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THE DIAMONDS 2: 11, 12

THE DIAMONDS 2: 11, 12

Episode 11

Mykel’s Pov:
I walked into the field and met the students training perfectly.

Some were training with guns, some sticks, and others partners. It seemed to be going on fine.

“Sir” Tabitha called and came to stand beside me.

She was the one in charge of the training.

“How’s it going? Are there any complications?” I asked with my both hands in my pocket.

“No, sir. Everything’s going on fine. As you can see, the students are getting prepared” she replied and I nodded.

“Um….have you mapped out a plan on getting the banshee?” She asked and I felt my jaws tick.

“Well..” I sighed.
“Two things are involved;

“It’s either Miquel would let her go for the mission and be overprotective around her, Or..he’d ask her to stay back at the institute cause he doesn’t want her to get hurt.

“Either ways, I already have a perfect plan on abducting her. I don’t care if she goes for the mission or she stays back at the institute. I’ll definitely get her that day and make her pay for the sins of her lover.

“I’ll r!p her l*egs apart and fck her till she begs for mercy. Just a few days from now” I said with so much anger and desperation.

Cali’s Pov:
The sun rays glinted on the window and rested on my face, causing me a little discomfort.

I smiled out of sleep and turned the opposite direction.

Hold on…Why was I even smiling?

“Still sleeping?” I heard a familiar voice asked and moved my lids slowly.

It was him – my…….

I had a boyfriend🙈🙈🙈

“Good morning” I blushed as I stared into his super cute face.

Holy Molly! How on earth can a guy be this pretty, huh?

Look at the hair, the eyes, the lips, his words and actions…
Geez! I just felt like grabbing him and kssing him.

I still couldn’t believe he was mine.

“You slept well, huh?” He asked and I nodded bashfully.

“How do you feel?” He asked again and touched my legs.


“Um….I think….I’m feeling better. It just…hurts a little” I replied and took in a nervous gulp and he smiled.

Fre@king smiled!!!


“Breakfast is ready. You should freshen up first” he told me and I nodded and stood up.

“Do you want me to bath you?” He asked and my eyes widened in shock.

“Uh…No; no; no; I can take care of myself, thanks” I answered quickly and skedaddle into the bathroom and I heard him chuckle behind me.

Geez! I couldn’t afford going for another round.

I brushed my teeth, washed my face and took my bath at once.

I couldn’t repeat the clothes I was putting on. So, I took one of his sweet towels and wrapped it on, although it was a little short.

So dIrvinSaM short.

I returned to the room and found him already waiting at the dining.
I’ll just dress up first.

I walked over to the wardrobe and got something nice and cute to wear – a short blue gown. Then, a p*nt and b*a.

But… do I put them on in front of him??
Maybe I should just dress up in the bathroom.

I turned and faced the direction of the bathroom but he stopped me.

“What exactly are you hiding from me, Cali’ he asked and I bit my lips as I stopped walking.


Slowly, I turned around and caught him staring at me.

“Um….I just…..wanted to pee” I lied and felt like slapping myself.

What sort of god forsaken lie is that??

He chuckled and took in a chip from the table.

Okay! I guess I’m just being pointless.

I sighed and dropped the clothes on the bed, then started putting them on, one after the other.

I tried doing it with the towel on, but along the way, it failed.

Well, I guess its not a new thing being n@ked in front of him, right?

After dressing up, I went to join him and we began eating together.

“Will you be going for classes?” He asked me along the way.

“Yes. After eating, I’ll be leaving. I’ve missed classes a lot already” I answered and took in a gulp of tea.

“Are there any need for classes? I could train you myself” he said and my eyes beamed.

For real?

Suddenly, he smiled.

“Just kidding. I can only teach you some basic things, but not everything. So, there are still need for classes” he cleared the confusion on my face and I mouthed an
We continued eating and when we were done, I cleared the table, ignoring his persistence.

I washed the plates in the kitchen and when I returned to the bedroom, I found him standing by the window.

“Aren’t those your friends?” He asked and I rushed over to have a look.

Holy Molly!

Nina and Diane.
What’re they doing here?

“Uh…yes” I replied and rubbed my neck.

It seems they were waiting for me to come out.

They just kept looking around and probably had no idea we were staring at them from up.

“I’ll be on my way now” I told him and quickly ran to grab my bag.

I arranged my things and when I turned around to leave, I found him standing right in front of me.

Huh? I thought he was by window just now?

“Is….Is there a problem?” I asked as he kept staring directly into my face.

G0sh! Goosebumps!

“As my girlfriend, Cali” he began.
“There are certain things you need to adapt to – certain rules you need to keep’.

What’s he talking about?


“First,” he touched the tip of my hair.

“You need to stop being shy and nervous around me”.


“You should feel free to hold me, kss me, hug me and do cr@zy things with me”.

He whispered the last part.

Huh??? Cr@zy things like what???
What is he yet to do to me?

“Trust me, Cali. There are so many things to be done” he muttered, like he was answering to my thoughts.

I could feel my lungs drying up because actually, he was making me more nervous.

He collected my bag from me, kept it on the floor and made me wrap my hands around his shoulders.

Oh gawwwwd!!

“Kiss me” he said softly as his hands held my waist in return.

“H….huh?” I stuttered, my eyes dripping in nervousness.

“I….I don’t know how to kss, Miquel”.

“Learn”.he said with a smile and I felt my cheeks become hot.

Oh G0sh!!

Is this guy trying to spoil me or what?

I felt so shy as I imagined myself placing my lips on his, then kssing him.

I’ve only been kssed, but I’ve never done it to anyone before.

I closed my eyes and took in a really deep breath and slowly, I reached for his lower lip, taking it into my mouth.

I moved my hand from his shoulders to the back of his head as I kssed his upper lip as well.

G0sh! It tasted so good.

He pushed me slowly to the wall and pinned me to it and acted like he wanted to take over the kss.

But I didn’t let it happen as I quickly unlocked, my heart racing so fast.

“Hmm” he smiled.
“That wasn’t so bad”.

I took my lips into my mouth and stared down at his shirt.

G0sh! Did I really do it?

I felt soooo

“Would you be chanced to go out on a date with me? When you’re back from classes?” He asked and I looked up at him.

A date?

“Y….yes. I mean..I don’t have any other thing to do” I replied.

“Okay then. A date it is. See you when you’re back” he pecked my hair before releasing me from the wall and I quickly picked up my bag and left the room.

Episode 12

By: Faith

Cali’s Pov:
I rushed out of the house and met Nina and Diane and their eyes widened as soon as they saw me.

“Finally, she’s here!” Diane exclaimed.

“Hi” I said inaudibly as I got to where they were.

“Good morning, Cali” Nina beamed.

“Oh my God! Cali, so you were being serious when you said you were living with him? I thought you were joking!!!” Diane squealed and gripped my hand.

G0sh! I was expecting it.

“What’re you hiding from us, Cali? What’s the secret?? How….How are you suddenly so close to the Almighty Miquel? Whats happening???”

I sighed and withdrew my hand from hers.
Maybe I should just tell them truth once and for all.

“Well….” I began
“Just so you know, Miquel and I are dating” I spilled the drink and giving their eyes enough time to pop out, I laughed and started running away.

“Cali!!!” I heard Diane yell behind me, but didn’t stop to look at them.

I checked for my name on the list of people going for the next mission and good enough, my name was among.

Well,yeah. I guessed that was a good thing.

Diane’s name was among, but Nina’s name wasn’t.

The rest of the day, they kept asking and interviewing me about my relationship with Miquel, especially Diane. She was such a talkative.

I answered the little I could and tried as much as possible to avoid the rest.

We attended classes and finally, it came to an end.

The mission was just two days from now and with the look of things, I think its gonna be massive.

“So, you’re going out with him?” Diane asked as they accompanied me back to Miquel’s apartment.

I nodded happily.

Well, I just couldn’t hide my excitement. I had to tell them about the date.

“Have you two had S*x?” She asked and I gasped while Nina chuckled.

“Huh??? What the h”ell are you saying??? Of course, not. We’re just….normal couples” I exclaimed without looking at her.

“Seriously??? Normal couples?? And what do you think normal couples do?” She asked and I rolled my eyes without giving her an answer.

“The truth is, you’re so lucky, Cali” Nina said.
“How do you feel being around someone like him? Doesn’t it freak you out?”

I smiled and bit my inner cheeks.

“Well….it did freak me out. But not anymore. He’s a nice person”
I replied and Nina laughed.

“Nice whaaaat???” Diane shrieked.
“I can’t believe this is coming from you, Cali! Like seriously?”

“Yeah..whatever. He’s nice to me, okay?’ I rolled my eyes and she scoffed.

They kept talking and talking and finally, we got to the facade of the building.

“Okay; you’ll need to stop here. You can’t go any further” I turned to them and said.

“Seriously?? So….will your boyfriend beat us for paying our friend a visit?” Diane asked with a scoff.

“Really? If you can stand him, then come in” I rolled my eyes and started walking away, but didn’t hear them follow me.


I stopped and looked at them.

“What is it? Aren’t you coming along?” I asked with a smirk.

“Um….she can go along. But not me” Nina shook her head dramatically, taking some steps back.

“Um…..I’d have loved to come along as well, but…..I’ll come when he isn’t around” Diane also shook her head and took some steps back.

G0sh! Like seriously??

I looked at them and felt like laughing so hard.

“But why’re you so scared of him? He’s a nice guy” I said with a chuckle.

“Yeah….nice guy indeed. How’re we sure he doesn’t beat you up in the room?” Diane said, sticking her tongue out and Nina laughed.

I also laughed but actually….I was laughing for a different reason.

“Who knows? Maybe you’re actually looking for someone to save you from him. If you have a problem Cali, just tell us and we’ll help. I know Miquel is the most handsome and hottest guy in camp, but he’s scary and everyone dreads him. So, how can you tell us you’re dating?” She continued talking and placed her hand on her waist.


“Is he using you as a s*x toy?” Nina asked lowly.

Holy crap!
I busted into a more serious laughter and they stared at me, wondering why i was laughing.

“Listen to me, Cali” Diane said.
“Guys can never be trusted, especially guys like Miquel. So, don’t fall for his words. He’s only going to use and dump you. Its obvious he’s only attracted to your killer shape”.

She concluded with an eye roll and my laughter increased.

If only they knew……

“Guys like Miquel?” He asked from behind and I placed my hand on my lips to prevent me from laughing out.

The look on their faces were priceless as they heard his voice from behind them.

Well, he’s been standing and listening the whole time, but I was the only one who could see him.

Diane’s eyes were almost bulging out as she and Nina turned to look at him.

He wore a long robe and had his hands crossed behind his back.

“S……S….sir” Diane chuckled and moved back with Nina.

“We….we were actually talking about a different Mi…Miquel. He’s….he’s someone from my area. I’m sorry”.

And within the twinkle of an eye, they ran off like breeze.

Oh my geee!!

I finally released my lips and busted into serious laughter while Miquel just smiled.

“Special friends you’ve got, huh?” He chuckled and touched my hair.

“Um….hi” I said with a shrug when I was done laughing.

“Yeah..hi. How was classes today?” He replied casually, tucking my hair behind my ear.
“It was….fine. I guess” I said with a sigh.

“You ready for the date?” He asked and I nodded.

He prodded me to come with me and I did and followed him into the house.

I decided to take a shower In the bathroom and when I was done, I returned to the bedroom with just a short towel and my wet hair packed and wrapped as well.


Thank goodness Miquel isn’t in the room.


I didn’t even wanna imagine what would have happened. But where did he go, huh?

Oh! Maybe he’s at the balcony.

I shrugged and was about heading for the wardrobe when I noticed his phone buzzed on the table.

His phone!!

The table was actually close to me and all I did was take a few steps and glance into the phone.

What if I call mom with it, huh? I’ve missed her.

The phone buzzed again and I discovered it was a message.

Without touching it, I glanced at the screen and saw the message on it.

The number of the sender wasn’t saved, but somehow, I felt it was from Mykel.

I flinched as I read the message:

📲Get ready for me, Miquel. Cause I’m gonna make you pay for all the humiliations you’ve caused me.

📲You feel you’re in love again, huh? You feel you can escape from it? But is your dear Cali aware you’re the King Of darkness?

📲Is she aware the darkness in your heart killed your parents and is definitely going to kill her as well?

📲Is she aware she’s only wasting her time by falling in love with you?

📲Well, I guess I’ll help her end it.

I felt my legs become cold as I went through it.


What’s the meaning of this?

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