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*Bathroom Encounter*

could feel every motion . My pussy felt so full . And stretched . His bendy cock acquainting itself with my G-Spot . It felt intense . I pulled him closer . My nails almost digging in to his back as I tried to feel every last millimetre of cock penetrate me.

I was perched on the ledge adjacent to the sink in front of the window . I had been in talking with a friend, powdering our noses at a house party we found ourselves at after a mutual friends birthday celebrations . It was in a housing estate I had never visited before and there weren’t as many folk around I had met before . My boyfriend had disappeared like he always did when there was the possibility of alcohol or substances etc but I never knew for sure . I was sitting swinging my legs while my friend sat on the toilet . We had been in there a while but maybe after too much wine it didnt seem that long at all . Kirsty was upset but after a few drinks this was more of a personality trait rather anything actually being wrong . She wiped her eyes and stood abruptly and went to get us more drink so I stayed put until she got back . Her little 5ft frame staggered off down the hall towards the stairs .

After a moment or two, it seemed to go quiet when a random guy I hadn’t even seen throughout the night walked into the bathroom . He apologised for barging in but I told him to go right ahead, dont mind me . He walked over to the toilet, stood directly in front of it as all men do and started doing his business . I could feel his eyes look me up and down but I was trying not to look . I turned to make eye contact and smiled . He told me how gorgeous I looked and asked why we had never met before . I told him I didn’t live around here and came to the party with Kirsty and my boyfriend – who he acknowledged as a bit of an arsehole . Sounded like him which made me giggle . He asked where he was and again, I had no idea . He was still standing holding his cock and eyeing me up . I had on a tight red dress up to the neck which contained my large breasts but bare arms visible and it sat very short just under the curve of my bum . My white heels clicked against the tiles as i continued to swing my long smooth shiny looking legs .

He asked if I was ever spontaneous or do I hang around bathrooms a lot for a purpose . I laughed again but this time he walked over to the sink and washed his hands before standing in front of me and putting his hands just above my knees . His jeans still unzipped and his cock still hanging out . His balls hung so low . His cock looked pretty long . It flickered as it became a semi and he stood close to me . The ledge I was on was at a perfect height and I could feel the muscles tense and release around my crotch . He ran his hand thru my hair around my ear and held my face gently and leaned in to kiss me . Several soft kisses around the neck, cheekand nibbled on my ear . He whispered in my ear ‘Spontaneous?’ and my legs opened up for him . Invitingly . I reached down and grabbed his cock to guide him in and it had gotten so hard and so big so fast .

It was bent upwards and slightly to the left . I licked my hand and began to stroke his big hard penis as he positioned me perfectly . He ripped my little red lacey thong to the side and hiked up my dress for maximum exposure and began to slowly insert his rather large member into my little tight pussy . He moaned at the tight grip I had on his cock as he ploughed into me . Definitely the biggest cock I had encountered at that time . I was 20 years old but I hadn’t been with many guys at all . My boyfriend thought he was the one and only but his sporadic adventures into a drunken episode had pushed me into living another life behind his back . A life where all I wanted was to explore my sexuality, one little bit at a time . And here I was, legs wrapped around a complete stranger whose name I didn’t even know with his 8inch penis forcing its way inside me in the confinement of someone elses bathroom .

The slow thrusting became more vigorous . I must have soaked through my dress because all 8 inches were fizzing in and out of my little pussy . I could feel every motion . My pussy felt so full . And stretched . His bendy cock acquainting itself with my G-Spot . It felt intense . I pulled him closer . My nails almost digging in to his back as I tried to feel every last millimetre of cock penetrate me . His moans became louder when I asked him if he liked how tight I was . I was loving his big cock . He pulled me right to the very edge of the counter but his strong arms held me tight . It was just to change the angle of his thrusting and I could feel his cock bottom out . My vaginal walls had never came under such an attack . High pitched moans escaped my mouth as he battered his huge cock right through my body . I bit down on his shoulder to stop the noise but his hand reached out around my chin and pushed me back against the window as I could see his face redden, almost feel his cock swell up to the point of … Explosion!
It felt like an eternity . My mouth gaped open as I felt an internal earthquake . My body girated in every direction as I screamed ‘Oh My Gawd’ and again buried my face in his chest . My pussy filled up with warm cum as my orgasm left him no choice but to unload his balls inside me . A frothy mess as he slowly pulled out his long penis . It hung there again . Thick . Semi-tense on the way down . Dripping with huge blotches of cum and momentarily I felt like i had a tunnel between my legs . It looked bigger than before he put it in . I just sat there, head back against the window, legs spread apart, gasping and a little sweaty as we maintained eye contact . He tucked his cock away and zipped up his jeans and left without saying anything .

I was still breathing heavy after he had left and just about managed to get my feet back on the floor when Kirsty came back in with a bottle of wine . ‘You okay?’ she asked, noticing I may have been in some distress . I signalled for her to come in with my head and i slouched down on to the floor and kicked the door shut . I nodded and smiled as she figured out what may have happened and demanded the details …… Hehehe

The End

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