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🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹

💨amber POV💨
i stood at the waiting room,its been hours since he has been taken into the (ER) and no one has bothered to come tell me a thing.
I stared at the blood in my hands,its all my fault, if I hadn’t ran off, Chris will still be okay now,I thought as I walked around
if he doesn’t make it alive, I will die, I really would,I thought as I starred at the er door
“amber ” on hearing my name being called I quickly ran to rose and Mary who were coming in,I really need their support now,I thought as I hugged the both of them
“how is he?” rose said
“still being operated on and no one have come to tell me a thing about him” I said
“dont worry, he will be alright” rose said.
it took them some minutes later before the doctor walk up to us
“your husband is a really strong man,luckily he survived the heavy blow he got on his head,he will still need to be kept under observation” he said
“doctor, can I see him” I said
“sure but he is Still undert the influence of the anaesthetic we gave to him”he said
” you could come back tomorrow “he said
” no I don’t want to,I want to be by his side when he wake up “I said
” fine then ,you can go to him”he said and left.
“please Mary, rose help me go and take care of Liam,take him to your house,I might be here through the whole night” I said to them.
“fine but will you be okay here” she asked
“yes I will” I said to them and they went off.
I was taken to his room,I went to him and saw him laying on the bed looking lifeless.
I took a seat by his side and sat by his bed.
“my love,am sorry,” I said picking up his hand
“if only I hadn’t run off,you wont be here” I said kissing his hands
“wake up so I can mend things between us,am willing to forget everything if only you will wake up and come back to me” I said crying
for a while I kept talking to him until I slept off beside him..
I woke up to find him not on the bed”Chris ,Chris “I said and just then the bathroom door opened and he walked in
” Chris,you shouldn’t have get up,”I said going to support him
“and ease myself on the bed right” he said
“you could have woken me up” I said
“I didn’t want to disturb you” he said
“bring Me the phone” he said and I went to bring it.
he dialled a number and after talking to him for a while he gave the phone to me
“talk to the person on line” he said and I did
“hello Mrs van, I am your husband investigator and I just want to tell you that the pregnancy miss Melanie claim’s to be your husband is all a lie” he said
“okay thank you” I said and end the call
“and for the record what you saw yesterday is her kissing me not me kissing her” I said
“I ……”
“you really hate me right,well have decided to grant you the divorce you need” he said and I felt my heart breaking.
“isn’t that what you want right” he said
“its not that,I don’t want a divorce” I said
“I know have judge you without giving you the chance to tell me the truth and am sorry” I said
“no its me who is suppose to ask for forgiveness, have hurt you so much and I know I dont deserve your love……”
“you deserve my love Chris, I still love you” I said and he look at me happily
“you still love me” he said
“yes I do love you,I dont think have ever stopped loving you,” I said
“oh amber my dearest,you have no idea how much that word mean to me,I love you too,have been a fool in the past to have thrown a rare gem like you away,forgive my one and only” he said and kissed my hands
“have forgiven you a long time ago” I said and kissed him.
a while later I layer beside him on the bed feeling so happy,I felt just good with him beside me, I can’t ever imagine life without him,he is my life,my world and I love him a lot.
I felt him kiss my neck
“hey, now that you’ve forgiven me,will you forgive your parents too” he said
“my parents is another matter” I said
“but you can still forgive them right?for my sake please forgive them” he said
its about that I let all the anger of the past go,its time I patch things with my parents and move on with my life and am sure that with Chris beside me,everything will go great…..
💨chris POV💨
I sat on the sand and watch amber and liam run along the beach side,its been s month now,a month filled of love and care from amber and my son, I can’t imagine life without these two in it.
“hey love come here” amber said calling to me,I went to them and they both pulled me into the water,we swim in it for a while and then got back to doing other things,while liam slept on the rug we brought,I and amber Walked along the beach,just enjoying the peace and scenery, she tapped me gently and said”I love you”I smiled back and whispered to her
“I love you too”and I pulled her and kissed her.
I knew life ahead with amber and my child will be a great one as long as there is love,there will be us till eternity……


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