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Episode 03

She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟

XAN trio

I stood outside the cafeteria looking as everyone passed by me. I looked at the time and five minutes had already passed.

I waited for about a few more minutes for Evie before sighing in resignation. Brian adviced me to never go to the cafeteria alone, especially today that it was my first day. He never told me the reason but taking the wild guess what could be the worse? I won’t get lunch? Or I won’t find a seat? But I can always come out of there, right?
I took a deep breath. It was time that I went inside.

I stood at the corner of the door. Before I stepped forward I saw Xavier, Alec and some other guy from the chemistry class coming towards the cafeteria.

The three of them walked as if they owned this place. It felt as of they had a golden aura around them. They were talking to each other as they passed me. None of them saw me as they went inside. I stood there for a minute with a hand on my heart. It was racing fast. Xavier had this effect on me. Whenever he was near me I could not help it. I could not help my heart from racing fast.

I closed my eyes and shook my head to clear it from all the thinking. I gotta go inside and have lunch. I muttered before slapping my face with both hands.

When I opened them again, I found Xavier standing there in front of me with a dead expression. His not so curly but at the same time curly enough to bounce, brown hair were swept back.

The hands which were still on my face, I hurriedly put them down.

Did he see me like that? Ughhh. Can I just go and bang my head somewhere? That would be much better than standing here in front of Xavier.

He took a step towards me. His hands in his pockets. I felt my heart stop as he Bent down a little so he could stare into my dark brown eyes as I looked into his beautiful dominantly green hazel eyes.

“Just a warning. Don’t enter the cafeteria alone.” He whispered. I looked at him confused. But he was already gone laughing.

Yet another warning to not go inside alone. What is it that is making people to not go alone? And who is the trio that Brian was talking about?

I peeked inside the cafeteria from outside. From what I could see it was pretty normal cafeteria. People were having their lunch. The loud noise and buzz of them speaking. Laughing at some table. And yet crying at another. I couldn’t find whatsoever wrong or extraordinary about this cafeteria right here. The same table and chairs. The same area where the food was served.


My stomach rumbled. Ofcourse I was hungry. I wasn’t able to finish my sandwich because Xavier showed up early.

I looked back inside again. You know what? I don’t care. I will go inside. What can be the worse thing that could happen? Besides I was too much hungry to make me think otherwise.

I held my head high and entered the cafeteria with what seemed like some confidence in me. I went and joined the queue to take food. Pretty soon I got my turn.

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I thanked the lady and taking my lunch I stood for a while to spot an empty seat. So far so good. I even found a seat to sit in without any trouble. I laughed internally, I don’t know what that fuss was all about.

I started walking towards my only empty seat. Before I could reach it I found myself tripping and spilling my whole food in front of me. I sat there frozen on my knees staring at my not-a-second-ago-eatable lunch on the floor. You mess with everything. But. You. Do. Not. Mess. With. My. Food.

I snapped my head above to look at the guy who caused this. He was the same guy I saw with Xavier earlier. I got up from my spot dusting my hands and pants. He was so going to have one from me. I took a step towards him but his voice made me stop,

“Aren’t you that lost girl who stumbled upon the chemistry class?” He asked looking at me as if trying to remember.

So I was labelled as the ‘lost girl’.

“None of your business.” I rolled my eyes and stepped around him to pass him. I was in no mood to beat this guy up right now. But being the stubborn he was he came and stood in front of me.

“Where do you think you are going? Don’t you know that you are not allowed to be alone in the cafeteria?” He asked. Then putting his hand on one of the tables and leaning against it he said, “Now. You know what comes next?”

I looked at him confused. Shaking my head I looked at him as a grin formed on his face,

“You get a punishment.” He rubbed his hands together while looking above acting as if he was thinking. He clicked his tongue, “You will have to eat that food that you just spilled.”

Did I hear this guy correct? Did he just ask me to eat the food from the floor? Which wasn’t even spilled by me on purpose. It was him!

“It was you who made me spill it! And I am not eating that. Forget it. What kind of a psychotic thing is this?!”I spat at him.

He laughed, “Honey, you are going to eat it. That’s the whole point of the punishment…Reed. Man. Come on over here.” He looked at me amused as he crossed his arms over his chest.


I was already dreading what was coming next. And surely, Xavier and Alec came and stood there. Xavier stood in between Alec and Nathaniel.

I looked at him. He was already looking at me. I could almost see the disappointment in his eyes.
He shook his head very slightly at me.

What? I was hungry! I didn’t know you guys behaved like some psychotic people in your cafeteria! I had a very normal cafeteria back in my all girls school!

I looked around the cafeteria to find everyone around us quite and staring at me and the three guys standing in front of me. I could feel a few pity eyes on me.

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“Do it.” The guy said again. I looked at him with hatred.

“Nathaniel. Come on. It is okay. Let her be.” I heard Alec say to Nathaniel. Nathaniel looked at Alec as if the guy had gone mad.

“Are you serious? You know we are not supposed to come here alone. And we don’t make an exception.”

Alec looked at me. His eyes softened at the corners. Then looking back at Nathaniel he shook his head, “I know! But maybe she didn’t know. Let her go. This time.”

Ofcourse I knew! I knew very much that you don’t go to the cafeteria alone. But these type of psychotic things? No! I would have never ever thought about that in my whole life.

“You have gone crazy! There’s no way this girl right here didn’t know about this. About us.” Nathaniel roared, “We are the XAN.”

I looked up to look at the three of them. My eyes wide open. XAN. The famous trio Brian was talking about. Never to mess with them. The terrifying. I cursed under my breath. Are you serious? They were none other than Xavier, Alec and Nathaniel.
Alec and Nathaniel went on with shouting at each other when Xavier interrupted, “Enough.”

Both of them quite down and looked at Xavier for the final vote and decision. One thing I know about Xavier, he won’t make me eat that thing on that floor no matter what. No matter how cold he was behaving towards me that right there would be too far. And I believe in him that much.

Xavier looked at me. His eyes hard. As if telling me it was all my fault. Oh boy, why do I have a bad feeling about this?

Xavier opened his mouth, “There shall be no exceptions for anyone.” I stood there frozen on my spot. Did he- Did he just say that? I looked at Xavier who was staring at me, “Besides. I can’t believe the fact that she didn’t know about this.”

He was talking about himself. He told me. But this level of insanity? This was too much. What kind of people are this ruthless?

I shook my head slowly. But I could feel myself getting cold from the fact that Xavier wanted me to eat that thing. I couldn’t believe my ears. He really wanted me to eat that thing from the floor. I thought I trusted him that much. I looked at Xavier with hurt in my eyes while he averted them from me.

In any other normal circumstances, I would have not in a hell’s chance given in to what they wanted me to do. But it was Xavier who was standing there in front of me. And I can not say no to what he wants. Besides I felt too cold to deny anything right now.

Slowly I squatted in front of the spilled food, while my eyes never left Xavier’s face. I wanted to see if this is what he wanted. Wanted to see if he would get the satisfaction of what he wants me to do. I pick one of the fries that was lying on the floor. Nathaniel had a smug expression on his face while Alec looked at me helplessly. But they weren’t the ones I wanted to look at. It was Xavier. Who stood there with the same stone, cold expression on his face. He stared at me with a blank expression.

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I took the fry and put it in my mouth. All I wanted was to gag and throw it out but I didn’t. I stared right into Xavier’s eyes and was ready to chew it.

“Wait!” The loud voice boomed in the cafeteria, “She is not alone. She is with us.”

Everyone turned their heads to look at the speaker. But I didn’t. I was still staring at Xavier. He was looking back at me but not with the look I wanted him to look at me with.

Evie stepped in front of me blocking my view. I looked up to see her looking me worriedly. I am sorry. She mouthed at me. Then helping me she made me stand on my feet. Realizing that I still had the dirty fry in my mouth I ran and spat it out in the dustbin at some corner. But still I felt like I wanted to vomit.

“Why are you helping her?” Nathaniel asked while I returned besides Evie.

Brian stood in front of me and Evie, “I am not helping anyone. I did invite her to sit with us. We got held up because I had to be with Ms Garcia.”

“But that doesn’t cover her up for entering the caf-” Nathaniel stopped mid sentence when Xavier put his hand on his shoulders. His grip tight.

“I think it is enough for now Nathaniel.” He said looking at him hard. Nathaniel kept quite nodding at him. The three of them turned away from us to return to their tables while Alec passed me a small smile one last time before going with them. As soon as they were out of our reach Evie and Brian turned to me apologetically.

“We are so sorry.” Both of them apologized in a unison.

I shook my head at them letting them know I was fine. Which I definitely wasn’t. I just needed some time to process what just happened right now.

Evie and Brian took me to their table while Evie ranted about why she was late. Apparently she had gone to Ms Garcia to allow Brian to go for once because she didn’t want me to be alone. Then she scolded me for going in there when they asked me to not go. But I was quite. I was listening to everything but not noticing anything.

“You don’t need to worry. We’ll be there for you from now on.”
Brian said after a serious note. I looked at him and Evie gratefully before browsing into my phone. I didn’t eat anything afterall. I was not hungry anymore.

____To be continued…

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