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(Worlds apart)


Episode 6

Chris POV

I don’t really know why I kissed her but I just wanted to shut her up.
I’m sure she’s gonna rant again and that was the only way I can stop it.

Only God knows what she will do next.

I release her from my grip and stare at her face, her eyes were close and she look peaceful like that, I have never see her this quiet.
She slowly open her eyes and caught me staring at her eyes.

“You…..You kissed me.” She said slowly stuttering along.
I was surprised because I never hear her stuttering before.

“Why? She asked and I shrugged.
“She is an older woman Arielle, you should at least ditch your arrogant self in your bag before talking to an elder like that.” I said, completely ditch her question.
She furrowed her brow and crossed her hands around her chest.

“She was checking me out,and by the way you are not my Daddy so don’t question me as one.” She said and glare at me.
I can’t really fathom this little girl.

“Well it will be my pleasure to be your daddy.” I said and she scrunch up her face.
“Oh yuck, ain’t doing no DDLG shit with you.” She said and look away.

Did she just blush? Well I don’t know about that, oh whatever ain’t interested in her anyway, she’s just a young teenage girl in her peak.

“So why are you here? I asked and deep my hands inside my white jacket.
“If you must know, I’m here to visit my friend Jason Smith.” She said and make to walk away but suddenly stop on her track.

“This never happen.” She said as she point between the two of us.
She’s quite funny, I chuckle at how serious her face is.

“Okay whatever.” I said and walk up to her.
“Don’t look for trouble while seeing your friend little one.” I said and rough her hair.

“I swear Chris i’ma……” I didnt let her finish swearing before leaving the place.
I walk towards the receptionist position and smile at her before walking along the hallway.
I enter the elevator and press on a number and lean on the cold metal.

“F**k why did I kiss her? I whispered to myself as I touch my lips once more.
The elevator ding and it open, I got out of the elevator and walk to my office.

I push the door open and walk inside my office, not too big but comfy.
I went to the book shelf and pick out a file.

I walk around my desk and sat down on my chair. Why did I even bring up the DDLG shit with Arielle?
Damn it!

She even refused straight up.
I flip out a page on the file and study it for a moment before my phone beep.

I bring it out from my pocket and unlock it.

You didn’t say sh*t bout my leg
I think for awhile whom it is but then…..
Whop, Arielle?
How did she get my personal number?

This girl is creepy and a die hard stalker I must say.

Arielle’s POV

After seeing Jason we left the hospital,we drop Tanya at her house and drove back to mine. I didn’t see Chris again, well not like I wanted to see him.

I keep reading the text I texted him earlier.
But why did I text him? I don’t know.

The way his lip fit perfectly on mine, the way he slide his tongue inside my mouth, the way he keep staring at me.

F**k it, I’m f**king dripping.
I bite my bottom lip as I dip my hand inside my pant to see myself wet.

Because of Chris? Oh f**k Me!

Have w can I be wet simply by thinking of Chris of all people?
He is old and….and hella handsome.
I can’t help but admire he perfect sculpture face, his neatly trimmed beard and his structure.

He is 5’9 tall and a demi god.
He is old Arielle stop thinking about him, just stop it, he is a whopping 7 years older.

I went inside the bathroom and close the door behind me, I need a release.

I push my pant aside and dip two fingers inside my p**sy.

“F**k.” It came out like a slow moan.
Why am I so attracted to this man with just one kiss?

Remembering what he said earlier.
*Well it will be my pleasure to be your daddy*

Only that word alone forced me to increase my pace, I need to release real fast.

“Oh sh*t.” I moaned as I reach my peak.



(Worlds apart)


(Little girl)

Episode 7

Note: for those who doesn’t know what DDLG stands for here is what it means.

DDLG stands for Daddy Dom little girl,it’s like a relationship whereby one person, the dominant takes the role of a caregiver.
And the other person in the relationship the little girl or submissive takes the role of a childlike behavior.

Overall it is a sweet relationship whereby the dominant care, protect and love the little.
The little got to call the dominant names like Daddy, Sir, any name suitable!

Arielle POV

It has been two weeks now making it one month since I broke my leg.
This past few weeks the thought of Chris couldn’t leave my mind.

I think of him in every little thing I do or see, when I masturbate its all because of him.
I think of him like he is glued to my memory.

“Arielle are you going to the mall today? I want to hit the club tonight.” Tanya said as she sat down on my bed.
I don’t really know what is wrong with me.

“I don’t know really, I don’t feel like going.” I said as I sat down Indian style on my bed.

“Come on Arielle, don’t be boring it’s gonna be fun i promise.” She said and pout her mouth which made me laugh.

“Okay…whatever.” I replied and stood up from my bed.
I opened the door and walk along the hallway going downstairs with Tanya trailing behind me.

“How is Jason now? I asked as we climb down the stairs.

Not like I Care,I just want to start a conversation.

“He is doing great now, i think he will resume school next week.” She said and I nodded.
We got to the sitting room and met Ares and Axel sitting down on the couch.

They are both not at work?

“Hey bro.” I greeted as I sit beside Axel. Tanya sat down beside Ares and smile shyly at him.

Oh my bitch is crushing on my brother, what the f**k?

“We are going to the mall, you want anything? I asked them as I secretly took Axel new bought range rover key from his pocket.

“Yea please get me a new black tie and shampoo conditioner.” Ares said and wink at me.

Huh! I can’t keep up with this dude.

“Brother Axel do you want anything? I asked as I stroke his arm.
“I want you to keep the car key back.” He said which took me by surprise.

He knew that I took it.

“Please….I just want to drive it for today please.” I begged.

“Have you gotten your driving license? He asked and I nodded.

“Okay whatever, I don’t want a scratch on it when you’re back.” He said and I quickly hug him and peck his cheek.

“Thank you brother.” I said happily before running upstairs and pick my wallet then went back downstairs and dragged Tanya out of the house.

After some minutes of driving we got to the mall and we went to the lady’s section.

“Arielle how does this dress look? Maybe I should wear it to the club.” Tanya said admiring the black dress.

“It’s beautiful, I got to search for a dress too.” I said to her as I continue checking out all the clothes.

I came across a white short dress with a little opening at the back.
I got to check this out.

I went to the changing room and wore the cloth. Oh goodness me, it fit perfectly on my little body.
I’m surely buying this one, I remove it and wore my formal clothe before going back outside.

“Okay I already got a dress, so we good to go? I asked Tanya.
“No, we have to pick Ares a tie.” She said and I roll my eyes.

You’re not his girlfriend for goodness sake.

“Okay, whatever let’s go and pick a tie for Ares.” I said and walk out of the female section.

After picking a tie for Ares I drop off Tanya in her house before driving back to the mansion.

*I can be your daddy if you want*
Chris’s statement keep repeating itself in my mind and I feel my cheek flushed.

His he indirectly asking me to be his little?

It was already 7:35pm, I already put on my makeup and pick up my bag before leaving room. The sound of my heel clicking can be heard.

You are ready? Outside the gate

Tanya is quiet the early type.
I throw my bag inside the passenger seat of my car and got in, I revive the engine and drove out of the gate.

Tanya hop in and kissed my cheek.
“You look sexy, I bet the guys won’t let you breath tonight.” She said and giggle.

I only want one person to look at me and not some bunch of stupid wretched people.

We got to the club and I flaunt my card in front of the bouncer before he let us in.

“I’ll go have a drink.” I said and left Tanya who was already getting hit by a guy.

I sat down at the bar and gulp down the first shot of my Scotch.
The hotness makes me blush.

That feeling that you feel when someone is looking at you, I feel it right now.

I look around for anyone looking at me before my eyes caught his.
A red hair girl was straddling him as she rock her body on his crotch.


He whispered something to the girl and she got off him, he stop up and make his way towards me.

He got to the bar and stood in front of me.
He grab my hand and pull me up from my seat making me sit down on his lap.

“What are you doing here baby girl? He whispered to my ear and I shivered as he bite on my earlobe softly.

Fuck, what are you doing to me Chris?



(Worlds apart)


(Whatcha gon’ do?)

😍Episode 8

💎Arielle’s POV💎

“Just leave me alone Chris, go back to your slut she’s waiting.” I snapped angrily.
Why is he holding me down like I’m his property while a few minutes ago was getting a dry humping with that blonde.

“You’re too young to be in a club little girl, go back home.” He seethed calmly.
His he high on shisha?

Why his he acting like my dad or Axel?
Well f**k him.

“Whatcha gon’ do if I don’t? I whispered into his ear as the music keep blaring.

He grab my a** and squeezed it causing me to jump from his lap.

“Why are you so annoying? He asked. This time around he was angry, so angry that his eyes are now darkened.

What’s up with him?
One time his flirting with me then the next he’s angry.
Crazy bipolar.

He grab my hand and dragged me outside the club. He stopped beside my car and pin me on it. My hand on his chest and his hands were beside my head.

“What do you want from me? The other day you kissed me and later act like nothing is wrong with that and now….now you’re acting all possessive, what’s going on? I whispered as we both stare at each other. His height towers my little body.

He bring down one of his hands and caress my cheek.

I uncontrollably lean into his touch and close my eyes.
“Arielle bitch what are you doing here, I’ve been searching for you everywhere.” A voice said and I quickly open my eyes.

“Oh….sorry I didn’t know that I was disturbing.” She added and I release a f**k you middle finger to her.

She hurriedly left and Chris release his grip from me.

“You really know how to be disrespectful huh? He asked and I scoffed.

“Stop acting like you know me Mister, anyways stop stalking me.” I said sternly.
He grab my hand and push me closer.

“Stalking you? Baby girl don’t test my Patience because I’ve got only little.” He said between gritted teeth.

“You’re hurting me.” I cry out as his hand tighten around my arm.
He loosen his grip and look away. His hands dip inside his pocket.

“I’m sorry.” He muttered as I examine my hand.
Did he just said sorry?

I started walking away as I feel his eyes on my back.

I got inside the club and eye searched for Tanya.
I saw her dancing with a guy and I went and dragged her away.

“We ghat to leave now.” I said as I rummage through my bag.
I saw Chris as he enter his car, he look at me then drove off.
I feel hurt, I thought that he wanted to say something. I thought he like me too.

How can he even like a young teenage girl that acts so inmature.

“Are you having hots for that doctor from the hospital? Tanya asked as I drive.

“I don’t, stop talking nonsense.” I snapped angrily.

“What? I just asked a question, I saw the way you lean into his touch back there, it was f**king hot.” She said and giggled.

I just want her to shut up or I shut it for her.
I drop her off in her house and drove to mine.
Immediately I enter the house Ares was seen coming down from the stairs.

“So how was the club tonight? You came back earlier today so unlike you.” He said and I rolled my eyes.
“Leave me alone Ares, I need some rest.” I said as I pick up my bag from the couch and headed upstairs.

Why do you keep showing up everywhere that I go Chris Macbeth?
Why is my heart acknowledging your presence so much?

Am I in love with you?

An older guy?
I just can’t accept this.

I got to my room and sat down on the bed as I remove my jewelries.

My phone starts ringing and I picked it up.
Who is this?


📲My baby girl📲 the voice said.

This….this is not his number.

📲Why are you calling me?📲 I said in a cold voice.
I really want to hear his voice so badly.
I just can’t let him know how I feel.

He is an adult and I’m an annoying teenager.

📲You don’t wanna hear my voice? Alright then good night📲 He said before hanging up.

Why did I do that? I don’t really know.
Should I call back?

I feel restless, I’m in love with this man and it’s driving me insane.
I’m ashamed of myself.

F**k Arielle doesn’t care what people says.
I want him, I crave for him, I think of him in every little thing.

What am I?
Does he even think of me or just sees me as a rich spoilt girl?


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