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She is kind😊 He is Cold😟

Making the classes fun

I was having a bad day. So far nothing good enough has happened to me to make me think otherwise.

I know no one here in this school. Still clueless where to go. And even though I could always ask the teacher I didn’t feel like asking anyone anything.

I sighed. I still can’t find the history class. If this continued I’ll surely get late for my first class. I stopped someone on the way,

“Here. Can you tell me where is the history class?”

It was a boy who I think was the same age as me. With caramel eyes he looked at me trying to study me.

“History class, huh?” He clicked the top of his palette, “Go straight and then take a left and then a right and voila, that is your class.”

I thanked him a ton before following the path the guy guided me. And surely there was a class in front of me. I blessed the soul with my heart. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have reached here at all.

Taking a deep breath and putting a smile on my face I opened the door wide open. Only to meet the teacher teaching… Chemistry?

Blessing the soul my foot. He was a devil in form of a human!


I snapped my attention back in front of me, “Y-Yes?” I was feeling nervous already. It was natural of me to be so!

“I already asked you twice. Are you supposed to be in this class?” The teacher in front of me pinned me with his eyes looking at me as if I was some intruder. Only I was.

I tugged onto my top a little. It was my habit. Whenever I felt anxious or nervous or panicked I tugged onto my clothes while staying either completely quite or ranting like some crazy maniac.

I opened my mouth to reply but I was cut short by a very familiar voice,

“No. She is not.”

I snapped my head to the back of the class to find Xavier sitting at the last seat with his hands at the back of his head.

“First thing Mr Reed, I didn’t ask you. Another, that is not a way to sit in class.” Xavier rolled his eyes before putting his hands back down. His eyes found it’s way to mine. And I couldn’t help but pass him a small smile for helping me. But all he did was avert his eyes back to the teacher.

Definitely, we are supposed to be strangers here.

The teacher cleared his throat announcing that he was still conversating with me, “Uh Miss, I don’t know what your problem is or what class you are supposed to be in. But you are disturbing my class. And I would not like that.”

“I am sorry.” I said before closing the door quietly. Not even ten seconds into it I opened it again, my face as red as a tomato.

“What do you want?” The teacher asked somewhat frustrated.

It’s not my fault that it’s my first day and I don’t know where my class is!

“She definitely is making this class fun.” I could hear the whole class erupting into laughter as I bent my head down.

Peeking a little I tried to see Xavier’s reaction. Who sat still not even giving so much as a smile.

The teacher banged the table when the class won’t quite down, “SILENCE!” The whole class fell silent.

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“Now, Alec would you stand up.”

I looked up to see the guy sitting next to Xavier stand up. He ran his hands through his blonde hair once setting them in place.

The teacher leaned a little on his table and stared right into Alec’s eyes, “You find this funny, right? Why don’t you have a little more fun by going out and helping this girl out?”

Alec’s eyes went a little wide, “NO!…I don’t want to.”

“I am not asking I am telling you Alec. Get out and help this girl!”

Alec rolled his eyes before coming towards the door, “Come on, Princess.” He whispered to me and walked out.

I apologized again to the teacher to which he smiled softly at me. He wasn’t that bad afterall. I closed the door before turning around to find Alec standing there with his hands in his pockets.

“So Princess, What’s your problem?” He asked letting me know very well that he was bored.

“I can’t seem to find the history class.”

He looked at me dead panned. I knew what was going on through his mind. Why didn’t she ask the receptionist? Why didn’t she ask any student?…ahem about that,

“I did.”

He looked at me strangely, “What?”

I rolled my eyes at him, “I did ask a student. Turns out this school has a lot more jerks than I thought.”

This made him crack up, “First day, huh?…That’s not the best way to start it.”

“Tell me.” I replied as he started walking away from me. He moved and took a turn to make me realize this was the exact place where I asked that guy the way to the history class.

Moron, I muttered to myself as Alec moved opposite to the direction I was told to go.

We walked for a few minutes before he stopped in front of the class, “There you go. Boring class for the boring people.”

“I wonder why you are not in it.” I said rolling my eyes.

A smile played on his lips. He took a step back telling me to go inside.

I stood there frozen to my place taking deep breaths. I am freaking late to my class. And I don’t want to make a bad impression. But then again it was all my fault for not asking for help from the teachers.

“Oh come on, just go inside already.” Alec said from beside me.

I turned around to give him a death glare to which he raised his hand before sighing,

“Come on,” he took hold of my hand and looking at me one last time he reached out for the class door.

It was the first time that I saw him. Saw him properly. He had ever so soft eyes with baby blue eyes. His hair, they were cut short emphasizing his blonde hair more. He was so tall that I reached his shoulders, but no taller than Xavier. He was handsome. But no better than Xavier.

Alec threw opened the classroom door interrupting the whole class. Still holding onto my hand he let us inside the class.

I looked down at the floor. This was embarrassing!

“What do you want?” The teacher enquired.

I looked up to see a lady, maybe in her thirties looking at Alec and me skeptically. She had thin rimmed glasses sitting upon her small turned up nose.

Alec gave my hand a squeeze telling me it was okay, “Apparently one of your new students got lost and stumbled upon the chemistry class, Ms Garcia.”

He passed Ms Garcia his most beautiful smile to which she couldn’t help but nod her head, “I see.” She went to her desk and checked some papers before looking up at me, “You must be Liya Kapur.”

I nodded at her, letting her know that was me. She smiled softly at me before telling me to take a seat.

Alec let go of my hand and bending a little he whispers into my ear, “See you later, princess.” And winks at me before leaving.

I stare at the door for a minute. What was that? Shrugging my shoulders I go and sit in one of the vacant places.

I put my books down and look in front to find Ms Garcia already going on with her lecture.

Sighing, I turned sideways to ask my neighbor for the chapter we were doing. Which by the way I wish I never did.

As soon as I turned sideways I couldn’t help but curse and regret choosing this seat at all.

“You asshole. You told me the way to chemistry class!”

Yeah. Exactly. I chose my seat next to the hallway guy. Which surprisingly happens to be in the same class as me.

He smiled down at me mischievously. Oh, how much I want to smash that face of his.

“You did that again, didn’t you Brian?… You pranked the new girl.” I heard the girl beside me say to the hallway guy. She looked at him as if she was scolding him.

She had the most beautiful brown hair I had seen. I couldn’t help but look down at my own. They were Jett black. They were nothing extraordinary.

“I was just trying to have fun.” He rolled his eyes at her, “It’s her first day. Someone had to do it. And it was a pretty decent prank.” He looked at me with his caramel eyes, “I took an exception for you. They don’t call me the god of pranks for nothing.”

Wow. Okay, so I bumped into the school’s prankster. Can this day get any better?

“Stop it already, Brian.” She rolls her at him. Then looking at me she smiles down at me, “I am Evelyn.” She had the same shade of brown eyes as me. Dark, “Call me Evie.”

I couldn’t help but smile at her, “Hey Evie. Nice to meet you.”

She laughed, “don’t be so formal, Liya.”

I looked down at my book embarrassed.

“Hey, why don’t you join us for lunch?” Brian chimed in.

I looked at both of them. Do I want to join them? Yes, ofcourse! What can be better than being invited over for lunch without even trying on your first day.

Brian and Evelyn looked at me expectantly. I opened my mouth before closing it shut.

I had read one book where the protagonist was offered to sit with a bunch of popular people. I still remember her thoughts and advice.

Whenever you get invited over for lunch. Try to act cool. Act like you are already invited over by some people. Then after a pause give in. Accept it.

“Yeah, I don’t think so. I am already invited over so.” I paused to continue the part where I accept it but I was interrupted by Evelyn.

“That’s fine. We just thought it would be nice of us.”

“No. No. You got it wrong. I want to. I would love to sit with you both. Please.” I ranted.

Dang it. In the process of trying to act cool, I just made a total fool out of myself.

Evie looks at me weirdly with a weird smile. That ofcourse meant to say, ‘uh okay, you are weird.’ But nods her heads anyways and turns forward again paying attention to Ms Garcia.

“That’d be great.” I turn my head to Brian who smiled at me cheerfully, “but a few things about our cafeteria before you go in.”

He gestures for me to come forward so that he could whisper and the teacher won’t catch us talking. I lean in a little. Keeping my head on the table, so that I was out of sight of Ms Garcia. Brian copied my actions. His face facing me.

“First thing you need to know,” he whispered loud enough for me to hear, “that you never ever, especially on your first day go to the cafeteria alone.”

I nod my head subtly. Even though all I wanted was to ask why. I didn’t. I just kept quite listening to him.

“Number two, you don’t mess with the trio. Known as XAN.” He said seriously before breaking out into a full grown grin, “But you don’t have to worry about that.” He said loudly, laying back with his hands behind his neck, “Until you have both of us. You don’t need to worry.”

There was a pin drop silence in the class. I removed my head from the table to look in front. Ms Garcia who was earlier teaching was now quite. Staring at Brian.

I turn my head to look at Brian who was still sitting there with his hands on his neck. A smile on his face which was faltering. His eyes wide. While he looked at Ms Garcia with a horrified expression.

“She might be sweetest teacher in the whole school. Until you mess with her while she teaches.” Evie whispered into my ear. I looked at her taken aback. Then looking at Brian I couldn’t help but pray for his poor soul.

“Tell me I am not dead.” He said from between his teeth while he still looked at Ms Garcia with that smile. It looked as if the time had stopped. Ms Garcia looking at Brian. Brian sitting there with a faltering(on the verge of crying) grin.

Ms Garcia kept her gaze stable on Brian. I could feel myself shudder. I would have died by now if it was me.

Brian finally sighed before giving in and standing up. He held his hand on his forehead while shouting, “Aye Aye Captain.” And sat down.

Ms Garcia looked satisfied, “And it better not happen next time, Brian.”

“What did that mean?” I asked Evie.

Evie had a smile on her face as she looked at Brian amused, “He will have to stay with Ms Garcia for lunch as a punishment.”


“Everyone does. I mean whoever talks. And let me be honest, it is no fun sitting there with the whole staff.”

The way Evie made a face, I could already tell that she had got the taste of it too. I looked at Brian who sat there paled face now.

___ To be continued…

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