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🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹

💨amber pov💨
“amber there are some people outside, they want to see you” her secretary said,I wonder who it is.
“let them in” I said soon my parents walked in.

its been four good years since I have seen my parents,when they had found out that I was pregnant, they had kicked me out without even bothering to look for me and now they are here
“amber my child” my mother said walking towards me hugging me and my father joined in but I didn’t hug them back.

“we’ve been searching for you” my mother said
“really? since when?” I asked
“for a long time” my father
“a long time that took you four good Years,for four years have been gone from your lives and now you come here telling me that you have been looking for me,well sorry mom,dad,have also forgotten that you both exists” I said trying to hurt them the same way they hurt
Chris betrayal would have been acceptable to me if my parents had stayed with me but they had sent me off in broad daylight, teling me never to come back, even when I was pregnant till I had my child,they never once looked for me

“amber we are sorry” my father said
“we made a mistake in the past but we are sorry my child,we are really sorry” my mother said too
“you think saying sorry will solve the problem here,well am sorry too but I don’t want you both in my life or in my son life,so please leave and never return” I said
“amber please”
“don’t make me call the security on you both,please go away” I yelled angrily and they went off
why did they have to come, why?I thought sadly.

later that day rose and the rest of the team came to me
“they’ve finally accept amber,global word company have accept to see us” rose said the rest shouted.
“is it for real rose” I said happily
“the secretary just called to confirm with us,they want us to show them our proposal” rose said
“but we aren’t ready yet” one of their colleague said
“what if we fail” another said
“we won’t fail,we always strive to get what we want and getting a contract with global world company will also go well for us.all we have to do is to believe, okay guys let us believe” I said and they all clapped and shouted believe.
when everyone had gone out,rose had stayed back

“we are to meet the boss himself tomorrow” rose said
“so he finally wants to show his face” I said
“let’s be contented with that” she said
“do you know his name yet”
“no I dont but we will know it all tomorrow” rose said

💨 Chris pov💨
“are they here yet” I said to my secretary who was helping me to button my suit
“yes sir,they are all in the presentation room waiting for you”
“how many are they”
“they are five sir”
“and is amber ray with them” I said
“yes sir”

“go and tell them I will be with them soon” I said and he went off
amber,the naive 19yearold i had tricked in the past,I wonder how she will look now,i hadn’t heard from her for the past four year,I wonder what she did with the child she had claimed to be mine, is she Even married,why am I thinking of all this, I only came here to work, not to play,for four years now have changed from being a notrious rake to being a good guy,I wonder what amber still thinks of me,I thought as I went out.


🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹


💨amber pov💨
“is everything ready” I said asking my colleagues that followed me for the presentation.
“yes,its all ready” they said
“we only have to wait for the mysterious boss to arrive” rose said beside me and we all laughed
“there are cameras around, let’s be serious” I said to them.
“everyone please take your seats,he will be here soon” the Secretary walked in to tell us.

the other three along with rose sat while I stood,I was cross checking the papers when he walked in
“good morning everyone” immediately he greeted I recognise that voice, that voice was a voice that I could never forget, I looked up and saw him starring at me,Chris!!!Chris van, right here in front of me, someone I pray and hope that I never meet again,he turned out to be the boss of this company, why is life so cruel,I thought silently.

he gave me one of those smiles he had always given in the past but that was the past,this time she is more matured and wiser,she wouldn’t let him fool her,if he could act like a professional then i i could too.
giving him everyone a smile,I began the presentation, showing him how we will help to advertise and market his products.

it took about thirty minutes for the presentation to end and as soon as it ended everyone clapped,I looked at him and saw him watching me in a strange way.
while he was talking to his secretary,I began to pack my things
“have got to go rose,please take over” I said
“but you are the one that is supposed to do it” rose said
“but you can do it have got to go” I said and was walking off he suddenly called my name
“amber, are you leaving”

“have got other things to attend to,if you have anything to talk about,you can talk about it with miss rose there,goodbye sir” I said walking out of the office.
💨chris pov💨
while miss rose kept on talking,I kept on thinking about amber, I won’t deny that she looks more beautiful now,she had looked like some sort of nerd back then but now she looks more beautiful,I wonder what she has been doing for the past four years,what had happened to her,I found myself thinking

“so sir what have you decide on” she said
“tell me how long have you known miss amber” I find myself asking
“for a while now”
“have you known her four years back”
“no sir,I just knew her when she moved here”
“and when she moved here,hoe was she” i said
“she was doing good and well” she said starring at Me weirdly
“do you know if she has children or a child or something” I said
“urrrrgh sir,I don’t feel comfortable talking about miss amber with you,can we just talk about the presentation” she said

“fine, the presentation was great,I loved it,it’s been the best from most of the presentation shown to me” I said
“so yes,I want your agency to do the advertising for me but it’s under one condition” I said
“what condition?”

“every future dealings that we will have will be between me and miss amber only” I said
“okay sir,I will tell her” she said walking off happily.
I don’t know why but I find myself being interested in amber,I wanted to know what she has become and by working close with her,I will know more.I thought


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