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Episode 37

Cali’s Pov:
I opened my lids blearily and felt myself lying on something hard – a floor.

My eyes were burning hot, I could hardly keep them open.

Then, I felt a cold hand touch my head and was forced to open my eyes and right there, I found Miquel staring at me.

Oh my God!

“Miquel?” I called, my voice coming out so weak and soft.

He was sitting in front of me and released a light smile.

“Hey”, he cooed and immediately, I forced myself to sit up.

“Miquel?” I called again, this time around, tearfully and without hesitation, I joined my body with his, giving him a warm hug.

I couldn’t believe I was holding him.

He reciprocated the hug, wrapping his hands around my waist and bringing me closer to himself.

I whimpered as I bit his shirt. The relief I felt while holding him, couldn’t be explained.

We unlocked from the hug and he stroked my hair.

“Hey; how’re you feeling?”. He asked so calmly, I could hardly hear him.

I felt something on my tummy and looked to see a wrap on it.

Oh! I was shot!

Wait….what happened last night??

I looked around and discovered we were in what looked like a cave.

“Are….Are we still in the palace?” I asked perfunctorily, despite the fact I was sure we weren’t there.

“No. We’re somewhere safe” he replied, still touching my hair.

I looked around, then rested my eyes on his.

“Wh….What happened?” I found myself ask in a mutter.

The last I could remember was being shot at. Then, he caught me from behind and that was it. How come we’re in a cave now?

He sighed and touched my cheeks.

“You don’t need to worry about a thing. The palace is gone; and I’m here now.

“And…I’m sorry for leaving without saying a word. I just…I just felt angry and blamed for everything. I felt I was the reason you got hurt. I couldn’t face you, Cali. I..I felt I was useless”.

He sighed again and held my cheeks with both hands.

“Will you forgive me?”

I let out a rueful smile as i stared at him.

I came all these way just to save him and he’s asking me such question?

“Of course” I chuckled tearfully, my eyes glistening.

I was about kssing him when a figure interrupted me – someone from the entrance.

I looked and discovered it was…Mykel?

Oh! Mykel.
I’d almost forgotten j came with him.

Miquel also noticed the entrance and turned to look at him. His eyes flashed immediately.

“I thought I told you to leave” he scrawled , but Mykel continued walking

“Chill, brother. I just came to check up on her” he said with his hands in the air, like he was surrendering or something.

“I’m not…your brother. Not anymore” Miquel picked his words and I flinched a bit.

“Don’t think because you helped me destroy the palace changes anything. You have five seconds to leave this cave”.


They destroyed the palace?

What the h*ell happened during my unconsciousness?

I looked at Mykel who suddenly stopped walking, but fixed his eyes on me.

“How’re you feeling, Cali?” He asked and immediately, Miquel stood up and grabbed his neck.

“Why the f**k should you care about her?” He growled and I had to interfere.

“Miquel! Miquel!” I don’t as I struggled to free his hand from Mykel’s neck and thankfully, I did.

“Miquel; please. You have to calm down” I hushed

“If he doesn’t leave this place, I swear, I’ll kill him” he said angrily, being restricted by my hands.

Oh God!

I looked at Mykel and suddenly, heard something from his head:

*I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness.

But I want you to know I’m truly sorry for what happened.

I need my brother back*

Those were his words; he’d given me access to his thoughts.

I felt my eyes melt as I stared speechlessly at him.

Oh God!

Immediately, he turned around and left.

Miquel had found a way to contact the institute and request a jet and after waiting for hours, they finally arrived.

While in the flying jet, I told Miquel all about my ordeal, how I was locked up for days after trying to escape just to look for him;

How Diane had disguised herself as one of the directors just to save me, how I’d gone to Mykel and asked for help – although, that part made him really mad.

It was a very long flight but finally, we arrived in America and drove straight to the institute.

Diane had actually been caught and locked up, but as soon as we arrived, Miquel ordered her immediate release and they did. Thank goodness they didn’t t0rture or hurt her much.

Miguel had to go into an urgent meeting with the board of directors and during that time, Diane and I stayed together in the room.

“So, how was it, Cali? What happened during the trip?” She asked as I decanted some wine into two glass cups.

“Well…it was great. Mykel was a little bit of a j*erk, but he helped a lot” I replied.

When I was done, I gave one of the glasses to her and took one for myself.

Then, I went to sit next to her on the bed.

“Cheers….to a greater friendship” we said simultaneously, giggled and hit the glasses together before gulping it down.

“Ahh” we breathed heavily.

“So funny, right?” I asked

“What?” She also asked.


We laughed again.

“Diane”, I called after a little pause and she looked at me

“If….if you were in my shoes, would you forgive Mykel for what he did?”

Her eyes drooped immediately.

“Woah….Cali” she exclaimed and chuckled.

She sipped from her glass again and looked at me.

Just then, the door opened, revealing Miquel.


Nobody told Diane to keep shut.

Oh DIrvinSaM it! Wrong timing.

He looked a little exhausted as he closed the door and walked in fully.

“Diane…”he called and I furrowed my brows.
That was actually the first time he was calling her name.

Wait….he didn’t overhear us, did he?

“Um….y…yes sir?” She stuttered cr@zily and glanced at me.

“Its late. You should return to your room. I need….sometime with Cali” he called and in less than a second, Diane was already on her feet.

“Goodnight, Cali” she waved at me and headed for the door, careful enough not to hit Miquel on her way out.

Okay….now what?..

I looked at him as he stared blankly at me and suddenly, a smirk crawled up his lips.

“I’ve missed you” he muttered as he came closer and squatted in front of me.

He held my both hands and bored his eyes into mine.

“Do you still…” He asked and tilted his head and I quickly understood what he meant.

“Oh, no. It’s…it’s fine now. Completely fine” I replied quickly and gulped nervously..

He nodded and slowly reached for my l!ps, kssing me tenderly..

At first, I didn’t reciprocate and just allowed him be the master. But not for long as he intensified the kss which got into my head and made me grab his hair.

G0sh! It was heavenly.

He stood up gradually and pushed me deeper into the b*ed, his l!ps still locked on mine. I could hardly breath.

He unlocked for a few seconds, giving me a little time to breath and as soon as that was achieved, he reached for my lips again.

I m0aned into his lips and he made me unh00k his belt.

Within the twinkle of an eye, he undressed me and I was left with just a p*nt and br@.

“Wait” he suddenly said and stopped my hands


I looked at him, breathlessly.

“I want us to do something different” he added and t0re off my p*nt.

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