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🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹

💨amber POV💨

it all happened four years ago, I was still a student, a final year student, we had just finished an exam and I along with three of my friends went to the bar to celebrate, I didn’t want to but they forced me to
“your gonna love it” Sandra said
“youve always take life so seriously just enjoy the party tonight” Melinda added
“fine then let’s go” I said giving in.
the four of us got to the bar and ordered our drink

“guess what guys?my cousin is coming” Mary said
“oh yippee,I will get to see chris,” Melinda added
“who is Chris” I asked
“have you never heard of Chris van” Melinda said
“no I haven’t”
“well your missing,apart from being Mary cousin,he is the most wanted bachelor here,he is rich and let me tell you very very handsome”Sandra said
” and is he coming here “I asked
” sure and he is also bringing his sexy friends”Mary said

“there they are” Melinda said and I looked at the entrance to see four guys walk in,they all look really handsome, well except for one who is much more handsome,they got to us and the guys greeted all of us well except for me,I knew no one but my friends did
“so who is she” I heard the most handsome guy say
“she is amber ray,our classmate,we practically had to force her out to party with us” Mary said clinging to his arm
“amber this is Chris,my cousin, now you know him and isn’t he so gorgeous” Mary said to me,I could only nod in response because I feeling a bit flustered and shy but he really is handsome,I thought starring at him

“why don’t we all go and dance” Melinda said changing the topic
“am dancing with. you Chris” Melinda said pulling him off and the rest went well except for a guy called cade,who stayed back to chat with me,he is also handsome but not as handsome as Chris,he began to chat with me but I wasn’t listening,I was starring at Chris and Melinda who was on the dancefloor,Melinda kept on pushing herself into him but I noticed that he wasn’t really dancing, his mind was somewhere else but what could that be,I thought still starring at him and just then he starred at me giving me a smile and that got my heart fluttering
“I can see that your interested in Chris” cade suddenly said

“me?no,no your wrong” I lied
“you keep on starring at him and I think the feeling is mutual,he is more handsome than I am” he said
“no don’t think that way”
“am used to it so don’t feel bad and a little warning for you,don’t get your heart mixed with chris,he isn’t a serious guy,don’t let him break your heart because I know that your a good girl” he said tapping my cheeks gently and walking off.
what was that,why did he say that,I thought…….if only I had listened to cade warning………..

when they all came back, we got back to chatting,I didn’t really know what to say,so I didn’t say much,Melinda kept Chris to herself through the whole night.
I looked at my watch and saw that I was going to get home late,my grandmother would be so worried.
“um guys I need to leave” I said
“so soon” I heard him say
“I think so,need to get home early” I said picking up my things
“why don’t I just take you home” cade said
“no don’t worry, I said quickly walking out.

I was still hailing a taxi when I heard my name being called, I turned and saw him
” I didn’t get a chance to talk to you,but just want to say something “he said and walked towards me.
he bent and whispered into my ear
” I feel the same way too”and before I could say a thing,he kissed my lips and walked off.
I stood touching my mouth,oh God did he just kiss me but this is my first kiss,I had my first kiss with him……
I went back home still thiking about it,he said he felt the way I felt,could he like me too just by thinking that way,I was so happy…….
the next day, I went to school and was coming out when I saw him standing by his car smiling at me.
why is here…………

🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹

😍amber pov😍
I was coming out of the school when I saw Him by his car waiting for me.
why is he here,I thought and walked towards him.
“why are you here” I said
“to take you out and don’t try to give me the excuse that you still have a class cause have already asked my cousin and she told me that you guys don’t have any class,so shall we” he said smiling at me
“I don’t really thi……” I couldn’t finish my words because he put his finger on my lips.

“no buts amber,am taking you out okay” he said and before I could do a thing,he opened the door and I got in,he got in with me and drove off,at first I was feeling shy to talk to him but when he began to chat with me I found myself talking back.
he stopped his car in front of an amusement park
“why are we here”
“I heard from Mary that youve never been to an amusement park before so I decided to bring you to one and I promise that you will love it” he said and I smiled and together we went in and I wouldn’t deny that I enjoyed myself with him.

it was late when he took me back home
“I had a wonderful time,thanks” I said
“and I also had a nice time,I like you amber and I know you like me,will you be my girlfriend” he said to me and i felt so happy and excited, have never been anyone girlfriend
“say yes amber, have never felt this way with anyone” he said
“just say yes amber,say yes” he said and I found myself nodding
“yes” I said and he kissed me thoroughly this time.I manage to say goodbye to him and I went home,thank God my parents weren’t around,if they had found out that I was seeing a guy they would get real mad at me.
I got into bed only to think about my new sweet boyfriend.

we dated for about two weeks,going out on dates and kissing and cuddling, that was the only thing we could do cause I didn’t want it to get that far,for those two weeks I find out that I was madly in love with him and I knew he loved me at least that was what he told me
I thought our love could withstand it all but all the problem began.
I went to school this blessed day and saw Melanie, Melanie looked at me with anger and disdain
“how could you?how could you get involved with Chris when you knew that I love him” she said
“I never knew that and besides I love Chris and he loves me too” I.said
“fool,do you think Chris love anyone,he doesn’t,you are just another one of many,he will only use you and dump you” she said walking off
“what’s going on” Mary said walking in asking what happened
“ask your friend” melanie said leaving The room.

mary walked in starring at me.
“what happened ” she said
“Melanie found out that am dating Chris ” I said
“you what?”
“am dating Chris” I said again
“listen to me amber,its because I know that you are a good girl that’s why am telling you this, stay away from Chris” Mary said
“but why do you all keep on saying that” I said
“because its the truth,Chris is not the serious type,he won’t love or treasure you, to him you will just be another one of his many lovers,don’t let that happen to you okay,don’t let it” she said to me walking off.
their words kept on ringing in my head until it was time for me to go home,as usual his car was there waiting for me,I walked to him and he kissed me
“why do I feel that you are angry about something,what is wrong?” he asked me
“are you just using me Chris,do you really love me” I asked him
“where is all this question coming from”
“they keep on telling me that you will only use me and that you won’t treat me right and that you only want to sleep with me” I said

“and you believed them,you believed everything they said to you,I can’t believe that you will do that” he said getting angry
“is it true” I said
“its not okay,I love you but I think you dont, you don’t really love me,so its best we end this” he said to me
“no,please Chris no” I begged
“you don’t trust me,so let’s just end it”. he said entering his car and driving off.
I felt really bad and awful and I went to his apartment to look for him
” oh its you”he said on seeing me
“am sorry Chris,forgive me,I won’t ever doubt you again”I said hugging him
” but you will keep on doing it,am not even sure if you love me as you said”
“I do love you,what can I do to prove that to you” I said
“let’s make love” he said
“but I already told you that have never done it before and that am waiting for the right man”

“and am I not the right man”
“you are,you are,fine then let’s do it,if that will prove my love to you then we should do it” I said.
am I really making the right choice…I thought to

[ MY
🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹

😢amber pov😢
I woke up on Chris bed to find him not there,i have finally given myself to a man and it had been great,i went downstairs to look for him but didn’t find him there, i was about going back upstairs when i heard his voice,I walked there and was about opening the door when he said
“I know my love,yes I will do it,yes darling,okay okay,I just have to do something and when am through I will be at your house” on hearing what he said i choked back my tears and went back to the room acting like I didn’t hear a thing, he came back to the room and took me home even without me asking,i just couldn’t believe what I has just heard,I couldn’t believe it.
“don’t call me today,I will be busy the whole day” he said to me before driving off.

that was when all my pain started…….
for two weeks he avoided seeing me,anytime I call him he wouldn’t pick, I went searching for him in his house but wouldn’t find him there.
then one fateful day,I decided to go and look for him in his house, I was shocked to find Melanie in his house putting on one of his clothes
“what are you doing here” I said
“what do you think” she said giving me a malicious smile
“Melanie who is there” I heard Chris say and angrily I went into the house,I saw him in only a towel, had he been making love to Melanie
“amber,why are you here” he said
“why did you do this to me, why” I said crying

“its something everyone does amber bear with it” he said
“but you told me you love me and a man in love doesn’t do this” I said
“love?do you think I love you,I don’t love you and I never will,am not a one man woman and I won’t let myself be tied to a school boring girl like you” he said to me showing me his true colour
“I told you right,it won’t last,so get lost amber,your reign in Chris life is over, let me rule now” Melanie said walking to Chris and kissing him
“don’t be a fool amber, go away I don’t love you okay” he said and feeling hurt and scared I ran off

I was shattered by what happened and I vowed to forget him, I continued my life,finishing my course and graduating it was Two months later that I found out I was pregnant, my parents got mad at me for getting myself pregnant at a young age and I was sent out of the house,I rented a small house and began to live there,I got a job as a secretary and was working and my child was growing,then one day I saw a news about Chris on the newspaper,he was getting married but not to Melanie but to a distant cousin of his.

I still felt broken and shattered anytime I heard something about him but this was worse,he was getting married,had he really forgot her,was he really not coming for her,she had always thought that he will come for her someday but he never did that and that got me more sad.
I then summon up my courage and I went to see him at his family house.
at first his maids didn’t want to let me in and sent me away but it was Mary who helped me got into the house.
“he stays here all the time,I will go and call him for you” she said starring at my stomach,I knew she wanted to ask but she couldnt.

I stood waiting until I hears his voice
“why did Mary ask me to c…….amber?what are you doing here” he said
“I came to see you” I said turning fully and I saw his gaze landing on my stomach
“am pregnant Chris” I said
“what do you mean by so,you are the father of my child an…..”
“and what?do you think am a fool that I will fall your tricks,that child in you is not mine” he said
“how could you say that”
“its the truth,you think I don’t know that ever since you left me,you have been sleeping with all kind of men,take that bastard of yours to them” he said
“Chris how could you say that to me”
“you accuse me of betraying you with Melanie when you are the one who acts like a tramp a…..” he didn’t finish his word because I slapped him
“you cruel bastard”

“not as cruel as you,now get your bloody self out of my sight,you and your bastard child,I never want to see you again” he said pushing me away and I walked out of the room and out of his life….
and now he is back,I just hope I never get to see him

🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹

💨amber pov💨
“amber are you in there” I heard rose calling for me.
“yes am coming out now” I said quickly washing my hand and walking out of the ladies room
“what’s wrong with you,you’ve been in there for a long time” rose said
“its some indigestion I have that’s it” I said
“are you okay now”
“yes I am” I said,we both return to work,I couldn’t concentrate,I kept on thinking about what I heard.
when it was time to leave,rose and I head back home,we both share the same apartment, that was why I said we were best of friends,rose stood by me and helped unlike the friends inhad four years ago.
“mummmy” I turned and smiled when I heard his voice, my cute four year old son
“my dearest William” I said hugging him
“mummy I made a lot of friends at school today” he said
“why wont you make a lot of friends, you are my baby afterall,” I said and gave him a hug

“so won’t there be any hug and kisses for your aunty rose” rose said and immediately he went to hug her
we all went into the house,I began to Cook while rose began to set everything on the table
we all ate and chatted a bit and then I took liam to bed,reading his bed time story to him and when he had finally fallen asleep,I held him tightly in my arm.
we’ve been living well and in peace with my child,I won’t let anyone come destroy the peace that have been living in.
I won’t let that happen…

💨chris pov💨
he sat in chair when his secretary walked in again.
“what is it?”
“those advertising people called again”
“why are they so persistent” he said
“it’s a miss amber ray, she said she wants to show you their proposal” he said
amber ray,its been four good years since he heard from her
“set an appointment with her” I said


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