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THE DIAMONDS 2: 29, 30

THE DIAMONDS 2: 29, 30

: Season_2
Episode 29

Cali’s Pov:
Oh my God!
I felt my heart beat so rapidly.

Please,don’t tell me he’s angry. This isn’t the right time.

He turned around and backed me, leaning his hands on a table in front of him.
His hands were literally shaking.

I stood and stared from behind, speechless.
I just needed him to say something. I needed to be sure everything was fine.

He didn’t say a word, but continued bleeding, making the blood droplets fall on the table.

Then suddenly, he turned around and started towards the door.

No; no.

“Miquel! Miquel!” I called as I ran after him and caught up with him by the door.

Oh God!
His face was so bloody already.

“Please. I’m sorry. Don’t leave me, please” I whimpered, more tears streaming down my cheeks.

Slowly, he lifted his hands to my face and touched my hair.

For God”s sake, i could tell it was taking him a lot to control his anger in front of me. Even a blind man could notice that.
“I’ll never leave you, Cali” he said with a little waver, his hands pressing hard against my hair.

I started feeling it – something strange.


“But I need to kill him” he added and that was when it became clear to me.

The dizziness he was making me feel. He was trying to make me pass out.

“No….Miquel” I called faintly as my eyes began to feel so heavy.

More blood dripped down his nose and eyes as he stared into my face and watched me drowse.

I tried so hard to fight the dizziness, but it was inevitable and finally, I passed out on the floor.

Authoress Chi’s Pov✍️
As soon as Cali passed out on the floor, Miquel opened the door and stormed out of the room. He just couldn’t control it; no matter how hard he tried.

He ran downstairs, rushed out of the apartment and straight to his car.

The few students around were frightened and moved as far away as possible, but they didn’t even bother him as he opened his car, got in and took off immediately.

At that moment, he wasn’t thinking straight. At that moment, the only thing on his mind was setting his eyes on Mykel.

he didn’t even care how he was getting into the Black Diãmônd institute. All that mattered to him was getting Mykel.

He drove at a cr@zy speed, vi0lating all traffic signals. They were bull sh*t to him at that moment.

More blood kept strolling down his face which he couldn’t control and his hands shook as he controlled the sterling.

“How could he?” He thought.
How could Mykel touch what belonged to him? Beat and used her?

How dare he put her under such pressure and trauma?

He gritted his teeth and drove furiously.

Her tears were driving him nuts; the way she cried and pushed his hands away when he tried to touch her.

How dare Mykel do that to her? He could imagine how she must’ve cried and begged him. He could imagine how scared she must have been.

He failed to protect her. The second woman he’s ever loved. He failed to protect her. He’d broken his own promise to himself.

G0sh! The pains were driving him cr@zy.
He felt stabbed and hurt.
Finally, he got to the big gates of the institute. And without turning off his car, he jumped out and proceeded.

He wasn’t thinking straight and was void of his emotions. He didn’t care if he had to penetrate the gate,,he just needed to get in.

The powers in him had risen to its peak – and so did the darkness. How he wished he could control it. But it was impossible.

As he approached the gates, eyes glued on it, it started opening on its own.

Despite how huge and strong the gates were, they bowed for the greater power – a power that didn’t need keys or electricity to open them.

They made groaning sounds as they splitted apart, creating enough space for him to walk in.

“Hey!!!” The securities from inside the building started screaming.

They brought out their guns and aimed at him.

“Stop right there!!! Don’t move!!” They yelled at him and cracked the guns.

But that was a dangerous moment – a moment no ordinary person should be around him.

As he walked pass the gates and drew closer to them, they felt heavy choking in their throats and gasped for air.

Their hands became weak and the guns fell freely from them.

He continued marching in, ignoring them as they dropped dead on the floor.

“Arghhhhh!!!” More people began screaming as they noticed him.

The few that were lucky enough to run away before he’d get to where they were – were safe. While those that couldn’t make it away in time, choked to death on the floor.

That was the lifestyle he’d been trying to avoid for years – the same reason he tried as much as possible to avoid people – despite the fact he hated being alone.

That same lifestyle was back – the lifestyle of a beast.

How he wished he could control it. But it was just impossible.

He continued marching in and more guards came to stop him. But before they could pull the triggers of the guns in their hands, they choked to death.

Every f*”king thing happened without him touching them or raising a fnger.

Where was Mykel? He needed to set his eyes on him – just once.

He stood and faced a particular building which was almost as tall as a skyscraper. And fisting his hand towards it, the windows came crashing out of their holders.
Glasses flew all over the air.

“Arghhhghhh!”, the institute was already a mess as it looked just like they were under an attack.

He did more damage, all in an attempt to get Mykel’s attention.

A particular set of students came out to face him – those who were considered most powerful in the institute.

They stood some distance away from him and tried using their powers, but it only bounced back on them and choked them.

If only they knew he was clearly unstoppable at that moment.

More screams came flying, chaos as people ran all around – chaos being created by just one man.

Mykel – he needed Mykel.

He continued walking deeper into the building, looking for something more precious to damage.

But finally, he spotted him – Mykel.
He probably couldn’t watch him destroy the entire institute and had to show himself cause he knew he was there for him.

“Hey!” He called and spread his arms apart.
“You want me?”

Miquel felt a new anger spurge up in him as soon as he set his eyes on Mykel.

He tried to clean some of the blood stain on his nose with the back of his palm as he started marching towards him.

*Kill him. Kill him*
Was all that kept ringing his head.

*just grab him and kill him*

As he approached him, he suddenly felt the images of Cali being m0lested by him. He envisioned it in his head – how she must’ve cried and begged.

He imagined the animal laying his hands on her, making her weak enough to scr*ew her. How dare he?
How could he?

Mykel stood his ground and awaited him to get close and finally, they were standing face to face with each other.

“I warned you not to touch her” Miquel spoke up, in deep hard breaths.

“How dare you stick that worthless thing of yours into her?”

Mykel smirked a little.

“I’m sorry, Miq. But I made a promise to you” he replied and that was just the height of it.

Miquel didn’t even realize when he landed a heavy punch on him.
“You animal!” He called bitterly and gripped him by the collars.

Mykel flinched a little and tried fighting back with a punch which was successful.

He returned a punch to Miquel’s face which made him bleed more.

Miquel touched his lips and looked at him and the next thing that happened was history.

He landed two quick punches on him and kicked his leg, which brought him to his knees – instantly.

Mykel groaned a little and tried getting on his feet, but it was fruitless as Miquel pushed him to the floor and continued punching him.

“You b@stard!” Mykel grumbled and struggled with him.
But he knew who he was up against.

In no time, his face was equally covered in blood and Miquel lifted him from the floor and flung him to another spot – just like a piece of rag.

He crashed brutally to the floor but unfortunately, Miquel didn’t even give him a breathing space as he got on him immediately and continued the punches.

“Why did you do it?!?” He yelled as he released angry punches at him – his face was already a mess, covered with blood.

He was clearly losing consciousness.

“She was innocent and had nothing to do with this!!!!” He yelled – cried

He stopped and took up a piece of glass from the floor close by and without a second thought, drove it into his arm.

“Urgh!!” Mykel groaned disgruntedly at the extra pain.

He’d gotten so weak and couldn’t push him off from his body and Miquel drove the glass deeper into his arm, oozing so much blood.

Then, he paused and stared into Mykel’s face.

“You hurt her” he whimpered.
This time around, tears dripped from his eyes.
He still had him pinned to the floor.

“You made her reject me with tears. I understand if you’re a coward, but did you really have to that to her?”

His voice shook as he spoke so tearfully.

“I never asked to be a Diãmônd, Mykel. But each time, you’ve made me feel its the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. You made me feel its a curse. And today, you turned me into a m0nster.

“From this day on, I cut off every ties I have with you. From this day on, I reject everything that makes you family.

“I reject everything that makes you my brother”.

And with tears still strolling down his cheeks, he stood up and left.

Episode 30

Miquel’s Pov:
As I left his bleeding unconscious body on the floor and headed for the gate, I came in contact with all the people I’d killed – all the people lying dead on the floor.

I’d stopped bleeding, but my hands still shook as I stared at the disaster I’d created. The lives I’d taken within seconds. What have I done?

I walked out the gate and got into my car, but I was damn so weak to ignite the engines.

I tried to get hold of the keys, but my hands continued shaking and I couldn’t make it work.

Then, I busted into tears and rested my head on the sterling.
What have I done?

I’m a m0nster, huh? Always causing disaster everywhere I go.

I couldn’t believe it.

Because of me, the first woman I’d ever loved, died. She died because I failed to protect her.

Because of me, Cali got molested and traumatized.

Because of me, my own parents died.

Because of this, hundreds of people died few minutes ago.

Because of me, every f**king thing happened!

What else am I, huh? Isn’t it obvious enough?

I was a m0nster;

The King of darkness.

I put people’s lives at risk everywhere I go. Why should this happen to me, huh?


The memories were so painful.

Nobody deserves me; nobody at all. Not even Cali.

I’m too ev!l for someone like her – too dark for such a pure soul.

Perhaps, its time I stopped running away from who I really am.

I took in deep heavy breaths, trying to get a grip of myself.

Then, I turned on the ignition and started the car.

They all stood at the entrance and looked like they’ve been awaiting my entrance ever since I left.

The coordinates

“Son” the eldest among them called, a light smile creeping into her face.

“You’re back”.

I was so weak and kept my eyes glued to the floor as I walked closer to them and fell on my knees.

“I’m ready” I said dejectedly, my breath wavering.
“Take me home”.

Cali’s Pov:
I woke up hours later and found myself on the floor.

At first, my head was muzzy,,but as soon as I saw the bloodstain on my hand, I remembered Miquel and sprang on my feet.

“Miquel!” I called unconsciously and looked around.
He wasn’t in the room.

I got set and ran out of the room.

My heart panted heavily as I rushed down the stairs.
Miquel…he shouldn’t face Mykel in that state.
Where could he actually be? Was he able to get into the institute? What if he gets hurt?

I got out of the apartment and looked around, wishing I’d spot his car or something.

But unfortunately, it wasn’t there and only meant one thing – he’d left.

Oh my God!

“Miquel” I placed my hand on my chest and wept.

Why did he have to leave, huh? What if he does something drastic in that state? Or what if he ends up getting hurt?

I found a place to sit, forgetting the fact I had just a t0wel around my chest.

Why was everything going wrong?

I paced restlessly around the room, my both hands at akimbo.

Diane was sitting on the bed, also as worried as I was.

“Come on, Cali. Just take a seat and keep calm first” she said after a long while of silence.

“Seriously Diane; how do you expect me to keep calm under this condition, huh? Miquel hasn’t returned since yesterday and you really want me to keep calm?” I turned to her and asked.

My entire being was disturbed.

“This is so unlike him. Something is definitely wrong, Diane. Something is definitely wrong” I added and resumed pacing.

Oh God! I felt like crying.

“But….what could’ve happened to him? Is it possible Mykel defeated him or worse?” She asked and I dipped my fingers into my hair in frustration.

“I don’t know, Diane. I don’t know. But he isn’t back yet. I need to see him”.

I finally plonked myself on the bed and covered my face with my palms.

“Hey, Cali. Come on. I’m….I’m sure we’ll definitely get something” Diane consoled as she wrapped her hand around my shoulders.

I sniffled in my palms for a while and stood up.

“Mykel” I mumbled the name.
“He should know something about this. The animal should know what happened because I’m pretty sure Miquel had gone for him yesterday.

“I need to go to him, Diane. I need to go to the institute. He’s the only one that can explain what happened to Miquel”.

“Wait…..whaaaat???” She exclaimed and stood on her feet.

“You’re going to the devil himself?”

“I’m afraid that’s the only option I have. I simply can’t spend a single day without Miquel. I need to see him”.

And with that, I ran out of the room.

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