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She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟

Episode Twenty- One💦
(His “girlfriend”)

I stood outside the cafeteria as I saw the whole long queue of girls packing their faces with makeup or adjusting their dresses. Ahem, minimal amount of dresses to be Xavier’s girlfriend. I felt like strangling each and every girl in the queue. He is mine.

I wanted to scare them off but then I stopped myself. I wanted to see who’ll be the one Xavier picks. Knowing him, he was going to pick a straight up bitch in a haste. I cannot blame him. Guys tend to make that mistake more often than we can count.

“Are you ready?”

Evie said snapping me out of my thoughts. I nodded my head at her. I don’t know if I was ready or not. But if not now, then when?

“I’ll be by your side.” She said straightening her brown dress.

I joined the line before me, “Did you talk to Brian?”

She fell silent. I looked sideways to find her staring down sadly. She didn’t. And I didn’t want her to be with me when she could be talking to Brian and making things better. They deserve each other’s love and not anger.

“I’ll handle this. Xavier isn’t going to pick me whatsoever.” I put my hands on her shoulders. She looks at them before looking at me, “You should go and talk to Brian.”

“He isn’t here.” She shrugged her shoulders.

“What do you mean he isn’t here?”

“He is not in school.” She stated coldly. I realized she wasn’t liking the fact that we were talking about Brian.

“Then go where you think he would be! I don’t know, just don’t stay mad at each other!” I said incredulously.

She shook her head, “You don’t see Liya? It wasn’t my fault. It was all his fault…He doesn’t act so possessive about you! Then why me?!”

Because he loves you!

I wanted to yell at her face. Ofcourse I didn’t. It wasn’t my place.

“Because you are better friends than me. He cares for you more than me.” I said calmly trying to make her understand.

But damn this girl won’t listen.

“You were not wrong, right?” I asked.

“Yes.” She said crossing her arms over her chest.

I looked around before sighing. Sorry Brian, I need to do this.

“Then go and give him a piece of mind. Let him know that you weren’t wrong. It was him. It was his fault. Yell at him. And if possible you can kick his ass too. He won’t mind I am sure. Just don’t stay mad at each other….the next time I see you guys. You better be clinging to each other.”

Evie fell into deep thought. She nodded her head slowly at me telling me I was probably right. She hugged me before wishing me luck and leaving me to stand there.

I sighed through my noise. One problem down. Another one to go.

I looked back to realize that I did come forward in the line but even more were standing behind me. Come on! Not each and every girl could be single?! It’s like they have been waiting for their whole life to be here.

I tiptoed to look in the front at the table that was laid down while the XAN trio sat there with pencils and papers in front of them.

I didn’t know they were this serious when they said auditions. For all I thought it was going to be a random contest. But they have this all thing planned out like professionals.

I looked again to find Xavier sitting in the middle looking bored as he dismissed each girl. As I saw the new girl come forward I noticed him roll his eyes again before they settled into some distance to look at me. As soon as his gaze met mine I saw him sitting straight up in alertness and shifting his gaze from me to the girl in front of her nodding and looking at her as if she was the most interesting thing.

“Hey, isn’t she the one he broke off with? His fiancee?” I heard a whisper behind my back.
“Oh my god. You are right. It is her. What is she doing here?” I heard another girl whisper.

I looked down at the floor a little embarrassed. Don’t people have so much decency as to not let any other person listen onto their conversation? Especially when that person is none other than the one whom you are talking about?

“Look at her. Doesn’t she feel embarrassed to be standing here even when they broke off?”

“Pfft…I wonder what did Xavier even see in her.”

“It doesn’t matter now, does it? As long as he has come into his right senses and decided to have a girlfriend. Such hotness should not go to waste.”

“Right. But seriously, she sucks.”

I clenched my fist tight. They were so gonna have a punch from me. I suck? It’s them who sucks. They left their boyfriends to stand here for another man. Not me.

“Hey! You should not bad mouth about anyone. Especially when they are innocent!” I heard a girl yell loudly.

“We can talk about anyone we want. Why does it bother you?”

It was now that I decided to turn back to find not so far away from me two girls standing against one. I knew instantly who spoke for me. She had her hands on her waist. Even though her back was turned to me. The way she was standing I could tell she was full of confidence.

Is she here for Xavier too?

Unknowingly I left my place to go and stand next to her. The two girls facing against her had their faces packed with makeup.

“We are just stating the truth!” They rolled their eyes.

“We don’t know what is the truth. So better yet keep your traps shut.” The girl beside me looked furious.

“Whatever. Just mind your business.” One of them said, going in search for something in her handbag. While the other just started texting on her phone.

I put one of my hands on her shoulder. She fell silent before looking at me sideways, a little annoyed expression on her face before it changed into a genuine smile.

“Thank you.” I muttered gratefully.

Even though I didn’t need anyone to stand up for me. Even though I believed I was strong enough to stand up for myself. It felt good to have someone speak up from your side.

I looked at her appearance. And I was right. She had the aura which screamed elegance. She had medium Auburn hair which sat perfectly around her shoulders. To top her beauty she even had green grass like eyes. Her eyes were gentle while her smile it was the purest I had seen. All in all she was one heck beautiful girl.

She placed her hands on top of mine before nodding at me. I returned her gesture before thanking her again and retrieving my hands to go back to my spot. I looked in front to see it was already eaten up by a girl. Ofcourse it had to be.

I groaned internally. I looked back to find I’ll have to wait as much as I did by now.

“You can come here.” I looked up to find the elegant girl smiling down kindly at me. She was standing a few feet away so that there was a vacant space in front of her.

I wanted to cry. How can someone be so good? I thanked her before going and standing in front of her.

“Now she even allows her to take our place.” I heard the two girls hush again.
“Don’t bother them. They are just a bunch of monkeys.” I felt a whisper in my ear. I slightly turned back to find the elegant girl standing back in her full height looking straight. Elegant girl, yes that is the name I have given her.

She was even taller than me. Unlike me she will actually look good with Xavier. Both of them are good looking, both of them tall, beautiful.

I shook my head ready to slap myself. What am I thinking? Pairing Xavier with other girls myself. There might be something really wrong going on with my mind to think this way.

Focus Liya. Focus.


Can I scream out of happiness that I finally got my turn? Because after whole load of yawning, staring at other guys wating in the cafeteria looking at their crushes/ girlfriends while the girls waited for their turns and ofcourse, listening to all the insults thrown at me by a few girls (miraculously the number increased), it was finally my turn.
I knew there wasn’t in hell’s chance that I was getting chosen. And I might even say that I just wasted my most precious time for Xavier. But I want to give my hundred percent.

“We don’t have the whole day incase you have noticed.” The familiar cold voice said.

I looked up to find Xavier throwing daggers at me. While Alec and Nathaniel both seemed content to see me there in front of them I wish I could say the same about Xavier. He had that expression he had whenever he was mad at me. While he looked relaxed in his chair I could still see his jaw clenched tight and his skin taut.

I stepped forward to stand in front of the trio. Nathaniel wished me luck while Alec just smiled at me softly assuring me that everything was going to be alright.

I returned his gesture before going on to look back at Xavier. His hazel eyes were as dark as a night sky as I stood in front of him and stared directly into his eyes.

He never tore his gaze away from me trying to intimidate me. I could not help but meet his glare head on. I wasn’t going to be afraid of him.

“Haha.” Alec tried laughing while holding onto Xavier’s arm and forcing him to tear his eyes away from me, “I think we should start with the questions, right Xavier?” He said Xavier looking at him in a threatening way.

Nathaniel put his arms around Xavier’s shoulders, “Alec is right Reed. I think that is enough staring.”

“Glaring you mean.” The hazel pair turned towards me again, “Liya.” He finally said in a sickening sweet voice, “why don’t you step a little aside? You sure are a difficult competitor. Why don’t we find an opponent for you?”

“Xavier,” Alec started but he was cut short by Xavier when he ignored him and continued to talk to me,

“You won’t mind, would you Liya?”

I shook my head at him stepping aside. He had a smug expression on his face as he called, “Next.”

I looked beside me to find the elegant girl coming and standing beside me. It wasn’t shocking at all.

As soon as she took her place she turned her head towards me to pass a small smile. I smiled back at her nodding my head even though it faltered as soon as it came.

“I am Olivia Bridget.” She told the three dumb expressions sitting in front of her.

“Are you new?” Nathaniel asked, his eyes never leaving her face.

“No.” She shook her head.

“How come I haven’t noticed you before?” He looked at her in awe. Olivia giggled at this not saying anything.

Xavier cleared his throat snapping our attention back to him, “It’s nice to meet you Olivia. And I would be lying if I say you are not beautiful.”

Alec and Nathaniel coughed as they both looked at me.

Can someone hand me a baseball bat? I have certain someone to smash and knock their teeth out.

Xavier never called me beautiful! And here he called this girl beautiful in front of me. Me. His fiance. I mean ex fiance. No not yet. Ughh. It’s complicated.

Xavier looked at me smilingly. Dimple forming onto one of his cheeks, “Then shall we begin Liya?”

I grinned at him, “Ofcourse Xavier. I am ready.”

“You sure? Olivia seems a tough competition. I can see.”
“Unless you have noticed I love competitions. I am the one who gives them the invitation.” I rolled my eyes.

“Indeed you do.” There was a different tone in his voice.

He claps his hands lightly, now sitting straight in his chair. Leaning in front he puts his hands on the table clasping them together before looking at both of us,

“There are no rules as it is. It is as simple as I’ll put up a question and you’ll answer. Don’t try to answer everything too good to be true because let’s be honest no one is a pure soul here. And yes, as you can see I have my two best friends judging with me.” He pointed at Nathaniel and Alec, ” As I made everything clear, shall we begin?”

We both nodded at them. I felt myself getting nervous as Xavier thought of something to ask. I could not help but looks sideways to check if Olivia was as confident as before.

It was difficult to tell if she was feeling anything because she had a straight face.
“Let’s see, I won’t take much of your time so,” I looked back at Xavier to find him talking to both of us, “just imagine if I were to be your boyfriend. And just like any boyfriend would love to, I pick you up in the morning for school everyday,”

I think I knew where this question was going. But the reference? Jut like any boyfriend would love to? No. No. Did he forget the part where he would throw me out of his car so that no one saw us together?

Xavier’s eyes landed on me. They were yet again dark, “My question to both of you is, will you ever leave me stranded outside your house, waiting for you while you already left for school?”

I felt my throat dry up. Olivia was the first one to answer, “No, ofcourse not. I would definitely inform him. Saying if I love him and don’t want him to be late.” She laughed a little at her last sentence.

A smile appeared on Xavier’s face as he nodded at her and looked at me mischievously, “What about you, Liya?…I am sure not informing your boyfriend would be your thing.”

I shrugged my shoulders lightly, ” Actually I’ll do. I will inform him. But sometimes the person is not feeling upto talking to their boyfriend.”

Xavier’s face turned hard as he grinded his teeth, “And yet the person can call and tell them.”

“The person might not feel like talking and doesn’t call.”

“That doesn’t justify making them wait for you.”

“It does. Sometimes they should get the taste of their own medicine.” I snapped back.

Now he was full on glaring at me, sitting on the edge of his seat, “I never behaved like that towards the person.”

“The person wanted to go to school with her friends for once! What did she do wrong in that?”

“The person should have informed me!”

“The person shouldn’t, when the day before she got hurt by him!”

“I am sorry if the truth hurts the person, but wasn’t she the one who promised big?”

“And the person is keeping that promise.” I finished letting him know that in the end I was still standing in front of him.

We both glared at each other with intense gazes before I noticed that it was deadly silent. I looked around to find everyone around us staring at me and Xavier. They were frozen in their spots as they looked at us puzzled.

I sighed frustratedly and faced in front of me again to find a confused Nathaniel sitting there with furrowed eyebrows and Alec with a raised eyebrows before he spoke up breaking the silence,

“Ohhh…”, he rounded his mouth into a big blown circle, “The person was the reason for Xavier’s spoilt mood in the morning.”

“Shut up.” Xavier snapped at him.

Alec couldn’t help but laugh lightly as Xavier glared holes into him.

“I don’t get my mood spoilt by other people. They don’t matter to me.” Xavier looked at me and said that with as earnestness as he could.

“Are you sure they don’t?” Alec’s smile faded as he asked looking at Xavier intently.

Xavier gulped lightly looking down before looking at me and clenching his jaw tight, “They don’t. They never did.”

Enough. I had enough of this conversation. Coming here was already difficult for me knowing I didn’t stand a chance. But still I did. I did for him. But all I get in return are insults. Everytime.

And I am full of them today. I am not weak. I can take any insult he throws at me. But telling that he never cared for me? That shit hurts. The least he could after all these years is atleast care for me.

I took in a deep breath and turned to my side facing Olivia, “Congratulations, You can suck faces with Xavier now.”

She opened her mouth to say something but I could definitely see shock evident on her face. But I already beat her to it. I turned around and made my way towards the exit.

“You are not allowed to leave like that.” I heard him say.

Without turning back I said, “Yes I am.”

___To be continued…


She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟

Episode Twenty- two💦
(Dumb person makes sense)

“He is so rude.” Evie whisper yelled at me from beside me. We were sitting in our history class while Ms Garcia went on with her lecture.

“How dare he even talk to you like that?” Brian looked at me in disbelief.

Evie looked at Brian and smiled at him. I looked at them and raised my eyebrows in question. Is there anything I am not aware of? And I should be knowing about it? Because from the moment they have come back they are acting very friendly towards each other. Which is rare considering Evie is always smacking Brian in any way possible.

“You guys good?” I asked them looking in front at Ms Garcia so that she doesn’t catch us.

“Of course we are good, right Brian?”

Brian nodded his head sincerely, “Yes we are.”

I looked at them skeptically. Something was going on. I could sense it. Did Brian confess his feeling to Evie?

I looked at Brian to find him concentrated ahead listening to Ms Garcia. He would time and again glance at Evie from the corner of his eyes but that was it.

If he did confess to Evie, well like a mature person I am, I will just pat him on the shoulder for being so brave. And and…I will do a happy dance. Throw maturity into garbage… My ship sailed! I will throw a party and shove down the drink down their throat with my own hands.

“Though I loved how you stood up for yourself.” Evie smiled mischievously at me.

I was telling them about everything that happened after she left for Brian. I had already told her about Xavier’s question to his confession that he doesn’t care about me. Everything.

“Me too. Somehow I feel great and strong.” I put my face in my hands, “But I think he is already doing all the things with Olivia that I don’t want to think about.”

“She won?”
I don’t know who won. After I left all I received were some pitying looks. Which I definitely didn’t want from people who like to poke their nose into someone else’s business. My guess being Xavier definitely chose Olivia over me. Over anyone else. Why won’t he? She gave the answer he wanted to listen. She was beautiful. And most of all…she was standing against me.

He makes me feel like rather than finding love for himself it is a sort of his mission to make me feel miserable in any way possible.

“I don’t know who won! But he called her beautiful and the way he looked at her…it…it just infuriated me. And I am betting he chose her!” I yelled loud enough for Brian and Evie to hear.

Some girl from the front seat shushed at us, looking annoyed. We all said sorry before going back to our conversation.

“That bitch!” Evie cursed but I shook my head making her stop. She looked at me with disbelief before asking me what was the matter with me?

“The worst part is that…she is kind. And good.” I said softly looking down at my hands.

I looked back at both of them. Their jaws literally on the floor. I chuckled before helping them put their jaws back in place.

“No Liya. You don’t call your enemies worthy. Or kind for that matter. God, I leave you for an hour and you change your personality? What happened to your fierce side?” Evie said in a way that she was trying to put some sense into me.

But I knew otherwise. Olivia helped me when those girls in the cafeteria were picking on me. She even invited me to stand with her. And she was tall and beautiful. And her voice was sweet honey like. She was kind and everything a boy would love to have in his girl. And she was everything a girl dreams about becoming.

“That fierce side told Xavier to fuck off.” I said rolling my eyes.

“You did?” Brian asked me excitedly. Can I say I could sense hope in his voice too.

“Of course not. I want him to love me not make him run away from me for the hills.” I scolded Brian, “but his recent behavior has really thrown me off him.”

He nodded his head before pouting. He turned his pouted face to Evie who laughed at him. I looked at both of them again with a confused state of mind. And now they are smiling and looking at each other with… is that adoration I see in their eyes? What the hell happened in my absence?

“Please enlighten me what happened between you two?” I asked smiling slyly. As much as I have very much in my plate, I cannot forget that I have two of my friends too.

They both looked at me. Their brows furrowed.

Wha-? No. They don’t get to give me that expression. It should be me to be sitting with that expression. And not them.

I urged them to tell me. Evie looked down before clearing her throat,

“He said sorry.”

My head snapped towards Brian. He apologized? It’s not like it wasn’t his fault. He was very much at fault. But considering his mood before. No, I can’t even imagine Brian being in his right senses to apologize to Evie.

“It was my fault. I just acted like an asshole. And didn’t seem to notice that I hurt you.” Brian said sincerely– looking at Evie.

“You did actually. But it’s fine now.” Evie said waving her hands dismissively.

Brian leaned forward and put his head on the table facing me and Evie. His honey eyes turned towards me,

“I am not going to lie Liya, but we need another plan. If going after Xavier and showing him how much you love him had to work it would have in these past what?…seven years? The point is, it didn’t.”

“He has a point.” Evie whispered from beside me. She was sitting there with her head on the table too now, copying Brian’s action.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

If I was not to show him how much I loved him how was I supposed to make him fall in love with me? But again, as much as I would hate to admit it, Brian had a point. I have tried anything and everything in my power to let Xavier know that I care. It’s always him who doesn’t get it.

“Realization girl.” Brian said, his cheek was pressed against the table and as he spoke you could see him struggling a bit to speak.

“Play hard to get.” He continued.

I couldn’t help but be confused. Play hard to get? One must want me to let me play hard to get.

Brian rolled his eyes at me before putting his hand on my head lightly and giving me a few good solid ruffles making me swing in my chair,

“After school, you both are coming with me to my apartment. We need a plan now. Going blindly after Xavier with just a ray of hope to hold is just like expecting a cancer patient to cure without any treatments.”

“Although he is dumb, sometimes he actually makes sense.” Evie mumbled from beside me. I couldn’t help but chuckle at her response.

The bell rang indicating the end of class. I sighed as I collected all my books which were spread in front of me. Evie did the same before waiting for Brian and me.

“Evie. We will both catch with you in a bit. Can I talk to Brian for a minute?” I asked her.

Although she seemed a little suspicious she nodded her head and went smiling at both of us. As soon as she was gone I got up from my seat too. By now, the class was almost empty.

“What do you wanna talk about?” Brian placed his arms on my shoulder.

“Let’s talk outside.” I said looking at Ms Garcia who was busy looking at some papers on her desk. As soon as I said those words she looked up and smiled,

“I wasn’t eavesdropping anyway.” She said.

“Actually you-” Brian started but I pinched him on his arm making him yelp before going silent. I smiled at Ms Garcia before pulling Brian out with me.

“You noticed that she was eavesdropping, right?” He asked.
I nodded at him sighing. We both looked at each other before chuckling to ourselves.

“So what is it?” Brian asked steadying the books in his hands so that they were comfortable.

“Ummm…” I bit my lip looking around. Everyone seemed in a haste as they went onto their next classes. Our school isn’t that small but with all the number of students in corridors at the same time made it seem so small.

I felt hands press down on both of my shoulders. When I looked up I saw two eyes looking at me incredulously, “No.” He said sternly.

I looked at him confused. What is he talking about? I opened my mouth before he shook his head vigorously,

“No. No. No. No. No. No. It can’t happen.” He shook me.

If it wasn’t for my steady legs, my soul would have been floating somewhere around in here.

“W-what are you talking about?” I asked. My voice didn’t come out as I expected it to be. Partly because of the fact that Brian was still shaking me.

I slapped his hands away from me finally and looked at him in a questioning way.

“It can’t be.” He repeated, “You have Xavier!”

“Huh?” I could still feel all my organs shaking inside me because he didn’t make any sense right now.

“As much as I care about you, I actually have someone whom I like.” He said looking down.

And it was then that it hit me. All this drama that Brian was doing, it was because he thought I was confessing to him.

He is really dumb. I am asking for his help with Xavier, why would I like him?! I mean he is cute but GROSS. NO. He is Evie’s guy.

I couldn’t help but chuckle as I looked at him looking around helplessly. As if he wasn’t sure what to do.

He looked at me incredulously before asking me the reason for my laughing.
“You are dumb.” I finally admitted. He pursed his lips tight but I could see a smile on his lips, “I am not confessing to you idiot. I am here to ask you about your confession.”

“My what?!”

“Did you confess to Evie?” I asked cutting straight to the point.

He looked at shortage of words as he tried to find what to say. He looked around baffled before shaking his head,

“No. Why would I confess to her?” He asked trying to maintain his cool.

“Because you like her.” I said with deadpanned expression.

“No! I don’t.” He started but I stopped him by elbowing him in the stomach,

“Don’t lie to me. I know it.”

He fell quiet before looking down and nodding his head at me, “I do. I like her.”

I took his hands excitedly on the verge of jumping when he shook his head,
“But I didn’t confess to her. Not yet. And I don’t think I can ever. I mean, she has always thought of me just as her friend. I don’t want to ruin what we have right now to want something more. Which I doubt is possible.” He ended sounding sad.

“It is possible.” I whispered.

And I wasn’t lying. It was possible. True, Evie just saw Brian as her friend and I know just how it feels to be friend-zoned but he could be more to her. She doesn’t realize it but they are perfect together. And in order to make her realize that he has to let her know.

“I think it is time that you let her know about your feelings so she can start seeing you more than a friend.”

He looked down a little upset. I wanted to sound reassuring. But I could see Brian didn’t believe me. He knew what was to come if he confessed. And I knew it too. But there’s always a hope. And I want him to hold onto that hope for as long as he can. And looking at him this upset made me upset too.

I gave his arm a reassuring squeeze and gave him a side hug, “Now wipe that frown off your face or I will ask Evie to kick your ass once again.”

All at once his head snapped to me looking at me with betrayal, “You were the one.”

I was the one who advised Evie to kick your ass? Yeah, that was me.

I looked at him shaking my head–on the verge of laughing, “She actually did it?! I didn’t expect her to do it in real life.”

He heaved a deep sigh before waving his hands in the air in frustration, “It is Evelyn we are talking about, Liya! That girl doesn’t leave an opportunity to beat me.”

I couldn’t help but giggle at his expression because he looked like he was just betrayed by his two most loyal friends. But I could still see into his eyes. The adoration he held for the both of us. The warmth, the love. And this is what I love about Brian.

“But you still love her.” I said nudging him. I love doing that to him. Nudging. Sometimes he gets irritated. Sometimes he just return them back to me with much more intensity.

“Yeah I do.” He said, “And I love you too but I won’t forget what you did!” He yelled before throwing me on his shoulders so that all I could see was his back. I felt his arms wrap around my legs and my waist so that I was steady on his shoulder before jumping once or twice and then catching the speed.

I screamed as he ran down the corridors with me on his shoulders, “Beep. Beep. Heavy Liya and her ride coming your way! Step aside people!”

“I am not heavy!”

“Oomph. You are! But the ride will only stop at its destination.”

___To be continued…

What do you think Brian’s plan gonna be? I have something in my mind but I want to know what do you think?;)


She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟

Episode Twenty- three💦

(Ulterior motive)

I sighed as I kept my books in my locker. I stood there still looking inside my locker waiting for everyone to pass me. I didn’t feel like wanting to be the centre of attention for people. Talking about me, pitying me. Just no. Not right now.

We were all done with our classes for today and everyone left as I was still stuck here waiting for everyone to get out. I was going to Brian’s apartment and I am sure he would be waiting for me in the parking lot.

When I was sure there was no one around me I slammed it shut. As soon as I closed it I couldn’t help but be startled and put a hand on my heart from the fact that how fast it was beating.

He was leaning just beside my locker with his arms crossed. His hazel eyes looking at me as I shook my head at him in frustration.

“What do you want?” I asked not interested one bit.

I was already full of Xavier today. I didn’t want anymore of him today. But guess what? He always decides to show up when I don’t want him. Interesting.

“You are mad.” He stated as a matter of fact.

“I am not, now if you will excuse me.” I said stepping away from him.

I didn’t even take two steps when he took hold of my wrist,

“Pancake.” He whispered.

I snapped my head towards him. Is he for real? He holds an audition to find him a girlfriend, then he insults me, says he doesn’t care for me. And the guy still has the nerve to call me pancake.

“You know it would be better if you don’t call me that while you are dating.” I said.

“Is it about that?” He asked unbelievably, “Are you mad at me because I am having a girlfriend? You were the one who told me to have one!”

I snatched my hands away from his grip and faced him, “Let me see, I remember telling you to have a girlfriend not insult me.”

“I was mad, okay?” He ran his hands frustratedly through his hair.

“That you insulted me? Wow, it is really a good way to show.” He opened his mouth but I held my hand out to him, “Xavier, please. I don’t want to talk to you. You have already done enough for today. I don’t have more energy left in me. I think you should go and spend some time with your girlfriend.”

“You mean Olivia?” He asked. I could see a smile appear on his face. He seemed kind of happy that I was affected by him having a girlfriend. But truth to be told, as much as I cared. I didn’t. Not right now. I was too exhausted.

And I was not a bit surprised hearing Olivia’s name. I guessed it. I knew it. I know Xavier.

He stepped away from the locker and came and stood in front of me. I couldn’t help but look up at him in the eyes while he looked down at me,

“I am here for you.” He said.

Did I hear him right? Man oh man, either my ears are going deaf or Xavier’s having a slip of tongue.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

He sighed shaking his head before holding onto my hand and taking me with him, “I am here to take you. I am driving you back home.”

Driving me back home. Like he always has.

I stopped in between making him stop too. He turned around to look at me confused,

“Whoever said I am going with you?” I asked laughing lightly at him. He was delusional to think I was going anywhere with him today. Especially when he made such a big chaos out of it in the cafeteria.

“What do you mean?” He looked at me a little baffled.

This was the first time that I actually saw him baffled. Lost for words.

I am actually doing a pretty good job at it today. Making people at the loss of words. First Brian and now him. I found a new talent in me.

“I meant exactly what you heard. I am not going anywhere with you. For god’s sake Xavier you have a girlfriend. Go take care of her.”

“Are you for real? She is my girlfriend but you are my fiancee.”

I could feel my heart soften at his words. You are my fiancee. He cares, right? And I am getting softened by his words. But should I? I mean I always get softened by him and then again he always ends up hurting me more than the last time.

I was about to open my mouth but I stopped as I heard him say his next words,

“Besides what will we tell your parents if they come to know?”

Wow. This is the truth. He didn’t care about me. He cared about his image in front of my parents. Is this the new side of Xavier I am seeing? Or has he been this asshole from the start and I am just noticing it now?

If my anger could be measured by my punch, Xavier would be lying around here with his mouth open.

“You know what Xavier? I don’t care.” I took a step towards him while poking in his chest, “I don’t care what they think about you anymore. They should just know who you actually are. Let them like you for who you are and not the pretentious person you show!”

“Liya,” he whispered looking at me with…I don’t know why but… was it hurt in his eyes? Nah, I don’t think so. The stone cold Xavier doesn’t feel anything. Not for me.

“Gosh Xavier.” I held onto my head as realization dawned upon me, “You really are a douche.”

He seemed surprised and confused as I held onto my head tightly. He really never liked me. All he ever did was for an ulterior motive. He acted nice and good to look good. Oh my god, it all made sense now. He wasn’t confusing me. I was the one confusing myself.

“I don’t know what is happening to you but,” he started but I stopped him.

“I am such an idiot,” I shook my head laughing at myself. Xavier couldn’t help but look at me with bafflement and horror in his eyes.

I stopped for a moment as I saw two people passing by us. They looked at both of us before whispering and going away. This is what I have been for people, a gossip. As soon as they were gone I looked back at Xavier who still had eyes pinned down on me. I continued,

“You always do everything for an ulterior motive. Wow.” I couldn’t help but be surprised “Let me ask you, what was your motive behind taking me to that amusement park, huh?” I asked getting loud and cocky.

I can’t believe it was me who was speaking to Xavier like this. The girl who loved and did everything he told her to do. All I ever wanted in return was his love. Which I never got. Maybe this was the suppressed anger, disappointment which was taking control over me. Yelling at Xavier.

And maybe I will regret it. Maybe not. But I was loving it. Letting it all out. Because now I know what love should be like.

Love should be when you respect another person, just like Brian respected Evie. You love them no matter what. And most of all you show them that you care.

This time Xavier got angry as he gripped my arms tight looking into my brown eyes, “There was no ulterior motive.” He grinded his teeth.

“Lie. All you do is lie.” I took a step towards him once again before he put his hands on my mouth making me shut. I mumbled but he kept it firmly placed there. His hazel eyes were gazing into my eyes,

“You need to calm down.” He breathed out with his heavy voice, “And go. Get away and go home. I don’t want to do anything I will regret later.”

I stopped. I think I pushed a little too far. I didn’t have any control over my mouth. Did I ruin my any chance with him completely?

As my anger vanished and I came to more of my senses I just realized what I had done and said. Do I regret saying that? No. I don’t. But I should have been a little more discrete and not so harsh about it.

No. He deserved it. After treating me the way he did he deserved it. And Brian told me to play hard to get. Wasn’t that what I was doing? No? Okay.

“Before you go just know that I didn’t have any ulterior motive. It was all real.” He said staring into both my eyes. And for a minute I could see that he wanted me to believe him. He cleared his throat, ” And you are the one who told me to date anyone I want. I am just doing what you said.”

I rolled my eyes. Yeah turn it on me.
“And it’s okay if you don’t want to come to school with me. I understand.” He whispered the last words before removing his hands away from my mouth and turning around to leave. I stared at his retreating figure. He slipped his hands into his pocket as he went out.

He understands? No, he doesn’t.

I felt my bag drop down on the floor as I stared at it lying there. I stood there frozen–just staring at my bag.

I am so confused right now. I wanted to cry.

What am I suppose to feel about Xavier? I was definitely and hopelessly in love with him before. But now it is fluctuating. One moment I love him and another I hate him for all he does. He messes with my brain very badly but sometimes he says those words which I want him to say.

“Liya! Gosh. The whole school is empty. What are you staring at? It’s not going to come and climb on your shoulder on it’s own. Come on. We have a plan to discuss.”

I looked in the front and noticed Brian standing at the entry from where Xavier just left. He motioned with his hands for me to hurry up. I nodded at him before taking the bag with me.

Just go with the plan, Liya.

___To be continued…
Liya is really getting confused about her feelings. I just hope it all works out. But damnnn, our girl literally ranted out on Xavier today. I feel bad for Xavier.

Let me know what do you think.


She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟
Episode Twenty- Four💦

(“Fake” boyfriend)

“No. No. No. No. No. We can’t do this.” I shook my head in denial looking at Evie and Brian who were looking at me expectantly.

“But why?” Evie complaint, “Just look at him, will you?”

I did. I gave the guy sitting beside me a good look.

“Xavier is hot. But he is Hollywood material “hot”.” Evie complaint.

I looked back at him again while he wriggled his eyebrows at me. I couldn’t deny that he was way better looking than Xavier and that has a lot to say since….I am the one saying that. He wasn’t as tall as Xavier but he was hot. F’ing hot.

“Come on Liya, if Xavier gets a chance you should get one too.” Brian said putting his hands on my shoulder, “Maybe you will fall in love with him too.” he mumbled the last sentence to himself.

I sighed closing my eyes.

One hour ago

“Mom I am home.” Brian said loudly as he opened the door to his apartment for me and Evie. He took his shoes out beside a rack. His slippers were already out so he slipped them on.

Evie and I were about take our own shoes off and go inside with just our socks on when we heard a woman from inside,

“Brian you gross person, how many times have I told you to keep your room clean! Especially throw your underwear in the laundry and not on the floor!”

I felt Evie lean a little closer towards me before whispering into my ear, “That’s Brian’s mom.”

I looked back at her as she tried to control her laughter. Brian looked back at her and I swear I could see his cheeks turn up red due to embarrassment.

“Mom! I have someone with me. Can we please not talk about my personal hygiene?” Brian yelled out of embarrassment as he entered into what I suppose was his living room.

We took our shoes off before entering behind him. His apartment was actually very spacious. The grey walls giving an elegant vibe with black couches. The room was well lit due to the fact that it had a large window at the other end of the room from where the sunlight came through. There was a table between the couches while a vase of flower was sitting on top of it.

I saw a woman emerge from one of the rooms. There was no doubt that she was Brian’s mother. You could see the similarity between them. Their eyes, hair and features. They were so much like her.

“Well we wouldn’t have talked about it if only you were hygienic. I have told you so many times to not leave them on the floor!”

“Mom!” Brian said alarmed. He took a step back and put his hands on mine and Evie’s shoulder, “I have girls over. It is embarrassing.” He said the last part through his teeth with force.

Brian’s mom looked at both of us before smiling, “I am so sorry. You know Brian, he is just so…unmanageable.”

If I wasn’t laughing before I couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle now. I could see Evie trying to control her laughter too.

I love his mom. She was so lively. And lively people make home more homely.

Her eyes stopped on me, “You must be Liya.”

I nodded my head at her before stepping forward and extending my arm, “it’s nice to meet you,”

She took my hands in hers, “Call me Rene.”
I couldn’t help but smile warmly at her, “Rene.”

She returned my smile, “I remember Brian telling me about you.”

I couldn’t help but be a little surprised. He talked about me? It is not as if I wasn’t expecting it but I just didn’t take Brian to be a person who told his mom everything. And I mean it in a good way.

Rene lets go of my hands and turned away from me, “Evelyn! Sweetheart I haven’t seen you in so long!”

She went and hugged Evie while laughing. Evie laughed while hugging her back.

You could tell they were very close. I looked at Brian and found him looking at both of them with a genuine and satisfied smile. Seeing both the woman you love together must really be wholesome.

I wish I could experience something like this too. A man to love me. My whole family together. I wish I could feel this whole.
“Mom that’s enough.” He said taking her away from Evie but the smile was still on his lips.

Rene pouted looking at Evie, “I just wish I had a daughter.”

Brian rolled his eyes, “Yeah, you never forget to remind me whenever she comes.”

“It’s true.”

“I am your son! How could you say that in front of your son?”

“I wish I had Evie rather than you. It’s not that difficult to say that, believe me.”
Brian shook his head a little frustrated while his mom enjoyed looking at him this way. He let’s his hands fall down on his side before he took a deep breath,

“Why don’t you sit?” He motioned us to sit.

I went and sat on the three seater which was in the middle while there were two one seater beside it facing each other. Evie came and sat beside me while Brian kept on standing.

“Mom can you bring us something to eat?” He asked.

“Actually I was waiting for you to get home so that I could go. Will it be fine…” she looked at all of us a little apologetically.

I wasn’t that hungry actually. And besides I didn’t want to trouble Brian’s mom in any way,

“We are actually not hungry. We will be fine.” I said looking at her.

Her caramel eyes which reminded me so much of Brian who was standing just beside her twinkled before she mouthed a ‘thank you’ to me.

She didn’t even look at Brian again before going and taking her car keys which were hanging on the key holder. She put on an overcoat before tying her hair in a ponytail. She said a loud ‘bye’ from the door before closing it shut.

It was just the three of us now. And it was silent.

“She didn’t even ask me.” Brian mumbled a little shocked. His eyes wide.

I patted the seat beside me but he shook his head. He clasped his hands together letting me know that he will be back in a minute. The next thing I know he was dragging a white board outside which was standing on a whiteboard stand.

I didn’t even want to ask him why he has that? Because I haven’t really seen him playing any sports.

He brought out a marker and opened it with his mouth–the cap still between his teeth.

He started writing something on the board which I couldn’t see because his back was covering it.

I tried to bend a little so I could see but I didn’t succeed. Evie was trying to do the same but boy Brian was covering it like a professional.

He finally stepped aside revealing the board to us. He had a proud smile on his face(the cap still between his teeth).

On top of the board he had written in all capitals, “MISSION R”

“Weed.” He tried to explain through the cap still between his teeth.
“Did he just say weed or was I delusional?” Evie said from beside me.

“I am sure that is what he said.” I mumbled.

He shook his head, “Weed. Weed. Not Weed.”

“I knew you did that.” Evie shook her head disappointed.

“WEED! NOT WEED!” He tried to shout. The cap fell down from his mouth.

Oh look, if it wasn’t for the culprit.
“REED! I meant REED NOT WEED GIRLS. What do you think ‘R’ stand up for.” He said finally able to talk freely.

“Not our fault. You should have taken care of that cap of yours.” Evie rolled her eyes.

“Yeah whatever. Now focus on the board.”

And we did. In the middle of it he had drawn a stickman with hair sticking out. Beside him was a stick girl with long hair. And guess what? In a far corner there was other stick girl. Hmm, I wonder who that is?

He tapped the marker at the stickman, “This right here is Xavier.” He said. Then he tapped the girl beside him, “Guess who this is?”

“Me.” I said when at the same time I heard Evie say, “Olivia?”

Brian pointed his marker towards Evie while clicking the top of his tongue.

Wait. So even my friends picture them together. What can be better than that?
That is what I thought until Brian pointed at the lonely girl in the corner and said, “This is our little Liya.”

I choked on my own saliva, “You guys really love me, don’t you?”

“You know it.” He said without taking any hint of sarcasm. Jerk.

“I can’t believe how accurate this thing is.” Evie laughed from beside me.

I snapped my head towards her and glared at her. This. Is. Not. Accurate.

She continued laughing before looking at me. She saw my expression because she stopped and said, “Why are you giving me the Xavier look?”

“There is no Xavier look!” I said.

“That look there. Yes. That. Right there. It is the Xavier look. You know the glaring.”

“Plan! Guys focus on the plan!” Brian clapped his hands together trying to get our attention.

I sighed before looking at him and nodding my head at him.
“Look here,” he started, “Xavier is with Olivia, right?”

We both nodded our heads at him, “Which leaves our poor Liya out there alone.” He tapped the girl in the corner.

“I am not alone.” I mumbled.

“Yes you are.” He said. I opened my mouth to retort back but he waved me off, “Anyway, I saw Liya try things on her own and she sucked. You don’t run after a man like Xavier. You make him realize. Realize him what he missed. How awesome you are….” he took a deep breath before sighing relieved, “Thank god I took it into my hands. Or I don’t know how twisty she would have made it.”

“I didn’t make it complicated.”

“Yeah as if asking your fiance to fall in love with other girl isn’t complicated.” He said mocking me.

“Geez. Fine. What do I need to do?”

A smug expression crept up onto his face. Why do I have a bad feeling about this? Like it was going in the direction where I don’t want it to go.

“You get a fair chance too.” He smirked at me.

“A fair chance at what?” I asked. Even though I think I knew what he meant.

“At love.” The smug expression turned into a goofy one.

I was about to shake my head denying like crazy when I heard Evie from beside me after this whole while squealing, “Aaaaaaaaaah. Perfecttttt. And the guy will be Alecccc.”

“No!” I haven’t seen anything come so fast out of my mouth, “Not Alec.”

Evie’s smile turned upside down, “Why?”

“Because he made it clear that he just thinks of me as a friend. Besides, I don’t want to ruin the friendship between the two of them.” I whispered looking down.

“Also she is afraid that she might fall in love with Alec.” Brian said coming and sitting at the one seater beside me.

Me? Fall in love with Alec? Pfttt. Why would I? Right? But I did catch some feelings, didn’t I? But they meant nothing. So, no.

I shook my head again, “I am not taking any chance with anyone. I already have a guy as an headache, I don’t want one more.”

Evie came and jumped up on me, “Don’t be like this.”

“I can’t.” I shrugged my shoulders letting them know that I. Can’t.

Brian laid back down in his seat while he propped his feet on the table in the middle,

“Okay. Don’t fall in love. But you can act, right?”

“What?” Evie and I said in unison.

He raised his hands in surrender, “Just to make Xavier jealous you can act to have a boyfriend.”

“I don’t know.” I couldn’t even complete my sentence before Evie started jumping on me again,

“Yes. This is perfectttt.”

I looked at Brian and he looked excited too. Looking at both of them like this made me give up and believe in them. Besides, I don’t really care about making Xavier upset anymore.

“But we will have to find a “fake” boyfriend. It’s not like he will come at us knocking at your door.”

There was a knocking at the door.

What the fuck. My mind fell into numbness as Evie looked at me with surprise. Oh no, it isn’t true.

There’s a fucking knock on the door!
Brian got up to answer the door while Evie and I ran after him to look. We wanted to know who it was!

We were both standing behind Brian as he opened the door.

“Hey.” The person from the other end of the door said.

Dead. I would have been dead if it wasn’t for Brian holding onto me and Evie at the same time.

We both cleared our throats before balancing ourselves. We both looked at each other with panic in our eyes.

When I said a knocking at the door, I didn’t expect a knocking at the door! And I sure as hell didn’t expect a Greek god standing in front of us.

He was perfect in every sense. And I mean in every sense. Even Xavier wasn’t this flawless. He had dirty blonde hair which were so smooth and shiny and you could tell because they were freaking long. Just ending above his shoulders. And I have a thing for long hair. I find guys more attractive. Just like I was finding him.
His eyes turned to me. He smiled at me making my heart melt. His eyes, they were grey. And every now and then you could see them turn into blue. And his lips, I haven’t seen such a perfect smile.

“Girls,” Brian started, “I would like you to meet my cousin Luke aka Liya’s ‘fake’ boyfriend.”

My what?! I stared at Luke standing there at the door while he saluted me with his two fingers and coming inside. He went straight for the living room. Brian patted both of us girls shoulders. Evie smacked him on his arm,

“Why didn’t you ever tell me that you had such a hot cousin?” She scolded him.

Brian rubbed his arms looking at her weirdly, “Why would I?”

“Because he is hot!”

“You are weird.” He said going inside.

She turned towards me, “You better take him.”

I gulped nodding my head. It’s not all about looks though, is it?
We went all inside and found Luke sitting on the three seater in the middle. He motioned for me to sit beside him. I looked around to see if he was talking to someone else.

No. He wasn’t. Dammit. I don’t know how to talk to such good looking person.

“I will just sit there.” I said referring to the single seater but Evie pushed me towards him making me lose my balance and fall into his laps.

Speak of embarrassment!
I apologized quickly before getting up and sitting beside him quickly. He chuckled lightly before shaking his head, “You are cute.” He said.

*Internal screaming*. If you could listen to my internal screaming you would be deaf.

“Liya,” I heard Brian say, “As I told you this is my cousin Luke. He is studying Medical in university right now. And he will be your,”

“Fake boyfriend.” Luke completed his sentence smirking at me.

Oh my freaking hearts
…….To be continued…
Am saying it Brian should be named Genius Brian😂 He is into this Liya matter to much. Do you think he is doing the right thing?


She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟
Episode Twenty- Five💦
(You are beautiful )

I sat there looking out through the window. It was almost dusk. It was so silent in the car that he had to put on some random song on the radio. My eyes were still looking out the window. I saw a car passing by us. I found a couple walking by the footpath together hand in hand.

I sighed. I can’t believe I said yes to have some boyfriend. I don’t know if I did right or not.

“Take a left from here.” I said in a low voice so that only he could hear me.
I looked sideways to glance his way and wondered again, how did I end up with him in the car? Taking me home? Sitting beside me? Being my boyfriend.

“You don’t need to be awkward.” He said from beside me.

I don’t need to be awkward? Let’s see, I just made a boyfriend almost an hour ago who I have never known in my entire life. And he is good looking. He is sweet too. And in the past hour I found that he is flirtatious too. And yes, I am sitting beside him while he is driving me back home without having anything to speak. Yes, definitely not awkward.

I kept my head straight but looked at him from my peripheral vision.

“I am not.” I said trying to sound convincing. I cleared my throat now fully facing him.

He turned his face slightly towards me raising his eyebrows and a smile on his face. He turned the music down and went to drive again.

“Let’s talk then.” He said smirking.

I tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear well aware that his eyes were on me, “Sure. What should we talk about?”

He fell silent for a while. I couldn’t help but move my gaze towards him. To appreciate his perfection. His face. His eyes, they were their natural colour right now. Grey.

He finally looked at me catching me off-guard, “The very foundation of a relationship starts from the fact that there are no secrets between them. So what about that?”

“We are not really dating.” I said a little sourly.

“I was talking about friendship. We can be friends, right? We’ll let people believe that we are dating but that doesn’t mean we need to be strangers.” I was so engrossed in his eyes that I didn’t notice that we stopped. We both were still looking at each other before I felt the need to look away. I did. I looked around and found that we were in front of my house.

I should be getting out, shouldn’t I? But I didn’t. Maybe because there were a set of eyes which were keeping me glued to my seat.

I looked around at everything but him. He put his hands on top of mine which were sitting on my laps. I took in a deep breath before snapping my eyes towards him.

“Besides,” he continued, “I need to know everything so that I don’t get surprised in the future. I can protect you.”

I cleared my throat. Boy was he good? Yes. Definitely.

“I am surprised Brian didn’t tell you already.” I said.

I expected Brian to already tell Luke all about it. I mean why would Luke even agree to fake date me without even knowing anything. That was all the more weird.

“He did.” Luke admitted.

I sighed in relief, “Then what do you want to know?”

“It isn’t the same listening it from Brian. You know him, he would miss major details. So I would like to listen to it from you.”
I lowered my gaze to look at my hands but I found his hands still covering them. I don’t know why but it didn’t feel right so I took my hands away. I couldn’t help but look at him. To make sure he wasn’t hurt. I was sure he was the right guy the minute he nodded his head at me in understanding and put his hands on the steering wheel.

I smiled softly, “Well then, I’ll tell you.”

He didn’t say anything but just look at me, waiting for me.

I took in a deep breath, “We were ten when Xavier and I were told that we were to marry each other when we grow old enough.”

“Ten?!” He interrupted.

I shushed him before continuing, “We had a good relationship. And by that I mean friendship.” I looked at him smiling. He smiled back shaking his head.

“So well I think I already had feelings for him because it wasn’t really difficult for me to accept him for something more than just a friend. And the more the time passed I think the more I fell in love with him…But it wasn’t the same with Xavier. He never thought of me for something more. And I completely understand that. You can’t just change your feelings in a day. So I gave him time. Space. Whatever he needed. I tried my best to not push myself onto him because he wasn’t ready.

But seven years is more than enough. Don’t you think?” I looked him in the eyes trying to search for answers, “Well I think they are. Seven years are enough to completely change your world. Your feelings. Everything. So the day I came to know that I would be going to the same school as Xavier made me happy. Made me feel like there was finally some hope. That all wasn’t so ruined after all. I could try to spend more time with him. But turns out he didn’t only felt anything for me. But he despised me too.

It just hurts, you know. To see the guy you have loved, cared and done almost everything for to not give a crap about you. Only insulting you in front of others. Not taking a stand for you. Leave you feeling vulnerable in front of everyone. And doing things to make you confused. Taking you to his spot, opening to you about his feelings. But just as friends. Getting furious when I talk to his best friend. But at the same time going out with a girl himself.”

“The deal.” I heard Luke say. I sighed closing my eyes and nodding at him. I almost forgot that I was talking to Luke. It felt like I was just letting all my feelings out.

I saw Luke turning and adjusting himself so that he was sitting facing me completely.

“I don’t know Xavier. But he actually sounds like a d**k.” He whispered.
I laughed at his words making him laugh with me.

“There. Keep that smile of yours there. You look more beautiful.” He said. His eyes softening at the corners.

I waved my hands dismissively, “I am not beautiful.”

He shook his head before leaning in a little closer and whisper, “Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. You are beautiful. I find you beautiful. Any guy who doesn’t is blind, do you understand?”
I wasn’t blushing before but right now if possible my whole body could be blushing.

“Thanks.” I mumbled.

“And remember you have me now. As a friend. Someone you can let your feelings out to. I am not going to lie Liya, I wasn’t sure about it before but after meeting you I am sure. I will be happy to do this with you. For you. And not to boast,” he chuckled lightly, “but I can be a great friend. Just remember to lean on me whenever you need, okay?”

I stared at him dumbfounded. My mouth gape open. My heart was fluttering and doing what all not, “Yeah, I can definitely see you as a college student.”

He laughed, “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Look at you so mature.” I said still not able to believe his words. Can guys this good looking be sweet and soft too? I guess I have always had a misconception which just cleared up right now.

“I have had my share of experiences to make me who I am.” He laid his head back on the seat still smiling.

I could see the setting sun hitting the features of his face in the right spots.

I am staring I think. I shook my head to clear my mind, “I-I’ll go now.” I mumbled. Although Luke did everything to make me comfortable and he did too but there were just moments when I would feel this wasn’t right to him.

I opened the door to get out when I heard him call my name,

Still holding onto the door’s handle I turned around only to find him just mere inches away from my face. I sucked in a deep breath at the close proximity between us. I could smell his breath on my face as he moved closer.

I tried to open my mouth, “W-what a-are you d-doing?” The words came out more jagged down.

I closed my eyes as I felt his hands holding my face lightly. What the hell is going on?! Before I could even act I felt his lips press down softly on my forehead. I sucked in a sharp intake of breath.

He moved a little away from my face. His hands still holding my face lightly. He gazed into both of my eyes with his grey ones, “You have to get used to this if you want everyone to believe that we are dating.” He whispered.

He asked me something else but I wasn’t listening anymore. My head was completely dazed. He shook me slightly asking me if I understood him. I looked at him without any expression on my face and nodded my head at him.

He smiled down at me before going back in his own seat. I looked at him as he seemed completely fine. Not even a little bit dazed.

I got out of the car and without looking back I went inside.

As soon as I was inside I pressed my back against the door staring at the floor. Am I doing the right thing? I won’t complicate the situation more, will I?

But just as Luke said, we are just friends. We are just dating to show Xavier.
___To be continued…
Also do you guys like Luke??? Aaaah…I am actually loving him. Which reminds me I already have a ship name for Luke and Liya!!! Crazy😂

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