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🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹

💨amber POV💨
Its been weeks already,a week full of pain and anguish.
Just thinking about Melanie having Chris child hurts me a lot,the peaceful atmosphere we had before have change, there is no day that Chris and I dont argue about a thing,well not Chris entirely.

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I bring up the fight and make sure Chris gets annoyed to talk back. I know that what am doing is wrong but I dont care,I want Chris to feel the hurt and pain he is making me feel.
“Can I come in” rose said
“Of course” I said and she entered
“I just came to show you some ad promo,maybe we could pick one and use for your husba…….what’s wrong ” rose said suddenly
“Its nothing”

“That’s a lie,you’ve been looking like this since the past few Weeks, I didn’t want to meddle but now I think I have to,you look so weak,just tell me”
I sighed and told her everything
“That witch,she could be lying” rose said
“Melanie brought the doctor report and Chris had something with her before” I said
“And does that make Chris the father of her child,think about it Melanie,she could just be lying” rose said
“I dont know anymore,I just feel so confused” I said

“Tell me something,what do you feel for Chris”
“I don’t know”
“You love him right?’
“Yes I do and its my stupid heart, it keeps on falling for him”I said
” and does Chris feel the same way”she said
“I don’t know and I dont care” I said walking to stand by the window
“You know you do care and you definitely want to know, why not just go and ask him,you both need to talk,do this for your son sake” Rose said and left
She is right, she has to talk to Chris, they couldn’t continue this way.

💨chris POV💨
“Just get me the documents I need” I said to my secretary and she quickly left my office before I take my anger out on her.
that’s how have been feeling since these few weeks
Amber and I have been fighting a lot,ever since the day of her birthday,we’ve been having one problem or another.
My phone rang and I picked
“Have got some great news Chris” the investigator said
“What is it?tell me”
“Melanie is indeed pregnant but the child isn’t yours” he said and I felt so happy
“I always knew it, thanks John, I need to give the news to my wife'” I said and cut the call.

Amber has to know the truth,she won’t doubt me anymore.
I was about leaving when Melanie burst into my office
“If you won’t come to me, I will have to come to you, your child needs money Chris,give me some” she said
“If you don’t want me to strangle you Melanie, leave my office with that bastard in you” I said and she smiled
“Oh really?you really wanna strangle me” she said and walked to him
“Leave Melanie or I will ……” I couldn’t finish my word because she kissed me and at that precise moment amber walked in.

I immediately pushed her away”amber its not what you think”I said but she looked at me in a disgusting way and ran off
I couldn’t let her go like that, I ran after her,she had already got into the lift and immediately I went to use the stairs,I got downstairs and saw her running into the streets not caring if the car was going or not, I immediately went after her and I wasn’t watching where I was going only for a car to come straight at me hitting me.

I fell on the floor feeling pains All over,I heard amber screaming my name before I lose consciousness.


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