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Episode 1

Memunat was born into a middle class home. They were neither rich nor poor..comfortable and got all their needs not want.
She’s the first child of four children. Her Dad is a building contractor who works with a popular company in Nigeria. Her mum, Mrs Kiki is a Christian who’s married to a Muslim but was allowed by her husband to practice her religion. So, all four children–Memunat, Idris, Ridwan and Sadiat were free-religioned(allowed to practice any religion of their choice). The family was a peaceful one..
Kiki owned a mini-supermarket in town and had 2 sales attendants. They made sure they provided for their children’s every need.


“Mummy! Daddy!! I passed! I’ve gained admission at last..My name is on the first list!!” Muna screamed running from her room in excitement to the dinning room where her parents and siblings were witted for dinner.
She handed the phone over to her Dad who scrolled down and checked her admission status on the school portal which wrote “ADMITTED” Course of study’s political science.

“Congratulations last” Mr. Jamiu said handing the phone back to her.

“Thank you daddy” She beamed excitedly

“Congrats my love” Kiki said smiling

“Muna congrats” Her siblings chorused

Indeed she was happy. She had taken JAMB 3 good times and in all, she made good grades but was denied admission due to the wrecked educational system of our country. And because of that, her younger brother Idris got admission before her and was now in FUT-Minna studying Architecture.

Muna couldn’t eat because of too much excitement. She was too happy and began to envision her life as a campus babe. She couldn’t wait to leave for school..The next day, her dad gave her money to pay for acceptance fee and school fees which was all online while waiting for the official date of school resumption.
Her Mum made sure to buy everything needed for her school ranging from provisions to foodstuffs to wears, books and all you can think of.

Soon, school resumed and an uber was chartered for her to convey her and her numerous stuffs to school. She arrived Campus as a big girl..She checked into her hostel which she had already paid for online.
She was in one of the biggest hostels with just three people per room.

She got into the room and met 3 girls seated on one of the beds there gisting and eating.
They noticed her presence.

“Welcome” the fair slim girl said

“goodevening” she replied sitting down on an empty bed

“Uhmm..I guess you’re new here?” The fair girl said

“Yes. Am a fresher..Political science department” Muna said naively

“’re welcome..Am Mirabel, Mimi for short..this is Juliann and this is Chisom. This is my corner and that’s Chi’s corner..Juli is in Adam&Eve hostel but we all in the same department” Mimi Introduced.

“I’m Memunat..Muna for short” Muna said smiling at them.

They helped her bring in her stuffs and settle down. She discovered Mimi is in the same department with her and same level too. Juli is in Economics Dept while Chisom was a year above all of them and in Biochem.
She settled in immediately and started gisting with them.
They planned to start their registration the next day as Chisom who already knew every nook and cranny of the school directed them because she was in 200level already.


The next day, Muna woke up early and woke her roommate and newfound friend Mimi. They bathed and dressed up for their registration while Chisom was still on bed. She said she had a 9am class.

“Remember what I told you girls o..go to students affairs block first to get your green and pink files..fill it and you’ll see the necessary places to submit them” Chisom said

“We here o madam” Mimi replied

They bade her farewell and went off. They got to the Student affairs block after much Directions and met a huge crowd of fresher’s struggling to get a number as a ticket to get into the building and get their files..The security men were controlling the crowd of students.

“Omo if you touch me, I go wound you!” A security man screamed at a boy who was struggling to get inside.

Muna and Mimi were already frustrated.. How could they get past these whole crowd?
Suddenly, Mimi whispered to Muna..”babe stay here, I’ll be right back”

Before Muna could ask questions, Mimi had disappeared into the crowd forcefully making her way. In less than 10minutes, she was back with two tickets..”No. 5″ and “No. 6″. She handed No. 6 to Muna who looked at her surprisingly

” Mimi how did you?..”

“Shhhhhhh..there’s always a way” Mimi winked at her..

Episode 2

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. Muna was beginning to adjust to Campus life..She made sure she attended lectures regularly, do her assignments and partake in one social activity or the other. Mimi and her became very close due to the fact that they were roommates and also in the same department.. They hung out with Juli too but not frequently because she wasn’t in same department as them. Kindly hi ome on+2348022720459 to be added to for more exciting stories.

Muna noticed that Mimi lacked nothing in school. Even during the hard days when it seemed like everyone on campus was broke, Mimi fed her and Chisom well, bought them things and catered for their needs till they were able to bounce back. She also noticed that Mimi had her way round many things.. Things that felt difficult for them seemed like drinking water to Mimi..

“Babe don’t u ever get broke?” Muna asked one evening as she and Mimi were at an expensive restaurant eating, sponsored by Mimi as usual.
Mimi gave a short laugh “And why would I get broke?”
“Hian! I guess your parents must be very wealthy because I’ve never seen you lack anything” Muna said munching her rice
“My mum isn’t rich.. Matter-of-fact, I feed my mum and younger ones.” Mimi said
Muna couldn’t believe it..”What do u mean by you feed your mum and younger ones? What about your Dad? Like..babe you have everything at your beck and call, you use the latest model of iPhone.. And I’ve never seen you dress up for work. So what exactly are u saying?”

“Let’s forget it my up, we still have classes to attend”
Muna nodded but she knew that conversation was far from over. She needed to know how Mimi made her money..she too wants to use the latest iPhone and never lack..
One night, Muna came back from night reading prior to a test they’d be having the next morning. She went alone because Mimi said she was too tired and needed rest. She wondered how Mimi would be so relaxed as not to read for a test.

She came back that night and climbed the stair case to her hostel..She was just in front of the room when she heard soft moans. She put her ears very well and indeed the moans were coming from her room. She wondered which of her roommates could be f***ing in their room.
She slowly opened the door and put ON the light which was off.
She was baffled to see Chisom’s face buried in between Mimi’s thighs, eating her p***y..Mimi was moaning softly while pushing Chisom’s face deeper into her P***y.

They were so engrossed in their act that they didn’t notice any presence. Muna watched with mouth agape. She didn’t know how she felt..disappointed or amazed.
“Una well-done o” She finally said to announce her presence.
The two girls scrampled on their feet. Seeing that it was her, Mimi hissed loudly..
“What’s all these nau? Which kind kill-joy you be? You saw that were busy and you couldn’t just spoiled everything” Chisom said angrily
“And to think I was at the verge of climaxing” Mimi said
Muna couldn’t understand. Weren’t they supposed to be ashamed that they were caught in such an *evil act?

“Both of you are shameless should be ashamed of you two are lesbians eh? To think I’ve been in the same room with disgusting creatures like you baffles me. How c* ome I never knew all these while?” Muna said
Mimi bursted into laughter. Chisom joined her.
“Now what’s so funny?” Muna asked very confused.
“You’re indeed a JJC..See my dear, every girl f***s her fellow girl. In this hostel, I can count just 3 girls who are saints..the rest are fuckaholics..and mind you, am not a Lez..we both are not lesbians.. We are Bi* we do both male and female so cut the crap” chisom hissed
“You better come and calm yourself down with better mouth job from Chisom..omo if she gives you head, you would come back for more” Mimi laughed

“What’s the meaning of that rubbish?” Muna asked angrily
“Chill abeg” Mimi said adjusting herself on the bed to sleep.
“You just carry big breast for nothing. Come let me squeeze it small and give you good good loving” Chisom said as she laughed and entered into the bathroom.
For a while, Muna was speechless. She quietly sat on her bed wondering about what she had seen and heard..She really was amazed. She wasn’t a virgin though. She had had sex twice with her then boyfriend Jerry but it was so boring and painful that she decided to close the chapter after she broke up with him.
She made up her mind to stay away from those two evil daughters of Jezebel as she tagged them.
The next day, she carried her books and left the hostel to class without calling or waiting for Mimi as usual. Mimi didn’t even seem to care as she came to class later smacking gum and playing with their class mates.
Muna was so infuriated by the carefree wtf!
She curtailed her anger and after lectures and tests, she went back to her hostel without Mimi. She met Chisom in the hostel but pretended like she didn’t even see her.
She knocked off her shoes and lie on her bed and slept off.
She woke up to the tantalizing aroma of a well prepared jollof rice and fried meat..
She saw Chisom singing while dishing out the food. Muna’s stomach rumbled in hunger. She had just 200# on her and her foodstuffs were finished..She had relied on Mimi and Chisom till her parents would send her money by weekend but now that she wasn’t talking to them, she knew she had to look for other means to survive.

Soon, Mimi arrived.
“ smell of rice I dey perceive so?” Mimi asked
“Correct rice with better fried meat” Chisom replied laughing
“As if I know, I bought Chivita orange juice” Mimi said bringing out the chivita from her bag.
The two settled down munching their rice while Muna looked at them hungrily.
“Wahala for who no dey chop this rice o” Mimi said in between eating
“Double wahala for who no dey step am down with this cold chivita o” Chisom said drinking the juice. They both laughed mockingly.
Muna looked at them, hissed and left.



Episode 3
Muna kept up with her i-don’t-care attitude for a week although deep down, she knew she needed their help as hunger was really dealing with her.
She had called her Dad that weekend and he sent her 10k to manage..Muna decided it was time to pepper her roommates who had shown her shege these past few days..She bought a full roasted chicken with juice and ate for dinner. The next morning, she prepared sizzling indomie with beef and ate with Coke.. She continued to pamper herself and didn’t know when her money got finished in 2days and she went back to square one.

She couldn’t call her Dad to ask for money again because it was just two days.
All these while, Mimi and Chi ignored her totally going about their business like she never existed. Muna therefore resorted into going to Juli’s place even though they were not very close.
“Ha! This one u visited me today. Kilode?” Juli asked jokingly
Muna went straight to Juli’s bed and sat down. Her roommates were not around and the other two beds were empty.
“Juli abeg find food gimme..hunger don show me pepper” Muna said
Juli laughed and headed to the kitchen and came back with beans and plantain. Muna delved into the food and finished it within a split second. She drank water and belced satisfactorily.

“What about your friends? Can’t they help u out? Seems you’re broke” Juli said sitting beside her
“My dear, forget those girls..I don’t want to have anything to do with them. They’re so disgusting..gosh! Do u know I caught both of them making out? Like..having sex with each other..lesbians!” Muna spat
Juli laughed “you just found out?”
“Yes..last week”
“I know about it though. Didn’t you notice I don’t frequent your hostel anymore? Because I dont want anything to do with them. Not like am quarrelling with them o..if we see, we greet, we gist, we laugh but anything that will bring us close, I block it..Lesbianism is like a normal thing in this university but it only takes the grace of God to overcome” Juli said

Muna listened with rapt attention
“Not only that..girls turn prostitutes, sleeping with old men for money. To flaunt around and see themselves as big girls..Mimi is into that too. She initiated Chisom into it..I’ve known Chisom from home and she was never a bad girl until Mimi arrives this year and influenced her. I’ve tried to talk to her all to no avail and I decided to put her in my prayers instead”
“Eh ehn..things are happening o..ah!” Muna exclaimed
“You too have to be at alert. If u are not strong enough to resist the temptation, please Flee! Run away..change your hostel because the devil is always available to drag one into something he or she doesn’t have the intention of doing” Juli advised
Muna nodded in affirmative. She was going to heed to the advise.

It was mid-semester break. Many students were set to go home while most runs girls and boys saw it as an avenue to party hard.
Obinna and his clique of friends who were called ‘Money spenders’ saw this break as a means to party and spend their money as usual.
They were in 300lvl but was known in the whole school due to their reckless spending attitude. Obinna and his friends (Joe, Iyke and Tunde) decided to throw a party at their residence that weekend. They lived off-campus in a well furnished 3 bedroom flat..they had 2 cars which they used individually from time to time. Obinna who seemed to be their leader as he came from a very wealthy home drove one alone and had most girls at his beck and call.
He didn’t bother with tests and assignment as he knew all the lecturers and HODs and equally settled them financially to get good grades.

Muna decided not to go home for the break because after the break, exam commences and she knew if she went home, she wouldn’t read so she and Juli had planned to use the break to read ahead of the exams.
Mimi and Chi weren’t going home too of course because of parties.
“Don’t u think this gown is too long?” Mimi said to Chi who wore a pink gown standing in front of the mirror as they were getting set for the party.
“You think so? If it’s not good. Tell me o..I want to look sexy for my Joe..” Chi said
“It’s too long. Try the black one” Mimi replied and Chi pulled out the pink dress and wore the black one which was above her knee. She turned around for Mimi who affirmed that it was okay for the party.

Just then, Muna’s phone rang. She had been sitting on her bed reading. It was Juli
Muna: Hey babe!
Juli: I’m fine. Please I won’t be able to make it today for the reading. I have a church program to please, let’s shift it till tomorrow can go alone..I’m sorry
Muna: Why nah! Ha..u just scattered everything
Juli: I’m sorry dear..I’ll make it up to you.
Muna hissed and ended the call..She was going to be bored and no way will she stay alone in this room because her roommates were obviously dressing for a party.

An idea crossed her mind.
“Mimi..Chi..can I follow you guys for the party?” Muna asked
They both turned to look at her bewildered. She hadn’t spoken to them since the incidence.
“You want to follow us?” Chi asked to be sure
“Yes..I’ll be bored and lonely. I’ll just go and sit down there so when you are done with the party, we go home together”
Chi looked at Mimi
“Okay then. Dress up” Mimi said
Muna stood up and searched for a gown to wear for the party. Her plan was to just follow then there and seat down till the party was over. She doesn’t want to be bored. She reasoned that it wouldn’t cause any harm. What a foolish idea!!
Mimi made her up and by 10pm, Mimi ordered an Uber who came to the front of their hotel and picked them up for the party.

They arrived a nice house in less than 20minutes and alighted.
The whole place was already bussing with music and people. Muna could see young ladies and guy openly making out..For a minute, she reconsidered her decision of coming here.
Chi and Mimi led the way to the parlour that was buzzing with loud music.
Some guys were seated at the bar area of the house drinking and that was where Chi and Mimi went to.
“Hi babe” Mimi said as she pecked a tall dark guy there whom was later introduced to Muna as Tunde. He is Mimi’s boyfriend. While Chi went over to Joe.
The two remaining guys welcomed Muna and the fair and cutest of them offered to serve Muna a drink which she accepted.
He led her to a less noisy area of the house and they sat down.
“I’m Obinna and you?” He said with a calm manly voice that sent waves of feelings through Muna.
“I’m Memuna..” She said sipping her drink shyly
“Muna..nice name..I like you already”He smiled

” You’re beautiful”he continued as he lifted her face with his hand
She smiled shyly “are u trying to flirt with me?”
He laughed softly “Who wouldn’t want to flirt with a pretty lady?”
He poured her another drink and she gulped it down..
Obinna continued to talk to her and she found herself free around him. Telling him many things..she didn’t know if it was the influence of alcohol or just natural love..She just knew she loved him and needed him sexually.
She suddenly started feeling hot down there. She remembered she hadn’t f***ed for close to 2years now.
So when he offered to take her to his room, she didn’t decline.
When he pulled her dress and panties, she urged him on.
When he cupped her breast in his hands and sucked them hungrily, she moaned in pleasure.
And when he finally put it in, she felt she was in heaven.

Episode 4

Muna woke up the next morning feeling funny. It took her a while before she remembered what happened the previous night. She covered her mouth in embarrassment as she realised she was naked under the blanket. The Obinna guy wasn’t even there..she felt stupid for sleeping with a guy she just met.
“Sunshine, you’re awake” it was Obinna. He just came in through the door holding a tray of tea and slices of bread.
She looked at him in surprise.
He sat before her and placed ta side stool.

“I made you this..I know you must be tired from last night” he winked at her
“I hope you know we did all that under the influence of alcohol” she said trying to gather her pride and not look cheap
He smiled “If that’s the case, I would want us to always be under the influence of alcohol”
Muna laughed..she grabbed a slice of bread and started chewing..Obinna watched her as she drank the tea.
“Can we be a couple? start a relationship?” he said suddenly.
Muna was taken aback “you said?”
“Come on babe, I like u..and I know u like me too..let’s date and enjoy ourselves..I’ll make u happy while u make me happy too”
Muna didn’t understand what type of a guy Obinna was. What sort of proposal was that? Not romantic at all..but she realised she was drawn to him already. He’s cute and looks rich.. She wouldn’t suffer in school anymore.
“You like me? I thought it was supposed to be love..” Muna said
“Babe stop making this hard for the both of us..” He moved closer, collected the cup of tea from her and kept on the tray.
“Your body physique is mad. I get horny each time I set eyes on my babe and I’ll make u happy” he whispered into her ears and slowly started kissing her. Muna found herself weak in his arms.. She couldn’t stop him..
He removed the duvet revealing her naked body as he pounced on her, devouring her hungrily with each kiss..

Muna ended up staying at Obinna’s house for the weekend. She totally forgot about her friends..she was told they had left.
Monday morning, Obinna dropped her off in front of her hostel. He transferred 50k to her account and gave her 10k cash..she was overjoyed as she kissed him happily before alighting from the car and bade him farewell.
“Babe you too do o…ahahn! Na we carry u go but u just fashi us like that. Which way nah??” Mimi asked immediately Muna entered the room.
“Leave her na..wicked somebody” Chi teased
“Calm down girls… I’m sorry for not reaching out but calm your pussies down..I have gist..” She said excitedly
Mimi and Chi listened with rapt attention as Muna told them everything that transpired between her and Obinna.
“So both of you are now dating?” Chi asked
“Yes o..babes, the guy is so nice” Muna said excitedly
“Thank God..the demon wey hold u don finally release u…” Mimi laughed
She further showed them the money Obi gave her and the alert of the 50k he sent.
“I’ll spoil you girls tonight” Muna said and the girls rejoiced.

That evening, Muna, Mimi and Chi went to a bar where they drank to their fill dancing and partying.
They totally forgot they had an exam to write the next day.
They got home late that night drunk and exhausted.
Mimi and Chi started doing stuffs to themselves. F***ing each other with reckless abandon. Their moans were getting into Muna. She didn’t want to join them because she had condemned their act before so she just pulled her pant and began to finger herself while listening to their moans.
“Babe stop that nonsense…let me give u good pleasure” it was Mimi’s voice…Muna was so lost in her act that she didn’t realise that the two girls had stopped and were watching her. She shrank in embarrassment.
Before she could say a word, Mimi had started eating her p***y.
She relaxed when she started enjoying it.
Chi on the other hands was squeezing and sucking her b****. Double enjoyment!
She gave in and started enjoying the whole thing.. And soon, she climaxed.

It was the persistent knock on the door that woke the trio. They were still naked on Muna’s bed..
Chi quickly wore her gown and walked to the door to open it.
It was Juli! Dressed up already..
“Wait..Mimi and Muna, you girls ain’t set? Don’t u know we have GST 103 Exam by 9am? And it is 08:15…”
“8 what? Exam?? Jesus!!” Muna screamed quickly rushing to the bathroom where she had a quick bath.. Mimi too bath and dressed up. And they got to school by 8:42am..they quickly went in search of their hall.
Since Muna and Mimi were in same department, they were to write in the same hall while Juli went to another hall for her department.
“Mimi am doomed. I didn’t read anything!” Muna shivered
“We’re both the same. Just calm down and write anything you can..we will sort it out later” Mimi said
This didn’t soothe Muna in anyway. For heaven’s sake, this was her first exam in this school and was she going to mess up like this?? Oh God!!
“Help me scale through this..I promise to become serious after this” Muna prayed silently as she saw the exam questions which looked like “Swahili” to her..


Episode 5
“How was the Exam?” Juli asked excitedly as she met with Muna and Mimi outside the hall. She had finished hers in time and came to wait for them in their hall.
“Mtcheeeeeew” Muna hissed angrily
“It was bad..terrible!”
Juli withdrew in shock. To her, there was nothing bad about the Exam. It was so simple to her..”What do u mean by that?”
“See, just leave me alone are the cause of all these. If only you didn’t postpone our reading schedule. I would have read. But your scattered all our plans with your stupid fellowship meeting..I hope you’re happy sha. The exam was bad for me!” Muna yelled angrily attracting few students around..
“But..” Juli wanted to talk but Muna cut her short
“Don’t justify your stupid self!” Turning to Mimi, she said “Girl let’s go” she started walking away.
Mimi followed suit while Juli stood there confused.

Chi wasn’t in the room when the got there. She had left for her own Exam.
Muna on the other hand felt terrible about her Exam..She knew she would fail woefully. She wrote nothing!
Mimi noticed the unrest in her face.
“Muna can you just get hold of yourself? Ahahn! Calm down..”
“Mimi you don’t understand.. Am sure going to get an F in this course. I practically wrote nothing! Don’t you understand?”
“Hian! How won’t I understand? Me too wrote nothing..but I said you should calm down. I have a solution..”
Muna rushed to seat beside her “What is it?”
“Give me 30minutes, I’ll be back okay?” Mimi said and hurriedly left leaving Muna wondering.
Just then, her phone rang. It was Obinna! Her heart leapt for Joy and she forgot her worries.
“Hi baby” she smiled putting the phone on her ear.
“I’m not good o..I’m missing you” He said
“Awwwwwn babe. I miss you too. But you know we’re in exam period”
“Meaning we can’t see cos it’s Exam period?” Obi said getting a bit angry
“No babe. That’s not what I mean..I mean that we should focus on our exams for now so that..”
The line went dead…Obinna hung up.
Muna was surprised.
She called and called but he refused picking up and soon, he’s line was switched off.
Muna paced around restless. She didn’t know what to do, whether to go over to his house or..?

But she had pending exam issues to settle. She even had a paper by 8am the next day!
She dropped her phone and searched for the handout POS101..She soon started reading but couldn’t concentrate coz of Obinna.
Knock! Knock!!
“Yes? Who’s there?” Muna asked loudly
“Its me..” Came Juli’s voice.
Muna hissed. “The door is open, come in if you like” and she bent her head over her handout feigning serious reading.
Juli came in..”Muna am sorry if I’m the reason you didn’t read for today’s Exam. It wasn’t intentional..I thought you’ll read without me since I told you already that I’d be unavailable.. I’m sorry”
“I’ve heard” Muna said nonchalantly still bent over the handout.
“ I have a paper by 10am tomorrow and am on my way to the Library to read. Would you mind joining me?”

“No. Thanks. I’d rather read here” Muna said still feigning reading.
“Are you still angry with me?”
“No. I’m fine..I just want to stay here and read. My paper is by 8am tomorrow”
“OK then. Take care” Juli said and left.
Muna hissed angrily. She blamed Juli still, for her woeful failure in this exam. If only she didn’t postpone their reading..she would have gone to school with her that night and wouldn’t follow Mimi and Chi to the party where she had met Obinna..she paused! Thank God for Juli’s disappointment she wouldn’t have met her heartthrob.. She smiled
But Obi was angry with her..what would she do now?
Mimi barged into the room “Hey”
Muna looked up “What’s up? Where did you go?”
“Hurry up! Dress up..we have a place to go..”
“Mimi. We have Exams tomorrow by 8am. We need to read”
“Hian! Ain’t you the one sulking over your poor performance in today’s exam? Let’s sort out that one first na! What’s your problem?” Mimi asked pissed off already.

Muna apologized and dressed up as they headed out. The boarded a cab and dropped at the junction where they took a bike to the front of a hotel.
“Mimi what are we doing in a hotel?” Muna asked confused as they were climbing the staircase to the hotel room after talking to the receptionist.
Mimi paused and looked at Muna “in there is Prof. Afolayan..”
“You mean GST 103 lecturer?” Muna asked wide eyed
“Exactly.! We wrote his exam today abi? But we both know we, my dear the only key to getting an A or at most a B in this cause is f***ing him well..”
“Like having sex with him?” Muna was shocked
“Why are u doing like it’s a big deal? No be the same f**k you dey f**k your boyfriend? What’s the difference? See if you’re not interested, me I am interested..” With this, Mimi walked into the room leaving Muna transfixed.
She was battling with different thoughts. How can she sleep with her lecturer for marks?

But then, how was she going to escape an F without doing this?
“All f**k na f**k, it doesn’t matter whom you do it with so long as you get what you want..” This thought popped in her head as she headed towards the hotel room.

Episode 6

Muna and Mimi had had a threesome with Mr. Afolayan who promised to give them an ‘A’ in his course.
“I hope we’ll do this some other time. I enjoyed you girls” He said licking his lips. He had dressed up already to leave because he said he had to start marking scripts..however, the hours he paid for in the hotel wasn’t over yet so he told Muna and Mimi to stay behind if they liked which they agreed. He collected their Matric numbers..
“Sir don’t fail in your promise o” Mimi said as he made to leave
“Of course I won’t. You girls have fulfilled your own part of the why won’t I? Be rest’s an A!” He smiled
“Thank you sir” they chorused while he left
“I’m so happy. So just one round of sex could get me an A in this exam?” Muna asked excitedly

“Yes o..didn’t I tell you to call your pussy down? I can handle everything..”
“Oshey master planner!” Muna laughed
“Oya come and show your own appreciation..” Mimi drew close to her as she grabbed Muna’s big br***ts and started sucking them interchangeable while Muna moaned softly..

After everything that day, Muna and Mimi headed home.
“Girl I’m worried” Mimi said as they got home.
Chisom wasn’t still around
“What is it again? I thought we’ve settled the exam ish” Mimi said removing her dress..
“Not that..” She explained what transpired between Obinna and herself earlier that day..
Mimi was furious “girl, don’t lose your man o..go there and give him whatever he wants before another girl will snatch him away from you”
“But what about tomorrow’s exam?”
“Kai this girl..u too dey fall my hand..when you have pussy, you can get whatever you want. Forget tomorrow’s exam and protect your territory first!”
Muna quickly hurried out and boarded a taxi straight to Obi’s house. She was super excited that she was going to spend the night there..she couldn’t wait to see him. Moreover, he called him twice in the taxi but he still didn’t pick. She guessed he was still angry with her.
She alighted from the cab, paid the cab man and headed inside.
She was surprised to see the whole place quiet..nobody was in sight yet the door was open..
Just on the floor, she saw female clothes and pants littered about with a handbag. Maybe one of the guys was making out with his woman.

She minded her business and headed to Obi’s room..but just in front of the door, she was hearing sounds..
“Oh yes..f**k me hard daddy..oh f**k! Yea..that’s it..OMG..YE YE..”
Muna was confused..the voice sounded familiar.
She slowly opened the door and peeped.
She just couldn’t understand what she saw so she walked in fully.
Yes..her eyes weren’t deceiving was Chisom and Obinna..
Chisom was holding the wall with her a** pouted backwards and her precious boyfriend was lashing her from behind.
“JESUS CHRIST! What’s happening here?” She screamed.

The two withdrew immediately.. Chisom looked down in shame while Obinna sat on the bed.
“Chisom you? F***ing my man..why?” Muna screamed as tears welled up her eyes..
“I thought you’re dating Joe who’s Obinna’s friend..I don’t understand.. What’s going on?”
“Please shut up!” Obinna screamed..
“Me?” Muna asked surprised. She was expecting Obinna to apologize.
“Yes..stop making noise. I called you but you refused. Someone who’s available came and gave it to me so why shouting? Abi you think my d**k is meant for only one p***y? Abeg calm down!”
Muna was shocked. She didn’t know what to do or say..she just stormed out of the house in tears.

“I’m not surprised o..girls are like that especially people you call friends. I take anything I see in life. I don’t trust people that’s why I don’t get disappointed..” Mimi said..
Muna had explained everything that happened to her. She couldn’t stop crying.
“Stop crying o..but I partially blame you for what happened”
“But how?”
“Eh na..the guy called you but you refused to answer..Chisom was available and he released him konji on her..”
“But Chisom is supposed to be my friend.. Moreover, I thought he said he loves me..”
Mimi laughed “love ke.. In this generation? Babe calm down o..nothing like that again..just use your head”
“What do I do now?”
“Claim back what is yours. Don’t let that b***h win..she’d happily have Joe and Obinna together. I know her”
“You mean I should go back to Obinna after wat he did? No. I can’t!”
“Okay o..sha do what’s on your mind..” Mimi said

Chisom arrived late that day. Mimi and Muna were however still awake.
“Welcome back b***h..!” Muna said standing up from the bed
Chi ignored her and started moving to her corner but Muna dragged her back
“I’m talking to idiot! Shameless dare f**k my man. For what? Joe d**k no do you? Why going for mine?” Muna screamed
“Please I had a hectic day..I’m not ready for drama so just leave me alone”
This angered Muna the more..”You had a hectic day banging my man? You must be stupid..Chisom I called you a friend but you’ve behaved worse than an enemy!”
“Abeg abeg..hold it. We were never friends.. Lai .Lai.. You keep bagging about Obinna. How good he is on he gives you I decided to see for myself. If truly we were friends, you wouldn’t mind me sharing your man..but I must say, you’re really enjoying o..your guy is hot abeg” Chi laughed
Muna couldn’t take it anymore..she landed a heavy slap on Chi’s right cheek..Chisom retaliated and a fight ensued.
Mimi tried to separate them but couldn’t.. She went out and called for help..Other girls came in and finally separated them..
“I’ll teach you a lesson you’ll never forget. Man-snatcher..F
renemy!” Muna screamed.

The next day, Muna went to write her Exam with a bruised face. Although she knew she would write nothing as usual because she didn’t read but she was confident to get an A after a good f**k with the lecturer in charge.
She was heading home with Mimi after the Exam when Juli called their name and they stopped..
“Muna why? Why have u turned out this way?” Juli said
“What do u mean by that?” Muna asked
“See your face..bruised up..I heard hhow you fought Chisom yesterday over a man..she did u turn out this way?”
“Abeg hold it..hold your own..I. Don’t have time for you”
“I warned you. I warned you to flee from Mimi and her gang but you didn’t adhere..”
“Please don’t even mention my name..are u mad? Which one is Mimi and her gang? Don’t anger me o” Mimi said angrily and walked away.
“Muna it’s not too late to change your ways..please..”
Muna only hissed and walked away.

Episode 7
Juli was bothered about Muna’s change in attitude. She blamed herself for not making use of the little time she had with her back then to drag her out of that room with those devils.
She had known Chisom from home..they attended the same church and were friends..they took jamb together same year but Chisom was fortunate enough to gain admission before her…However, the next year Chisom urged her to retake Jamb and apply for the same school..she did and Chisom helped her a lot because she had known fee people and with God’s grace, Juli’s score and Chisom’s help, she was given admission the next year.

The were in different hostels but that didn’t deter their friendship. They hung out in each others hostel and went to classes together until Mimi arrived.
Mimi arrived the second week and was allocated to Chisom’s room..the three of them became friends before Muna arrived the next week and joined them…
As soon as Mimi became Chi’s roommate, Juli had noticed few changes in her friend and later found out of their evil lesbian act 2days after Muna arrived…
She had talked, preached and advised Chi but all fell on deaf ears..she decided to give them gap.
Now, same thing was happening to Muna again! She wouldn’t allow affliction to rise the second time..
“No! I can’t let it happen again..!!” She said aloud..
“What’s wrong?” Presh her roommate asked.

Then did Juli realise that she had screamed aloud in her thoughts..
“Nothing dear” she sighed and lie on her bed
“Talk to’ve been pale all day..what’s bothering you?” Presh insisted.
Presh is in her final year studying Business Admin. She was like a big sister to Juli and a konk Christian.
“My dear, it’s about my friends..Muna and Chisom”
“So what about them?”
“It’s a long story..” Juli narrated everything to Presh
She sighed “This is serious..with your explanation, this Mimi girl possesses attitudes of a demon..Yes..she has an evil spirit of negatively influencing people around her. She might not know this but it’s true..most people with such traits don’t know they have a bad spirit..”
“So what do you think?”
“Prayers..but before then, do you know Muna’s parents? I’d advise you tell them first..they might have a hold on her..” Presh advised
“Are you sure about this?”
“Try it first.. With God, nothing is impossible.. Let’s kneel down and tell God to take control” Presh said.
The two knelt down and started praying for Muna and Co.

Muna had gone to Obinna’s house to beg him according to Mimi’s advice..She was said to take back her relationship to shame Chisom..
“I’m sorry love..I’m sorry I didn’t come when you needed me and you had to cheat. I take responsibility for that” Muna said apologetically
Obinna was pressing his phone absentmindedly behaving as if she wasn’t even there..
“Obi..I’m sorry nau” She said touching his shoulder
“Please leave me alone..see the way you embarrassed and insulted me that day..” Obi said
“Thats why I’ve come to’s all my fault. Forgive me” She said
“OK..OK..I’ve heard..” He said
“Are you sure?”
“Oya smile for me” She started tickling him and he laughed aloud..
They ended up having sex upon sex till the next morning.

Muna woke up feeling exhausted. Obinna was still sleeping.. She smiled remembering the great sex they had. She was prepared to make it up to him so she quietly stood up to prepare breakfast for him before he’d wake up.
She wore his polo which looked big on her and walked to the kitchen.
She checked for the foodstuffs and saw rice and all ingredients so she decided to make rice for him and his friends.

She bent down to carry pot from the down shelf when she felt a hand smack her ass.
She smiled thinking it was Obi but looking up, she saw Joe smiling mischievously.
“Where you the one that smacked my a**?” She asked bewildered
“Anything wrong with that?” He asked making for the fridge to get cold water
“Are you mad or something?” She asked angrily
“Calm down jare..” He went towards her
“I’ve been admiring you for a while now..kai..I can’t believe Obi is the only one eating this huge food” she said licking his lips staring at her breast..
“You’re mad o..are you not Chisom’s boyfriend? And is Obinna not your friend?” She asked surprised
“Forget that and you can run package lowkey..Chisom is boring on bed coupled with how dry she is, no br***t or a** are the main deal girl..let’s do this..nobody needs to know..I’ll spoil you with everything good..I love you” He said softly

Muna thought in her mind that it was a good opportunity to pay Chisom back for her betrayal..she would also f**k her boyfriend and collect money from him so she nodded in acceptance.
“But nobody should know o” she said
“Haba am not a kid na”he whispered..
“I have it number..I’ll give u a call” he winked
“But let’s do one now na”
“Do what? Don’t u know Obinna and the rest of your friends are around?”she whispered scared
” chill..nobody will see us”he dragged her towards him and made her hold the kitchen cabinet while he raised her polo up which she wasn’t wearing pant..he pulled down his trouser and banged her..

Muna got home that day exhausted..She slept off immediately she touched her bed.
The ringing of her phone woke her up.
It was her Dad! Her heart raced
“Asalam alaikum Daddy”
“Memuna..I want you to come home as early as you can tomorrow morning” He said ignoring her greeting
“Dad am not done with Exams..”
“So when will you be done?’
” Friday..that’s next tomorrow ”
“OK..come home on Saturday.. Unfailingly”he said and the line went dead..
Muna smelt a rat but she couldn’t fathom where it came from..She sighed..

Episode 8

Muna arrived home that evening meeting the full family..Idris was back from school for end of semester…they’re done with exams.
Ridwan and Sadiat too were around.
She was welcomed and she went to her room to settle down..After their dinner of tuwo and hot delicious draw soup, the others retired to bed but her father asked her to stay behind..Her mum was present too.
“Memuna, how is school?” Her Dad asked
“Fine sir” she replied
“I’ve been hearing reports about your behaviour in school..I chose not to believe because I was confident of the child I raised. But someone came to my office days ago and introduced herself as your friend..she told me about all your recent attitude in school..that is why I called you to come home..I want you to look at me in the eyes Memuna..tell me what am hearing isn’t true” Her dad said
“Dad honestly I don’t understand.. What is it you heard?”
“That you fight over guys..go to club, drink, smoke..all manner of rubbish..” Kiki said

“Ah!!!! What? Me drink and smoke! Go to club and fight over guys?! believed the person” She started crying
“What sort of lie is that? What did I do to that person?” She kept crying
Her parents exchanged puzzled glances..
“Memuna we are not accusing you..just asking you because I am sure of my daughter..that’s what I told the girl” Her dad said
“Wait daddy..what is the name of this girl?”
“Uhmm..what is that her name again?”Mr Jamiu asked looking at his wife..
“Juliana abi Juliann..something like that” Kiki said
“Ehen! I thought as much..I knew it would be none other than her” Muna exclaimed
“How do u mean?” Kiki asked
“See that girl..her boyfriend asked me out but I refused. I told him I won’t have anything to do with him because that’s not why am in school..I don’t know how some people knew and went to tell her..this girl now came to confront me that I want to snatch her boyfriend away from her and she will deal with me in a manner I will cry..I guess this was the best she could think of. To tarnish my image before my parents” Muna said feigning tears.

Jamiu and Kiki sighed in relief
“Alhaji didn’t I tell you? I told you that that girl had something up her daughter cannot behave like that..”
“It’s okay Muna..thank God we confirmed from you and knew she’s lying..” Jamiu said
Her parents apologized and advised her before letting her go to bed.

Muna was fuming in anger as she went into her room. She didn’t believe Juli would go this far as to report her to her parents. What was she thinking?
“She must be stupid..I must deal with her” Muna said..
She picked up her phone to call Mimi but she saw 6missed calls
2 from Obinna and 4 from Joe.
She called Obinna back..he asked when she would be coming back cuz he already missed her..she promised to come back on Monday and they said their ‘love u’ and ‘goodbyes’
She called Joe and they talked for a while with him saying he couldn’t wait for her to come back so he would come to her area the next day which she agreed on..they fixed a time and the hotel and bade each other goodnight.
She tried calling Mimi but didnt have enough airtime again so she just lie down and slept.

The next day, she made an excuse to go and see her friends and went to the hotel at the scheduled time to meet Joe.
“I’ve been waiting for u” Joe said as soon as he got in
“I had to look for an excuse to leave home” She said sitting on the bed
“You’re a big girl now..they shouldn’t restrict your movement anymore jare”
“Maybe you should go and tell them” She laughed..
They got down to business and f***ed three rounds before Muna left for home after Joe had given her 30k..
They would meet the next day which was Monday before they’d both leave for school..
Muna had told her parents they had a presentation to make so she’d be leaving on Monday. They allowed her and gave her money and foodstuffs..
She went to the hotel with her things and she and Joe f**ked before they went to board a cab that would take them to school.

“How would she do that? Kai that girl has grown wings sha” Mimi lamented as Muna explained everything that transpired that weekend between herself and her parents.
“I swear..I need to teach her a good lesson”
“Don’t worry..I have a plan” Mimi smiled..

Muna and Mimi attacked Juli that night on her way back from night reading in a lonely path. They had traced her all through the day and knew all her schedules.
“Hey stop there!!” Mimi screamed as she and Muna jumped out from the bush with long canes..beside them was a bucket of faeces..
Juli stopped and looked at them
“Muna..Mimi..what’s the meaning of these stunt?”
“Why did you report me to my parents? What’s your business with my lifestyle? How does it affect u? Do I know you before? Abi where we friends? If not for school..wetin for join us?” Muna screamed angrily
“I did it for your own good..this girl is influencing you negatively.. You need to change” Juli said
This angered Mimi and she gave her a whip on her head

“I’ve warned you never to mention my name again” she screamed
“Anyways Mrs concern..after we deal with you today, you will learn to mind your business..” Muna said..
They started whipping her with the cane as she screamed for help..they whip her so very well before pouring the bucket of smelling faeces on her (shit o).
Juli cried and screamed for help but none was forthcoming. It was a lonely path.
After executing their plans, they ran away.


Episode 9
“Please my dear..God knows you’ve tried. But you can’t go beyond your strength before you get killed trying to help someone. Stop trying to help her physically, rather put her in prayers..stay far away from her abeg” Presh said while massaging Juli’s body with aboniki balm.
After Muna and Mimi had beaten her to pulp and ran away, Juli managed to get her phone and called Presh telling her her location and what had happened to her..Presh came few minutes later with the other of their roommate and they took Juli home where she bath and scrubbed away the faeces they had poured on her.

The bruises and marks from the whipping was evident and Presh was massaging it for her.
“What Presh said is true..please stay away from can’t kill yourself trying to help someone who doesn’t want to help herself” Amina their Muslim roommate chipped in.
Juli only sighed in disappointment and pain. She thought she was helping..
“I didn’t know it would get to this..just look at me..see how they flogged me like a mere thief” Juli whipped
“It’s alright..just thankGod you survived to tell the story” Presh said
“In sha Allah, you’ll be fine” Amina said

The results for the first semester examinations came out during the beginning of the second semester.
Juli passed gracefully..Muna and Mimi also passed fairly in the courses they had slept with the lecturers for..
Muna offered 9courses, got 3 B’s, 4 C’s and 2 carryovers..
Mimi also offered 9courses, got 5 B’s 2 C’s 1 E and 1carryover.
“Why did that stupid man give me an F in his course? After all the sex styles I gave him?” Muna screamed impatiently..
She and Mimi had just checked their results in their school portal..
“Calm down..” Mimi said
“Calm down what? This is a f**king 3-unit course! A pre-requisite for that matter! Meaning I have an extra year for failing this’d tell me to calm down because he gave you a C!!” Muna shouted

“If you can’t calm down then do whatever you you think shouting and cursing would solve it?? We have to go and meet him to know the reason he failed you..He gave me a C instead of an A..our initial we both are together in this..” Mimi said
“Oh so confused..having 2 carryovers is bad enough and getting one in a prerequisite course is even worse! Jeez!!” Muna paced about in confusion..
After the fight Muna had with Chisom, Chisom had packed out of the room a week after.

Rumours had it that she now stayed off-campus in a well furnished apartment and also had her own clique of ‘happening babes’ as friends..
A new girl was allocated to their room..Belinda by name, 100lvl student also but in English department. She’s the definition of ‘bookaholic’ who’s barely at home and always in the Library, class or departmental reading class..
“Madam dress up let’s go and meet the man..” Mimi said wearing her trouser.
Muna dressed up hurriedly and they headed to the Man’s office which was located at Faculty of Social Sciences block.

They got there and knocked..
“Come in” they heard his voice from inside so they went in.
The pot-bellied old man saw them and smiled..
“What can I do for you two?” He asked
“What can you do for us? You this wicked man, after f**king us dry you decided to give us any mark that suits you..worse is, you gave me an F! A carryover Mister could you?!” Muna screamed angrily
“Hey young don’t shout in my office. Did you hear me? If you want to behave like an uncultured animal then kindly leave..” The Lecturer thundered..
“What? You ask me to leave your office?” Muna asked wide-eyed
“Wait o..let me understand something..Mr Lecturer, why did you give me a C and gave her an F..when we plainly agreed that if we both spent the weekend with you..we’d get an A?” Mimi asked

“You see..” He cleared his throat..”Plans changed..only the highest bidder gets the item for sell..You girls gave me just your body for marks but someone else gave me her body and huge amount of money to fail you(pointed at Muna) and reduce your mark (pointed at Mimi)”
“And who’s that?” Mimi asked surprised
“Emi is me” Chisom came in at that instance chewing gum..followed by 4 other girls who were lavishly dressed reflecting that they had real money.
Mimi and Muna wondered when and how Chisom got such money to flaunt.
“You mean you gave him instruction to fail me? You this dirty b***h!!” Muna shouted

“It is your mother that is a dirty b***h!” One of the girls fired back..
“Calm down Sisi..I have my way..(turning to the Lecturer)..I must confess that you did well..I saw your handiwork..” Chisom smiled pecking the fat lecturer who also smiled foolishly
“Anything for you sweet girl” he said licking his lips..
“Kai kai kai..Chisom I can’t believe made him reduce my score?” Mimi asked surprisingly..She clearly remembered she had no issues with Chi..
“I told him not to give you an F because of old times sake..but if you keep following this tiny sl*t around, I’d have no choice than to implicate you. I still respect you because you opened my eyes to the goodies of the world” Chisom said
“Babe time no dey..keep conversion for ground..Mamah go dey wait for us now” One of the girls said

“Uhmm..thank you Mister Lecturer..nice doing business with your balance be this..” Chisom dropped a ward of 1000# notes on his was 50k..
“Thank you sweet girl..anytime you want me to do anything for you, just call me..” The Lecturer said smiling.
Chisom and the other girls walked out of the Office leaving Mimi and Muna in a state of serious shock.

“Chisom has bitten more than she can chew. This girl must suffer..WO! We must deal with her” Muna flared up immediately they got into their room.
“Your body too dey gas calm down let’s think of what to do..” Mimi said
Muna sat down thinking hard..
“I have an idea..” Mimi said smiling
“Tell me” Muna said impatiently
“Shebi it’s money? We have to step up in our game to get more money and command more affluence than Chisom”
“Chill..there’s this big guy who’s into hookups..he introduces girls to rich sugar daddies and big politicians..then you give him his own cut..Wealth is what they call him” Mimi said
Muna seemed excited by the news..
“Oya na..what are you waiting him jor..I must teach that overripe pawpaw a bitter lesson..and that foolish goat of a lecturer too” Muna said.

Episode 10

Muna’s quest for fame, riches and vengeance consumed her that she didn’t know the extent of damage she was causing herself..
She and Mimi were now engaged in Runs.. sleeping with married men and rich politicians for money..They even go to the extent of f**king rich lesbian ladies and do threesome..
Meanwhile, Muna was still dating Obinna as he was still the one she’s in love with..The table had was now Muna giving Obinna money..he demands for money from her regularly without asking where she got it from..Muna on the other hands was always giving him because she had it from her prostitution work. However, she was still f**king and collecting money from Joe whom she had turned to side boo since he was no longer with Chisom.

One day, Muna had managed to go to class while Mimi was away to another town with one of her sugar daddies.
She didn’t understand anything the Lecturer was teaching so she sneaked away from class and headed to Obinna’s apartment.
On getting there, she realised the door was locked..she tried calling Obinna but his line wasn’t reachable..Just as she was about to leave, Tunde and Iyke..Obinna’s friends came in.
“Haa..our wife, kilode? Why are you outside?” Tunde asked as they approached her.

“Good afternoon jor.. I came to see Obi but it seems his not around”
“Oh yes..he actually went to see his parents for something urgent. He left this morning” Iyke said
“Ahahn! And he didn’t tell me?” Muna asked surprised
“He tried your number but it wasn’t going through so he said we should tell you if you come around..” Tunde replied
“Okay nau..I’ll try and reach him later..” She said making to leave.
“Won’t you come in and take something?” Iyke said
“No fine.” She said
“I insist” Iyke said
“OK OK..” Muna resigned and followed them inside..
Tunde sat down with her gisting while Iyke went in and got them drinks..Orange juice.
They drank and continued gisting when Muna suddenly started feeling drowsy..she tried to control herself but couldn’t.. She fell on the couch and slept off.
Her drink was drugged!!
Tunde and Iyke looked at themselves and smiled..
Iyke quickly locked the door while Tunde carried Muna to the tiles and undressed her.
They took turns in f**king her until they were satisfied..

Muna woke up and discovered she was naked..and still lying on
She instantly knew she had been raped by those good-for-nothings..
She screamed and they rushed out.
“What did you two bastards do to me? How could you even rape me? Your own friend’s girlfriend..and you Tunde, ain’t you Mimi’s boyfriend?” she cried
Tunde and Iyke looked at each other and laughed
“Rape? You call what we did rape? Girl your p***y is f**king lose..wide like river naija” Iyke said laughing
“You think we’re not aware you’re f**king Joe?” Tunde said
“And you have over 5 sugar daddies!” Tunde chipped in

“And numerous boyfriends on campus whom you f**k on daily basis? Thank God we used a condom” Iyke said
“What? Who told you all that?” Muna asked in shock
“Better wear your clothes and leave..this isn’t over yet..anytime we call you. Better come over if not, we’ll tell Obinna!” Iyke threatened her
“Obo canal” Tunde said and they both laughed at her and went into their room
Muna wore her clothes sadly and left. She didn’t tell Mimi anything. This was her cross and she was going to carry it.

A month later, Muna became sick..began to take drugs for malaria but it persisted.
“Girl, I don’t think this is malaria’s better you stop all these self medications and go for test” Mimi told her that morning
“Its will soon go” Muna said as she coughed loudly covering herself with the blanket.
“I think you’re pregnant!” MIMI said
“Pregnant ke.. I’m not. I take my contraceptives regularly and use condoms for my know I can’t use condoms for Obinna and Chief..but I use contraceptives so I’m safe”
“You can never be too sure. Just go and run a test for clarity sake” Mimi advised
Muna heeded the advise and went to a Lab that evening to do a pregnancy test.
When the result came out, Indeed she was 2months pregnant. She didn’t even notice she hadn’t seen her period for 2 months..she thought it was due to the reaction from the contraceptives she has been taking.

She went home and told Mimi
“I can’t keep this pregnancy o..I don’t even know who owns it” Muna lamented.
“ just have to remove it. I’ll take you to where I normally do mine” Mimi said
“So..u sef don do abortion?”
“Na today?” Mimi laughed.
Mimi said they’d go to the doctor’s place that was on Thursday that this happened.
Muna saw this as an avenue to extort more money from all her sugar daddies and lovers.
She quickly called Chief on phone.
“Hello Chief..I want to see you o”
“My sweet mango..ogini..” Chief asked
“There’s something urgent you need to know” She said
“Ngwanu no plobrem..comu over to my rodge this evening so that we can see godu” Chief said with his thick Igbo accent.

They scheduled the time to meet and she ended the call.
She called Joe too and informed him and also Obinna.
She smiled because she was going to make more money.
Her phone rang. It was her Mum. Only then did she discover she hadn’t called them for over a month now asking for money or anything.
“Good evening Mum”
“Memuna what’s happening.. You’ve not been calling and all the times we’ve called you either don’t pick or your line not reachable..I even contemplated coming over to your school this weekend but I said I should call you first”
“Ah mummy..don’t come o..I’m fine..I’m’s just that school stress has been much on me. Classes everyday, reading, know..I don’t even have time for myself anymore”

“Eyah..sorry my dear. How are you coping up? You don’t even call anymore for money..”
“I’m coping just fine Mum..I don’t call because I started a little part time Job here and am getting small small money from it so I said I shouldn’t disturb you and Dad..just concentrate on Idris and the rest of my siblings..”
Her Mum was happy with her and showered her with prayers before she ended the call.

Episode 11

Muna successfully collected a 100k from Chief for abortion.
She went over to Obinna’s place.
“Babe there’s something I want to tell you..” She said
“Which is?” He asked nonchalantly
“I’m.. Preg..nant..”she said slowly
Obinna looked at her for sometime and laughed carelessly.
Muna didn’t understand the reason for his laughter.
” Obi..what’s with the laughter?”she asked in confusion
“Am just laughing at your stupidity..” He said.

This shocked Muna.
“Who’s responsible by the way..I don’t want to conclude yet..who is responsible for the pregnancy?” Obinna asked looking at her intently.
“You..of..course..who else?” She said
Obinna laughed loudly again
“Kai..onye Hausa wants to scam an Igbo man..chai” he continued laughing
Muna was confused all the more..
“You’re confusing me Obi..what’s the problem?”
“You sleep around and when you get pregnant you want to pin it on me? Do you think am that daft? Do you think am blind and stupid that I don’t see anything you do?? You don’t know I know you’ve been sleeping with all my friends? From Joe to Iyke..all of them..even your lecturers..most guys in your department.. Kai..Muna you are a waste to your generation. You’re lose and cheap..I regret ever meeting you” Obinna said seriously

“I still don’t understand what you’s only you I’ve been with..” She said as tears dropped down her face.
“Will you shut up! You’re such a stupid liar..see let me tell you, I’ve just been passing time with you, nothing more..I realised just how cheap you are a long time ago. Meanwhile, I have a serious relationship with a good girl at home. We’ll be getting married once am done with school so I think this is the right tikw to end things with you. Thank you for being my money leave my house..” He said standing up to usher her out.

Muna stood up in tears..”Obinna after everything? Are you really dumping me because of rumours??”
“Memuna..I wouldn’t want to use force on you so please kindly leave..”
“Obinna please..”
Obinna pushed her out of his room and into the parlour where all his friends where..
He dragged her out of the house..and locked the door.
Tunde and Co..kept laughing
“Finally, good riddance to bad rubbish” Joe said and they all laughed.

Muna became depressed and sad about the breakup with Obinna. She didn’t believe she was just being used by 4 friends.
She however decided to drop her pains and forge ahead.
Mimi took her to the doctor where the abortion was conducted.
The process was so painful that Muna kept screaming and asking God for mercy..she prayed and begged God that if he helped her out of this alive, she would forever serve him and drop all her evil ways.
For 2weeks, the pains Muna felt from the abortion was hell. She couldn’t seat or stand..she couldn’t lie down..her life was just hell. She tool drugs and pain relievers all the time but it wasn’t helping..the bleeding was much and she started smelling from the continuous bleeding.

Mimi who was helping her became tired.
“Babe this your case is serious o..ahahn..I’ve done 5abortions and after three days am usually back to my old self but yours is taking 2 weeks and even getting worse” Mimi lamented.
“I don’t understand o..I simply don’t understand..” Muna said crying..
“It’s better you go to a standard hospital please” Mimi said closing her nose in disgust..
Muna kept crying and pleading to God for mercy..
She managed to sleep and when she woke up the next day, Mimi was nowhere to be found. Her things were missing too..
She instantly realised that the person she called a friend had ran away from her.
She cried and cried..she didn’t know what to do..
It was their other roommate that helped her out..

“Please check my phone and call ‘Juli’ for me” Muna requested.
The girl quickly did so and explained everything to Juli on phone..
In less than 30mins, Juli arrived and was shocked to find Muna in such a situation.
Since her experience with them, she had stayed away from them totally..
“Juli please am sorry for everything I did to’s only you I could think of in a situation like this..please help me. I don’t want to die..” Muna cried
“Don’t won’t die..just keep praying in your heart” Juli said
She quickly warmed water and took Muna into the bathroom where she helped her bath and cleaned her up. She gave her a pad to help hold the blood for sometime..gave her hot tea and then tool her to a specialist hospital..
With the instruction of Muna, she called her parents who quickly came over the next day.


Episode 12

The Doctor ushered Mr and Mrs Jamiu into his office.
“There’s something you need to know about your daughter’s health”
“Go on Doctor” Mr Jamiu said
“ see, from the series of tests we conducted, we discovered she had an abortion. A terrible one I must say..”
“Abortion? Jesus Christ..that can’t be true!” Kiki screamed
“Yes, it’s true..the process had a slight effect on her womb..but we were able to control the bleeding..she would have to undergo a surgery to take away all the remaining particles of the dead cells…and flush away the bad blood..”
“Is her womb OK? Will she be alright?” Mr Jamiu managed to ask..Kiki was already crying.
“For her womb, we wouldn’t know yet till after the surgery..but we assure you that she will be fine” the doctor concluded.

“Mum, Daddy..I’m sorry I put you through all these pains. This is indeed a big mistake I’ve made..all in my quest to enjoy flashy lifestyle and live a classy life in school, I’ve made a classic mistake…my life is in total disarray.. I’m sorry” Muna cried bitterly holding her tummy as she lie down because she was in serious pains.
Juli was still by her side crying as well.
“But Why? Memuna we tried to provide everything for you. Everything.. But you decided to ruin your own life by yourself. This is just your second year in school but look at what your life has turned into” Kiki cried
“To think that we never believed this young lady here when she came to give us report of your wayward life in school” Mr Jamiu said bitterly.
All Muna could do was cry and beg her parents.
Soon, the nurses came in to prepare her for the surgery.
“Muna keep your faith high..don’t loseguard..keep praying in your mind asking God for mercy and guidance. I promise you’ll come back alive..” Juli said holding her hands.
Muna nodded in affirmative.
“Be strong. We’ll be here praying for you” Kiki said in tears.
Mr Jamiu said nothing. He simply nodded his head slowly..
Muna was rolled into the Theatre..

Mimi ran to Chisom’s house where she lived with two of her friends.
“Ahahn..Mirabel what are you doing here?” Chisom asked as soon as one of the girls ushered her in.
“Please can I stay with you here for sometime?” Mimi pleaded
“What happened to your own room?” Chisom asked puffing out cigarette
“You won’t understand.. Muna wants to kill me with odour” Mimi went ahead to explain everything that was happening.
Chisom laughed “that one hasn’t seen anything yet..stupid smelly girl”
“So please can I stay with you here for the main time?”
“Mimi you can’t stay here” Chisom said
“But why?” Mimi asked disappointed
“Because you are a friend to my enemy. I don’t want to have anything to do with you”
“Chisom remember the good old times o”
“Forget good old times..please leave my house. I cut you off a long time ago..go back to your bestie or look for one of your guys and stay with..I cannot accommodate you..please leave” Chisom commanded.
Mimi slowly left the house.. She had broken up with Tunde a long time ago so he wasn’t even an option. She dialed one of her Alhaji sugar daddy’s number.. Wasn’t reachable..perhaps out of the country.

She called several of her male friends but all had one excuse or the other to give.
A thought creaped into her mind.
She immediately called Chief, Muna’s sugar daddy.
She told him she had an urgent message for him so he invited her over to one of his guest houses..
“Good evening Chief” she greeted as she entered the room.
“Gudu evening.. What you talk that is your name again?” Chief asked with his incoherent English laced with Igbo accent.
“Ermm..I’m Mirabel, Muna’s friend”
“OK..Muna sef I never hear flom her kamgbe last week..what is wlong with her?”
Mimi went ahead to tell Chief all about Muna’s health..She lied that Muna had contracted an incurably vagina disease and that the pregnancy she even aborted wasn’t for Chief..she told him Muna had several boyfriends and sugar daddies..
After this explanation, Chief was angry and furious.

“So that nwa mba nshi deceived and chop all my money..chai I have suffer..she no no who Chief Eze Donatus is okwaya” Chief said in anger.
It wasn’t hard for Mimi to calm him mind with mind blowing sex and thereafter requested that she stay in one of his houses because according to her, Muna chased her away.
From then, Mimi started dating Chief Eze.

It’s been over 3hours and the doctor wasn’t out of the theatre yet. No news about Muna.
Juli was praying silently in our corner of the reception.
Kiki was tired of crying as she sat with swollen eyes.
Jamiu simply paced about restlessly..
After about 30minutes, the doctor came out..
They all rushed to him
“Doctor how is she?”Jamiu asked
“How is my daughter?” Kiki asked
“Doctor hope everything went well..”Juli asked
” you all need to calm down okay? Anything that happens is for a purpose..God doesn’t sleep..”
“Save us the sermon! Where is my daughter??!” Kiki screamed.
The Doctor shook his head slowly..

Episode 13
“Doctor e soro nah! Abi kini gbogbo rubbish e bayi?? (Doctor talk nah! What’s the meaning of all the rubbish?)” Kiki screamed impatiently
“Madam calm down..your daughter is well..she’s okay, we did everything possible and to God’s glory, her womb wasn’t damaged..but she needs blood..”
They all heaved a sigh of relief.
“Doctor am a universal donor..u can take my blood” Juli said
“No No my’ve done enough. Let me donate for her..our blood type is the same” Jamiu said..
He finally went to the Lab and donated two pints of blood.

Juli left the hospital the next day when she knew that Muna was out of danger..
She had classes to attend and a lot of catching up to do..Her roommate Presh graduated the previous year so she and Aisha was left alone with a new roommate..A first year student.
On her way back from class, Juli decided to go to a nearby food canteen because she was so famished.
She ordered a plate of jollof rice, fried dodo and fish.
As she was sitting and waiting for her order, she sighted Mimi sitting in a far away table with another girl in her own department who’s name is Catherine.
She quickly stood up and went over to their table..she sat in the empty seat and looked at Mimi In the face..
“Ehen? Who invites you here? Why are you looking at me in such a manner?” Mimi asked

“Not only are you wicked, you’re also heartless..your friend Muna, same person you changed her life negatively has been in the hospital for days now and you never cared to come and check up on her..what sort of a human being are you?” Juli asked angrily
“Friend?” Mimi laughed “please, Muna is not my friend and point of correction, I did not change her life negatively.. She did what she felt was best for her..For heavens sake, Muna is an adult..she should be held responsible for any of her actions..”

“ 100% sure you have a strong hand in the abortion she did..why did you then leave her when she needed you the most? You ran away because she started bleeding heavily and smelling..gosh! You’re extremely wicked!!” Juli blurted out
“Madam hold your own jeje abeg..why blaming me ..did I force her to do anything? Please leave this place..”
Juli wanted to talk again when she heard the waitress’ voice
“Aunty, I don bring your food o”
Juli stood up quietly “Just know that you will surely pay for all your evil deeds..Let God judge you and pay you back in your own coins” with this, she left to her own table and then told the waitress to package the food as takeaway because she just couldn’t eat there anymore.
“Mimi what am I hearing? What is wrong with Muna?” Catherine who had been listening to their conversation asked surprised

“Please leave that one. Let’s eat and get out of here” Mimi said carelessly and continued eating
“Abeg abeg.. I don’t want to ever have anything to do with you. Not with everything I just heard..everyone knows you and Muna as best friends on you left her after helping her with an abortion? Chai this girl you are a wicked soul” Catherine said standing up
Mimi hissed loudly “that one is your own cup of tea. I never wanted you around me self”
“May God punish you..if I ever see you around me, I will scratch your face” Catherine said and left the canteen angrily.

After a week, Muna was discharged..Her parents got her and Juli a house very close to school..They did that as an appreciation to Juli who was indeed a great help all the while and also for her to keep an eye on Muna.
Muna however apologised for all her stupid ways and swore to change for the better.
She had a lot to cover up as she hadn’t been serious with classes and all, she had 5 carryovers both from first year and first semester of second year..She has fully accepted her extra year.
Juli was there to encourage her all the time..telling her that having an extra year wasn’t a curse or criteria for failure..many others had it too..
She should just work harder and clear her carryovers..
Every evening, Juli made sure that she and Muna went to the school library to read..She had begged one of their senior colleague who was in same department with Muna but in a higher level to help Muna catch up..
The guy really tried as he conducted TDB tutorials for her specially and with time, Muna was able to catch up.
That semester result came out and Muna made a fairly good result..She had all C’s and an F again..

She had cleared all 4 carryovers out of 5..She was happy with herself nevertheless because for the first time, she wrote exams by herself without the help of anyone or even sleeping with lecturers..
She came across Mimi most of the time as they were in the same department but they never talked..She avoided her like a plague.
Mimi hadn’t changed one bit..she still skipped classes and sleep around for marks.

“Juli I feel so at peace and fulfilled. For the first time in a long time, I can’t describe the type of Joy I feel..” Muna said that evening as She and Juli were parking their bags to go for semester break
“My dear, that is the Joy of the Lord..the Joy of doing the right thing is quite different from the turbulence of the heart anything you’re doing evil things..” Juli said smiling
“I really thank you for coming into my life..I can’t thank you enough..thank you so much” Muna said as she hugged Juli tearfully.

Obinna and his clique of friends were in their final year now but they had no achievements whatsoever..Apart from Joe who was serious educationally even though he still followed them to engage in bad things, the rest were having difficulties in almost all their courses.
Plenty carryovers were heaped up for them and they knew plenty extra years was inevitable for them..
Joe came from a poor family and had vowed to make his people proud. He only followed Obinna and the rest to gain popularity and money In school..He sends the money to his old mother at home to take Care of his only sister who was still in secondary school.
Joe never misses classes or tests..he makes sure he reads..
He really used his ‘head’ for his stupid friends who were always ready to flaunt money and host different gigs and parties..
Double calamity surfaced when a new VC was elected!!



Episode 14

Semi Final

The new VC is a strict disciplinarian..a no-nonsense man who didn’t hesitate to close all nopholes in the educational system of the school..Him and his new team fished out all the lecturers that slept with girls to award them marks, the ones that collected money as bribery and all those other bad stuffs..
He fished out cultists and pasted their names of the school notice board with “EXPELLED”

In fact, this new VC really meant business. The school was on fire..every one minded what they did..
This really affected Mimi, Chisom, Obinna, his friends and the likes of them who depended on Lecturers in one way or the other..
“Omo..fuck up ” One girl lamented to her roommate..she was one of the girls who offered her body for marks to lecturers..
“Big fuck up…what are we going to do now?” The other girl asked..
They thought hard but couldn’t get to any reasonable conclusion

“ to begin read o..” The first girl said
“Read wetin? head don block …. nothing fit enter.. There must be another way” The second girl said
“I don’t know about you o but as for me, my mama go kill me if I no carry better certificate come back house…na she dey pay my school fees and I no wan disappoint her..As way no dey again, me sef go begin read..I dey fear carryover like mad” The first girl said taking all her books and heading out
“Ah… Ireti where u come leave me dey go?”
“ things on my mind. Reading mode activated” Ireti replied before leaving.

At the end of that session, Mimi couldn’t meet up anymore. Her carryovers was plentier than her CGPA which was so low that if it was a call card, “e no fit flash MTN to MTN”.. She dropped out of school.
Chisom who was supposed to be in her final year became very sick and rumours had it that she had contacted the deadly virus (HIV/AIDS)..
She too was in the hospital..Her bunch of friends were rusticated for cultism activities..
Obinna and his clique couldn’t cope apart from Joe who was doing well.
Tunde and Iyke decided to drop out from school because they had like four extra years each..

They couldn’t cope anymore.
Obinna left school too but because his Father had money, he was sent abroad to stay with his Elder brother..
Can you see the result of wayward lifestyle??
In fact Muna couldn’t help but shed little tears of gratitude to God for helping her scale through and not end up like all her friends.
Unlike others, she had scaled through without a scar..
Her womb wasn’t lost..
Her grades were gradually increasing..
And she was doing well..
She and Juli graduated from school and had Jobs..

2 years after their graduation, Muna met Francis. A young and handsome Millionaire who just came in from the states and wanted to work with the company she (Muna) worked for.
She assisted him all through the processes and something led to something and they fell in love and started dating.
They dated for 1 year and 3months before Francis proposed to her..
It was the best moment of her life..What more could she ask for?
She had a well paying Job..
Prior to this time, Muna had already introduced Francis to her family as her boyfriend but she had never met Francis’ family.
So that weekend, Muna prepared to meet with Francis’ people and have lunch with them..

She knew that his Mum was late but he had an older sister who was married and resided in the states with her family and a younger brother too and his Dad.
The D-day arrived. Francis picked her up from her house and they drove to his family house.
When they got there, Francis ushered her into the parlour and she sat down..
“Welcome to my family house darling” He smiled at her
“Baby am a bit nervous” Muna said
“Come on..don’t be.. My people would like you” He smiled and gave her a light kiss.

He went upstairs to call his Dad..
Soon, the Man arrived..Muna bowed her head as she was shy..
“Dad meet my Fiancée.. The one I always tell you about..Her name is Muna”…
” Muna this is my Dad..Chief Eze Donatus..”
That name rang a bell in Muna’s head..She quickly raised her head up and her face jammed with Chief’s face.
Yes he was the one!
The Chief she dated back then in the university!

The one she had had sex with numerous times!
The one she even collected money from to have an abortion!!
“Wait first..bia this the girl you say you want to mally??” Chief asked angrily. He had recognized her..
“Yes Dad..she’s the one. She’s so calm, jovial, good and hardworking” Francis said smiling oblivious of the ongoing tention
“Taaaar mechi onu (shut up)! This ashawo??” Chief screamed.
Tears was already streaming down Munna’s face. She bent her head low in shame.
Just then, the door opened and a young man came in.
“Sorry I came late big bro..I was cut up in traffic” The young man said to Francis..
“Thank God you’re here..I can’t seem to understand what’s wrong. This is my Fiancée I wanted to Introduce to you and Dad but..”
“Whaaaaat?!!!!!” Obinna screamed as he saw Muna.
Yes you heard me right..Obinna
Same Obinna that Muna dated back in the university..
Omo see gobe



Episode 15(FINALE)

Muna ran out of the house in shame. She knew the marriage thing with Francis was over even without being told.
She couldn’t believe that her past has come back hunting her.
Indeed, every thing has a reward either good deeds or bad deeds.
She flagged down a cab that took her home.
She was already in tears..
She hadn’t loved anyone as much as she loves Francis and she knew he loved her equally or even more..Now everything has come crashing right before her because of her past mistakes..
She got into her room and fell on her bed crying and shattered.

Her mother who had seen the way she ran inside came in to see her.
“Memuna what is the matter? Why are you crying??” She asked in panicked
Memunat couldn’t say anything.. She just hugged her mother and cried all the more..
She cried and cried and her mum was there to console her..She finally slept off tired from crying.
She woke up in the middle of the night with a banging headache. She supported her head with her palms as she stood up and entered the bathroom.
Looking at herself in the mirror, all the memories of her reckless lifestyle in school flooded back to her..
All in the bid to be called a ‘classy girl’, she ended up ruining her future.

Chisom died a year ago from AIDS..
She heard that Mimi who left school cuz she couldn’t cope decided to join drugs business just to keep on with her classy lifestyle but on one of her trips, she was unfortunately caught at the airport and thereafter sent to Prison.
She remembered Obinna..he was doing well! He looked hale and hearty..the same guy that contributed in ruining her life.
She didn’t know anything about Joe or Iyke or Tunde..
Her dearest friend Juli was abroad with her husband and Son..she got married a year after their graduation to a multi-millionaire.

At some point, Muna was grateful to God that she hadn’t ended up badly like all her other evil friends..she didn’t know something bigger was waiting for her.
“Muna you need to move on with your need to..Francis has officially called off the engagement so you need to pick up your broken pieces” Kiki said to her a week after.
Yes! Francis had called off the engagement having realised that she dated his father and brother and even had an abortion for them.
Since then, Muna has refused to go to work or do anything.. She was practically being forced to eat and bath.
She almost even lost her Job if not for the timely intervention of her Dad who was a friend to the company’s owner.
“Mum where do I start from? Can’t you see how meaningless my life has been without Francis? All because of my reckless past” Muna cried

“That is why you need to move is your past, you have eaten the reward of your evil deeds and there’s nothing more. All you have to do now is determine to make a better future for yourself and use your story to teach young girls and boys that they shouldn’t trade their future for their present..”
Muna nodded in affirmative
“ that’s my story..I hope you all have learnt one thing or the other from it” Muna concluded
She was standing in the podium. She was invited for a seminar as one of the speakers for the team “YOUR FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS”..

After her story, all the young boys and girls were in tears..
” Do not ever trade your future for your mom told me that and it has been my watchword. I want you all to take it as you life guard too..Material things doesn’t necessitate enjoyment when it’s not the right time. When you go to the university, it’s a time to study and secure a bright is not a time to gallivant around with friends, or look for means of making yourself rich and popular. One more thing and the most important, chose your friends matters a lot..then, wrap it up with prayers.. Commit your life and everyday activity into God’s hands…only then would you succeed in life”She concluded
Instead of the usual round of applause, there was tears everywhere as she came down from the podium..

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