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Episode 05

She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟

Prankster 😁

I covered my ears as I heard the air horn going just beneath my ears. I shoot up straight in my bed looking scared for my life. I was having a peaceful and a silent sleep just before that air horn went out.

I held onto my head tight. That thing nearly gave me a cardiac attack. Snapping my head to my side I glared at the culprits. Before I knew they both jumped up on my bed jumping up and down on my bed. Laughing loudly. Even I went up and down as they jumped on it.

I shook my head at my stupidity, “Why did I even give you my address?” I asked still sitting there going up and down as Brian and Evie jumped on my bed.

Evie brushed it off still jumping like a little kid, “Like it or not, you have attached us to yourself for the rest of you life.”

I faked shocked, “Don’t tell me. I can’t.”

Brian landed just next to me. He grinned at me sideways, “We hate you too.”
I smiled at that. Knowing these were the words they used whenever they wanted to show some love. Weird? I know. But isn’t being weird normal around friends?

My eyes went wide as Evie yelled, “Wait for me.” And without any word she stretched her arms out and dived straight into me like the titanic.

A scream escaped my mouth as she fell on me, “Why are you so heavy?” I croaked as she laughed and turned over sitting away from me. She continued laughing like a maniac. Not able to control myself anymore I laughed along with her.

Controlling myself Igot up from my bed and placed my hands on my waist. Checking the time I gasped, “You guys woke me up at 8 in the morning on Saturday?! Why so Evil?”

They both sat next to each other their legs propped on each others.

“I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear that. Now go and get clean.”

I groaned before throwing my legs out and going to my wardrobe I threw a dress out. Then making my way towards my bathroom I stopped mid way. Turning around slowly I looked at Brian,

“You didn’t mess up with my shampoo or anything, right?” I couldn’t help but ask him that. For god sakes this guy was known for his pranks.

Brian laughed shaking his head at me, “Nope. I have something else planned out.”

I just nodded at him entering the bathroom. I didn’t even want to know what was up his sleeve.
Frankly whenever one would speak about pranks to Brian there would appear this scary look on his face which can give you chills.


As soon as I came out of the bathroom I was attacked by the hawking eyes of Evie,

“Girl you gotta tell me about this.” She said pointing out the picture frame on the side table.

I felt my mouth dry up. The way Xavier threw it off yesterday I didn’t want to do anything with the picture. I went towards the side table and put the photo frame upside down. I looked back at Evie who still had so many questions sitting upon the end of her tongue.

No matter how good of a friends they were to me. I can’t tell them about Xavier and me without his consent. So the only way to get of this was to convince them.

“Our parents are friends.” I said going to my mirror putting on my lip balm.

“That’s it?” She asked not satisfied. I nodded at her.
“Why? Were you expecting something else?”

She felt silent before shaking her head, “No. It’s just that it is the first time that I have seen Xavier with some girl in a picture.”

My mouth gape open. No way. How can that guy not have any pictures with girls? He is so handsome.

“I just thought…never mind. It makes me more curious about him.” She continued.

“Curious about what?”
“Don’t you know? The girl Xavier is so committed to. She has her heart. The rumors says that he loves her too much that he doesn’t date. They have been together for almost all their life.” Brian said from the bed, rolling his eyes almost bored out of his mind.

I looked at both of them. Xavier….loves me? And everyone in the school thinks it is because of me that he doesn’t date. I wanted to laugh at their face for thinking he loves me.

“How would you know?” I asked.
calmly trying to control myself from laughing in their faces.

Evie shrugged her shoulders, “He hasn’t dated even one girl in his life…I still remember when we were in 7th grade he would get so many proposals in one day. And definitely he turned them all down. He told everyone he can’t date any girl because he was committed to someone else…and wasn’t it the most romantic thing I ever heard.” She squealed in the end.

“You want me to say that to you?” Brian asked wriggling his eyebrows.
“Please no.” She made a face before clasping her hands together, “Aah I want to know who that lucky girl is.”

Lucky? Me? Okay, why don’t we start counting from the fact that he has change of moods every few minutes he is with me. He doesn’t know anything about me. Even strangers would know better about each other.

“Why would girls propose to him if they knew he would turn them down?” I asked.

Evie waved her hands in dismissal, “You know girls. Still thinking they might be the one to make him have a change of heart.”

Girls like me. I still think Xavier will have a change of heart.

But what if he really loves me?

I shook my head, a guy who loves you won’t let you eat food from the floor. But also the guy who loves you would want to have his picture with you on your favourite wall.

I felt like pulling my hair out. This guy will be the end of me. I don’t understand him.

“Leave him.” Evie said and I nodded at her.

Brian who was playing some game on his phone until now spoke up, “Can we go now?”

“Go where?” I asked them confused. Blowing my hair dry.

“Duh. Facts. You really didn’t think we came here to sit, right?” He said glancing up from his phone once to look at me before going back in.

“Actually I did.”
“Then you are crazy.” Evie said getting up from the bed. Once she was up she put her hands together, “Let’s go!” She chirped.

“What are we doing anyways?” I asked now sitting on my floor wearing my canvas.

I looked at Brian who had that evil face on. Do I know that look? Yeah! It was the same look he had whenever he was thinking of some prank or anything that included risk.

“A-Are we pranking someone?” I asked still sitting on the floor.
Brian pointed at me with both the hands while winking, “You got it girl.”


Evie rolled her eyes, “He won’t tell. He keeps on saying that it’s a surprise.”

I got up from the floor stretching my legs a bit, “As long as it is not me who is being pranked. I don’t mind.”

“Then it is final. Let’s get settled in the car.” He whistles as he pressed the button on his key unlocking the car.


We stood a few distance away from our victim. I still didn’t know who we were pranking, but seeing Evie’s face I guessed she knew. From the minute we have arrived she has had a satisfied smile on her face.

“Come on, tell me already who are we pranking?” I asked sitting in the back and making a face.

Brian looked at me from the front view mirror, “It is Nathaniel.” He said sitting back.
Nathaniel. As in the XAN trio ‘N’ Nathaniel? The same Nathaniel who gave me the punishment. Why were we here? I didn’t have to do anything with that guy.

“Can we go back?” I asked feeling uneasy.

Evie turned around to give me the look, “Are you crazy? We are not going back. We are just giving him the taste of what happens if they mess up with us.”

“Besides,” Brian continued Evie, “You don’t need to worry about him anymore. And you don’t need to be afraid of him anymore.”

“I am not afraid. I just-” I fell silent. Brian raised his eyebrows at me asking me what was it? But I shook my head at him.

It’s just that he is Xavier’s friend.

I shook my head almost slapping myself. After what Xavier did the other day I should not care about his friends or even him. Why should I care? The guy who messes up with me pays for it.

I punched my hand and then cracked my knuckles, “Let’s do this.” I said with enthusiasm.

Evie hooted. While Brian unbuckled his seat belt now sitting in the seat so that he could face me,

“So here’s the plan. Nathaniel has gone with Alec and Xavier as usual. His father would be out on work, whereas his mom would be working inside.”

“How are we gonna enter then?” Evie asked. I nodded in agreement at her question.

Brian grinned at us, “This is where my mom comes into play.
My mom and Nathaniel’s mom are friends. And they are going to the spa together. So that will leave us the house to ourselves until Nathaniel is back.”

“But what if his mother locks the door?” I asked. It was but obvious that a person would lock their doors before going out.

“About that. I actually had to give a lot of thought into it.”


Brian put his fingers under his chin rubbing them softly, “It’s about luck. I actually tried my best to make her late so that she forgets to lock it in the hurry. But,”

“We don’t know if that will happen.” I completed his sentence.

He nodded his head looking at Evie and me, “It’s worth the risk, I think. Else we always have the option of the balcony.” He said pointing out the balcony on the first floor.

“Whoa. You don’t expect me to climb up that height, do you?” Evie asked still looking at the house. It wasn’t that small. But not that big of a house too where you would find a whole many servants working.

“It’s not that up. Besides that is only if it comes to that extreme option.” Brian tried explaining it to her.

While they talked to each other I looked back at the house. A car pulled in at the same time I looked to the front. It stopped just right in front of Nathaniel’s house.

I shushed both of them pointing them out to the car that stood in front of the house.
“That’s my mother’s.” Brian whispered. We waited for a while before we saw a lady wearing a dark blue dress coming out of the house and running towards the car trying to pull her blonde hair into a ponytail.

“She didn’t lock it.” I whispered sitting on the edge of the seat, putting my hands on either seat feeling the leather under my hands.

“Yeah.” Evie replied still staring in front.

“That means,” Brian started.
“WE GOT LUCKY!” The three of us yelled on top of our throats. We did a victory dance before getting out of the car as Brian’s mother left with the car.

I put my hands on my waist looking at Evie and Brian, “Now what?”

Brian holds his hands out to me before opening the back of his car and taking out a whole big bag. He placed it down on the road motioning me and Evie to come and take a closer look.

He opens it enough so that we could peek inside. Evie takes in a sharp in take of breath,

“That’s a lot of post it notes.”

“Exactly.” Brian laughs, “we’ll stick these all in his room. If we are lucky to have his car down there. Then,” he made a sound from the tip of his tongue.

Brian stretched his arms and legs telling us to do the same, “Teammates are you ready?” He tried to say in a serious voice.

“You know that voice doesn’t suit you at all.” Evie remarked squinting her eyes at him.
Upon receiving a glare from him she held her hands up, “Just saying.”

He sighed in resignation before taking a deep breath and returning back to look at both of us with that serious expression, “If they are known XAN. Then we are also called BEL.”

As soon as Brian finished there was a pin drop silence. He raised his eyebrows at both of us expecting us to give him some reaction. I looked at Evie, while she did the same. Was she thinking the same thing as me?.

We turned our gaze back to Brian,

“Seriously Brian, BEL?” We both said in unison before looking at each other in surprise and bursting out laughing.

Brian pouted at us before rolling his eyes at us, “You know what? Let’s just get started.”
___To be continued….

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