s room and where his car was standing so that we could hear his reaction. Even though I felt looking at his reaction would have been much better but Brian said he only had so much as to let us hear it.

“You remember that you need to disconnect them once it is done, right?” Evie asked looking at Brian.

I agreed with Evie. It was better if we disconnected it once we were done because no one in their life would want to be listened to while in their room. It is just creepy.

Brian waved his hands off letting her know he will disconnect it once we were done.

“Oh. My. Fucking. God.” We heard the cry in the audio, “Are you kidding me? I-I..”
__To be continued…


Episode 007💦

She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟

Nathaniel’s car

We all kept quite sitting on the edge of our seats excited. I was so excited to listen to his reaction. Right now there was silence from the other side.

“Mom!!!…Mom! Where are you?” The voice faltered in the end.

“I think he went inside to look for his mom.” Brian laughed softly.

After a minute we heard him come back cursing, “Are you serious? How can she forget to lock the door! Someone legit covered my car with post it notes!” We heard a loud noise.

He kicked his car.

“Wait… what?… Tell me you are kidding me. The person even wrote “Fuck You”!” He yelled.

If it wasn’t for the audio we would have been still able to listen to what he was saying because he was actually yelling so loud that the whole neighborhood could hear him.

“Hey you little nasty Seventeen year old kid. Why are you yelling for no reason,ehh? Should I call your mom and complain about you.” We heard a voice of lady in her late fifties I think. Even though her voice was quivering a little, she had that stiffness in her voice which could make you run for your life.

“I-I’m sorry Mrs Baker b-but… ‘F-fuck you’.”

We all gasped in the car, “No he didn’t.” I whispered my hand still on my lips.

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“Dd-did he just..?” Evie turned to look at me and Brian with wide eyes.
There was a deadly silence in the car as well as on the other side. I could feel myself imagining Nathaniel standing there with wide eyes looking at Mrs Baker with his mouth open.

“I-I didn’t. N-no. M-my car Mrs Baker, it s-says ‘Fuck you’, not m-me.” I could hear the terror in Nathaniel’s voice as he spoke.

It was at that moment I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I burst out laughing like a maniac while Brian amd Evie did the same. Even though the prank was already good we didn’t think that it would take such an interesting turn.
“I didn’t know your car could speak Nathaniel.” Mrs Baker said back to Nathaniel. Her voice extremely calm. I composed myself sitting straight again listening to Mrs Baker, “And that too it says, ‘Fuck you’. Interesting. I’ll let your mother know.”

That’s it. It was the end of us. We couldn’t control our laughing anymore. I sank down my seat laughing hard clutching my stomach. While Brian had his head resting on the steering wheel laughing hard, Evie did the same while resting her head on the seat.

“He is so dumb” I said in between laughters.

“I kid you not.” Evie said. Her voice out of breath as she took a few deep breaths.

I looked at Brian who had his head on the seat just like Evie, while he looked at her smilingly.

“Wait for when he goes into his room.” Brian smiled at Evie.

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I looked at both of them before diverting my attention back to the audio. There was a silence for a while until we heard it.

Screams. Lots of girly screams. Ear piercing screams.

“I’ll cry. I’ll cry. No. No. No. Not my walls. God not my walls. The car was bad enough they had to ruin my room too!”

I could almost hear his voice breaking. Is he on the verge of crying? It wasn’t that big of a prank!

“He is such a crybaby!” Evie looked at both of us. Her face showing signs of disbelief, “I didn’t take a member of the XAN trio to be this sensitive.”

“I know right.” I mumbled.

I heard shuffling from the speakers before a loud noise of thud went all inside the car.

He fell down.

And it wasn’t a normal fall. It was an ‘ouch I think I cracked my butt’ kind of fall.

My eyes snapped upto Evie’s face to find thin lines of confusion as mine. As soon as I saw her reaction I knew what was going through her mind. We both had the same thought.

Who broke the chair?

We both looked at Brian who grinned at us. Ofcourse, it has to be Brian. How can we even doubt him for a second?

But how? He was with us the whole time. And I didn’t. Not even once. Saw him trying to experiment his magic on the chair.

“You are one of a kind.” I bowed to Brian and clapped for him. This guy is whole new level of torture for his victims.

One thing I have learnt from this incident? You don’t get onto Brian’s bad side. I mean even the XAN trio likes to stay away from him. And that has a lot to say considering the school worships them. I know. Stupid, dumbass school.

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“Why am I even back?” The speaker came back to life, “Oh Fuck, it hurts!”

There were struggling sounds from the other side before Nathaniel spoke again, “I swear I am not moving from this place anymore. Neither sitting nor moving. Nothing. I am done.”

I could picture him standing with his hands on his hips as he struggled to not moan in pain. The poor guy. Little did he know that the oreos he kept for himself on the table, which I am assuming he’ll surely eat. Especially now that he is hell bent onto not moving from his place, will make his mouth smell of toothpaste for weeks.

__To be continued…
And did you all like Nathaniel paying back for troubling our girl?;)

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