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😈 Arranged to him 😈
( You are mine )
Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Mia’s POV~~~
“Wake up Mia. You are gonna be late for school. ” Olivia yelled as she pulled off my blankets.

I groaned as I wake up. I was doing my homework last minute last night hence I slept late.

I heard my sister chuckle while I glared at her. In an instant she put her hands up in defence.

“Shower quick and come down.” She said as she walked out of my room. I groggily went to my bathroom and did my morning routine.
As I came out I picked out my outfit to wear today

. I picked out a white shirt with black Jean skirt that reached above my knees and a denim shirt that reached the end of my skirt

I applied some face cream with baby pink lipstick. I got down to have breakfast as I saw bacon and pancakes.

My saliva drooled seeing it.
As I was about to have breakfast, I realised that I was late for school. “Dad, mum I am late. I gonna head on first. Love you guys. Bye. ” I said as I rushed out.

I hear them chuckle. I quickly start walking to my school. I always walked to school even though I had a car. It was walking distance anyway.

As I was walked pass a café, I thought getting myself some Frappuccino to awake myself.

As I entered, the café bell at the entrance rang to announce everyone of me. I walked to counter to give me order. “Hi, I would like a caramel Frappuccino with whip cream please.” I said.

As she told me the price, I paid the exact amount waiting for my drink. After a few minutes, my order came up. As I collect my drink, I quickly rushed out.

As I made a few steps out, I pumped into a wall. But as I raised my head straight ahead, I realized it was a chest. I gulped as I realized I had dropped my drink in his shoes.

I raised my head up. As I did, colours drained out of my face. There stood a man who was way taller than me. He had dark brown eyes and black hair. He gave off a dangerous aura.

He was also handsome which made him look kinda scary too. I realised he was glaring at me. I started to get scared.

“I am so sorry. I did not see where I was going.” I said as I repeatedly apologized.

He just glared at me. If looks could kill I would be 6 feet below. Suddenly he scoffed as he stopped me from talking by putting up his hands.

I stopped rambling. He started to come forward as I backed away. Soon I hit the wall. He came dangerously close. I looked down to avoid his gaze.

” How dare you bump on me? Do you know who I am?” He spoke in a calm yet scary voice. I shook my head as I continued to face down. I was really scared to look up at him.

“I could be you worst nightmare. ” He whispered as I gasped. I started to quiver. ” I am really sorry.

I did not bump into you purposely. I was late for school, so I did not watch where was I going.” I said as I tried to reason with him.

He stared at me for some time. He holds my chin in a tight way and lift my face up. His hands were quite rough. He was looking straight into my eyes as if trying to look into my soul.

After few moments, he let out a breath as he backed away. I quickly took that as my chance and ran away without looking back.

Something in me urged me to look back but I did not. After running and fast walking, I reached my school. As I entered the school, I realised I had come five minutes early.

I went to my locker as I try to catch my breathe. After I did, I took the books I need and was about to turn around when I did, I was startled by someone screaming ‘boo’ in my face. I yelped in surprise.

I realise it was Ashton my friend who was laughing his ass of right now. “Your face looked really funny.” He said as he continues to laugh as my face turn red in embarrassment.

I playfully hit his arm as he pinched my checks. I realised I had dropped my Frappuccino while I was running. Well I guess the scary guy made me awake.

Ash and I started to walk to our class. We were seniors this year and going to graduate this year.

Ash and I were friends since we were young. The reason we were friends was because we shared the same passion for dance. We both loved dancing.

We have a dance competition coming in two months and I cannot wait for it.

As Ash and I entered our class we took our seat. ” So why were you late today?” Ash asked me while he took his homework out.

” Well I kinda slept late as I did my homework late.” I said as I rubbed my neck. He just laughed at me.
Soon the teacher came and started lesson. After some my mind trailed of to the man at the café.

He seriously looks like a dangerous guy. I really wish I never see him again.
But boy was I so wrong.

Mia’s POV~~
I am currently at the dance studio in my school practicing for my dance competition with Ash.

Both of us are doing a duet. But at the same time I am also doing a solo performance which is exciting yet tiring.

We have been practicing for almost 2 hours. We took a break as Ash and I sat down. “Gosh this is so tiring.”

Ash groaned while I laughed knowing how much of a complain queen he is. “You are such a complain queen.” I said as he stuck his tongue. As he saw the time, “Shit. I gotta go Mia.

My mum wanted me to come home early.” He said as he start to pack. I bid him goodbye as he left.

I went back to train for my solo dance. After another 1 and half hour, I decided to head home.

I realized my phone was dead. I shrugged it off. As I was walking down the street, it suddenly start to rain.

If it was anyone else they would have run off. But I love the rain. I started to skip and hum random tunes while getting wet in the rain. When I reached our house gate, I realised there were 2 new cars outside.

Being confused I reached our porch as I knocked on the door. After some time my mum opened the door with a huge grin on her face.

But when she saw me, she sighed in irritation, while I grinned cheekily at her. She hated when I play in the rain. She shook her head as she guide me in.

“How many times should I tell you not to play in the rain?” She scolded me as we walked inside.

“Mum whose car is outside?” I asked in confusion. When I asked this she started to smile widely again.

She guided me inside. As we reached inside I got shocked. Actually shocked will be an understatement.

“Mia I would like you to meet Mr Mariano and his son.” My mum introduced. It was the guy from the café.

The fear for this man came back. I was just standing there frozen. What was he doing in here? Just then my father talked.

“Sweetheart how about you get changed and come back down? We will explain to you everything.” My dad said.

I just nod my head and scurried off. As I reached my room, I locked my room, as I quickly dried myself and changed into a sweatpants and hoodie considering I was shivering.

As I changed finish a thought came to my mind. “I could be you worst nightmare.” the words he said came into my mind.

With that I slowly made my way down. As I took my last step, “There you are. Come and sit down. ” My dad told me. I went and sit beside my dad.

My mum and sister were opposite us while the scary man and his father whom I’m assuming, is sitting at the couch between us.

“Sweetheart, I know you are wondering what’s going on in here. Well you see, Mr Mariano and I have been friends and business partners for quite some time.

Hence we want to enhance our business. Therefore, we have thought of a marriage proposal.

Olivia will marry Damien, the gentleman right there.” He said finish as he pointed at the scary man.

As I process through everything, I was having a headache. So I just nodded my head unable for use my words.

As I looked up, I saw the scary man staring at me, the same way he was staring at me back at the cafe.

Not able to handle his stare, I said to my dad that I was tired and going to skip dinner and head on to sleep first. As I bid both the man goodbye.

The scary man, Damien, was kept staring at me. He was literally burning holes at me.

As soon I bid my goodbye, I rushed out to my room. Once I entered my room I locked my room. I lay down in my bed thinking about everything.

The man that I am so terrified of, is going to marry my sister. Wow fate has a funny way of playing with me.

I just wish I can avoid him. I am not kidding when I say he terrifies me.

My plan is to avoid him as much as possible. Yap. That’s my plan. I heard the front door shutting. Which means that the Mariano’s should have left. I heard footsteps coming up.

Just then my room door was being knocked. Olivia shouted from the other side stating she was not feeling well.

I got up from my seat as I went and open my door. She pushed me inside as she started to squeal that I had to close my ears.

“OMG. I can’s believe that I am going to marry Damien Mariano. Gosh he is hot!” she all but yelled. I just stand there staring at her.

Wow she really is excited. It looks like she already knows him. “You already know him?” I asked as I went back to my bed to lay. “Of course I know him.

Everyone knows him. He is the top successful bachelor businessman. Wait you don’t know him?” she asked as she sat at my bed.

I just shook my head embarrassed. Gosh I really need to start reading the news. Olivia just sat there shocked.

“How could you not know him?” she asked bewildered. I just shrugged. She let out a sigh. “Anyway, I am so happy that I am getting married to him.”

she said. When she said that, I saw a glint in her eyes. “I am very happy that you are happy, Olivia.

Its really good to see you happy even though he is scary.” I said sincerely. “Thank you Mia.” she said softly. My sister and me are quite close.

We talk for quite some time, and soon she was gone to sleep. As she went to sleep, I went to my laptop and typed in ‘Damien Mariano’ and waited for the result.
What I saw made my eyes bulge. He really is the top businessman. Its is also said that he is a ruthless man. Its said he had took down many companies. Wow. That is so much of information.

I am sure as hell staying away from him. With that thought I went to sleep.


🤡🤡 Arranged to him 😈

( You are mine )

Episode 2

Mia’s POV~~
I woke up to my alarm ringing. Groaning I wake up. I rub my eyes to get off from my sleep.

Soon I realised what happen yesterday. I can’t believe anything. It felt like a dream. But I know it’s not by the way my sister is squealing downstairs.

The scary man is going to be family. Gosh I should really stop with ‘scary man’. You cannot blame me though. He really is scary. I shook my head as I went to take my shower.

After doing my morning routine I grabbed a pink summer dress with a white shoe and a white bag pack and got ready for school.

I went down to greet my family. My mum gave me breakfast which I quickly start to eat.

“Mia, come back home early would ya. The Mariano’s are coming to have dinner with us.” My dad said. I saw my sister smiling dreamily. I instantly tensed.

I just nodded my head at him. “Also you and Olivia would be going shopping.” My mum said.
I groaned while my sister squealed.

I love my sister and all but gosh I hate shopping with her. I wanted to protest but one glare from my mum, I shut my mouth. I quickly ate my breakfast and left.

My sister and I took her car to the mall. All the way to the mall my sister kept talking about her fiancé while I just nodded my not wanting to be rude by keeping quiet. My sister and I are quite opposite. She is the popular girl while I try not to be.

I do not like the attention. But since my sister and I studied at the same school, I automatically became the popular girl.

I tried to change the topic rather than the scary man. But somehow Olivia kept going back to him.

Giving in I just continue nodding at her. Soon we were in the mall. Olivia practically dragged me into the shopping mall. Great. Note the sarcasm.

Olivia was dragging me into each shop. She already had 9 bags in her hands. I on the other hand had not bought anything and if I go home empty hands, my mum will kill me.

We went into one of the cute boutique. It had fairy lights and looked very beautiful. As I entered I spot a cute pink dress.

It had a gold belt in the middle and also looked quite simple. Just the way I liked it. I grabbed it and paid for it.

After grabbing our bags, I was exhausted and hungry. “Oli, I am hungry. Can we get something to eat.” I whined. ” Sure. Let’s go.” Once she said that I felt happy and grinned.

She brought me to a restaurant that was looked expensive but she said its better here. I just shrugged and followed.
As long as I get food I am ok with it. Once we were served with a table we quickly settled down and started to order our food. While my sister ordered for salad I ordered a burger with fries.

As the waiter came he took our order and sent me a wink and went off. I started to blush and Olivia started to squeal.

“He is cute. And is interested in you.” she said as she smirk at me. I just swat her off and stick my tongue at her and started to laugh at our childishness.

I felt as if someone was staring at me. I looked around me and saw two brown eyes staring at me. I gulped and looked away. Yet I felt his eyes continuously burn holes in my back.

“OMG. Mia, Damien is here.” she squealed. The way this girl scream, I am definitely going to get my ear drums exploded. I just started to fidget in my steps. Soon he was at our table hovering above us.

“Hi Damien.” Olivia stated as she batted her eyelashes. Seriously? Get some dignity woman! I did not dare look up at him and wished the floor would eat me up. I shrink back into my chair and pretend I was not here.

I felt him nod his head at Olivia.”I did not know you were coming.” Olivia stated. I have a feeling she knew

. “I came to have lunch with a friend. And he couldn’t make it so I am going back.” he said almost as a whisper. It was sharp and stern.

I was concentrated in his voice I did not realise what he said. Yay he was going back. I was doing a happy dance in my head.

“oh, why don’t you join us?” Olivia stated. I froze. ‘ please say no, please say no’ I was praying in my head. “Sure.” he said as he drag a chair that was beside Olivia and set down.

I mentally face palmed. He quickly ordered his food and both of them started to talk to each other. Not really interested with their conversation I started to zone out.

I keep feeling his stares at me but I tried not to be bothered by that. Soon our order came. I was starving. The waiter who came just now served our food.

He kept staring and I started to blush. I was never good with boys and their attention.

As he served our food, he kept his eyes on me and I started to fidget in my seat.

“Would you all like anything else?” he asked but more specifically me.

I shook my head as Olivia said no. The scary man kept glaring at the waiter. But the waiter was oblivious to it. I wonder why he was glaring at him.

The entire time we were having our food, he kept glaring holes at the waiter.The waiter, who was oblivious to his glares, kept looking my way.

Soon we were done with our food and had requested for our bill. Damien and Olivia started to argue on who was going to pay the bill.

I just sat and waited. Soon the waiter came and that’s when I saw his name badge. Adrian.

Nice name I thought to myself. He was holding onto the bill and I thought he was going to give it one of them. But instead he gave it to me.

Both of them stop arguing and stared at me. I fiddled with the bill. I thought I might have to pay the bill.

As I was going to pay the bill, Damien snatched the bill and placed the bill amount. He started to glare holes into the back of the bill.

“Excuse me. I have somewhere to go.” He said as he quickly stood up and left.

Olivia and me just stared at each other. The waiter cleared his throat. “Oh, please you may take the money and go.” Olivia said to him. He nodded his head and left.

Olivia took the bill and she started laughing. ” The waiter wrote his numbers” She stated as she started to laugh.

I quickly snatched the bill and saw. Indeed he had given me his number. Olivia and me stared at each other and started laughing.

“You should call him you know.” Olivia said as we stood to go back. I just shook my head.

“Nope.” I said as I dragged the ‘p’. She just sighed. I was never good with dating and all.

Soon we were home and I went to take a small nap. I am so exhausted. I groaned as I think about meeting the scary man for the second time for the day.

I just shrugged it off and went to bed.
“Mia! Wake up now! The Mariano’s are coming in awhile.

You better wake up Young lady!.” I heard my mum shout from downstairs. URGH. I groaned and woke up.

I better not make my mum wait or else I would have my ears bit off. I went to take a shower.

Once I showered, I put on the pink dress that I bought. It was simple and elegant.

Just the way I liked it. I applied some mascara and lip-gloss. And I was done. I wore a white and rose gold sneakers to match it.

I made my way down. As I was walking through the corridor, I heard the door bell ring.

My body went still. I gulped. I slowly made my way down. As I walked down, I heard my dad.

“There you are Sweetie, come join us.” he said as I reached the last step. I nodded my head. I saw my sister quickly went to stand beside the scary man.

She interlocked her arms with his and started to giggle. She is whipped. I thought to myself. We went to the living room and sat down.

I sat near my dad in a couch while Olivia Sat near the scary man. Mr Mariano sat in the couch that was in the middle.

Mr Mariano and my dad were talking about some business staff while Olivia was telling the scary man about her modeling job.

Soon I got bored and took my phone and started texting Ash.

-A (Ashton) -M (Mia)

M- “Hey”

A- “Hey. Aren’t you supposed to be in a dinner? ”

M- yes. But it’s so boring in here. ☹️

A- hahaha. Wow. Let me guess your dad is speaking about business while Olivia is speaking about her model job.

M- hehe. Yap.

A- I knew it.

M- hahaha. Maybe you should become my brother since you know about everyone so well.

A- no thanks. I cannot put with olivia.

M- hahaha.

“Mia.” I heard Mr Mariano call me. ” Yes Mr Mariano? ” I asked him back. ” Oh please call me Albert. Mr Mariano make me sound like I am old. ” He said as he laughed.

I just smiled softly and nodded my head.
“Tell me about yourself dear.” He asked. “There’s nothing much to tell about myself. ” I said politely.

” Oh come on there must be something. ” He insisted. ” Well I am in high school and in my senior year. ” I stated.

“That’s nice. What have you thought for your future? Do you plan on taking your dad’s business?” He continued.,

“I am not sure. I do want to do a degree in computer science. After that I am not quite sure yet. ” I said. It’s true. I always like to solve mysteries. And computer always intrigued me.

” That’s nice sweetheart. Good to know you have interest on your future.” He said as he smiled lovilingly at me. I realised he is a very kind hearted unlike his son

Just then my mum came saying dinner is ready. Soon we gathered around the dinning table and sat for our dinner.

To my horror the scary man was sitting opposite me. Beside him was Olivia and the other side was Mr Mariano.

Beside me was my mother and beside her was dad, who was at the head of the table.

The maids started serving us food. As soon the food was placed we all started to dig in. I guess everyone was hungry.

It was amazing. My mums lasagne was the best. ” This is very delicious Sophia ” Mr Mariano stated.

” Thank you Albert” My mum smile and told him. Everyone started to talk about random stuffs.
I felt someone staring at me.

When I looked up, the scary man was staring right at me. I gulped and stared down.
This is going to be a long night.

DOPERCH.COM: 🤡🤡 Arranged to him 😈

( You are mine )

Episode 3

Mia’s POV.~~
To say that dinner was boring would be an understatement. Everyone was busy with each other. Me on the other hand was just eating the delicious food and texting Ash constantly as I was very bored. We were sending each other jokes.

One of the joke Ash sent me really made me laugh. Which draw attention from everyone. Everyone was looking at me as if I was crazy. However the scary man was glaring at my phone. I apologised and started to eat again.

Soon we were done. Olivia was keep talking to the scary man. Like literally. She was clinging on to him. Olivia has dated several boys but she never and I mean NEVER was this crazy.

We were in the living room. I sat in one of the coach with my mum while Olivia sat with the scary man. our dads went to my dad’s office room.

Suddenly, Olivia’s phone. She excused herself and left. And we are back to the scary man staring at me. I swear this man loves to shoot me with his glares.

We sat there with complete awkwardness. Suddenly he cleared his throat. ” Mrs Knight I would like to use your washroom, if you don’t mind.” he asked my mother. Oh god mum don’t say what I think you are gonna say.

“Oh sure. And please call me Sophia. Mia why don’t you guide this gentleman and guide him back.” my mum said. And just like that my face paled. Wow. My mum is digging my grave for me. Thanks mum. Note the sarcasm.

Not knowing what to say I just nod my head. The scary man stood up. Not wanting him to wait I quickly stood up. I nodded for him to follow me.

I guided him to washroom down the hallway. I still felt his intense gaze on me. Not having the guts to turn back I looked forward and walk.

Soon I was in front of the washroom. I turn back to let him go to the washroom. He was just standing behind me. With only a few inches of gap. I gasped silently. I was met with his chest. This reminded me of the first day when I had accidently bumped into him.

And just like on the first day, I had my head down and he held my chin and tilt my head upwards. As he held my chin, I flinched slightly and closed my eyes.

I felt his breathe on me. I did not dare to look up.
After few seconds, he let go of me and pushed past me to the washroom. I waited there for him while trying to catch my breathe. What just happened. I thought he would have scolded me or warned me.
But he just left. I waited for him for a few minutes. Soon he came back and I quickly headed back up to the living room. I tried to go back to the living room as quickly as possible. I did not want to be in his presence any longer.

Soon Our dads return, and Mr Mariano said that they have to leave. When they left, the scary man looked at me one last time. In his eyes I saw something I did not understand. Determination.

Not able to think anymore I shrugged it off. I was too tired to think so I went to bed saying goodnight to my parents.

I got into my PJ and went to sleep. As I tried to sleep, I was unable to. The determination I saw in his eyes made me shiver. I feel like he is up to something. And it is up to no good.

I rolled and rolled but unable to sleep. His eyes keep coming to my mind. Urgh. God help me. I took a few deep breathe and try to sleep.
Finally sleep came and I drift off to sleep.

Mia’s POV~~

I was in school right now. With Ash trying to find seats with *our lunch trays in our hands. The canteen seems to be crowded. ” hey I found a spot for us to seat.” Ash exclaimed. finally. We took our* seats quickly and start to eat.

“So how was dinner yesterday. Anything interesting?” Ash asked as he wiggled his eyebrows at him. I threw my fries at him.

He started to laugh at me. I just *stick my tongue out at him. I had just told him about the café incident. And then I told him about how the scary man is going to marry Olivia. When he had heard* about, he was quite shocked to the say the least.

But then he started to laugh his ass off about how I call Damien ‘scary man’. I just rolled my eyes at him.

“Answer my question.” He asked once he stop laughing like a hyena. “Nothing. We had dinner and they left.” I said to him.

I didn’t want to tell him about our little incident. His eyes still send shivers down my spine. Soon we were done. We had one last lesson before our free period.

During the lesson, I was totally zoned out. I couldn’t concentrate. His eyes keep coming back to haunt me.

Once the lesson had finished, Ash and me met up to do dance rehearsal. “Few more months and we get to dance in front of everyone.” Ash said as he grin. I just smiled foolishly at him.

After hours of practicing, we decided to call it a day. I said goodbye to Ash and skipped back home. As I reached my door step, I realised there were cars parked.

When I reached the living room, I was confused. The room was filled with tension. When my mum saw me, the colours in her face drained. “Mia you are back” as she said this all the eyes turn to me.

And I saw on particular brown eyes staring at me with achievement. I don’t understand. “Dad what is going on?” I asked him. “Come here sweetheart” he said as he pat the spot next to him.

Reluctantly I went.
My sister looked angry. But when she saw me it turn soft. She gave a look of pity and disappointment. I really don’t understand what is going on.
Mr Mariano gave me look of apology. Hi ohene ish on+233544142683 to get more exciting stories from our watsap and telegram page. As I sat beside my dad, I gave him the ‘explain’ look. He sighed. “Look, I want you to be calm when I tell you this.” my dad spoke to me calmly. “O-OK” I stuttered.

He took a sigh. “You remember how Damien is supposed to marry Olivia?” he asked. “Yeah” I said back confused. “Well there has been a slight change.” he said as he turn to look at the scary man.

The scary man just smiled at us. I got even confused. He can SMILE? My dad turn back to me. “Damien does not want to marry Olivia.” I don’t know if I should be sad knowing it must have hurt Olivia or happy I don’t have to see him again.

As I was doing my happy dance inside my head, it was cut short. “He wants to marry you”

he said finish. I was dead. That is the first thought came to me. I froze. I did not dare to breathe even.

After recovering from my internal turmoil, I stood up abruptly. “WHAT?” I did not mean to shout but I couldn’t control it.

“Listen *sweetheart. I know it is difficult to understand. But years ago, Albert and I made an agreement that one of my daughter will marry his son. Hence Damien here choose* to marry you.”

He explain to me.
I cannot believe what I am hearing now. “What about what I choose? Don’t I get to make a decision? I have yet to even turn 18.” I spoke with my lips trembling.

My dad sighed. ” We have made the necessary arrangements for that. I am sorry to say that you don’t have much of a choice.” he said finish as hang his head low.

That’s it, I am done. I turn and left the *house without looking behind. I couldn’t look back. I ran and ran aimlessly without knowing where am I going. After running for sometime* I stopped to catch my breath.
I realised I came to an empty playground. It was night time. I screamed and fall to my knees and sobbed.

I cant believe this is happening. I am getting married to the scary man. The man who I am so scared off. Urgh why is this happening to me.
After crying for sometime, I left to face reality. I wished all of this is just a dream.

As I shut the door, my mum came running to and hugged me. “Thank god you are ok. I am so sorry.” she whispered to me.

I just stood there. She let go off me as my dad came. He looked as if he just killed a puppy. I couldn’t help but to run and hug him as I cried.
“I am so sorry cupcake. I wish I could do something to help you.” He said as he tried to console me. I hiccupped for a few times before I speak.
“Its ok dad and mum. I understand. I am mad. But its ok.” I forgive them. Its not like they had any choice.

“Thank you for understanding us.” my mum said. I smiled at her softly. I started to get tired. “I am tired. I am going to head to bed.” I said as I felt my eyes started to get loopy. They nodded as they kissed my forehead.

As I was walking back to my room, I thought about my sister and went to check on her. As I entered her room, she was using her phone.
I cleared my throat to get her attention. As she saw she came to hug me. I started to cry. “Its ok baby sis. That guy is douche bag.”

As I cried my sister consoled me. Sooner or later I fell asleep in the comfort of my big sister.

DOPERCH.COM: 😈 Arranged to him 😈

( You are mine )
Episode 4

Mia’s POV~~

Here I am sitting in front of my mirror trying to process everything that happen yesterday. My parents told me not to go school as they had to talk more about the wedding. Why does this happens to me.

Thinking about it, why did the scary man chose me? I mean my sister is a model, popular, pretty, smart and outgoing. Me on the other hand, plain, high school girl.

This man is really is confusing. I prepared myself to go down and face my parents. Here goes nothing.

I slowly made my way down to meet my parents. As I step into the living room, I saw my parents and Olivia sitting in the couch.

“Morning mum and dad.” I greeted them. They turn to face me. “Morning sweetheart. Come and take a seat.” My dad greeted me. I nodded and went to seat beside him.

My dad took a deep breathe before starting. “Listen sweetheart, I know all of this a bit sudden and all. But Damien is a good men.” He said. The scary man is good man? Haha.

“You will be happy with him. The wedding is in 3 days. We need to get started for the wedding.” He said nervously. My eyes bulge out.

“THE WEDDING IS IN 3 DAYS?” I screamed out.

This is insane. My parents and Olivia sighed. “Unfortunately, yes.” my dad told me.
Urgh. Why is the wedding happening so fast. I thought maybe the wedding will only happen after I finished high school. And maybe he might change his mind soon.

Guess the luck is not my side. “I do not have much of choice, do I.” I told my dad. He just shook his head. I sighed and nodded my head.
“I have a condition.

” I said. “What is it?” my dad asked me back curiously. “I will continue to go to the same high school after the wedding.” I told them sternly. “I will arrange for it. I promise.” my dad promised me.

I nodded my head. “Well with that done, why don’t the three of you go and have the wedding dress ready. The rest preparation will be done by Albert and me.” My dad told us. I just nodded my head.

My mum, Olivia and I got ready and went to the boutique in the mall. I was nervous. Like really nervous. I don’t want this wedding. I cant really go and talk to the scary man.

What am I going to do?
Soon we reached the mall. We parked the car and headed inside. We straight headed for the boutique. I literally dragged myself to the boutique.

I was disinterested. I wanted to know if my sister was ok with everything. “Olivia, may I ask you something?” I called out to Olivia. “Yeah sure. What is it.” she asked me with a smile.

“I wanted to know if you were ok w-with this.” I asked slowly. She took a sigh. “At first, I was angry. Not at you. But at the situation. But I came to terms with it. However I want you to happy Mia. Don’t let that ruin your happiness.” she said with a smile.

I nodded my head. “I was wondering if you wanted to be my maid of honor.” I asked. I really want her to be beside me when wedding happens.

“Of course.” she squealed. “I wouldn’t have allowed anyone else to take that role.” she said with a playful glare. I just laughed at her silliness.

Soon we were in the boutique. And I became a doll. My mum and sister took most of the wedding dress and asked me to try it on. Apparently my mum and sister were more excited for my wedding than I am.

Luckily the woman already took my measurements. After hours of trying on wedding dresses, I took a rest. My mum and Olivia were still taking a look on the other dresses.

While I was looking around, a wedding dress caught my attention. Without realising I went towards the dress.

It was simply amazing. It was laced at the top. And flowy at the bottom. It had a look of princess in it. As I was admiring it, one of the store lady came to me. “Ah I see you have found interest in this dress.” she said.

She looked a bit old. She was sweet and nice. “This is a special dress. One of a design. It is made of different fabric. And can assure you, it would look amazing on you.” she said as she smiled at me.

Just then my mum and Olivia came. “Sweetie, the dress looks amazing. Its the perfect dress for you.” I just nodded my head.
Soon my mum was talking to the lady about the dresses and other stuff. I started to zone off.

Not that I am excited or interested.
Just then I heard a voice boom in the boutique. The voice that brought shivers down my spine. The voice that I dreaded. “Mrs Knight.”
I did not dare to turn back. I stood frozen in my spot. My mum however turn back of having her name being called.

“Damien. How wonderful for us to see you here. What brings you here?” my mum asked. I felt him come closer. I quickly recover from my shock.

Without anyone noticing, I went and hide behind my mum and Olivia. I peeked and see him standing in front of my mum and Olivia.

“I went searching for Amelia, and her dad told me you guys were here.” he said to my mum. Hearing that my mum smiled. I however was anything but happy.

Why was he searching for me? I did not like the idea of being near him. “May I know why you were searching for her?” my mum asked.

“The wedding rings.” he said simply. “I see.” my mum said. “Mia why don’t you go with Damien to select the wedding rings.” My mum said to me. ‘No’ I wanted to say. But refrained.

“B-But the d-dress?” I asked trying to escape. “We can take care of it.” she said back. I couldn’t come up with any idea yet.

“Can Olivia come with me please.” I was pleading her with my eyes. She sighed. “Fine” she said. Thank god.

I couldn’t survive with the scary man alone. I quickly took my sister and hold on to it. When I see the scary man face, there was a frown. But soon it was gone.

“Follow me.” he said.
Wedding rings here we come.

Mia’s POV.~~~

After the little stunt that I pulled just now, I have been clinging on to my sister. My sister is giving the look which says, ‘we are talking about this later’.

Guess I owe her an explanation. Great. Note the sarcasm.
The scary man was leading us *the way while we were following him. He was walking at a normal pace yet it was difficult for me to keep up with* his pace. He has long legs compared to my tiny ones.

“So Damien, How are you?” my sister asked. He turn for brief second to look at us before turning back. “I have been good, Olivia.” he said shortly after.

Olivia just nodded her head and kept silent learning he was not interested in having a conversation which was very fine with me.

Soon we reached his car. He opened the backseat of the car and Olivia went in first to take a seat. As I was about to go next, he shut the door.

He opened the passenger seat and looked at me. No way am I seating in the passenger seat. I tried to deny but he gave me stern look which kept me shut up.

I quietly took the seat. He shut the door as he came around to other side of the car and got in. As he shut his door and start his engine, he took a look at me.

Suddenly he came near me. I shrink back as a whimper left my lips. I closed my eyes. I heard a click sound and slowly open my eyes.

I realised he had helped me with my seat belt. When I looked at him, he gave me a confused look. I nodded my head at him.

Soon we hit the road. The ride was uncomfortable. I did not say anything. Olivia kept looking between the scary man and me. The scary man was kept looking straight at road and driving.

I found myself getting bored. I was thinking on whether I should on the radio or not. Deciding on the latter, I looked outside of the window and was enjoying the view.

I heard my phone ‘ping’ and decided to see who was it. It was Ash.
A- hey why didn’t you come to school today?

M- its a long story. I will come back tomorrow and tell.

A- ok. Anyway there was incident happen in school. And I kinda got into detention.

I laughed knowing how he always gets into trouble when I am not there.
M- of course you are. You are explaining to me what happen

tomorrow mister.
A- Yes Mam.

I giggled at his childishness.
Suddenly the car came to an abrupt stop. I turn and see that the scary man was clutching on to the steering wheel so tight that his knuckle were turning white. He looked pissed.

“Damien, is everything alright?” Olivia asked from behind. We looked at each other worried.

“Yeah.” he hissed. I just shrunk back into the seat further more. After few seconds, he calmed down.
Soon we hit the road. Again,

Finally we reached the place. We were in Tiffany & Co. The place looked fabulous and expensive. I could keep looking at the place without blinking.

I heard someone cleared their throat. I turn around and come to face with someone’s chest. I tilt my head up and see the scary man looking down at me. I quickly moved out of his way.

I went to stand beside Olivia. As we began to walk, the *scary man stopped. “Olivia, Amelia and me would go and take a look at the rings. You can take a look around the other shops.” he said looking* straight at Olivia.

I gasped. ‘no, no, no’ I kept thinking. I turned to Olivia. I begged her not to. “O-Ok sure.” Olivia said. WHAT! No she can’t leave me here with him. She soon left. I was standing there awkwardly.

He came to stand next to me but I just moved away. He sighed and start walking. I followed him.

As we entered, the place became quite. Everyone were frozen at where they were standing. After recovering, one of the lady working came to us.

“Mr Mariano, how can we assist you?” she asked him in fear. He looked around and everyone were back to *what they were doing.
“I would like 2 wedding rings and a engagement ring.” he* told her without and hesitation. She nodded her head and guided us to a room itself.

Guess everyone fears him. As we entered the room, I was astonished. it was magnificent. It had diamond and coloured lighting.

Damien took a seat and I just stand. Seeing this he sighed. “Seat.” he said sternly. I quickly sat down.

“Show us *your latest design. ” he said to the lady. She nodded and open a draw. In there I saw many design of rings. And* all of them looked expensive. Like really expensive.

The lady started showing different types of rings while the scary man paid close attention. And like usual I zoned off

I am just so tired of all this things. The day since I met this scary man, my world turn upside down. And now I have to spend the rest of my life with him? That’s ridiculous

As I was zoned out, I didn’t realise the scary man was talking to me. I turn to face him. He sighed and show me a ring.

It was rose gold diamond ring. It was heart shaped ring. It was simply magnificent.

“This is the *engagement ring for you.” he stated. I nodded my head. He sighed. “I’ll have this.” he said as he passed the ring back to the lady. she nodded her* head.

Next the wedding ring. Like just now he continued looking through the wedding rings and I was staring into empty space.

“This looks good.” he said still with frown. He has a frown on his face 24/7. I looked at the ring.

It was rose gold. It stated ‘My King’ and ‘My Queen’ in it. It actually looked nice. Simple and elegant. He turn to look at me. I just nodded my head.

He have the ring back to her. “I’ll have this two.” he told the lady. She nodded her head. She quickly took our ring measurements.

Soon we left the shop. I started looking for my sister. As I found her I quickly went to her. As we head back home I was again seated at the same place. Soon we arrived back home with the same awkward and uncomfortable silence with Olivia once in awhile popping in.

As soon we reached home I let out a sigh. Olivia left to go inside while I was struggling with the seat belt.

Suddenly the scary man helped me with the seat belt and I was free. As I was about the to get out, he hold my wrist stopping me.

I gasped out loud and turned around. He was looking at me. The look he gave me made me shiver.

He leaned in closer. As he was close he hold my chin. I was too shocked to move or say.

“You are mine.” he whispered in my ear. He let go of my chin and wrist. After recovering from my shock, I quickly went inside without looking back.

I went straight into my room and sat in the floor.

DOPERCH.COM: Arranged to him 😈

( You are mine )
Episode 5

Mia’s POV~~~
“What!” Ash screamed as the entire cafeteria turn to look at us. You might be wondering why? Well let me begin from the beginning.

I was telling Ash about the whole thing that happen with the scary man. And he went to shock for a good five minutes and started screaming. And that’s how we got the cafeteria attention on us.

“Be quiet.” I hissed at him. He looked around and quickly mumbled a apology. The cafeteria went back to what they were doing.

“You are getting married?” he question. “Yes Ashton Wilson. I am getting married” I told him for the billionth time.

“But you are only 17 years old.” he said back. “Yes captain obvious.” I glared back at him. “Sorry” he mumbled. I just nodded. “Don’t you have a say in this?” he asked.

“Apparently not.” I sighed. “I am sorry Mia” he said as he hugged me. That’s when I let everything out. My frustration, anger and sadness. I cried till I was breathless.

Soon my cries were mere hiccups. We skipped school and went to the mall to the gaming centre and spent our afternoon.

Ash is a great friend. He always had my back and I always had his. People usually thought we are dating but I always saw him as my brother and he saw me as his sister.

When boys start approaching, he will become my over protective brother and chase them away. Its a good thing that I had him cos I was never good in dating.

I was always the opposite of my sister. I hated the attention while she always had the spot light. She is gorgeous while I am plain. I guess that’s why we cliqued together.

It was early in the evening when I reached home. When I went home my parents were busy with the wedding arrangements while Olivia was in a photoshoot.

I ran up to my room to take a quick shower. I relaxed as the hot water hit me. I needed this.

After 20 mins I got out and dressed in my PJs.
It was about 8pm when I decided to do my homework. As I opened my book, I heard the door bell ring. I ignored it thinking my parents will take it.

As I heard the door open, I heard my mum. It was muffled. However it sounded excited. I wonder who got my mum so excited. Curiosity got the best of me. I opened my door to hear who was it.

When I heard the voice I froze. I can never forget that voice. Ever.
“Hi Mr and Mrs Knight.” he greeted them. “Oh please, call us as Christopher and Sophia. What made you come?” my dad asked him.
I was dreading his answer.

“I came to bring Amelia to dinner. If that is ok with y’all.” he said in a calm voice. I felt like I was going to collapse any time now.

I started to panic. I slowly closed the door and think of a way to escape this situation. Olivia was not home for me to bring her along. What am I gonna do?

That’s when I got an idea. I quickly got my handphone and jacket as I climbed out of the window. I slowly walked down the roof and jumped from the roof to the tree as I climbed down the branches.

This is how I usually sneak out of the house when I wanted to have peace of mind. Lucky for me I had the tree there.

I messaged Ash if we can meet and he texted back to meet at the ice cream parlour. I jogged myself there. It was getting cold. I was wearing a tank top and shorts with a jacket. Not helpful.

As I reached there I saw Ash. “Hey. why did you wanted to meet?” he asked. “The scary man came over and asked my parents if he could bring me for dinner. So I sneaked out.” I say as I shrugged. He sighed in return.

“Ok come on lets get ourselves some ice cream” he said as he grinned. “You know me so well.” I said as I grinned back.

We had tons of ice cream I was sure I am gonna get a cold. It was about over 10pm and decided to go back home.

Ash offered me back a ride. I had ice cream as I went back home.
Soon we reached my home and I bid Ash goodbye. As I entered my house while I was eating my ice cream, my eyes almost popped out when I reached the living room.

He was sitting in the middle of the living room. With his legs crossed over each other. The ice cream spoon was inside my mouth and I made no movement to take it out.

I was too shocked to move. That’s when my mum and dad came into the room. “Oh dear where were you? We were looking for you. We tried to call you. But you didn’t answer.” my mum said.

But I kept quiet. What is he still doing here? I thought he would have left. But he was still here.

Seeing this my mum started to talk. “Damien here wanted to bring you for dinner. We thought you were home. When did you go out?” my asked.

I got out from my shock and decided to answer my mum. “I-I w-went to g-get ice c-cream.” I stuttered out. All this while he was just standing there.

“Damien I am sorry for this.” My mum apologised. “Its ok Sophia.” he said as he stood up and fixed his suit. He came closer and I shrink back. I wasn’t able to move as my mum was holding on to me.

As he came near me, he took my left hand. I gasped when his warm and rough finger touched my skin.

He took my ring finger and inserted the engagement ring. Then he did the unthinkable. He kissed my fingers.

“Oh how lovely.” my mum gushed. I was feeling the opposite. I retreated my hand back quickly.

“I wanted to announce the media about the marriage and thought of bringing her to the restaurant and doing a public proposal.” he said.
“But its ok. I will inform the media about it tonight.” he said as he turned to my mother. “Thank you Damien.” she said back.

“I will be leaving then.” He said. “Oh please stay for dinner.” my mum called back. I wanted to glare at my mother.

“No its ok. The wedding is tomorrow. I have preparation.” he said as he waved them off. “Ok sure. Mia why don’t you send him off.” my mum said. Ok now I am glaring at her.

I nodded as I shifted for him to walk. I followed him to the door. I opened the door for him and let him walk out. As I was about to close the door, he stopped me.

He came near me and leaned down to my ears.
“Goodnight babygirl. Tomorrow you will be officially mine.” he whispered and turned on his heels and walked to his car.

I stood there frozen for awhile before shutting the door and bolting to my room. As I reached my room I locked my room my door ands fell to my bed and sobbed.
I hate him.

Mia’s POV

The day is here. The day I was dreading for. The day I wished never came. The day that I will lose my happiness and freedom. The wedding day.

Here I was in front of a mirror while people around me get me ready for the wedding. Someone is handling my hair while someone is handling my make up.

My sister and mother are giving instruction on how to do what while I sat there like a statue. My sister was wearing a rose gold dress since she is my maid of honour.

Everything was going on so fast. But somehow I wished that someone wake me up from this nightmare. I was terrified.

As the time got nearer and nearer I was getting nervous and scared. I didn’t want to go through any of these. I wanted to run away from all of this. But I can’t.

As I was zoning out, my mum voice brought me back. “Oh look at my baby. She look so beautiful.” she said as she started to tear up. I put up a fake smile and hugged her.

“Mum don’t tear up.” my sister said as we pulled away. I hugged my Olivia next. “Don’t worry baby sis. Everything is going to be fine.” she comforted me.

“Thank you sisy.” we chuckled at my nickname for her. Soon we pulled away. “Ok we better get going. Your father would soon be here to fetch you. Get dressed quick.”

My mum said and I nodded. I waited to go out as I slip into my dress. It was amazing but I was in no mood to appreciate its beauty.

It wasn’t that difficult to fit into it. After few minutes I was done without messing up my hair or make up. The ladies from just now came to do last min adjustment and they left.

I was waiting for my dad as I sat there trying not to tear up. Soon I heard a knock. I breathe in and out a few time before slowly I went to open the door.

Instead of my dad I saw Ash standing. I let him in. “Hey” he said as he smiled at me. I let him in while I closed the door.

“Hey.” I said back with a sad smile. I was about to tear up. “Oh my come here.” he said as he open his arms. I hugged him as I try not to tear up.

“I am so scared, Ash. I don’t know if I can do this. I am scared of him.” I said honestly. I hugged him not wanting to let go.

“Shh. Its going to be ok. You can do this” he said as he comforted me. For the next one min we hold onto each other and then we let go each other later.

We were making jokes trying to ease up the situation. Soon I heard a knock signalling me my dad was here.

Ash went to open the door while I sat there nervously. As my father came in, “Hi there cupcake.” he greeted me.

I chuckled at his nickname and ran into his arms. I was always very close to my dad more than my mum.

“My girl is all grown up now.” my dad said as I felt his voice crack. “Dad don’t.” I warned him. If he cries then I will cry too.

“I know, I know.” he said as kissed my temple. We hugged for what like seems hours and let go. “Shall we go.” He said as he hold out his arms.

Hesitantly, I hold his arm. My dad was in my right while ash stood in my left. I hold Ash hands and slowly walked with me being in between them

Soon we reached the big doors that led outside where the wedding was taking place.

Ash let go of my arm as he went outside to stand with the crowd. Before he left, “Its going to ok.” he whispered going off.

Why is everyone saying its going to ok when its not? I am 17 years old going to get married to a complete stranger, who is scary. How is any of this ok?

I was breathing hard when my father notice. “Cupcake, calm down. Its going to be ok. You can do this. He will keep you happy. I promise.” he reassured me.

Soon I calmed down and my breathing was back to normal. I nodded ensuring my dad I was ok. That is when I heard something.

The music. Which means the door is going to open. And I have to walk down the aisle. And I heard the door open. Automatically my head snap down as I felt all eyes own me.

I felt a blush come up my cheeks with all the attention I am getting. I felt someone tug and realised my dad has started to walk. Reluctantly I walked with my dad.

It felt like years as I walked down the aisle. Everything was moving slow. I kept my head down. I did not dare look up.
Soon we reached the end of the aisle.

“Take care of my daughter, son.” I heard my dad say as he took my hands out to give him. “I will, Sir.” he said as he took my hands.

I gasped when he touched my hands. Warm and rough. I still yet to look up as I kept my head down. I climbed up the steps as he guide me up.

As I reached on top, I quickly retracted my hands back.
The priest asked everyone to sit down before he started his speech.

“We are gathered here to celebrate the drawing of two lives. We’ve come so that this man, Damien Mariano and this woman, Amelia Knight….” as he started I zone off.

I was getting nervous. My hands were sweating and my heartbeat was so fast that I was scared it might come out.

I can’t believe this is happening. In a few mins I will become Amelia Mariano. I will be living with a stranger my entire life. I wanted to go to a corner and cry.

“Amelia” I heard the priest call. “What?” I asked coming out of my thought.

“Do you take Damien Mariano as your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, to love and cherish until death do you apart?” he asked me.

‘no’ I wanted to say but I couldn’t. I took a few breathe before saying. “I do.” Upon hearing everyone clap, I realised the scary man had said his vow.

“You may exchange the ring.” he said. With that said the scary man took my hand with his warm and rough hand and inserted the ring into my finger.

Soon after I took the ring and place it in his finger
“With that said I pronounce you as Husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

That’s when I froze.


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