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🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹

💨amber POV💨
“marriage?” I said again
“yes marriage,we have to get married, I want to be a part of my son world and I want the custody of my child,I can’t trust you to be alone with him” he said
“I won’t ever marry you,go to hell you vile beast”I said and was about to walk off when he pulled me back

“you will have to do it amber”
“no,I won’t okay,my son and I don’t need you,so just get lost” she said
“then you leave me with no choice,its either you come back with me or I take my son away” he said
“you can’t do that you creep” I said holding his shirt angrily
“of course I can,remeber that am rich and powerful with just the right connection and money I could get the custody of liam and remember that I have pressed charges of kidnapping against you,I could make you spend the rest of your life here” he said and with the determined look on his face,I knew he meant it

“you can’t do this to me” I said
“yes I can,I will leave you here to think about it,am only giving you until tomorrow”he said and left the room
I stood in the room defeated,I knew that if I don’t do as he says,I will be the loser here,they are some time when I wish I had money,a lot of money.
” mummy,I want my mummy,I want my mummy”hearing my son voice I went outside

he was leaving with my son,my boy,I couldn’t led that I happen, I just couldn’t
“Chris give me my son” I said but he kept on walking off and the police officers wouldn’t leave me Aline
“okay,I accept, I accept ” I said and he stopped,he turned and gave me a smile.
“fine then” he said and walked back with my son.

“let her go, I won’t file the charges anymore” he said starring at me
“mummy am I going with that man” liam said pointing to Chris who was at the desk signing her release papers
” no my boy,we are going home”I said
“why not tell the boy the truth” he said
“with due process” I said
“just tell him okay,he is scared of me,my child is scared of me” he said
“okay,don’t scare him more” I said
“liam,you’ve always wanted your dad right?” i I said

“yes mummy”
“this man here is your father” I said
“but you said he is a bad man”
“I know I said that but that was before,now he is your father”
“and liam, your mother and I will be getting married soon,we will make a very happy family,would you Luke that” he said and I was surprised to see my son nod.
he also wants me to marry him.

🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹

💨chris POV💨
its been a week now and I am going to get married today,for the second time in my life I am getting married to amber,I stood in front of the mirror starring at myself in a suit all ready for the wedding
“so is the groom ready now” Mary said walking in

“yeah, I think so” I said,Mary had an unsure look on her face
“what’s wrong” I said
“are you really doing the right thing”
“I am Mary, what made you ask”
“its just that this is all a rush,you are forcing amber into this marriage,you are only thinking about yourself and your child,are you even thinking of amber” she said

“I am,that was why I said we should get married”
“a marriage which she doesn’t want,a marriage you are forcing her into,years back you made her hate you by acting cruel to her and now your still doing the same,still being cruel to her,have you even thought of the right way to get her forgiveness,has she even forgiven you yet,your just causing her to hate you more” Mary said

I stood thinikg about what Mary just said,its true that have been being a cruel bastard to her but that doesnt mean that she gets to hate me for good. my plan is to marry her and gently get her forgiveness and maybe her love too but hearing this from Mary only convinced me more that I shouldn’t have gone ahead with the wedding.
“hey where did your mind go off to,it’s time to go to the Court”
“oh okay” I said,have made the arrangment,there was no turning back now,all I have to do is to devote my time to get amber forgiveness and love again….

💨amber POV💨
“let’s just add a bit of the gown to an angle here and your veil, youve got to cover your face,don’t want your husband to be doing it for you” rose said covering my face with the veil
“stop fussing around rose, its just a wedding” I yelled at her angrily
“but you’ve got to look like the bride”
“if I had the power I wouldn’t even be here today” I said

“are you still mad at Chris”
“you have no idea how much I hate that man,they say a girl happiest day is her wedding day but look at me rose,do I look happy to you, since I was little have always wished to have a church wedding but it all got ruined because of him,he has gotten married once,so the possibility of him getting married in church is a zero,now look am getting married in a court,a court of all places” I said about to shed tears

“amber please just think about your son”
“I have been thiniking of him,he is the reason why I am getting married to that creep but I promise rose,I will make his life a living hell,yes he has won by getting married to me but for every hurt and pain he had caused me in the past I will make him feel it,I swear” I said
“amber don’t,getting revenge is wrong”
“Chris doesn’t feel remorseful for what he did and I will make sure he pays” I vowed silently

“its time for the bride to come in” a man said coming out of the court room
“amber please think things through,please” rose said and giving me a hug
I don’t care anymore, if Chris thinks he is cruel,I can be more cruer than him.
the door opened and I walked in,there wasn’t a lot of people in the court room,just a rose, Mary, my parents,the witnesses and my son, I noticed that the bastard didn’t even invite his parents here without bothering to look at him,I walked to the front and soon the wedding ceremony began, we exchanged rings and I made my vow to him and he to me and with our signatures intact we got pronounced man and wife.

he opened my veil to kiss me but I turned making him kiss my cheeks, as soon as the judges left the room and liam was taken off to pee,I said.
“have had enough of this farce” I removed my veil throwing it on the floor, I saw my parents and Mary starring at me

“what?did you all think this is real,well let me tell you what really happen” I said
“amber not now” he said beside me
“it just so happen that this good for nothing husband of mine blackmailed me to marry him and now am his wife,happy” I said starring at him
“more than happy” he said starring at me
“that’s what you’ve always wanted right,to have my son and I but let me tell you,you can have the love and respect of Liam but you won’t have mine because for the rest of my life I will keep on hating you” I said

“amber that’s enough,its your husband you are talking to” my mother said
“to heck with him being my husband and to heck with all of you,you all watched as this man here destroyed and broke me four years ago,you didnt even give me the support I needed,my parents send me away for getting pregnant and you who I trusted to be my friend advised me back then to abort the child and now you are trying to be the good parent,well you shouldn’t okay because I hate you all,most especially you Chris and I promise to make your life a living hell” I said and walked out of the room……


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