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Episode 36

Cali’s Pov:
I whimpered as I stared at him, my hands still itching from the slap I’d just released. He looked undoubtedly shocked.

And his eyes….they’d began to water.

“You left me, Miquel” my voice wavered with emotions.
“You left without saying a single word to me. How dare you?”

I busted into tears and he forcefully turned around to back me.

He leaned over on the throne seat and looked like he was trying to control himself.

“You should leave, Cali” he said croakily.
“It’s dangerous for you here”.

Oh my God!

“Really?” I scoffed and moved closer to him.

“So, you’re just like the other guys, huh? A liar? Betrayal?”

He turned swiftly to look at me, his eyes burning red.

“What’re you talking about?” He snapped.

“You promised you’d never leave me” I pointed my finger at him, more tears streaming down my cheeks.
“You made me trust you – with everything, Miquel! I gave you my dignity and this is how you repay me? Just knocked me out like a piece of trash and returned to your precious throne? Really?? Tell me all you wanted was my body! Every f**king thing was all about my body. You only wanted to use me!” I yelled – cried.

“Cali….” He called blearily
“You know that’s not true. Stop saying non-sense. I’d never want to use and dump you”.

“So, how else do you explain this?? Or…are you suddenly disgusted by me because I told you I was rdominoss 4476621?? Do you suddenly hate me?? But it wasn’t my fault! And if I’m not mistaken, he rdominoss 4476621 me because of you! Everything that happened was because of you! So, why put the blame on me??”

“I’m not putting the blame on you, Cali. And you can never disgust me. Its….its all my fault everything happened I know you got hurt because of me. And that’s the reason I need you to stay away from me. please. I don’t want you to get hurt anymore”.

I scoffed in tears and disbelief as I stared at him.
My vision was already becoming blur.

“Do you even know what I went through getting to you? Do you know the risks and sacrifices I made? I came back for you,,Miquel. But you never did. How could you hurt me this way?”

I bent my head and wiped my face with the back of my palm.

“I guess this is all a waste of time. I hope you enjoy your stay here”.
And with that, I turned around to leave.

My running tears couldn’t describe the pains I felt as I walked away.

How could he??

I didn’t even realize when the big door ahead of me burst open with guards from different running in like athletes.

“Fire!!” I heard one of them yell and it became clear to me.
I gasped and looked up, but it was already too late as I felt an arrow pierce into my skin.

“Hah!” I gasped lightly and held the affected tummy.

Oh my God!

I felt my ears become blocked as every other thing sounded so low and distant to me.
I felt the whole place going round in circles for me.

“Cali?” I heard a voice and recognized it to be Miquel.
It sounded so far.

“Cali!!?!!” The voice came again – at the same time I fell backwards, about to reach the floor.

But I felt something hold me from behind, preventing me from reaching the floor.

I fell into a warm hands.

I looked and discovered it was Miquel.

“Cali?” He called again, his lips shaking, and eyes dilating in shock.

There were droplets of blood from the side of my mouth.

“Miquel…” I called weakly, my head was resting on his thighs.
“Don’t… leave me…please”.

I saw a tear drop from his eye immediately.

His grip around me had become firm which only meant one thing.

“Miquel…” I called again but could barely complete my statement when I passed out.
Authoress Chi Pov:
As soon as she passed out, the tears from his eyes got replaced with blood as all he felt were anger, pain and revenge.

Bethany had come in with the guards as well.

“My King!” She called and ran towards him.
But she had barely gotten close when she felt a heavy wind sweep her off her feet.

She screamed and found herself hitting hard against a wall – arms and neck broken.

“Ah!” She winced and tried getting on her feet.

Miquel remained on his spot, holding onto Cali as he wept.

“You didn’t have to hurt her” he whimpered.

Bethany who was already on her feet was fixated and didn’t know what to do.

But not until she felt an invisible force lift her off her feet and pin her to the wall, making her choke.

She held her neck a s she choked and danced her legs for help.

The guards who were still at the entrance were confused and didn’t know if they were to attack the King or not.

The King, huh?

He held Cali’s cheeks and kssed her.

“I’m so sorry” he whimpered.

He shoved the crown off his head and stood up afterwards, carrying her in his arms like a baby.

So many thoughts of regrets and pains flashed through his mind as he walked towards the entrance. And as he got close, the guards found themselves choking on the floor.

He didn’t care about them. All he cared about was getting Cali to a safe place so he could heal her.

How could he be so stupid, huh? So stupid to cause her such pain and heartbreak?

But he had no choice;
He felt he had no choice.

He successfully got out of the entrance, but only to meet a bigger problem.

The coordinates and priest.

“Miquel!!” The priest called in a voice that echoed.
He clearly looked angry.

“What do you think you’re doing? Where are you going?”

“I’m not the throne anymore. Stay out of my way” He said in a shaky tone.
Blood was still dripping from his nostrils.

“You’ve already been crowned, Miquel. Let her go!” The eldest among the coordinates said and he lowered his gaze to look at Cali. She was losing a lot of blood.

“No”, he said firmly and continued on his way.

The priest threw a weapon at him – a dagger which pierced directly into his back.

“Argh!” He yelped and fell on his knees.
But thankfully, Cali didn’t hit the floor too roughly.

“Get him!” The priest ordered the guards around, but before they could get to where he was, something else had already happened.

He’d let out a painful scream that swept every one of them off their feet.

Just stay away was all he asked.

He breathed heavily as he stood up with Cali and continued running.
He didn’t care to look back at the condition of the coordinates

He panted heavily as he climbed down the stairs. His back was bleeding profusely, but it was nothing compared to the pains he felt from seeing Cali bleed.
It t0re him apart.

He rushed down and finally got out to the open dark floor. But immediately, he felt arrows flying all over him and looked to find the guards shooting at him – the priest and few of the coordinates beside them.
They weren’t ready to let him go without a fight.

He held Cali firmly, but not until an arrow met him on his back – right next to the dagger.

He lost balance and fell on his knees again. And this time around, Cali went rolling from his hands.

His eyes became blood sh*t red as everything occurred to him. They were f**king messing with him.

He stood up with the pains and fierce eyes and turned to face the tall building in front of him.

The Mighty palace.

The priest had ordered the guards to stop shooting, thinking he’d changed his mind or something.

Or probably had something else in mind – which he sure did.

“Good riddance” he mumbled and with his hands stretched towards the building, he watched it crumble.

“Noo!!!” The coordinates screamed as they watched the building began to shrink.

The priest was loaded with surprise and unable to contend it.

Miquel?? What was he doing? He wanted to destroy the very palace?

The walls began to fall as everywhere became chaotic – maids and guards running out for their dear lives.

It looked just like a storm was about to take place and hundreds of people were running for their lives.

The priest joined hands with the rest of the coordinates and tried to wage his powers and indeed, they almost succeeded cause he found it difficult proceeding with the breakage.

He was bleeding real bad.

But suddenly, he felt a different energy – like an upsurge of power – assisting him.

He didn’t know where it was coming from and didn’t care to know at that moment as he focused on crushing the palace.

With the additional powers he’d gained, he let out an angry yell and what followed next was a great thud – crumbling and screaming.

Right in front of his very eyes,
He watched the palace crush to the ground.

The same palace that led to the death of his parents and first lover. And also led to so many complications with Cali.

That same palace had crashed in front of his very eyes – becoming nothing but dust and broken walls.

He fell on his knees in a deep breath as he suddenly felt so weak.

“Miquel!” He heard his name and flinched.
That voice….

He managed to turn slightly and found Mykel in front of him.

And it occurred to him..

The extra power had come from him.

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