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*Campus babe*
Episode 1
They say each day comes with its
blessings and I guess some also come
with their curse…let me cuT to the chase
It was just another afternoon on campus
and we had just finished a hectic biology practical and some of my coursemates
and I decided to just chill at a little and
have some snacks and fizzy drinks.we
were about 7:3guys and 4girls. Among the guys,was chuks: a really cute dude whohad a serious crush on me,every1 in d department knew about his love for me,but since he had never said anything
about it to me,

I just decided to keep him
as a friend. Chuks suggested we sat at a
separate area,he said he wanted to talk
to me about somthing(I already knew what it was but I wanted to hear it from
the horse’s mouth),so I said ok and
immediately we left for anothe table, the
rest of them were hailing chuks! chuks!
their eyes followed us till we sat
down,and I became so shy.finally chuks started talking… So chuks started talking about hisfeelings for me,I had heard those linesbefore but there wassomething abouthow he said it…

gosh! He wasromantic,too bad I already had aboyfriend whom he had never met,his name was femi. I had told Femi aboutchuks and the gist in our department,femi had become jealous and I liked that(dnt judge me please) sometimes making a guy jealous increases his level of care
and attention towards you,every girl like attention and I was no different.

Chuks had finished what I would call an
excellent romantic episode and he asked
me to be his girlfriend, I declined and told him I already had a boyfriend whose
name was femi,it was then it occured to
me that femi and I had agreed to see by 3pm,it was already 3:30. I jerked and told
chuks I had to meet with femi,he wore a
downcast look and pleaded with me to
stay a while longer. Well I couldn’t really
resist his babyface charm so I decided to
stay for 15minutes more, after all,there would be plenty of time to spend with

Chuks and I had talked for over 20mins,hewas really funny and kinda shy when
talking to me,the last time I met a guy like him was in secondary school.I was
really enjoying myself and had forgotten
my date with Femi, when I almost had a heart attack. O my goodness! I
exclaimed,chuks demanded to know what happened,then I told him that femi was here.

I had barely finished talking when
femi just came and grabbed a seat at our
table. Gbam gbam gbam…I could hear that drum sound in my ear…I am finished… To Be Continued…

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