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Episode 6

The three of them collapsed after several hours of intense sex, she got up, sat on the bed still naked waiting for them to wake up and continue.

One hour gone, she invoked some palatable and delicious meal from her kingdom while she await their revival.

They woke up three hours later, all happening at the same time. She ordered them to eat the food and get back to work. Fear could be seen on their faces and shivers all over their bodies.

“We beg you in the name of God”.Please, Tom pleaded.

“Taaaaaaaaa!!!!” She exclaimed. Don’t you ever make mention of that here again, did you remember that name all the while I was asking you guys to let go? You guys want to have me, here I am now ready for you. Smash me the way you want. I am still naked for you”.

“I swear, in my entire life I will not f–k again. If I should get out of this alive, my life will be dedicated to you Lucifiana”. Alex said pleading.

“Go and have your meal and get back to work”. She commanded once again.

“But, don’t be offended, how and where did you get this food. Because we don’t have food stuffs in the room. Not to talk of having this sort of meal”. Mark asked.

“Whatever you need can be given to you from my kingdom. I would have given you guys what you wanted, but you chose to have it your way. Now you must pay for every bit of pain you caused me here and in my kingdom. You have done this for too long, making love to everyone you want to. It may shock you to know that most ladies you have smashed are from our kingdom. You guys have been initiated long ago. I just came to fulfill your woes. Your minds were hardened not to allow you heed to any advice given to you since you had it with one of our agents”.

“Every agent has their specific assignment, some are to initiate you first, some to harden your hearts and some to finally destroy you. Have you wondered why you don’t see any of those ladies again on campus whenever you were done with them? They return back to our kingdom because their missions were done”.

“My room mate, Linda warned you, so many people warned you. Above all, I did not just warn you guys, but I pleaded with you. My name Lucifiana did not even scare you guys. I am a direct descendant of Lucifer, the name should have rang a bell to you guys. (But they say, he who the gods want to kill they do not allow to perceive the smell of feases). Your day of DOOM is here. Get back to work”. She turned three again and ordered them to continue.

Their pleas couldn’t help as they continued from where they stopped.


It was 4pm the next day, some friends came looking for them because they were not in lectures all day. Unlike them, despite all they did in school, they were always academic conscious.

A knock came at their door, but they were so weak to even respond. Their friends knowing they were in kept knocking because the door was not padlocked outside as was the case always.

It was Mark who was able to speak out a little louder before they knew something was actually not right with them. They tried forcing the door open but it was hardly locked.



Episode 7

It was Mark who was able to speak out a little louder before they knew something was actually not right with them. They tried forcing the door open but it was so locked.


The guys outside did all they could to force the door open but couldn’t. They alerted other guys in the block, everyone gathered to force the door open, yet couldn’t.

While they were busy trying to gain entrance into the room, Lucifiana kept ordering them to go harder on her that she was about to cam.
“Give it to me very hard, now I’m enjoying it. Oh my father Lucifaaaaa, I am about to cam. Please accept their semen in your kingdom to produce more beautiful queens like myself. *There are many more guys who can’t caution their d*cks like these three fools. They needs to be taught a lesson”. Lucifiana* prayed.

She was lost in excitement, *because she was about to come and needed concentration for that. Then the door was forced open* . But then it was already late to get hold of her, she had reached orgasm and disappeared.

But before she disappeared, she told them that it wasn’t over yet. She’ll be coming back for more because she enjoyed it.

“I love and enjoyed it so much, I’ll be *coming back for more often. We need your type in our kingdom to multiply and bring forth more* destructive queens. I am Lucifiana, nicknamed “DESTRUCTION” in our kingdom. There would be no hiding place for you guys”.

Mark, Tom and Alex were seen lying lifeless, couldn’t move but still breathing.

They were quickly rushed to the school clinic for medication. They were unconscious for several days, what was happening to them was more of a spiritual thing than what medical experts could handle. So they needed spiritual intervention.

But everyone was blind not to know that what they needed was a spiritual intervention. They remained unconscious for several days. Lucifiana returned to the campus and resumed her lectures because no one knew she was evil.

Their semen were used in the spiritual world to produce more beautiful queens like Lucifiana to come into the world and destroy more guys who runs after everything they see that has big boobs and ass.

It is not all ladies you see around that are humans, most of them are demons from the pit of hell.

Because she’s been sexed by humans, she started initiating others on campus by seducing them to make love to her.

All she needed was just their semen to multiply her kingdom. Some she took their luck, some their knowledge was taken from them.

Learn to zip up guys, the enemy (some ladies) goes about like a roaring lion seeking for whom to devour.

She often visited the three musketeers even in their unconscious state and forced them make love to her. She would give them some strength and off they go.

She was not allowed to fall in love with anyone because that would spell doom for her. But she did, she fell in love with one Robert on campus, that was where her downfall began…



Episode 8

She often visited the three musketeers even in their *unconscious state end forced them make love to her. She would give them some* strengthen and off they go.
Lucifiana was not allowed to fall in love with anyone because that would *spell doom for her. But she did, she fell in love with one Robert on campus, that was where* her downfall began.


Robert is tall, dark in complexion, well built and very handsome. He is a very *gentle guy, who was always seen in company of himself and himself alone. He is God fearing, was* not in any bad click on campus.

A leader in his **departmental fellowship and campus fellowship. He was only dedicated to his God and* books.
Lucifiana was relaxing under a *shade one evening reading, unlike her. She’s not* often seen around during that period of the day.

Robert, plays basketball and this evening he was on his way to the basketball court when his built and good looks caught the attention of Lucifiana.

She followed him closely to the court and waited for him to finish. He is a good basketball player and is well respected in the team. He plays for the school basketball team and is the assistant captain.

The training lasted two hours and Lucifiana waited and even cheered him and others as they trained.

Robert was on his way back to the hostel when he was engaged in a conversation by Lucifiana.

“Greetings to you handsome”. She greeted as she walked up to him.

“Greetings to you young lady”. He answered and continued his walk.

“My name is Lucy, a first year student of Geography”.

“OK, I am Robert, a third year student of Mass Communication”. Robert responded. But his attention was focused on getting back to his room.

“Can I be your friend?”. Asked Lucifiana.

“We are friends already, don’t you think so?”. Robert responded.

“Yes I think we are, I am in room 10 Queens Hostel. Check on me anytime you want. I like you, you look gentle, my kind of man”.

“That’s ok, I *like you too. Very few ladies can summon the courage to let a guy know what they feel about *him. You are beautiful as* well, and a kind of lady any man would love* to have as his. Will check you up one of these days”..

“Thank you Rob, I’m flattered. I’ve not been told such sweet words before”.

“You must be kidding me, as beautiful as you are. Such words you must be hearing every minute of the day”.

“So you think, but in my kingdom, no one says such to me”.

“Your kingdom, what kingdom are you talking about?”. Robert asked anxiously.

“I mean in my hostel. No one has said such to me”. Lied Lucifiana…

“You are funny, your fellow ladies can’t say such to you. Or are you a lesbian?”

“Not at all, I don’t do such rubbish. I’ve not had a male friend since I appeared, sorry since I was born. So, no one has ever said such to me.”

“You are truly funny. I’ll check on you tomorrow or next. Let me go freshen up, I have fellowship to attend”.

“Are you one of these church goers?” She asked frowning.

“Is anything wrong with that?”. Robert asked.

“Nothing dear, I see you are too handsome. So I never thought you would be in any campus fellowship”. She told him.

“I am my dear Lucy, one with God is majority”.

The mention of the name (God) gave her a little imbalance, but it was not noticed by Robert. He offered her a handshake, but she declined. She told him she doesn’t shake men especially that there’s corona virus. She went her way to the hostel as Robert stood for sometime watching her dangle her heavy backside and was carried away with what he saw. Her beauty, body shape, good ass and boobs made him fall for her. She is truly Irresistible.

Mark, Tom and Alex were still recovering at the school clinic, but it will take Lucifiana to get out of herself from the spiritual to the physical before their lives would be normal again.



Episode 9

…Mark, Tom and Alex were still recovering at the school clinic, but it will take Lucifiana to get out of herself from the spiritual to the physical before their lives would be normal again.


Several attempts to get Robert join a cult group on campus or any other bad click were not successful. God was with him and fought his secret and open battles. The only thing that could make him fall victim of Satan and his plans will be to sleep with a woman. If he must make love to any woman, then it must be to his wife when he is married. Several attempts to assassinate him were foiled, because the forces that fought for him were more than any other force anyone could ever think of. He was only committed to his God and himself alone. No wonder he was nicknamed “ONE WITH GOD” on campus. Because he would always tell people that “One with God is majority”.


“My father and my Lord, I ask Thee for forgiveness in many ways I’ve sinned against you today. I ask for forgiveness especially for the way I lustfully looked at Lucy earlier today. Forgive me father and take such evil thoughts away from me, the thought of making love to her and any other temptation that may come my way. Guide and protect me as I sleep tonight, keep me away from every evil plans of Satan. I pray thee oh Lord, Amen”.

He prayed before going to sleep that night. In his dreams, who Lucifiana is was revealed to him.

He saw himself playing with Lucifiana in the dream. It was a very close and intimate kind of play. She tried seducing him into making love with her, but he refused and told her he was not allowed to make love to any woman. She did all she could but failed. Rather Robert insisted on knowing her more.

“I would *love you to tell me more about yourself, I’ve not been this close to any woman since I was born. Please, tell me more about* yourself”. Robert told her.

“Ok, I will tell you about myself, but I usually don’t tell people *about myself, but because of the love I have developed for you, I will tell you. My name is Princess, but* in my world I am known as Lucifiana”.

“Your world again?”. Robert asked anxiously.

“Yes, my world. My parents gave me the name Princess, but I am from the *marine world, my mum was childless for several years after marriage and often visited the riverside to sit and cry because she hadn’t no child* . She was noticed in our kingdom and we decided to give her a child. I *appeared in her womb to be given birth to like any other human being. My dad made love to her that night and I* was supposedly conceived. I brought luck to them, things started moving fine for them. They got things they never had before I was given birth to. But my main mission on earth is to destroy those men who can’t take their eyes off any womam they see. I take their lucks, their intelligence and render them useless. I am not allowed to fall in love with any man, but here I am, so deeply in love with you. When I was seven, between the hours of 12 midnight to 2am, I often visited our world, I would disappear at home for several days and go for meetings in our kingdom.

My parents will place notices everywhere, on TV stations, radio stations, newspapers and any other means of publication to announce a missing child. After we are done with our meetings, I would appear on the roadside and a good Samaritan would take me to a nearby police station, there my parents will come to identify and pick me up. I did that for several years until I gained admission into the University, where I now do things on my own and the way I want it. I don’t even know why I am saying all this to you, I have not said this to anyone before. Not even my parents know the real me, because I *have never given them any cause to worry since my birth. They love me so much and I do as well* . I show love to people that love me, and *destruction to people that hates me. I have not killed anyone before, because my mission is not to kill, but to destroy. One thing I know is that* I love you and that’s why I’m saying all this to you”.

“Whether you tell me now or not, I will find out, your true identity would be revealed to me. You can’t hide whom you are from me”. My Heavenly Father reveals deep and mysterious things of this world and the spiritual world to me. Robert told her.

She moved closer to him, tried to force him make love to her, then he woke up, picked up his phone to see what the time was. It was 2:15am, then he picked up his Holy Book, read some chapters and verses. Then knelt down, thanked God for the revelation and prayed for the strength and grace to overcome whatever temptation that will come his way.He prayed until 4:00am, then he slept a little and woke up by 7am greatly his lecturers starts at 8am.

Because Lucifiana had fallen so deeply in love, what was not suppose to be, Mark, Alex and Tom started regaining consciousness little by little. Once she is completely out of the marine world, then the three musketeers regains their total freedom. The key to their survival lies in the hands of Robert. And Robert on the other hand was falling for Lucifiana. Whenever he sets his eyes on her, he lusts over her, but will always ask for forgiveness from God in his closet and was always forgiven.

Their relationship kept growing as they were often seen together on campus. Robert invited her to his Tuesday departmental fellowship, it took hours of arguments before she accepted to attend. That was the beginning of WAR…….

It is well known that in every war, a lesser power must bow to the STRONGER.

Already, her true identity had been revealed to Robert, even though he took it as just a mere dream. But that’s exactly who she is and her real name is Princess Diana.



Episode 10

…her real name is Princess Diana.
Robert kept reminding her of the Tuesday fellowship and each time he reminded her, she would put on a worried expression on her face.

Rob stays alone in his room. Being a school basketball team player, he was given accommodation by the University. Staying alone gave him much time for his God and himself.

On Thursday night, Rob was about to have his night prayers when suddenly the light in his room went off, but there was light in other hostels and the school in general because the generating set powered the campus for the night.

He thought the bulb in his room had gone bad, he pulled his reading stool, climbed on it to see if it was the bulb. He put on the flashlight on his phone and it went off as well.
Reflection of light from other hostels gave him a little light in his room. So he was able to see a little. He was about to leave the room to get the campus technician when he saw a lady sat on his bed.

He was afraid, but was able to pull himself together.

“I have come to let you know the danger you are into, Lucifiana is the favourite daughter of our lord Lucifer. Stay away from her or you’ll have yourself to blame. Three souls are already in our kingdom waiting to be destroyed. They are all students of this campus. They tasted the forbidden fruit of Lucifiana and must pay dearly for it. I warn you to stay away, my mission is to come and sound this warning to you and not to harm you. Do not take her to where you planned to take her tomorrow, else you will be a dead man. I have warned you”.

The mamaid said to Robert as he fires back.

“The Lord has not given me the spirit of fear, but boldness and sound mind, He that is in me is greater than he that is in you. I was told by my father in heaven “not to be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday..A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked. Just as I am going to behold your destruction and that of your master. For this reason, the son of man was made manifest to destroy the works of Satan. “At the mention of the name that is above all names, every knee must bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord”. She staggered and disappeared at the mention of the name Jesus Christ.

Robert went into serious session of prayers as the lights in his room came back as soon as she disappeared. He was still praying when a knock came at his door, it was Princess Diana (Lucifiana).

“I can’t stay in my room, they are after my life. I feel I will be safe staying with you, please, let me in”. She pleaded with Rob.

“Who is he who says, and it comes to pass, when the Lord doesn’t command it? Come in Princess Diana.

Shocked to her bone marrow how he got to know her real name.

“How did you know I am Princess Diana.

“I have a father that reveals *everything to me, do not be surprised for your salvation is near. Now, I want you to tell me something. Do you know anything about three students of this campus who are held bondage in* your kingdom?”

“How did you know all this? Who are you?”. She asked once again, surprised.

“Answer Princess”.

“Yes, their names are Mark, Alex and Tom. They forcefully had carnal knowledge of me and have been held bondage in our kingdom ever since”.

“Where are they now?”. Rob asked.

“At the school clinic”. She responded.

“Its ok, you will go back to your room, I can’t allow you stay the night here. But one thing I can assure you is that no one can harm you. I’ll walk you down to your hostel”.

She accepted to go back to her hostel after about thirty minutes of arguments. Then Rob walked her down.


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