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She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟

Episode Four💦

Jealous 🔗

I was laying on my bed thinking about all the events that happened today. I turned towards one side and stared at one of the pictures that was hanging on my walls. It was of me and my parents.

I sighed. Then turning again I laid straight now staring at the ceiling. Does Xavier really despises me that much? Was the constant thought going around in my mind.

I heard the door to my room open. I got up enough to see my mom entering the room. I sat up straight. She came in and stood at some distance,

“You remember that today is Friday, right?” She asked me.

I looked at her confused for a second before realization dawned upon me. It was Friday! That meant…Xavier would be here with his family. It was a tradition we had followed since I was kid. On Fridays and sundays we had dinner at each others houses. On any other normal day I would be excited to go to their house or be excited to see Xavier. But today, I didn’t feel like it. I was so tired of all the things that happened today that I didn’t even want to go downstairs.

“Do you want me to help you choose an outfit?” My mom asked clasping her hands together. She looked excited. She has always liked to match my level of excitement.

“No. I think I’ll just wear this.” I said looking down at my clothes. I was just wearing plain navy blue top with a pair of jeans.

My mom looked at me a little worried, “Is something the matter? How was school?”
Here we go. I knew she would come to know if something was wrong with me. And I would have been glad to tell her this. But I cannot right now. I don’t want to. What will I even say? That your son in law behaves like some psychopath in school? Imagine the look on her face once she knows the boy she admires so much was a psychopath.

“I am fine Maa. Just go.”

Even though she seemed like she wanted me to ask further she thought it was better to let it go. She closed the door behind her once she went out. Once she was out I got up from my bed and walked upto the mirror which was in another corner. I never really liked using mirrors except on Fridays and sundays.

Here goes nothing. I muttered to myself and went to sit on my study table.


I helped mom put the food on the dinner table as the door bell rang.

“I’ll get it.” Dad said getting up from the sofa from which he was watching some match on tv. He returned from his work just an hour ago. No matter how busy he was. He would always take out some time from his busy schedule for family dinners like these. I looked more like my dad than my mom. Except my face structure which was on my mom. But else, I had the same wavy black hair. And the same dark chocolate eyes.

I heard some loud greetings and laughing from the door as I took a set of plates from my mother’s hands. She had a satisfied smile on her face as she waited for them to enter the dining room.

The first person to enter was Mrs. Reed. Who ran straight to my mom. Hugging her as if they had not met each other in a few years. The next person to enter was Xavier followed by his and my dad. Xavier looked at me once before greeting my mom.

Hannah, Xavier’s mom took notice of me and ran towards me to hug me,

“Ahh…I missed you so much my baby girl.” Then taking a step back she smiled softly at me before looking down at my clothes. I mean yes they have never seen me dressed so casually on these days. So it might be surprising for them. And I don’t blame them.

Even though Hannah looked at me up and down she didn’t say anything. She looked just as much satisfied. Ever since I have known her she has loved me like her daughter.

“You look beautiful even without makeup.” She complimented me smiling at me before kissing my forehead and going back to my mother.

“Ayy, Xavier. Why are you standing there like a statue. Go to Liya.” His Dad said pausing from the conversation he was just having with my dad.

The room was filled with all the talking and laughing as I looked at Xavier who looked back at me. He rolled his eyes before coming towards me. He wore a black shirt with white khakis with his hair swept into completely formal look. How can he look so different in different clothes?

I looked around for a way to run away from him. After what happened in cafeteria I wanted to stay away from him as much as possible. But seeing there was nowhere to run I stood there frozen to my place as Xavier came and stood beside me. He was staring right in front at others while I tried the same. But it was difficult seeing he had this effect on me. Believe me or not. This guy will be the death of me.

“How was your first day?” He asked me out of nowhere. I snapped my head towards him. He was still looking ahead. He tilted his head down a little to look at me with his mischievous hazel eyes. A smirk appeared on his face.

“It was fun having to eat the food from the floor.” I joked returning back to looking in the front.

A laugh escaped Xavier’s mouth as I snapped my head to look at him. Did he really laugh? Xavier the cold, stone faced boy laughed? That too at something I said. Was I that hilarious?

“I warned you.” He said in a low voice while stopping.

I shrugged my shoulders. Letting him know that in the end I didn’t listen to him. He shook his head at me. All the others in the room took their seat still talking,

“You know, if only you would have stood up for yourself. Maybe I would have helped you.” His voice made it’s way into my ear. I turn my head to look at him but he was already ahead of me. His hand held out for me.

I stared at his hand and then at him for a while. Why was he acting so nice towards me? Even though during the dinners he is not that cold towards me. But this? Offering hands. This wasn’t a Xavier thing. But who am I to refuse it? All the nervousness, a little sourness that was there for him just a few minutes ago disappeared into thin air the minute my hands landed into his big warm hands. He held onto my hands tight leading me to one of the seat then pulling the chair out for me he waited for me to sit in.

Then going to his own seat. Which was in front of me he sat down quietly. Mom and Hannah looked at Xavier with awestruck expression while our dads looked at him proudly. My dad especially had that smile on his face which said, ‘He is definitely the one for her.’

We were done with dinner and even had pudding for dessert. Mom and Hannah went into the kitchen to help each other clean up the dishes and clean up the room. Dad and John returned to the sofa to watch the rest of the match. Which they weren’t watching technically cause they won’t stop talking to each other.

Me and Xavier were left alone yet again to do whatever we wanted to do. Usually Xavier would dig into his phone while I sat there beside him and then giving up any kind of conversation I would go back to my room. I thought the same would happen today until Xavier stopped me when I was about to leave,

“Are you going to leave me here alone?”

I stopped, waiting for him to elaborate. But he didn’t say anything after that. Just looked back at me.

“What do you want to do?” I asked him.

He shrugged his shoulders, “I haven’t really seen your room.”

Someone tell me there was something wrong with Xavier. He wasn’t the same. He was acting all weird, strange and….Nice. Not like I wasn’t liking it, but first offering hands and then wanting to see my room. That wasn’t Xavier at all.

“Okay?” I said unsure, “Are you okay?”

He looked at me weirdly, “What made you think otherwise?…Now shall we?” He asked gesturing towards my room.

I nod at him while walking towards my room. I could feel him walking behind me. I opened the door to my room. Going and standing in a corner I waited for him to enter.

Xavier entered the room looking around. But before making himself fully comfortable he closed the door behind him. My room even though was large enough to have two people at the same time. It felt small now that he was inside.

I looked at Xavier’s face to see his expressions. But there was nothing on his face. Whom am I kidding? This guy never has so much as any expressions on his face. I shuddered at the thought of the pain he had to go through to keep that face on.

Xavier walked to the wall where the pictures were hung. He looked at each one of them. I even had one of me sitting on a bicycle when I was twelve. I was smiling at the camera showing one of my missing tooth. Speak of embarrassment.

Xavier abruptly turned towards me, “You have pictures.”

I nodded at him without saying anything. He slid his hands into his pants,

“These might be of the people important in your life.” He said still looking at each picture carefully.

I nodded at him again. They were important. The pictures were of me, my parents, Hannah, John and many of my friends. I look back at Xavier to find him staring at me. His head bent to one side as if trying to contemplate me.

“Where is mine?” He asked out of nowhere. His voice was that of deep velvet. He made his way towards me. Standing in front of me, hovering above me. He looked down at me with those hazel eyes of his,

“I thought I was important to you.” He whispered seductively at me, looking into both my eyes.

I felt the air from my lungs leave me. While I stood there. My heart beating wildly at the closeness. I wanted to tell him that he is important to me. But my tongue won’t move. I was tongue tied.

The look in his eyes was so intense that one could always feel themselves losing into them.

“I-I” I started. My voice came out to be squeaky so I cleared my throat before speaking again but Xavier beat me to it.

He stepped away from me as fast as he came near me. He faced away from me with his arms folded.

“Don’t claim to love me if I am not important to you.” He turned his face slightly towards me so that I was only able to see his side profile.

The voice which I didn’t seem to find a few seconds ago was back demanding me to speak,

“It’s not that.” I said hurriedly moving towards him. I held onto his arm, “You are important to me. Very much.” I took him by his arm to my side table.

Picking up the only picture that stood there. I looked at it with adoration,

“You are important to me. Even more than you think. So there was no in hell’s chance that your picture wouldn’t have been here in my room.”

I turned the picture frame towards Xavier so that he could see it completely. It was the only picture I had of Xavier and me. The only picture that was taken when we were six. When we were still not strangers. When he still cared about me. And I could tell that from the way his arms were wrapped around my shoulders smiling widely at the camera.

“I don’t have any picture of us together besides this one.” I explained to him.

Xavier took the picture from me and stared at the it for a while. For a moment I thought I saw his eyes soften a bit. Seeming as if he had lost in it. Then snapping out of the trance he was in, he threw the photo frame on my bed. It rolled two times on the bed before stopping at another corner.

I turned to look at Xavier horrified. What was wrong with this guy? Why did he throw it away?

“I want to get out of this room.” He said returning back to his stone, cold voice.

I looked at him with confusion. Just a minute ago he wanted to see my room. And now he seemed as if he would be anywhere right now than here.

“What is your problem?” I asked frustrated wanting to pull out my hair. How could he go from talking to being serious in seconds?

“I am not answerable to you.” He said moving straight towards the door. He slam the door shut before going out.

I stood there thinking what just happened. I felt my legs give up so I sat down on the bed that lay beneath me. I took the photo frame which was lying on the bed and placed it back to the place it belonged to. I stared at it. I stared at Xavier. Seeing him smile like that made me feel jealous.

I was jealous that I couldn’t make Xavier smile at me like that anymore. That he wasn’t that caring towards me anymore.

___To be continued…

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