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She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟
Episode Twenty- Six💦
(He cares for you)

I stood outside my house waiting for Luke to get over here. He said he’ll drop me off to school today. I didn’t really want him to but he insisted. I didn’t tell my mom anything other than that my friend was coming to pick me up. And she didn’t have any problem. I don’t see why should she even. Except asking me to tell Xavier that he doesn’t have to pick me up which I was sure he won’t after what happened yesterday.

I glanced at my phone to check the time and sighed. I was way early than I was supposed to.
Why? I don’t know myself. I just wanted myself to prepare to face Luke. After the kiss on my forehead all I have been doing is thinking about his touch and playing his conversation in my head continuously.


I looked up at the sky and closed my eyes, trying to enjoy the peace around me. I wanted to enjoy this peaceful moment as much as possible before going in for a chaotic day ahead. The day everyone will see Luke as my boyfriend. The day Xavier will see Luke as my boyfriend.

“Well if it isn’t for my girlfriend way before time.” I heard a voice say.

I opened my eyes and lowered my head to look in the front. I found Luke standing there leaning against the door of the driver’s seat. He was wearing a plain black slim fit tshirt which showed off his fully toned body. I could almost see the outline of his abs. Below he was wearing a beige trouser.

And his long hair, they were shining as bright as ever while they curled around at the end.
And oh boy you could see a few of his locks falling over one of his eyes.

I averted my eyes away from him remembering his lips on my forehead. Dammit.

“You are early.” I said quietly.

I heard him chuckle lightly, “So are you.”

“Yeah, well I was just having some fresh air.” I told him honestly.

“Are you nervous?” He asked me now coming and standing in front of me.

I looked at the car which was behind him and shrugged my shoulders. Am I not supposed to?

He placed his hands on my shoulder making me look him in the eyes, “Everything’s going to be fine, okay?”

I stare at him for a while before nodding my head at him. I wanted to believe him.

“Do you want to go or would you like to stay a little longer? I can stay here with you. I have no problem.” He said looking at me with sincerity.

There was no point in staying if it wasn’t alone. I would much rather get over with it as soon as possible.

“I think we should keep going.” I said moving towards his car.

He was still standing in his place for a while before I saw him run past me and reaching the passenger door before me.

I could see him sigh in relief when he reached there before me.
“Allow me to open it for you.” He said bowing a little–a smile playing on his lips.

I smiled mischievously before doing a curtsy, “Thank you.”

He laughed before opening the door for me. Before I could step in I saw his hands appear in front of me. I looked at him confused,

“Would you like me to hold your bag?” He asked laughing.

I considered it for a while before smirking and holding my bag out for him to take. He stared at it for a while, not believing that I was actually holding it out for him. His eyes moved to look at me. I was on the verge of laughing.

He closed his eyes shaking his head before tickling me at the side of my torso. I let out a loud yelp before bending down to prevent him from tickling me. I laughed as I tried to push him away,

“LUKE! NO! STOOOOP!” I laughed uncontrollably as he continued to tickle me.

“Will you do that again?” He asked laughing himself. Still not stopping.
“Nooooo!” I said, tears forming around the corner of my eyes, “LUKE!” I heard myself scream when I heard another voice at the same time.

“What the f**k?” I heard a deep voice too familiar for my liking almost yell.

Luke stopped all of a sudden. But that wasn’t what I cared about right now.

Just behind Luke’s car was Xavier’s car. The car I recognize all to well. The owner I recognize all too well. I never even noticed him come and get out before hearing his voice. The thing that surprised me the most was that Xavier was here to pick me up.

I tried to look inside the car to find any traces of his new girlfriend. But there was none. There was no one. I looked at Xavier to find him looking at me and Luke with an expression I have never seen.

Did he really come to pick me up even after I refused him twice? But why?

Luke came and stood in front of me in a protective way, “Who are you?” He asked with a single nod.

Xavier glared holes into him when he saw Luke stepping in front of me,

“Shouldn’t I be the one asking that question?” He replied a little too harsh.

I heard Luke fall silent for a while before turning his head slightly towards me and whisper so softly that only I could hear him,

“I have a feeling he is Xavier.”

“It is him.” I whispered back.
I saw Luke sigh before stepping a little aside and putting his hands behind the small of my waist he made me step next to him.

I looked at Xavier to find him looking at me expectantly. As if expecting me to step away from him. When I didn’t he clenched his jaw tight,

“Liya.” He said slowly, “Who is he? And why are you with him?”

I could see he was trying his best not to get mad. Did he really care that much? Or is this an act too?

I seemed at a loss of words. All the things I thought I would say when I met him disappeared from my memory looking at him this way.

Luke sensed it too because he took it in his hands when he said,

“She’s my girlfriend.”

As soon as the words left his mouth I heard myself take in a sharp intake of breath as I looked at Xavier for a reaction. Anything. I felt a sinking feeling when I didn’t find any expression on his face. It was neutral. As if he wasn’t surprised.

“Your what?!” He asked unbelievably mockingly laughing a little.

“My girlfriend.” Luke repeated.

“I heard you the first time.” He snapped. He looked around everywhere before making his eyes settle on me. The hazel eyes which make me fall deeper into them. He cleared his throat and looking at me he asked, “Is it true?”

He was serious this time.

I looked down. Was I ready? To act as a girlfriend? Of someone else other than Xavier? I thought it won’t be that difficult. But when it is the time…it is actually more difficult than I thought. Because no matter how good looking Luke is, my heart is with the guy standing in front of him.

Luke gave me a reassuring squeeze trying to make me feel comfortable.

I finally nodded my head slowly, “It’s true.”

It was now that I saw a hint of emotion on Xavier’s face. Hurt. But it was short because he covered up soon.

“You said you’d do anything to-” he started but I cut him off.

“I did. But then I thought I should get a fair chance too. Don’t you think Xavier?”

He bit his lip before nodding his head slowly. Then he motioned his head towards Luke, “So you are dating him?”

“I am.”

“And if you fall in love with him?” He asked making a sour face.
“You’ll be the one to break the contract.”

“W-what? Why?”

“That’s the deal.”

He closed his eyes trying to control his emotions. I could see he was affected. Affected by my choice of dating Luke. Or by my choice of dating at all.

Maybe he was jealous. Or that is what I wanted to believe.

When he opened his eyes back he ran his gaze at the both of us again. At Luke’s hand which was behind my waist. I saw him balling his hands into fist before making his move towards us.

He stopped in front of us still looking at Luke up and down. I thought he was gonna punch Luke. But I was surprised when he didn’t. He wasn’t reacting the same way he did when I was Alec. He was trying to control himself. It seemed as if something was stopping him.

I couldn’t help but be confused when I saw Xavier lean a little towards Luke and whisper something in his ear.

He took a step back and looked at me one more time and it was the first time that I saw him pass me a smile. A sad one.

I thought he was about to say something. I wanted him to say something. I was expecting him to get mad, furious, pissed off? But I wasn’t expecting him to give me sad smile. Like he knew this was gonna happen.

He went and sat in his car without even looking at me and Luke again. He revved the engine before driving past us.

I stared at his car leave.
“What did he say?” I found myself asking Luke.

“Nothing.” He answered.

I turned to give him a look which screamed that you are supposed to be on my side.

I wanted to know what Xavier had to say!

He shook his head, “The only thing I can tell you is that he isn’t what he shows.”

“Don’t you think I already know that! What is that even supposed to mean?” I asked a little frustrated. I wanted to know what Xavier said to him in his ear. But Luke won’t tell me.

He smiled in a way that made me feel like he didn’t mean it in the way I was thinking.

Luke ruffled my hair making me more mad at the fact that my hair was mess now. I fixed them before looking at him in a questioning way. He shook his head telling me he won’t tell me,

“But I can let you know that he cares for you.”

He does?

___To be continued…
Finally Xavier knows about Luke and Liya. He seemed kind of…off. don’t you think? Let me know.

Click on the link for episode 27👇👇👇👇


She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟
Episode Twenty- Seven💦

Let’s connect with the ground

“You think he doesn’t care?” Evie asked me as the three of us walked towards the cafeteria together.

We had lunch right now. I filled them in with the fact that Xavier knew about me and Luke.

I sighed shrugging my shoulders, “I really don’t know. Not anymore. Xavier seemed affected but he acted too different and Luke’s words told me otherwise.”

Brian cleared his throat from beside me, “If you ask me I would agree with Luke.”

Evie turned to look at Brian with surprise, “You would? Why?”

Brian threw his arms around her shoulders as he spoke, “I know Luke, the guy has like six sense.” He laughed.

Evie elbowed him in his stomach making him step away from her and bend down holding onto his stomach,

“I am being serious.” She rolled her eyes.

“Okay. Okay. Don’t be mad… To be frank I think Xavier cares because he didn’t say anything.”

“You are losing your mind.” Evie mumbled.

“I am not! A guy gets mad when he is jealous which we saw in Alec’s case… But if a guy is trying to control his emotions that only means two things.”

“And those are?” I asked getting interested.

“Either he is not into you at all. Or he is so into you that he just wants you to be happy.” He finished.

I wonder which one is it in my case. That he is so into me that he just wants me to be happy? I felt like laughing. No. Never. He proved me that a long time ago.

So did that mean he wasn’t into me at all? It is a possibility. The most probable possibility but I just don’t want to hold onto this option yet. I still want to believe. Believe that maybe he actually whispered something into Luke’s ears that will really make the difference.

“I don’t know.” I whispered.
Lately that is how I have felt. Confused. Not knowing what I am doing, why am I doing. If I am doing right or wrong.

Evie side hugged me warmly, “You will.”

I hugged her back before I felt another arms wrap around us–tightly.

“I love you guys so much.” Brian said in delight.

I couldn’t help but enjoy the moment. The moment the three of us were hugging. I can’t believe I made friends with them. They are always there for me. Even now supporting me through all of it.

Evie was the first one to break the hug. She snapped her fingers, “Let’s have this lunch with the XAN trio.”

“You are kidding, right?” Brian and I asked in unison. She looked at both of us innocently before shaking her head. We both looked at each other before saying together,

“No!””Why?!” She asked.

“Because….it is the XAN trio!” Brian exclaimed.

“Exactly why. We are actually sitting with Xavier to be precise. No Liya is sitting with Xavier to be precise.”

“I don’t want to sit with Xavier.” I said shaking my head finally, “Do you not want me to eat?”

“Just trust me, will you?” She said taking my hands into hers.

I looked at my hands which were in hers right now and sighed. Do I have any other choice than trusting her? No. Even if I keep saying no Evie will make me sit with Xavier no matter what. And rather than having to see her extreme measures I would love to accept it while it is not crazy. Besides she is doing so much for me the least I can do is trust her and do whatever she says.

“Okay.” I said

Brian’s head snapped to mine to look at me wide eyed, “Are you serious?”

I nodded my head at him letting him know that I was very much serious. He kept his stare on me for a minute before giving in.


Which brings us to the table which is famous for the guys sitting at it. The XAN trio. There were murmurs all around as the people saw us walking towards their table.

Look, isn’t that his fiancee? They broke up? He has a girlfriend. And still she is decinding onto clinging herself onto him.

So what if I am?
I looked around the table and found them chatting lazily as usual. The golden boys. The only thing, there were four people sitting their instead of three when we got there….Xavier, Alec, Nathaniel and OLIVIA.

Who am I kidding? It’s not like I didn’t expect her to be there with her ‘boyfriend’. I swear I am having a headache just thinking about it.

“We are joining you.” Evie smiled sitting with them without waiting for their reply.

“Sure.” Nathaniel said but it was too late. We were already in our seats with our lunch. Evie’s power. She is something else, I know.

Olivia was sitting beside Xavier looking as beautiful as ever. If possible she looked prettier. She smiled at me warmly just like she does,

“Liya. I am so glad that you are eating with us.”

“Don’t lie bitch.” Evie mumbled from beside me. I coughed as I tried to cover Evie’s mouth and thanked Olivia. It didn’t feel like she heard Evie because she went back to talking to Xavier whose eyes were on me. I felt a little conscious of myself as I tried to fix my hair.

I looked at Brian who suddenly got up from his seat and went and sat between Evie and Nathaniel. I couldn’t help but chuckle at his response. Evie looked at Brian like she wanted to kill him but earlier incident taught her it was better not to make Brian mad so she just went with him sitting between them.

“How are you?” I heard Alec ask me.
I looked at him and couldn’t help but be drawn to his eyes which were looking at me with concern.

“Good, I think.” I smiled letting him know.

“I would even say the best she has been in a while.” I heard a certain voice. I knew who it was. There was only one person who would cut into my conversations.

I didn’t even turn to look at Xavier as I continued to look at Alec, “Might be true. It’s a good feeling to be not bounded by someone.” I confessed.

“That is why she has a boyfriend.” I heard him say.

I looked at Brian who was already looking at me. He was the one who said he cared for me, right? My foot. Xavier can never care for me. He said so himself.

“Is it true?” Alec asked unbelievably. I don’t know why but his eyes were sad. Hurt.

Why the hell is everyone hurt? Can’t I date a guy? Is it so difficult to believe that.

But looking at Alec like this made me avert my eyes elsewhere.
Anywhere. His gaze were trying to tell so many things to me which I don’t think my heart was ready to listen.

I opened my mouth a little to reply, I was expecting someone to cut me off. And someone did. Just not the person I was expecting.

“Yes, it’s true. And I am the lucky guy.”

My breathing hitched as I heard his voice. There were whispering all around us. Appraising his looks. Swooning over him.

I turned around and surely I found Luke standing there in his black slim fit, looking gorgeous as always.

“What is he doing here?” I hushed to Evie.

“He is your boyfriend.” She replied.

“But how is here? How did they even allow him?”

“Does it matter? You just enjoy the moment.” She patted my shoulder proudly.

I sighed in resignation looking down. I know who it was. It was all Evie’s plan. Damn this girl’s evil mind.

“Isn’t he a medical student? Doesn’t he need to study?” I asked again.

Evie gave me a look making me shut quiet. I looked back at Luke who started making his way towards us. His strides were long and the way he walked..gosh, even the way he walked made it seem like he was making a entry in some movie.

“Is it really him?” I heard Nathaniel say in awe.
Are you serious? Is it really that hard to believe that he can be my boyfriend?

I let out a deep breath rolling my eyes.

I got up from my seat as Luke came over me. He put his hands behind my back as he kissed my cheek lightly.

Wait. What. What? WHAT?

He just kissed my cheek. In front of everyone. In front of Xavier! I looked at Xavier panicked who sat there comfortably. No emotion on his face.
“It is.” I heard Alec reply to Nathaniel’s previous comment.

Luke introduced himself to everyone politely before sitting down with me.

“I missed you.” He said looking at me. I knew he was just doing this to make others believe. But the way his eyes looked at me. The way his pupils dilated made it feel like he actually meant that.

“I missed you too.” I replied smiling as lovingly as I could.

“Yeah whatever, let us have our lunch now.” I found Xavier looking at us with a pointed look.

I couldn’t help but smile before digging in my lunch. I looked at Luke who sat there without anything to eat and offered him my food. He thanked me before sharing it with me.

I don’t usually share my food. But seeing Luke sitting there like that made me feel sad. I leaned a little to look at Brian. Isn’t he his cousin? Shouldn’t he be concerned about him?

I found him trying to interfere between Evie and Nathaniel every time they would talk to each other. I shook my head to myself.

Suddenly, I felt Luke whisper into my ear, “I was good, wasn’t I?”

I leaned a little away from him to look at him fully. He was smirking at me. His usually grey eyes looked bluish as they glinted at me. I expected him to lean back but he didn’t. He continued to stay there.

“Y-yeah.” My voice came out quivering a little.

He laughed before shaking his head and going back into his seat. I gulped looking at him. Even though his kisses are tenderly and his touch is comforting but he still makes me nervous.

I looked around the table and couldn’t help but notice Xavier and Alec staring at me. The atmosphere was becoming more and more tensed as Luke felt more and more comfortable around us.

“I’ll be back in a minute.” I said trying to get away from this place as soon as possible. It was becoming hard to breath with two guys staring at me and the other eating my lunch.

I needed some fresh air!

I got up from my seat. Since there were so many people sitting it was a little difficult to get out but I managed it by putting my hands on Luke’s shoulder to gain some stability.

I was just finally about to get away when I accidentally twisted my ankle.

I screamed before I fell down on the floor.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK! IT CAN’T GET WORSE! who the hell gets there ankle twisted on the flat ground?!

My hair was all over my face as my hands were there sitting on the floor. The floor. I have a special relationship with this floor.

Deja vu to my first time in this cafeteria.

I snapped my head up to look at Nathaniel who raised his arms up in surrender looking scared, “I swear it wasn’t me. I don’t have camel legs.”

“Are you alright?” I saw Luke bend in front of me and inspecting my ankle. He looked concerned as he tried to move it in all directions. I screamed in pain when he bent in a certain direction.

I looked at everyone else as they looked at me with concern. Evie was on the edge of her seat looking as if she might just jump in any minute.

Luke sighed resting his hands on his legs, “It’s not that bad. Just some pain relief spray would work. Come on, let me help you up.” He said getting up and offering his hand for me.

I saw Alec and Xavier coming and standing beside Luke–looking down at me with concern.

Yes, even Xavier looking down at me with concern. You can imagine the shock I was sent into to find him looking at me like that. With that look.

“I’ll take her.” Alec said offering me his hand.

“No need. I am enough to take care for her.” Xavier grumbled before offering me his hand.
I stared up at the three arms stretched out to help me. One from my boyfriend, other from my ‘supposedly ‘ friend and from my fiance.

I stared at all the three of their hands contemplating before looking at Evie for help.

She motioned me to take Luke’s hand. But I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to take anyone’s hand.

“Actually I am just fine.” I said, “Luke can you pass me my lunch tray?”

Luke looked at me confused before passing me my lunch tray. Carefully I spread my legs in the front to not hurt my ankle anymore and then put the tray beside me.

“You know staying connected with the ground is so important. I think I’ll just enjoy my lunch here today. You all go have your lunch.” I smiled at the three of them.

“You are weird.” Xavier said and went to his table. I looked at Olivia to make sure she wasn’t upset.

I couldn’t quite decipher it if she was or not because she was speaking to Xavier–laughing.

I looked at Alec and Luke before shaking my head, “I said I am fine. I am not a baby. Now go have your lunch.”

Alec seemed unsure but seeing the look on my face he nodded his head going back to his own seat. As for Luke? The guy didn’t budge from his place. He kept his gaze on me, as if trying to figure me out.

I was about to tell him off when I saw another tray of lunch beside me. I looked sideways to find Xavier sitting there with his legs folded. I stared at him confused as he returned me a smile,

“Let’s connect with the ground. Together.”

___To be continued…
😂Okay Liya can’t even handle one and now she stuck with two.

Click on the link for episode 28👇👇👇👇


She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟

Episode Twenty- Eight💦

(Let’s try to get along)

“Are you sure you don’t want me to take you to the medical room? I can stay behind for a while.”

I shook my head at Luke letting him know that I was completely fine and he can go back to take his classes. I slung my arms around Evie’s shoulders and made a proud face,

“I have my best friend taking care of me so you really don’t have to worry.”

Luke looked unsure before he sighed and nodded his head at me finally hugging me before saying a quick goodbye. As soon as he was out I looked at Evie smiling at her.

She looked a little mad as she said, “You had such a great opportunity to spend time with Luke, why would you ditch him?”

“I just didn’t want him to be late because of me.”

She rolled her eyes, “Why do you have to be such a saint?”

I laughed at her reaction.

I am not being a saint. I am just feeling….happy? Because Xavier just did something for me. With me. He ate his lunch with me on the floor. Surely it was silent. Neither of us felt comfortable enough to make a conversation in front of our dates but still it felt good. He didn’t talk much but atleast he sat there with me in front of our dates.

I wonder what is going on in his mind?

Suddenly being so concerned and caring towards me. I wanted to know what is running in his mind. I wasn’t lying when I said that Xavier confuses me. I meant exactly these things he says and do to confuse me. But it doesn’t really matter now…not until he is still dating Olivia.

Even though Olivia is good and kind towards me and everyone else I just can’t get myself to be the same towards her. I can’t get myself to like her no matter what. Cause in the end it was my man she was hanging around with. And no matter what I can’t shake it off that even though she took a stand for me that day she was there too. If she really cared for me that much why would she be there to give the auditions? Man, why didn’t I think of it before?

“I’ll take her.” Someone said from behind us.

With Evie’s help we both turned around to find Xavier standing there. The cafeteria was almost empty since everyone had classes to go to. The guys left too after assuring them that I was alright. That Evie was enough to help me out. That it wasn’t so bad afterall.

But maybe not everyone left.

He came towards us and taking my arms away from Evie’s he wrapped them around his shoulders. Almost all of my weight was on him as he wrapped his hands around my waist to keep me supported. He was bending a little due to our height differences.

I couldn’t help but snap my eyes up to find him already looking down at me. His hazel eyes were looking at me the way they never have. I felt myself gulp before averting them and trying to take my weight off him by stepping away from him. He only tightened his grip as he brought me closer.

“Liya?” Evie looked at me in a questioning way. I knew what she meant. She was asking me if I wanted her to leave me with Xavier.

Xavier answered her, “I have to have a talk with her.”

But it was Evie we are talking about. She shushed him and again looked at me for an answer. I could feel Xavier breathing heavily beside me. I felt like laughing at his reaction but I controlled myself. I looked at her nodding my head letting her know that it’ll be fine.

She nodded back before once again giving Xavier a look,”You better be on your good behaviour or else watch your back.”

Once she was gone I felt Xavier letting out a deep breath he was holding, “Has she been this scary from the start?”

I laughed shaking my head.

“Come on. Let’s get you to the medical room.” Xavier said in a deep voice as he helped me walk.

I giggled. I don’t know what was funnier? That Xavier was walking slower than me because he was bending down a little or that I was ready to walk faster even though I was the one with a sprained ankle.

Xavier noticed it too because he mumbled something under his breath before rising up to his full height and picking me up in a bridal style.

“What are you doing? Put me down!” I said with my eyes wide.

“What? I told you I was taking you to the medical room, didn’t I?” He said innocently.

“You never mentioned carrying me like this!”
He rolled his eyes, “Come on, I am too tall for you. It will take us an eternity that way. But like this? We’ll reach their in time.”

I opened my mouth to argue but closed it because he was right. If I want to just get away from this as soon as possible it was better this way.

“What about Olivia?” I couldn’t help but be concerned.

“What about her?” He asked looking straight ahead as he carried me down the corridors. People were still getting to their classes as they stopped to look at us.

Why are we the centre of attention all the time?

“What will she think if she saw us like this?” I answered his previous question.

He still looked ahead as he walked. His eyes squinted a little as he thought of something to say, “Nothing.”

“What do you mean nothing? She is your girlfriend Xavier.” I said looking at him a little unbelievably.
He clenched his jaw making his jawline seem sharper, “She is. But I have my own priorities Liya.”

I fell quiet as soon as he said those words. Priorities he say? Am I his priority? Since when did he consider me a priority?

I tightened my arms around the back of his neck as he continued walking. Slower than before. But taking long strides. I was serious when I said I wanted to know what was going on in Xavier’s mind. And right now, all he was doing and saying was making it difficult for me to not ask.

I didn’t look him in the eyes as I said, “A certain incident told me you didn’t care for me.”

I could feel his eyes on me as I tried to look in the front and not him. He was silent for a while before I heard him stifling a laugh. I snapped my head at him with my mouth gape open,

“What?” I asked.

He tried to control his smile as he looked down at me. His eyes a little soft at the corner. If possible I swear I could see some adoration too. But I want to believe that it was hallucination. I am not giving myself any false hope,

“I finally found out one thing you don’t know about me.” He said going back to look in the front satisfied.

“What? What is it?” I asked.

He looked down at me smirking, “You can’t tell when I am lying.”

“That is not true! I know when you are lying… Your ears turn red.” I said getting loud to make a point.
He tilted head to one side before stopping outside the medical room. He seemed confused and unsure as he said, “No they don’t.”

“Yes they do.”

“They do?”


He looked around at the closed door but didn’t make so much as a move to go inside yet.

“Then I wonder why you couldn tell that I was lying.” He said softly.
I felt the air leave my lungs as I looked at him. The coldness in his eyes was still there but it was warmer than before. And in that moment he seemed more beautiful to me than Luke.

He said he was lying. He lied that he didn’t care about me. Why didn’t I notice? Was I too far away from him? I don’t know. But I could tell that he was telling the truth right now. Because I was close enough to him to look at his ears not turning red.

“You care?” I asked just in case.
“Why would I be here?” He replied smilingly.

I felt like running away from him and pinch myself hard. I couldn’t believe this was the Xavier I knew. The same stone, cold hearted Xavier who never gave me so much as a smile. But here he was not only smiling but telling me that he cares for me!

For how long have I waited for this day!

I wanted him to say more. I wanted to listen to him speak but we were cut short when the grey metallic door to our side opened and there stood the man in his early 30’s looking at the both of us with sharp eyes.

He shook his head murmuring something incoherently under his breath, “This isn’t a place for your makeout session.”

I couldn’t help but choke onto my own saliva at his words.

“We just came here to get her some relief spray.” Xavier said making his way towards the room.

The man looked at the both of us skeptically before stepping a little aside giving the both of us some room to enter.

“What happened?” He asked entering behind us as Xavier put me down on one of the beds which was covered in white sheets.

“She twisted her ankle.” Xavier replied for me.

The doctor nodded his head before coming and inspecting my ankle which was resting on the other side of the bed. He did the same thing as Luke before he heard me scream in pain. He went back to his table which was in the corner and took out a bottle from the basket that was sitting on top of the table.

“It’s not that bad.” He said softly while uncapping it and spraying my ankle, “You’ll be good to walk by tomorrow I think. At the max two days.”

“Tomorrow? I thought you said it wasn’t that bad.” Xavier shook his head in denial.

The doctor looked at me, “Who is he? Am I supposed to answer him?”

I couldn’t help but laugh as Xavier looked infuriated to hear that, “Yes, you are supposed to answer me. I am the one who brought her here.”

The doctor sighed at Xavier’s rambling and turned his head finally, “It takes weeks…even months to heal a sprained ankle. Tomorrow is nothing in front of that. You should be glad it’s not that bad.”

Xavier kept quiet before nodding his head at him. The doctor turned to look at me, “You can rest here until the school ends.” I smiled gratefully at him. He cleared his throat, “if you don’t mind…I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

I told him that it was fine so he went out closing the door behind him. I looked at Xavier who still stood there looking at the closed door before turning to me again,

“You can leave too. I’ll be fine.” I reassured him.

He put his hands in his pockets as he came and stood in front of me, “I’ll stay.”

“You don’t have to.”

He shrugged his shoulder before coming and sitting beside me as I removed my legs from the bed and let them dangle in the air. As we both sat there side by side I couldn’t help but think…is it really because of my sprained ankle that Xavier is acting this way? Or is it because of Luke? I really don’t know the reason for him reacting this way.

I felt comfortable as I let my feet dangle in the air. I felt warm with Xavier beside me. I wonder how he feels with me?

I remembered something as I glanced sideways, “You wanted to talk.” I said remembering him telling Evie.

He sighed looking down, “Yeah.”

I looked down and tried to see what he was looking at, “What is it?”

He kept shuffling his legs, “I was thinking,”

He fell silent before turning his head towards me. I looked at him in a questioning way wanting him to go on further. He breathed out through his mouth before closing his eyes,

“Since we both are dating. I don’t think it right for us to fight anymore…Let’s try to get along.”

As soon as he finished he opened his eyes to look at me expectantly. I stared at him. Not doing anything. Not even breathing. Because I felt like laughing at his words which said… it is not right for us to fight anymore.

Like I was the one who fought with him? I was the one who kept pushing him back until making him give up on me? It was all him. He was the one who picked up the fights and not me.

And let’s try to get along? Why didn’t he try that when we didn’t have this deal?

But it was still a progress, wasn’t it? Rather than yelling at each other, glaring at each other all the time. He would finally see me as a normal person for once. Maybe for once he won’t feel the need to have feelings for me because of the contract. It would be all natural. Even if it is for Olivia.

“Sure.” I replied to him playing with the end of my top.

“Let’s give it a month. Either I fall for Olivia or you fall for Luke.” He said loud enough for only me to hear.

“Or we both fall for each other.” I completed the rest of his sentence when he didn’t.

He ran his hazel eyes down my face to my lips before nodding his head, “Or we both fall for each other. Either way. Just one month.”

___To be continued…

I finally felt like Xavier acted like a decent person with Liya for once. Not a jerk. or what do you think?.

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She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟
Episode Twenty- Nine💦

( Cannot hold back)

There was a knock on the door. I put my phone aside quickly and faced towards it. I was hoping it was Luke since he promised that he’ll pick me up but I was a little upset when I saw Alec standing there. His blonde hair were sticking out in different directions as he asked me if he could come inside.

It’s not like I own this place so I was in no position to stop him. Aside from me there was a guy lying on the bed opposite from mine. My eyes turned to the guy and found him still lying there but he was lying sideways now, his head was in his hands which was supported by the elbow. He was looking at the both of us interestingly. Like he could be here sitting with a popcorn and coke and enjoy the show that was about to be put up.

“Is Xavier gone?” Alec asked coming and standing in front of me.

Did he come here to ask me this? This?

I pursed my lips nodding my head, “He did. He went home with Olivia.”
Alec nodded his head in understanding before standing there awkwardly. He went back and forth with his feet on the spot before sighing, “Are you alright?”

I patted my biceps, “Healthy as a horse. I already feel better. You can find me climbing up the Himalayas tomorrow.”

He laughed shaking his head before coming and sitting next to me. He was sure to sit next to me but maintaining the distance. He was silent for a while looking around before he decided to speak up,

“So Luke, huh?”

I closed my eyes. How many times will I have to repeat the same thing?

“Yeah.” I replied.

I opened my eyes and noticed the guy on the opposite bed still looking at us. Still waiting for some drama.

I wish I could tell him the only drama he could come face to face was when Xavier was near me. He was looking wrong right now.
“Liya,”Aec breathed out. I looked at him sideways in a questioning way and found him already looking at me with the oceans of his eyes, “Are you happy?”

I stared into his eyes gulping. Am I happy? I think I am happy that I am making progress with Xavier. But am I happy to involve Luke? No, I don’t think so.

“I am.” I smiled at him finally. This is what Luke would have wanted me to do.

He tsked before averting his eyes from me. He started looking around again before he spoke in a gentle tone,

“You know when I said I am glad nothing happened between us?”

I remember that very well. Just after he knew Xavier was my fiance he asked to stay friends saying he was glad nothing happened between us.

I nodded in affirmative. I knew he could see me from the corner of his eyes because I saw his face turning grim, “I meant that only for Xavier.”

Huh? What is he even trying to say?

I was about to open my mouth to ask the question before I saw the opposite guy laying there with a furrowed eyebrows. If possible he was even leaning in a little further fo listen carefully.

I rolled my eyes before addressing him, “In case you haven’t noticed the school ended. You can leave.”

He looked at me surprised for a minute that I even talked to him. Suddenly he laid back down clutching onto his stomach, “It is still paining. Ughhh. Don’t mind me. Just carry on with your conversation.”

Liar. I squinted my eyes at him before I felt a hand press down on mine. My head snapped down to look at Alec’s hand lying there on mine. I tried to take away my hand from under his. He was hesitant for a while before giving in.

“I don’t understand what you mean.” I replied to his previous comment.

He bit his lip, “Look, I am not a guy to keep his feelings inside of him. I want to make the other person know that I want them.”

“You are not making sense.” I said.

“I am. You are just not accepting it.” He said.

I looked down finding the ground more interesting than ever, “I don’t think so.” I mumbled.

“If you want me to say it out loud then fine.” He said. My eyes finally snapped upto his. I was afraid of what he was going to say. But most of all I was afraid that maybe I knew what he was going to say.

“I like you.” He finally confessed.

I took a sharp intake of breath as soon as I heard it. But the most shocking reaction was out of the stomachache guy. He was coughing loudly while holding onto his stomach. He rolled about on the bed before finally stopping and taking deep breaths.

As for me? I sat there numb. Doing nothing. This was the first time a guy was confessing to me. And I didn’t know how to react. Because, 1. I was in love with his best friend and 2. I was dating Luke.

I know it sounds messed up. But that is all what we are, messed up. All in our own way.

Alec ignored him as he continued, “I have liked you for a long time now. The only reason I stopped was because of Xavier.”

I turned to him with a look on my face, “You stopped your feeling because of Xavier?”

“I tried.” He admitted.

“No matter I would have fallen for you?” I asked him unbelievably.

Hs sighed, “But you didn’t. You haven’t. And I could see that. That is why I am saying, I gave up on you for Xavier. Not Luke.”

I bit the insides of my cheek. Is he confessing to me or trying to make me regret the decision of dating Luke? Or worse…trying to tell me why Xavier was better than them all?

“I never asked you to give up.” I said in a sarcastic tone.

He turned his head upward and looked at the ceiling, “As I said, only for Xavier. Since you are dating Luke I have no reason to hold back.”

I shook my head in denial. I don’t know what their problem was with Luke. The guy wasn’t even mean to them and yet they were talking about him this way.

“You have to hold back. I have a boyfriend.” I said sternly.

He turned his eyes towards me before smirking, “I knew you would say that. But I never said that I was going to steal you away. I will just not hold back my feelings and let you know that I like you.”

I opened my mouth to argue but he shook his head, “I know it is solely one sided. So why are you worrying? Are you afraid of feeling otherwise?”

I shook my head vigorously.

He sighed before continuing, “Then don’t worry. You can’t stop me from liking you now, can you? Even if I want I cannot. They are not the strings I can pull on my wish…so I am just letting you know that I like you. And even if it is one sided, let me have it. Let me try my best.”

I didn’t know what to say. I was sitting there speechless. What can I even say? He just confessed to me and I cannot even push him away because he was right. He can’t control feelings. No one can. Neither me. Nor Xavier.

Anyway, who am I to ask him to stop his feelings when I am the one who is doing anything to not let their feelings get hurt.

Slowly I brought my hands upto my chest and felt my heart racing. Was it because of Alec?

I looked back at Alec and found him sitting their vulnerable. I wanted to comfort him. I felt bad. Cause I actually liked Alec. It wasn’t a strong feeling of love. But I actually cared for him. And I didn’t like him sitting their so lonely.

And I cannot stop Alec from having it one sided. But still I have feelings too. Getting three guys involved? It was the last thing I wanted.

Even though I wanted to comfort him right now the thing that came out of my mouth was, “Can I have some space?”
He turned his head towards me. His pupils dilated before he closed his eyes and nodded his head, “Sure. I was just going. I just wanted you to know…you know, before going.”

___To be continued…
Alec confessed to Liya! I can’t believe. I am screaming!!! What do you guys think?? Do you like Alec? Or did you like the fact that he confessed? #Liya#Alex#Aliya😁
I know it is messed up. But as Liya said, we are all messed up in our own way:)

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She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟
Episode Thirty💦

(Dinner night)

“You wanna talk about it?”

I glanced sideways and looked at Luke who was staring right in the front while his hands were resting on the steering wheel. He drummed his fingers on it waiting for my answer,

“About what?” I asked turning away from him and diverting my attention to the outside world.

It was such a nice weather. Why can’t I just enjoy it without any conversation with someone about someone.

“Whatever is bothering you.” He replied stopping his finger movement and looking at me.

“Nothing’s bothering me.” I sighed.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to talk about it but don’t lie to me next time, okay?”

My eyes widened, “I-I”

“Don’t tell me otherwise.” He laughed.

I fell silent before nodding my head. It wasn’t Luke. I just didn’t want to talk about what happened back in the medical room. I don’t want to talk about Alec nor his confession.I don’t want to give much thought into Alec’s words.

But no matter what I am not able to get my mind off him. No matter how much I try I only end up thinking more about it.

I won’t hold back.

Ughhhh….What did he even mean by that? Oh my holy mother of Jesus, is everyone conspiring against me? Is everyone wanting me to go insane?

“Liya, I know I have said this many times but I’ll tell you again.” I heard Luke say. He looked at me with his grey eyes, “just think of me as your friend and lean on me. Trust me. I’ll help you out if you need any help, okay?”

I hummed in response, “but why are you telling me this?”

He shrugged his shoulders, “I just feel like you are not that comfortable with me. If it is about the kiss,”

I looked down with my cheeks red. I heard him chuckle,

“See. I can just promise you that they are all friendly, okay? So don’t be shy or uncomfortable the next time I kiss you. Take it as a friendly touch from a friend.”


“Do I look good?” Mom asked fixing her hair while dad closed the door of the car from his side.

“Of course you do honey.” He said going and wrapping his arms around her. She blushed down before they made their move towards the house standing in front of us.

I sighed as I went and joined the both of them. I stood behind them while looking down at my dress. I was wearing an emerald halter dress. The dress was lively as it had a movement whenever I moved.

My parents rang the bell before we heard noises from the other side. Hannah was screaming at everyone getting hyped, “Oh my god they are here. John you open up the door. I’ll put up the dinner while Xavier….XAVIER YOU BETTER GET YOUR ASS DOWN RIGHT NOW!”

I couldn’t help but chuckle as we waited for the door to open. We were here at Xavier’s to have dinner as usual. But it was the first time after deciding onto be good terms. It will be the first time when Xavier won’t be cold, ignorant or snarky.

The door opened and John stood there smiling while greeting my parents. They hugged and laughed together as he invited us all in. I held my hands in front of me as I entered his house and looked around. It wasn’t my first time being here but no matter how many times I come here I cannot help but look around. Feel the warmth of the walls, people here. It was beautiful house afterall. There’s a single place I haven’t seen in this whole house….Xavier’s room. He hasn’t shown me. Not even once. And I never really pushed him to show me either. I respect his personal space. I know whenever he feels comfortable he’ll take me there on his own.

Hannah came running towards us. She forgot she had a plate in her hand. As soon as she realized she apologized before putting it aside and hugging my mom.

Next, she came to me as usual and complimented me before kissing me on my cheek. She invited us all in to the table where the dinner was laid out.

As they went inside, John talked to dad about their business making some profits while mom asked Hannah if she could help her in any way. As for me? I stood there looking at the staircase which ran upstairs. It was not long before I saw him descend the stairs with his hands in his pocket. He looked casual as he took one step at a time. His hazel eyes found mine and I swear I could see a small smile on his lips.

Somehow it felt like the roles were reversed. Usually the guy is standing down the stairs waiting for his girl while she walks down dressed beautifully. But here I was dressed up waiting down as I saw Xavier walking down the stairs.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought. He came and stood beside me,

“What is so funny?” He asked.

“Nothing.” I replied holding back my laugh.
He looked at me weirdly before moving his eyes down to my ankle. He raised his eyebrows a little surprised, “You are able to walk?”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes, “I am. Didn’t you hear what he said? It wasn’t that serious.”

“Still you shouldn’t be walking without any help. Come on.” He said and without letting me say anything further he bent down before making me wrap my arms around his neck.

The next thing I know he was standing to his full height…with me hanging at his side. He had his hand tightly secured around my waist so that I didn’t fall.

“It’s embarrassing.” I muttered.

“I am doing this for you.” He hushed at me before going towards the dining room.

As soon as we entered the room I couldn’t help but close my eyes a little and peek in a little. It was embarrassing to walk in hanging to Xavier like this! I felt like smacking him but I controlled myself.

“Liya? Are you fine?” I heard Hannah ask.

Xavier continued walking before pulling out a chair and helping me sit,

“She sprained her ankle in school today. That’s why I was helping her.” He answered from my side. Then taking his own seat, he sat there beside me.

I looked up from under my eyelashes and found Hannah looking at me with a worried expression, “Are you alright now?”

Ask your son! I was just walking fine a few minutes ago!

I tried to smile, “Yeah.”

“You were just walking fine a few minutes ago.” Dad said skeptically, “Beside, we asked you before coming if you were fine.”

I bit the insides of me cheek as I turned my head to the side to look at the devil. I glared at him as he looked at me innocently while drinking water.

“I was walking fine because I was fine!” I gritted my teeth. Then trying to put on a smile I said, “Xavier insisted that he didn’t want me to put any more pressure on my ankle so he helped me…you know how much he loves me.”

The next thing I know I heard sputtering sound. I turned sideways innocently and found Xavier sitting their wide eyed. I looked around at everyone and sighed disappointed when I didn’t find anyone with any trace of water on their face.

Dammit. Did he just sputter it out down on the floor?

“It’s a relief that you are fine.”
Hannah sighed in relief. And I could tell she was genuine.

I nodded my head at her smiling. I am glad too that I am fine. Or else I doubt his son would have let me walk on my own.

Even though I was a little annoyed I couldn’t help but smile softly. Is this how Xavier took care? Is this how it felt?

If it is. Then I don’t mind. Because I feel good.

I couldn’t help but glance at Xavier as he helped put food in my plate and then in his own. He set the plate in front of me motioning me to eat up before eating his own.

“I have to say though,” Hannah said setting her plate in front of her, “We did a great job, didn’t we?”

My mom smiled satisfied before looking at me and Xavier. She nodded her head, “We did.”

Are they really talking about our contracted marriage so casually in front of us? And that too…they did a great job?

Hannah’s hazel eyes turned to me, “I still don’t get it how you manage to land yourself in trouble?”

I was in between of chewing my food when I stopped. I land myself in trouble? I don’t! Or do I?

I laughed trying to wave her off, “What are you talking about?”

She looked around at everyone before she looked at my mom. My mom’s eyes settled down on Xavier beside me. Looking at him with motherly affection, “I am just glad Xavier is always there for you.”

What is going on? What are they talking about? Is there something I don’t know about?

“Xavier,” Hannah started,

“Mom. No.” Xavier said abruptly. Looking at his mom wide eyed.

Hannah looked confused but I urged her to go on. I wanted to know what was it that I didn’t know. That Xavier wanted to hide.

“Xavier was so freaked out that night.” Hannah finally said it out loud, “It was on that day that I was completely convinced that he loved you.”

Wait. What night? What happened? What did Xavier do to make people believe that he loved me?

“Which night?” I asked unsure.

This time my mom spoke up, “you know that library night. It rained that day.”

I remember that vaguely. The night when I called Xavier but he never picked up. The night Alec helped me.

“What about that day?” I asked.

“Nothing.” Xavier said suddenly. I knew he was trying to change the subject. But I was too clever for that. I kept my gaze stable on mom and Hannah waiting for further explanation.

“Xavier seemed so tensed that he went running for you.” Hannah said nonchalantly.

Only it wasn’t something nonchalant for me. It meant more to me.

Xavier came to see me that day? Did he? Here I thought for these many days that he didn’t even care to come…and now you tell me not only did he come for me, but he panicked too?

My eyes snapped up to look at Xavier to find him staring at his food. Not even once glancing up.

So it’s true.

__To be continued…

Liya now knows that Xavier went to see her! How do you think will she react?

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