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22 DAYS WIFE: 33,34

22 DAYS WIFE: 33,34

: 💍😍21 DAYS WIFE💍😍
[Day 12: #Kiddnaped].

🖤Chapter Thirty-Three🖤

√ Unedited √


Mariah quickly jumped up from Brandon’s lap immediately she saw me. I searched the room for Sophie and I didn’t see her.

” How did she see them when she’s not in the room?” I wondered.

” It’s not what you think Ava…” Mariah quickly explained.

” Brandon why?” I asked him painfully as he stood up trying to plead.

” It’s not what you think. I just came for a massage and she mistakenly fell on me. It’s not…”

” Mistakenly? Mistake? So you mean my eyes are now deceiving me?!” I yelled at him.

” Yes I was frightened by this race car.” Mariah explained and pointed to a car toy on the ground and I wondered how a grown woman will be afraid of just a common toy.

” I’m not a fool Mariah, how will you be afraid of a common toy?” I yelled at her and she kept quiet.

” And you Brandon! You have the effrontery to cheat on me, not with any one else but with my own cousin?” I yelled at Brandon and he tried protesting but I cut him short.

” Don’t utter a word. I didn’t expect this from you Brandon.” I said to him and stormed off slamming the door behind me.

Oh God! What kind of temptation is this now!

Ava is never ever going to forgive me after this, but anyways why is she so bothered by it? We’re married but it’s on contract so seeing me with another lady shouldn’t make her jealous except she has feelings for me.

Or does she have feelings?😕

My thoughts were disturbed by the sound of Sophie’s scornful laugh.

” In your face Brandon!” She said amidst her laughter.

” What do you mean?” I asked curious to know why she was laughing and moreso, what she was doing in Mariah’s flat.

” I called Ava down here but before that, I pushed the toy to frighten Mariah and she jumped on you as planned and just then, Ava showed up.” She explained and started laughing again, while Mariah gasped.

” You did what?” I asked Sophie not believing what my ears heard.

” You heard me clear.” She responded and walked up to me.

” You know I can’t bear to see you with another woman. Remember, I’m carrying your child.” She said as she caressed my chest romantically.

” Get your hands off me.” I said and forcefully took her hand off my chest and pushed her back.

” Stay away from me and wife. Go and look for the father of that thing in your stomach because it’s not mine. You shameless prostitute!” I yelled at her and she looked at me shocked as ever.

” You insult me Brandon?”

” I’ll do it over and over again. Your days in this house are numbered!” I said to her pointing fiercely at her just before walking away angrily.


Sophie still baffled over Brandon’s show of anger towards her turned to me and shot me a bad stare.

” Why’d you do that?” I asked her and she smiled.

” This is just the beginning of everything. More are still to come and I’m sure you knew that Avery didn’t sleep in this house yesterday.” Sophie said and I searched my memory. Avery didn’t actually sleep in this house and I didn’t see her when I woke up. I assumed she came back from the party late and probably slept after I did or slept in Rosella’s room.

” She didn’t right? Your sister has fallen under the influence of Brandon’s sister who is a very bad girl. They didn’t go for a classmate’s party last night, they went to the streets.” Sophie said and I was confused. What does she mean by streets.

” What do you mean? What do you mean by “streets”? ” I asked her and she chuckled.

” Prost*tution!” She said and I gasped!

” So the quicker you leave this environment, the better for Avery and your other kids.” Sophie said and walked out.

I sat down on the bed to ponder about what Sophie said. To me it seems quite impossible because Avery is sort of an introvert and cannot partake in Social Vices as Sophie had stated. And Avery doesn’t even have the guts to do that. But according to Sophie, it seems like Rosella’s bad influence is really strong and no matter how ‘holy’ you think are, if you’re not strong enough you may fall into her trap.

But no! Rosella doesn’t seem like a person who will indulge in evil practices. She seems so innocent and doesn’t have the face or attitude of a sinner.

” Well, they say not to judge a book by it’s cover. So an innocent face doesn’t justify a rotten heart. But nevertheless, Rosella seems Innocent.” I pondered.

Also, Sophie is very sly and she may be lying against Rosella. At least I can believe that Sophie is lying but it’ll take alot of convincing or probably seeing with my eyes because as they say, seeing is believing.

Anyways, I hope she’s safe and I hope Brandon is going to defend both of us well or else Ava is going to be angry with me and our closeness will be dissolved. Sophie is a witch, now I understand her role in this house which is to destroy Ava and Brandon’s marriage. But her plan shall not succeed.


I entered into our room and slammed the door. Brandon and Mariah’s position was a very compromising one. But I just put on that ACT down there so Mariah and Sophie will actually think I care. I don’t, I’m not in love with him so I don’t care what he does with other women. But the Brandon I know didn’t do anything and I know Sophie is behind all these bro haha. Brandon can’t do such.

Just then, the door opened and Brandon came inside.

” Hey…” He said and was about explaining when I spoke.

” I know you’re saying the truth, I just put on that show downstairs so Sophie can see what she wants to see.” I said and Brandon heaved a sigh of relief.

” Wow, you’re such a good actress.”

” Thanks.”

” And you’ll be using those acting skills to good use now because I have a plan.” He said and sat closer to me to whisper the plan.

I just can’t stop laughing! Mission acamingcomplished! I can’t wait to hear them fight and probably file a divorce. I’ll be damn happy!

And as for Mariah, I lied to her so she can believe this environment is not safe for she and her family and then she’ll leave. The reason why I want her to leave is because she seems like a threat. I’ve seen the way she looks at Brandon, and I know she likes him and that will be a stumbling block to my plans.

Soon she’ll be out of my way and Brandon and Ava will be out of my way as well. Then I can now execute my hidden agenda….

” TO MILK THE HOLMES’ DRY!” I said and laughed hard.

” To hell with all of them! I’m gonna take all their money soon.” I concluded and sat on the bed still laughing.

As I was laughing, I suddenly heard something crash to the floor. Like as if a glass-like object or a fragile object fell from an altitude and hit the ground. The sound came from the next room which is actually Brandon and Ava’s room.

I leaned closer to the wall to hear what’s happening. I wasn’t able to hear the wordings clearly but I know that Ava and Brandon were engaged in a heated argument and things were just falling and breaking, shattering into pieces.

” Wow, my plan seems to be working!” I said to myself on hearing their argument.

Soon after that, I started heading Ava screaming such as she was in pains. Probably, Brandon was beating her and she cried loudly!

” Yes! I feel so glad! Wow!!!” I yelled in happiness as Ava continued screaming.


It was already late in the night and everywhere was dark again. Rosella and I were still in our party dresses. We haven’t eaten anything since nor drank water. We’ve been tied with these ropes since and in one position. My legs ache, my hands ache, I’m hungry and thirsty, my eyes pain due to prolonged crying and my voice ceased due to shouting and wailing.

I need to escape!!

” Rosella…” I called out to her and she jerked up from her rest.

” What?” She asked.

” We need to escape!” I said to her and she nodded her head.

” Any plans?” She asked.

” I have a plan.” I said and tried to stand up although my legs were tied together, I was able to crawl to a broken glass cabinet.

I lifted my legs up and rubbed the ropes against the broken part of the glass and the ropes started cutting slowly. Soon enough, my legs were free and Rosella did the same and we were free.

We tiptoed to the door and just then we heard someone say something behind us.

” Were are you guys going to?” A male voice asked and we stopped in our tracks.

” You want to escape??” He yelled and cocked his gun.

” Say your last prayer !” He yelled and shot the gun because the place was dark, I didn’t know who the gun hit but it didn’t hit me.

” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!…

” Oh no…blood.

All Rights Reserved®
Who do you think the gun hit?
Ava and Brandon are pretending to make Sophie believe her plan worked.
What about Gabriel?

Sorry for a short chapter.

💍😍21 DAYS WIFE💍😍

[#DAY_13: #ESCAPE].
🖤Chapter Thirty-Four🖤


The lights were out and it was quite hard for me to see what happened.

” Avery…” I heard Rosella call out to me in a pain filled voice. It was then I knew that she was the one who was shot.

” Rosella!” I called her name trying to search for her on the floor and I was able to touch her body.

” Rosella, is this you!” I said immediately I touched the body.

” Yes…” She replied loosing strength.

~ I couldn’t see well but I was able to identify that there was a door close by. I used my hand to feel the wall whether I’ll feel the handle of the door. After some seconds of searching, I finally found the door and I opened it wide.

~ The ray of light that came into the room as a result of opening the door illuminated the room and I saw the leader of the thug gang holding a gun and looking at us angrily.

” Where do you think you’re going to?” He asked me with an angry gaze.

” To freedom!” I yelled and dragged Rosella’s body out and shut the door.

~ I put Rosella on my back and began running as fast as I could. I heard the door open again and the commander ran out still with his gun and another guy and a lady joined him in the pursuit holding guns as well.

~ I ran as fast as I could without looking back. Rosella was shot on the left leg and she was bleeding profusely. The blood had stained my dress. I was running without direction, wherever my legs plied my body follows because I don’t know anywhere in this town and it’s night so everywhere is dark, I just kept in running. It was a dark and lonely road. No car was plying the road and it was surrounded by bushes.

~ I started hearing gunshots. The thugs started firing bullets at us and I had to do something or else I’ll die a meaningless death. I ran into a nearby bush and for a while I lost track of them.

~ Still panting as a result of the marathon run, I dropped Rosella on the ground and sat down on the ground as well trying to catch my breath. I looked to my side, Rosella was still breathing but it doesn’t seem like she has much time left.

~ Still trying to catch my breath, I began to hear the bushes rustle. At first I thought it was an animal but then I began hearing footsteps.

” Who’s there?” I asked terrified. I didn’t hear a reply instead the rustles and footsteps became louder and I knew the person was near to me and my instincts predict danger.

~ I was about standing up to run when I felt someone behind me and he put a knife near to my throat and I paused.

” Don’t move an inch!” He commanded and I gulped.

” Don’t hurt me please!” I begged with my hands in the air.

~ He pushed me and I fell to the hard ground bruising my arm badly. I saw the face of the man, I don’t recognize him as one of the goons or thugs so who is he?

” Please, who are you? Don’t hurt me.” I begged and he chuckled and smirked.

” You’re one pretty girl.” He said and I would’ve blushed at that compliment if it had come from anyone else not a man who looks like a monster and is holding a knife.

” Don’t hurt me…” I continued begging and he started coming closer to me.

~ He paused at my feet and squatted to my height and used his other hand (the one without the knife) to caress my cheeks slowly. I felt uncomfortable by that and shifted back a bit.

~ He gave me a sly smile and started unbuttoning his trousers and removing his belt.

” What are you doing?…” I asked even more terrified than before. He ignored my question.

~ I stood up to run but he pointed his knife to me and threatened to slit my neck if I make a move. I started wailing and shouting for help to alert people around but this man didn’t care. His trousers were down and he removed his p^nis from his underwear and I knew I was finished.

” Help!!!! Help!!!! Rape!!!! Someone Help!!!!” I kept on yelling and he used the knife to cut me on my left cheek and he licked the blood.

~ Now I was wailing not only because I was about to be raped but for the fact that I was feeling pains due to my injured cheek. He removed my underwear despite my struggle and I knew it was over for me, it’s only a miracle that can help me now.

~ As if God heard my silent prayer, as this man was about thrusting into me he screamed in pain and fell to the ground still screaming and shouting in pain.

” Aaarrrggggghhhhh!! My leg!!” He yelled clutching to his leg and just then, a python slithered passed him and I jumped in shock.

” Oh Lord!!” I yelled and put Rosella on my back and started running out of the bush but then I felt pity for that man.

” Although he is bad but he deserves a second chance” I thought as I ran out. I am determined to save him.

~ I dropped Rosella on the ground and ran as fast as I could back to that part of the bush where I was. I saw the man at the same spot still wailing in pain.

~ I removed the band I used to tie my hair to a ponytail. I bent down and looked for the place where the snake had bitten the man. I located it and tied the part of his skin above the injured part with my band. This is to stop the venom from flowing to other parts of his body. After that, I started sucking the snake venom out of his ankle. When I was done, I made him sit up.

” I only came back to help you because I have a heart. If not men like you deserve to die!” I said to him and ran as fast as I could away from the bush. I got Rosella and we made our way out.

My stupid phone rang and disturbed my peaceful night rest.

~ I rolled over to the part of my bed where my phone was. I checked who the caller was, it was Rex.

📱 Yes Rex, and why are you calling me at this ungodly hour of the night?” I fired at him immediately I answered the call.

📱 The girls have escaped!” He announced and my heart shattered. Once again, another one of my plans to ruin the Holmes has failed.

📱 You said what?

📱 I believe you heard me clear. When do we expect our balance?

📱 What stupid balance? When you couldn’t keep two children and you let them overpower you and you want your balance? To hell with you and the f^cking balance!

📱 But Henry we had a deal…

📱 Yes we did and you didn’t keep to your part. If not that I’m a good man, I’ll have asked you to return the upfront because you messed up big time!

📱 What? You call yourself a good man? A man who goes to the extent of kidnapping his own niece just to get his brother’s wealth is calling himself good? You deserve something more than hell!” Rex said angrily and hung up.

” Motherf^cker!” I insulted him after he hung up and I dropped the phone beside me.

~ I checked the time, it was already past dawn. I can’t sleep because my plans have been destroyed yet again! Why do my plans get destroyed every time. I don’t think I can do this alone, I need the help of someone in this house to help with this destruction!

~ Just then, I heard a knock on my door.

” Who’s it?” I asked in a low tone but loud enough for the person outside to hear.

” It’s me Sophie.”

” What are you doing here?”

” I want to see you.”

” Fine, come in.” I said and got up from my bed and opened the door for her and she came in.

” Phew..” She exclaimed and sat down on the bed.

” And how may I help you at this ungodly hour of the night?” I asked her and she laughed.

” C’mon, you know why I’m here.” She said and dragged me closer then kissed me.

” I’m not in the mood.” I said and push her away and sat on the bed.

” And why?” She asked shifting closer to me.

” Because I’m not. Must I explain?” I said and pushed her away and she remained silent.

” I want to discuss something with you.” I said to her and her face lightened up a bit.

” What is that?” She asked.

” I know your presence in this house is to destroy Brandon and Ava’s marriage and it’s evident that your plan is not working.”

” And I know that your plan is to milk the Holmes’ dry although, your plan doesn’t seem like it’s working.” She retorted annoyingly.

” Calm down. I’m glad you know that. I’m not attacking you, actually I want us to partner.” I said to her and she seemed confused.

” Partner?” She asked.

” Yes. I believe that we can help each other achieve our goal by working hand in hand. I can help you with your goal and you off course in return will help me with mine.” I stated and she laughed.

” Why haven’t I thought of this first?” She asked herself.

” Well, that’s because I’m a genius. So what do you say, are you in or out?” I asked as she thought.

” Uhm…..


~ I carried Rosella on my back. I could’ve been searching for a place to sleep but I know If I sleep, Rosella won’t make it to the bright of day. I managed to find my way to the major highway so I can find a vehicle that’ll take me to the hospital.

~ When I approached there, there was no single car on the street. It was empty and was as quiet as a grave yard. I waited there for some long minutes before a flashy car passed by.

~ I flagged the car down and it stopped right in front of me and the front passenger’s window glass was wined down revealing the face of the driver, a young and handsome guy who looked rich and also looked like someone coming from the club.

~ I contemplated on telling him my problem. I just had an encounter that nearly caused me my innocence and I’m not ready to trust any man just yet. I finally concluded on telling the man my problem. God knows I’ve tried my best for Rosella.

~ Just as I was about telling this man my problem, I spotted someone coming towards me and I quickly opened the back door of the car and threw Rosella inside and hoped into the front seat.

” Wait, what are you doing?” The man asked.

” Please just drive, drive, drive! My life is in danger! Take me away from here!!” I said to him in fear and he switched on the ignition and drove as fast as he could.

~ I kept on looking back to see the person’s face. I couldn’t see his or her face clearly but the person just stood there looking at us drive away.

~ When I was comfortable and felt safe and relaxed, it was time to open up to this mysterious man. I told him everything, from when Rosella and I were kidnapped at Holly Hill’s house and how we were taken hostage at an unknown location, how we sufferered there and our escape trial. To when Rosella was shot and we managed escaping and how the kidnappers pursued after us to how I was nearly raped and how I was wondering aimlessly before seeing him.

” Wow… This is bad! What is our society turning into now. Innocent kids!” He said after narrating everything to him.

” I beg of you now sir to please take me to a hospital let me treat my friend.” I begged him.

” But where will you find the money to do that?” He asked.

” Her mum is very rich! Once I’m able to take her to the hospital, I’ll call her mother. I would’ve done that but the kidnappers took our phones.” I said and he nodded.

” Okay don’t worry. Call your mum and inform her but I’ll foot the bill.”

” There’s no need sir, her mum can…” I tried protesting but he cut me short.

” Don’t worry, I’ll foot the bill.” He said and I thanked him and the rest of the journey was in silence as none of us said a word to each other.

~ We got to the hospital and Rosella was rushed to the emergency ward immediately. This mysterious helper and I went to the waiting room. I asked for the man’s phone to call aunt Mariah so she can inform Rosella’s mum of our predicament. Just then, I saw Mrs. Pauline passed by us and I was surprised.

” Aunty Pauline!!” I yelled and she turned back. Immediately she spotted me, she rushed to hug me with so much happiness.

” Avery!! Oh God! You’re safe!” She said and hugged me again.

” Yes aunt I am.”

” Where’s Rosella?” She asked me and I sighed.

” Rosella was shot, but she’s currently being taken care off.” I said and Aunty Pauline gasped.

” WHAT!! My baby?”

” She’ll be fine thanks to this Godsent Helper.” I said and pointed to him as Mrs. Holmes stared at him.

” Thank you so much son.” Mum said and shook his hand.

” My pleasure ma. I’ve already paid for her treatment.” He said.

” Oh? Okay tell me the figures and send me you account details so I’ll repay you.” Aunty Pauline said and he laughed.

” No need ma. This is just an act of kindness…”

” Thanks so much son, God bless you.”

” Avery come. You need to go for a check-up.” Aunty Holmes said and all three of us went out of the waiting room.

After taking a shower and wearing my clothes, it was time for breakfast. Mariah cooked breakfast and we were to go to the dining to eat. Brandon and I agreed to act as if we’re not in good terms for the time being. So we didn’t sleep in the same room.

We went downstairs for breakfast and nobody uttered a word due to the tense arena Brandon and I’s so called “hatred” had caused. As we ate, I noticed Sophie feeling uncomfortable. I wanted to ask her what’s wrong but I didn’t feel the move to do it. Soon, she began to clutch her stomach.

” My stomach!” She yelled as she vheld her abdomen region.

” What’s wrong?” Henry asked.

” It hurts, like as if my insides are shattering!” She said and started vomiting blood.

~ Brandon and Henry quickly rushed her into the car and all five of us drove to the hospital. Sophie was taken to the emergency care unit and was there for hours. Soon, the doctor called us in.

” Good afternoon.” He greeted as we sat down.

” Good afternoon doc.” We replied.

” Well, Sophie is not in good terms at all. And the results of her predicament will be brought to us soon. But either of these three things will happen, she looses her baby, she looses her womb and uterus or she looses her life. One must happen to her.” The doctor announced and I felt pity on the poor Sophie.

” But what caused this?” The doctor asked.

” Poisoning…she was poisoned in her food.” The doctor said and everyone was shocked and looked at Mariah.

Could she have poisoned Sophie?

Soon, a nurse came in holding a paper.

” Aha! The results are in.” The doctor said and stared at the results.

” So doctor…what’s going to be Sophie’s fate?” Mariah asked.

” Well Sophie has…………….
All Rights Reserved©
Rosella has been shot…the bullet has stayed in her body for long. Do you think she’ll make it?
What do you think is Sophie’s predicament?
Do you think Mariah poisoned Sophie?
Henry is behind the kidnap!!

Sorry for typo errors!

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