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🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹

💨chris POV💨
I stood starring at amber as she left, she really hate him and it hurts to know that,it hurts a lot.
“why had we allowed this wedding to take place because of it she hates us more now”I heard her father say.
” this is all your fault, if only you hadn’t got her pregnant, we won’t have sent her away “her mother said starring at me
” let’s not blame each other okay, what we should think about now is to know how to get her forgiveness, all of us in this room have one way or another ruined the life of amber, so we shouldn’t blame each other”Mary said

“my amber was right,you are not a good friend cause if you had been a good friend you would have know that it is hard for amber to forgive, that is the one thing she doesn’t know how to do and if she says she won’t forgive us then know that she won’t” her mother said
“Chris what will do?” Mary said to me
“let’s just give it a rest,let’s give her time” I said

“well thats easy for you to say when you were not the one hurt” her father said
“then you figure something out and just leave me alone” I said angrily and left the room.
I saw the limousine that will take us back home and got into it.
she was with chatting with liam smiling but when she saw him,she stopped smiling
“daddy” liam greeted on seeing his father
“so how is my cute boy today” i said
“doing fine,mom was just telling me that the two of you are now married” he said
“yes we are my son,are you happy about it”
“yes I am,now I have my mom and dad with me” he said

“you heard that amber,our son is happy to have the both of us with him” I said trying to stretch the olive branch but the look she gave him made him realise that amber is really hates him.
💨amber POV💨
we got to his apartment, ever since the wedding preparation have started I haven’t come here once,today is my first time here and though I would have liked to be somewhere else,I just couldn’t do that because I am stucked with him forever
we got into the house.
“liam is feeling sleepy,I want to put him to bed” I said
“amber can I join too,its just that I don’t know how to Tuck a kid in bed,I just want to know how” he said and reluctantly I let him follow us,while I bathe and clothed liam,he was there,making his presence known, trying to prove that he will always be a part our lives now, I read liam a bedtime story and when I was sure that he is finally asleep,I went out of the room with him following suit

“where is my room” I said
“your room is my room” he said and I stared at him
“and what makes you think that I want to be in the same room as you” I said
“we are husband and wife now, so we should try to give each other a chance,we’ve got to forget the past and work on the future” he said
” future,you think we can have a future with this sham of a marriage ”
“amber please let’s just try for our son”
“dont you dare bring liam into this,don’t you dare” I said

“okay then fine what about the way we once felt for each other,I know that you still want me the way I want you, its only been you amber, its only been you” he said and drew me close to him kissing me…

🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹
💨amber POV💨
he kept on kissing me Even when I tried to pull away
“amber have missed you a lot” he said and I used that opportunity to push him away
“well I didn’t and if it was up to me,i won’t even be here” I said
“amber can’t you just let us move on from the past” he said
“I know that you still like my kisses, you still want me just as much as I want you” he said

“that’s enough okay,have heard enough, I don’t want you not now or ever”i said
“tell me is there someone else”
“you still have the nerve to ask that after what you did,fine you want to know the truth right ,you have ruined me,destroyed me for any man,you want to know if I’d had a lot of lover in the past well no, what you did to me ruined me for Any Man,there were lot of suitor but I declined and while I did you kept on having numerous affair, think I wouldn’t know right?I read a lot about you on the papers and it never fails to mention your lover,while you had fun and layed every girl in your bed,I couldn’t do that because of the past experience with you,I couldn’t get involve with anyone and it’s all your fault,it’s all your fault” I said crying
“I never knew that”

“how could you, when you were not the one who was hurt” I said
“amber am sorry” he said coming close to me holding my arm
“don’t touch me and stay away,I hate you so much, I hate you a lot” I said and ran out of the room
Chris POV
I stood watching her leave, I had really hurt her in the past while my life continued her problem was just starting, I really am a fool,how could I have believed Melanie and lose the most precious thing in my life,although I have her here with me I still feel like a loser,gosh what will I do to make it up to her,what I thought as I sat on the bed staring at nothing

I gave her a lot of time before going back to look for her, I went to Liam room and found her there sleeping next to him,she hadn’t even taken off her wedding dress
gently went to her and picked her up and then i took her back to the room and lay her on the bed,I sat on the bed holding her hand
“am sorry amber,have put you thorough and am sorry about that,I just wish you can find it in your heart to forgive me,please amber forgive me” I said holding her hand

“I acted like a fool in the past and I made you pay for what you didn’t do,I lost the only valuable thing and that’s your love,I just wish you can hear me say all this,to you but your asleep, I feel like a fool just talking to myself,sleep well amber” I said and kissed her forehead before leaving the room..


🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹

💨amber POV💨
as soon as the door close I opened my eyes,I couldn’t believe what I just heard Chris say or is it just my imagination, I thought as I sat up,he had said that he lost my love, my love was the most valuable thing to him could that really be the truth,no I can’t believe all he said just now,he is just lying, he is finding a way to make me forgive him but I can’t, my heart wants to but my head won’t allow it, he had to pay for what he did, he just had to.

amber woke up late,liam is going to go to school late,I thought as I stood up and went to his room.
I got there only not to find him there,what’s going on,where is liam,I thought as I ran down the stairs, I saw Chris coming in
“where is he, where is my son, what did you do to him” I yelled at him angrily
“take it easy amber,I didn’t do a thing to him,I just took him to school” he said
“to school? but you don’t even know his,school” I said

” I do okay and you were sleeping peacefully that’s why I did not wake you up”he said
“that doesn’t Matter,he is my child and whatever pertain him should always be told to me”
“don’t forget that am also his father and I also have a right to participate in his life”
“wow it’s now you know you want to be a father,what happened four years ago” I said

“when will you stop taunting me with what happened four years ago, yes I had made a mistake but that doesn’t give you the right to keep on reminding me of it,am sick of hearing it okay,am sick” he yelled at me angrily and I stood shocked, never has he been this angry before.I thought as I watched him walk off into the kitchen.
I went back to my room and got dressed, i knew I was going to be late to work,I thought as I walked downstairs, I saw him in the kitchen cooking but he couldn’t Cook I thought as i starred at him,he hadn’t noticed me yet.
I walked in and he smiled on seeing me
“I decided to Cook for you,come eat” he said

“are you sure you didn’t put any poison” I said
“its not okay,sit,I think its time we talk” he said
“about what!”
“about us”
“there is nothing to talk about”.
” there is like for one I don’t like my wife working “he said
” well am sorry you will have to change your opinion on that,
cause I will continue working”I said
“what about working in my company”
“for what?for your employee to gossip about me right? well sorry, I will pass” I said

“why do you always think the worst of me”
“past experience with you have gotten me wiser, goodbye Chris” I said and was about to leave when the phone Rang,I saw him move to it
“yes Mary am alone” he said he didn’t know that am still around
“what!Melanie is back?” I heard him say


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