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21 DAYS WIFE: 13

21 DAYS WIFE: 13

👒And The Drama Begins😋👒

21 Days wife 13
” Your what?!” I yelled because I can’t believe what is happening here.
” I believe you heard me clearly mum, meet my wife Ava Hendrick, you may have met her
before.” Brandon added and I became so annoyed.
” I can’t take this!!” Sophie yelled and she ran upstairs to her room.
” This is awkward…” Rosella added and she went upstairs as well.
” Brandon! You must be crazy! I repeat! You must be damn CRAZY!” I yelled at him and he
only chuckled.

” Mum, whether you like it or wife to be is here and our Court Marriage is scheduled
for two hours from now. Please don’t make her uncomfortable, warn Sophie not to make
trouble with her.” Brandon added as he held that girls hand and they both went upstairs.
” Gabriel! Are you seeing this!” I yelled facing Gabriel as he didn’t utter a word but his
countenance showed he was not happy about this situation.”
” Brandon will not kill me! He won’t !” I yelled and went upstairs to my room.

” I must be fucking dreaming!” I yelled as I entered my room and shut the door.

First Ava appeared, secondly she’s Brandon’s new lover and they’re gonna get married and
they’ll live in this house. What the fuck is happening now!!” I screamed as I clutched my head
and slowly sat on the bed.
” And I paid Wendy a huge amount of cash just to get Ava out of my way and she couldn’t
even do shit.” I yelled as I picked up my phone and dialed Wendy.

📱 Hello Sophie, how are you do…
📱 You better keep your motherfucking greetings to your damn self and tell me what you
used my two thousand dollars to do?
📱 Woah! Chilax bae. I used it to pay some men to be around Ava’s house and monitor her
📱 You bloody liar. Then how come they can’t inform me of Ava’s latest movements.
📱 I don’t know. I gave them your number do they should’ve.
📱 Well they aren’t doing their jobs well because right now, Ava is in my house Wendy.
📱 What!?!
📱 You heard me clear. I’ll be back for you, I hear footsteps.” I said and hung up the phone.

I was hearing footsteps around my corridor and they kept getting louder and then
they’ll become faint and the next louder. That’s when I figured out that the person my may be
waking to and fro or in circles.
From fainter to louder to louder to louder and then I figured out that the person was
heading towards my room.
Then door opened and a cocky Ava came in.
” Oh? So this is where you hide in this house?” She said as she strutted in looking around.

” I can’t believe that after what happened earlier and after my severe warning to you so you’ll
leave….but you remained adamant” She said as she came closer to me.
Oh no!
My life is no longer safe here I need to leave. Why didn’t l leave when she asked me
too. I would’ve flown to the Bahamas, have a life, get married and have kids.
But that was the fucking period I was dating Brandon and I thought he loved me so I
didn’t leave

I regret my actions.
” Ava, I’ll leave. I swear, I’m not gonna cause you anymore travel. I’ll leave you.” I pleaded
with her and she laughed at me.
” Hmm…so now you want to leave? No! If you leave this place, I’m gonna kill you. So better
stay here because I have a lot of things in store for you…” She said with a wink and let out a
loud laugh then strutted out of my room.
” What have I done to myself?” I cried out as I sat down on my bed.

” I must be dreaming?” I said to myself as I remembered what happened downstairs.
” Brandon brought in a girl. A prostitute, a girl who nearly ruined my marriage and….” I said
to myself. It was all too much to take.
” Let the boy be.” I heard Gabriel say and I looked at him. He wheeled himself closer to me.
” He brought in a wife. I mean he can marry anyone, he pleases.” Gabriel added and if not
that he was my husband and I love and respect him, a slap could’ve landed on his face this

” What? He should marry a prostitute who has slept with thousands of men and probably has
some infection in her and could pass it to my son? Is that what you’re saying?” I yelled at
Gabriel as I stood up in rage.
” Calm down Pauline, don’t forget I’ve met Ava. She’s a nice girl despite her condition or her
work. If she had another option, she wouldn’t have chosen this work line.”
” Now that she’s about to get married she may change. Don’t you think?” Gabriel said and I
was so pissed off by it.

” You know what Gabriel….you can be in support of that harlot but trust me on this one, I’m
gonna make sure Brandon doesn’t marry that girl because my grandkids can’t come from
that hooker.” I yelled as I went out of the house and slammed the door behind me.

Pauline doesn’t want Brandon to get married to this girl but honestly speaking, I see
nothing wrong with her.” I said to myself as I wheeled myself closer to my bed and got up
slowly but weekly and laid on my bed.
” Ahhh!!” I exclaimed as I laid on the bed.
” I don’t want anything to cause enmity or a fight between my wife and I. If she doesn’t want
Brandon to get married to Ava so be it. If she even wants him to get married to Sophie then
her will will be done.” I said to myself.

” Such a nice room.” I complimented as I walked around the room Brandon’s sister showed
” Brandon and his parents must be really rich. Not only is this room spectacular but the
whole house is.” I added as I sat down on the bed.
” Having fun?” I heard Brandon say as he came into the room.
” Oh hi.” I said to him as he smiled at sat down beside me.
” Hi and sorry for the bad welcome my mom gave you. She’s quiet dramatic and she’ll get
use to you in no time.” He said and I nodded.
” Its okay.” I replied and he smiled once more.

” I haven’t been able to brief you on the family so far but before that. You are not going to be
staying in this room. We have to sleep in the same room to make it look real.” He added and
I felt a nervous chill run down my spine.
” Oh okay. No problem.” I replied and he smiled again.
” Plus, we don’t need to waste anytime. We need to get married ASAP. I have a friend who is
Registrar and he managed to put one or two together and fixed us a court marriage today.”
He said and I nodded once more.
” Alright. I’ll get dressed.”
” Good, now to the briefing.” He said and I sat well.

” Since I reached my ripe age, I’ve been involved in several relationships but sadly none ever
worked out.”

The last of those relationships was the one I had with Sophie. I broke up with her some
weeks back.”
” Suddenly, my parents started pressuring me to get married that they want grandkids and
other old people talk.” He said and I laughed.
” The next event was that Sophie was brought into this house and it felt like my mum was
forcing her on me once more because my mom has a liking for her and she really wanted
me to be with Sophie.”
” Well, all the tussle and fights, arguments and such. Two days back my dad had a stroke
and the doctor declared that he had 21 days to live.”
” Ow…sorry about that.” I said and he smiled.

” Dad, wanting me to get married before his death threatened not to add me to his will if I
don’t get married before his death.”
” Initially, I didn’t give a damn because I don’t need his will. I have a company which is doing
very well so I don’t need his money. I told him I’m not ready for marriage.”
” The next was that he scheduled my bank accounts for permanent deletion in 21 DAYS.
And threatened that if I don’t get married my account and all my funds are gone.”
” Then, I knew he had the upper hand. I had to get married. I’m not ready for any girl or
relationship now. So I had to get you into the picture”
” Oh…I understand now.” I replied and he smiled.

” Good, we have to act like real couples and do P.D.A stuffs in front of them but the rule is
ZERO FEELINGS AND NO SEX.” He said and I nodded again.
” Got it.” I replied.
” Good, you’re catching up. Now let’s go to my room. The maids have already carried your
luggage there.” He added and we went out of that room and then into my own room.

I decided to go to the living room and watch a show and leave this aura of trouble and
chaos which has befallen me.
” Feeling replaced huh?” I heard Rosella say on my way downstairs.

And what makes you think that.” I asked her as I turned to look at her.
” I don’t know, I may or not may not have heard you crying in your room.” She said and
” I told you before. Brandon ain’t getting married to you okay. So pack your things and go
away and oh…I’ll invite you for the baby shower.” She added with a chuckle.
” You daughter of a bitch…” I muttered but I didn’t know she heard me.

” Daughter of a bitch? You calling my mom a bitch? Mum!! Sophie called you a bitch!!” She
yelled and ran to her mum’s room.
” Rosella wait I….” I wanted to beg her but then I remembered that it was useless.
” Who am I kidding. My days in this house are numbered. I better get packing.” I said and
went back to my room to pack up.

” Mum! Mum! Sophie called you bitch!” Rosella yelled as she came to me in the upstairs
living room.
” I’m not in the mood for you and Sophie’s meaningless arguments now. I have a lot on my
mind now and your petty fights aren’t even the least of them.” I scolded her and she bowed
down her head in remorse.
” Sorry mum.” She said and I looked at her.
” Now get lost from here. We shall talk later.” I commanded and she walked to her room.

” Where’s Sophie anyways.” I asked her and she stopped.
” In her room.” She replied and went to her room.
I stood up and went to her room. She must be feeling low and unhappy by that
prostitutes presence and she needs someone to comfort her.
” Can I come in?” I asked as I knocked and soon, the door opened and an unhappy Sophie
opened up for me.
” Come in ma.” She said and we both came in.
” What!?” I exclaimed as I saw traveling bags on the floor and on her bed filled with clothes.

Don’t tell me you’re parking Sophie.” I said in awe as she continued stuffing clothes into the
” I have to. I mean, what’s the use of staying here when Brandon has clearly chosen Ava
over me.” She said unhappily as she continued parking.
” Stop that! There is still time. I mean, they aren’t married yet so…” I said to her and she
” Its hopeless. Let me just go.” She said to me and I flared up.
” After all the money I offered you!” I yelled at her and she looked at me wanting to cry.
” Money can’t buy happiness ma.” She said to me with tears dropping from her eye.

” But I paid you enough money to get and gain happiness so you better stay here and work
your butt off and make Brandon like you again!” I yelled at her and heard her cry as I went
out of the room.
” Get dressed. The marriage starts in an hour.” Brandon said to me and I went to my closet
to look for something cooperate to wear.
Wow…So I’m gonna be married woman?
Who ever saw this coming?
” I can’t believe that I’m gonna get married to Brandon Holmes. The Brandon Holmes.” I
thought to myself as I looked for my outfit.

” Its just for 21 DAYS…” My subconsciousness reminded me and I frowned.
” Whatever.” I replied but I didn’t know I said it outloud.
” Huh?” Brandon asked as he heard me.
” I didn’t know I thought out loud. It came out by mistake.” I replied and he nodded.
I went to the bathroom and put on the clothes, did some makeup and joined Brandon
outside and we drove to the Magistrate Court for the wedding.

I had to inform Brenda to come and be a witness for me and Brandon called his friend
Cole to be a witness.
The marriage isn’t really a proper one but according to law, our picture has to be displayed
for 21 DAYs before marriage but we don’t have enough time.
It was just Brandon, The Registrar, Brenda, Cole and I that were in the court.
We were legally joined and sighed some documents. Then we four went to a nearby
bar and drank to our union.
After some time of jolly, Brandon and I went home.
” And where are you two coming from?” His mother asked immediately we came in.

” Good evening ma.” Brandon and I greeted but it seemed she wasn’t interested in the
” Save your greetings. Where are you coming from?” She asked again.
” Well if you insist, Ava and I just got married. Here’s the certificate to prove it.” Brandon said
and he showed her the marriage certificate and she nearly had a heart attack.
” WHAT!?!” She yelled as she looked at it.
” But a court marriage requires 21 DAYS of Public Display of Pictures at the court.” Mum
said and we had no defense.

” It was done. I’ve been dating Ava ever since Sophie and I broke up. That’s why she
appeared that day. I brought her home to spend the night with her.” Brandon said. What a
save but a great lie which may put us in trouble some day.
” I can’t believe all these happened…” His mum said as she sat down trying to catch her
” Please make my new wife comfortable.” Brandon added and he dragged me upstairs to his
…I mean our room.

” You’re a married woman now and you have to make my mum like you for the time being. I
know you’re a slay queen but you’ll have to cook and do the dishes and other chores. So
she’ll like you.” Brandon said as we came in and I nodded.
” Noted.”

By the way, before I forget. I noticed Sophie wasn’t glad seeing you. Apart from the fact
that she feels replaced, something’s not right as well. She also gave the same reaction when
you guys met before.” Brandon said and I became nervous.
” Uh…nothing much.” I replied as I sat down.

” I know Sophie. She won’t that scared over nothing much. So tell me what’s between you
and Sophie”
” Well the deal the between me and Sophie is……….


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