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THE DIAMONDS 2: 33, 34, 35

THE DIAMONDS 2: 33, 34, 35

Episode 33

Cali’s Pov:
I didn’t even realize when I called out his name.

Mykel pulled me back immediately.

“Hey; what are you doing? You really think he can hear you from there? You should hope nobody heard you from a distance” he said huskily and looked around quickly.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Miquel as I stared at him with so much desires. My Miquel was right there in front of me! He was there!!

Looking so….handsome and royal….but in a different way.

A strange craving and desire to hold him suddenly clouded me and I turned swiftly to look at Mykel.

“How do we get in? How do we get to him?” Desperation and impatience was clearly resounding from my voice.

He sighed and inserted his hands into his trouser pockets.

“Its not gonna be easy, Cali. First, we can’t climb through the fence, that’s impossible. Secondly, we can’t just walk through the gate cause its gonna be really risky”.

I turned to look at Miquel and noticed he was already walking away.

Oh my God!! He was walking away!!.

I watched bitterly and anxiously as he finally got lost.

“How risky?” I turned to Mykel and ask immediately.

“Well….really risky. Because the guards would have to interrogate you heavily. And if you’re found suspicious, you’ll be arrested and probably killed” he replied, but it didn’t seem to freak me a bit.

Not when Miquel’s involved.

“What if I go in as a maid?” I asked.
“Wouldn’t that be better? I can get access to see the King, right?”

“A what? Are you okay? You can’t possibly go in as a maid, Cali. What if you get caught?”

“And I can’t believe you’re concerned about my well being. How hilarious” I scoffed and started walking away.

“Hey; Cali. Cali” he called and ran after me.

I didn’t turn to look at him but just continued walking away

“Seriously Cali?” He asked, but I still ignored him.

We climbed down the hill and I still continued on my way.

“Okay; fine! Fine! You can go in okay? When you’re done, you meet me right at the hill. But don’t say I didn’t warn you” he said audibly, but I still didn’t turn to look at him as I proceeded on my way.


It was a very long walk from the hill to the gate, but thankfully, I arrived there.

The gates were actually wide open, but the guards were something else – fully armed.
From the look in their eyes, nobody told me to stop walking when I got to where they were.

At some point, I actually became a bit scared.

“Who are you?” The first guard asked grumpily and I swallowed hard.

“I’m…I’m one of the maids, mister. I had to go out to get something” I replied, trying as much as possible to cloak my nervousness.

“To get what?” Another asked, obviously because my hands were empty.

Oh! DIrvinSaM.

“Um…some herbs. But unfortunately, I couldn’t get the ones I needed. So, I’m back to report to the mistress” I replied and they exchanged glances at each other.

For goodness sake, they ushered me in!!

“You can come in”, the first one said and paved way for me to pass and as I did, I released the long breath I’d been holding the whole tome.

G0sh! Thank goodness.

I walked in and couldn’t help but admire the beauty of the place. But considering the fact it was restraining my Miquel from me, I still hated it.

I walked so slowly, wondering what else I’d do to get closer to Miquel.

The maids…I needed to mingle with them first. I couldn’t just go to the king empty handed.

There were lots of people moving around with baskets, bags, so many things. And I stopped one of them.

“Hi. Um….where can I find the royal kitchen, please?” I asked.

She looked a little reluctant and suspicious but instantly, I gained access to her thoughts and got the direction.

“Don’t worry. I remember now” I waved her off and continued walking.

I took the directions I’d gotten from the woman’s head – left, left and right.

And in no time, found myself in a wide open space.

Is this what their kitchen looks like??

I stood confused at the entrance. I mean….they were so many of them – as busy as bees.

So many pots were on the fire which were made with local wood.

It was….

Suddenly, someone pushed me from behind and I turned to see it was a grumpy looking woman.

“Hey! Who are you? And why’re you just standing there?” She asked, beady eyed.

I quickly went through her thoughts and discovered they were expecting a new maid for the day. Nana.

“I’m….I’m Nana” I told her, hoping I was f**king convincing enough.

“Nana?” She repeated.
“But Bradley said Nana had bigger eyes.

“Anyway, come in. Come in. There are so much to do” she said hastily and walked in and I sluggishly followed.

The place was looking so new and strange to me.

“I need three more girls over here!” She announced and clapped her hands and immediately, three girls scuttled to where she was.

Hm. She was obviously the one in charge.

“Here. Take these trays to the throne room immediately. Be fast” she clapped her hands again and we started taking the trays one after the other.

I had the tray containing blueberries.

And…hold on; did she just say the throne room??

That should be Miquel’s location, right?
Oh my God!

I held the properly and scurried out with the rest of the maids.

Please, this should be it. This should be my opportunity of meeting Miquel.

“Ma’am Hanuel is so grumpy today, isn’t she?” I overheard two of the maids mumble.

“Not just today. She’s always been so bossy” the other replied, rather pissed off.

I shot them a stare and decided to ignore since they were the least of my problems.

We walked for a long time,,climbed some stairs and finally, got in front of a very large door which looked just like a gate.

There were armed guards in front of it and we stopped walking as the guards inspected us.

When they were done, they signalled the third among them to open the door and he did and we got access into the massive room.

My eyes itched at first cause of the light, but not until I spotted him sitting on what looked like a throne.

My lips helplessly dropped open in shock and excitement as I stared at him – My Miquel.

Oh my God!!


Episode 34

Cali’s Pov:
I feared the rate of my heartbeat was too high, the maids and guards might overhear it.

My Miquel was right in front of me – few steps away!

Oh my God!

He was….he was seated on the throne. And a lady was beside him.

She looked like a princess.

“What are these?” She asked immediately, making the rest of us stop.

But I couldn’t take my eyes off Miquel.

Oh God! He looked so handsome, but….his eyes.

they were so dark. So dark.
He glanced at us – the maids. And I could yell Hus eyes ran into me, but….he acted like…I wasn’t even there.

There was no emotion in his eyes when he stared at me. .

“We were ordered to get these to the King”, one of the maids replied.

“He never ordered for them! Take them away!” She said loudly and rudely and the maids bowed and turned around to the door.

Wait….What’s going on? Why isn’t Miquel looking at me? He was acting like…he didn’t see anyone familiar.

I remained standing like a ghost, not until one of the maids nudged me.

“What’re you waiting for?” She said in a husky whisper and I forced my legs to move.

Confusion overwhelmed me, I didn’t know what was going on.

My Miquel…Why wasn’t he recognizing me?

Suddenly, I heard a cold voice say:

“I want the blueberries”.

My heart skipped along with my legs as they stopped walking.

I was the lady with the blueberries, right?

Yes!! Of course.

I gasped and turned in shock to see him staring at me.


G0sh! I was so tempted to call out his name. But remembering everything Mykel had told me, I realized I needed to be safe for him.

“Why’s she just standing there like an oaf?” The lady beside him growled and I swallowed hard and started walking closer.

Oh God! So many things had changed and looked confusing. Who the heck was that lady?

I got closer with the tray of blueberries and as i did, i couldn’t help but stare into his eyes and this time around, he was staring back at me.

But that look….

They weren’t the looks of my Miquel.

He would’ve acted usual by now.

I held out the tray to him and he stretched out his hand and picked about three berries.

I watched him eat them in ecstMissy Emxplora, closing his eyes a bit.

Suddenly,,he looked at me again. And leaned forward.

“Why do you look so familiar?” He asked, his voice coming out so grumpy and cold.

Good lord!

“Have we met before?”

I felt tears build up in my eyes as I stared into his.

No way;

What happened to his memories? What happened to him?

Suddenly, I felt someone push me and in no time, I was on the floor with the blueberries spilled all over.

Oh my God!
It was the lady beside him!
She pushed me!!

“How dare you stare into the eyes of the King?” She roared.

“Do you have a death wish?”

I looked at her with so much shock and fisted my hand.

At that moment, the only thing I felt was screaming at her so she could get wiped off her feet.

But the anger in me was mixed with heart brokeness, I didn’t know what exactly to do.

I looked at Miquel and he was completely void of emotions.

How could he….

How could he watch another lady intimidate me?

The tear came rolling down freely as I continued staring at him.

“Guards!!” The lady yelled and the boys came scuttling in.

“Lock her up!”

The guards lifted me roughly from the floor and started taking me away while I whimpered.

More tears streamed down my cheeks as they took me away.

But not until we heard the King’s voice.


It came in an order and we the guards holding me stopped walking as we turned to look at him – Miquel.

He was on his feet.
Episode 35

Cali’s Pov:
I was still whimpering when we turned around to look at him. He was on his feet.

All eyes were on him as everyone probably wondered why he asked the guards to stop. His eyes were so damn dark and stared at me.

“Give us some privacy” he finally said again, creating more suspense.

“My King?” The lady beside him called, she clearly sounded surprised.

“I want everyone out of the room, except the maid” he said again, his eyes not leaving my face.

The guards left me immediately and started walking out – so with the rest of the maids.

“But my King….” The lady tried speaking out.

“Do you really have to argue with me, Bethany?” He turned to her and ask and the look on her face was priceless.

“No,my King”, she bowed and left his side.

She kept her eyes glued to the floor as she walked away, and when she got to where I was, she lifted her face and shot me a deadly stare.

I gulped nervously and took my eyes away from hers as she walked away.

And now…back to Miquel.

We were the only ones left in the room.

I stood, transfixed in shock as we both stared at each other – silently.

The silence was a brooding one as I wondered what he had in mind.

But shocking enough, he called my name.

“Cali?” His voice came out a little hoarse and my eyes dimmed.

He called my name??

Suddenly, I walked up to him and slapped him.
Bethany’s Pov:
I walked angrily out of the throne room, my entire system vibrating.

I felt the ground was shaking with the way I stormed on them.

Finally, I got to the sacred hall – where the coordinates were.

“We have a problem” I said as soon as I entered and they all turned swiftly to look at me.
No doubt, they were taken abacked by my sudden entrance.

“What problem, Bethany?” The eldest asked, keenly.

I breathed heavily as I walked closer to them.

“Miquel…”, I panted.
“I think we might lose him”.


“What?” About three of them chorused at once.

“What makes you say so, Bethany? Go straight to the point”.another urged.

“There’s a lady in there. And with the look of things, I think she knows Miquel. And Miquel knows her. He sent everyone out of the throne room so he could have a word with her. He might regain his memories” I said, hyperventilatively.

About 5 of them gasped.

“Are you being serious?? Who’s she?” The eldest asked.

“I have no idea. But she’s definitely a threat. I couldn’t see it in Miquel’s eyes. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. And to think they’re together right now….” I clicked my tongue.
“There’s definitely a problem”.

“No! Get the guards immediately. Take them to the throne room. They’re to kill the intruder as soon as they see her. Do it now!! I’ll go inform the priest” the eldest said strictly and scurried out of the room while I also bowed and ran off to fulfill my task.

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